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INTO. 148.
Dealers In
llouseFiirnisliing Goods
Roseuwald'a Block, on Plaz,
Aud Oneral Itujiairlny W'oiSffCuaranteed.
KAST LAS VEGAS, f. M., v'rA,
One Door Wc-t of Lnckhait's New Building.
Td Call on .
Alarbe Stuck oi' Watshes, UueUs and
Silverware Constantly on Hand
Deal r In Cigars, Tobacco. CoulVctioiiCry and
thi! Finest Fruits in ttie market.
m Centre Street, E.ifd Lu.-j Vegas.
Will deliver watT promptly nt any place In the
Old Town. Apply to
Everybody reada The Sex. In the editions
of this newBpap -r ihruiighoitt the year to come
everybody will Unci :
I . All the wovi'c's, news so presented that the;
readers .v ill tret th e greatest arnuimt of infor
mation with the least unpr.pliialile expenditure
of time and evesight. Tins mn long airo dis
covered the golden mean between redundant
fullness and unsatisfactory brevity.
II. Much of that sort of news whle-h depends,
lesa upon its recognized importance than upon
its interest to mankind From morning to
morning This Sun prl ,ts ft continued story of
the lives of real men and women, and their
di eils, plane. I"es, hates nd troubles This
story Is more varied and ne re interesting than
auv romance that whs everdevined
I'll. Good Wrli lug in every ceilumn. and
freshness, originality, ace'iiiacy ami decorum
in the treatment of every subject.
IV. Honest comment. Tub Sun 's habit is to
speak out fear.estdy about men anil thigs.
V. Eeinal candor in dealing with each pol tl
cal partv, and eoiial readiness, to commend
what i praisewoith or to edmke what is
blumablein Democratic r Kepubliciin.
VI. Absolute independence of partisan or
iTanir.at ions, but unwavering loyalty to true
Democratic principles. Tiik Si n l,edeves th.it
the government which the constitution gives us
is a good one to keeo, ts notions of duty is to
re-isl to its ut nost power the rfforts of m n in
the Hepuhlii'au pat ty to ?u up iinoti'er fcimof
government In place ol th t which exists. 1 he
vearlSsI and the years immediately Pillowing
will orohahly decide tnis supremely impoitant
contest. TnE Sun bedieves that the victory
will be with the people as against the Kings
f.r monopoly , the Kings for plunder, and the
Kings for imperial power.
Our tei ms aie as 1'oIIowb:
For the D.iily sln, a four-page t-heet of
twenty -elirht coiumns, llie pr cee by mail, post
paid, 's 5.5 cent, n month or $(i.i) a year; or,
Including the Sunday paper, mid eight-page
st.cet of lil'iy-s x c diiniu, the price is 6'. cents
a 'iiouyi, or $7 70 a yea1, postage paid.
The Sunday edition of Inn .Sun is also fur
nished separately at $l.'0 a year, postage
The price of the Wkurly Sun, eight pages,
ilf y-six columns, is $la. vear, posiage paid,
lor clulis of ton sending $JOe will send an
extra copy free. Address
Publisher of Tiik Sun, New York City.
Toil Itrlilife on the Kio GriMirie.
The brblgi built by the " Bernalillo tlrldire
Oiinpniiv" across the Uio Grande opposite the
lown ol Bernalillo is now open for theiblic
trave l Knllowiugaretherales of toll estab7l.-,hel
lit the company, viz:
People on loot, for each,
Penii.e on horseback, lor each
$ .1-5
. .IS
. .""
. .51
. .0.1
. .OS
Heavy wagenis, loaded, lor each,
Heavy wagons, not loaded, for each
Llclit watrons loaded, for each
L'ghl wucjons, not loaded, for each,
Small stock per head
L'ii c stock, per head
Mmill stock, per head, from fx) to 100 head,
m ill stock . from 10't to V)i) head. each,...
Sin II stock, from WW to I.O'O heael, each,
small tock. Ir m l.ooo head upwards ,V
Wa-ons, carts, and wood, going and re-
.iii'iilng. with twoutiimas 20
The above, with four animals, 40
.1. l. I'EltEA, President
Ad m In It t rut or 'm Sol Ire
.V lice is hereby gien thai the Hon. Probate
e;iu-1 1 in and lor the county oi San .M iguel, a in I
Ten iieiry ol New Mexico, has appointed llie un
iler. igned udmini-triuejr I the estate ol Frank
linpimin, iltíi;e.ised. All persons inili'hicd lo
..i. e.stnle will umkc immediate settlement;
and all nelsons having claims against -aid c-.
tale will present them within twelve monti.s.
