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N". M., TUESDAY, IIOíCTSM BKI? 21. J880.
NO. i:J5.
Dealers in
on seFn i -n ish ing Goods
Hosoiiwnl l's Ulock, on PIaz",
i,s vi;i;as new Mexico.
Leave oviIits whli M. Ileie, on this Plaza
J- J. PETTI-rOlIX, M. D.,
Clmuiic Diseases ami Diseases of Kenialen a
S n-iullv
1I-I SPItlSGS - - S to 12 A.M.
lAs VEUAS Central Dihíí Siiivi-, toUP. M
K'JlAItD 1)1 XX,
POSTOEEICE, r.riilge Stici-r. EaSVEGAs.
special Class in
PROM ::3í)TO 0 :.".() P. M.
Solicc l o Contractor.
Senlei! tails will 1ju received at my olliee up to
S:itm(l.iy at .') p in., Iiee.enilier a.'itli, lor (lie
cnsiriii tion ol' a I wo-story business liouse for
Andres Hold. Plans and 8iecillc:itiona can be
Heen al my olliee. The right is reserved to re
ject any anil all bids.
It. Architect
$Z Itownnl.
About noon on s itnrday a red, Russia lenlli r
imckct book was lost somewhere bet een the
lVslullicu and the una. It Contained $;li
in money and papers only valuable to ti.e own
er The Under will receive a reward of $.1 b)
leaving tlie same at ths olliee of i riniuad 11
Telegraph Poles.
Sealed propo-ínls will be received bv the un
dersigned up to IJ a. m. on December 27tli, lov
I'm nishiiii.- one hundred and litiy tulernpli
lio es The noles must beofpins, oí' jraod qual
ity, twenty feet Ion;;, and three anil onv-hall'
Inches in diamater at the top, to be delivered
in pile-on the wniton road ieailiur from I,r
V'eua-i to the Hot Sailings within thirty davs.
j ll ) rihtto reject aiy and nil bids is re-rrved
extern I'tiLm Telegi'iipli Olliee
Lot f or hale.
Parties desiring locutions on which
lo build houses lor busiuess purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigued, who will sell lots
;t reasonable rules. All said lots are
situated on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
M. Sala zar.
Olliee north-east corner of the
p!..7.a. 246-tf.
O. I. Houghton carriessilyer )laicd
knives, I'm ks and spoons in slock, nno
has received snine new goods in this
Will Remain Until the 24th.
J)r. I)c (iraw having determined to
leave Las Vegas advertised to remain
two weeks only from November 21th.
but finding it impossible to wiml up
his business in so short a time h.
fixed his departure for the 24th ol
New dates at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
A ikmv mid beautiful stock of Hie
latest styles of felt and p'ush hate for
ladies and children received yester
day at Isidok Stern's.
O. L. Houghton has a regular or
fienal of lire-arms, the largest stock in
till tlio west. It is not-only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that In
is prepared. His advantages for buy
hi it enables him to sell this class ol
goods as low as they cau be got any.
Honey at "UelJ, Craig & Co.
(Jener.il Foster Withdraws as a
Candidate for the I'nited
States Senate.
A Grand Exclusion. Party From the
I'nited States Soon to Goto
The ( ity of Mexico.
Slosson and Vigneux Playing a
30,000 Point Game of Bil
liards at Paris.
The Southern Pacific Road 1210
Miles From San Francisco
and 45 from El Paso.
Washington, Dec. 20 -The Senate
rcci lisidcrcd the vole disagreeing lo
the House adjournment. Yeas 31;
Nays 21.
There ns a discussion ou Ed
munds' amendment to make the re
cess 'from December 23 lo January 3
Lost and the resolution agreed to, 33
l o 26. '
On motion of Davis the bill to re
ieive the United diales treasurer from
the amount of t r:eui y-eigln million
charge lo him on the tiea-ury books
;ml deposited with several stints and
under the acts ol 1836, be taken up.
lie said this uioiiev would never be
called lor by i he Uu led Sinies as i1
never had been, in time of great need
and it was inconvenient to can y ii on
the books.
Ingallssaid that the inconvenience
lo book keepers was noi hing ompar
ed to the unjuslnesS of giving twctiix
eight millions lo the older siaies ai
the expence ol' those w ho were adop
ted since 1836 It was the original
contract that the money s'iould be
subject call by the United Stales.
