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flllltIV da vs.
t'ool nights.
Watermelons from Missouri! find
lio Pecos ti the mark M.
The T'Id (runde grapes heats .the
California art icio.
Cío and see I'M. and Judd at the Ex
tiauge llote' Ilsirber b'iop. S'J.-ti'
Haugitig lamps, hide lamps, fur fix
tures sit A. O. IIohjji x's.
Wanner weather than summer time.
Pueblo Indians back with a 6iipdn
of Hio (ininde fruit.
Mrs, DavidMiu who was injured
by being thrown from a wagon a I'mv,
dais ion received internal injuries
from whieli she N sti tiering severelv.
Lus Vegas nlumst hoc ins to havej
hoen cut off from civilization since
the long freight Indos h::Vi ceased o
wind down the nine mile hill.
Trinidad proposes to visit Vegas by
excursion some day soon. We must
b'i )ro)ared to show our neighbors
around and givotliom a favorably im
pression of this city.
A Urge auimiut of heavy timber
k.tv I at the uiiü in this part of the
count ry fur u-o in building 1 iridios
d i'iVü i li'f line ol" I he road is piled tip
in t'io mert.-d yard- at the depo.
Indian summer has set in and it
five.-, the distant mountains a blue and
mdlsiint outline amias .da: I, Twain
once s.iid io gives one a "vug.-ibuue
spirit.'' ' J
The crop of gras is the siior'c-d,
thi- year in New Mexico, that it has
boon for years. This is owing to the
exton-ivo drouth which has prevailed
the past summer.
Tho throe linn who were arrrsf od,
Tliui'sdav evening, for robbing the
coach last week, wore taken to Santa
!'' on yosierday mornings coach, to
beheld until such lime as their trials
can be had.
1 lie eo'.int y b i.ird ni'.'t at thu oface
of the clerk in the eouri hoiie yes.t r
day morning; The lloii. Uichai d Duiiu
mi l Hon. Uii'ael Lucero pre.-enl. Tne
day was mainly devoted to the I ra a -saetion
of Mich routine business a.
must be looked alter o erv iiioiith.
Mrs. English, wife of one of our
mochuuics in town died Thursday af
ternoon and was buried yesterday nf
ternood. She had been ill several
weeks, losing a very young babe nUoiii
anion hago. She leaves three small
MlivA. t. Wood e liters Iwv iwsv.
so hodi-ro.iui Monday loorning lóth.
ll wo! be. u lieu entirely cooipieteit a
Very commodious room Vr a school
of 2 to :JJ pupils. And M-iss Wooci'.i
iclioid promises so be a ul liable ad
dition to the caucalioual laciitiies ef
our town.
The depositions iu the Lindel! case
closed yesterday aftoruo,ou, alter u
protracted siege ofnua.'ly two weeks
and the taking of pages of evi
dence. This has been a loug weary -Koine
ease, at least, those who partici
pated in the actual work, of taking
these depositions, think so.
Auction! Auction!.
Don't forget to attend the auction
ih'.c of Barth & Woodward's on the
cast side to-day at 2, l M., where they
vv ill sell some valuable Horses, wagons
ork harnisses, (imw, Fistols, tlolk
hig, furniture, &c Ac. Come ono nnd
nil and secure bargains.
PiOokiitrg ívn t'm tracks fro i tlio
det v uooui a third of a mil;) is idled
ul witn raiU, lies, kegs of sp.k -s,
Iritlge timltccs, auil inis( ellaneoHs
arlioios used in tlio road bidding.
1 'nek laying will begin in. a wi idior
o, but tlu; coiUraufor wlia ?ia-d ihe
job lias given up the contract the
eoiupuuy w o do ihu work aud uiil
not I'Usi'i it very rapidly.
" One of tile t:rs- things the average
citizens purchase w lion piopanngio
come wo.M is a icvidvcr miu guu and.
the first ihimr x .winds loiiunner
getting liit: 'is to iBposo of ai-:iio-ty.
Ol eouiM' the bo;-4 nt 'ho j.iuaii U
h'iW have plenty o lire1 hiui to sel!
pni they have g od ones wbieli wid
iuibi ibv iU'd nbo really want; to
0 hi.ntiuii to puppl) iduitttb ut r.ci-!
...i liare gone to
.a Fu on their way to
Ilia Daily GAZKrrn: of Friday
morning gave a brief statement cf tin
fact that three men bad been arrested
for the recent stage rob bo ry but owing
to late hour nt which the arrest was
made did not give any particulars.
Charles Adams, fpo t;d igont oftlu:
post office department came in Iron.
Denver on the Thin d -.y morning's
train and put himself in f ntntiniea
lion with officials hero a:; the detec
tive who lias been v orking up the
case. Webb was one of th' proprietor
of the Saloon on LY-uter Street where
he was arre-ted and v, e dealing keno
when collared." It is reported that he
was terribly seared, and la it, he was
really wanted on a r.'mrg" of having
be n engaged in a nt u; r i a '1 exas.
