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Las Vegas morning gazette. (Las Vegas, N.M.) 18??-1881, December 31, 1880, Image 4

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Rrmciuberliig the Yankee.
Hit; sevruty tilth aiinicrsary cele
bration u! ihu New England society
ut New York city w.-ii held on tin1
evening of Fiimlat hers Day, tin; 22nd
i iM. There wore fully 5S0 gin-sts
present, iuch:!liiir mun y distinguih-t-d
ontlt iiif n as invited ".ucts. The
New En laud chid of this city ou that
d.'iv c::l a dr upa'.ch to President Caí
tcr of the New York society appris
in: huii of tUt! l.u t that in their ob-
ttTvaiwc ol th! 26(hh auniverarv of
the lniMliii't t-f llm pilgrim, they were
fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel Web
ster mailt; in 1800 that iu thin v years
New KiiíílauderH would observe tin:
dav in New Mexico.
Iter Dr. Pilchard S. Storis, the
distinguished clcrt-ymay, responded
to the toast "The Day wt: celebrate"
in an able speech of considerable
length. In the course of his remarks
he mole lh! following allusion to the
Las Vegas club, after speaking oí the
civil war:
"We To through our four years de
bate, and i! seem as if the country
was in peril and as if the government
itself wa insecure. The debate i
ended, the clouds disperse, and the
government is there, only refreshed
nnd purified and exalted by the
Btrcis? and strain of the debaicthroue.h
which the peop e, whom it i has been
passing. That is the result of this
composite American life to which our
fathers gave one lenient, and one im
portant cement, and it is joyful -should
he to all of ua to know thai
it will be celebrated all over the con
tinent. Your president has a telegram
which he will read to you, no doubt,
soon, showing its celebration in New
Mexico to-night. Ii should be j 'Vlu
it is to all of u l kuow that it
will be celebrated a- long as tne Na
tion continues. a long a the bibs of
New Eiiülaiul btuiid. as long as ihe
Pent-up FleUett.
Tom Ticket, who was captured with
"the Kid V party has been trying
ever since lie wan Icit aloue in t lie
Vegas jail to secure his re'ease. II;
made h brave t H ut ou Wednesday to
. . . . - .-..! 'I I...
r use Dai i inn was uusueoesMui.
.ii,.i.'ii.i,.7 v u c ...... --
not hold him any longer as there were
no charges against him in San Miu-1
county. Pickett ii'ade another t tl 'tt
veslerday to i-ecnre his release ou bail
mid would undoubtedly hare Miceeed
jd had it uul been for the. timely ap
pearance of a hiucoln coun'y mau.
Yesterday it was about decided to
re. ease him on $300 bail, but Depu y
U. S. Marshal Bell appeared be i ore
.lusiice Morrison and made a protest.
The fact is that Pickett was turned
over to the authorities here by Pat
Garrett for safe keeping. No receipt
was taken from the ollicers at the
jail and they are.obliged to keep him
until Garrett a-ks to hive him deliv
ered un airain. As soon us ' arret
. t- cv
-H ,, '
OS! If
y íé l
auk d:
fi 13 e na &
The train trom the east was six
hours late ycxtrrday .
Yesterday wag one of the most
disagree ib'O il l S of f.lC Si-aSOM.
Two eh gant new Pullmans are
now building for the Santa Fe read.
The New Em-land club " ill have .
i : i I... I.. i .1... ... ..I I
a le it lie' dinner iiiirin me ;ii -
January. , j
A. G Green is puiiir.g up im
merse am unís of i.-c this sea-oil. II'
(Miniates thai a ihrm-and tons will:
be cut Iroin his ponds thi wint-'M. j
I,i rumored .hat trains wlll0 "O T TTI "E ' 11' "PI !P -L jFL 2? 3VJ
In our 1 i 1 1
Are prepared to undersell II titers. Will t..k pleure ii showing our well assorted stock. And
'luiMiiteu i-aiofactiou to ali our customers. Keep th. latest Miles. And never carry dd stock.
' iVe invite at tcutio.i to our
1ST T.
. ... i ....:.. ;.. c.mi.i 10.. I.i
C:iU an auge nía uiiuu m o."" -
will return for him and Tom will be
lakin to Lincoln county. I here are
numerous charges against P.ckelt in.
