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Carillo' Pluck.
There han bceu tor sonic days cou
iiderable excitement iu the Cerillos
occasioned by the jumping of claims.
The peace-loviug minera thinking
that they had Hood about enough of
this sort of thing called a mectiug at
St. Louis Ranche on the evening ot
the 28th of December and adopted' a
series of strong resolutions. Fully
one hundred aud twenty-five meu
were present aud the tenor ot their
resolving was that ctrtaiu rules that
had been adopted iu the district mum
be respected or there would be
trouble. They were very detenmued
and expressed themselves iu verv for
cible language handling two men,
Frank Demmick and James Richards
without gloves, as the following, fifth
nui last resolution will show: "That
if the e men, their agents or any oth
ers persist unlawfully in trespassing
iiou the rights of miners in the lace
of the decided action of this meeting,
they will be considered as peace-violating
outlaws and driven from the
What Ailed Him.
A good siorv is toid a the expense
of a gentleman of La9 Vegas. "Wnen
snow begun falling it was noticed that
he was unusually agitated, and when
the storm was prolonged, the snow
falling faster aud faster, he became
uneasy in proportion. His acquaint
ances fear d that he might be ill aud
mistrusted that he was threatened
with a fever. All their entreaties "to
consult a doctor were bhill'ed with "oh,
it's nothing i I'm well enough" etc.,
etc. But it was mighty unsatisfactory
to those who were interested in his
welfare, aud became more and more
solicitous as the symptoms became
more aggravated. Finally one of his
intimate friends gave away a secret,
after he had laughed himself sore
over what to hira was a huge joke. It
was then learned that the young mau
was intending to leave for the east
to-day , ostensibly on business. His
real mission, however, was to attend
hisown wedding, and he was made
wretched, fearful that he might be
delayed on the way by the accumula
tion of snow.
Doua Ana Deviltry.
A despatch to the jVettf Mexican,
dated Mesilla, states that Sub-grading
Contractor Mann, of the A. T. & S.
V., was found Sunday morning sitting
down with his back against a wall
near the fire place in a room in Doña
Ana, stone-dead, having been murder
ed Four shots had been fired into
hiii body and afterwards, presumably
with the intention of removing all
evidences of the crime by burniug
the body, fire had been thrown around
him and upon his body, the corpse
being bsdly burned when found. As
soon as the crime was discovered
Sheriff Southwick started out iu
search of the murdcer and returned
to Mesilla this evening with the crim
inal, Frank Clark, who wi6 placed in
jail. Clark acknowledges that he is
the murderer, but gives no reason for
the commission of the deed. There is
a good deal of talk h"re of lynching
the prisoner, but Sheriff Southwick
save he will permit of no interference
with the course of the law.
The following Is the list of letter remaining
tu the Las Vegai PostoihVe uncalled for lor the
week uding January 4, 1881:
Alexander, II B
Aragón Lu&lano
Akeu, M K
Aitiir, A P
Brwn, Frank
Bull, J S
B ranlii, Francisco
Bining, WS
Becbe, llermnn
Billings, V D
Hraudebeiry; Irviu
Biega, Chas N
Blu-slnfih im, I C
Cney, Mrs. no
C immiiiKS, John
lieviue, M
PeArmond J C
Drake, James
Donahue,, Miss Mary
Dougherty, Jen. ie
Urayfuis N
Fran. ?, J II
Gl lent, E O
Gal ieg-.n, señor F F
Golllll, Joseph
Gallnoro, F.auclsco
Grenne'l, Win
Henderson. J A
Hawkins, K J 3
Hulee, Victor
Kramer. Andrew
Leavitt, Kan nome
Lee, Judge W Ü
Lopez, Roman
Lynd, Mollie
Leib.amli, John
L()iez, Prudencio
Marion, John
M rrison . Aaron
Aiiller, C A
iMoslcy, K A
Nlmm , ThoB
Penv, W il
Pale, Sam 2
Puffer, W N
Pino, .Wmiuel
Rueker, W S
Rei-K, V C
Reed, W R
i.iie J II
Sena, Ti inld id
Saudevnl, N es tro
Sc it, Chas B
strain, N A
Talima.i, L D
'T h di ii tson C
Uliva.rl, It maído
Viger, H D
Wi son, J M
Webb, Walter
Holms, w d
Tbe Jicarillas.
