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Ti u
"VOL. Vi.
ISTO. 143.
Dealers In
llMseFiiriiishin2 Good
Roscuwiil l's Block, on Plaz
Finest in the Citv of Las Vegas.
First-class bar where gentlemen wil
find the tiuesl liquors, wines and ci
gars ni the lerntorv; also m coniici
tion is a lunch counter. Drop in and
aee us.
Open Day and Night.
r. c. Mcdonald
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
So.e Agent in New Mexico for
Saint Louis Bottled Beer
Deal "i-in Cigars, Tobacco. Confectionery nnd
the Finest Fruits in the market.
Centre Street, East Las Venas.
Will deliver water promptly ut any placo in the
Old Town. Apply to
Northwest corner ot the 'laza, Las Vegas.
i ii mom eiegani y appointed
in ihe Son het Tilt Hues' liquors in the
cunmry. .mxeu unu.s a Bpeciaity . Upen day
Of everv Kind and style nt Kev D. W. Cal
fee's. English and Spanish, or In any oth.i
language, lor -uecneapor given away.
District Superintendent R. 11. S. lor New
Muiro Slid Ariz. ma
Special Master's Sale.
District. C oirl, County 01 Colfax. In Chancery.
Andres Dold
Kcirlna Dold and other
Notice is hereby (il von that In pursuance of a
decree enti re , in tlie above entitled cause in
mu: fui'i iNiii ii i 1,111111, Hiiiinir ilion anil 1 r
ine i 0111. tv 01 1.0 lax lrltorv ol New Mexico,
at the August, te in, A. I) I8.S0 being the s xth
day of s ni term, I, Mulvin W. Mills, ti e
oiiuciui aiuBifi upiioiuittii uYBuin decree, will,
nt the hour of one o'clock in the uftrnnnn of
said day, In front of t"e door of the Court
jionsc, in me mu 11 or Cimarron, In the Countv
of Co fax ai d Te.ritorv of New Mexico, offer
for sale mid sell nt (inl llc 11 ction to the high
est lit.. dcr, for cash, al of the property here n
mentioned, to win The i.ndivld.-d oi,e-sixh
inferes' 11 ml part in and to the Az ec Mine,
tdtunteon the ea. tern slope ofBaldv 111. hi t .In.
in the Countv of Colfax afore. aid, consist ng of
.ni niw. nun 1 ii-ei in miigin wnn an tne nips,
spurs, imiresand varciti .ns thereof) lora hi",
ter description thereof, rel'eience being had to
the hill orcomnialnton fllcin theah ve entitled
cause, in the Clerk's oillce 01 the ald Di-t let
Court, which said nndivulel one-sixth wa
owned and possesed in his lifetime by John
Dold, deceased and Is now owned and posses -ed
by his brother and slsiers, the plalteiff. An
dres Dold, and cleleiidinits, Regin De'd and
Mact'ialena Did I, toitether with all the rich',
title, and interest in and to the same which was
of the said John Dold In his lifetime, or of the
mid plul tiff or defendants, or each of them
since his decease.-Said salo to be made under
said decree for tho purpose or satisfying mid
paying to the said Andrea Hold the sufn of five
thousand, t ree hundred andalxtT-nlne dollars
ilue him by s dd J ihn Do'.d in his lifetime as
idso the sum of slueen dollars and eighty cents
costs, with six per cenl Interest on the said
amounts from the nfth day -i March, A. I).
"" ""in 1 Bin, asppivinea ny stint decree,
iso the costs of said nit. a-ri of sale
)niulm Mlalnrln rim,....u
District Conrt, Couuty of Coltux, Terriiery cf
rr"-: l
A War of Races Barely Averted
by the Determined Men of
Wlio Form a Committee of Safety
and Hold the Town by
Attack Made on the Baca
House and One Murderer
He is Killed After Shooting One
of His Guards.
Story of the Exciting Times.
From the reports that reached
Vegas early i I lit; day on Tuesday
it was thought that a fn-rce war of
races was imminent in Socorro.
