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INO. 140.
Dealers in
House Furnishing G ooch
Hoscuwall's Block, on PIaz
And General Repairing Wurk Guaranteed.
One Poor We t of Lnckhart's New Building.
To Call on
A large Stuck of Watshes, blocks and
Silverware Constantly on Hand.
Deal t in Cigars, Tobacco, Confectionery and
the Finest Fruits iti the market.
Centre Street, East Las Veeas.
Will deliver water promptly nt any place in the
Old Town. Apply to
Everybody reads Tins Sux. In the editions
of this' newspap r throughout the year to come
everybody will lind;
I . All the wor H's, news so presented that the
readers '.v ill pet the greatest amount ol' infor
mation with the least improbable expenditure
of time and eyesight. The um long ago li---covered
tne golden mean between redundant
fullness and unsalisl'ac ory brevity.
II. Much ,if t hat sort of news whi 'h depends
loss upo i its recugid.! l importance than upon
its interest to mankind Frun o.ondiig to
morning I UK Se pn ts a continued story of
the lives of real men anil women and their
(b e is. plans. I ves, hates ml troubles 'lilts
storv Is more varied and m re ínteres ting than
any romance that was everdevised
III Good wil lag In every column and
freshm ss, originality, acrinaey ant decorum
in the tre .tmrnt .if ev. r. sul jeet.
IV it. .nest comment Tun Sun's I abit Is to
speak out fe.resslyab lit meo a i.l Mil -us.
V. Eipial canoor in oealing Ith each pnl Il
eal part, ""d e.iuil re.iiline-s t.. cou'm.ini
lia t i" .iaisewoi th or lo el. like what i.
blamal lel'. Democratic or epiihlieuu.
VI. Absolute independence ol part. san or
jranixa bus, but unwavering 1 .v.llj to true
I), m-ieratic principles. I nn sun l.e ieves th t
the g-n cri.me. t hlcli the c list lution i--ivi s us
is a good one to e,.. ts ooiio.,h f .luty is to
re ist to its ut i... st power the rflort- of hi u in
the liepulili. an p' ty to u. up mint er fi.imi.f
g ivei timent in . mee ol tb t which xisl I lie
year 1 SSI ami the years nnnieiliai'dy lillnuiug
will i robal'ly tec d tnis supremely' Imp.-i taut
cunt. t. Tuk Sun lielievei that ihe victor)
will be witn the people as agiinst tlie Ring
f.rmonopo y, the Ri.ig. for plunder, and the
Rings for imperial power.
. Our te ms ate a follow s:
For the D ily sun, ii I'mir pure i-lieet of
twent -i l-'ht . coium. s, the pr en by ma.l, post
paid, 's Sit cent, a month r .)' SO a y ar; . r,
1 in-t nig the Sunday paper, ami eight pag.
m eet "f tlf. y s x c iliiinn-, the price is tí i cents
a nth, or $7 70 a yea , posta; e pa.d
The Sunilay eilltion of iiik sun is also fur
nished se,,araiely at $i.!iO a jear, postage
The price of the Wkkiily Sun. eight page,
(If y-six columns, is $1 a 'ear, postage p .id.
For clubs of ton sending $10 we will semi an
extra Copv free. Address
Publisher of Tuk Sun, New York City.
T I Bridge on the Itio Griite.
The lii-hl. built by ihe " Iter uili do I'.ri b.-e
Coinpnnv" ae.ross tin; liio Grande opposite the
town ol "Bernalillo is now open f.r the public
travel Followlmraretheriicsot toll established
In the company, viz:
People on loot, for each, . 9 "'
I'eop.e on horselui. k, for each 1")
Heavy wagons, loaded, tor each 1.00
Heavy wagons, not loaded, for each "ft
Light wagons Ion. led. for each 7.1
Light wagons, not 1 .aded, for each, 5
Small slock ner head " 3
Lai esto.-k. per head OS
small stork, per head, from flOt 100 head,
inch "-2
sm ill slock . from 10! to ftno head. each,... .ut
Sin II stock, fmnii noo to 1,0. 0 head, each, K
Mini'.l tock fr m 1 (Xhi head upwards
Whloiih, carts, and wood, going ami re-
vitniing, with two animáis, '.'O
I he above, with four animals 40
.1. l. I'KltKA. Tresident
AlinlnlNtrntor's Xolloe
.Nolicc is hereby gten that the Hon. Probate
Corn in and lor the comity oi San .Miguel, and
Territory ol New Mexico, has a. pointed the un
der, igned adminii-triilór I the estate ol Frank
Chapman, deceased. All persons indebted lo
.,il estate will make immediate settlement
and all persons having claims against said e-
late will present them within twelve months.
