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L-s Vegas Daily Ga?ette.
I í I U US'. V I ) ECEM BEK, 10. 1880.
m i -riir.it t: ii k vuan.'
tin lo In I'lil lulo Venn llrlorr
K'liHt I'lrftt.
A we anticipated, thefranchi-rf for
pulling in gas in Las Vegas ha been
gi-mitcd inul llio roll tract let.
Ilun. P. A. Fi-ko. asattorncy fori).
II. Irland appeared be lore the. board
of count y commissioners on Mondaj
evening and made application for u
t'raii'rlHt. and the commissioners tak
ing tin? matter under advisement
postponed definite action till yester
day forenoon, and just before noon'
the franchise was grunted and digued
Jy the commissioners. Tho follow
ing are the conditions under which it
was granted:
That from and after the 16th day of
pd fluiber, 1880 nniil the lull and com
plete expiration of fifty years, the
said L.m Vegas (as and Coke Com
pany shall have, uud it iS hereby
granted, the privilege and right to
erect, maintain and operate aP build
ings, n.ttcldnery and other works
which are, or muy be necessary, for
ihe manufacture and distribution of
illumiuating gas within the limits of
the town of LasVegas audits suburbs
in the county of San Migue, and ter
ritory ol New Mexico; to lay gas main
and pipe under and along any and all
the streets ol said town and its sub
urbs, lor the purpose of distributing
said gas throughout said town anil its
suburbs, and to sell said gas to all per-
is, bodies and corporations desir
ing to jiurchuse cud use the same.
That the said company shall have,aud
is hereby gran'ed, the privilege and
license to sell and dispose of, as it
may deem lit, the coke, coal-tar,
naplha and oilier products of gas
maim bid urc, aud generally that the
said company shall have all rights and
privileges subject to the restrictions
of these articles, and the said order
necessary for the proper and success
ful prosecution of the business of
mukiiig, distributings and selling illu
mimling ;ras in the town ot Las Ve
gas aud its suburbs. And for and' in
consideration of the premises and the
foregoing promises, covenants and
agreements entered into ou the part, of
ot the said board of county commiss
ioners, the said Las Vegas C5as and
Coke Company, parly of the second
part, doth hereby promise, covenant
and agree to, aud with the 6aid board
of county commissioners, party of the
first pari, as follows, to wit: "That
Ihe said company will not charge the
said town ot Las Vegas nor any per
son, body or corporation more that
three dollars ($3.) per thousand cubic
feet for illuminating gas; that within
lour months ot the dale hereof, tho
said company will commence actual
operation, within the said town of
Las Vegas for t ho construction of the
necessary works for tho purpose of
inauulacturing illuminating gas: that
on or before t lie Ihirty-lirst dav of
.July, 1881, the said company will
have at least one mile or more of dis
tributing gas main or pipe laid in the
said town of I as Vegas ami its sub
urb, ready tor use, from the point or
place where the said gas is manufac
tured, and will be ready to lurhish
such gas along the line of said main
or pipe to the town of Las Vegas, aud
all persons, bodies and corporations
desiring to purchase and use the same;
that within a reasonable time there
after the said company will lay pipe,
distribute and sell gas on nuy ai, d all
the streets respectively of said town
of, Las Vegas, so far as there may be
any reasonable demand for such gas
on said streets or any of them; and
that the said compauv will at all times
'furnish a lull and sufficient supply of
gas ot not less than sixteen candle
power io meet the demand thereof,
un!es prevented bv accident. or other
minc beyond its control.
A meeting of the Las Vegas Gas
and Coke Company was immediately
called and ihe contract let to 1). II.
Irland, J. Iioscnwald Esq., the presi
dent ot I he company and T. F. Chap
man, secretary signing, and delivering
it to Mr. Irland's representative. The
stipulations under which it was let
were, that the covenants of the fran
chise should be kept and it was furth
er exacted that work should bo com
ineucd within three months from
y est erday.
Mr. Irland agrees to build theworks
and take stock in payment, but will
dispose of his stock to such citizens as
can be of service in forwarding the
work of introducing gas and other
wise making the project a success.
