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Las Veg;s Daily Gazette.
M! Mt lfr 'A WCAPERIX.
A tinng lile ftlitriflT Kimbnll Into
Wbil Onk
As U well known, there lia been
lor months n gang of horse thieves
along tin1 I'ccos, wliii have run t-fl
stock frtiin iiiiiny rauches ami nrr be
lieved to have committed other depre
dations. Tin1 headquarters of the
gaug are nt Ft. Sumner, ami their
market for stolen stock at White
Last week three oflho crowd, Dave
Uudabauirh. I J i 1 1 v Kidd and Billy
Wilson went to the Oaks to dispose
of sonic of their Mirplto stock and
while there sheriu" Kimball of Lincoln
county, who learned of their where
nbouts, cam? with a posse expecting
to carral them. They skipped out
before the sherill' reached the camp
and wee met by the sheriff's party hi
Coyote Springs, seven miles away.
They refused to surrender and showed
resistance, a sharp tight following.
The gang seemed to have the best of
the light and drove the attacking
parly into the Oaks, following thein
tip all the way.
In rhc struggle, ltndabaugh and
lvidd both had their horses shot from
under them.
It i-' reported from another source
that there were live in the parly, and
that the other two, Mose Deitrich, a
young and unsophisticated member of
the gang, was captured besides his
compauion, whose name we were un
able to learn.
This last report has not been con
lirmed, however, and it may bo but
idle rumor.
The IMneoTorjr and Denth of Yletorlo.
Whether or not Victorious silent for
ever, has for so Ion been a mooted
question that the following details of
a story from several privates of B,
company, 10th cavalry are certaiuly
interesting, because if true, and they
are related by men of known veracity
they accord to our troops more credit
than has generally been given them.
Victorious captured followers confess
to Gen. Terrasas, of the Mexican
army, that Viclorio would have forc
ed a pai-H ige through the Guadaloupe
Mountains at Ojo Caliente or Bosque
Bonito in Sepu mber or early in Oc
tober, before being compelled to sur
render, but he found the 10th calvary
companies at those points too vigilant
and Gen. Buell, w th his New Mexi
can troops, was north, while Terrasas
was west of him. lu other words, the
Autoricen troops cwrra!ed Viclorio
and made him an easy prey for '!er
rasas' overw In Imirg numbers, Alter
the Indians surrendered Terrasas shot
down ihir'V seven warriors beloit
any would confess as to Victorious
wheie ibeiit. lie lirnt called up leu,
who were silent when questioned, and
so on, until finally two, one a hall
bwd Mvixic.iu Apache, staled Vic
t oiio's last, whereabouts. Terrasas
proceeded in the direction indicated,
at which the squaws in camp groaned
terribly. The Mexican troops went
beyond the point iudicated, and in a
clump ot bushes louud a warrior mor
tally wounded, whose blankets, wild
skins and surroundings iudicated the
biv ouac of a chief. The Indians con
fessed that he-wag Vietono. Before
his capture Vktori'o had picked thirty-live
wf his choicest warriors .for
desperate work and ordered them to
capture ammunition the commodity
most needed. 1 'These' thirty-five,
armed with seveuteen-shootcrs
surprised the little band of twelve
soldiers at Ojo Caliente before day
break on October 2(Jth, killing five
and capturing the outfit ot nine. The
body of the five massacred were
slaked to the ground by means ol
wooden picket pins driven through
their backs.
Iatli for liberty.
YcMerdnv forenoon wiiüc one ol
the prisoners at the jail was engaged
at work about the entrance, he ein-p-aced
l he opportunity to make a dash
for liberty aud ran up the street in
the direct ion of Mendenhall's fctable.
The guards started after him but ihe
flying prisoner had a good start and
was soon lost sight of among the
buildings in tho rear of the First Na
tional Bank. The fellow, who went
by tho name ot Williams, has been iu
jail for a few days being imprisoned
for stealing or c.hangiug hats with an
other mm iu Locke & Lock wood's sa
loon. Williams was captured just at du-k
as he was going over Ziou Hill, by a
man who was sent out to round him
up by the sheriff. lie was taken hack
to his old quarters and heavily sitae
eled. Saturday night was a big lime for
drunks and fuhy hrce huinlro I nrr
rep rtcd to have 1 to i "full." iji run in
to ' say not a shot was fired which
6penks woll for the new police force.
Incorporation-! a Tw Year.
