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Three Thousand Pounds of
Mow a Fellow Was Let OirFrom Pun
ishment. Quite a little seutatiou Ava& ratlier
nipped in the bud yesterday by ft well
known citizen, whose friendship for
an offender saved the latter from an
exposure that would, undoubtedly,
have necessitated the latter's leaving
the city on his own account, or as a
ward ol tiio .'overnment.
It has been the custom of many
people to leuve letters and papers to
be mailed to the care of a man, who
has always borne a good character in
Vegas and who was accounted hon
est. A short time ago, a letter was
entrusted to his charge by a gentle
man who wished to insure its speedy
departure by mail. The letter was
written to his brother in Illinois and
contained a check for $40. After
some delay, an answer to the letter
was received but it was intimated
that the gentleman must have neglect
ed to send the draft, as stated in the
letter. The sender was very confi
dent that he had sent the check in the
letter as described, and, as several
people had seen him make t he enclo
sure he naturally thought that the
mails had been tampered with, espec
ially this piece of mail matter íh par
ticular. He never once suspicioued
the man in whose clurge the letter
had been left, as equally valuable
ones had passed through his hands all
lie was explaining the case at tin
bank u short time since when the de
tective W. W. Dodd happened to b
standing near, and tapping him on tht
si o ilder suggested that he might be
able to explain the matter. Lie had
come into possesion of the check am
the facts in the case aud he, togethei
with detective J. F. Morlcy micccimI
ed in finding the man. They were
quite sure of the author ot the deei
before they finally pounced on him,
but, to make sure, Morley resorted to
a little dodge that settled the matter
Monday afiernoi n, Morlcy went to
the office, where t tic suspected man
is employed, w th his right hand u
bandaged up ; n I asked him asa favoi
that he woulil I i reel an envelope ft
him to a fiieuJ: The request was
promptly complied with. The uaim
to be superscribed on the envelope
had been purposlev chosen, lor l'"
name and address c nia ued all the
letters ot the eiidoitmi'ut on the
check. That settled it, and jpsterla
ÍY-rcnoou the two detectives took
counsel as to what course to pursue
As special i.tlkers of the post oflio
depart incut they intended to arrest
he man on a LT. IS. oil' nee, but ii
was found that inasmuch as the letter
had not been committed to the chargi
of a post office employe, nor had been
tampered with after being dropped
into the post office, it, was not a gov
eminent ca-c. The sender oí the let
ter upon being consulted stated that
he would not prosecute the case as
the young fellow had always been
friendly disposed towards him.
After abstracting the check the fel
low carefully re-sealed the letter and
sent it by mail Illinois-ward. Taking
it to . ne of our banks he sought to
get. it cashed, but was iniormed that
he could not secure the money on it,
unless it was endorsed. After carry
ing it about for some time ho finaliy
approached a man about town aud
said that he had wou it at play and
wished to sell it. It was immediately
suspected that there was something
crooked about the affair, and detec
tives Morley and Dodd would have
brought hirn to justice if the case had
uot been dropped by the sender's re
fusing to appear against him.
The forgery of the endorsement was
clumsily executed, and this lesson
will undoubtedly be a sufficient warn
to the fellow not to try on this game
Don't forget the entertaiumeut at
the Presbyterian church' this evening
for tht benefit of the Academy fund.
Vneasy Santa Fe.
From the New Mexican we learn
that Santa Fe wasgrcatlv disturbed
on Snuday by rumora that a lynching
was imminent. Saturday night a par
ty of five or six men accompanied by
.sheriff Situero of Ilio Arriba county
arrived in Santa Fe from Santa Cruz.
The men were not under arrest, but
were simply under the protection of
the sheriff. On Sunday Sheriff Jos
eph Sitnero ami four Americans, Wm.
