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VOL. 2.
1STO. 303.
,4-- .1..
O r I
4 r
i i
O cs
The Oldest, the Largest, the Best Imsurance Com
panies in the World. '
MUTUAL LIFE, New York $91,78.',7Ht 02
LONIJOX ASSURANCE. London IB, 88(1, 111 !
HOME, New York 6,860,805 14
QUEEN, Liverpool 4,821,237 00
SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts -2,'iis:j,5s;, 1:)
3D O
r-H H
- -
8 v
Whnliwilp init
Gene ral Me
Ladies' Dresses Made to Order,
VLadies' Hats Trimmed to Order.
That in Supplying you with
Carpets, Window Shades
We do it with as little trouble to
yourselves as possible.
A man especially for the purpose of
measuring your rooms for Carpets and
your windows for the shades you desire
to put up. We also make Window
Shades any required width or length,
and all you have to do is to select the.
desired pattern or style. We also sew
your Carpets and lay them down, and
do everything in a workmanlike man
ner. You also have the advantage of
selecting from the most extensivo Stock
in Las Vegas. One trial will demou
nt rate what wc can do.
" h3 0)
tí H
P 0
.' - 0Q Pi
S g g A
t, 0
S. o
O r
P5 O
P o
t ' o
Retail 'Dealer in
rc li a n d i s c-
ForNaleand for Kent Valuable Hot
Spring; Property.
three bountiful collages, Just south of the
Hot springs Park, just llnislied complete, m
elegant style. The pottage " Vancorlcar" for
rent at$3ft jier mouth. The cottage "Knicker
bocker' ' for rent at $30 per month . The cot
tage "Cas,a Uonito" for rent at $r per month.
The aliovc beautiful cottages, together with the
cottHge ""usa Ybleta," are for sale at a bar
gain. I ulso have for ale Mill! & ChapmaVs
addition to th Hot Springs, containing many
romantic anl desirable r tiitence lots. These
lots are sold at a bargain. Apply to
The live Heal Estate Agent, Lockhnrt's blmk,
up stairs. 6-4-ti'
Limburxer C heque
at J. Graaf & Co.'s.
Try Hopper Bros, triple extracts.
They are tlie best ever brought to the
I erritory.
Mint julips at Billy's.
One hundred lwxes of Pittsburg
Lamp Chimneys received by Lockhart
& Co s and oflered at lower prices than
ever. 5-iitf
Itemember that the vary best import
ed and domestic cigars are to lie found
at the Shooting Gallery. fi-21tf
The finest line of Mexican gold and
silver lilligree jewelry in the Territory
at Payne & Bartlett's.
Kyc Bread "
Fresh every day at J. Graaf Vr Co's
old reliable bakery.
Milk punch at Billy's. rTtf
Dress goods of most beautiful pateras
at Charles Ilfcld's. C-SMlt
, PH v H
United States Senator Conkliu? and
State Senator Madden Lock Horns.
The 3Sew York Tribune's Interview with
The United States Senatorial Situation
, Remains Unchanged. '
' í
t . . .,' -
(.Vmkling .Raking Isliirive Mo
nopolists. Extensive. iRailroad Suit on Trial at
Santa Fe.
Suicide's Body Found The Nihilists
Still on the War Path.
Important Postal Changes Interesting
Foreign News.
A Ceutennarian Suicides General News
'onkliug: and Madden.
Mew York, June 24. The Times' Al
bany special says: An exciting scene
occurred in the Delavan House to
night. Senator Madden met Colliding
in the tipper halls and extended his
hand, which Conkling refused to ac
cept. A bitter war of words followed.
Madden answered in severe terms the
sarcastic language of Conkling. The
trouble aróse because of certain stric
tures by Madden upon Conkling for re
signing, which had been published.
Alter some angry by-plays Conkling,
who was thumping the lloor with his
cane and stroking his gray beard with
his free hand, eved Madden keenly and
then attempted to reprove him for his
criticisms, and particularly for having
said he (Conkling) was here buttonhol
ing members and soliciting their votes.
Senator Madden blurted out in not so
polite as some men. and perhaps spoke
bluntly. "1 go cross lots instead of go
ing round. You don' t suppose 1 meant
you were twisting buttons otf men's
'coats, do vou?" The ex-Senatorlist.cn-
cd, Piatt wilted, and Madden, bold as a
lion, did not wait to be invited, nut
kept on, "You know what words mean.