I'he meu bearing Ihe euphonious titles
of II. tí. Jack and "Slap Jack iii'.l, flu
pride of the l'.ui I Iau.ll.., are gambler?1
who came, from Uicro some weeks
ago. They are origin from Texas
and are classed as though citizen-. A
good deal of sympathy i-; cxpiv.--n-d
for -ebl) by meo who lua w bun a'id
t hey itniibi mily exj!'"ss -he opinion
that hois not guilty of the stage rob
bery, but Mr. Parker identifies him.
asth i man who hired the- buggy the
evening of the robbery. Mr. ?:ndei'
sou of company also i;b -n! iiics one of
the menas being present on thai ex
citing occasion. Th! o floors who
made Ihe arrest evidently uailers'ooii
their biuiiih'ss d; they mk their men
without creating any coiií'.ímoíis t!r
prisoners wotre kept at the hotel :ii.
night and in the m.ini..t '.!r,'o-d for1
aula l"'e and a hearing ;u í ho Uiiiieii i
S.ales L'oiirts. j
Tío; ' ei kly (ÍAa í which will lie
issued to day .8 isp..c...ily valuable io.i I
iiie ixlent and var.i i v of its locii-j
a-jv.'s. It wdl also givo a su.o..; ay ,
e- aeral u-.'v. 1. r--on wi -ning to
... . '
give l!ilorii.".íoll Cüliee; :i;Jig iio- e;...ui- '
liy to I heir Iriend-; iu liie east slomiii I
ihem copies of loo Vi.-lly Cía-I
Last evening Mrs. ;'a .! bis cm
barked for Las Y ogt-s. -o;vii '.:
'!ivi)i(,-e suit in the h oris ot iiei ii i-u-aes.
The "old iu ui" was .en .iih
grieved to see fiei go, and made a
public as of iiiin-idt'b;. i i!.; i;ií.i.ii.-f
iowu io. the traiu. lie Ii.im d m ((
his wife go. bul hi t e;s LVjiiiicd b '
l.ttle. The chihlicn w're m j ar.ned
Mrs. I. lakiug the younger v. .til h r.
Let the veil ofe'iaruy be u ro, o i.vei
the scone, and thereby hide I . k 1 1 u -
ti his journey alone tliroiigh lhi- a:e
of tears. 'J"iiithln I A '.'.tin.
Mattresses on h . ud or i i.ie to or
der by A. O. lioin. í.h iu tne Lata
J. V. Sellar L'scj-. hm iiiiiod from his.
triplo the north, ThiWMlay i:gl.t
Mr. A. (. livi i" '( the . ni of Ir
vit.e & .Molvon:- '!,", uvrc'inr.i- of aiii
Fe cune in I y o tn-.ii esleí. lay.
Miss Kfito 'ferry, (be ac coip is! cd
and haiiiisouie si -; i . ,J.. t.r,v i
wa atnoiiy the ar i vals bj t:.u I ur-
day. She is sojoiiri.ii: ,f ai n.e Spr..ig.-.
For some tiioe past oure. I hens 'vo
eoutempa.iMl an oxc!irs,, i,v r the
banana line to Vegas, bur for w.ini o
a leader the enterprise never eauie u
maturity. I-asl nght i!e AVv wa
callod upon by Mr. A. L. tides, of Mk
Const ruction compan v. who is an lt
excursion. inaiiarov- lb Ins i'n no
over the fine and has n-eeived (aor
able rales from tno o-iiernl paseen, '. r
iireut, so that, a cheap oxe irsom tr.
Vegas. is-possible, if a sullieienr num
ber can be indued to pa-rouize it.
The rates will be low much less then
the regular fare ono May. Th" sale
of tickets will be so arranged that in
eae of a fabure on the part of the
manager to geti the I rain. of!, the, nun
oy will be refunded nl the ticket fliee.
Sir. (Jilos went soiMh h)-day. i.n;l v.dll
rot urn Saturday, when lina'! arrange
ments will bo completed a Ltl'0 dalo
sot. Got. ready for the Vega evcui
sion nnd depend upon Ihe s'oce.s of
the undertaking. Ti-hthln-l AV.e.v.
Co to Mexdkmial;. & Co. for a
good livery rig.
Otic-i"a " hen (imi. Ganoid' vü
bus dy ongageil at his desk oi t:u
house of representativos, nuni r ,'H
cards wore sent to him. He In m i)u
impatient and told the- niessoiig- r l.c
couJd not rcueivi anv tu';',, as h-
tine was engaged. " Woli,"" -aid t ir
messenger; "ilm genlleinaii that mj
u. this cuttdHÜd that he desired ven
to lo,k at it." Garlield did so. wh, I
ho saw upon it this: "The man 'il iit
s dd you fiiil." The general uy: "I
viM-iti d my Koat long enough lo see
bal inaii,land I Would go !modis
luiice to see him agaHf" Hill yu
iienrral Garfield's wur-liórt.e througl:
ouJL the war..