This offer is considered better than
his first offer, for alter visiting Vegas
and looking over the town, he came
i o 4 Iii conclusion that there .as here
u tar better opportunity for making a
success of tho scheme than in Santa
Fe, and ho was so well pleased that he
changed his offer (to put in half the
money requisite) aud agreed to build
it himself.
There can be no doubt of its success
judging from Ihe experience of the
company in Santa Fe where Ihe stock
was readily gobbled up by a large
syndicate and is now held at fifty per
cent advance. This same syndicate
r-t.ind ready to lake our stock if an
opportunity is afforded it.
Mr. Irland has had considerable ex
perience in this business and has al
ready puf in forty-four systems, lie
proposes lo build works etc., to the
capacity of thirty-live thousand cubic
feet per day, w hich will bo sufficient
for Vegas for a number ol years, even
if she develop as fast as her mot san- j
guiñe citi7.cn anticipate. Tho works 1
arc to be identically the same a are;
now so successfully operating in San
ia Fe. lie will begin at once to ship
machinery to this city aud gather ma
terial, whicji can easily be brought
forward. This in fact is the only
really difficult pari of the undertak
ing, for with everything at baud the !
the work can be rushed ahead, In I
Santa Fe lie w as delayed nearly three
weeks waiting for one car load of
material which was necessary before
the works could be started up anil it
was then secured outy after an outlay
of over $200 in telegrams and much
diplomacy with railway officials.
Iu au interview with a representa
tive of the Gazkttk, Mr. Irland stat
ed that he confidently expected to
have the works in good running or
der by the first ttf J uup, and by the
middle of the month at furthest.
This was, providing thai he secured
the contract at once, and, as he has
met with no delay, we shall expect to
see the work completed at least a
month before tho limit set by the con
tract. Tho county commissioners deserve
great credit for the provisions for
protection imposed in the franchise
for the benefit of our citizens. At
first sight, it might appear thai they
had aided in setting up a monopoly,
by granting the gas company the ex
clusive right to cont rol the manufac
ture of illumiuating gas for the period
of fifty years. But if it be a monopo
ly, it is oue of the fairest monopolies
that was ever built up, for the condi
tions under which it is established are
the fairest than can be imagined.
First: tho works must be built be
fore July 31st., which precludes all
possibility of dallying on the part of
the company, and gives us the imme
diate benefits to come from the intro
duction of gaj Had no limit been
fixed the company might have waited
till it chose, to. create a greater de
mand for it, and in ike its introduc
tion conditional to its securing a cor
tain number of subscribers.
Second: JNot moro tlian sa per
thousand cubic feet can be charged
for gas. It is only necessary to com
pare this sum with the price chat god
in other cities. In Denver, for in
stance, the price is higher, and the
same in San" Francisco, Washington
and the majority of eastern cities, and
is only twenty-five cents more than 4
charged in St. Louis, a point where
the price of coal is very reasonable.
Then, too, it. must bo bor o hi mind
that much of the necessary expense.
incident to the msiiutacturc ot gas, is
no greater in largo cities than it is in
small places.
Third: the gas must, be of good
quality aud not less than sixteen can
dle power. In this connection, it
may be slate., that iu Santa Fe, where
this same condition was imposed, Ihe
company is furnishing about tweuty
candle power, and Trinidad coal can
bo made lo yield twcntv-lwu caudle
The principal advantages of gas
arc that it is much cheaper than coal
oil and far inore convenient, to say
nothing of the greater brilliancy of
tho light and1 is far better toread or
work by. It is less dangerous than
coal oil, which is shown bv the fact
that insurance companies will deduct
twenty-five per cent from rates on
houses lighted by gas, from the sanu
houses lighted by coal oil, especially
Irani" houses such as we have in Las
It is presumed that there will be
more consumers of gas in this city
than in Santa Fc and, whereas, they
expected about six hundred' stibscrb
ers they already have nearly twice
that number.
All in all, we have reason to bo
proud of the step thus taken, and Las
Vegas is gradually taking lo herself
the privileges of a metrópolis.