King, J T.Armstrong, Frank Smith
aud A. Gardner were arrested ou the
barge of murder, made by several
Mexicans. It was feared that a mob
would take the men from the jail and
lynch them. Exciténieut rau high
aud one hundred aud fifty men voluu
leered to guard the jail. Ten deputy
sheriffs were sworn in and they to
gether with a largo body of men
guarded the jail all Sunday night.
Fortunately no attempt was made to
break into the jail.
There are two stories ot the diffi
culty that led to tho arrest. The
men who have been at work on the
I). & K. G. IL Ii. grade, state that they
purchased some oat straw at a store
and, while ou their journey were met
by some Mexicans on last Wednesday
who charged them with stcaliug the
provender. The Mexicans agreed to
.et them off on payment of $75., also
accusing them of committing other
depredations iu the neighborhood ol
tierra Amarilla where the straw wa
purchased. This was refused, as also
ach successive offer, and the final one
if $10 for a compromise. They were
ifterward surrounded by Mexicans
and arrested aud brought to trial at
vjhatnita. After being discharged
i here they were re-arrested at Suui.i
Oruz but were agaiu released. Ai
lie latter place a difficulty arose be
ween Charles Kruiniueck, known as
"Dutch Charlie," and Amando Luce
ro aud the former was killed. Lucero,
.hey claim, was shot iu tlu shoulder
tvhile resisting a sheriffs posse.
Lucero claims, ou the oilier hand,
that the ex-graders attempted toake
he life ot the justice of the peace, at
er they were released. They attack
i d Lucero's ouse, but his witu aud
he justice succeeded iu escaping. A
light ensued in winch "Dutch Char
lie" ot the attacking party was killed
and Lucero Wounded.
The affair has caused great excite
ment aud will swoii come to trial.
'I ho following Is the list of letters remaining
ia tho Las Vegas PnstolHce uncalled for tor the
week ending December 21 , 180 :
llar la Marcelina
II o a End em
Bartkti Rout
C k N 1)
Duncan M J
on her Jno
Fit lor W N
i ra cN I! bt
Gonzales R.isalig
Hanson Mrs l
Jone Jno L
Lewa.kMiss Lulu
Miires Kalio
Montova A A
McDoiiuH Miss G M
obrine f F
Patterson It J
Silla J
Steckwey II C
Swayne Kennell
Stogsdlll DN
Taylor S L
Farwater Levi
Thomas C M
Waters L
Hillock J I
lioi I. Ie Jno
Campbell Mrj E J
C'cmeiil J A
Duncan & Sou
l)(F.ire-ta Monsieur
Finniican P 2
G incales Lina
H.iskn.s 1, IS 2
llolMike F U
Jieech J I)
Lit a Maximiliano
Muri.hy J W
Morlcy K
Mcr.lvy James
PololnCo Seralln
Ueanolüs Kobt
Singer At co Jno
Schul, Urns II 3
Sclinck ( ha- K
Speer Mrs Kit tie
T.if.illa Manuel
T iylor S II
Webster J W
WoodB HaitlR
The sno went away very rapid
ly yesterday aud the chances are that
8 will have good roads again in a
few day 8.
Don't fail to attend the public
reading by Mrs. W. F. Smith at the
Presbyterian church this evening.
The tickets arc only fifty cents for
sale at the post office and drug stores.
Hotel Arrivnl.
John E. Frost, Galesburg,Ill.; T. G.
Fr-.st; II. II. Harvey, White Oaks;
J. II. Van Fossen, Pueblo; Harry
Barudollar, Pueblo; D. L. Morril, El
Paso, II. S. Walker, San Marcial; Chas
J. Lautry, Tecolote.
Mr. aud Mrs. Waddiughani, Fort
Baicom; M. Slattery, La Cinta.
FANCY CANDIES, at Twenty-five Cents per Pound!
Page 15. Otero went over to San
ta Fe yesterday.
L. P Browne, Esq., of lírowno &
Manzanares, started for a holiday
visit, t his family yesterday.
llarrv Kellev started for L u -
worth yesterday to spend the holi- j
A. Nelson and several other prom-1
nent business men of Anton Chico, j
were doing Las Vegas yesterday.
