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í !l iro M ku , OMI-WV
VOL. ti.
L,A.S VEGAS, N. M., STJISTD A.Y, JUNE 10, 1881.
NO. 298.
O i i
t &
i i
f-H -P
3 te
2 h
The Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance Com
Í panies in the World.
I MUTUAL LIFE, Now York $í)1,7ílH,7ntt 02
i , MVKKI'MOI, AXI I.OXHOX AND iLOBE, London, 31,a,l!M 00
! LONDON ASSURANCE. London 1.1,885.111 9!
HOMK. New York ti, SCO, 505 14
I Ol'KKX, Liverpool ,f21 ,237 00
! SPKIXtiKIELD, MaPHaehnsrtts 2,083,iWi 10
HAMHLRti-MAGDERL'lU.;, Germany 887,Sj3 00
5 53
tí H
S 2
Just received, a new line of Dress
Bunting, in all shades, at Jaffa
Carpets, Wall Paper, Oill'loths,
latest styles, at Jada Bros.
Just received, a handsome line of
Hamburg Edgeiugs, at' Jaffa RrúsC
Ladies' Newport Ties, at Jaffa
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Hoots and
Shoes, at Jaffa Bros.
Youths' Clothing at Jaffa Bros.
Wells, Fargo A Co's Express.
Everything is in readiness with the
Wells, Fargo & Company Express to
receive expressagc to all points cast
and west, local or foreign. We have a
favorable rate to all points lor those
wishing to express merchandise or
treasure. The Las Vegas office is at.
the depot, and is open from 7 a.m.
until 8 p. in. A wagon will call two
or three times a day in both east and
west town and parties having goods
to express can send them to the office
without further trouble.
58-tf. C. P. Hovey, Agent.
Liinburger Cheese
At J, Graaf & Co's. G-2
Vina linn u f SlrnAV lints íit. thfl
New York Clothing Store. 5-25tf
A large invoice of white lace and
veils just received at C. E. Wcsche's.
Nearly every lady has promised
liberally towards the Academy Fair.
The committee now requests that all
articles as fast as finished be scut to
Mrs. llovey, on the East Side, and
Mrs. Leon on ihe West Side. lu that
way the committee will avoid con
fusion and know just how the work
is progressing. 6-12tf
"Maggie Jean, where do you buy
your ( ream bread?"
"At the Plaza Grocery and Bakery
of course."
Keep the dust out of your rooms
hv usiiiL Lockhart & Co's Rubber
Weather Strips. 5-1 Hf
Fresh butler milk from the churu,
'brought in every morning from the
ranch at lit LEYS.
"Maggie Jean, where do you buy
your cream bread?"
"At ihe Piaza Grocry and liakcry
of course.''
Fine line of straw goods at the
New York Clothing House 5-11 -I in
Fresh vegetables cverv dav at the
Park Grocery. ' C-lOtf
Hurts celebrated Boots and Shoes
at the New lork Clothing Store.
"Moggie Jean, where do vou buy
ycur ercatn bread?"
"At ihe Plaza Grocery and Bakery,
of course."
i o
O rf

tí" s


Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-Lost,
W'ANiEU A pood seamstress. Apply at
the P.ara building, wot of ISell's gro
cery. G-17 tf
1TANTED A Xo. 1 carriage painter immc
VV diatulv. Lood wasres.
ANTED A cnok and dining room girl at
tuo not .springs iioitii -ia-t, it
'ANTED At Socorr', four good carpen
ters, two inns eis n u to masons. Apply
Socorro, N. M.
WANTED. Two or three number one plan
iiiii mill bench inuda None lint tirst
cIuhs need applv At Wootten's planing mill.
Also a tfood machine man. . 4-22-tf
: ij,
I,"01! SALE .'.000. D-fes. The sheep and
j 1. mls are now Iri'l.as VeKas. Enquire of
M Romero's store, iiortKn.de ol the pi iza.
