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VOL. 1
NO 5M.
v . '., ,-r f ,
íl Jo
2 i
Las Vegas Daily Gazette..
.1. II. UOOÍil.Kif. i:Uíor.
TUiii of f lie Tide.
'I Le reports from.t he ,?c;i board cities
continue very laborable. On Saturday
in) fewer (han seven steamships
sailed for Lurope from Xew York, all
heavilv loaded with domestic produ
ce. The foreign Irado returns l'or
August filo very favorable. The .im
portations show a gain' on account of
the receipts of gold, while the exports
a:;e within of the enormous
exportation? ol' August 178. and fe'
larger than those" of 177. The total
shipments from New York,' exclusive
oí specie, for tho eight months ending
with August, art: about thirteen million-;
le-s than the hdiivy shipments
for tho first eight mouth' of last year
but sinnv a grain of thirty-nine million-,
over the same period of 1877,
ftmy-üve millions over 1S76, and sixty-two
millions over J.87Ó.
Kc.vipl.s of gold were $612,000 at
Xew York. This makes over ouu mil
lion received the first two (lavs of
this week. The-imports Inst avocU
were .0:l.i,00;), of which $8,600,000 jvíis
(ieuo-iteii in tho Assay OlhVo for re-e:iu:ig-;.
Tl'.er j v, eré iOtX,ÜO0'-" re-,
enved in A ugust; thoWreoeipis this
month have been more thati $13,00!).
00) and about !'8,O0Ü,0üO. moro arc on,
the way.
Projects ? Sill ín ihii-e
The nations of Western lOurope.arr.
irreatlv ex'ircis(.yJ.o.ver tho atitudoof
11 t--la. Thai pover has been .making
preparations for war. but' whether
with the Chinese in the heart of Asia
th Pri!i -h in India, or with Austria
or ( i'iu:i!iy at li inuo one can tell
The Nihili-u agKation i.-; so constant
and o (hiugc-uus that a foreign war
giving an opportunity for these rest
less spirit-; to expend their desire for
blood letting on public enemies would
be a gnat 'v'ueiil to the rulers of that
country, Cermany au.l llussia were
preieu.ling to quarrel then ail diflieul-
ties were apparently . semeu. inc
threatened war with China was com
priunis.'d lius-ia getting the best, of
ih'j bargain. Now Austria is excited
and evidently beliefs that flic is to
h;i the u.'ixt object of altaek. It is
withiu the bonds of probability that
, i i i r i ' i
(jeruiany and Russia mny combine to
di-meniber Austria, (iermaiiy to have
llietrerman Siieakin' provinces of
Austria and liu -sia taking those to
the north and east of Hungary, forcing
Austria down i Uc the newly conquer
cd Turkish provinces ; and making.
Hungary the chief power in t'r.at oddly
oou-jtraeted empire. It would ,. bo a
rrand thin;; for Austria and IJussia
and mi.iht be the means of buildln.!,'
u) a r:fcai empire on the warring
discordant elements south of llung-a-'
ry. 1 '
tJ o
The demand in Great V ntain
tor American p. o. an
tens' v
ajijars to l-.e jjcowitig more ox
e. ( ) vcrrl o wi a.fivigh t cargoes
eoiiliiMKi to bo eutovcr there and I lie
number of steamships en'ai;'ed in Ira
1ic constantly increases. Twelve ben
vilv loaded steamers lelt Xer York
Saturday. The yraiu shipments ex
ceeded those ot any previous , single
ay, bi.'in;
fivo "hundred thousand
Gen. Shrri! a i will call a meeting
-.!" the society of the Army of the Ten
i,( ssee in Chicago for ovcmber 5.