Therefore a representative of the
ííazette t.ook passoge on the south
bound train for t he scene of action.
On the train were quite a number of
tcentlemen hound for San Marcial and
points below, well armed and aching
to take a hand in any contest where
the Americans needed assistance. All
along the route the st of despatches
tint had been floating along the wires
was rehearsed and became for the
time the topic of conversation. The
wildest sort of rumors were in this
way set afloat, and only erved to
make the syn. pal hy for the people of
Socorro all ihe greater Whm the
train arrived in Albuquerque, there
was a crowd on the platform and they
were very much excited. Gov. Si over
and Judge Parks were awaiting the
arrival of the train to go on to Socor
ro, but the Judge, who had just heard
ihe lasi report, that five Mexicans had
been lynched, was quite undecided
w hat 10 do. " I guess they don't need
my services unless it be for coroner,"
he said, but bavin- been telegraphed
for, finally decided to go on.
When Ihe train came into Socorro,
about 10 o'clock Wednesday morning,
wo learned ihat although the penple
had seen ciitical times it was yet 011
lidently expected that all difficulties
had beeu tided over. But the town
was under the .ontrol of a commit lee
of safety. Stepping over to the of
fice of Messrs. Browne & Manzanares,
followed by geveral meu armed with
Winchesters, we were soon in posses
sion of the facts in the case, and learn-
ect tne exact, status ot altairs through
the kindness of Mr. O'Neill, a part
ner oí Judge Blanchard of this citv.
From all accounts Socorro hd been
horribly maligned, bv the acts of vi-
lence credited to the American por
turn ot the population. Our first
luty was to undo what a foolish, rat
le-neaiteii telegraph operator had
done, by appraising the people ol
Vegas with the true condition of at
lairs, (joins to the leleornnli ,,ffi.n
we begged, pleaded and sought by a
templing bail to allure some one to
end our despatches to the Gazette.
Hut Ihe "brave" telegragh operator
i.ad ehol ofl when he was released
from duty, and no other man could
it! found to work the Western Union.
Nothing to do then, but to wait till
morning. At hrt we expected that
we would have quite a goodly com
pany to accompany us to the plaza,
where "'0 could find lodging. But
ihe stories of the patrolmen ihat we
might be laid low by .L'xieam in
ambush, and the diflit-ul lies of pass
ing the guard, deterred all but three.
Pwo of ihe guards on horseback of-
red In conduct us over, and in com
auy with two other slraners we
darted for the Park House, headquar
ters of the committee of safelv. Ii
was a lonely waft, little being said;
ihe stiltness was oppressive. Several
mes we heard the cry of "halt!" and
all came to a standstill and after ihe
formalities" who o-oes there?"
Friends" ; "Advance and rjVo the
Miuutersign" were gone Ihrontrh with
we were suffered to go on our way
again, finally drawing up for a hait nt
the entrance to tho Park House. Af
ter some parleying we were conduct
ed t the office, which for the tin e
being was serving as fho commander'
office. On either side
fireplace were two guards, in heaos
I trying to i warm after their cold
vig Is. Meu were lying ou the table,
counter, and on the floor, all witli
Winchesters within eiiRV reach. Sit -
ting there for n half-hour or more, a
tramp was heard outside and the of
fice began filling up with men, who
stood elbow to elbo . All were wel
armed anda determined look'ug body
of men : and niter roll-call imiuy of
ihe guns were placed in the improvis
ed armory.
A general conversation followed.
and on-' hy one the men departed to
pul in a little installment of ulccp 011
the amount that thev had lost. Meet
ing Col. E. W. Eaton, we held a Ion
interview whli nim and -eve nil of tin
m-inb rsof 1 he committee of oaf-i v
Col. Eiron, who is an old residjnt, atid
is spoken of as " as brave a uiau as the
dsy is long," came to Socorro on Sunday
1.: . .r at 1 1 mi
Hum ma uuuus 111 uic iuaguaicnas. J. Hen
for the first time he learned of the cold
blooded murder of Mr. A. M. Coiiklin
editor of the Socorro Sun. The funer
al had been held that afternoon and the
people were the more and more deter
mined that the murderers should be
brought to justice. The Colonel was
very outspoken in his denunciation of
the deed and said that it was time some
thing should bo done to show everybody
that they were determined to have
peace and good order or thev would fight
for it. That very evening a number of
men met together and made a temporary
organization for a committee of safety.