Itnilwny Circus.
The amicable relations, that ' ave
thus far been reciprocated by the of
ficers of the Southet n Pacific, and the
Santa Fe it. It. companies are tempo
rarily broken ofj in consequence of a
speck of a war cloud that has arisen.
The former road m .do the first Mirvey
through Florita Pass but the Santa
Fe road secured tho rigid of wuy over
this same course. The Santa Fe men
commenced breaking ground over
their course when they were onleed
to desist by the chief of construction
of the Southern Pacific. Chief Engi
neer Itobinson scut forward a party ol
men with orders to stand their
ground, when a detachment of Chiua
meu were put into the gap by the S.
P. As everything is in favor of the
Santa Fe road.it is more than likely
that "the Chinese must go.'' It is not
considered anything else than a lilllo
exhibition of spunk that sober second
thought will tide over,-as (here is
plenty enough room for both roads to
lay track through tho pass.
The Santa Ke road has added
eight hundred freight cars and fifiv
ocomotives to its rolling stock.
Local Items.
--lion. E. A. Fiskc af tt f -p Milling
several days in Vein, left fur Santa
Fe yesterd n .
L. Sulzbaehor Lq. uetit do-wi to
Socorro yesterday on business which
will detain him till Saturday.
The county commissioner arc
busily engaged straightening up their
affairs ready for a new deal.
ri. r .niv-nv 1 . I
int, r.uiw.i) company na-, sent alt
artist to the Hot Springs to :ake scv-1
eral sketches tor a new book on New-
We were pleased to meet yester-
day Mr. J. T. Nieuwiuhuisen, re pro
seining the Dutch Bend holders o. the
Maxwell grant. lie has been in the
territory a coup e of months looking
after their interests.
A little daughter of Joseph Peid-
linger, Minnie, met. with a eriotis ac
cident by which it is fea re. I hat she
will lose the sight of her left eve. Her
brother Jakey let fh an arrow from a
bow which he was handling and the
dart inflicted a painful wound.
There will bo a Iiebekih degree
meeting of I. O. O. F. ou Thursday
Dec. lGih at 7 o'clock p. m. at Odd
Fellow Hall All ii.Cl la decree mem-
bers and their wivv are invited to
T. 1. (5 autrkll, N. C.
TlIKO. Putenbiock, Sec.
A writ, of attachment, has been
served upon A. J. Crawford, the
plaza grocer, and the stock eized to
satisfy the demand of J. IT Campbell
& Co., fancy grocers, Kansas Ciiy,
who have given credit to the amount
of $800. An amicable settlement, will
probably be efb-cted.
Maj U. A. E tton, of the. national
capital Is in ihe city He is special
agent of the postal drpanmcut. and
we hope ho will carry the-news of our
mail dilemma back to the "powers
that bo." If the major can do any
thing to deliver us frum our straight,
he will bo the most welcome visitor
to tho turril ory.
-Judge Lee, oí! Colfax, county wast
iu the ( i(y yest'i'day. lie was look-j
ing for a kwuso for the purpose of re-!
moving Uis family here unit becoming
a permanent resident. We foe) confi
dent thai this will be a central point
for his extensive practice while it af
fords good society and good schools.
Wo welcome him.
Dr. J. V. Xoei, wo aro happy to j
...... ... .... .... i.; i . i i
unuum;u, es q u i i i,- imiiscil again. 1.10
has felt obliged to give up his. pro
posed sel i lenient in El Paso !ls his
health will not permit of practico at
his profession lie leaves fnr Topeka
lorday and will probably take up his ii
residence there. Wo are sorry to j
lose him but wish Liia Cod speed.
o shall be glad to welcome kwi
back again and b.pe 1h;i( K. ,c
Tomas Vhnvw, n r.uuiero, who
has been subject to fits of insanity,
created quite a hiib&tib i n front
of Otero, Sellar .t Co.', com
mission house earlv yesterday morn
ing. He was hivrnlging in a little
dress parado all by himself, his ac
coutrements being a hatchet and sev
eral kitchen utensils and ho made
inoro noise than a band. He was ta
ken in tow by a clerk, who summon
ed a posse of his brethcren.and taking
charge of him Ihe lunatic became
more nearly rational.