M. I5Ki;NW ick,
i;.VIy Administrator.
Las 'e, N. M., Fb. 7th, lo
$100 lie ward for I oni l-nii.
The above reward will be paid by the Mora
Countv stock Growor- Association of Mora Co.
New Mexico, tor ihe arrest and delivery to the
uroiier authorities at Mora Coimtv Jail of
from Arme, ta, Red Klver, N . M ., for stealing;
cattle. Dean when last heard Trom was at one
of the Narmw Gnage Halt Road camps at Rio
Ari'lbu c unty, New Mexico.
FERED. Tor the arrest and conviction ofanrTniEF
who has stolen Stock from any membpr of ihe
Mora County fctock Growers Association, and
Will he paid for Information which will lead
to the conviction of Hovers of Stolen Stock.
Mora Coast;, X. M
f- r-
A New Apportionment Dill Intro
duced in Congress. The
Figures ly states.
Further Part culm s C'ourei ning the
Itailroiit' Accident in Ne
braska Tuesday.
A Kranch oithe Missouri Pacific to
lieExtsiided Through Kan
sas to the Arkansas.
H. R. 'ol(ott Chosen President of
the Colorado State Senate.
Jews in General.
j Senate.
AVitsliini'ton, .Jan. ñ. -The Vícíí
I'rrMiltlii, Riibmitli'd a ootiiiiiunic;!
lioii I'roiiJüs. A. Gni ficlil (lilted Dc
coinbcr 2&. recititijr ilmi tlie Oliio as
nenibly linl flioscii hint UiiiK'd States
Squalor anil uotifyhi"; the Senate that
lie litnl declined totiucept. The co'ii
iimnicuiion wa placed on tile.
Bnri'side asked Eaton; the c iairniaii
of the committee un foreio;n affairs if
any tclinii liad Wri taken on his joint
resolmioti (lepreciiin; the const ruc
tion ofan inter-occHuic canal by Eu
petiu jiiiivers. IJiirnside said he hoped
ihe (?overnmtnt wtuld take still
stronger grounds of oppoaition and
declare against such canal by any
coniyiiny incorporated by any foreign
Eilon said the committee had not
acted but soon would.
Vorhees and (irland moved a bill
forthe relief of Ben Hulliday. It will
belakeir up in the morning.
Builer iffercd a rcsoluiion direct
ing tho Secretary of the Interior to
lurnlsh information and the report of
the superintendent of the census
touching the alleged frauds iu the
enumerations of the ii'habitants of
South Carolina. Adopted.
Wnsliingioii, J in. 5. The House
reaiseiubleil this morning.
Stephens, from the Coinage Com
nitiei1 reported hmk a bill amending
the revised statutes to authorize a
charge for melt nig.
Springer inii'inliiced a bill for the
atiporionuifiit of R.'pt c-euiatives in
Coii. n ss ami to secure (-qua I uiid just
rvpre-.'iii-nioii in h.! liotisc. There
was a short discussion as to whether
the election c in in 1 1 ice or icustts
cotniiiiilee h.hou.i ha e ihr bill.
S, .ringer s;4il the bill unbodied
hi ir. t ti i a in in ap)oc iotiinciii Ii
was 'lr ivvti in'C .fihuo t principles .-f
minority ol reprc.-i ninii u. The
iiiiiuber ol rt'pre-enta'ives iva un
cliMiiue.l during the lee de, being
293 ib ilticting the ti i ritoi le- and ilis-
irici of (Nitiinliia. The po illation
was 40 SCD 014 whiel ; -livideil b 293,
lel'í a p mi ilion of 160, ;9-l is I he ratio
!..r one iiiemher of C-ngris. The
bd; wn ic.errelto the ceusit com
mit lee.
In connection with bis retnuks ii-
on i ho apportionment bills Springer (
submit led lo the bill being labt on the
la ble.
