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VO L. 2.
NO. 300.
"5 5
The Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance Corn
pan es In the World.
MUTUAL LIFE, Ven Ynk $11,7
I.IVKRi'i )l AMI LONDON AM) (.LOliK, London. Ill .WCt, I'll IKI
MINIMIS ASSI RANO;. I..mi1..ii I.Vss;. 1 1 1 !:
INs(i:. t KC'.Mi'ANY OK NO 'I'll AMERICA 7,:.').!KI7 0!)
HOME, Vi'w York ii,t;(i,r(ii;i lj
QUEEN. Liverpool 4.H-JI . .."17 im
SI'KINGKIKl.D, MiisHtiohns tlx 2,nKLHft 111
HAMItl RG-MAliDElil KG, ucriuaiir í7,Ki;:i 00
r-l -P
T- r I
l-l kf
$ o
4-J J
Wlioli snli' iui'1
G -e lie ral Me re 1 1 a 11 d i s e
Ladies' Dresses Made to Order,
VLadies Hats Trimmed to Order.
That in Supplying yon v í ( Ii
Carpets, Window Shades
We (Id it wiili as little trouble to
vouielves as possible.
A man especially I" i I hi' purpose of
inonMiring your rooms for ( 'u rji-(.-; and
our iixlovs for the shades you desire
io ui! up. Wo also make Window
Shades any required width or length,
and all you ha e to do is to select the
deMred pattern or stylo. We also sow
your ( Carpet and lay them down, and
do everything in a workmanlike man
ner. You also have the advantage of
selecting from the most extensive Stock
in Las Vegas. One trial will demon
strate w hal we can do.
Míxicn a O.itral JSiUlu y-C hih'.i.-ihr.u
Olliee (if the Chief Emriiieer. I
Pasodol nrte, Mi'X;c:i, Jim" !', lv '.
Sctil-.U projii.snls will h:- ivc-iv-cd b.v the 1111-
lersifrni 1 lit this cilice until M.nilav, July lirli,
ISS1, fui' iluinji' the i-l'Mirny, i riitilj.njjf y i'iiil
iny unit masonry on one hundred miles of said
railway, extending from the city of Paso del
Xorti' soalh to u point near tlie' town of Sun
Jose, in t Ii- State of ( 'hihtiaha.i.
H;ds will hi: received for on? ov inore s (
t ions or for the ent ire distance.
Profiles mid sp'-tr Ileal ioiri can lie seen in '. Ii is
oliie", where II information in reji-.u'il tithe
character of tlv werk muy he ol.taaie.l on ip
pl'e:itinn t i the undersigned.
Tic.! l-iiit is ivffrved I i ri ject any and all
i;-:::-;t ;. v. vac(;ii,
( 'hii 1" Inu iiiecr.
Postelllee Address, Kl Pa-o, Textil
Fur ni.ii mi i dial el' uli'.'i- ii it in oi'i' of iho
orlrinal pranti'i'8 of tlie I. 8 Vepis ti'iiut, t n:ir
hei h ,'inil us ifOiK, nutici' H heri'liy ivcn Hint
all ai ti' ule f Tliiddun t i rie or fell nytimlier
uiniii ihe l.iis Venas (e ant fur t ie , I or iniy
oilier i urjioffH and o'licr i isi? ! tricpass iht-r-iijioii
'I lie him ''aries e! en il am o e as lol
Inivs, viz; llnmidi'il en die no 1 1 liy tin .Sajad
lo i. hie ; on lh" Knutli liv the mu t ni. dé t'i
Aiilmil'i Orliz; o . iheeiiKl by tliu 11 :ir! . I la
e-'iia. aim on ihe west liy Iir g e t i.f Sa,,
M iirnel del lla'.o. A 1 1 part ie who hav hcve
t of. re en tiiiih' r iipiin sai'l i.n.t re r que- ted
tu S( 1 1 !e wi'h tlie lindel hiiaid t' the extent of
Ihe interrKtH Hey rc resent ot hi-rw i.-u Ic id
pr .cecili ii.ü.s will lie iiiKtiMitcd tu compel Ihe
saiiiu 1'iov iled that ii'ilhin;; herein Ciintaineil
I iiiteniied to apply to any v sclent or set ler so
far uh lie may desire to cat or u.-e wood or t.iii
her for d imc tii; purposes,
A! y : I SI. I'. I!' C'A !i:iN.