Nearly all the machinery for sinking
wells iu the Jicarillis has been pur
chased iu the cast aud some of it is now
on the road. The requisite machin
ery for sinking wells to a depth of
2,500 feet has been bought, and the
prospect is that there will soon !e an
abundance of water. The compauy
engaged in this enterprise has a num
ber of rich placer claims and ledges,
and all that is needed to develop
them is water. As soon as they have
this in abundance they will begin op
erations. The Jicaril'asare wonder
fully rich in mineral but lack of wa
ter has kept the rich prospecti from
being opened up.
The Las Vega Acadcmyopens today.
San Miguel Xatlonal Bank.
The stockholders of the San Misucl
National bank held their 6ecoud an
nual meeting in the directors room
yesterday. The following board of
directors wan elected for the ensuing
year: M. A. Otero, J. Iiosenwald, Lo
renzo Lopez, E. Uoscnwald, Jacob
Grots, Andres Sena and M. S. Utero.
After the selection of directors a
meeting of the board was held aud
elected officers resulting iu the choice
of: Preideut, M. A. Otero; vico pres
ident, J. Iiosenwald; cashier, Jacob
Gross assistaut cashier, M. A". Otero
Jr. The result of the first ten months
operations of the bank is very grati
fying to the Hock holders and fricud
of the institution. The provision tor
au assistaut cashier was to nifct a
need loug felt by the rapid increasing
business of the bank.
Big Thing for the Oaks.
E. V. Parker, manager of the
Southern mail liue, has organized a
stock compauy in St. Louis with $1,
000,000 capital to develop Wilson's
extension of the original Hume-take
mine at White O iks. As is well kt.own
by a l of our citizens the richest as
says on record have been minie Irotn
lloinestake ore, and everyone pre
dicts that when the claims nilj 'ining
have been developed tiny will be the
biggest advertisement, for t he minino
resources of New Mexico thai she ha
ever had. The new company has plen
ty of money and with eneroetic men
at the head, the work will be. pushed
with vigor.
Another Wreck.
The east bound paeiiger t , at n on
the main line of the A . T. & S. F. I.'.
R. ran off the tr-i'jk six niilrs east of
Raymond station, K-i , on Monday
night. There was nothing the matter
with the rails, and the querv ij how
the accident occurred. Passengers
on the west bound train were obiiged
to lay over at Rayirond for six ho in s
which explains the delay iu the :u
rival of the train yesterday. Il rau;a
in at about half past six o'clock.
Herbert C. Blvtli, Denver; Wm. Burgess,
Tucson, A.T ;J.C DeLniiy, it. Stanton; J.
R. Smith, Chicago; A Meyer, Santa Fe.
Frank Brooks mid wife, Santa í'e; W. B.
Anderson, Santa Fe; II. J . Coy and daughter,
T. G. Duncan, La Cinta; Hugh Pritehard,
Galveston, Texas
The railroad company is building
ait ice house near the depot.
Tom B. Gartrell will open a
saloon at Farley's corner.
The train from the south was two
hours and a half behind time yester
day. Some oue reports the thermometer
at 18 degrees beli w zero last Monday
The new board of county con -niis8iouers
have been sworn in and
were in session yesterday.
Close's dance, hall, unfortunately,
will not be closed up. Ne ;ft iat ions
are pending for the purchse of Close's
--Preparations lor an ice harvest
have been niiido at I he Hot. Springs
where the Galliuashas beeu dammed
by the Southern ice company.
J. H. Koogler, proprietor of the
Gazktte, has beeu appointed receiver
ot the stuck ot A. J. Crawlord with
the power to dispose of the prouerty
at either public or private sale
A new side walk will bo run
Irotn Loekhart's now building on the
East side, from Herbert & Co's new
drug store lo the prsite sides o the
street, to the cast and south.
