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Daily gazette. (Las Vegas, N.M.) 1879-1880, August 02, 1879, Image 4

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j.ií. I' m:k. i'.iüsor.
int: Week...
(oe Month.
e li . .
.. 1 (0
..1.1 00
A good conk.
Apply at Ji:m;t: IIi'ji;i:li.s.
Peber's news depot lias been re
moved to Mrs. Walker's! millinery
í ' a 1 1 e ni e i ; Va ix 1 e tl .
Ten good carpenters. Good wages
11 b! paid. Apply to
Lkavitt & AVatsox,
St, Las Vegas, N. M.
A single gentleman of many years
experience, in Hotel business, wishes
n clerk-íliMi. i strictly temperate, can
five the best of reference. Address
Hotel P.O. 15(x 135.
Trinidad, Colorado
July 2'2ndl87l,
A young man vho cki control a
good" Trade throughout tin Territory
tnid for twelve voir lias been engaged
in tiie Wholesale & Petad F.usincss,
ftml who -peaks the Spanish language.
Would wish to make a business arrang
ement with a. party who can invest
some capital. The best of reference
Address J, W. this Office.
The houses are nearly sixty feet front
ing each other on center street.
House furni-hing Goods at
.1. íosKxwAi.n i'c t'it'.s,
Divino Herviré. .N : better .hoe or boot made than
The Iiisht i:e J. F. Spauldlng, j the Selz "Chicago hand made. Stkux
J'V;',01 ?i" V",0.ra,,- Hiu alu! Ins the exclusive sale for then, in Las
will hold Divine service at the court ,
house, on Sunday at 10:"0 a. nt. i aauu ni ram, e-.eij i.an.
Dealer in
A Criok Moro.
Mr. I. Stern has bought lot number
8, in block 7just opposite Otero, Sellar
!; Co's commission house and coin
nieuccd yesterday morning the cons
truction of a store to be built entirely
of brick. Ho will push it to comple
tion soon.
Ill liiut.
We have been shown some hand
soi'.ie specimens of rich finds in this
vicinity. They look better than even
the Cerillos "re. The mountain west
of Vegas were not put up for nothing.
The- Jlackley house has the most
showy front. Ward & Tammc Pat
terson & Close and Kupc : Castle
come next.
,. iS. fí. i '
Five or six car loads of wool arc
spihped each day.
A heavy stock of Cents and Ladies
Furnishing goods at.
J. PoSHNWALI) & Co's.
The place to buy your household
goods is at
I. 'Stern's.
Owing to the uncertainty of the
wheatlier in the evenings at Chis sea
son, theltev. II. Forester will have ser
vice at the Court House only in the
morning. Services at 10:30 a. m.
"Mrs. Walker could accommodate
two or three respectable day board
ers. Inqitire of A. O. 1'obbins, Baca
building for place of residence.
tY tinted.
A Partner in a Steam Saw Mill:
w il'u live or Six ox or mule teams; or
with money sufficient to buy them.
For any other information in regard
to the business inquire at this office.
IVw ni Danes Hull,
AVc under -and, that a little unplea
seutufss took place night before last at
dance hall on the South East corner
of the Plaza. Epifanio liaeu, being
a iittle under the influence of whiskey
got into some kind of an altercutio'n
with some Americaus when two or
three of the latter turned in and gave
the Mexican a very severe heating
and then threw- him out of the dance
The rain boom in Xew Mexico is
is just now commencing and it is time
that it should for it has been proceeded
by the Grant Tilden booms in the
Corn is now earning out in silk and
Lockhart & Co's. planing mill lias
started up.
A Carload of Denver Premium
Flour, to arrive to-day at
J. Posenwald & Co's.
Buy your clothing, boots, shoes and
hats of Isilmjh Sti;rx. lie gives yo
botter goods for tin; money than else
Las Vegas, ' Xew Mexico. , j '..'D-fOt.
i in-
IJusiness houses to the number of
twenty one front on railroad street
Center streets are lowei'down in numbers.
The population o í'Memphis has-been
red need to about 10,000, ot which over
11,800 are blacks.
Does a General
Advances charges on freight and collecting u delivery. A Careful and!
Prompt AMitJlion given to all b:i.':rfi -s intruded o my care.
Hu:i v trj
For Knlo.