MKN'líY L. WAI.D ,
Ti-'-ii-Jm Att'yii for parties Interested.
."Voiiee f Itcitioval.
'lho San Miguel -National Bank lias
removed from the Plaza to the stone
building on the East Sido, opposite the.
St. Nicholas Hotel, where they will lie
glad to sec all their friends and patrons.
Mrs. Andrews gives good board tit re
amable prices. íi-lólf
Well, Flirteo fc Co'a I'.x press,
livery thing is in readiness with the
Wells, Fargo & Company's Express to
'receive exprossago to all points east and
west, local or foreign. We. have :i fa
vorable rate to. all points for those, wish
ing to express merchandise or treasure.
The Las Vegas olliee is at Ihe depot,
and is open from 7 a. in. until 8 p. m.
A wagon will call two or three times a
day in both East anil West Town, and
parties having goods to express ran
wend them to tlie oilice without further
M-tf C. P. Hovev, Agent.
I '
1 CD
Itctail D.'iilcr in
fAN'TKD. To rent a piano at once. Ed &
j oin, south cast corner of plaza, fkr'-tf
8K Nl-X'KSITAN'.-Para renttar Inmediata
mente un piann. Dirijenso a Kcl. v Tom,
en la nluza.
7 AN'i Kl) A good seamstress. Apply at
V the liara building, wet of P.ell'u rn-
-17 If
J ANTED A No. 1 carriage painter imrni
t t iiiaiei v
e cod wnsros.
ti l III'
"llfAM KD-.U Siic.irr i, four jjood enrpmi
V ters, ti-o piasiers ai d to masons. Apply
.Socoriv, X . M.
"tlT'AN Ttl. Two or three number one plun
T t iiw mill bench hands. Xone but llrst
class need npply At Woottcn'u )ilanint mill.
Aljij a liood mucliiau man. 4-22-tf
SAMC-I.W ee.
The shten mid
I1 l"inl)fl are now in 1.B8 N egas. Knqntre of
M Ifonier'i's store, north s.iln of the plaza.
Yolt SALK A choice lot of Mexirnn mules,
&? thoroughly broke uud in lino working
eomiiiion. Apply to Frank A. lUake, Fast
bus X'ey.ib, .v w Mexico. (i-17-tf
TVdt sALIO. A comblnatioa lock safe. Mar
van, Sate uu Scalo Conipanv uaturu.
v.dK'hs I, (Wi pounds, fc'ooil as new
Apply to
ii. jiomero ,; r.ro
STiult 8..K-Coiinty warnnts bv F, O. Kihl
C hcrí. 5-üT-tf
I 71011 SAI.K improved sheep deliveml
j at the Watt n Mound or Verni"jo. Fur
I iriher pai l iciilai i impure of
B-U-tr Upper Las Vegas.
FOlí -AI.K Fine s ock ranch, good ramie,
plenty of running waier, has a good house
a'el c irnl. Will be bold lor cash, or cattlu
iu.cn in fxcliniiiri! Apelv to 0. 1. lirowning,
1 ast Las Vegas. " S-Citf.
171 )Ii SAr.F Uacii Hail, tho lnrgest mid best
j aieiiei'CU hall in the I erritory, provided
iiih good singe seeuery, drop caVtaii s, ete.
( ni!)c or sin ep l .ken in (.'xehaiige or tin e giv
en on pio men g, Addicsa A. J. liaca ami
l.lias lit'. 1.1. iascas. 5-l-lf.
iu .ill.-, -llel
ilubhell, Opposite (iAZKTfK
FiiHNM P.y (harlm I'lnill, between the
V I o (iiwiih, t!ve lal.le teeth, front unper.