Las Vega', Nov. 29.
To the Jvlitornf thi GiuctlC.
Since the question of incorporation
lius become the 'popular topic ot
conversation, I beg leave to be heard
as nn Interested cit'zen.
In theGAZKTKKof the J7lh there
appeared nn article signed "Many L'iu
zeiis," wlrch views accords exactly
with inyowu. In the same issue also
appeared an article headed "Let us
Incorporate." Writer No. 2 inclines
to the opinion that by incorporation
he lives and property of our people
would be better pruected, but he
does not sav how, or by what mean
such protection would be secured.
Wr agree with him that streets would
be opened, roads constructed, parks
r.ttii..liiMK nhizas beautified, and
v. . . - " j i
ihat we would have water works, fire
engines, street railways, gas works,
etc. All of this is easily done by be
iug incorporated; issuing city bonds
to meet the ruinous expenses atul
then putting them on the market,
they ought to sell for 50cls on the
dolía?. Then levy a special tax on all
tec people, and thus the good work
rocs on. I think that writer No. 2 is
mitaken when ho charges that "Many
Citizens," manifested a spirit of dis
inrit r.r dÍKRPIIsion. he takes t llO
ground that the proper time for ii
corporation has not arrived. We are
in no condition at this time to bi bur
dened with an unnecessary tax. I also
nniicn nn excuse for a newspaper ar
tide in the Gazette of the 28th sign
ed "Anvil." The writer is of the
opinion that "Many Citizens" needs
soneonc to read him the incorporation
Well, 1 suppose he has read it, in
English aud is not willing to contrib
ute to its publication in any other
Now Mr. "Anvil'' is either new in
his efforts as a writcr,or his early ed
ucation has been sadly neglected
About one more article of the the
same kind, headed "Sledge Hammer
Blow" would be a stigma on a lunatic
asylum. So far as the question ol po
lice is concerned, I don't know but
what East Las Vegas would e
about as well off without any, for ii
that all the police force we
have had iu the past, did not -prevent
murdering and thieving What
then can we hope for in that respect
by incorporation? I will not burden
you longer. Let us not incorporate
for at least two years, when we will
be better able, financially.
Tax Payer.
Tnke It Buck
Edito Gazette:
The last evening's Optic I notice bad
an t.rticle in relercuce lo Mr.J.B. Stout
who lias taken a chntract for the gov
ernment to m-d;e one million brick.
Ii brands ihe "Old Man" as a delault
er and says that he obi ained money
under false pretence, all ot which is
beyond a shadow of doubt, an unquali
fied falsehood from the word"go." Men
who pretend to run a first-class paper,
who are supposed to only publish
what is the truth; men whom no one
can prosecute and make a dollar out
of can, of course publish anything
But how a decent civilized communi
ty that has known the old man Stout
for years, can paironize such a misera
ble substitute lor a first-class paper is
beyond our comprehension. I am
also prepared to prove by some of our
most prominent merchants that ok'
man Stout is strictly honest, straight
and a hard working man and
has invnriabU paid what he owes
St. Nicholas Hotel.
IJeovgu Stfljlilus, Deliver; If. II. Ciiiuci-ori.
Denver; C. Lee, Denver; Sim Hnist I enverj
Cieorgi! W . I niter, Ka os Illy; T.J. Wilson,
St. Joe, Mo.; J. T. Boon, New York.
Grand View.
M. Coortell, Son Mm-cinl ;'!'. S White, Wis
consin; Cieorgo Monroe, .M nrion enter, Kan
BH4 ; 11. 'W. Domes aud wife, White Oaks;
Mr-. Wheeier, Kaunas City; John D, i'mton,
Kansas City; U. H.Sinder. SanMarchl; Jfts
iier Crane, It. B. Dickenson, II. Grimahaw, V
i (ore, san Mareia .
National Hotel.
Michell's Dronmllo Troupe: Mes'iniiM Tj uiu
T yior, Wm. Guyer, Lizzie Kimball, MUses
Mi.llo Wliltrt, Mamie Wphivd an I Liltle
Nillie, wnd Mis-is Jumes K Nelson", J. C.Tiiy.
or, John R. Thomas. Hurry (ray.