On Monday, men were busily engaged in
securing signatures to a paper the tenor
of which was that they pledged their
best efforts and t-ieir lives if need be,
to the avenging of the foul deed and for
the preservation of good order. Forty
three signatuies were secured to the pa
per and many others promised their as
sistance. A permanent organization
was effected in the evening with Col.
Eaton as president of the committee of
safety, and the conduct of affairs given
to an executive committee of six. At
this meeting it was ordered that all men
should meet at the Park House corral at
2 o'clock the next morning.
In the afternoon Col. Eaton and sev
eral of the citizens went to Sheriff Gar
cia and demanded that he serve warrants
on the three Baca boys for murder. It
was plainly seen that he was disposed to
shirk his duty, and he crawled out of it
by saying that he must have the warrants
in Spanish. The party soon had the
warrants translated and tPent to Gardas
store to renew tluir demand. The sher
iff saw them coining and slammed his
store door in the fac of, the party, and
repeated this when they went to his
house. They then knew that there was
no chance with such a crowd, and resolved
to strike for hostages.
The party at the rendezvous starting oit
in the morning, divided into two detach
ments and set out for the little village of
Cuba, one and one-half miles below Socor
co, where the father of the Baca boys re
sided. On their way they called at the
house of Sheriff Garcia and demanded
that he accompany them. lie refused to
open the door, whereupon they kicked it
in and took him along, as also his deputy,
Felipe Baca, who is his son-in-law and a
cousin of the murderers.
When about half way to Cuba some of
theadvauce guard seeing the others ad
vancing mistook thom for some of th;
en my. Secreting themselves behind a
low adobe wall they gave them a volley
and the shots were returned, some fifteen
or twenty shots being fired. Fortunate
ly not a man was injured although the par
ty contained some excellent shots. The
explanation of the affair is that many of
the party were miners and knew but little
of the surrounding country and got com
pletely turned around and thought the
party was coming up in the opposite di
rection from their friands.
It was about half past 2 o'clock when
the party arrived fn front of the Baca
boys' house in Cuba. It was a low 'dobe
house, and sentiríais were posted on the
house top, challenging tho party as it
came up.
Col. Eaton advanced to the front with
Sheriff Garcia . and Deputy Baca in
front of him formincr a l,lwna-
going wi'hin 150 feet of (he house.
He then called ou them to surrender
and compelled the sheriff to tell the
men tu 'he house what they might ex
pect if they did not burrendcr and
what wou'.d follow if a sinirlo shot
was tired. At fiit thev refused to
surrcuder, whereupon Col. E'itoti or-
dereil a picked crew to advance to the
' ou and under cover of the Atneri-
ciius' Winchesters they began work
with picks to uudermiue the walls,
and, after that had been uccoinplisheu
Iheirplati was to put iu i nornious
charges of üiant powder and bl w up
ihe house.
Again ihe sheriff ml vised them to
-u. render ami Col. Eaton informed
litem thai the powder was already iu
position autl called on I hem for I lie
lasl time to surreutler. Ibis had the
desired effeci, although the truth ol
ilie m. it ti r is I hut no pow der had been
I'll iu.