Kirk wood intimated that the twenty-eight
stales interested were pooling
to secure this twenty-eight millions.
lie now offered as a second section
to I he bill the substance of the 5 per
cent bill, allowing the various slate
5 per cent of the value fthíir limits
by the mi-htary bounty warrants.
Thurmm thought the ó percent
bill should stand on its own merits.
He objected to the g vertí incut g.vin
away twenty-eight millions to the
states. It was the government's
money and i is our duty to pay as
fastas possible our two billions in
debtedness. Every dollar ot the seven or eight
hundred millions due next year could
be paid oil in ten years without un
duly burdening fie people, yet it is
proposed to extend it for forty r fifty
ears and at the same time giveaway
the public lands and increase the ex
penditures and as wo were do'iag; the
inevitable result of i his land policy
would create a public debt; to make
our debt like that of the British con
fuís, a pcrp tual tinuui'.y. He regard
ed a perpetual debt as one of the
greatest curses that could be inflictcr'
upon a nation. lie opposed this bill
as part the legislation teuding lo bring
ou t his misfort une.
Coukling thought Thiirinan's argu
ment vitiating like many other go d
Hfgumeuts by the incorrectness of his
premises. In 1836 there was a sur
plus in the trca-ury rais
ed by all the taxes on
lopulation then existing The sur
olus was dcposit"d with the States
then existing subject to the c.dl of thv
liovernmeut. It was a call loan bin
-ubsequently the quality of the call
loan was taken Irom it by act of Con
gress to the ellect4thut money should
never be called for except by act of
Congress ami on d ue notice the doc
trine of estoppel warranted the asser
tion that when the Government in
course of time had a great need for
money they could apply for ibis and
ii was slopped from claiming money
after forty years had passed and the
J States had, with thn knowledge of ihe
Government applied the money to
various purposes ou the assumption
that it was considered as a gift,
t'oukling thought the past had suf
ficiently demonstrated that the peo
ple, resources cud integrity of ihe
country would make it impossible for
any failure to pay the public debt
Blaine regarded act 33 as lb I y rc
itilting from (he theory that surplus
t revenuo must ho divided among
the whole population. To recall Ihe
niouey novr would be unjust, not only
because of the lapse of time and the
probable outlawing of the claim bul
also because the people who got the
money would not be the ours called
on to return it were not the men who
then lived in the benefited states.
The Senator from Oregon, G rover,
would be called upon to return the
share he got as a citizen of Maine
in which Stale money was fool
ishly divided per capita among the
popahnion. Blaine was not a citizen
of Mai: at that time but he would
have payed his share of niouey as a
citizen of the state. ll would be
found a debt of former generations
and should not be placed on this gen
eration. Thurnmn said that doctrine was
untenable; that there was no bar of
limitation to this debt. lie said
money was by law returnable on de
maud. The debate was suspended and the
Cflnfdil appropriation Bill was refer
red, to the committee.
On motion the Senate adjourned.
Washington, Dec. 20. -Dunn intro
duced a joint resoluiii'U that land-' in
the lvdiau Territory to which the In
dian litle has extinguished and which
are public lands oith j United States
and thereby declared subp cted to"
-ettlcnent under Ihe honn'slrad and
ire euip ion laws. He desired it to
be referí il to the public, .and c mum
Cotigersai'l it was an attempt to
"tve D' session to the while settlers
and ni' ved that t ro to the ("iDimii-,
tee on Indian affair- h;ch had clot rge
of the righis of the Indians whi h was
agreed to.
Bv itiotii
.1' Morto i the C o-u' :r"
appropriation bill was laki-n n
Ihe question of how rnoui y was in
lie taken Iflii the people lo Hipp ll;
the government wi.s a qttcii'. -n for
the coininiiiee nil wmy ami iiKim.
Mr. Trice thought that it was .-ui-ticient
argument to the objeción! to
slate thai the bill had been ivlci r. d
lo the' committee on banking and cur
rency. The Speaker: "Did it 'o there by
bill or petition?"
Price: "By both."