Our evening c..n'i'in)i rarv i
israiti "'off" in sajing that a survey
of a railroad from S.cerio to White
Oaks will shortly he made. If the
road staris from that soeiii.n, il will
be from a point this 'ide of Socorro,
The hnckmen are considering liie
question of reducing the hack Cue
between the east and west side to
fitVon cents. They say they do not
dawdle nearly as much money with
the fare at twenty-five cents as at th"
old price.
While in Washington Surveyor
General II. M. Atkinson will use his
efforts to have an act passed by con
gress to open up the eastern portion
of the Indian Territory, where rich
mineral deposits are known to exist.
With this accomplished a new field
for miners will invite thousands to
our territory and border.
The ladies of the Rebecca degree,
I. O. O. F., are agitating the question
of giving a calico ball, in a couple ot
weeks, for the benefit of the order
The idea is a good one and it is hoped
the ladie9 will go forward in their
good undertaking. The people- of Las
Vegas will give them a good turnout
and a rousing good tira.
Ivev. Mr. Murphy is confined to
his room quite tick.
M. Brunswick iulendi leaving
for White Oaks to-day or to-morrow,
Mrs. McClellan. wife of the con
tractor, has returned from a long stay
iu the east.
M'ss Annie G. Wood, the popular
young "teacher of the Las Vegas Acad
cmv, rc'urued last r veiling from a two
weeks' vis I to her home in Kansfs.
Curtis Heed, employed by J. M.
Talbot & Son in cutting ice, froze
both feel on Monday night while at
work, lie worked till late in the
evening and upon going into a warm
room was suddenly seized with a
racking pain, but Dr Shout who at
tends hi'ii is bringing him out all
A lively lin e runaway took
place on Soitüi Second street yester
day. On ol'.hehick teams became
frightened on the plaz i and started
down the si rect at a lively oait. It
was al I '-lent- sailing until ib y i an
into a herd of burros loaded with
wooi'. Oneot I lie burro.- was knocked
out from moler his load and laudeii
on t he side ot the road. The little
animal thus freed irom his burden
yo' up aud q u el ly hunted ab 'Ut for
something to a;. No further d.tn.aue
wms (lone.
What's tlic Racket.
"Let m jii," was pc nm.-nk we
heard this liiotnirg iiillie c roer id
the plaZ.i, ni.nle by several exciied
oei8iis as they were I'lliuwinu in
verv direeiion, ti inirto .( 117,'' their
wa into Bell, Craiv í: 0'.-, the plaza
grocers. i he crowd was so gival
that they cu:d t o he wailed iij.on a1
a lime, and many had to stand around
for an hour hcore the oentiem nly
c elk coiihl áltete! to t heir wauls.
Sell cheap an l they .are hound to buy.
Good goods will se j i) ,'iny communi
ty, and that is the rcas.111 Bell, Craiii
& Co batí sucha rushing wade all ihe
t iuie.
"Llbow you'- way in, and don't
leave the store until you have pur
chased all ihe groceries von, will want
durino. the winier."
We will continue to sell our choice
Wiconsiu roil butter at t weniy-live
cents per pound; potaloos.thrcc- dollar
per hundred pounds Oune .-utd see
for yourselves. "Sell cheap, and they
are bound to buy." That is our
A new invoice of guns and pistols
at Makwkdk, Iiildku & Co'1.
Scotch Tsley whisky, French pony
brandy, and tifull invoice of import
ed wines and liquors at "Billy's."
A lot of wagons, horses and har
ness for sale by F. J. Weber at the
corral iu rear of the National House.
Another car load of (lour, the best
in town, received by
J. Graff & Co.
Fresh Ovstera, Fresh Oysters, at,
n83f " .. Graaf & Co's.
Carpenters tools at
Makwedi:, Iiildku & Co's.
For Sale.
Two ears of tricilv choice potatoes
at Bell, Craig Co'. tf
O. I . Iioiioiion carriessilver plated
knives, forks and spoons 11 slock, and
has received some new joods in this
!.! or fnl
Parties desiring location? on which
lo build houses tor business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable raies. All said lots are
dtualetl on the east side of the rail
way opposite ihe depot. For terms
etc., apply 10
M. Salaz a it.
Ofiicc north-east corner of Ihe
l!.za. 2-16-1 f.