J , 1 6-lW-8t
I.Olf SALE Aus oioe lot of Mexican mules,
thoi Diluid ' Tiroke and in lipe working
"ooudiiiolj-. Apply to Fiank A. Blake. East
1-asVegi's, N w Mexico. 0-17-tf
TTtuK SALE. A combination .. ck sale, Mar
rH Safe mi Scale Company patern,
weigtig t,uno pounds, good as new. Appiv to
U. Komero & Bro. , G-bti
FOU SALE County wiiants by V, O. Kihl
lierg. ; 5-27-tf
FOIt SALE liSo improve' i sheep doliverod
at the Waii in MoiMd or Vérmelo. I'.ir
further particulars inquire of
IMI.11l.MiU .1. HMA,
'i-ii-tf upper Las Vegas.
ITOlt -ALE Fine s ock ranch, good rantre,
1' plenty of running waier, has a good hóuse
and corral. Will be sold lor cash, or cattle
laken in exchange- Apply to C. Jt. Browning,
East Las VYgas. S-I3tf.
F ill SALE Baca Hall, the largest and best
audience hall in the Territory, provided
with good stage scenery, drop curtail s, etc.
Cattle orshrep taken in exchange or tin.e giv
en on paj menta Address A. J. Baca and
Chus, llfeld. Las Vegas. 5-l-tf.
Jj Mrs. .TudgH Hubbell, opposite Gazette
ollioe. 3-30-tf
POUND By Charles rerrill, between the
two towns, live false teeth, front upper.
Owner can have same by calling at this oflice
and paying lor notice. -6-15-tf
Xolice of Removal.
The San Miguel National Bank has
removed from the plaza to the stone
building on the east side opposite
the St. Nicholas Hotel where they
will be glad to see all their friends
and patrons. 6-3-4w
Croquet sets at Marwede, Brumley
&Co's. 6-17-3t
Mrs. Andrews sets the best table iu
town for the money.
Buy your trunks and valises at
the New York Clothing Store.
"Maggie Jean, where do you buy
your cream bread?"
"At the Plaza Grocery and Bakery
of course."
Everything in the house furnishing
line kept by
5-111 f Lockhart & Co.
loe cold Milwaukee beer on draught,
10 cents, at "Billy's." 5-25tf
"Maggie Jean, where do you buy
your cream bread?"
"At the Plaza Grocery aud Bakery
of course."
Milk punch at Billy's
5-71 f.
Mrs. Andrews gives good board at
reasonable prices. 6-15-tf
Cream Lemonade at
rnlinm Iireud.
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
Canvas shoes at the New York
Exaniiu Lockhart & Co's fine new
stock of furuliurc before purciias-ng
elsewhere. 5-lltf
Family O oceriea.
A large stock, chi aper than the
cheapest, just lect-ived at
5 141 f T. Rom kro & Son's.
Fine Cigars.
Just received a lot of the famous II.
S. cigars fresh from tho factory of
Henry Switzer; also the Golden
Crown, the choice auJ favorite of
Kansas City. Ail the famous smokers
smoke them. Also a fr'sh lot of
liquors, the best to be had iu the
market. New attractions everything
every night, and the finest "tfoods"
and best brands known at the
Exchange Saloon.
5-lltf. Wolf St Putman.
Politieal Affairs in the Empire
Conkling, Piatt, Arthnr and Grant
Hold a Pow Wow.
Nota Gleam of Light as to the Final
The Chinese Government Edneatin
Boys in Telegraphy.
Cariosity Carries Cushing to the
Indian Pueblos.
Notes Concerning the Graduating
Cadest at West Point.
Various Items of Interest From the
Lands Beyond the Atlantic.
Resume of the Days Doings, Good,
Bad and Indifferent.
ltepnblieaa Political Potponrt.