Lincoln county for stealing hor.-e-and
other stock and quite a iinmbei
ol warrants arc out against him in al
ly all of which ii is Mated, will hold,
insur'ug him a long term ol imprison
ment. In conversation with a gen.le-lii-tn
from ibecoiiniry iu whi h Pick
ett has been deprcda-ing, he saitl:
'l'ickell isas bad' as any ( filn- gait;
the onl.y difTerence between him ami
the. resi is ilui he hasn't the brains ol
the others. He is as mean us he knows
how' to be.
on me
Brakemnii Stiout.
There was a lit tie scare
noiih bound irain on Wedio s laj
The loeoniiiive go; siidled cimiiti!
over Gii.rie.a hill and the Pullniaii
car was It fi neuiu'l.w bile the rest of tin
train climbed the sleep grade. Then
were tpiiie a number of passenger
aboard and not a little al inn was x
cited when ill-' cir eotnmeinvd slip-
i ..... i
waier cotint nue io beat in volleying pmy "'I nually roí up a if r'e o,
ihiinder or in limpie! I. i'íibt. r he speed, fhe p .SH.nV"Ts :uwd 'i"d
strand and the rock which. 260 year tiuged at ihe brakes but c-nldn't,
uro. took u on them imiiiuitül n- wind i hem up when Dr S1" U huajj
110wi:." ' on li,s averdi'i pois, as d ii h the n-
Gen. (irant madfl a short,- hum., r- sisiauce of atmiher )a-aeiiger amia
ott cpeech, alUT his health had be n r kemaii brought I he or lo a S aml-
drunk. indulfibig in much picaban r still. rU" doctor'n han. I were as id
at the expense of the city of llrook- as a schoolboy who has h-id a taie of
lyn, where the event had been ceiebrs- n.e f-rrule. but he is qui e r ti l I
ted the erening previous and he like- hi-a coniidi-hmein and ifhu-ines .ei-
wise aveLas VeiraS the benefit of a dud we may expect to hear hi
bit of f-ce ndve'rtisine, pnving: diotis voice yelling out
Tt was niv fortune last niaht to at- si.'ttions mI.hi the line
tend a banquet of this sort in iIk- Keroad. 'A'euiway
r.r5mol ritr on New York liiitbor. tor was a versaiilo
As 1 e-iiv it vras mv good
; 1 1 -1 -
the names f
it tlie S ma
ih.illght the d c
entieniatl . In
doctor deinens1 rated what k uenei'i'iis
fortune to attend tk oai-qm
fr of Vh snui'j nuns the parent so-
t of e soeic- 8i lit posM es dhim ior if it hadu'i been
rim Ihrnimh t I Colorado lieginillllgi
wiih 'fii"day or Vdne-tbiv of next
week, making this division 315 mile
The Mitchell troupe appeared in
'Thi T) .nichi ITs" in Sania Fe last
night, the occasion being the benefit
ofJamcs. E. Nelson, mautger of the
The remains of Iaac Tull. th
brakemau who was kilbd iu theae
,.!,. in on the Sitnta F" ..ranch laM
Friday have been shipped to ids
friends in the east.
- People Marling out from Sant .
vesterdav Mere obliged to 'urn back
ni account of the severity of thesiiow
storm orevatling.
--The names of the men who were
.ynched at Bernalillo m 'fuesday
u. ght were Fama'cn Mier,of Algo
dones, and Suitos B navales, of the
north end of B inalilio.
S: G. Tl bbins, will soon ship a
l,ire amount of furniture to Ei Pao.
where he intends to establish anoi her
branch store. Mr. bobbins is truly
doing a wholesale busiti"S-.
-There is no longer any doubt but
what the San a Fe road will be the
tir-l to reach E P so and wU secure
the riilit ot wax through the cañen
and then the Southern Pacific can
whist le.
-Ii is reported that a party of men
is now on the tra.-k ol the two naca
boy- who escaped tr un r-oe.orro on
Ine-d'V ii'ortt'nii fhe-r iv niur
1, ret had but i Mrt of their pur
suers and there is a sir v probabili
ty 'hai hey m iy vet ue nrongui io
U- ÍC!.