Brakeman Richards, who was in
jured on Glor eta hill a few days ago,
has undergone an amputation of a leg.
Dr. Robinson, prominently con
nected with the mining interests oi
the territory, went south yesterday.
Col. Walts is expected lo arrive
very soon troni the White Oaks, lie
will leave Vegas immediately lor To
peka. Bell, Craig & Co. advertise large
ly iu the local papers, and their rush
iug titule shows that their money is
well spent.
.Miss Wood Prof. Ashley's assist
ant in the Academy left for Lawrence,
K. where she will spend the holidays
with friiítids in that city
Tom More, who has been em
ployed as book-kerper for Browne &
Manzanares left yesterday tor his old
home in Blootninglon, III, to perma
nently reside there.
Geo. II. llubbs of Kinsley, Ks.
will soon have a well sunk seven
miles this side of IV. . denials. This
item is especially commended to the
friends of the Socorro route to the
C S. llenning, assistant engineer
of the Atlantic & Pacific Ifaihvny
parsed south yesterday wit h his bride.
His marriage took place last week in
Plan', Hi He g,, directly to his
new home about twelve miles this
side of Ft. Wingote.
"The Kid's" Compliment.
" The Kid's" band show very good
tate in reading the Gazette relig
iously, aud thus learn what is stirring
tne outside world, from which they
are practically exi ed. On numerous
occasions we have sought to rouse the
people of the country to the e-ist of
us to organize a brisk campaign that
the gang might be captured or dr'veu
out ol the country. One article iu
particular iu which we represented
the members to be more black than
they are usually painted naturally
fell into the hands of the band. Last
week while Billy "the Kid" aud some
of his band were in Sumner they in
dulged in many threats of what they
would do. '"By ," exclaimed
Billy with much fervor, resorting to
the dash dialect very frequently,
"onlp let me get tlroFO Gazktte fel
lows down here, and I'll make it hot
for them.
We are delighted to know that.
Billy has read our lit tie obituary not
ice for from all accounts he is not
long for this world. I t is a special
priviiege that Livingston, the African
explorer, Marshal Bazaitie and a few
fibers only have enjoyed, to read
their ahituary notices aud the outlaw
should feel himself favored.
"The Kid" and several of hi3 parly
started for Ft. Sumuer from their ren
dezvous t' c latter part of last week.
Sheriff Pat Garrett and a posse of
thirteen men started in pursuit ol
them, and Frank Stewart's Panhan
dle boys were expected to act in con
cert with them. The prospect is that
they succeeded iu coireling them,aud
that a brisk light lias taken place long
ere this
We are in posesion of inloriralionj-
sworn by some ot the best men both
in the Pecos aud White Oaks. country
which will unmask one fellow who
has bo n masquerading ns nu innocent
mau. We are only waiting for the
necessary space wheu we will make it
hot for him.
The Las Vegas College brass band
will loon havt iu instruments.
GiRAiG & Co.
ju our iue
re prepared to undersell
guarantee satisfaction to alt
Are Agents for DEVLIN & CO., New York. Keep the Largest Liue
fifteen days. Satisfaction guaranteed, and no C. O. D. business.
That will be a source of joy aud
comfort to yourself and family to be
found iu the greatest variety al Chas.
Ill'eld's. They surpass anything ever
before brought to this town.
The little folks, their parents aud
all their relatives are respectfully iu-
vited to examine my sock. They
wi 1 secure a more tasteful and more
useful present at the lowest possible
prices, 'Inquire at
in patron
age bestow
ed upon our
house 1 1 1 e past
. few moni lis neces
sitat ed ad ditiotial
store roo.ni and a large
increase of our stock of
goods. Our arrangements
have been made widi careful
regard to the wants of our cus
tomers, and facilities for inspec
tion ot goods, which we offer at
We handle nothing but standard
brands of canned goods. The
choicest butter, apples, pota
toes and everything kept in
a fii st-class grocery st'-re.