One b one n."ii began l come out
f ioe Ii. Use and soon twelve men and
ooys W'-iv under guard. Selecting
live ot tins niimber, iliey were placed
under he ivy uard and marched of,
' he otln rs being iitlowcil logo. I'lice
five, who were given to understand
ihat they would he heul as hoMtc.
nil the murderers should be producid
were placed iu a wine room, and a
posse of men set. lo guard ihein while
patrols were stationed all over ihe
town to be iu roadidoss to give the
alarm in case any effort should be
made to take them from the commit
t"0 of safely. The names oí the men
held as hostages are: Sheriff Juan
-Maria Baca, deputy sheriff Felipe
Baca, Antonio Maria Baca, Dionicio
Jaramillo, ex-judge of tho probate
court and a prominent merchant; and
Eslevau Baca, an uncle of the mur
derers. The house had been transformed
into a little citadel und an immense
number of rounds of ammunition,
guns, rifles, muskets and six shooters
were found about the premises. The
women and children had been sent to
Bosquecito, auother little settlement
four miles farther to the south, on
Monday altcruoou aud other Mex
icau families had made similar pro
visions for the safety of those unable
to defend thems Ives. The doors and
windows had been barricaded and
sufficient food laid in to stand a long
When the accidental discharge of
arras during the skirmish by mistake,
ilready alluded to, took place some of
those in the house at Ihe lime cut and
tin and amoug them the two other
Baca boys, who participated in the
assasinalion. Atone tune there were
full thirty people in the house, but
after this stampede U-e dozen or more
who surrendered held tho tort. The
i wo murderers were seeu ou horse
back by some railway men in the
neighborhood of the repot a little
after two o'clock. They took the
road in the direction of tho White,
Oaks country, ami the mail carrier
who came into Socorro Tuesday, saw
fresh tracks of two lusrse.nen, along
that route for a considerable dis
tance; from iheir appear.-iuce, he jud
ged that thev were cud'avoriur to
cover the ground in the shortest pos
sible time.
Early in the morning a large body
if Mexicans was massed t i-geti,er
and a Mexican boy, who had bemi
ca pi u red, wa sent as messenger to in
lorm that party Ihat the murderer
must be oiven tip b toro l o'elork. A
'mmitlee ol tsight cilli'd -u pitrk
II 'Use ami s'aled ilia' I hey w shed to
talk over Ihe matter fh -y were in
form -d iiv tho i'x it tv.- coiiiiiniiee ol
-al'ely t nil ihey would enlerlain any
reasonable proposition ili u migli ie
nia'de. The firi visit was undo b'
i ween 8:80 an I 9-30 o'clock a.id au-
llier ai ab mi 2 o'cl ek a id stid aii
iher ai 4 c 'clock p. m.
Ai tirsi mutters looked very squaily
and about noon word wuseni to san
Marcial l hlit the comiuiitee f safely
needed rciuforcciiwuts. Capt. Harry
Hill picked thirty men, well armed and
equipped for work aud endeavored lo
secure transportation for his men.
ailing to ret a special tiaiu they
took possession of a locomotive aud
steamed up for SoeorYo, arriving
there at three o'clock. They placed
themselves under direction of the Socor
ro committee and agreed to obey orders.
At last tho following terms were
agreed to: All ot the prisoners to give
heavy police bonds to keep the peace;
Sheriff Garcia and Deputy Baca
to give bonds in $25,00U each
for appearance before tho District Court
to answer the ch irgo of malfeasance in
office ; ex-Judge Jaramillo and Estevan
Baca to give bond in 25,000 each to ap
pcarbefore the district court for complicity
in the murder. Everything was arranged,
the prominent Mexican citizens going on
the bonds, and they were properly certi
fied. They further agreed to do all in
their power to produce the unirderers
and paid 8250 for the necessary expenses,
for ammunition, food for" the prisoners
etc. incurred by the committee.
When they were about to release the
men it was accidentally discovered that
there was one of the murderers amonr
the five. Although all of the Baca boys
were known to the citizens of Socorro
still they were not easily identified by
their names. In the verdict of the coro
ner's jury the name of Mesices Baca was
returned as one of the murderers; and
the warrant was so made out But it was
discovered that Antonio Maria Baca was
the man wanted irstead of Mesices.
Word was sent to the Mexicau commit
tee that this Baca would not bo released
on any bail and that if they wanted to
to make tho arrangement hold
good for the other four, well and
good, otherwise the whole thing would be
i declared off. There were many remon
strances but finally the four were set at
liberty and young Baca kept under guard
in tho wine room. Judge Parks was sent
for to sottle the affair.