M. lilil N It l.
1 H" Votzn,
7th. I iwi
N. M .. KpK
$100 IteWiirel for liitnltenii,
The nlxive reward will be paid by ttie Mora
Omntv .-tock Grower Association of Morn Co.
New Mexico, lor die nerest ai-d deliveey to the
proper authorities at Mora Cmi'itc .1 all "of
from Arme ta, Keel Klver, N. M ., lor stealing
rattle. Dean when last heard freim was at erne
if the Narrow Guage Kail lload camps at Ulo
Arriba c uuty, New Mexico
ot'' t.v) is or-
Tor the an est and conviction fifanTTIIIKf
who ha stolen Stock from any member of the
Mora Conntv Mock Growers Association, and
Will be paid for Information which will lead
to tho conviction oí Huvers of Stolen Slock,
Mora Count, il
The Editors of "Truth-' Come Out in
a Letter to Garfield Saying
Thev Were Victimized.
Tenement House in Xew York
is Destroyed liv File and
Nine Lives Lost.
The Chinamen Taking Steps to Pun
ish the Denver Outrage of
a Few Weeks Ago.
An Accident ou the Chicago. St. Paul
& Omaha R. R. Results Fa
tally to Six Persons.
The Jlorey Matter Again.
(Jliicatto, Jau. 4. The 'I'nbune'a
Xew York ejocial says t lie GnrticlJ
Morcy lcltcr ci'iiics lo light oucc more
in h phii ii confession on llie part of
the pnper ilmt published the fnffiery.
The Stur contains the followin;
purlictilnrs which will uo ilonbt be
i he mean- of pealiiijr the qneMion fur
ever is previously published in the
Star. It is now a dourly established
t'aer that the over-zealous friends of
(Jiirlh'lil in suhjeel itio-Phip to art est
;inl .indictment twin charge of malic
iously libeling- Garfjclil only paced
themselves further away from i he real
1$. G. JaynP, formerly a special
treasury agentVnid expert detceiive
where prestinipi ive toi'oeries were in
volved luis developed after much
lime auj labor a great deal towarels
tinr.j iv.ulng the ( hiñese letter myste
ry ibdThe has ascertained not only
tliatíJfii letter published was a forg1
eryjjiit in what part icul.-tr o nice it was
concocted, bj whom, the names of the
men who fostered and encounioed its
distribution. Some timo ago when
the proprietors of Truth became con
vinced 1 hat the letter was a forgery
they wrote to Garfield so declaring
and dcri ring thai llie correspondence
should be suppressed from the public
until all the facts in the case could be
secured. That mission havinglbeeri
successfully accomplished the fol
lowing was sent: ,
ToJas.A. Garjiebl, President-elect
of the Uni erl states:
b:r:-A1ter a searching investiga
tion in which we have (pared neither
time, energy nor money we have
traced the Morey letter to its or igi'ii
ami found that it isa forgery. Thi
acknowledgement is due from the
journal in which the letter first ap
peared. It is made voluntarily nudas
an act of simple justice, for while we
believed as we did until a few weeks
past that you were the author of the
letter no Urbe could tempt nor thr at
intimidate us into nuikiiig a contrary
statement, but having ase rltiincd
our error now it is gratification to us
to give the same prominence to the
acknowledgement that we gave to the
forged letter itself and thereby make
all the amends in our poever for the
wrong for which we were responsi
Upon the instant that our investiga
tion convinced us that the letter was
spurious we privately informed you
of our conclusion at that time. We
were advised that the ends of justice
might be impeded by a public avowal
such as we now make, but as will ap
pear from the appended let' er from
I). G. Javne that that consideration
no longer exists and we do to-day
what the obsci'vauce of the principles
on Wiicn our paper was established
and by which it has been conducted
would have impelled us to do immed
iately upon discovering that the let
ter was a forgery and which nothing
'ould have prevented but the desire
to fasten the guili where it belongs.