TJirre good bnkrrs ii.imcrttV.rly at
the Ln Vegas llakery .iud Iít-staurant
(woblouka south of the Exchange
Kelly & Tod 1 Ueutists, will be pre
pared to open their office in the Data
building on Monday next.
Sopt. 12-St.
'isNjinNitAM, & Co. havo Horses,
Mules and Vr'ngons for Hile.
l'or Furniture go to ItoimiNs in the
P.aca building.
Jt Rrreivetl.
A car load of Shingles and Flooring
by Lkavitt & Watson,
Fast Las Vega s
For a good shave go to Judd's Bar
er shop, at the Exchange Hotel. 22.-1 v
J list Itoeoi vol.
By Hopper Brothers, oast side, a car
load d' Fresh Butter, eggs, chickens,
meat and country product. 3i-.'it.
A door key foun.l a tew das si neo
ha b::eu left at this otilee.
fon- Suit1.
2 j bond of eat lie. Address Mrs. Y
KoLii. Las Vegas, X.M. 2--If.
Xot oe.
All notices for iho Weekly G S5etth,
mu: horealtor, he handed in by Fri
day 10 o'clock, as tlie paper goes to
i.vf-s in 1 lie afloriioou.
dcjuor.i and Cigars at.
A DoiiKii & Fuimuman's.
X ii iiidicc liccr.
On tap V"aí:nki:'s IIitit
of all kinds can be had at
Ciia.s. IIani.s.
oppoiito !'". S':;'il's dwoHiii'i".
Two good e:.rpenters by.
.tw Ifis.v fur Mklt.
At La Junta, N. M.
if S. B. Walrotis & Son.
W. II. fell U IT.
DlilLWl IN
Bar Iron of All Sizes ;
English Cast Si eel
for Drills,
Plow Steely
Chains, Júiís
and Washers.
All kinds of Wagon and Carriage
O 12 3D
From Nov Mexir-o and asljaeent Ter
ritories promptly tilled.
A r. .V.
Grand View Hotel
South SixonI Street;
LAS VEGAe - - K. ivl.
Or J. K. SUTFIN, Proprietor,
T. A. iOMES - - Manager.
Beernt additions to this House
m ikes it the
Largest and Best Hold
iu the Territory.
The Sir jin Rooms.
Are on the Second Floor, and are
airy, clean and comfortable
and have ported ven
tilation. w ho has charge of t he
l,11. "u ur V '."o
"l' 'v-'ugboon eonaieod w,,h
I HI! COIl 1 lllilil 1111(1 1 n ilMIIK lHJISi;t
Chiciiüw, nnd he Hnilroail Kating
House at Lakiu, Jvansas. .
Tl4UiH Tor Uiu House to and froui the
ICJ.The cnmplftion of the Atchion Topeka & Sintn Fe It iltro(t t- La ' na.t fi Ttt
Sii-ii.-( and Hie la.rt lh:t iliey. tne rn:.itl or-ioraliiiii oi Hie as-, tuve ruvntly hccmniíicfl
cis of ihi'ac .si.rin-i, their io lev iimnji to i -if no nuwiey to nukotlic poa i t ..tu idu c. km i
lunii.-hiiiiiii f Uoit'l muí liuili HCfoiiiinothillons to nieia the i'emm-i (-1 tiidr v itr ms. Ur mve
iriMiid hVstim ol lcrtMiiii, iikI Ilm lilierai spirit Unit tin;.' civ- nly -h ov.i 0 vif 1 t he irr
ilu imlill.i, iii ikeslt mi in-eoin;.lili.-(l fact lliat ihe Hot Snrinsi of Ntr.v MüX ci i tWi'i.ieU U r
uoiiio lheL'ietil Siniiliu iiim ami loniH liesu-tln AiiK'-iu.i.
Him ki i,iiikIs nt lhcsi.i ii.Ks Ikh lict'ii httd out In lot mid Biki to hint the want or th tommr,
leamnu. mi heal U sikci. the ailiiU-t, unit ull who want ii (li-inihle il-r to live where
h!-iltli iiml jiooU mx Umv nin be ohMmed. 'i'lii'su lulu boin l'.ii4 tiusii4 nnd rui-uU'iiOv ii now of-lei-uil
lor ulu ui very uiaonalilc in-ice. 'ihute
Remarkable Springs
illhonsh ftnttl within fowveariconivMirntlvply nnkriown to tlw onoi 'c xv irhl, Vnv a toral irpt. .