The nun. her of men appointed to
act in each s'ale is lixed ut il.c follow
ing: Alabama 7; Arkansas 5 California
ñ; Colorado ; Georgia 9; Illinois 18:
ludiaiui 12; Iowa 1C; Kansas 6; Ken
tucky 10; Lotiisina 6; Maine 4; Mary
land 6; Massachusetts 10; Michigan 10;
Minnesota .5; Missi-sipi 7; Missouri
13; Nebraska 8; Xevada I; New Han p
shiic2; New Jersey 1; New York 30;
North Carolina 8; Ohio 19; Oicgou 1;
Penusylvauia 25; Itbode Island 2;
South Carolina 6; Tennessee 9; Texas
9; Vermont 2; West Virginia 9: Wis
consin 18; Total 293.
Tlie following st utes will lose one
member each: Alabama, Florida, In
diana, Illinois, Loniaua, Minnesota,
Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hamp
shire, Ohio, Vermont, Tennessee,
and I'ennsylviiuiM.
New York will lose two nnd Cali
fornia, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi,
South Car'diua and West Virginia
will gain one each. Minnnesota aud
Nebraska will gain 2 and Kansas and
Texas 3.
The bill was read by sections for
Warren offered an amendment pro
viding that no officer on active duty
in the fjeld shall be relieved without
his own consent. Wnrrcn stated that
ha was induced to offer the aiuoud
m -i t in view ol the lair and di-tin-guished
and gr ind t flic rs who :;ul
been in rrvice in the Held ever tinee
ihe eloM .f i he war. His request whs
not mad a llteli iniltl.tr eonsid
eta I'lii also on a political ft nsid-
raii II. HebelH ved it due to I e
G iici ni i nlcr . n .1 to the fliets to
w le iit be n It i imI ibat i lit. country
should Hilo thiir riiiitnient in
Fry inqniie I hether the in'er-st de
commerce hilt aoiiUI gain an advan
laoe by being hnniglit up !-day.
The Speakt r said it would be un
fi ished business 10 niorrww.
More Particulars.
Omaha, ub., .Ian. 5. I he follow
ing additional laeis concerning ihe
railroad accident on the Nebraska
division of the ( hii-airo, St. Paul &
Omaha U. It., yesterday uioruino,
came to light to-day :
There were thii teen snow shovelers
iu charge of Conductor Carnes near
Middle Creek. Carnes' tía u was on
the side track and he was with the
men iu the cut. He must have been
aware that the passenger train was
uearly due, but he neglected to pin
out. any signals of warning and did
not even notify his own men of their
danger. How any of them escaped
is a wonder, and none of them can say
how they did except that they made
a rim for life ahead of the train and
just got out by a hairbreadth. Nine
thus made their escape. Carnes, and
one of the uine, John Adellon. were
badly wounded, having been struck
hp ihe train, but they will recover.
The ether six, who were killed, very
likely fell by being overcome by fright
or bv stepping on tho snow. The
train was first seen when oming
around tlie curve into the cut, not
over 400 or 500 feet from them. The
inquest was held at Oakland, to-day,
and Ihe jury relumed a verdict to tre
( fleet that the six men killed came to
their death by being run over by lin
ca rs. aud that the accident wa
due to the carelessness and neglect ol
Edward Carnes, forcmau of ihe con
struction train and working gang, in
failing to place the proper signals in
advance of the passenger train. The
deceased were all buried at Oakland,
except one, whose remains will be
seuttoNew Albany to-morrow.
An Act f Vengeance.
Philadelphia. J.m.5. -In a stree!
brawl six years ago Frank De-noinei
wassiabbe by Mr. Revel! who wa
it bar tender in a sah oii m ar Bail,
s reel. I)"nouter then swore ven
geance Early this morning Desuou
ter, Patrick Doo'y. Frank Fox and
John Gray, entered the saloon. Des
noiiier ihrew a spittoon al Iteveh
knocking him down. His companions
then held Ilevel until De.iioiiter cm
him in the bend m-i k and on tie
b dv. The attacking part) then
went up Vine si net and sm n me
I'or or, i y -iino ninu, and commenced
snow baiting him. A row va raise."
itud DekUoiiter ii-fl eldl a lr ghtfii
a on in I tu i he i egion o I the stomach o I
one (lumbers In m ihe cflev-is o
which he will probibly die. The po
lice almost immediately caplureii
Desiioiiier when a third right follow
ed and the officer was thrown
down and beaten and then the desper
adoes c-caped. Fox aud Gray has
since been eiipuired.
Irish AflTairs.
New York, Jan 5. A special to
the London Yeh-gram says a military
commissioner of hih rank who has
been making an in vestiatioii in Ire
land has forwarded to the Govern
ment a report of his observations and
opinión, of which the following is an
First. -No actual organized rising
3 1 eared at present. A determined
leader mieht have invited a rising
but the precautionary measures ot
despatching extra forces throughout
the country which have beeu adopted
have greatly lessened the probability
of such an occurrence.