' wiier can llave s m1 by calling ;! this olliee
aii't p-.yiug .or iiotico.-ll-l.'i-tf
Tilt: lENTISr,
fr. r'. Sr. Dcfirinv t:t htiicd Ilia
In room No. 2, Pxehange Building
North Side of the Plaza. Entrance
through the Plaeita. .V1ÍHÍ
Itotito ItrtMvn Brcittt
Fresh ever) day at J. (raaf & Co's
old reliable bakery.
i'rcucii IlollN.
Fresh every day at ,i. (iraaf & Co's old
reliable brakery.
For nutty, boiled linseed oil and win
dow glass, go to the store of C. E. Wes
ehe. -.V22tf
renin Itrcitil
Fresh e ery day at J. (iraaf & Co's old
reliable bakery.
For cheap hard ware go to Loekhart
XrCo's. o.ntf
U'.ivjs celelirateil Hoots and Shoes
at the Xo;v York Clothing Store.
Try Hopper Bros, triple extraéis.
They are the best ever brought to the
Territory. (!-l!)-2t
Co I o Mrs. Andrews' for board.
Tvlint julips at Billy's.
Une hundred boxes of Pittsburg
Lamp Chimneys received by Loekhart
& Co s and ottered at lower priees than
ever. S-lltf
Mrs. Andrews sets the' best table in
town for the money.
(rantl Lunch
every Saturday night at the Exchange
Saloon. 4-21-tf
Remember that the very best import
ed and domestic cigars are to be found
at the Shooting (Jallery. . rt-21tf
Fine suniiner clothing at the New
York Store.
Wanted-For Sale-For Rent-Lost,
The 'en York Herald's Valuable Stiff"
gestión to John Bull
Relating to Legislative Independence
for Ireland.
Local Legislation and an Imperial Parli
ament Suggested,
AH of Which Appears to be a First-Claw
The Bribery Investigation at Albany
Barbarous Deeds Reported from the
Toothpick State.
Some News Notes from the National
Pithy Cablegrams from Transatlantic
And a General Recertl of Yesterday's
The Herald" rand Scheme.
New York, June 21. The Herald's
London special says: The Herald's re
cent editorials on the necessity of legis
lative independence for Ireland, and the
establishment of a grund imperial par
liament, including representatives from
Australia, Canada, the Cape, Ireland
and Scotland, attracts much attention
in political circles, especially among
the Irish members of all shades of opin
ion, for on this point the majority of
Irishmen are agreed. In these edito
rials the Herala expresses, as far as the
cable informs, the ultimate aim of the
Irish agitators, though hitherto they
have been almost altogether silent on
the subject, at least in parliament.
They have thought first of getting the
land bill and afterwards of raising the
more serious question," saying, justly
enough perhaps, that if the greater
question came up for discussion tlie land
bill would have little chance of careful
consideration, and that this vexed ques
tion is better settled before than after
the change. So far only one Irish mem
ber has spoken earnestly in public on
the subject of legislative independence.
Parnell, Dillon and other leaders have
discussed the subject privately, but had
some idea of postponing earnest work
on the question till 1883, the centennial
anniversary of the creation of the old
Irish parliament, yet they might
wisely take the good advice
now offered by the Herald and
begin work at once as it will take a long
time to convince by ordinary process
every Englishman of the necessity of
legislative independence for Ireland.
Since the publication of the Herald's
editorial comments here t he suggestion
has been discussed by the homerulers
that the campaign for legislative inde
pendence should be opened immediate
ly by having Justin McCarthy embody
His views in a pamphlet for the broadest
distribution, a very sensible method by
the way of iising a portion of the
League's funds to lielp cany conviction
before the contest commences. The
English Parliament at present is simply
an unwieldy body for legislation on
British local affairs and wasting its own
time and tho time of the country by dis
cussing trivial affairs for Ireland, Scot
land and Wales instead of being a body
representing the empire and dealing
with the grander institutions belonging
to it as a great European and imperial
power. No better time than the pres
ent could be found to urge the idea of an
imperial and national parliament. Eng
land's power to-day is paralyzed and
her influence in Europe is nullified by
Irish discontent and she is quite incapa
ble of asserting her dearest interests so
long as Ireland remains hostile. Exam
ples enough can be quoted of wrong
headedness in either oi the countries.