Alter lurther debate ou this poiul
the motion io suspend the rules was
seconded. 122 I o 43
Miles then ppocd the bill. He
thought there were oilier Kibjecis
more fit for the reduction of tax than
check stamps. Why not take the
duly off clothing. They attempted to
smuggle this bill through the House
to prevent the amendment taking
away from monopolists some of their
ill gotten gains.
Decline in Stocks.
New York, Dec, 20. -The decline in
stocks during this nfieniooti was
due to the temporary advance in Ihe
rates for money and the report that
a large speculator who is going away
for a lew mouths sold about sixty
thousand shares of long slock which
ho had beeu carrying for two 'r
three months. 'I he slock exchange
has listed $2,017,000 of consolidated
lirst mortgage bonds of the Missouri
Pacific railroad. A telegram Irom
San Francisco states that the South
ern Pacific opened for business to De
mid station to-dav. a point on ihe line
near Mesilla, 1210 miles east of San
Francisco, and -15 nines from El Paso.
Stages connect there for the Santa Fe
road at San Marcial a distance of 75
miles1 The junction is to be made by
the ruad (rom I he east in a few weeks.
The graders are keeping on to the
II i o Grand at El Paso and the survey
ors are examining in Texas for a line
to Houston or New Orleans.
Billiard Tournament.
Paris, December 20. A billiard
match for the championship of the
world bel w een Geo. F, Slosson and
Ma ra uee 'Vigneux of France, begun
to-night in the Grand hotel The
match is to be 80,000 points, six hun
dred to be played each night. If the
player reaches that number any nighl
in the course of a run. he is to follow
up m the following night. A large
dining salonn of. ihe hotel is which
ihe contest took plnce was filled. M.
Gebelius n professor of billiards was
chocen umpifv. Vignaux opened the
game but failed to score. Slosson
followed and ao failed lo count. Af
ter several uucertuiu shots on both
sides Vigneux started and made 57
Ue afterwards made runs of 117 and
111; the highest run made by Slossan
was 27. At ten o'clock Vigneux had
scored 304 and Slossau CO. The game
then adjourned.
A Ciran.l ExriirMioii.
Chicago. Dec. 20. (reat interest is
being manifested in the excursion to
the City ot Mexico and Cuba which
will rendezvous in this city and start
from here via New Orleans and Vera
Cruz to the City of Mexico, returning
by way of Havana about the middle
of January. The party vv i 1 1 be made
up largely of railroad and mining
capitalists seeking new fields. The
fare for the round trip will be $200.
It is believed that this excursion will
result in bringing the country into
clo-er and more friendly business re
lations with Mexico and will result in
National benefit.
Surrendered Plates.
Washington. Dec. 18. flu; plates
surrendered by Brockawtiy have ar
rived. Chief Druuimond of ihe Se
cret Service Department fays that
ISrockaway mentioned that counter
feit money is usually made to sell but
that he did nos undertake any small
work, that he always did work that
wouhi not affect poor people, always
confining his operations to prominent
banks and by so doing h said poor
people were not affected as banks had
sinking funds and could make (heir
hispes good.
New York, Dec. 20. Telegrams
from ihe City of Mexico announce
thai a concession of two additional
1 ucs had been awarded to Talnicrfc
jullivan or the Mexican National C
with a subsidy of 8,000, from Mari a
north o S'llainaunca and soii'h lo
P itznero, and the line ir on Sm Luis
I'.rzi io Se;.h rae also ilial ihe Mexi
i ai g" '.'i ipneni I. ad formerly approv
ed he iiiiz ii ion ot the Mexicau
N i i ;i i i in a ny.
Foolish Wager.
N. '.v Y . U. 1) e. 2.1. In ihe shoo -V.o
ieiy ;il 4 (.'ll .'ball! sUCet lbs
Id I I i - i n C'-a-. UOSitii 'dlliaoea Weg
er 1 1 1 -i i lie e u I pat i biiih't Iht'uir.ih
Ihe h:ii in ir:eiar keeper who was
a-leep ai oiii end of the gallery. As
Vi.-tli !il tired the b.-r keeper chang
poMiion nd Ui bu lei ! i tick him in
the head and inflicted probably a IV
tal wound
Cinciunaiti, Dec. 20. -Gov. Foster
on Saiiirday wdhdrew from the con
test for i he senatorship. His course
is commented tinou here to-day by
t lie leaders ol the republican party as
a magnanimous act, creditable to him
in the highe.t dorec.