A regular grade fir streets and
sidewalks, and good subsiamial side
walks should be built iu all parts of
Ihe town. A city government could
do this thing. It would add t real
e-tate much more vMuj than the cst
d" the taxes. Thtre would be no dis
advantage to the lal-or'ng man who
puts them down and would I hereby
euable him to get his daily bread and
the .iicrchant would not suffer mate
rially who would sell more goods by
th'S expenditure of money. Ii would
piy to iucorporate the town if for no
other purpose than to get uood side
walks. Individual effort will never
build t!icin with regularity, and properly.
Local Items.
Another day worth living.
L" P. Browne Esq. i in Socorro
on business.
Dr. Cunningham went to Sania
Hopper Bros, keep un excellent
quality of cider.
Dr. Pet tijohn and bride are ex
pected this week.
Died. Monday the 27th of heart
disease, Juan Vigil Pando.
Bishop Lamy, of guilla Fe, is on
a visit to San Mi . ucl.'this county.
The Mitchell company offer an
attractive programme for every night
this week.
II. A. Cameron, postal inspector
for the seventh division, was in the
city yesterday.
A. A. rtobinon, chief engineer
and division superintendent 's home
from a Hying trip to E' Paso.
Mrs. Dverges, wife of Harry
D verges, ajrived from the states Sun
day, and joined her husband here.
Margarito 11 uñero U now doing
a first class business. He is one of
our most energetic young merchants.
The musical entertainment for tho
benefit of the ! as Vegas Orchestra on
Dec. Ol 1 1 will com-iude with a grand
Mr. Taylor, of Bntighl's Siding,
was in town yesterday, laying in sup
plies tor his boirding house at that
The erection of a 1 wo-storv build
ing for the wool pulling factory has
been begun upon below the track at
toot of Coiner street on the Eist
Billy Burton has dded o his
hrge stock of cigars, a genuine Hava
na cigar, which, so far as we have
found, may lay claim to the best brand
in Vegas.
A. O Bobbins came in from the
east oirSund.iy. He has seven car
loads of goods now on the way. with
which he will stock his store in this
city, Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
Rev. I). YV. L'aitee, ot me m. ft.
curhch pleached to a crowded house
Sunday evening. The music was un
usually good and was inspired enough
to cause all to unloose their purse
Louis Sulzbaeher E-q. isa citizen
to be nroud of. He appreciates the
fact ihat the Las Vegas Orch-stra is
a crediiable organization and is do
ing all he can to make their benefit on
l ne 9ih of Deecmbjr a success.
Mrs. Y T. Oliver, of Santa Fe,
of Suit a Fe, was nmong the ar
rivals yesterday. Her many friend
will be dad to know that she has
been cuyuged to play with the Miicbell
company here this week and will give
her a cordial welcome to her homo
'l'h discussion of ihe incorpora
timi question now going on through
the columns of this paper is calculated
to do a great deal of good. A. lull,
free, and fair consideration of the
matter tends to harino ize the con
flicting elements aud accomplish ben
elieial results.
(J. II. Kirkpntrick of Kinsley, Ks
who lias many mends m Vegas, was
in the citv yesterday n hiswnvto the
end of the track where he will super
intend a grading crntract. He in
tends remaining at the f;oiit until the
conveni.ig of the Kansas legisla! lire,
to which he was elected at the last
A correspondent, writing from
Socorro stales that men are contin
ually going iu there to settle and adds
that it will be safe to bet on the town.
Four tunnels are being run into the
mountains. Three companies are at
present working a lan:c force of u-en
in Water (Jañou and more men will
soon be added. The smeller is nearly
ready tor work at the Magdalenas
where a lare amount of or isccuiu
mating. Fete Whii v, a crockery dasher
at the St. Nicholas, and Andy, a
rouslaboiit, went out lor a spin with
a double rig ot Leweiliug'w on Sun
day. They believe in a division of la
b r, ni-d each held a ribbon over ihe
couriers. But unfortunately Andy
pulled in one direction and Pele in
am tiier, while the lierseu to strike a
golden mean spilled them bol h out
and struck out for themselves. Bo;h
men were scratched and b it cd.
If the freight blockade on the
Sania Fe road continues we wi I soon
be visited witu a 11 m r famine. Our
merchants have huudrciU of barrels
on the road, which are already week
behind hai.d. It will not take but a
few days to exhaust the supply now
on hand, and unless a shipmeii' is re
ceived this week, the supply will bo
entirely exhausted. We understand
that there js n. corn lor sale by any
of our merchants and we will be in n
bid strait if I lie block, of Hour and
torn ii not replenished.