Self Convicted.
Last, Saturday night a line buggy
cover that was exposed for 'how oui
side ihe s.ore of M. Ii micro, was
secured by some sneak tliWf, who
neglected lo state to whose :imunt ii
should be place.!. As a remi'iwl'e,':
Mr. Homero hung ul aiifytfier as a j
tempfng bait, and ou Monday even-
ing. Miguel Uomero saw someone !
gather that under his arm and start
oil. lie gave chase, when the fellow
taking to his heels dashed across the
plM hotly pursued. He was caught
by the ne k and downed just us he
was leaping tho tUvtii.-i bridge, and
when he realised that he was safely J
collared Un-jdlooiisly exclaimed, be-!
foro ivy (Intrge had been made!'
agaitst. him: "I swear to Cod, ll
didn't steal the other one.'' His ran- i
kled conscience was his worst aecu-1
ser and w hen ho came up before :
Judge Morrison yesterday, ho was:
oinniitied lojdl for forty-five dav.
He gave ihe ñ uño of William lleui'S
rickson and said he had been eaa-
ployed h cook in ihe PanhninHo-
country, lie is Htppesed to be the
same fellow who has been thieving
around town.
St. Nicholas Hotel.
W. U. Li.ckwoo.l, .Sai) Marcinl; It., c. Siiovt, j Just received a lio w and (x-mpPcf? j to mh 1 he oro wd of ladies going to
tr.A riopt, To)aka, Kniisas; jam a. i hit- assortment of men's scarfs, gloves, I CharU s Weld's lo buy dolmans, uls
lips, cidehngojij. f. Vrinitio, r.ostn t John K. "arll au jackets and gents' furnishing 'j tor ud c'o ks.
iTliirilo, 'liekii.
Grand View.
H, 11. Dickinson. Juutn :. Sni'm Dorem.
Oakland! JK. 1'. !! line, Delji.lij Wm. GiNer- i
rnuu and wire, Fort llascom Jul r.ee, Ver
mijo; J . T. N!uwvj)biiitiii, apllna.1. .
i" our line. Are prepared to undersell
.m-i-Mum,. t i f-.r-ti, m nit
" "
Arc Agents tor DEVLIN & CO., New York. Keep tho Largest Line of
fifteen davs. Satisfaction guaranteed. :ind no C. O. D. business.
Co to M. Ileisc. on the south sido
of the plaza for fine wines, liquors and
Stoves, till jou can't rest, at
llupe Castle'.-.
A car 1 ad of all kinds of stoves
just received bv Pupo & Cattle, t-6
A Prominent Itiosllon.
What cau we buy lor a Christmas
or New Year's present? (Jo to the
enterprising linn of J. Iioscnwald &
Co. and buy 01 c of those lur sets,
elegani dolni'ins, Matelass cloaks,
sly lisli ulsters, seal skin caps, cardi
nal and white combs, elegant fa us,
caster driv ing gloves, fur lop gloves,
fur top mitts, six, and t. ree button
gloves, embroidered handkerchiefs,
new style Crepe Lisso lies, lovely leaf
scarfs, hrocadi d ties, while slippers.
Persian rugs, velvet mats, "welcome"
cocoa mats, 'wipe your feet" cocoa
mats, handsome faciuators, seafoaui
scarls, zephyr hoods, zephyr mitts,
ladies' loggius, zephyr wristlets, luce
mitts, beautiful India boxes, elegant
Japanese cases, glove and handker
chief 'Mixes, velvet cabinet frames,
vcivot enrd cases, ha:idome dressing
cases, scran bo s. iewel cases, shell
boxes, hivelv siik haodkerehijfsf ntw
styte 'silk lies, children's tea sets ;
dolls, marbles, accordeons. and many
other destrablo toys aud presents too
nunierwus to mention, C.-dl and ex
amine our stock belore purchasing
. Oranges id Bod, Craig & Co.'s.
in patron
age bestow
ed upon our
house Ihe past
lew moil t lis neces
sitat ed ad ditional
store room and a large
increase of our stock of
goods, Our arrangements
have been made wiih careful1,
regard to tho wants of our cus
tomers, and facilities for inspec
tion ot goods, which wo offer at,
Weiiandle nothing but stamlard
brands ot canned goods. The
choicest but tor, apples, pota
toes and every thing kept in
a first-class giocery ss-re.