Austria's weakness in the Halo-Prussian
campaign was in Hungary's disaf
fection and Francis Joseph appreciated
too late the truth of Franz DeaVs asser
tion: "Forced unity will never make an
Empire strong. The Empire would be
weakest at the moment when it would
be in want of its united strength and
the full enthusiasm of its people. If,
therefore, your majesty wishes your
Empire to be free anil really strong,
your majesty cannot attain that object
by a compulsory unity but by a mutual
understanding arrived at through the
consent of the nation."
The homerulers thoroughly agree
with the opinions expressed by the Her
ald's scheme of confederation and
would be prepared to accept it. Many
Irishmen would prefer it to absolute in
dependence, because, while it could
guarantee homerule to the fullest ex
tent it would afford a wide scope to the
intellectual classes by permitting them
to take part in the good government of
a vast empire.
.iustix m'cahthy's opinion.
Mr. McCarthy thinks with the Her
ald, that the scheme would soon
strengthen and consolidate the empire,
when in the case of war with anystrang
maritime power it would undergo a
great strain. He considers that public
opinion in England is becoming moro
favorable to some solution looking to
the release of Parliament from t he work
of local legislation. .
expressed himself in a similar Strain.
He thinks the scheme proposed by the
Herald would probably content Ireland
and solve the Irish question, and even
extreme nationals think it would give
it a trial because under buch a system
Ireland would enjoy home rule and
practical independence. Were England
wise she would hasten to adopt the
Herald's scheme, which he thinks alone
can keep the empire together.
m'cahthy's views elaborated.
The Herald's correspondent says:
The views of Mr. Justin McCarthy,
which I have here summarized, I gath
ered from the well known historian last
night. To-night McCarthy favored me
with a short letter on the subject elabo
rating his opinions more carefully. He
"I have long been advocating some
system like that which the Herald recom
mends. I would have a truly imperial
parliament to discuss, not parocial, nor
local, nor even national affairs, but bus
iness that is common to all the national
ideas and states bound up in one con
federation. According to my idea,
England, Scotland, Wales and the va
rious colonies should all be represented
there, each at the same time having its
separate department to manage its own
business. Such an idea is growing ev
ery day. In the colonies it is much fa
vored, and it is consequently
discussed at the Royal Colonial
Institute here an organization founded
for the express purpose of representing
colonial opinions. The colonies say
with undeniable force that at present
they are exposed to all the dangers
which a war between England and any
foreign power may bring without hav
ing any protector in England's foreign
policy. I do not lay much stress upon
the proportion of the representation to
population although that will doubtless
come in tho end, but for the present it
would matter little if the bad condition
of the country and city representation
prevails in the several countries. The
great object is to establish its principle
of a federation with National and local
politics for local or national affairs and
an imperial parliament for the business
of the Empire. Such I believe to be the
ultimate solution of the problem of
government. Habits have to be taken
into account."
Hrtbery Business.
Albany, June 21. In the Assembly
bribery hearing this morning, Rosen
dale, associate counsel for Bangs, said
that Bangs was necessarily absent at
tending the Supreme Court in New
York and he requested a postponement
of the hearing until Wednesday.
John I. Davenport said he could not
be here to-morrow but would be on
Thursday. He desired to read the evi
dence of Stratton and asked the commit
tee to direct the stenographer to furnish
a copy of it to him. This Was done.
Counsellor Smith said Tillinghast is
here this morning and desires to give his
evidence as unjust criticism has been
indulged in before this committee rela
tive to his absence Friday last. He did
not avoid appearing before this commit
tee and now desired to be examined.
He hoped he would be examined to-day.
Preckham witness from Olean has
been here since Friday awaiting ex
amination. He wanted to go home and
he hoped the committee would permit
him to give his evidence this morning.
The committee decided to hear him.