A number one l i foot bar and Coun
ter for sale cheap; inquire of Frank
Ogden. Las Vegas, N. M.
New IIy for Sale.
At La Junta, X. M.
28-tf S. 15. Watrous & Son.
live :, IIiiib lii-wnid.
Strayed from Green's Ranch, one
painel poney mare, four years old,
four white teet, blaze in the face, dim
brand of letter 1). on near fore shoul
der, a little lame in near front foot.
I will pay the above reward for any
information that vill load to her re
covery. Leave, at Chicago Shoeing
Las Vegas, X. M.
AY. H. Carr sells '-Sweet Caporell,'
'JJurhain'' and "Happy Thoughts"
smoking Tobacco East Vegas. 4-1 w.
The world lienowned "Sultana'
ur.d "I Ionic circle"' cigars at W- .
Carrs. 4-lw.
Since hurting himself by falling
down stairs. Xcal Dow has dislocated
his shoulder while attempting to
board a train of cars. Temperauce
Men are coatinually tumbling about
and getting hurt.
, .
Henry Lesinsky has contracted
for fifty Chinamen to Avork on the
Clifton copper mine railroad. This
accounts for the large amount of
railroad iron which has boon roin
through here by freight wagons.
V The prliitf Fuinlly Sold .
We have reliable information that
a sale of the Hot Springs at this place
to the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
railroad company, was finally conti
mated yesterday. The deed was made
to A hi en Spear of Boston, Mass. The
consideration mentioned in the deed
is $12,000. The document wt under
stand was loft in escrow with Louis
Sulzbacher of this city.
This is certainly an "important epoch
for Las VcSas. It will ensure exten
sive advertising, the construction of
valuable improvements and give an
impetus to everything. We consider
that this insures a great future for
Las Vegas.
Mr. Booth the transfer man, reports
business irood.
; A train of 2ó cars loaded with mer
chandise came in htsr night drawn by
two engines.
Any daily you want for $1,25 per
month at IIkbüh's news depot.
; i J oí .
f ' ra v. " i ' 'i " ;
T "J, T
Within a very few weeks we
will move into our new building, in
order to move as few goods as possis
ble we will give especial inducements
SMITL & WJTTOX, Managers,
Born to the wif'o of Louis
Ilomniel, July 30th 1879, Tulose
X. M. a bo j'. Mother and child are
doing well.
A" large amount of wool is' being
shipped by Blanchard 8c Co. to Xew
York and Philadelphia.
The recent warm showers have en
abled the surrounding prairie to put
on a desirable coat of verdure.
l .
A beautiful spoemen of the Beatty j The fine mule train of Geo. Sails,
Piano, just received bv Chas. Bí.ax!'0' i from Camp Apache, Arizona,
, :., 41... i .. .. i es!.'nm
UilAlíiJ, vi no win prove iiitti ion
prices do not make an instrument
worthless. Call to see. it or. send for
Subscribers, in East Las Vegas, whom
the carrier may not find; can hereaf
ter get their papers by caj ling at Graaf
& Co's near the Depot This arrange
ment is made for the convenience of
of all concerned.
Mrayrd or Stolon.
Frnm nciir (Jreon'M much e:ist of L:is Vcirvs
Wedncscljy nifrht, .ruly, Sllih, 1ST9 a striwhorr,
l-oiin horse, IT) hands high, two hind fi';t wlii
pretty hlh ; hiandud W with ox yoke under
it, on left hip and shoulder; i about six years
old, has harness mark and middle marks; also
small whi'c star In forehead. A reward of $10
will he Riven for hto return to mo nt Ililiy Bros,
east ma Tejías, or $5 reward for information
leading to his recovery.
For Sale.
Chapman's Jianch, gancmllg known as JLtnultous, or Hatch's Rantli
A full and complete stock of
Will be kept at this store for the accommodation of the citizens at Chapvr
to and sin-rounding country.
Goods will be sold as cheap as they can be in anyplace in Xew jifsxiw
Wool, Hides and Stock taken in exchange for goods.
A First-class saw-mil. Known as the
I'iank books, stationeiy, pens, pen-
Tl Ko4 IVcoííly.