New York, June 18. Conkliugnud
Piatt are at present at the Fifth Av
.utie Hotel. The two ex-Senators re
ceive few cal era. Conkling was
found iu Ins rooms but was extremely
reticent about speaking on the sub
ject of the Senatorial coulcst. Ho ob
served that the political in erests of
the State were iu such a coudition of
chaos at preseutthai.it would be im
prudent for him to speak on any sub
ject aud especially one so intimately
connected with the honor of those
who are concerned in the bribery in
vestigation. Conkling said that" any
mig t
bring about the climax
which lias been so earues ly desired
aud so eagerly sought for." General
Graut refuses to converse on politics
aud declares that his presence iu the
city is due to the waut oi rent which
he is hopeful of having satisfied iu
the metropolis and at Long Brunch.
The General will, in all probability
leave for the seashore about the mid
dle of next week.
The News says that Ex-Senators
Conkling and Piatt aud General
Graut met iu the'r rooms at the Fifth
Avenne Hotel this forenoon and were
in consultation for one hour. Mes
sengers were then sent out for Vice
President Arthur, John W. Smith,
Seuator Jones and a few others, in
cluding several loca! politicians, who
were also called upon. The consulta
tions did not last long. Piatt then
departed for his down town office aud
the others scattered, Conkling re
maining with Grant.
It was reported that some con
sideration was given to the question
of whether it would be advisable for
Grant to go to Albany, aud it was
concluded that it would not be help
ful to Conkling. Another point
which is to be further considered to
night and to-morrow is the possibili
ty that a compromise will have to be
made in order to save one stalwart
Seuator and a person upon whom the
compromise must fall.
Conkling said he would not go
back to Washington unless Piatt went
with him. His friends urged him not
to make this an irrevokable decision,
but he said he should adhere to it.
Cornell's name was considered in
caie a compromise should be necessa
ry, but Arthur strongly objected.
The only name that could rind a
united support was that of Grant.
He said he did not want the office.
He has a Mexican railroad on his
hands and does not want to enter into
active political life He however con
sented to keep the question under ad
visement. One ot the principal matters to be
considered by tho stalwart leaders to
day and to-morrow is the preparation
of testimony for the investigating
committee uext week. Senator Piatt
said to-day that "some startling de
velopment8 might be emected." "I
do not see," said Piatt, "how the mat
ter is going to end. I see no immedi
ate prospect of either an election or
an adjournment. The Depew vote
will break up next week."
Cleveland, O., June 18. -A severe
storm swept over this portion of
wort hero, Uhio last night. Trees
were uprooted, buildings blown
down or unroofed, aud considerable
damage was done by liglttuiug or
water. .Near Vvakemau half of itug
gles Grovo fell by the cvclone and
several orchards more or less were
destroyed. Barus were torn to
pieces aud horses and cattle killed or
injured. Ihe storm track was from
iie halt to a mile in width. It lasted
an hour.
Sal of a oíd Mine.
Denver, June 18. The California
gold mine ot Gilpin county was sold
to Jas. 11. bpaiks by Joseph Stanley
The amount paid is not known but it
is aid to be something 'ike five
hundred thousand dollars. Mr. Sparks
is the representative of Eugluh capí
talists. The property has been Day
ing good dividends and is one of the
best gola minos in the state.
China's TclOff rapny.
New York, June 18. The Herald's
special says : The Chinese Govern
ment recently sent instructions
through their embassy, at Washing
ingtou, to the Chinese Educational
Commissioner, in Uiis city, to estab
lish a depariraeut'of telegraphy aud
opcra'ious will be commenced uext
week. At present there is no tele
graphic communications in the
Chinese Empire except between a few
of the larger places on the coast. It i
understood that the communication
is solely in English or other tongues
than Chinese and that uo system has
yet been devised by which the Chinese
can commuuicalo by wire iu their
own language. The project, as re
ported here, contemplates the estab
lishmeut of a govermeutal system to
extend to all of the empire with oper
ators who will be thoroughly iu
struced alike in theory, practical
operation and electric telegraphy. It
will be uecessaiy to prepare a system
of telegraphic sigus aud symbols
which shall indicate the Chinese char
ters. It is proposed to have the
siudents here In learniug ihe art to
use the ordinary system of this
country, and as they are well ac
quaiuted with English thev could in
i heir country either telegraph iu En
glish aud transíale in Chinese or use
the proposed Chinese telegraphic
symbols. The students selected lor
t'lie telegraphic class are those who
are most advanced in their studies in
tliis country and who are shortly to
return to China. G. B. Hubbell, who
has recently resigned the portion of
Hartford manager ot lue Western
Union Convauy has beeu engaged as
Washington Cily Intelligence.