Y sterday was a fie'd day in the
i. b isio-s- a. i I lar .e iju unilies ol
sc. Item ico were fe y s'owe.l a v
for iim.ii r use. l m .t-uren all mi
eight incite- m ihickm: and is solid.
. (,. (ireeii is ge mu it out of his
.- p.m. for fifi cent , r .on
T. K. .in- ro S"U have iccei-cd
t ie glii-- f"f tbei' eleg in: n build-in"-,
.t wa-i pui'ih'Sed ii xN- w Yolk
Air Aeen-s tor DEVLIN & ( '( )., Xew York. Keep the Largest Lino -of Samples ever shown, feui's ready m
lifieen ilav " Salisiacl oii gu.iraiiieed. aud no C. O. D. buMness.
Do You Wish to Buv
BUG rr.Eii,
SWEETIlEAii r or Ihe
If so, you cau fiad just what you re
quire iu the magnificent
White Oak (iolden lira.
Mr. t liarle U lliiiidiny eomti
ui -d aireiiL at La Vcsfas for the
"Whim (Jak Golden Eia" and is
aut hoi iz'fCV represent said paper in
all mutters t f takinsi orders for fiiib-
lection oXléi.ls due the Golden K.ra"
company. loT 1111111 until tm iher
iler. .1. V. isk, MiU't.ger.
White Oak, Dee '23. 18(
B Stoops of the Western Meal
arke is now prepared to supply
Jes-ii beef by the cur load, or by
he quarter and side. Mutton in any
for him the, car would not had b
c'iety Í suppose, (ronrs of laughter,) iid it was ueycrous in hiji tofocg
eren ineUidmk- the one which is now ad the pru.üice he n.Uflo h -v: picked
.!,.!,r:,ti!, in, lirst anniversary in Las -up as he had his surgical itistruatems
Ve-as, Ncvr Mexico. '
The an.ür niiut. nave icrnumue
inii.o.pisiinior in (iir- f'nn of Lnt iti! icul! v toir.o at le.it to. am -o y
VesAM iiw. nasse'iifers was e lady with a I', u
Santa Fe, Dec. 29. weekf., l)llb(1) but ,!t, ,i;;.nt Pull-
Editok Oazkttk: (!uducior stood reath' to do h.s
!. haves been in this city for several
For fine waich repair-,
133tf J. Gahlsen. .
Two gootl carpeniers. wanted im
mediatelv tiv
''rank OnriKN 41-1 1
nuaniitv from 1 to 50, or inore, am
pork, in any quantities desired. He
is doinir a regular who1ealeJuiines.
All railroad ortiers prwiuptly'tend
ed to. ? ?t.
Just received, a large assortment of
fine candies also beautiful oma-
ineu's for Christmas trees.
Esídor Stern.
To K. It. Employees.
Thanking you lor ihe so very liber
al patronage bestowed upon me iu the
past anil assuring you that I will do
all in my power to merit the same also
in the fui ur', I wouid herewith call
your alientiou to my new slock of
clothing, gent's furnishing goods,
boot 8 and shoes, which is now com
plete. Please give me a call Hnd save
money by buying of
Istpor Stkrn.
Ladies' ehaiks, Ulsters and Dol
mans in all the latcM designs and io
lower priced than an- otber hou-e. in
theciiy tor the same ela of goods, to
be found at isulnr Mern's.
Great Dinconnt Sale.
(Jet ts' i lit U i t i f t2f- g Is, ladies
picket-, notions boots and shoef., rib
bon, anifiei al llowero, China chamber
e!B decorated and plain, c.".tors,
p;.led table spoons, pla'ed cispoons,
plal-d lahle i'-ok. plaled laiile knifes,
yl.-i-K eoered i"Hv dihe., b-mp. c
Toe goods, .re new and fiesh. of ihi
seaou' imiioriKi ion. 'nine ear'y
.Hid eciire bargains I went to r.
dnc' in v stock durirnr thi we. k a
miKib .s ii.-iib e n order to nnkf
room lor large shipnu H now on ihe
roMd C K VvEbCiic"
Xew Gflodn ! Sew Goods I !
For staple and fancy groceries,
good, fresh, and of the beet quality
u-o to Isidor Stern's.
A he-ivv fitock of fine wines, liq
inns and cigars at M lleite's for the
winter trade. tf.
For flannels, come to 1. Stem.