lalion winch nnifdiiie- the piuMMil i-ennii v . mid frviu tiiim iiuiimviul tr.isr lieci itim red In mh I fie
Ureal MImiiiii" In the nlive ol iIiih Territory. '1 he nilni-i-ul c. in-íti'm-mil Oí w:tt'-ix'l"M!. y
i-cM iuhli! tliohe ol ihe Hoi SpUiifisi f Ai km wic, muí tho Iiiiikhis Tlici -oil Sprint. - t I uv..jn
l lie l'l. tiers in the alle oi Im- lilnne, Pi. it '.he J'loliil.H-M'n. Uiu l"'l""!'i '"-" ol 1' u ice, hsiimij-
in Uiu vallev ol the Vovs M iiihl!iiii, and the l.eux n Ihe pi.' .Iiim -'(i' viilli-j at tne tut !!!
i a,s oíd- Iho tieiiiii.l Juoi.iiU.lns. Al lliese sjiiliiS tliuuaaniU of mvii. lus vi K mim.llj , nnd at
Cnred of the Diseases of the Blood
Skni.-toTYVicli pm-alvs'j, pout, rl ojimtif m, pno-H, CiUiirvh, and lenia'e oomplai-it l.v l.nlh I
a ..I -li inkiiiUthe wali r. I'mple vi.-imiK Uiell.d Si vil.gx o New Jlexico hi.v lveii cure , I all
Hi.- -iUovb ill o:in, i.nl fvoii more. It i the invalids pmiidl e. l lieieat Mn.a n, .i.i.i . f U..
vw.rld for hmg .ii-ea-e-i. flu; alinosei-e is eltai-a-ud dry, and puliiiwiiaiy in.d n i.imi.iUo. Wit
llaints aro sonreclv known.
The iiroporiion'ot'dealhs from consmnption here being smaller than in any
state or territory in the Union. The mean annual temperature at then- II. I
Springs is óO o i'ahr. being at n elevation of nearly ti 100 i'ooi. ;Hinnei
are cool, nights from mo to fit) o , and the winter-, are remarkably mild and
dry, the temporal nre seldom falling below the treozing point. The rainy
scitson is in .lulv and Atrcrust. These Springs are heated in about .o degr.-cs
-.1' north lalilud'e, which makes the climate mild and torn pea lure unmarkodi
hv extremes either of heat orcold. Tlie bracing air, its mountains. ihe gor
g. i:is pieturofr-quenors of its canyons an 1 v:,ile s eoiiibine to make it one of
tho most pleasant ve-ons I'nr 1t.iiri.-is. Oi. v ;5ii hours ride i'roiu St. Lutii--Al'ler
leaving La dnnta. Colorado, until rem -long the Spring- the Iravold
soos sjiroad before him a va.-t panorania of uio iul.-.di. valley, and rot-ky eiui
vois, s-i rot ohin hundreds of mil of. No b.-ilor 'b-tee can- be fot?nd for th
stiick-oTower to live and raise his famllv then fat ihv sprigs. .
With Mi of the above advantages the dullest of eonvpivheH-doir cannot tail
to see the ad vantM-o of a-n early in vest neut iu vroporly in and about tin
Springs, as there are but a few' hundred lots for sale, and they will .oo
largely enhance in value from the prices now afted-
A Word to tho wise is Sufficient.
Write or call at our offioí in the Dstn building in Las Yogas, or at th
Spne.gs. WÍLL9 BKEflZER & CO.
r 1 1 1 1 ii o o í
On Rairoai Avenue, ('ijste Warehonte Browne $ Mannzare,
East Las Vegas, - 1L IK
SIIOMXfi a K'iiaUy. Wilt shoo ill all 5 ir-iw iitut nn les vvi'ib "inTiife.ipd ffci-1 trtt, in tk
inocl jdiisiaiiti il manner., l lalli muí fancy a.i-ii, wmii.o I jihi.i; or intuí I'ei inji.
Will jiive spceial iilti HJion to nil kind.-, of I! A' Iv .n:-l K RnifMiK V-Xi' Will ret tivP8 vvilh
.ni; OI-.I.Í. y ..i (.i.m.e to w heel.,. ili . e: iixu--.,' c(:a'..iile ini. i!i.'- that c.a ion ti.ll lo mw
n Ihe ini-1 (terleci ir.an'ii f niilei-.'t-e-i k oc 1 1 iJ A V Y I- I : 'I ISO un 1 lí A i OliM
.il iii a on liainl. Wui oí .iiintec .-a iitai i e n m ji ins io.u v. ..i kimii.siiiu.
Does a GencraA
Advances-charges on freight and collecting on delivery. A CH( iv.l
Prompt Attention given to all business intrusted to my care.
Dealer in
- SoITcits share of Public Patronage.
Mining Exchange Building,
rf iw
Tfl, WAliON AM) OUT-
Transfer Co

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