Second. There is no occasion to
fear that the preseuce of additional
forces will aggravate the disorders.
Third. If Her Majesty's govern-
at once takes measures tor repressing
lawlessness a peaceful solution ot the
present difficulties aud cessation of
ourages aud disturbances may be
1 joked for with confidence. People
well acquainted with Mie inteution of
the land league st ate that a rising was
uever iuteuded, at least not at pres
ent. Missouri Legislature.
Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 5. The
Missouri state legislature met today.
Colorado Legislature.
Denver, C-1 , Jan ó -I'lie LojrMa
inre met this inorniii at ihe corner
ot Larmier and 20 h streets. The'
Iii'iise i.rí iiizi-d by eleeiino; the
cers derided on ii. ihe report of
ins! nighl's ciiliclis. I he Illbel8 of tin
m Unte held a caucus al ihe Windsor
hotel (his tin r ii in o mid decided oi
ihe following ollicers who were ac
cordingly elected: II. It. Wolcotl.
President; Win M. Clark, Secretan;
Jas. M. Cannon. Assistant Secretan;
L). W. Willey, Sergeant- d-arnis; J
W. Swell, AsK'stiiUt Sergeant-at-arins;
Win. Uive, enrolling clerk; Miss iio.e
II .thnway, assihiant enrolling clerk;
0 J Kennedy, engrossing clerk; Mis-
1 enny Michcis, assistant engrossing
Iluilroatl Extensión.
Eldorado, Ks., Jan. 5. Parlies re
presenting Jay Gould are here for the
purpose of working up a franchise fir
ihe extension of the Leroy branch oi
the Missouri Pacific railroad to the
Arkansas I!i ver. This branch leaves
the amine lint'at Iloldes, Mo., passing
through the towns of Paola and Gar
nett. Ks.. and Leroy. It is
now proposed lo extend this line from
Leroy to the Arkansas river a dis
tance of 100 miles. This will give
Gould an air Hue from St. Louis to
South West Kausasr and enable him
lo make the Swniheru Pacific
connective on the liio Grande with a
175 miles shorter route than any other
line now has.
Lockport, N. Y , Jan. 5. The
llodye opera house and a gargling oil
buildiuo; adjoining were totally de
stroyed by lire last night. The loss
will be full v $150,000. The opera
house was owned by John Hodge nud
the oil building by the Garbling Oil
Company. There was $100.000 in
surance on the opera house and $30,
000 on the girgling oil htiildinr. The
post office. Western Union Telegraph
Compaq's office and the Internal
ileveu tie oflice were located in Un
building. Several firemen and citi
zens were injured by the falling walls
but none were killed.
An Irish Biri.
London, Jan. 5. Tho Times recapit
ulates the ñicnsurc which v. ill be an
nounced in the Queen's speech lo
morrow, and sa s there will he an Irish
hud bill which will neither involve
no i ash expenditures f public money
nor justify au outcry aüaint spoil
i ion on the part of ihe landlords.
There will be a scheme of army re
i'orm involving some extension of the
neriod of service and abo an amcntl
tii -ut of the bankruptcy law.;
B -sides these liri-t-chiss bills there
will be others for restoring order in
Ii eland ami for removing the ballot
Electric Light.
New Yoik, Jan 5. I he U.. S Elec
tric. Lk lit Company is now having
made the cable i.ecessary to lay its
wires along Broadway, Wall and
Broad streets by which electrict I i o 1 1 1
will be furnished to many banking
bouses who have made application for
it. The price charged will be a little
less thwn the the price for gas. Two
thousand lamps are uo.v ready lo be
placed in private buildings nnd they
will be put in by ihe first ot February-Three
Per Cents.
Washington, Jan. 5 Blaine said
to-dn he did not believe it practica
ble for the secrciary of ihe treasury to
pi .ce a three per cent, loan on t he
market. His idea was to issue $600,
1)00,000 four p r cents and this would
enable the secretary f j wipe out the
sx hundred ai d eighty millions fall
ing due next year and reduce the
iota- .leb six t ytiii 1 1 ion dollars. He
.didn't know that he should draw a
bill to cover this ground, but the idea
bad been discussed and was generally
approved by bis Iriends.