We. published the letter in gooel
faith, believing you were the author,
and while we so beheved neither
tempiaioti, threats nor torce, could
influence us to repudíale it. Ihving
now satiMieel ourselves of its spurious
character, no false pride nor selfish
motive of any kind retains ns from
announcing swdi lo be our conclusion,
thereby allaying the doubt that now
, exisl9 respecting its It 111 hcnlU'il V,
,, - ,, ..... ,,'
I i tu-i i.i i tt 1 1 j , t ntiii
In addition 'Vrulh receietl tho fol
lowing from Jay no :
New Yo hk, Dec. 13, '80.
Josnni llAUT.--De.nr Sir: In
answer to your note of yesterday I
would say that I can see no good
reason for longer withholding tus
statement you desire made in your
paper, viz : That you are now satisfied
Iron) evidence in your possession that
the letter published by you, purport
ing te luve been written by Geu. iJ.
A. Garfield to I). L. .Morey, of Lynn,
Mass., was a forgery. Fully under
standing the imposition practiced
upon you by certain members of i lie
National Democratic Committee, ou
w hose assurance you relied with re
gard to the gcuuiuess of the loiter;
and knowing how earnestly you
have worked to aseertaiu the author
ship i' ft he fraud, and by following
every clue that seemed to lead to its
solution, and Hilly appreciating your
ott repeated declarations that your
only wish in the premises was to as
certain and proclaim the exact truth,
I deem, in justice to all concerned,
that the time has come when you
should say that the letter was u
forgery, for, with the proofs in your
possession, there can be but little
doubt, as to the real criminal.
Very respectfully,
E. G. Jayne.
Truth also says, editorially : When
the Morey letter came to us we be
lieved it to .be a genuine letter ot
J. A. Garfield, and our belief became
an absoluieonviction when Speaker
Randall, 'Senator Uarnum, A. S
Hewett, ami other prominent mem
bers oi the Democratic National Coin
mil tee, better ableto judge than we.
unhesitai ingly pronounced ii genuine,
and upon their assuraucje jre publish
ed it in a form best calcnhtte"d lo im
press a conclusion of it gi'nuincness
on th" people. ., But wtieu iu' cyiirt
the enveran! was cut at the ends, and
a single thickness-oí paper held be
t ween the eve und the Tiiht revealed,
for l he first
ftnVeVtlie fact that the
original address
upon, the envelope
bail been erased, and that of II. L.
More substituted: when it appeared
ibattt.e Lvnn hotel, register contain
eel n i signature of II. L. Morey when
it was given by the hotel proprietor
to the agent of the Democratic Com
mittee who brought it her'- ; wheu ii
appeared that an agent of the com
mit tec procured the attendance of
Sain'l Morey, who falsely swore to
the existence of II. L. Morey, then
l be Truth made every effort to solve
the mystery and ascertain the historj
and origiu of the letter. Our investi
gation resulted in discovering positive
proof that the letter is undoubtedly a
forgery. Having made that discovery
we now announce it as prominently
a wo published the letter, that there
may not remain a trace of bel el,
wh ch unquestionably still exists,
t hat it is genuine. We owe this to
las. A. Garfield as an act ot justice
to hint.
Fatal Fire.
New York, Jan. 4. A flre breke
on; this morninir in the rear of 35th
Madison street in a four story tene
ment house. Nine lives weni lost as
follows: Ellen Sheridan aged 43; Kate
Sheridan, aged 14; Maggie Si cridan,
age 5 years; Meas'ia Sheridan age 3
years; Jobu Walsh aged 13; Thos. Cas
:sidy age 6 years; Charb s Cassidy, age
8 years and a girl named Eagle, iwo
ye.at'S of age and Mrs. fchcridan whose
age is unknown Several others were
iujurcd among whom ar Mrs. Cassi
d Marv Eagon and Mary Welch.
The fire broke out in the rear of Jas.
Doylcs liquor store. It started at the
bottom of the stairs that furnished
the only exit for the tenants in a live
story building, except the fire escape
attached lo the outside of the build
ing, and in less ihan five minutes the
fire swept through the stairway to
t be roof of the building, cutting oil'
t be escape of a score of people. The
flumes also found vent through two
of the lower stories and thus barred
egress. For the fire ese ape the pauic
stricken tenants made a ruh but the
scuttle wa hooked and would not
yield. The asstnding flames drove
lite people btu'k wilhiu the rooms.
G real confusion prevailed and men,
women and children jumped from
the windows through the llames that
swept across the yard with their
clothes ablaze, Winn the (reinen
took the nine dead bodies already
mentioned out of the ruins it was a
sad sight to cee their charred remains,
a scene w hieh has not ocam-d since
the tenement house fire in Common
si reel years ago and the burning of
the Turner hall about l lie same time.