You came back here seeking vindica
tion. To say you were buttonholing
men here may not have been true, but
you are here seeking vindication. 1
spoke of you in public as a man clear
through. If you think L spoke of you
offensively, it is a great mistake."
"But I would not have said such a thing
of you," protested Conkling, and then
he turned to go. "1 tell you the truth
when I speak," said Senator Madden,
"and that is more than some havedone.
You know yourself that fourteen long
years ago you told me 1 was the only
man who aareu to tell you uie initii
clear through, and I believe it is true
now. The ex.Senator held out his hand
hesitatingly, and Madden, who is not an
unforgiving man, took it, and the Sena
tor bmvea dramatically and joined
Piatt. In spite of the efforts of the st al
warts and the administration leaders to
keep members here, almost immediate
ly after solemn declarations had been
made on both sides on their determina
tion to stay here and fight the battle
out, an irresistable desire to go home
seems to have seized the Legislature.
Democrats and Bepublieans have been
pairing to-night and going home, and
it looks as though the attendance would
be greatly reduced to-morrow.
Indian .Hatters.
St. Louis, June 24. The Republican's
Little Rock special says: Advices from
the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indian
Nations indicate that affairs there have
reached a crisis. The cavalry at Ft.
Sill have been ordered to report to Unit
ed States Agent Tufft, at Muskegon,
on the 24th to act with the Choctaw mi
litia under Governor Overton in driving
white intruders and their stock from
the nation. Persons not Indians
or intermaried with Indians are classed
as intruders under the law. The Indian
militia are in camp near Scullyville,
thirty strong, and will join UnitedStates
troops. The greatest terror and dis
tress exists. More than three hundred
families are said to have crossed the
border in the past ten days, having
abandoned their cabins to flames, their
crops to distinction, and their stock on
the ratige. Some whites refuse to leave
claiming they hold a genuine permit
and wiliprotect themselves if force is
used to eject them. Several Texas
stock men who have largo herds of cat
tle in the nation have compromised
with Governor Overton by paying him
$1,500 for grazing their stock until July
15th. An appeal has been sent to
the Secretary of the Interior to reaffirm
the decision of the department made
four yeare ago allowing persons with
permits to remain in the nation without
becoming members or citizens of any
.Mail Matter.
Washington, June 24. The Superin
tendent of Foreign Mails gives notice
that on and after July 1st next the cor
respondence for the United States of
Columbia which has declared its adhe
sion to the Paris convention of the Uni
versal Postal Union will be subject to
the postal charges and treatment appli
cable to correspondence exchanged by
mail with other postal union countries.
Mails for the United States of Columbia
are made up and, dispatched from the
New York and Sail Francisco postónicos
and correspondence for Columbia post
ed at other United States postolliccs
should be forwarded either to New
York or San Francisco as may be most
Garfleld-Urant Hattera.
New York, June 24. The Tribune's
Long Branch special says: President
uarticlu was neartiij received nere ana
any one supposes that this, is a focus of
political news is greatly mistaken. The
newspapers have been trying to make
it so appear but their few lacts have
been diluted with a vast quantity of im
agination and invention. The Presi
dent don't talk politics or see people
who come to make him talk. He re
ceives very few callers and the news of
his disposition to shut himself up to
rest with his family keeps visitors away.
He does not even get earlier informa
tion of ballots at Albany than he finds
in evening papers. He seems to de
light in the opportunity, the first in
years, to smoke, drive, walk and chat
with his family and a few friends, in
a word, to be his own master for a few
days. His health is good and long anx
iety about his wife removed.
Grant has not yet called on the Presi
dent. A good deal of curiosity if felt to
sec whether he will allow his disappoint
ment of the collector of New
York, who did not vote for him at Chi
cago, to keep him from crossing the
street and calling upon the President.
Some personal friends of his say that
he will call before the President takes
his departure. As to the correspond
ence which passed between Grant nnd
Garfield after Robertson's nomination
it may be said on good authority that if
Grant wishes to publish it there will be
no objection on the other side. The
President's letter, which is said to be
very quiet and dignilied in tone, elicit
ed no reply from Grant. It seems to
close effectually the argument. People
who have seen both letters say their pub
lication would produce no Iresh politi
cal sensation. Grant's letter is known
to be quite similar to the one he wrote
at the same time to Senator Jones and
the President's reply is a calm assertion
of his position with regard to the .Rob
ertson appointment, accompanied' with
expressions of personal regard for
Grunt and recognition of his services in
the campaign and surprise that he
should fed agrieved because of the ap
pointment of a single man in New York
who did not belong to the faction which
supported him for the nomination last
year. There is a rumor that Grant is
writing a rejoinder but he has not
spoken of it to those closest to him in
social and political relations.