Courteous atlent on ex
tended to all visitors
and goods open to
inspection with
out any regard
to purchase.
Come and
BeS3, Craig Sl
The plaza groi.-ers.
For all' kinds of woolen goods go to
Í. Stern.
There are no "better-boots or shoes
made than the Solz hand made, for
winch 1. Stern has tho exclusive sale.
Go and seo T. Ilutenbeek's netv
stcck of gold and sil ver filigree jewel
rv ntid plated silverware and select a
Christmas present.
P.rick for sale in large or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
The boss Tom uud Jerry at
II. Buamm'.s. -lw.
A 11 the hot drinks of t he season at
II, Bramm's.
.Inst Siecel vim).
; A full lino of very choice staple and
laney Grocer es. Liquors, Wines,
Og irs and Condiments.
C E. Wksciik.
down price 1 1
Cardigan Jackets,
Nubias, Fancy Knit Coats, .
and Dress goods.
at WusCJtK's.
A line of Ladies' Coats
at less than cost, for ihe
next i-n days
C. E. Wksciik.
Santa Clause on Time.
If you want to makn a nice holi
( t(flfV gift go and examine tho large
stoc-K ot watches, clocks, Jowolry
and Silver Plated Ware at
Buy vour wife ordauih" r one of
H these '::cw and elegant cashmere, sili
I satin or velvet suns f r a Christmas
: or New Year's present at
. J. llnsKNWALI) & Co.'s
'Cranberries at Boll, Craig & Co's,
Wisconsin creamery bultpr nt
15 EEL, CBAICI & Co'l.
PS lITlu I
all fliers. Will take pleasure i showitig our well assorted stock
mr ,-ntmtira Konn thn l.iti.Rt tlvles. And never carrv old stock.
tre invite atteutiou to our
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store," East Las Ve
gas. 311-tf.
Indian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United
Stales, of Indian potteiy, both auci
out and modern, ai M. A. Gold's Iu
liau department, Santa Fe, N. M.41-tf
Honey at Hell, Craig & Co.
l.otfor fenlc.
Pin-tics desiring locations on which
lo build houses tor business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
ou t lie undersigued, who will sell lots
.-at reasonable rates. All Baid lots are
situated on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
M. Salazak.
Office north-oast corner of the
Choice Putter at Bell, Craig & Co-
I would respect fullv call the atteu
tion of all persona going to and from
the Whi'e Oak mines, and the pub-
i jc n general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a corn
il lete assortment of general merchan
dise; and make a specialty of miners
I supplies, provisions ect, Anton Chi
I co is on the direct route to the mines
! and I soil goods at the lowest rates.
Davip Winter nitj!,
Anton Chico, N. M
Fresh eggs, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Lockhnrt & Co. have received a
large stock of oils and paints; also
"Holdens enamel 1aini"which is wa
ter proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept ny them. 50-tf.
Malaga grapes, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Clean towels mid sharp razors at
Judd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tF-
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately bv
Frank Oguen. 41-1 f
Christmas Toys, at Boll. Craig &
Another car load of flour, the best I
'ii. i
in town, received oy
J. GRAin? fe Co.
Apples, at Boll, Craig & Co.
Something new I new! new! Self
raising Buckwheat flour at
nS3it J. Graaf& Co's.
A full assortment of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
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Fresh (Ksters, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Tho little daisy excursion hat at
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erybody wears them. tf.
Stern's store shows the finest, dis
play of carpets in the eity.J
Lemons, at Bell. Craig & Co.
t lollilns! i'lotliiiiff ! ! Clothing: ! ! !