Dublin, Jau. 5.- Last night some
people near Clareniorris, dug a ditch
across hc road to prevent the pass
age of a process server who with ihe
police as an escort wa3 proceeding to
serve writs ol ejectment. The mob
threw stones lreely. The riot act was
read and the police charged on the
mob. Four persons are believed
to have beeu fat illy bavonettcd.
Due To!
New York, Jan. 5. The failure of
Dixon Crucible & Co., is caused by
the fail ii r of Fowler, Crampton &
Co., East India importers, who hold a
large amount of Dixon paper. Dixon
Company, is the oldest nd largest iu
graphite trade in the country. Dollar
lor dollar will probably be paid.
Stndenta Meeting.
Ilerlin, J.nj. 5. At h large meeting
of students held (o debate on Ihe bes'
menus of extending the tmii-Jewlsh
agi;ai ion deputations I rom 'ne un i ver
si ties at Gailcsburg, Lepsig, Keil.
Kosiock and Halle wrj present
Fourteen hundred Berlin students and
ten hundred and twenty-two Leipsifi
si tnlciiis and many others hare al
ready signed ai auii-Jewish petition
to Bismarck, 'i he authorities liave
dismissed ihe agitator Dr. Jleurici,
irom his post of school master.
Totally Lost.
Loudon, Jan. 3, It is supposed that
i be British steamer Farley, with I "ap
iniu Appletu, from Savauuah, Dec.
ih, bound for Kevalt , has been lotal
.y lost. Bales aud boats marked "Far
ley ot New Caslle'' have been picked
up; one of the boats containing two
dead bodies has been washed ashore
riie Farley belonged to New Casilei
she was reported on December 27th
at Dartmouth from Savauuah.
Giving Counsel.
Dublin, Jan 5. At a meeting of
the land league yesterday Davitt said
ihutit was understood that several
more meetings would bo proclaimed
ibis week, aud he counseled all branch
leagues to give the authorities no
pretext for the suppression of the
meetings, iu consequence of the word
ing of i he play cards.
Made an Assignment.
New YorK. Jan. 5 Fou ler, Cramp
lun & Co., importers, 142 Front St..
made an a-sigument yes erday to Al
fred W. Lewis with preferences
amounting to $10,000. Their liabili
ties are said to amount to $500,000
but the a9setsare heavv.
The Appropriation Committee.
Washington, Jan. 5. 1 he House ap
propriation commit lee agreed to add
$125.000 to the army bill lo pay fit t
per cent, of the railroad land raid
according to 1 lie recent supreme conn
decision. Tin total amount of the
bill now is $2.J16.600.
No Reason.
Loudon, Jan. 5.- Postmaster Gener
al Fawceft ai a speaking in Manches
ter yesterday said I here was no rea
son to assume that the House of
1 ords would rej ct the Irish land bill.
The House rejected a compensation
for the (list nrbancp bill.
k t. LouK Jan. 5. Four coaches and
a Pullman sleeper were ditched yes
terday between (Jrnat Bend and Ray
mond, Kansa-, and all the passengers
were well s!i iken up but none seri
otislv hurt.
Washington, Jan. 5. The Presi
d nt sent (he following nominal ions
for post masters : Archibald McDon
nell, Benicia. Cal. ; Samuel M. .Tumi
on, Reno, Nevada ; Quincy W. Hull,
Elko, Nov.
Liverpool, Jan. 5. --Bottles of pe
troleum have been found at Carriers
Si lletchison's docko. These, taken
n connection with indiaries in the
lumber yards excite alarm.
His Resignation.
Columbus, O , .Jan. 5. The Gover
nor has notified the Senate that the
U. S. Senator-elect Garfield, lu:s re
signed. The matter was referred to
ihe judiciary committee.
Dublin. Jair 5.- -President Wasey,
and two other members of the brauch
and league, were arrested at the
weekly meeting f Bronch, to-day, on
charge of sedil ion.
New York, Jan. 5. The Post says
that the reports of a new pole in the
Western Union telegraph stock luis
caused an advance in its price.
Washington, Jan. 5 The fast mail
train on the Wilmington & Wildon
road bouud north ran off the track.
Several were injured but none killed.
Will Work With the Republicans.
Chicago, Jan. 5. This Journal's
Washington special says Mahon will
work with the republicans to organ
ize. He has (Jarfi"lds approval.
More Socialists. '
Berlin, Jau. 5. The state police
have discovered a new secret ordier
of socialists extending over the
whole of Germany.
Taken III Seat.
Washington, Jan. 5. Judge Wm.