A back door open's on a narrow hall
way in the rear of t ie tenement house
where the tire first obtained its start,
numbers were at work at the foot of
the stairs (bowing out pipes and for
this purpose used gasoline aud die
vml was by loiut meani upeat and
biomin!i ignited exploded and flew
iutcjhe door of the saloou. In an in
stuit t.ic black smoke rolled up the
stairs drawn ou by a draft caused by j
an open window in the top story
There was a momentary hush as th"
frightened plumbers ran into the yard
The men silting by the bar room
stove (daiucd the door on the advanc
ing gas. Al once there was a wild
rush over head and a sound of the
breaking ot glass; th air was filled
wit b the wails of men, women and
children, and cries for help. The
clang of the lire bells rang out on ibe
air aud sent the tidings of terror
through the city. The street and nar
row alliy were soon filled with fire
men and police struggling to bring
help to the imprisoned and burning
people. But they came too late; ut
lire had found vent through the doors
and windows and the' unoccupied
ground floor and had seized on the
shutters aud wis sending its iirery
tongues (iiit over the balconies, lick
ing liiem up like so much tissue pa
per and reaching to the floor where
the lirighlened men and women were
huddled together afr dd to venture on
the fire escape t hat Was it self afla'ne.
'1 In flames m the house was plaiuly
visible through ibe uplifting i'oors
then being rapidly consumed.
Eight laniiliis with iu the house;
two fiini'lies living on each floor. Ou
l he second floor the Eagans ami Mtil
deeons hail at the litsi alarm mae'e
their escape through the win
dows. Mrs. M iildoon, who is over
eighty years old, seizing her two
grand children Annie and Kate,
sprung from the fire i scape, but in the
fill either sprained or broke her leg
Mrs. Mry Fagan and her four grown
children, Margaret, i boinas, J unes
and John reached the ground iu tafe
ly Mr. Reagan who lived alone
sav ed himself by jumping; as also did
the Mi-Kane family. A baoy was
thrown through the window by Chas.
MeKaiiealad of fifteen; the mother
was sweeping in I he yard when the
fire broke nut iru she rushed, to t'e
stariway but was cut off by a
sedid flame of lire and realizing the
danger of her children she roused
the in by shouting b"forc they knew
of their danger. The mother appealed
to her son to throw the child to her
and then jump himself. The bady,
frigh't lied by the cries of those who
were alarmed at tho smoke and fire
i hat was quickly filling the room,
with its little arms stretched out
cried mamma, tuamitia;t he boy quickly
measured the distance lo the ground
from his (bird story perch : ud taking
ihe baby up iu his arms tossed it
out. It fell into the arms of the moth
er who after la ing it down called on
Charles to jump. She succeeded iu
breaking the fall aud he escapi d un
hurt. 'Ihe Cassiday and another family
by the name of Iligans lived on the
4th floor; Mrs, Ellen Sheridan and her
four children lived on the iifih. At
the first alarm she sounht to escape
with the children by ihe- stairs; then
she tried f he scuttle of the roof; but
both failed to ii fiord an exit and
closing the door of her room she and
her children were suflocated bv the
smoke. All of the Cassiday family
except two boys were burned to
death. Officer Harrelt saved two
children from the second story by the
fire escape b,ui the flames drove him
away with burned hands. The fire
only lasted a half an hour. Tho
bodies were recovered and presented
a horrid spectacle. S'uno instances of
remarkable bravery aud quick wit
were developed during the progress
of the flames.
ICailroad Accident.
Omaha, dan. A terrible acci
dent happened this morning between
ten aud (deven o'clock on the Nebras
ka division of I he Chic ig, St.. Paul
& Omaha road resulting in the death
of six men and the wounding of one.
The scene was at a deep curved cut
about eight hundred i'ect lonir aud one
mile south of ihe Middle Creek side
track. This cut a few days ago wa
blown lull of snow but had be en
cleared out siiffieientlv to allow trains
to go through, but they Mill bad some
trouble, the north bound passenger
having got stuck (here yesterd-iy.