Stnr Route Kaehet.
New York, June 24. Counsel Cook
said: If General Brady was acquitted
none would rejoice more than 1. In
deed, I may go further, if any should
rejoice more than I it would be the
present United States Attorney-General
and Postmaster-General. They de
sire to vindicate by regular adruinis
tration of justice and to protect its in
terest and maintain in the brightest
and most exalted purpose. They do
not desire the accusation of any one.
So earnestly do they desire it that they
do not even Avisli their presentation to i
the grand jury until all facts are impar
tially presented. The court said it
would bo wrong to instruct the grand
jury in regard to Brady's alleged com
plicity in the frauds when the govern
ment's prepared to produce its proofs
before the grand jury. These news
paper reports complained of arc. of
course, a very great evil and if Gen. Bra
dy has been wrongly accused great
wrong has been done him, and ho has a
remedy in the courts, but I do not think
it is right to force the United States
into an investigation prematurely when
the government is not prepared, and
still more premature in the trial of the
party who is accused by the public of
this evil. Therefore I do not sec proper
to give, the grand jury any more defi
nite charge than I have already given
I will say there will be no diffi
culty in tht future. We will industri
ously prepare the case, .i that when
Your Honor returns in Sc;;. r-iber the
matter wi 11 be before t he gram t j u ry i n
due form.
Xew Dramatic Iroduetiii.
Colorado Springs, Col., June 24. Mr.
A. Kaufman completed arrangements
this evening with Messrs. Stanley
Wood and W. F. Hunt, authors of the
Colorado opera, entitled "Brittle Sil
ver," for its production in this State.
The cast has been selected and the or
chestra has been ordered by telegraph
from Manager Hamlin, of the Grand
Opera House, Chicago, who will bring
the opera out next fall in that city. The
play will be produced in Denver 'tis soon
as full rehearsals have been held. The
fact that Messrs. Kaufman and Pasniore
are to manage the production is enough
to insure its musical and dramatic suc
cess. After .llurderers.
Denver, June 24. The Durango Rec
ord, of June 22d, says General Ileffer
man, wno is after the murderers of
Maj. Thnrman and Smith, ou May 1st,
went to the scene of the difficulty with
troops, as a guide just, returned says an
Indian war is on hand. After the above
murder two companies of troops went
to Mancas and found all the cattle men
...,-.,.-.:.;,'.. .1,.:,... o,n i.-.i. tí--.
ihey collected ol men, and on June m
went into cam)) with the troops and
sent four scouts to 1he Pah Ute strong
holds. The troops left on the 4th, sup
posing the cattle men were going to
roundup cattle.
Rnllrond Ilond.
New York, June' 24. 'The Post says
the stock exchange added $5,150,000 of
a sinking fund in ii per cent, bonds on
the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail
way. The bonds are secured by depos
its with said trust company of unequal
amount of (5 per cent, first mortgage
bonds of the Rio Grande, Mexico te Pa
cific Railroad company and the Rio
Grande & El Paso Railroad Company
of the same date and term.
Cam)) Munson, on Grand River, Col.,
June 21st. Ambrose Cooper, a private
of Company K, Fourth Cavalry, was
drowned in Gunnison River to-day. He
attempted to cross while hunting. The
body was not recovered. Deceased
came from Baltimore.
O'lionovan Interviewed.
New York, June 24. The Tribune
had an interview with O'Donovan in
which ho said:
We are carrying on this movement in
England not as American citizens but
as Irishmen. I have a document on
which is a seal biererer than vour head
which debars me from livinc in the
united kingdom of Great Britain. Do
yon suppose that anything will deter
me as an exile from doing all 1 can to
secure for Ireland her rights. England
cannot be moved by argument or
entreaty. What then must lie done?
Wc are not strong enough for open
war so we must strike her unawares un
til she realizes that is to her interest to
be just. You know how I have had lit
tle faith in the Land League movement.