Courteous at lent on ex
tended to all visitors
and goods open fo
inspection with
out any regard
to purchase.
(Jomo aud
Bell, Craig &
The plaza grocers.
Oranges Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
Go to Jndd's Barber Shop aud get
scraped, Exchange J Intel. tf.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Go's
planing mill. 2D-tf.
Honej- at Bell, Craig & Co.
Wc are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockiiaut & Co.
Choice Butter at Bell, Craig & Co.
IIolbrook'3 tobacco is the best.
Way down prices oil
Cardigan Jackets,
Nubias, Fancy Knit Coats
and Dress goods.
at Wesciie's.
A line of Ladies' Coats
at less thau cost, for the
next ten davs
C. E. Wksche.
hant Claim on Time.
If you want to makrt a nice holi
day ift go and examine the large
stockof Watches, Clocks, Jewelry
aun silver rtated Ware nf
Pickles by the quart at Bell, Craig
& Co.'s.
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store," East Las Ve
gns. 314-tf.
Brick for sale in large or smpll
quantities, at Lockhabt & Co's.
all rlhers. Will take nleasure ii showiuir our well assorted stoek.
our customers. - Keep the latest styles.
We invite attention to our
ÜP JIl !0.
To It. K. Employees.
Thanking you for Uto so very liber
al patronage bestowed upou me in the
past aud assuring you that I will do
all in my power to merit the same also
in the future, I would herewith call
your attention to my new stock of
clothing, geut's furnishing goods.
boots and shoes, which is now com
plete. Please give me a call aud save
money by buving of
Isidor Stern.
Oranges at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
Fresh eggs, at Bell, taig & Co.
Ma'aga grapes, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Christmas toys, at Bell, Craig &
Apples, at Hell, Craig & Co.
For flannels, conic to I. Stern.
For ladies-' cloths and vaterproof
cune to Isidor Stern.
Fresh Oy-ter-, at Bell, Crdg & Co.
Lemons, hi Bell. Cr:.ig & Co.
Pop Com, at Bell. Craig & Co.
I iiriNtuiiiM 4i ills
My uew stock cuno in and will be
ready for inspection in a few days.
Isidor Stern".
Cabbage, at Bell. Craig & Co.
For ladies' woolen underwear come
to Isidor Sttvu.
Goods retailed at wholsale prices at
Isidor Stern's.
Buckwheat Hour at
n83i f J. Gkaaf & C o's.
Turnips, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Theodore Butenbeck has received a
fine stock of gold n,J silver filigree
jewelry aud also a nice lot of silver
plated ware for the holidays. tf
Dried beef at Bell, Craig & Co.'s.
If you want a good Pocket Knife,
a pair of scissors that keeps sharp,
an elegant set of table cutlery,
or a first-class razor, go to
J. E. Wnsciin's.
Corn meal at Bell Craig & Co.'s.
Holiday Good.
Autograph Albums,
Photograph Albums,
Piel tire Books,
Novels, Games, Writing Desks, Dolls,
Tea sets aud other tovs.
C. E- Weschk.'
The fact is tha:, Houghton keeps
the best assorted stock of bird cages
to he found west of S. Louis. Go
and see them lor ho has just got iu a
big supply of I hem ot all styles-brass
aud painted,
New York cheese at Bell, Craig &
Co 's.
I would respectlullv call the atten
tion of all persons going to and from
the Whi'e Oak mines, and the pub
lic in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment of general merchan
dise; and make a specialty of miners
supplies, provisions ect. Antou Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and I yell goods at the lowest rates.
David Winternitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
Fresh eggs, at Bell, Craig & Co.
Wisconsin crea erv butter at
Bkll, Ciuia & Co's. .
And never carry Id stock.