"Hilly'' has the finest imported
liquors in town.
Foranas, pjst,,. aid carl ridges ,,,
to Marwe , Ihhler & Ce's.
Tin W are ;it
M auw i pii, Ihi.dki: &. Co's.
Improved lire.iruts at Mirw de,
IlilcitC & Co's.
I would respeei ull v cull Ihe a! leu
lion ol'ii'l persons ifoing to :n,d IV0111
Ihe H'hi'eOak llii:.c Mini (he puh
lic in eeuer.-u loihe lad Unit I hnve
removed our siore innu Tecolote to
Alitor ( hico. '. here 1 keep ;i com-
plele ass. i i uieni ol :;eiiera im'ichati- 1
disc,- ;ind make a tpcchiliy in tiers
siipplie-.. pi ovi- o, ti ce;, Anton Chi-;
Co is on Ihe direct route tu the lollies
and 1 sell gtmds ut the iouest rates. ;
1 A V 1 1 ) IN IDIiM IV., !
A t 1 - 11 Chico, N. M
Go to .hid i's Ihirbec shop and ,'et í
scraped, Fxchanye !!oie. tf. i
Tickets lor sale al Lo. Khar I & Co's '
planing mill. 29-1 f. '
We are jirepared hi furnish nil
kinds or building materials for eon
tractors. LociviiAUTi'i Co.
Ilolbrook''. tobacco is the best.
Drick for sale in huye or i-m.il
quantities, nt Lockimkt & Co's.
O L. Iloiiuhton has 1 regular ar
6c;iul of lire-arms, the larfrest slock in
all the west. It is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got auv-wherfl.
In our line. Are prepared to undersell nil I hers. Will tak pleasure il showing our well a-sorted stock. Aud
guarantee satisfaction to all our customers. Keep the latest styles. And never carry tdd stock.
We invite atteutiou to our
HI 3E1.
Are Agems tor DEVLIN & CO., New York. Keep the largest Line
?u days. Satislaction guaranteed, and no C. O. D. business.
f if tec
Theodore liutenbeck has receiveit a
fine stock "f gold and silver tiliyn e
jewilrv and al-o a nice lot o silver
pl.ited ware tor tin- holidays. tí
The fact is lha , llouhlon keeps
the bchl ass'-rted slock ol bid cayes
In he found west of S'. Louis. Cío
and see 1 hem lor he lias ju-t u,t in m
big supply of I hem ot ail si y Ls- brass
and painted.
High bdi and free lunch every
nihl at Fcrringtou & Co's. bowling
The strangest thing a;oiiig now is
to see ihe crowd of ladies going to
Chares Htch'.'s io buy dolmans, uls
t crs and c O ks.
( 'lean tow e. s .id sharp razors v,'
ludd's Barber Shop, Exelnmue
Hotel. tf.'
!ní;;t:i f'oítiry.
The largest slock, in the United
Stales, ot Indian pottei y, both :iiici
eiil and modern, at .M. A. (iold's In
dian department. 111'. -i Fe. X, M.4l-tf
Lock hart & !o.
1 irire slock ot oils
have received
and paiuts; ah-
"llohh iis I'tianie. ..ain;1" which is v, u-
ler proof and ready for
stautiy ke.i y thetu.
IS Coll-
.50-1 1
Tor Sa!o.
1 will sell ni v horse, express v.-airoti
arid harness, cover, triiu'iie doublet re'-s
i:iidneck o!;e. ver eln-.-ip for cash.
Call al once and net a bargain.
Dan Moiikow,
Al Oaklev's Li verv Stabh?.
Just receive."! a nev and eemiilote
.'issortinent. of men's scarfs, yhives,
card i an jackets audfenU' i'tiniishiny
goods at
L I'oSKN V A Til") & C'O.'S
IrivtJ (ilOVfN.
Thirty dozen hand made California
buckskin driving jrloves. a direct
shipment irom the inaniifaetorv, just
received bv II. Komkko & Duo.