For ladies-' cloths and .yatcrproof
cune to Isidor Stern. j
For ladies' wovleu u-re"' t:om6
to Isidor bfein.
The strangest thing asfoing nv7 is
to see the rrwwd of ladies going to
Charles Btebi's to buy dolmans, uls
ters and c b k.
Indian Pol'.try.
The lnrgvst stoct, in the United
Stales, i," 'Indian pottery, both anci
ent and modern, ai M. A. Gold's In
dian dcnartitieul. finita Fe, N. M.4l-ti'
..lid liic'n-le f..u, bg o-..Wxl:V2 in m ;
...ix li,:ln. 21s 13'i; f -ur bgln. NsM;
11 s 8-
, u.. huh,. 3L3ti; ti t A e. n
French -.Liu Lie paf, 10x38
i ?o iL his, 3 U lib;
i i ü i ! ,
I le V
moüthf bin until noy,', have bei u too
busy to write.
Busii'.ens is good here imd until
cold weather set in building wa bi
i:ig carried toward at a good rule.
besifo save the Id; 'e one.
Tlie Konit Fro:n Busymwi.
A special tlespaich to Hie Si. Louis
Gloln Democrat from S-in Francisco,
dated the 29th s-y: Privaie advice
Bi'f thcrfi does not r.nnear to be ! he trom G navmas. Mexic-i. show that
ptirli and life here t hut there is in Las "railroad work o':i the branch of the
V(!;ii. Almost e?ery d ty wares -t Atchison, Popeka and t.itiita Fe is !c-
all kirvl are being shipped tothis cuy ,.j pnlud wi h niueh vigor. Durimr
bv r.:ir bnsine-n men. Mr. B. i.'ioop"- Decemb-er six veHels with railway
ofibe V,'elern Meat Market is r-hip-ping
bepf t tb ." city in Urge (pian-li.'i-
s and i! i i vaül impr-iveme!;! .;i
he io;)i bet f that r. f l ave be n
Coip!de to put lip Wit ll heietoforc
Io; he vti I ctriv tii-.it'd. aend in his
fti ,id i ii b-r meat. In i ikiu to s
re.prcM oí!? !.f 'In- VA- eni Me.-t
M iitrl, ill. oliiM' li7 Upon Ihe e reft
l ut( ii!"l tie ttiat t Lif nnrket
bu chered from 300 to 400 be-', e pet
in oh i b and other si nek in proportion.
material have r.rrived a! íí ut yin is
each vess.-l bringing 1.000 lou- of rail
road iron lr-.in Wales Fort-fie
miles of roed-bed are graded; end Ihe
Iet, to w il hill fll'leei: tliih s -d 1 k'l'l'.io--ido.
is beillfi r:pi lly prepared. The
amount of material u hand vtiI build
ihv road half w."v to Hei mo-illo. The
ii.iMÍnlei!deiil Ihiiíis ihe roinl v,id
he opeiiKl to H tiíiomHo l.y the end
ofMuich. Thi old S on ran town is
cen-n red tü' ríe mitunt! regom
I abo Icirn tliat the Westni Meat rt ,ic, md iieeda inilaj romtnuni-
JJarkei turnisho ih ndlr-sad con- cation to d'-vvlop it. S'.:()etiniende.n
tractors rciih inet tr ponth a San (ii.rdiier has been much hamp red bv
Mircial. Mr. Stoops ifl'to he com- , K. ttl lacks ol Mexic tn newspapers, as
mended for i he an,, unt of energj di- i!,y vveri angered by tha Mablish-
played i iv woikingup ouch a TaM uient of n depot at I Intitare.ia. The
bun-neii!". authorities ot (inaymas have cmsid
Everybody in Saut i Fenre prepir- .rrcat delay to ihe company by com-
it.g for r. happy :iev yefirn. peliing their, to land all material at
The ol! piopi irt-'f of the Ve-ieit t,(. ju()in llou.-e before taking it to
hare jti-1 1 t I he eolitraei for lnt tush
inii siieUin and putiing in the c m
er to Lewis ,1, lv crmmry.