T 3VX E3 3XTT-
of Samples ever shown. Suits ready in
WANTED 30 cavpentors to work on the
Palace Hotel, Santa Fe, N. M. Appl'
at the building to R Ü Dav, FoiciiiRn,
Fe, N. Al, Jul IÑ B. WOOTKN,
iiw Contractor.
WAN I El). A ilrBt class cook . O..o I wages
will be paid. Apply at section, house,
Wmlace, N. M.
"117" ANTED Situation by a mnn with busl
TV ' ess experience Can mako himself use
ful an; where. Address this ollice.
WANTED At the National Hotel two first
class waiter girls.
WANTED A situa Ion as clerk. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Apply at Ihls office.
1' 8-tf
FOR SALE -Dry cows and chIvss. Also
sheep. Address C. W. Lewis, Albuquer
que, N . M. H
VIOUSALK. A good saddle horse, by Mrs
1J Dcsmarals.
FOR SALK. One hundred head of young
stock cattle for sale. Apply to M.E.
Ivelly n Alain street leading south from the
plaza, or at Ms store at El Variedoro, San
Miguel county.
JLMh ton SALE. By Moore A Huff, at i lie
1 Hot Springs. Lea vé orders at Herbert &
Co's drug store, on the plaza
171UU SALEA good sixteen horse power
steam engine, ull in ru ning order and
liirgo enough lo run a Hour mill. Any person
(teairmgto see it running cun do so iiny day at
my planing mill at Las Vegas. Applv for
terms t JOHN . V UUTEN.
: tf
17OR SALE. Two horse watt n and double
: Bel harness. Apply to Bell, Craig & Co.
FOK RENT. The Exchange Hotel conal.
Apply at Hell , Craig Co's
TO KENT. A vtneyurl ut about V.',(K) i vines
In good beaii g condition Includtngsome
two hnndre i fruit irees Also house ro m suf
ficient tor a family. Apply to Ueuicio F. Pe
rea, llemalillo, N. M 1 Olw
BACA H ALL FOR RENT. The proprietor
wishing to remove his residence will rent
Haca Hall for the coming season, or il) sell it
for a reasonable price. The hall Is the be.-t In
the Territor) and is provided with a stage and
complete scenery Address,
Las Vegas, N. Ii.
$100 Reward for Tom Dean.
The above reward will be paid by the Mora
County stock Grower- Association of Mora Co.
New Mexico, lor ihe arrest and del ivery to the
proper authorities at Mora Count v Jail of
from Armci.ta, Red River, N. M ., for stealing
cattle. Dean when Inst heard from was at one
of tlie Narrow Ouage Rail Road camps ut Rio
Arriba c unty, New Mexico.
FERED. For the arrest and conviction ofanyTHIF.F
who has stolen Stock from any member of the
Mora Couuty Stock Growers Association, and
Will be paid for Information whlrh will lead
to Ihe conviction of Bnvers of Stolon Stock,
Mora County. N. M
Toil Iirlle on (he Rio rsnde.
The bridge built by the "Bernalillo Bridie
Company" across the Rio Grande opposite the
town ol Bernalillo is now open for the public
travel Following are therátcsol toll established
Iit the company, viz:
People ou loot, for each, $ .0,1
f'eop.e on horseback, for each 15
Heavy wagons, loaded, for each 1.00
Heavy wagons, not loaded, for each 75
I. Iixht wagons loaded, for each 75
Light wagons, not loaded, for etch, 50
"mall stock per head, os
Lai (stock, per head 05
mall stock, por head, from 60 to 100 head,
each 02
sin ill slock . from lOü to 600 head, each 01
Sm-II slock, from 500 to l.oiio head, each,
mn!l tock rr m 1 ,000 head upwards X
Wauons, carts, and wood, going and re-
.urnlng, with two animals, 20
I he above, with fonr animals, 40
J. M. l'EUEA. President.
Special Class In
FROM 5:30 TO 6:30 I M.
Real Estate, Collecil g Agent and Convey
ancer. .
Deeds, Mortgages and Justices' Blanks lr

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