My second new stock of fine
nun's and bovs' nobby suits, over
c cfil-s and ulsters just unpacked.
Isidor Stern.
Pop Corn, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Fifty per cent saved by buying Crc
t )!ine, Torchon and Languedoc lace,
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Cabbage, at Bdl, Craig & Co.
New Goods ! Sew Goods ! I
Fr staple and fancy groceries,
good, fresh, a:;d of the best quality
go to Isidor Stern's.
For blanket como to I. Stern.
!í Tundí s, at Bell. Craig & Co.
I A heavy stock of fine wines, liq
nrs and cigars at M Ileise's for the
winter trade. If.
High ball at II. Bramm's.
Now dress goods and flannels at
-All shadc-ioi zep yisund yarns at
i a no ii raiiiresi ining uüoiuu now is
WiPftoxs'iu creamery butter at,
Bkll, Craw & Co'5.
Out of those zepher shawls would
make a very good Chrstmas present
M J. PiOSENW'AU) & Co.'s
Samples ever shown. Suits ready In
A new and beautiful stock of the
latest styles of felt and p'ush hats for
ladies and children received vestcr
dav at Isidor term's.
O. L. Houghton has a regular ar
'senal of fire-arms, the largest stock in
all the west. It is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he -is
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ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. To R. R. Employees.
Thanking you for the so very liber
al patronage bestowed upon me in the
past aud assuring you that I will do
nil in my power to merit tho same also
in the future, I would herewith call
your attention t my new stock of
clothing, gent's furnishing goods,
boots aud 6hoes, which is now com
plete. Please give me a call and savo
money by buving of
Isidor Stern.
Oranges at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
Go to Judd's Barber Shop and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. if.'
Pickets for salo at Lockhart & (Jo's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Honey at Bell, Craig & (Jo.
We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
21-tf. 1
Choice Butter at Bell, Craig & Co.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, aud ol the best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 353-tf
Holbrook'3 tobacco is tho best.
Fresh eggs, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Malaga grapes, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Christmas Toys, at. Bell, Craig Sc
Apples, at Bell, Craig &, Co.
For flannels, come to I. Stern.
For ladies' cloths and waterproof
j come to Isidor Stern.
! Fresh Oysters, at Bell, Crsig & Co.
! HoiKlnv Will.
I would respectfully announce to
the public that I have just, received a
splendid assortment of books and
Bibles suitable for Holiday presents,
which I will have for sale the present
week. I invite your patronage.
II. Newberry,
S. S. A. B. P.S. ' 1-w.
Lemous, at Bell. Craig & Co.
Pop Corn, at Bell. Craig & Co.
Ibrivtmns iifl.
My now stock came in and will be
ready for inspection in a few days.
Isidor Stern.
Cabbage, at Bell, Craig & Co.
For ladies' woolen underwear come
to Isidor Stern.
Goods retailed at wholsalc priccs at
Isidor Stern's.
Buckwheat Flour at
n83i f J. Graaf & C o's.
Turnips, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Theodore Itutenbeck has received a
fino stock of gold aud silver filigree
jewelry and also a nice lot of silver
plated ware for the holidays. tf
If you want a good Pocket Knife,,
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au elegant set of iiible cutlery,
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Holiday Goods.
Autograph Albums,
Photograph Albums,
Picture Books,
Novels, (James, Writing Desks, Dolls,
Tea sets and other toys.
C. E- Wksche.
When the gentle summer zephyrs
turn during the winter into cold b asls
and humanity sutlers, then is Ihe
tiiiictogoaud buv fho latest winter
goods aud beautiful flannels at
('has. Ilfeld's.
The Adams Express Co. informs us
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day goods arrived yesterday lor Mr
Chas. Ilfeld. We advise Sister Mary
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A gentleman just arrived fromftew
York and Boston declares that cveu
in those large cities he lias not seen
8uc.li afine display f holiday goods
as are lo be found at
tyiAS. Ilfeld's.
Cranberries at Bell, Craig Sc Cq

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