V. U . Ogdcn l as been awanb-d
the com r.ici lor jmiiii.g ti Ainlns
Dold E-q 'sneu buihühgon i be mw h
east corner of the p a.i The con
tract price is á.-l!)U, not incluí, iiü
iron. The total co.l ol the building
wi 1 be somewhere in ihe neighbor
hóod of $7,000. I wtl. be known as
the Plaz-4 Drii'i S'ore ami occupied
by Herbert & Co. A decnptio'i of
the bniidiiiu: has dn ad y been iv:i in
liie (Jazktti-; an '' it will prescut a
very hamUome appcuranee.
Wine- and liquo''- ol the best iuv
il y, and o! the best brand at W bolé
ale or r-t nil at .'.!. Ib-ix-'s. miiih sid.
I the pl -'.a. Lis Vega-. N. M "jli I:
For all kinds of wool n g 'O'ls go to
I . Si ern.
A new slock ju-t iinpu-kd al
Is 1 1 R ' -tkkn's "
Soiiiethiii r new I new 1 new I
raising Buckwheat floi.r at
n83 t J. Ghaaf & Co's.
A full assortmen of llomeoprifhii
reiiie.iie.--. const ani ly kept on baud fit
t he Central Drug Store.
Stern's store shown the finest dis
play of carpet in the eity.
C otMnfc! I I o lb Urn ! ! ( Ifllilln ! !
M s.-coiid new Mock ol (me
coats and ulsters jiit iinpa -ked.
Istixik Stkrn.
Y ii wid save boih nine ami mouev
by goiii" (r.fecl to S ern' to b '
your Chri-mi'i preii!s, for then
von are ii re to find w li.it you want.
Fif y per cent sa ed b bu ing Cre
o line. I'orcbou a ml Laiiguedoc lace,
line embr-ód- ries sinl lades' silk ti
of Isidor S-ern.
Goods retailed at wholsale prices-at
Isidor Stern's.
Buckwheat B'lonr at
u3tf ,L Gkaat íí C o's.
Theodore Itulenbeck has r"-el ved a
fine stock of gold and edver filigree; -jewelry
aud also a nice Iwt c. .sil veri
plated ware tor the holidays. . tf
The fact is tha., Houghton keeps
the beat assorted stock ot b rd cages
to be found weet of Loijia. Go
and see them tor lie has just got iu a
big supply of them ot all fityles- brass
and paiuted, ,
High ball aud free lunch svery
night at Ferringtou & CoV. boTvliufi
hIIkv. t
j .
O L. Houiihtou has a reyular ar
senal ot fire-arms, the largest stock in
all th's west. It is not ctr.Y ío? u re
tail, but for a wholesale trad; that he
is prepitrsd. ins advnntegea lor buy
iug enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be pot auy-
I would respectttillv crll tha atten
tion of all pfrsons goinjr to r.!.-d from
the Whi'eOak mines. himI ihe pub
lic in gvneral to the fact that I hare
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep ft com
plete assortment general merchan
dise," and make a specialty of miners
supplies, provbiotis eel. Atoj Chi
co is mi the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at the lowed ratea.
David WintbknjTz,
, Anton (mico, N. M
Go to .Tudd's fbit her :hop aud get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf.
Pickets for sale M Lotkhart A (.o's
planing mill. 29-tf.
We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for coa
tractor. LoCKHAKTtfc Co.
For a go-'d and n .lib- Ii t ! o
1st do k Si i.i;n's.
Loekhart it Co. hare reeeiyed a
I rtre stock of oils iíidOp'ii:it.; also
"! lohieiis enaiiie .aini"which i- tia-
........i' ...til r...d. for iistv in ciilt-
ftij-1 1
-hi iily kept i y ihfiii.
Holbrook'' tol-.aeeo is the best.
(o and see
T. üiitee.lieck' i"
' Clean towel and sharp razor? ti
.1 udd's liarher Shop. Exchange
Hotel. tf.
I 1 . 1 . I. ,rr.... in ,1. Í 1.
Ladies expecting I o keep cpen house ; sioelc ot uki arm muh '' 1 '
nil in i he r 1 ' " " ' i
to-iiioi'iow will lih-a-e se
iiames bv i hi evening
A'- IOS .L :I'L'HE.
Mrs Sik.hs-c. .T. W. ilia-rv soul J
II. EftKt,
PniiliS'ull-'; J W Bell, Whilo -uk Uarney
i Va'i n lío- II.
Another car load of flour, he best
iu town, recivt d by
,J. (RA FT tt Co.