Slay Be Secretary of War.
New York, Dec. 20. I he Jlerahl
says: ''General McDowell is a che
personal friend of (ai field
and- if Ohio is to be I he choice
ef the next President McDowell may
be Secrciarv of War.
Wants five per Cent.
Washington, Dec. 20. Among the
bills introduced in the House wasoue
by Berry of California, granting to
California live per cent, of the sales of
the public lands in the slate.
Two Million Dollars.
New York, December 20 -Steamers
from Europe since Saturday have
brought over $2,000,000.
The Sew Hotel.
The directors of the American Ho
tel company held a meeting last eve
ning at the o film of the Andres Dohl
Esq. and after examining the bids
again, the contract for erecting the
uew hotol was ler to John B. Wootcn
of this city for $28.000. lie was or
dersd'o have the building completed
on or before ihe first of August, next.
The new Whi eO iks paper, the
Golden Era, has made its appearance
and is a very creditable journal. Tt is
a neat s'x column journa', and its edi
tor J. II. Wise is deserving of great
credit fur the great sprihiliness and
neatness of the Era.
The awning -for T. Homero &
Son's new building arrived yesterdav.
Wines and liquors o the best qual
ity, and ol the besl "brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, has Vegas, N. M 353 tl
For all kinds of svoolen goods go to
I. Stern.
There are no better hoots fir shoes
made than the Selz hand made, for
which I. Stern has the exclusivo Mile.
Pickles bv the quart al Bell, Craig
& Cu.'s,
Go and see f. Ilulenheck's new
stock of gold and silver filigree jewel
rv urn! plated silverware and select a
Christmas present.
Do You Wish to Buy
A P R E S E'íf T
S 1ST Eli,
If so, you can Had just what you re
quire in the magnificent
A new slock just unpacked at
IsinoR Sthkn's.
You will save both lime and money
by going direct to Stern's to buy
your Christmas presents, for then
vou are sure to find what volt want.
For a good and uobby hat go to
IsinOR Stkux's.
Christmas 1880.
Express Wagons,
Wheelbar rows,
Tin Tops,
M u-'cal l.'i't rttmeiils.
Hiell vases,
Lidies writing ib'sk. Toilet sets and
Brick-a-b.u; Novelties,
B' sides huiii'i eds i anieles thai it
won d be imp- s- ,!:; to enumerate, to
l e leiind at 1st nmi Stilus's.
Use C tu as-ed üMlls ft id I r.'ítkfiíst
in o: i ai B- U, Cra g & Co.'s.
Ladies' cloaks. Ulsters ami Dol
mans in all the latest designs and id
lower prices than an other house n
i he ci ! A' lor the same class of goods, to
be foui.d at Isido'r i era's.
(o to .si. Ileisc.on the south side
of the plaza for line wines, liquors and
Stoves, till uní can't rest, at
Rupe Uiistlc'.'.
JiitI received a new and complete
assortment ot' men's scarls, gloves,
card i an jackets andgenls' furnishing
goods al
J. RoSKNw-Ann & Co.'s
Dried beefat Bell Craig & Co
High bill and free, lunch every
night at Ferrington & Go's, bowling
Citron in llein hi peel at Bell, Craig
& Co.'s.
New tigs at Boll, Craig & Co.'s.
You waul a copy of Hill's Manual
of Social and Business Ibrins. You
cannot a fiord I o be without it. Sold
only by subscription. If the agent
docs not, meet vou, address, agent for
Hills Manual. P. O. Box 152 Las Ve
gas, N. M. 1-w.
Corn meal at Bell, CVaiget C'o.'s.
Fresh Ovstcrs, Fresh Ovslers. at
n83tf ' J. GraaV & Go's.
New York cheese at Bell, Craig &
Cooking and Heating Sieves,
Doorlocks and Tadlocks,
Hinges and Butts
Rasps and Files,
Hammers and Hatchets
Tacks and Screw,
Mining Knives,
Ro ling Pins,
(Tit ron and lemon peel t.t Bell, Craig
& Co.'s.
Books, Stationery, Wall Paper.
O K. Wkschk.
Use canvHs-od ham and breakfast
bacon at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
Jlerry Christmas!
Choice lot of presents for ladies and
gentlemen as well as the little folk".