The Weekly Gazicttk this we;;k
presents a large amount of valuable
: reading matter, information, locj.l and
genera! news. There are over sixteen
(Is tti-l li.k at, East Vegas Stationery j columns of bourgeois type devoted to
li ml .Notion Store. 4-lw. ' reading milter, besides the advertise-
, , I nients whicii arc the best means of in
formation to sti-nnrers. This single
I'verv thing- tint the weary traveler
j issue will convey more knowledge of
wanis can tie obtained at the Oyster i i),, town, country and people ton pcr
Ii'iv Kcstauriiiit and Eating House oi son at a distanep th;in a hundred lel-
. !l ,J' ...1 , . I
Near Depot. tí.
send It to ail inquirers about New
Go to lli;i;i:n's news depot and get
Vuur iapers at publishers prices.
- If -3
Leslies, Police News, Gn-
II :i filer's
elle an 1 all i torals at ten cents at
Km:i:;:'k news tlepot.
Any Ihing in Ihe Gent's furnishing
line and at lov,' prices at.
. Is!l.Hll STKKX'S.
, -a-o-
Ir m rooting, the best made, better
mid cheaper than tin or shingles at
15 íjA n ci f a hd"s.
V!ien vou d 'sire to buy ?.l.mk
!'....)k, siafior.ery. Pc-n-. Pencils, Ink
( Wars and Tobncco, a full stook will
b I'.ri:!'.! at W. E. Carr's one door
we-i of Hilly lirn.. East Las Vegas.
!'ci' ad. in another column.
Kononcd I.iiEiibcr.
We now lnve on hand a complete
stock of seasoned Lumber andaré ad
ding to our stock daily.
Hurt: & Castle.
Railroad Ave. opposite Depot.
Mendenhall & Co. have a good Live
ry, Feed and Sale stable and corral,
ust north of Wagner's hotel where a
splendid turnout can be obtained at
a very reasonable, price for this latitu
de. They are gentlemanly anil prompt
and are obtaining, as they merit, a
large share of public patronage.
All kinds of tbie chewing and smok
ing tobacco at i.siDOR Stkiin'k.
A twenty-live horse jmwer mill, and in per
fect runiilns oritur. tJapaeiiy 15,'iCO"
feet per day. Will tell
to (rood parties. Call on or aildresiV
W. CUFEIX, Exchange Hold.
Las Vegas, X. 3Í. j-27-4w.
irtoí3tí-vxxTiM.t' Sa (Saloon,
Sojrietliin;; :rood to Di-inlc
Luni'li at any luiiir from!) til! 11 A. M.
Opnoflle llrowne Manzanares.
The Tecolote Sthük.
Tub Tecolote 8tokk,
U. 8. Forage Azzvuvy
5tc!o . 2SS. 2VT.,
Ts always supplied in'lh a. good as
sortment of General Merchaiuíis,
and having a large corral, good
stables, and abunda nee of for
age on haw1, ojiers the best
facilities to the traveling
Wholesale and Keini! Dealers in
Ck. fe 'i A k í 'i. ü j i ü i n L
Mouldings'Siding, Ceiling, Floor
ing, l'aints, and Oils. Glass, Pudd
ing Paper. Etc., Paint Prushes,
Plaster Paris, Plaster, Hair and
---. 1
Will Give Intimates on all Kinds of
"Y V15" rfc -4- r- -WO -M "Tl
í O i 15
.tí Si n
y. II. Kiaiii,
'1 iliiidad, Colorudo.
Tiie Coioiiiissiou housed al Otero
li'li! Il.'i l'li.oriw'cd tllMM' M'.lll will CVllMlll
tMpe & (VI le have received a big I ccNTRACTOFíS AMD BUILDERS.
l.Ul of Imiibcr bv mil from Collin A- ! Will li.' in l.as CL'is In n fl-w lil.VHi.ii'imr-
I c'l to no nil Kind 01 Work in Oieir une 1 pi 1. us 1
1 10 fiiil Hie tunes. '
(!ountry Dealers will do well to call on u. before purchasing Ebewhero.
R.MLP.O v) AVjv VXT L A VEi.!S, N. M,

í ' i vt .ni.-Ti'.;.,... Vi.mnni).s.l ur"- -'"oserioe loriiie (.axktth nnt
IT. L. Tmwi.r.u,
Otero. New Mexieo.
tiflón hundred feet fVom end to cud. 1 1!r,,s- 1iv,'r saw 11,ni

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