Fresh Ovislern, Freh Ovt-rn r,t
n83if ' . ( i it a a f Co'.
(io to l. Ib ise. on Ihe south iih
of the phiza for line wines, lium-r and
-.1.1-1 1
Christmas present.
Christmas 1880.
Express V:ii."n a.
Tin Tops,
Musical InsirutiientP.
Shell vases,
Ladies writitnr desks. Toilet sets and
P,rick-i-b.ie Novel lit',
P.esides linii'lieds of articles that it
would be impossible to enumérale, to
be found at Isidor Stkkn's.
Hack Ltnu.
Strauii(.r's in k hue riiunituf rreck
lv t Whif O-tks. P:i-ener cat i id
lfió mile for $15 Leate order M
Miiiiior H-'iise, La 'egn or IJurk'
Hotel, 'A hue Oik. Will ni.-.ke the
trip in three or four days according to
Juvt received a new and complete
MH.n-t men r of men' scarfs, irloe,
eardi an jackets and gents' furnishing
goods nt
J Rosknwat.d & Co.'u
DriviiiK iilOTfc.
Thirty dozen hand maoe California
buckskin driring gloves, a direct
shipment trom ihe maiiufic'orv, jurd
received by IL IJomkuo & Uro.
Rrick for h- in larg or sniill
qUHMtitiS, St LOCKHAKT :(''.
at (ill V A F t CO'S.
For Sale.
I will sell mi horse, express wagon
and harrn-ss, coyer, tongue (bmblctrei g
and neck yoke, rer ( hp tor cah.
Call ai once .U(I et a inraip.
Dan Mori'.ow,
At OhkleyV Liven Maids.
O 1 . H tiehion carrieiler p-laied
knives, foi ks and spoon in eio( k, and
has received some new goods iu this
line. '
l.otaFo? nl.
Parties deit iug locations on vbich
to build houses lor business purposes
or residences, would do well 1 1 eu.ll
on the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable rater. All said l"t are
dtuatd on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For tortus
etc., apply to
M. Sala zar.
Office north-east corner vf tho
v,)zr.. 2-16-tf.
M r. ViatkM tolfi t--it?i(l Air. I3e;i ro
rciiab'c nnd filie .en, that he has ;s -
CKIfl! Mill Ú1 btlaiüt K alid the filie
will hen alter be known u Stoops &
Co. Ed.
Waii-li Meli:c
There V7ill bo i v?nteh mertinir so
ciable t tha .V.. Church this ersi.
iiig. liefieshmeins o ill be crrTed at
an ppropratc hour, so that, the
wr.it Ii will not weary ere the new
year i uhered in. A good time id
anticipated and ftl! ;'.rc conü.-.ily in
ri. ed to cuinn aud nuke merry wld:e
thi old year wings its iiight into tho
Mrs. I. Stem will keep open house
to-morrow from 1 to 5 p. m.
Punta A remis.
1 rom Wutrocs.
Wa'I RoU. . u , Dee. ÜÜ
Mr. J. 11. Kooolkh, Dear Sir:
Yesierday liioruin-f t ten o'c.ock Mr.
M.uthew Deri;:e :o married to Miss
Snscn K. Tipton. No card, tm cake,
nobody's biiiie.f-iG. Th happ-y pur
left for Trinidad laturningiospen '
he honeymoon. They have the we; -wishee
of all ihüir friends.
Yours truly, W.
T'.w, Denver I r.in'rjpriuting
tlie G'kttk'c account of the acci
dent to Couductor Peek's construe
lion train an the Santa Fo branch
credits it to the "Las Animas Ga
zette." Such is faie.
F i ti -y ta Vj' AkUi
lJiij b ft H Vs
r. tJ
i L'T 1.1 IZ
tia l
" ' .

i, ,.r,. ui..t...l th-tt ihi eon d
Fe for tin- Cerrillos ami .New riacers
scrtpt ion nnd ad en ising and ihe col-.
four l-!h'
m.-!-'. ;.nd Ij.tts' ii.bby uii, over
Tino-e iré no lieMel' boot m
made than the Sel z ham! ni-'', " j
vvhieh I. Sn-rn has the exelu-iTt- .h. :
h'-e- " ' ' ' "' " ' '

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