Fawal of Olean, being sworn said: "I
had a conversation with Assemblyman
Bradley at Olean, June 4th. I said he
was a pretty fellow to vote for Conkling
and Piatt when all his constituents were
opposed to their return. Bradley an
swered him, saying: "Keep your stiirt on
for a few days and you will hear of
something from Albany which will as
tonish you."
By Skinner "Did you keep it on?" a
"Yes, but I would' like to make
change now."
Cross examined by Rosendale
"Which wing of the Republican party
do von belong to?"
"To neither, thank Cod."
By Scott "Where :1''J thi-j conversa
tion occur?"
"On the street at Olean."
"Did he intimate what would cause
"He did not."
Draper, moved to adjourn.
Skinner, moved to amend so that
Tillinghast' s examination could take
place this forenoon.
Brooks said he hoped the committee
would proceed at once to the work
assigned them by the Assembly. There
was no occasion for this continual delay
in the work they had to perform.
Skinner's amendment was lost and
the convention adjourned until Wed
nesdaj". The stenographer was directed togive
a copy of Stratton's evidence to John
1. Davenport.
F'irst vote Jacobs 50, Conkling 33,
Wheeler 38, Cornell 3, Lapham 2o, Fol
ger 2, Bradley 1, Crowley 1.
Second vote Kernan 51, Piatt 27, De
pew 52, Cornell 11, Wheeler 3, Crowley
(5, Bliss 1, Folger 1, Tremaine 1.
Third vote Jacobs 50. Conkling 33,
Wheeler 35, Lapham 25, Cornell 1,
Crowley 3, Folger 2, Tremaine 1, Brad
ley 1.
Fourth vote--Kernail 51, Depew 50,
01...1 crr n 11 i "!.... ,1.,.. r. Wl
1 1 liill ait vol uuu ii, ijiuvnrj ii, necici
4, and the rest scattering.
Washington om.
Washington, June 21. Suit was en
tered to-ilay against Brady by John A.
Welsch, to recover $28,000. Welsch
was formerly a banker here and ad
vanced Brady 33.000. of which 128,000
remains due. Welsch' n counsel says
the suit is not connected with the star
route prosecutions. Welsch once held
a star route contract in security and it
is stated that Brady's refusal to pay is
founded on the theory that Welsch' s
share in the contraet'was the payment
of a part of a loan.
Sithitter, a. French painter, drawn on
the grand jury, being former benefici
ary of Brady nas been excused because
his name was incorrectly spelled on the
jury list. - ,
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury,
Upton, leaves to-night for Europe on
refunding business. His friends deny
that this is a plan to supercede him.
Rome, June 21. It is impossible to
describe the indignation over the Mar
seilles affair and the Minister of For
eign Affairs made a statement in the as
sembly that all possible has been done
to prevent and resent the recent insult
to Italy. It was received with ironical
Marseilles, 11 p. m. One hundred
and seventy-one arrests have been made
and two regiments reinforced the
troops. If there is a further row the
prefect of police will declare martial
taw. The riot was confined to individ
uals who committed barbarous mur
ders in some cases.
London, June 21. The Sportsman
says some of the Hcnly stewards stayed
away from the meeting ao as not to go
on record in the matter of admitting the
Cornell erew and severely condemn the
cowardly method of opposing their en
trance. The matter is a contemptible
disgrace, of which England should be
It is stated that the Parnellites won't
meet any more until the Land Bill as
sumes shape in the Commons.
Iroquois continues the favorite for the
St. Leger stake, betting being five for to
two against him. He and Peregrin are
baekea even against the field.
Rowell 190, Weston 147, the latter run
ning his best gate.
The Pall Mall Gazette regrets that
O' Donovan has not been ignored, and
expresses the belief that America will
curtly answer England's demand to in
terfere with the Irish-American press,
contrary to its traditions and policy,
though It would suppress expeditions as
it has' done before. The Daily News
has almost exactly similar articles high
ly complimentary to American sense.
Arkansas Horrors.