Washington, June 18 It is said at
the War Department that unless cas
ualties iu the army during the next
academic year are greater than thev
have been ounugthe one just pausen
not. more thau one-fourth of about
143 in the next class to graduate can
be commissioned. The rest will re
turn to civil pursuits. Existing va
cancies to b1? filled by the class just
graduated are thirty- iiree, leaving
twenty additional second lieu enauts
who will bo assigned to vacancies as
fastas they occur. - The probability
is that during the year the vacancies
will nt be more thau thirteen iu ex
cess of the number to be provided for
Iu the class uow awaiting assign
ments. Ihe Adjutant-ueneral to-day
issued a circular covering the law
to be hereafter obecrved. Under the
laws cited appointments to fill vacan
cies of the gradeof srcohd lieutenants
iu tfie army are made first from the
graduating class of each year at the
military academy, Recoud, fróm meri
torious non-commissioned officers of
the army, third from the regular
graduates ot the military academy
honorably discharged Irom service,
and fourth from ciyil life, the firs
three classes being moro than sufli-
cieut to fill vacancies occurring iu
the army from year to year.
Historical Iteeearches.
New York, Juno 18. A corres
pondent of the Boston Herald, writ
ing from Ft. Wingate, N. M., de
scribes in enthusiastic language the
discoveries made by F. II. Cushing,
who was sent out by the Smithsou-
iau Institute two years ago to investi
gate the Pueblos m New Mexico, the
history and customs ot the natives.
Cushing, who has made Z'ini the last
of the Indian pueblos the &ea of his
researches is said to have acquired
great influence and a prominent po
sition among the people so that every
facility for exploration aud study has
been afforded him, even lo the dis
closure of fetes which religious super
stition has jealously guarded. He
has mastered the languages and mys
teries of a complicated religious sys
tem and is said to be now in a posi
tion to overthrow any hitherto ac
cepted beliefs regarding the Aztecs
and even the most established tradi
tions concerning Montezuma.
English Race Horses Tor New Mexico.
New York, June 18. Hume Web
ster of the celebrated Marden Deer's
Park Stud, Caterham, Surrey, has
purchased for Frank Sherwln twenty
English blood marcs of ihe best Eng
lish racing stock and oho of Craig
Miller's yearling colts for his stud
farm at Maxwell Grant, New Mexico.
They will be sent iu August or Sep
tember aud will be the first racing
stock sent to the Hocky Mountain
Fishy Facts.
New York. Juue 18 Census ie.
turns show that tho total number of
persons employed in fisiieries in the
Pacific States ud Territories is 16,
745. of which 7.910 are aIípiiq F.ann!
maux aud Indians, and ab ut 4,000
Chinese. Three hundred aud s"ix sro
in California and 604 are in Oregon.
The total value ot boats, vessels nud
outfits is $1,788.383.
Xot Suicide, but Hnrder.
Denver. June 18. Th minnnenil
suicide of Mrs. Scliott on Lawrence
Street now has the appearance of
murder, fo" her watch and clmin and
her other jewelry are missing and her
trunk ras VirnL-nn nnnn 'l'ln
1 . .... ' 1. -J . v. U w V. . 1,17 I,.
ner's jury have not yet completed
lucir luvesriganou.
Deviltry Thwarted.
Ouebec. Juue 18. Attcmntsto burn
the two Roman Catholic churches of
St. baveur have been discovered and
Cablr grams.