Wines and liquors oí t lie best, qual
ity, ami oí (he best brand at whole
sale or retail ;it M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vejras, X. M. 353-tí
D. Stoops of the Western Meat
Markci, is now jji-epared to supjdy
dressed beef by I he car load, or by
the quarter and side. Mutton in any
quantity from 1 to 50, or more, and
pork, in any quaniilies desired lie
is doiji'i a recular wholesale business
All railroad orders promptly iitflend
ed to. '. St.
HAPPY m;w year.
Ciroat Oisooiiut Sale.
(ienls' furnishing p'oods, ladies
j tc!; t, iioiion-;, boots and shoes, rib
hons, ar; iiici.il llowei ( 'hina chamber
sets decorated and plain, castors,
plated lahle spoons, ihiied leasioons,
) I tiled la ble l'o 1 k-i, plated I a ble k lit ves,
L'las.s eoered jelly dishes, l-nips,
Tne eo(1(js ,;-( new and fresh, of 1 his
season's importation. Come early
nd secure bargains. 1 want lo rii
due.' my stock (luring ibis we. k -.H
inueh as possible n-order to make
room lor lato-e shipuu nis now on the
road. C. K. WKbCHiO
Ilncii Line.
Rtrnn-ner's ' u.-k line nnniiii.r utpK
I y lo W
e Oaks. P.is-etlers cil ' l'ied
105 miles fop
Sumner U, ,us". Las ciras or Duck's
Hotel, Wlii;.- Oak-i. Will make the
n ip in three or four days necordiiiir to
went her.
'l'lii- Coi.ii.in,v I lis iii-iiniivil Mr1 cxrln vp v; h
t'i ll-C : a lit -(Mi, mi. I lien o!ll.-l's to lisp 1,11
ini i.-i.v.-il .. ()NI IM. it-l'.nlMNG n arliile.
er wi.hla l!'! Ier.ii.il ol'Ni- M '.K,.,i Whli llin
M'i'l 1 1, Ml ,il ( I'll ill t'olliil .
I5 l he n-e ol lle.'.-e ilrills only caa nil him or
eii'ls bf iiiairir;ite, io a it'ilh ni'iiNK. rnorswi)
Ki.KTovii . i ii ill llir,iu;.'li Miiel iiiik, NunKally
or inn l.oa.nliy , .i in 1
t'orUTt t:uiiil)'s oí .Uínerul
Tu ken mu th..' Cat'iaj .'it i nee. Tlicse SainplPi
so olit il.it; I are mil iliin. liia'dl Oaai.'i.t- wl'
r i'k but ciinti.ei.ii! - s ill. I cyi ui'lei's, .-Icovlii'
ele. illy Ihe -I.- il lilu tlloa aa, elriiMiMta' ul' tm:
lu.iicriiu b-.reil .r.iii.ííi. Tlieiiiiui. vulite i iliu c
Dril is, ami t . is met a ml of UMsiiei;tiiJg ii obvi
ous ami n, ilsl : j aiL'il!.
Aierotv :iei:ot.l ii uro-iicct t rails or Mines
to 1,1:0(1 let-1 ni- iijiu in-ill. at riiu r.s mi ca
I'll AN TU... CBr tlKSINKIMi A ("ll.tCT, OH 11 lit A
MiAlii. IN THIS CLAIM OK .M1N,;S fio I'noM'IX'TI.D .
I-'or Knitlier iiil'onr.ntioii nt)y to the otlicc o
Ule C'-ni)aiiy,
7X T5kia.Myny . Y.
Or to the Company'-! miihurizt'il i.fioat,'
E. I'LlTf -.TJiA I ION,
( t Intuí ro-.i, X . T1.
La3 Vegas, Wen- Mexico.
."D S XH.
T!ig Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance Corn
pan es in the World.