It ia tietirow tirty' greater than it was, in
fact it is less. Within a week there has
been a union of physical foreign organ
izations with a view of making the
movement more aggressive than it has
been before. From this on they will be
more active than they have been hith
erto and it will be seen that instead of
being intimidated by British bluster we
are encouraged to greater exertions.
Recently we have received valuable as
sistance from prominent Irishmen in
this country who . have not heretofore
helped as they have lost faith in Irel
and's relief being accomplished by
peaceful means.
P. R. K. Versos S. P. K. It.
Santa Fe, June 24. The case of the
Texas Pacific Railroad Company vs.
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
came up before Judge Warren Bristol,
of the United States Supreme Court to
day. The complainants, through their
attorneys, filed n bill which sets forth
that the defendant is a trespasser ami
an enehroacher upon the lands of the
complainant, and that the defendant
hurried on its Avork for the purpose of
preventing the complainant from occu
pying and enjoying its land grant. The
complainant, therefore, asks the court
to award to i tat a just and equitable fig
ure all the lines of railroad, rolling
stock, improvements, etc., in the terri
tory of New Mexico owned and operat
ed by the defendant. The answer of
the defendant sets forth that, the com
plainant has not proceeded with the
construction of its road within the time
proscribed by Congress, and further
more denies that the grant constitutes a
franchise, but avers that the United
States never held any property in this
territory, same as a private proprietor.
Tho defendant expresses a willingness
to pay to the complainant the sum of
$0,000 which it safs is more than the
actual value of the land taken. At the
conclusion of the reading of the bills an
adjournment; was taken until to-morrow
morning at 10 a. m. Both parties are
represented by able counsel and the
greatest interest i manifested in the
The Ti'ibiniiC m French.
New York. June 24. The Tribune, in
speaking of Auditor French says:
Nothing is said officially as yet about
the results of his visit to the Pacific
coast, but while in San Francisco he
saw fit to make a report to the Presi
dent of the Central Pacific Railroad in
which he gave assurance that he should
deem it his duty at an early day to com
municate with the Attorney General of
the United States with a view to dis
continue the proceedings instituted
against their company in the Circuit
Court of the United' States for the
Southern District of New York. This
was a very extraordinary proceeding
and it is reported that the government
is by no means satisfied with French's
course at what ever his conclusions
might be and whatever occasion he may
have found for changing his investiga
tion to the government at first and re
frained from giving assurances to a cor
poration against which the government
had occasion to bring suit tor the en
forcement, of its rights.
Memphis, June 21. Hyatt Holmes,
colored, was hanged for the murder of
Andrew Scott, colored, at Holly Springs
Miss., to-day, before a colored crowd of
five thousand people, who were greatly
excited. Holmes made a rambling
speech of confession urging his auditors
to meet him at roll call in Heaven. He
muttered "bress de Lord, "amen"
"have mercy," etc. His neck was
broken by the drop-
ttiiicide'K Body round.
Golden, Col,, June 24. The body of
llersee, a member of the Soldine Opera
Troupe who suicided at Forks Creek a
short time ago was found this morning
at Chimney' Gulch, about three miles
above Golden, by the train men of No.
14. The. body was almost nude and
very much decomposed. Coroner An
derson will bring the remains to Golden
where an inquest will be held.
Senatorial Vote.
Albany, June 24. The vote for
United States Senator to-day stood:
Wheeler, 45; Potter, 44; Conkling, !?0:
Lapham, 13. Rest scattering.
Depew, 44; Kernan. 15: Piatt
Lapham. 1; Cornell, 7; Cowley. 5:
kins, 4: Tremaine 1.
Hisbop Appointed.
Saint Louis, June 24. Arch Bishop
Hcndrick has a letter from the Cardi
nal's Secretary, Rome, stating that the
Pope has appointed Dr. McMhIIcu, of
Chicago, Bishop of the Davenport dio
cese out of the southern half of Iowa
and including Keokuk, Desmoins, Dav
enport and Council Bluffs.
Christlaney DiTorcc Cane.
Washington, June 24. In the Chris
tiancy case the defense is allowed sixty
days more to prepare evidence. The
defense gave notice that he proposed to
rip up Cnristlaney's character, and that
in Peru he abused Mrs. Christiancy and
put spies on her.
Cleveland, June 24. Dr. Boy n ton
trepaned Mrs. Arnold, General' Gar
field's sister. She is still alive but in a
very critical condition.