C. E. Weschh.
New dates at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
The Metropolitan Restaurant in the
Optic building East Las Vegas will
be re-opened on next Monday by J.
W Barnev where t ho public can he
supplied with board and lodging at
reasonable rates.
New figs at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
-A ear 1 nd of all kinds of stoves
jusl red ved bv Rupe & Castle, t-6
Cranberries at Bell, Craig & Co's. I Indian Potlf.ry.
Wisconsin creamery but ir nt The largest clock . in tho United
Bi-KL. Craig & Co's. I ii""",., Indian pottery, both anci-
cnt and modern, at M. A. Gold's In
Choice Butler at Bell, Crnig & Co lian department, Santa Fe, N. M.4l-tf
The Prominent Question
What can we buy for a Christmas
or New Vent's present? Go to mo
enterprising lit in of J. Koscnwald &
Co. and buy one of those
Fur Sets,
Sealskin Caps,
Castor Dnving (J loves,
Embroidered Handkerchief,
Six and Three Bit' ton Gloves,
Elegant Dolmans,
Mat telasse Cloak?,
Stylish Ulsters,
Í llega nl Fans,
Fur Top Mitts,
j Fur Top Gloves,
i hovel v I. ace Scarfs.
"Welcome" Cocoa Mats
Velvet Mats, '
hace Mitts,
Jewel Casts,
Scrap Books,
Shell Boxes,
Velvet Card Cases,
Velvet Card Frames,
Beautiful Inlaid Boxes,
New Siylc Silk Ties,
l.lcgant Japanese Cases.
"Wipe Your Feet" Mats.
Zephyr Mitts,
Zephyr Hoods,
hauies' heggius,
Zephyr Wrisllels,
Handsome Fascinators,
HamUomc. Dressing Cases.
New Stylo CVee Lisse Ties,
Glove and Handkerchief Boxes,
White Slippers,
Seafoain Scarfs,
and many other desirable toys and
presen s, loo numerous to mention.
Call and examine our slock bt.'fo re
purchasing elsew here.
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock ot oils and paints; also
"iíoldeiis enainei .mini "which is wa
ter proof and ready for use. is con
stantly kept y them. 50-tf.
Mahtga grapes, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Clean towels Mid sharp razors tit
ludd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf."
Two good tarpenters wanted im
mediately by
Fha n ii Ooni'JN 11-lf
Christmas Toys, at Bell. Craig &
Another car load of Hour, the best
in town, received by
,J. ( i: A VP & Co.
Apples, n' Bell, Craig & Co.
Something new ! new! new! Self
raising Buckwheat Hour at
n83if J. (j Ii a a v & Co's.
A foil :!:'sortnien of lioiuropaihi,
remedios constan! ly kept on hand at
the Genual DrugSiore. 313-tf.
Fresh Oysters, at Bell, Craig & (Jo.
(how chow bv the quart or gallon
at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
The lit lie daisy excursión hat at
the New York Clothing House. Ev
erybody wears them. tf.
Stein's store shows the '.i:;r t dis
play of carpels iu the idly.)
Lemons, at Bell.-Omig & Co.
Cfolhins! Cltiihi ! ! Clothing ! ! !
My second new stock of line
men's and bovs' nobby Mnis, over
coats and ulsters jusl unpacked.
ISIDOli Stkun.
Pop Corn, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Fifty per cent saved by lnMng Cre
tonne, Torchon and Langiiedoc lace,
line embroideries and ladies' silk lies
of Isidor Stern.
Cabbage, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Xw Woods ! Jicw Woods ! !
For staple and fancy groceries,
good, tresh, and of the best quality
go to Isidor Stern's.
Ciiow chow bv the quart or gallon at
Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
For blanket.s come to I. Stern.
Turnips, at Bell. Craig & Co.
Aheivysiock of fine wiues,liq
uors and cigars at M. Jlei.se's for the
winter trade, tf.
High ball at II. Bkamm's.
The strangest thing agoing now is
I o ce i ho crowd of ladies going to
('hurles llteld's to buy dolmans, tils
lers and cloaks.
I Cranberries at Bell, Craig & Go's
.Inst received.
A full line of very choice slanle and
fancv Groceries, hiriiiors. Wines.
1 Cigars and Condimenta.
C E. WrcscHB.

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