M t'Tt'Ai. LIFE, New York $0n,000,.'W) 00
I.IVEÜ1' OL AND LONDON AND (iLOBE, London. S0.G32,215 00
T.OViimN ASSl"RACEv Lond.m 15,886.11'. 96
QL'EKN, Llvprpool IO.Oki.OOOOO
110 E, Vpv York B. 500, 00, 1 00
SIMMXGF'Er.l), Mnsnachiigctts 2, 000, .00 00
II A MIH.'RlJ -MAGDEBURG, tiermany I.tOo.ftOO 00
T.Jtal $l.-61018,:li') 9i
: 1 i
Omaltn, St. Joseph, Atchison, Topeka
or Kansas City to
cae: st jh: su az jm. j o 9
Wlicro Direct Connections are Mudo with
TifuoYoii Sleeping Car Lines
Now York, Dost on, Philadelphia, Bal
timore, Washington, and all
Eastern Cities.
T II E $ U O It T L I X E
via PEORIA for
In.lianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville,
and all Points in the Southeast.
Tlic Spuc'ilicst and Most Conifortulile Roiitu to
lUwli Islam!
IMilinitin lii Vlie--l nilnuu sleeiilnpf Cars,
('. 15 .V . I'nl ici! Dr iwiiiK-liunin Cars,
With Morton's lii'.liiimj; Chairs. No extra
ClitlV.tfi'8 I'or St'.ato in IJccliniiix' Cleiirs.
' lie lauious C. 1. .t Q Palace Dining Cars.
Faft 'lime, Soecl liail Track ami Suiienwr
t'q it i 1 tm 11 1 , comhiiiCi! with their Great
'I'uíiii'ilí far Airanij mvtit, makoB this,
above nil otlu.'r.-i, ihe lav, .rile lioiite 10 the
THY IT nn.l von will lln.t TIJ AVKLIXG a
LhXL'ItY ins eail 01 a IHSCOMFUUT.
! ah ... ..rmnuon tinoui in.iesol r are, leepinK
: be i;lieer!'uMy aiwn t aniil.viMr to '
111' Ac ' .In lit. wl !l I if m & nml 'I'lmii 'I'uUua ivlll
.lA.Mi-.S It. WOOD,
i w hi ciicock,
j Gen. West Pass . Ag't," Chicago,
Ttr.iOI,-(;i:oVl;. ran rely upon lmmiin
V ty from c iiita,:ion.si iliseasu ciihnflt rako
nl'ter iimmiC i.-Hhi'M Tolijieco Sheep Oip
.un rtilci il na iiiimnliate cure Tor scab ami
irivi'iitii,n ni' i i. I'ecti. m by that terror to llock
iiiasters . (tiiiraiitt'oti ta inore than repay
f.ost of r.ipvl i en ? inn by incrcasrilftrowth of wool'.
ip(iiiriii)ici! to iiuprne the texture of the
lleca' iia teiel ..I' injury to it as is the result of
t lie iiKLMii' ni bet' cm i pou mis. t.uiiraiilenl to
nt'sti-ov TiMiiu on the animai ami prevent re
ilrn. (ti.ti'ii.itei-il t be the most ell'ective,
i neap ii el Bale r mo ly ever oitereil to American
chiiol-iiidWi-r. No llockniaHter shmil.l be with
Wt It. 1 have 1 1 1 inn. -it umloiiliti .1 testimonials
oinrnbm ni iw of above. .Semi for circular aud
iiiiUesH or.lers t" '.'I. LAI) t).
A:imin,siraiors Notice,
Nnticp is hereby iriven, liiat the lion. Probate
court, la ami or the county of .Mora, ami Ter
ri ry n' New Mi'mc" bin appointed the un
.'ersijíi e I ndiuiniiMtnit m of the estate ii Frau-ci-i',i
I ,t ft i -to (le 'emeil All pers uis indebted
to s ai'l ta-tnte ill niiike lininciliate set lement
nml all ).er. ii s leo inii clainiK aaaiu.-t gaid e -lam
will prese . t them inline llatcly.
.It; A.N l.l' KI-.KliK , . ,
Ü72 tf-
ALL I'MIROXS ure lierebv nntillcd not to cm
tinnier or woml, pu.sturc htoek or oilier-wi.-e
Irespa-K on the I'eco-i grunt, known 11.1 lh
ol I r.v.ii.-t h ti i (in gi ant In muí Miguel Co N
M., ns all irupa.s-LT.4 on mul grunt will b.