Considerable rustling was heard inside
this jail and the guards were ordered to
Miuch tlic lunms itwas mistrusted that
efforts had boon made to dig the way out.
Dr. Dobbins and Jack Thatcher the
guards, started to go in when Baca fired
just as Thatcher came inside the door.
Baca was shot through the head and in
stantly killed.. Thatcher was shot in the
left breast, low down, the ball going up
wards towards the shoulder. He was im
mediately taken to the Park House and
the best medical and other attendance
given him. It is thought that he may re
cover as the shot was from a small revol
ver, carrying a No. 22 ball. It is a mys
tery how Baca received the revolver ; it
may be that it was passed in to him or he
had it concealed on his person when he
was imprisoned. Thatcher is an old min
er about 32 years old, and was employed
by George Lail on a grade contract, and
about four weeks ago went to work in
Col. Mills' tunnel. Ho is a brave fellow
and universally liked.
Wednesday morning at three o'clock
everything was quiet, the only danger be
ing apprehended was that the friends of
Baca, whose family is very influential,
might rise up to avenge his death. But
tee story of the shooting was kept quiet
that night, the body lying where it fell,
an examination merely being made tojsce
if he was really dead.
Learning this much of the affair and
not anticipating further trouble, the Ga
zette representative began to think of
getting back to Vegas. The train from
the south being late, the reporter expres
sed his intention of making the depot. Ev
eryone tried to dissuade him, and the more
cautious of tho party said it might bo that
ho would be mistaken for an interested
party ami bo slmi al by the Baca
party, who were misi rii-ded to be Iv
ing in wait. Even at such a critical
I tine it
SCIlled ri'.lllV irrolesiiiK' ill
ihouoli I ht- e.oiin-el was good and oh
en in iood laiih, bul it seemed o
innc.li irko a ucpetjiPu of Lona loilow'f
UxceUior," ihai ha been so liorrilih
par.. ded thai wi ly laughed. Wit h
our i-ix-shooh r it; hand we sallied
through the trale way, bidding mu
kind Irientl-gdtid-byi . receiving well
wi-los in return ' Wc started out,
when Mr C. Ilollnieier stepped font.
ofl'Ti.-g lotseori us i o i he depot. We
proceeded wi Ii caution with only one
Itllle incident happening thai made
u a bit scarey. But in din-time the
depot was reached mid the ihanks . f
the Gazkttk is tendered Mr. II if
meier lor hU manly deed.
The north bound Santa Fe train was
delayed nearly two hours at San Mar
cial a waiting 'the arrival ot Compain
G , 18th lulaniry, and then came on
wil bou! I hem, leaving them lo follow
on an extra train. They reached S -corro
at f o'clock yeslerdav 'iiornitiv
and are now ouarding the Post O Hice,
at .he ro(ut?si of the i'ost Master, ano
all the railway property. Everything
was reported quiet at á late hour Ian
To I liriilifc on the Itio (rímele.
The hridfii built by the "liernalillo llridiii
' pttnv" arrows the Klo Grande opposite tin
'own ot liernalillo is now open for the public
trim ! KollowiniriiretliertUegoi toll establish'
b the company, viz:
People on loot, for each ( .or,
IVop'.o on horseback, lor each Mr,
Heavy wagons, loaded, for each, l.oi
Heavy wagons, not loaded, for each,
l.liiht wau'ons loaded. Tor each 7:.
I.tphi wxni, not loaded, for cch 5
"'mall Htock per head, es
Lai e stock, per head o.'i
-mall stock, per head, from 50 to loo head,
each o"
sin ill slock , from 10!) to 600 head, each,'.'.'.' !"
Sin dl stock, from Mil) to I.OoO head, each, k
11111:1 -tock.fr rn 1,000 head upwards
WaLOtis, carts, and wood, going and re-
.iirninff. with two animals, 20
Tim above, with four anlnmls, 40
J. M. Jr-KItEA, Preaideat.-.
Charles Blanchard's
Complete and Varied Assortment of
General Merchandise ever seen under
one roof iu Las Vegas. My stock of
Gloves & Woolens, Dress Goods
Is Fresh, and was selected with great
Goods "for the Holidays.