The Optic narrow gauge illus
ion is faulty in only one particular
it is all wrong. The D.-nvcr & Hi
Grande 11. Ii. was not gobbled by .lay t
Gould as the records of tho meeting
of the stockholders at Colorado
Springs on Saturday will show. j
! olallon Nollro.
Notice is herebv given that ihe firm
of (Joke, Loi khart & Co. is this ,y L
unsolved py mutual consent, ilenrv
Goeke retiring from Ihe linn. The
business will be cHiidueicd hereafter
lindar the firm name and style of
Lockharf & (Jo., who assume all lia
bilities and collect nil debts.
IIknky Gokk.
Jas. A. Lock hart,
Hkuky G. Coons.
Tuoss. Gain. ;u
IteeeiveU per Fxpre
100 dozen fresh eggs.
Bell. Ckaio & Co,
South-west corner Plaza.
Dr. DeGraw's Denial Office.
Dr. DcCraw has reopened his Den
tal office and will remain in Las Ve
gas for two weeks only, from to-day,
November 2-1. Office north side plaza
West Las Vegas
Urrcívc! per Exprés.
o00 dozen fresh eggs,
Bull, Ckaio Sc Co.
South-west corner Plaza
New and hatidsome styles of ladies'
and children's suits, cloaks and ulsters
Isidok Stern's.
Two carloads of staple and fancy
groceries just received at
Isidoii Stkrn's.
The boss Tom and Jerry at '
II. Bkamm's. -lw
All the hot drinks of t lie season at
II, Bkamm's.
I Huh ball at II. Bkamm's.
Receive. I per Express
300 dozen fresh eggs,
Bl-.LL, Ckaio & Co.
Soulh-west corner Piaza.
Immediately a good cook, who is
not afraid of work, lo ihe right
kind of a j). rson good wages wd-1 be
paid. Dead heals need not apply.
Isidok Stkkn.
Auction Sa e.
Of fifteen tirM-class milch cows and
a lot ot fine ca.ves, on Thurs
day. November 2"ili, on the pi iza
Term-, cash. F.J. W'l'KiK,
A iti-i ioneer.
We have in Mock the largest and
most select stock of cloaks, doilman,
circuíais, ulsters and suits io he found
in lliis market of wh'ch the l idies of
Las Vegas will ph-aselake notice.
J. IJosknwald it Co.
tCrcivl por IOvju'cm.
300 dozen fresh egg,
Bkt.l, Ckaio & Co.
South-west corner Plaza.
I have the largest slock of gents'
furnishing goods in I as Vegas.
I.SIDOIt Stku.v.
Fresh O voters,
Fresh Oysters, at
J. Gkaaf & Co's.
Choice patterns and newest styles of
carpets at Ihe lowest prkes.
Isidok Stkkv.
Ladies' aud children's lfurgins at
,7 IIoskn'vvald & Co.
Ladies' fur sets lately arrived at.
J. Uork.nwald & Co.
Ladies Merino hose of the best qual
ity at
Gents' f,iney underwear, all wool at
J. I'osi-NWALD ÍÍ Co.
The Christmas goods will be in by
next week. C. E. Wksciik.
Go to C. E. Wesehe's store for Ihe
Pride of Kansas (lour. It takes the
Have you seen those lovely Victor
ia skirls for sale at
C. E. Wkschk's
Artificial flowers of all grades at
the store of V. E. Wisches.
Go lo C. E, Wischc's and tiy a
of those delHous pickl es.
Those vi'Ucteciis at Wesc.e's
.) list opened a very lanre stock ot
the Sdz celebrated hand-made b.iots
and sime", lor which I have the ex
clusive sale in Las Vi gas.
Isidok Stern.
Abe vv slock of line wines, liq
ii"is nnd cigars at M Heine's for I he
winter trade. tf.
V cccIvimI pr Kxprcsn.
800 dozen Ires' egos,
Bull, Craig & Co.
South-west corner Plaza.
Messrs. Phillips and Milligan, of tho
enst side arc in receipt of a largo invoieo
of "Big Gun Select Oysters' dii en fion
lüJümor Iw-íU
Boots & Shoes
WE NOW HAVK Our Stores
filled of all kinds of Goods for
U'e Winter Trade aud invito tho peo
ple of Las Vegas aud vicinity to ex
amine our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. We have a large stock of
everything appertaining to General
Merchandise. As the varieties are
too numerous to mention,wc prefer
showing our customers our stock in
the store rather than in the newspaper.