B. Wood, the newly appointed asso
ciate justice took his place to-day on
the supreme bench.
Charles Blanchard's
Complete and Varied Assortment of
General Merchandise ever seen under
one roof in Las Vegas. My stock of
Gloves & Woolens, Dress Goods,
Is Fresh, and was selected with great
Goods for the Holidays.
Goods for the Ladies,
ííoods for Gentlemen.
Goods for Youths
And Children, everything a Miner wants,
everything a Fanner wants, anything
wanted by Freighters, everything wanted
by Ranchmen, everything wanted by
l'ainters, Building Papers, Mineral
Paints, all kinds of Paints and Oils,
Window Glass and Looking Glasses,
Crockery and Lamps, Stationery, Wond
enware. A heavy stock of
Hardware and ftiails.
Wheelbarrows, Ox Yokes, a complete
line of Saddlery and Saddlery Hardware.
Walker's Horse-Shoes
Stoves and Stove Goods
Tinware, Zinc, Copper and Sheet Iron,
Pumps. Agent for
Pianos, Organs, Sewing Machines
Leather, Hemp and Rubber Packing.
Flour, Hay, Corn, Potatoes. Only tlie
the Rest Cold Sliring Creamery Butter,
líverthing, everything! at low and uni
form prices.
Charles Qlanchard,
On the Plaza.
.VN . Jl One liiinilifd ami titty clny
I ii i ar. i its i.l lie Na' tonal lintel. We
keep tlie beat ablt; in the west and at living
TI7".N.TEt A Nrst class cook
Gofid WH-
y (res will be pain to a good man. Apply
ut IlliifllliCU.
WANTED 3U carpKiitors to work un the
Pala.'H Hotel, Santa t'e, X. M. Apply
at the Uilkliiijj to ii 1) Dnv, Koieman, Santa
2w Contractor.
I Ut SALE -Dry cows ami ctihcs. Also
sln-ep. Address C. W. i swla, Albuquer
que, , M
lOR SAI.K. One
hundred head of younii
stock cattle for sale. Apptv to M.K.
Kelly on Main Ktreet. lruding south from the
plaza, or nt nis store at EÍ Variedoro, San
Miiriicl county.
Í1.MI' t'uli SALE. Ily Moore A Huff, at the
J Hot springs. Eeavé orders at Herbert
Co'silrujf store, on the pla.a
TOK SALE A irnod sixteen horse power
íiípuin engine, nil tn ru.iniiiir order and
hiiKe euouuli to run a Hour mill. Any person
ile. iritiff to see it running can do so any day al
rnv planing mill at Lax Vegas. Applv for
ti'i-ms t JOHN 11. WOOTEN.
IT'OIt SALE. Two horses. var oi and double
set hariuss. Apply lo Bell, Craig & C&,
ITIOk KENT. The Exelianue Hotel curial
' Apply at Hell, Craig AtCo's.
rpu ItENT. A vineyard of about l:!,00vines
1 in pood bearing condition. inclutliiiRsomo
two.huinlre-1 fruit trees. Also house ro .m suf
ficient lor a firnily. Apply to Iieuicio V. Pe
rca, liernalillo, N. M I 91w
BACA HALE FOU KENT. Tho proprietor
wishinir to remove his residence will rent
liaca Hall for the cominn season, or will sell it
for a reasonable price. The hall is the best In
the Territory and is provided with a stage and
complvtu scenery. Address,
Las Vegas, N. M.
Ntcnin Saw Mill For Bale,
This mill is about fifteen miles from Las Veí
as, is situated In a locality where timber Ts
abamlani: the engine is twenty-four horse
ooweriiiid In (ir-t-cluss running order. There
Is one extra aw seventeen yoke of g oil cattle,
four log wagons, as good us new; complete
blacksmith shop and all extras suitable for the
Riitcessliii operation of his mill. Will be fold
for less than Its full value. Terms Hall
eae balance on e . sh terms. For further In
formation apply to, oraddaes.
11S-tf. La Veiras, V. M.
Books will be opeu for ten days,
at the offiee of Louis Sulzbacher, for
siiliscripti'ios to tlie capital stock of the
Aqua Pura Company ot Las Vegas.
Pursuant lo a 'ote of the buaid oi di
rectors, preference will be given tho
citizen and property owners of La
Vegas, to al nw them to subscribe to
thetxteutof any reasonable amnwut.
Trinidad Komeiio,
Vice I'reMcienl,
Las Vegas, N. M., Dec. 27, 188a

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