'leall with according io law.
A. Dot.n.
hccntflol Frank Chapman, deceased.
All poiions found trespassing by herding sheep
or caille on 1,'te Creek ithln bniinduries 1 te
tnoiihi ol sutil creek and for a distance of ix
tren miles on both si'lea said creek, and also ol
Ciiiiu'han (or lie. I) Kivur from the boundary
ine in ihe Haca location No i fora distance on
sixteen iiuleo on both tines down said river, will
bu prosecuted according to law. .
T 3VX E 3NT T-
of Samples ever shown. Suits ready in
OVER Cr,0 Mil. ES iy OI'EItATlOy.
Tlic Groat Direct, Fust and Popular Line for
Through Trains between
Denver, Leadville, El Moro,
Santa Cruz and Chama,
Colorado Spring, Pueblo, Canon jr
Sou Hi Arkansas, lluemt Tlsta,
Chuchara, Alamosa aud
Sau Antonio.
The Scenic Line of America'
The Hoyal Gorge and Grand Canon of the Ark-un.-as,
Brown's Canon, JMke's Tetik. Garden
of theCfOdii, Moiuinient Park, Spanish Teaks,
Veta I'ass, Phantom Curve, Toltec Gorge and
Tunnel, Los Pinos Valley, etc.
The Greatest Mountain Resorts,
Manitou, Poncho Springs, Cottonwood Springs,
Twin Lakes, Pagosa Springs, Ojo Caliente,
Aztec ltuins, Cave Dwellings, etc.
The connection at South Arl;a as with stacres
via Marshall Pass, affo ds the shortest, quick
est ami easiest route, over llie be-t rouds. to
Gunnison City. Piikln, Saguache Ouray, Lake
City, Kuby Camp. Crested llutt, Gothic and
a1 1 poinis In the Gunnison country,
The connection at Alamo a with stages forms
au easy and oln-ct route to Del Norte, Ante
lopo .Sprlnirs, W.jrnn Wheel Gap, Saguache,
Gunni on C ty Ouray, Lake Ci ty antl all other
principal points In the Giuiuison and Sau Juun
count, ies
The Uove routes are the only practicable o-ies
rem ilHing open during the, winter season to llns
W'Uiderl'uI Gunnison and San Juan.
Sa e connections ai Cation city and Texas
C.eek constitute the only routes to Silver Cliff
ami R isit '
vta es tEUIoro for Trinidad, four mileS
Direct connection tit Pueblo with Atchison,
Topeka S inta Fe ráliromi, and at D nver
with Union Paciiic nailway Lines for all
IvTox-tli., 23cist tSs Sovitlx.
qcipmbxt UN'scnPAHSKn.
Strel Hails., Iron Bridges, Iloek Ballast,
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars,
llorton Hecliniug Cialr
and Observation
Through tickets to all principal points in
North, Smth. Kastaml West, witn rates always
as LOW as ihe OWJSST.
Full inlormatiou on application to Local
Agents or to
General Manager.
F. C. IÍ1MN,
Gen. Puss. & Tkr,. At.
Charles Wheelock,
Las Vkoas, Nkw Mexico.
OFFICE outh First Street, Spilth of Con-
rnt .
Wilt Ornish Plans, Specifications and Est!
mutes, for all kinds ot Mechanical Structures
inch as i-ourt Houses, School Houses, .hills
IMsPipas Mouse, iiotul. Churches. Bank
Residences etc
Dealers in
Corn, Hay and Forage.
Lincoln, County, Ken lxleo.
One II u ml red Itollnra Itew ard
't he above reward 111 be pal l "by the Mora
C unty Stock Association of New Mexico for
the arrest and delivery to the proper authori
ties oi' one Thomas Dean, alius dimming.
Also, a reward of 5 will be paid f r the ar
rest and conviction of anv thlelTor having stol
en stock irom a member or memliera ot tne as
sociation, and
A reward of $100 will be paid for ihe convic
tion of any person who has bought stock stolen
from members of the association. Signed,
Denver & Rio Grande R'y

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