No trouble to show goods. Call and
see us. JAFFA BItOS.,
fast aud "West Las Vegas.
othing for Men and Boys.
Smith V Harrison, Proper s.
Si o vi til O ido of Plaza,
This House has been newly waited and
dutions for the
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs." Apply to the New
York Clothing Store, East Las Ve
gas. 314-tf.
Indian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United
Slates, ol ludian pottei y, both niici
eul and modern, ai M. A. Gold's In
dian department, Sauta Fe, N. M.4l-tf
I.ol.i For nle.
Parlies desiring locations on which
lo build housi-s lor business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigned, who will sell lols
at reasonable rates. All said lots un
dulated on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
Oflicc north-east corner of the
I would respect luflv call the atten
tion of all persons going to and from
the Vhie Oak mines, and the pub
lic in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment of general merchan
dise; and make a specialty of miners
supplies, provisions ect, Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Wintkknitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
Edwin C. Burt's French kid shoes
at Chas. Ilfkld's.
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock of oils and paints; also
'Moldens enamci (iaini"which is wa
ter proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept hy them. 50-tf.
Clean towels and sharp razors at
Judd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf.
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately by
Frank Ogden. 41-1 f
Another car load of flour, the best
in town, received by
J. Graff & Co.
Something new ! new 1 new !
raising Buckwheat lbu.r at
iiSilit J. Guaaf & Co's
Please examine Stern's new slock of
Torchon and Cretonne lacee, fichus
aud embroideries.
A full nssoriinen of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drugstore. 313-tf.
I call the 'it'enlioii of the ladies to
ihe (act thai I sell embroideries lower
than nnv house in ihe city. Como
and assure ourselves,
ismoR Stekn.
Selz celebrated
and shoes only at
hand made boots
Isidok Stern's.
the gcuts' furiiisldng goods depart
ment at lsidor Stern's and examino
bis goods and prices. Clothing hous
es take a back seat.
- '
The little ydaisy excursion hat at
the New York Clothing House. Ev
trylvd wnra tliuin. tí.
OF -
k Best Makes
Lfts Vegas, 3VT.
re"uniishoil and affords the host accomnio-
traveling Jiifl
Quilts, blankets and comfort &, lap-
robes, Iloueyconb ond Marseilles
spreads in a very large variety at low
price? at
Isidou Stern's.
. Dont Forget
that Lsidor Sleru has an immense
tock of iree, new and good goods
which he sells at lower figures than
any other house in the city.
O- L. Ilouohton has a regular nr
senal ol tire-arms, the largest stock in
ill the west. Ii is not only for a re
ail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. Mis advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. Go to Judd's Barbershop and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf.
Pickets for salo at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
We are prepared to furuisli all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
21 -tf,
Wines and liquors ot the best qual
ity, and ol ihe best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 853-tf
IIolbrook'3 tobacco is the best.
Call and see Old Walker, Zion's
Hill, for good whiskey and cigars.
Fine candies a specially. ulOOtf.
New styles of ladies' cloaks from
the factory of A. T. Stewart & Co.
Isidou Stern.
Fine Boots.
J. W. Hanson &Co., hereby inform
the public, that they are now prepar
ed lodo all kinds of work in their
line. Fine work a spcci.-ltv. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. 16-4m
Brick for sale in largo or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
One hundred of the latest styles of
ladies and chihirens cloaks, dolmans
circulars, received at
93i f Chas. Ii.fems.
Hour at
J. Graaf &U o's.
L. L. Howison of the Model Store,
cast ide, has a full assortment of
boot and shoes which he 6ells nt the
lowet cash figures. Mtf
Go to M. Heise, on tho south side
of the plaza for liue wines, liquors aud
Kirs. 253-tf
I call especial atientiou to my stock
of c'oths of all descriptions for ladies'
Isidor Stern.
Notice t II rae Men.
The undersigned, F. J. Weber,
wishes to lutorm ihe public in gener
al ihat he stands ready to satisfy any
one who ha agenuiuo case of epi
zooiie on hand that he can cure it ; if
he docs not he charges nothing for
time or expense. Ho has one of the
finest corrals in the old town, and
provides for eaHt and all, wiih hay,
oats, com and stnbliusr. Give me a
call aud be treated gentlemanly.
F. J. Wfb'kr,
Old Tewu Corral,

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