Tunis, Juue 18. An explonion oc
curred ou board her Majesty's iron
clad, Monarch, while preparations
were making for torpedo practice.
u officer was killed and several sail
ors injured.
London, June 18. Duchateati, man
ager of toe French Telephone Com
pany, has started from Paris for Brus
sels to represent French promotora of
the Telephone Company with a capi
tal of ten milli u fraucs, to be started
there under Belgian, Euglish, Ameri
can and French auspices.
New Y'ork, June 18. M. Sibekofl is
indefatigable iu his eudeavors to opeu
the Artie regious to commerce ami
uavagation has fitted out three sledge
expeditions which are to take
food, clothes aud coal to the Ocar
Dykesmi and the Northland. His two
ships arc uow frozeu up iu the Artie
Ocean and of which nothing has been
heard since the early part of last
year. . The steamer Nordeuskjold is
being prepared at (jatheuburg for a
new voyage to the mouth of the
Yein'sei River.
Liverpool, June 18. McKeevitt aud
McGruth, charged with attempting
to blow up ihe Towu Hall, were ex
amined by ihe government to-diy.
The prosecuting solicitor said he did
not ititeud to go into the quest in ot
('Y'liiauism as the case would stand ou
its own merits. McKeevitt, he said
han denied any connection with the
Feuiaus, but the regular delivery at
his lodgings of the Irish World wiih
his printed address thereon, as though
he were a regular subscriber would
be proved. An analytical chemist
hud ascertained that the bomb used
iu the Htieinpt was filled with nitro
glycerine McGrath's landlady, he
said, would prove that he (McGrath)
possessed iron piping similar to the
bomb and that he had beeu secretly
engaged iu hammering something
Mitrselliei, June 18. At midnight
as the troops which had just disem
barked on their return from Tuuis
were marching through Hue tiepublic
hisses were heard from the Italian
National Club. A crowd surrouuded j
the club house and demauded the re
moval of the Italian escutcheon from j
the building. The commissary of
police advised its removal, but the
president of the club peremptorally Í
refused. The perfect )f police cu-1
deavored to calm the crowd and sent
for geu d'annes, but before they ar
rived the deputy mayor and a mu
nicipal couucello: , iu spite of the pro
tests of the perfect, tore down the
escutcheon. The crowd afterwards
dispersed and the approach to the
clubhouse was occupied by troops.
Paris, June 18. An interview
with Sara Bernhardt is published in
which she calls America a grand
country, colossal, extraordinary, fab
ulous. Ihe audiences at American
theatres are brilliant. Such rich toi
lets! The ladies kuow how o dress,
the public understands very well.
I heir appreciation it quite warm aud
sympathetic. The women are charm
ing but the men are not so nice as the
Madrid, Juue 18. The statemeut is
true that the King sent word to the
Spanish Minister nt Constantinople
that he will gladly receive in his
dominions all the persecuted Hebrews
to compensate the race lor the severi
ties oí ins predecessors toward
Liverpool, Juue 18. A London cor
respondent of the Liverpool Post re
ferring to the report that a dispatch
had been sent from the British foreign
ottice to the Americau government
calling attention to the operations of
F'eniaus in New York, says the dis
patch is of a friendly character. It re
cites atrocious passages in O'Donovau
llossa's paper, and submits that they
go somewhat beyond the widest limits
of the freedom of tho press but makes
uo demand upon the United States
as to any particular action.
Fire Fiend.
Cincinnati, Juue 18. Between 3
and 11 this morning a firo destroyed
the Miami Oil and Soap Works owned
bv J. J. Gcst, on Fifth street. Loss
$500,000, insurauce $60,000
Chicago, June 18. At Appleton.
Wisconsin, yesterday evening W. W.
Hutchinson's woolen factory whs
totally destroyed, the firemen being
powerlcKS Oil account of the strong!
gale aud the inflamable nature ot the
ma erial. Several people narrowly
eRtnpped from the the burning build
ing. One Nelson fainted and fell
from the seeoud story mid died while
being taken h inc. August Bathe is
missing and supposed to have perish
ed. Three hundred persons are out
of employment.