This morning a work train and a
gang of twenty men. under Conductor
Carnes were sent out fro mi Oakland
to work at the cut and shovel the
snow upon flat cars and haul it out
and widen ;he passage way. At aboiu
half pust ten the south bound passen
ger traiu from Irvington to Omaha,
came along at tho rate of twenty
miles an hour and upon approaching
the cut it under greaterheadway"so I
as to make the run through; wheu j
within about two hundred feet of the
south end of the cut the engineer felt
the engine strike something. Me had
seen nothing as the loose snow was
ll ing in clouds; but he immcdiately
put on the brakes and came to a stop
as soon as possible. Immediately on
stopping the train a man was found
caught in the foward (rucks of the
toward ca r next to the engine, lie
was extracted and louud to be dead;
his clothing were all torn to pieces
aud he was terribly mangled and
bruised. Ho was laiel aside tem
porarily and upon going back into
the cut they found four more dead
men and two wounded; one of the
wounded men was just breathing
his last and was taken into one
of the cars where he died iu a few
minutes. He had both legs cut oil
md was lilerly toiu to pieces. Thi
ol her wounded mau had one of his
ankles so badly cut that he vyill have
to have it amputated; hi head was al
so badly bruised. The other lour nu n
who had been killed presented a ter
rible sign i ; their arms and legs wen
broken and crushed and their head.
and laces were bruised. The survi
vor aud the man who died just allei
being found were brought le O.k
laud on the passenger train. Tin-
urviv r was taken u his boarding
house and ihe corpse of th- other wa
deposited al Ihe depot where il w;f
recognized by his friends. Theoihei
five belies were put on tho work
i rain which was run te Oakland will,
ihe. u. It seems thai these seven mei.
had gone into the ut to shove l On
sie)w and probably thought there was
room enough for then) to stand mi
the side1 ami let the train pass. There
were no siatials at the north cud of
the cut to slop the train or indici te
that there was any danger ahead.
Therv was nothing on tho pilot of
the engine lo show that the pilot had
caught them; probably the traiu com
ing around ihe curve suddenly caught
them unawares and ihen the) jumped
to each snle and were eittter knocked
down by the cylinder or puled un
der by the strong suction. Conduc
tor Ilernion and the. other train men
of the passenger remained at Oak
laud to attend the inquest which will
be held to-night. The wounded man
will probably recover. Superintend
ent House received a brief telegram
and lelt at once for Oakland. The
dead men resided at Oakland or
in the near vicinit v.
A Chinese Consul at Denver.
Denver, Jan. 4. CWn Poo, a
Chinese resident of this city, has
recently received a letter from Consul
Cee, at San Francisco, saying that he
had made application to Ibe Chinese
government to have a Chinese Consul
appointed for Denver, and that he
had recommended him (Poo) .fur the
position, should it bp!', created. Poo
is intelligent, well acquainted with
tho EnglUh language ami versed in
American institufiéns.'" He has been
a resident of Denver lor several years;
and has during ' his time lias been
recognized as a representative man ol
his nationality.
Col. Bee also says in Ihe letter that
'he entere file of Chinese claims for
damages sustained iu the riot recent
ly in this citv has been forwarded to
the Chinese Embassy at Washington
for presentation to the American gov
ernment. He also says that tne United States
government will be compelled to pay
ihe claims in accordance with tho pro
visions of the Iide nrtional treaty,
and he holds that damages can also be
secured for (he death of Sang Lee,
who was killed in the riot, lie cites
the case of the mui'derof an American
iu China several ye irsago, for whiih
Ihe American government collected
$250,000 from China, and thinks thm
thi is a good opportunity togedlhe
money back, and presumably to leach
"Melicau Man" a lesson.
Colorado Republican in Caucus.
Denver, Col., dan. 4. The lit publi
can members of ihe lower house he'd
a caucus meeting to-niejlit and decid
ed on the following for the o flier rs ol
the House: W. ÍI. Doe, of Clear
Creek county, for speaker ; Ii. M.
Stevenson, of Pueblo, for clerk ; M.
Moore, of Chaffee, assistant clerk ; 1Í.
E Uombroiik.graiid sergeant at arms;
Peter O'Ganor. assistant sergeant at
iirins;G. W Stouer, San Juan, enroll
ing clerk; Chas. GHnn, assistant en
roller; E Bnedickcr Larimer e gross
ing clerk; Rev.T. Hussell, late chap
lain, lu the senate II. It. Valcott for
speaker and Win. M. Clark lor secre
i tary, apparently 6uro of electiou.