St. Louis, June 21. The Republican's
Little Rock special says: Particulars of
a terrible affair were brought Jo town
to-day. Some days sgo t he house of a
miserly old farmer named Stokes, living
in Sharp county was robbed of four or
live hundred dollars by six masked men
and the old man murdered. Thursday
night last a band of fifteen or twenty
armed men went to the houses of Tib
bets, Alver, Stanley and James and
Jonathan Callahan, took them to an ad
jacent glen and tortured them in a' most
horrible manner with a view of making
them confess the murder. The Calla
hans have since been arrested but it is
said Tibbetts and Stanley were tortured
to death.
Clay 1VIIoiin examination.
Denver, June 21. The examination
of Clay Wilson, for the murder of Jim
Moon, is going on to-day. Ten wit
nesses were examined this morning. -In
the argument this evening Shafroth, for
the people, made the point that Moon
matte no demonstration against Wilson
at the time of the shooting, while Gen
eral Browne, for the defense, argued
that the act was not only in self defense,
but a commendable one. endorsed by
the people and the press. A decision
will probably be reached this after
n ion .
Denver, June 21.- Clay Wilson was
bound over in the sum of $5,000 to ap
pear before the grand jury.
liig ManfMile OlclM-nt ioif.
Louisville, Ky., June 2t. The Ma
sons will celebrate Thursday and Fri
day of this week. They offer $2.500 in
prizes for military companies; if 500 for
artillery; 200 for Knights Templar
competitive drill; $250 for base ball
match and 100 for bicycle race Five
military companies are entered, three
artillery and probably three Knights
ItricUmakcrs' Strike.
Denver, June 21. The briekmakers
strike did not hold nor assume any
large proportions as was yesterday ex
pected. The employes of three yards
were on a strike yesterday and these
boasted that to-day all others would
join, but on the contrary the strikers to
day agreed to resume work at the old
rates. ,
(jrilty Urlsroni, tlio FiiHter.
Chicago, June 21. Gris.com' s weight
at the beginning of the twenty-fifth day
was 107. pounds. Loss, 2i)J pounds
since the neginning of the fast. In
twenty-four hours he drank forty-eight
ounces of water. He feels well, though
weakened is vivacious in conversation
and good tempered.
fatal Railway Accident
Iowa City, June 21. A train on the
Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern
Railway struck a cow just at the en
trance of a bridge, near here, broke the
bridge and went down into the stream,
killing the engineer, Nolan and brake
man Maloncy.
l'atal Kxitlwaioii.
Milt'ord, Mass., June 21. An engine
boiler at the wharf exploded, shattering
several buildings, injuring live persons
fatally and killing one workman.
William Cummings ran one mile in
4m, 10 1-5. at Preston, England, May
14, beating the best record the dead
heat by Lang and Richards over fifteen
years ago by a fraction over a second.
Cummings has now beaten record time
for 1.000 yards, one mile, and a mile and
a half, and there is no doubt he can beat
the ten mile record whenever be in dis
posed to do so.
Talking about big trees there are the
cypresses of Montezuma in Mexico
which as long ago as 1K32 had a circum
ference of 35 feet, and must have been
4,000 to 0,000 years old; and the ancient
cedars of Lebanon abut 9,000 years old;
and a big tree near Constantinople,
which in 1825 was 0 feet high.
nlt Wrddinr.
At the residence of Col. T. B. Mills
Judge Arthur Chambers, of HI., nnd
Mrs. Ella May Phillips, of Kan., were
united in the holy bonds i.f matrimony
last evening; Rev. J. C. Eastman, of
the Presbyterian church officiating.
Being quite unexpected, only n f-w
friends of the Col.'s family were called
in. The guests were Col. and Mrs.
Mills. Rev. and Mrs. Eastman, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Phillips, Mrs. Timms, S. M.
Barnes, Santa Fe; Woods and Antoinit
ta Romero, Misses Anita Headley, Myr
tie Phillips and Willie Mills, Masters
Bertie Phillips aud Roy Eastman. We
hope the happy couple will have a
bright and happy life, and doubt not
they will, as both are noted for their
sterling characters.