Richmond, June 24. The Richmond
& Allegheny, Atlantic & Northwestern
and Ohio Central railroads consolidat
ed to-day, practically making a con
nection of Richmond with Toledo. The
new road will be known as the Rich
mond. Alleghcney & Ohio Central Rail
road. Marine Xotew.
San Francisco, June 24. The steam
er Australia will take no freight for
Honolulu on account of the quarantine
regulation at that port, and a dispatch
from Alaska reports that the relief cut
ter, Corwin, left that port the latter part
of May.
Want Information
New York, June 24. The Prussian
Government has ordered the provincial
authorities to send detailed information
as to the extent and causes of the emi
gration which has, however, slackened
in some districts.
w York's Population.
New York, June 24. The city direc
tory has 258. 844 names, an increase of
11,761 in the past year, making a popu
lation of 1,257,734 or 50,964 more than
when the census was taken.
'li' ' '
Sot Snubbed.
Baltimore, June 24. It is asserted
that Commissioner Fink was highly
commended, and not snubbed, at the
recent meeting of the Trunk Line man
agers. Will Probated.
Chicago, June 24. -The will of E. H.
Paddo:k, a wealthy citizen of this city,
was probated this morning. It leaves
his entire property of of $1.600, 000 to his
That Comet.
Cincinnati, June 24. Prof. Stone
saj s the comet is moving rapidly north,
and that it is not the one of 1881, but
may be that of 1880.
Goes for Monopolist.
New York, June 24. The Sun says
at a meeting of the anti-monopoly
league Conkling made a severe attack
on the legislature monopolists,
London, June 24. It is rumored that
mines have been discovered under the
-foundation of the Kazar Cathedral, St.
Will may at the Head.
Louis, June 24. R. S. Hayes,
manager of Gould's Southwestern Sys
tem ot railroads will remain president
of the I. G & N. Y. of Texas. He will
make this city his headquarters.
Waited a i.ung Time.
Det roit, June 24. Dr. Chapín, of Char
lotte, over 100 years old. suicided to
day. Dividend Declared.
New York, June 24. The Michigan
Central R. R. Co. only declared one
percent, dividend.
Foreign Allalrs.
New York, June 24. The Herald's
Madrid special says: The Gazette pub
lishes a decree dissolving 1 he cortes to
morrow. It was decided in concert to
day to send instructions to the. author
ities in the provinces to remain strictly
neutral during the electoral canvass.
Tho election will take jdaco the last of
August, and the new cortes will meet in
September. It will certainly lie favora
ble to the new ministry.
London, June 24. The Daily Tele
graph says: A memorial toGlandstone
on the international monetary confer
ence at Paris and the silver question, is
being signed by most London bank.
It urges the government to offer, as
Germany has done, all such guaranties
and practical aid as may be in its pow
er towards inducing anil enabling the
bimottalic Stales concerned to rehabil
itate. The ill feeling between Italians
and Frenchmen is being viewed with
some complacency in Germany.
Dublin, June 24, The Catholic Bish-
up ot Meat li speaking at Muitiiorm liau
heartily concurred in the attitude olthe
Irish party on the land bill the intro
duction of which was owing to the ef
forts of the Land League. He advised
the Land League not only to pay the
legal expenses of evicted people, but
also compensate them to the last farth
ing for any loss they may sustain with
the help of the Irish men of America.
Berlin, June 24. A letter was recent
lyaddressod to the Emperor of Russia
and his officials, assuring them they
had not been sentenced to death by the
revolutionists, and which is supposed to
have emanated from the leaders of the
Black Division.
Madrid, June 24. A dispatch from
the Spanish Consulate at Oran says :
A hundred Spaniards were massacred
by insurgents during a recent raid on
Esparta factories at Sadai. Four hun
dred persons were, wounded or taken
St. Petersburg, June 24. A Monte
negriu officer went to the Winter Pal
ace yesterday and demanded an audi
dnee with the Princess Montcneie. Be
ing refused he stabbed the officer on
duty. A Russian officer then shot the
Moiitenegrian dead.
Rome, June 24. It is said that an ex
change of friendly communications
has been proceeding between Paris and
Rome, proving a firm determination of
France and Italy to promptly establish
satisfactary relations.
Silver bars 1H
in New York yestcr-

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