J. F. Atkinson's chair aud bed
stead factorv wa- also burned. Loss
$40.000 to $50.000 Insured for $16,
000. Hutchinson's loss $55,000. In.
sured for 24,500.
Uoodj-ear (Jone.
New York, June 18. William E.
Goodyear, who died in East Haven,
Conn., yesterday, aged fifty., rode ou
horseback from the Atlantic lo the
Pacific in fifty two days. He was
connected with tho survey between
California and Mexico.
Hoop Hoopw F.m Fp.
Chicago, June 18. -lho Tribune
states that Thomas Hoops, foreign
freight agent of the National Dispatch
fast freight Jine, has disappeared with
nccouut $lfr,000 short. Hooph char
acter had not been spotless, he having
left several other positions under
a cloud and his reputation never lias
beeu the best.
Demoralized Freight Hates.
St. Louis, Juno 18. Eisteru freight
rates have become utterly demoralized
aud grain is takeu to-day, it is asserted
nt 15 eeuts per hundred and flour ut
32 cents per barrel lo New York.
Agents are discussing the situation
Moon Murder Verdict.
Denver, June 18 Tho coroner's
jury this morning rendered a verdict
ihat John E. Wilcox, alias Jim Moou,
citnn) to hi death from being shot by
a pistol fired b Clay Wilson.
Americans arc operating in miuing
very extensively in Old Mexico. A
cargo of 11,000 pounds oí very valu
able ore passed through Las Vegas
via the Wells-Fargo express billed to
Philadelphia. It was brought to El
Pas.i by wagon trains from the fa
mous Batipobilis mine in Chihuahua,
now operated by '!;." Sliepard of
Washington and oilier easiein capi
talists. Some of it was native silver
and all of it very rich, which may be
inferred from the fact that the own
ers could afford to ship it four hun
dred inile3 by wagon trains and near
ly 2,700 in'.les bv rail for reduction.
Suudays, first mass at 6:30 n. m. ;
high mass at 9:30 a. in. During the
week, low nias at 6:30 a. m.
No services to-day. Sunday school
at 3 o'clock as usual. BNhop Bow
man will lecture in the church Friday
evening uext.
(West Side.)
Services this morning at 11 o'clock;
Ilv. Maxwell Phillips, a visiting cler
gyman from the City of Mexico will
occupy the pulpit. All citizens and
strangers in town are invited to come
out and hear him. Sunday school at
9:45 a. in. Evening services at 8
o'clock. J. C. Eastman,
Titos. J. Slurgis. Stnrgis, Kansas; Tliomurf
J. Donahue, Rlooinington; W. O. Ilcnnelt,
Davenport, lowaj J. Sicgvist, llutoliinson,
Kansas; Fred. Harrington, Kl Moro; Miss P.
OI ver, Wallace, I . W. .IoIhihjii, Tombstone.
E.W.Parker, St. Lonis; W. J, tie Gavnio,
Denver; S. H. Desconib, Cleveland, O.
" Summer coats,(lust-
ers, white vests, low
cut shoes and everything-
else for summer
wear at
Isidor Stern's.
Boston Brown Bread
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
Frenen Rolls.
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
For putty, boiled linseed oil and
window gl iss, go to the store of C.
E. Wesche.-5-22-tf
Cream Bread
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
For cheap hardware go to
2-lttf " Lockhart & Co's.
extraordinary induce-
i merits to buyers of
carpets,oil cloths, mat
tings and wall paper.
Isidor Stern. .
Dr. F. It. DeGraw Eatablinhed Hi
In Room No. 2, Exchango Building
North Side of the Plaza. Entrance
through the Placita. Ó-19U"
Carpets, wiiidow shades, oil cloths
and mattings at '
Lockhart & Co's,-5-lltl
Rye Bread
Fresh every day at J. Graaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
All summer drinks at
r)-7tf Billy's.

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