Charles Blanchard's
Complete and Varied Assortment of
General Merchandise ever seen under
one roof in Las Vegas.' My stock of
Gloves & Wcolens, Dress Goods,
Is Fresh, andtwas selected with great
Goods for the Holidays.
Goods for the Lidies,
Goods for Gentlemen.
Goods for Youths
And Children, everything a Miner wants,
everything a Farmer wants, anything
wanted by Freighters, everything wanted
by Ranchmen, everything wanted by
I'tiinters, Building Papers, Mineral
Paints, all kinds of Paints and Oils,
Window Glass and Looking Glasses,
Crockery and Lamps, Stationery, Wood
nware. A heavy stock of
Hardware and Nails.
Wheelbarrows, Ox Yokes, a complete
line of Saddlery and Saddlery Hardware.
Walker's Horse-Shoes
Stoves and Stove Goods
Tinware, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron,
Pumps. Agent for
Pianos, Organs, Sewing Machines
Leather, Hemp and Rubber Packing.
Flour, Hay. Corn, Potatoes. Only the
the Rest Cold Sliring Creamery Butter,
liverlliing, everything ! at low and uni
form prices.
Charles Blanchard,
On the Plaza.
WAN I ED. One hunelred imel fifty day
haunters ut die National Hotel . W
ke-ep the !.ic,u table in tho west and at liTinsr
"II 7" ANN TED A llrnt claos cook.
Good wa-
V km will be paid to a good man
it lililí OlliCI!.
l'-D 39 carientors to work on the
I'aiai'i! uotei, s-anta He, .
M. Ameb
at ihn builttinir to B
ic Dav. Foreman . Santa
I'e, N. l
Dry ernvB and calves. AUo
l' Khi'e'i.
que, X . M.
Address D.W. Lewis, AH)Uciier-
hundred head of Younir
stock cattle for sale. Atmlv to M. R.
Kelly em Main strn-t, le-ading south from the
plaz;r. or tit Ilia btore at El Variedoro, San
Mi.irucl conntv.
Ll.M K KOIt SALE. By Moore t Huff, at the
Hot Springs. Le-avé orders at Herbert A
e;o's dntjc toro, on the plaza
IJHHi SAI.E--A good olxtecn horse power
1 steam engine, all in running order and
lurj;e enough to run iv Hour mill. Any person
lei irniKto see it running can do so any elay at
my planing mill at Las Vegas. Apply for
ic-rma JOHN Ii. WooTKN.
17 OK SALE. Two horses, wag 'ii and doublo
1 set harness. Apply to Bell, Craig t Co,
IT'OK KENT. The Exe-hantre Hotel eonal
" Apply at Hell, Craig ACo's.
rpo KENT. A vineyard of about 12,00U vines
JL In gone! bearing condition. Including some
two luintlre i fruit trees. Also house ro m suf
ilcient lor a fimily. Apply to lieuicio F. Pi
ca, I'.ei-nalillo, N. M ' 1 91w
BACA HALL FOK H EXT. The proprietor
wishiiii.' to remove- his resilience will rent
Haca Hall for the coming season, ir III sell it
ni- a reasonable price. The hall Is the best In
the Territory and ia provided with a stage and
Bom, lefte scenery Address,
Lns Vegas, X'. M.
Kteam Saw mil tor Sale,
Thi mill is about fifteen m tes from Las Veg
as, Is situated in a locality here timber is
abundant: the eiiyinci is tweniy-foiir horse
lowi'i-iiiiel In 111- t el ess running order. There
is one extra -aw seventeen yok of g oM cattle,
tour log wagons, us (food us new; complete
blacksmith shop and all extras suitable for the
ircessm operation his mill. Will bo -old
for less than its full va ne. Terms Hall
ea e balance em e nil terms For further ln-
lei- ation apply to, or addaess
t. Homero a pox.
HS-tr. La- eu, X. M.
Books will be open (or ten days,
at. the ofhVe of Louis Sulzbacher, for
subscriptions (o the capiial stock of the
Aqua Purn Ci nipmiy ot Las Vegas.
Pursuant to a 'ote of ihe bonid ol di
rectors, preference will be x,ve the)
citizen ami property owuers of Las
Vegas, to til ow them in subscribe to
thetxtentof any reasonable amoaut.
Trinidad Romero,
Vice President .
Lai Vegas, N. M., Dec. 11 .1880.

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