At the annual meeting of the Las Ve
gas Hotel and Improvement Company,
at the office of A. Dold, last night, the
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year: Charles Blanchard,
Pres.; T. Romero, Vice President; Geo.
J. Dinkel, Secretary and Jefferson Ray
nolds, Treasurer. The president ap
pointed the following executive com
mittee: T. Romero, J. Rosonwald and
J. Raynolds. It was ordered that the
secretary issue stock to John l'endaries
for the amount paid up by him in lands.
The executive committee was invested
with the full authority and power pos
sessed by the board of directors. After
some discussion as to the proper leasing
of the hotel when finished the meeting
Tom Pickett, formerly policeman on
the East Side, who is in jail awaiting
trial for several offences, has turned pu
gilist. But Tom cannot be much of a
fighter, as he has been whipped in ev
ery round. He first tackled Mariano, a
man considerably under his size, but
was badly worsted. His next man was
Murphy, the accused murderer, w ho is
kept chained. Murphy .succeeded in
beating Pickett pretty roughly, al
though the odds were against him.
Cole's circus, we learn, is reducing
the price of admission, as advertised
from $2.00 to $1.00. The last is the
price advertised in the Socorro Mimr,
and we are informed that the admission
at Santa Fe to-day will bo one dollar. It
is unfortunate that the company adver
tised at two dollars if they expect to fall
to one. It would have been better to
have advertised at the smaller rate and
come up to the larger one.
No, my son, check is not belter than
wisdom; it is not butler than modesty,
it is not better than anything. Don't,
listen to the siren who tells jou how to
blow your horn or it will ne er be tool -ed
upon. The world is not to be de
ceived by cheek, and it does search for
merit, ami win n it linds it, merit is re
warded. Cheek never deceives the
world, my son. It appears to do so t..
the cheeky man, but he is the man who
is deceived. Do you know one cheeky
man in all your acquainti-nees w ho i
not reviled for his cheek the moment
his back is turned? Is the world not
continually drawing distinctions be
tween cheek and merit? Almost e cry
body hates a cheeky man, my sun. So
ciety tires of the brassy glare 'of his face,
the hollow tinkling of his eymbalinc
tongue, the noisy assumption of his for
wardness. The triumphs of check arc
only apparent, lie bores his way along
through the world, and frequently peo
ple give way for him. But so they give
way for a man with a paint pot in each
hand. Not because they respect tin
man with the paint pot particularly,
but because they want to take, care of
their clothes. You sell goods without
it, and your customers wont run and
hide in the cellar when they see you
coming. IiiirliiKjkm Jmrl:t:ljr.
It is reported in Mexican circle thai
General Márquez is once more to enter
Sonora with an army of 1,000 men.
The 1). it R. (J. now operate 77' mile
of road and daily extending.
Secure your tickets for the concert at
Baca Ilaíl to-night.
For Nal p.
Twenty-one first-class Mexican mule.
All thoroughly broke and in prime con
dition. Apply to Frank A. Blake. East
Las Vegas, New Mexico. 5-14-tf
Ladies who have articles for tin
Academy fair will please deliver them
to Mrs. Hovey on the cast side and to
Mrs. Ieon on the west side by Saturday
the 25th. .It is very essential that the
ladies vet promptly in this matterasthe
time is short and whatever is done must
be r trended to this week. 0-22-41
Examine Loekhart ifc Co's line new
stock of furniture before purchasing
elsewhere. 5-11 if
lijo ürcixl
Frcs'h every day at J. (Iraaf iv Co's
old reliable bakery.
Ice cold Milwaukee beer on draught.
10 cents, at "Billy's." 5-251 f
Milk punch at Billy's.
Cream lemonade at Billv.
5-71 f
Canvas shoes at the New Y ork
(Jrabnm llread.
Fresh every day at J. (iraaf iv. ( o's old
reliable bakery.
Family Uiorenea.
A large stock, cheaper thai tin
cheapest, just receixed at T. Romero ír
Son's. 5-1 It Í

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