Goods for the Ladies,
Goods for Gentlemen.
Goods for Youths
And Children, everything a Miner wants.
everything a Farmer wants, anything
wanted by Freighters, everything wanted
by Banchmen, everything wanted by
Painters, Building Papers, Mineral
Paints, all kinds of Paints and Oils,
Window Glass and Looking Glasses,
Crockery and Lamps,' Stationery, Wood
enware. A heavy stock of
Hardware and Nails.
Wheelbarrows, Ox Yokes, a complete
line of Saddlery and Saddlery Hardware.
Walker's Horse-Shoes
Stoves and Stove Goods
Tinware, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron,
Pumps. Agent for
Leather, Hemp and Rubber Packing.
Flour, Hay, Corn, Potatoes. Only the
the Best Cold Shring Creamery Butter.
Everthing, everything ! at low and uni
form prices.
Charles Blanchard,
On the Plaza.
WAN l'Ki) ) ciirK!iitora to work mi the
Palace Hotel, unta Fe, N. M. Apply
at Hid building to It D Day, Foreman, Santa
Ve, X. M, JnllXB. WOOTEN,
2w Contractor.
I TV It SALE -Dry cows anil ciilvcs.
1 slKeii. Address C. W. l ewis, A
Albuquei -
que, N
. ai.
171 OR SAI . One hundred head of voting
. stock cattle for sale. Appiy to M.E.
Kully i'ii Alain i-trwt P uding south from the
plaza, or at his store at El V uriedoro, San
Wifruel county.
Í1MI-. r.oi SALE. y Moore Hull, at the
J Mot springs. Leave orders at Herbert &
co'silrnji store, on the plaza
I TIOIl SALE A good sixteen lior.se power
steam engine, till in ru ming order and
large enoiifili 10 run a Hour mill. Any person
'lei.iringio see It running can do so any day ut
my planing mi'l at Lns Vegas. Applv for
"mis t JOHV B. W OOTEN.
1? set
haruiss. Apply to Bell, Craig & Co.
IT'Oi; KENT. The Exchange Hotel corral.
' Apply nt I'.ell, Craig ,t Co's.
rpO lit.N I . vineyur.l of about U.liOi vines
JL in good beai i.ig condition includlngsomo
two hunilre 1 fruit trees Also house ro m suf
Icient for a f miily. Apply to lleuicio i Pe
ca, liernalillo, N. M 1 01 W
BACA HALL KOI J KENT. The proprietor
wishinir to remove his residence will rent
Haca Hall for the coming season, or will sell it
or a reasonable price. The Hall is tne best in
ihe Territor) and is provided with a stage and
com, Ivta scenery Address,
Las Vegas, N. M.
$100 Howard for Tom Demi.
The above reward will be paid by the Mora
County stock Grower Association of Mora Co.
New Mexico, l..r die arrest a.j'i delivery to thi
proper authorities at Mora CV.nitv Jail oí
TOM DKAV alias li'M CUMMl.NUS,
from Armo .ta, I ted Klver, N. SI., for stealing
cattle lican when last heard from wits at one
r the Nnrr.'W Gnti-e itaii lioad camps ut Ulo
Arriba o nnty, New Mexico.
FEUED. For the arrest and conviction of any THIEF
lio has stolen Stock from any member of the
Mora County Stock Growers Association, and
Will be paid for Information which will lead
to the conviction of lluvers oí Stolen Stock.
Mora Countv. N . M
nanos, i
Sewing Mach
Books will be open for tf days,
at the office of Louis Sulibtchtr, for
subscriptions, to the capital atock of the
Aqua Pura Company ot Las Vegas.
Pursuant lo a 'ntc of Ihe baid ot di
rectors, preference will be giren tlm
citizens and property owner of Las
Vegas, to nl ovf them t subscribe to
theextcut of any reasonable moitut.
Trinidad Komkko,
. Vice President.
Lai Vega, N, M., Dec. 27, 1880.


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