When according to the present pro
gramme (J ran I. is to be there. '1 his is
probahly intended to nod strength to
Hi!- grant boom. Tho army associa
Louí sliicij íbewar hale ben moro
n ditical than soe'ed and beneficial and
this one with Sherman .at Hie head
appears to be no exception to the
i ule. . ... " ,
A tew weiks ago tlie papers coi -tailed
thetaktieuln s of a scandal, in
wli'ch tli-( u9mi5 of ilie Jlcv..V;pV.
Thonipsoii 'of' Now Ycrli was us'1,
the wQUiau in iho rase being tl e wite
of Hooker Do Land pi' (irntul Haven
Michigan. Dr. Thompson has just
died in Kugland, it is said killed by
the wicked scandal.
s::LutT2í- or teaciiehs.
Proceedings ,of f he--Board
Schuol Commissioners.
The School Commissioners met
Monday of this week, present lion.
Jose llafael Lucero, president pro
tempore ami Ksmerijildo Vi-il, mem
ber; J. M. Tafoya clerk and ilanuel C.
do I'aea deputy Sheriff. '1 hey adjourn
ed in order to give time for all the
commissioners to be present. -'
Oif the 23 d, -the Commissioners
aain met with the same members
present as the day previous with the
addition of the lueuibers Pablo'Aiiaya
and Jose Maria Ihica.
' The coiniVi'iPsionefs first proceeded
lo' adopt rules and regulations for
the establishment of pniic schools in
tne county ol' San Miguvd. it was re
solved that the Same be published rvud
a copy thereof be sent to the Justices
of the Peace of each jprecinct of the
county for their government and man
agement. Tho followinii jiersons Avere
8?lecte'd 'tis teachers jf the different
precincts tlio county viz:
1.03 Jacales.- Domingo JNtoore;
Chnjtemto.'" " V. De Trujillo;
Knetlxis gas, V. Fr-McKnrman;
Tecolote: ih-cdaiio Garcia;
Two pri-pihclVof IasyVegas, The Je-
suit Fathers and iiev. J. A. Annin,
' for thelboys ' and the Sisters of Lo-
retto for the girls.: j.,
I'uerto de fjuna, John Ferris:
Pecos, . Gregorio Harcla;
Cpper Vegas, O. II. llobbs;
Snnia llosa, Carlos Casados del
Ndudo; .
Anton Chito;
San Miguel,
La Cuesta,
Las Colonias,
'anuel Sahizar;
üamon Vigil;
Jose Manuel Lcdva;
Miguel Koniero;
Jose Manuel Vigil:
Dolores Gallegos;
Sar, Jose, llamón Ortiz;
Hincón Tecolote Faigenio líudolph,
Joüa Larga, Juan M. Cabeza de
The meeting was then adjourned
until the 25th int.
. , -9 -- - : '
HiiJom for 3s savorenioit ul'gmblic
SiiKtol- I:j flic -Mi(ií y of San
Si i SMJ1M.
We the undersigned commissioners
of public schools oí' 1 he county of San
Miguel in session this :.3 of September
1S71,'; adopt the following rules for the
"veru.nent of the )ubiie schools the
(joining year:
1. The schools shall be opened the
first Monday oí Xovetuber next, in all
'the 'precincts of The county, at the
most central point of each precinct, as
the commission may determine in the
place where are the greatest: number of
2. In order to prevent an increase
of the debt of . the school fund, the
schools shall rdntain open f or a period
of three months; and if at. the end of
thai time, the commission find that
there are sm'licient funds in the Trea
sury the schools will be Continued for
a longe .''period as' the commissioners
may hereafter determine, or may be
able, to secure pavmejrt of teachers
without l.-"iing bonds which caui.o;
be immediately redeemed.
:. To 'provide these i'.i:ids, tho
' commissioners of public "schools have
required the codéelo: of the county to
present a faithful account, of the pi.b
lic school money; and the' justices of
the Peace of each precinct are hereby
required to..order the constables cf
e u;li prc.eWt to gi vq bonds' for the
scrupulous collection of the cgpitation
tax. There should not be a citizen
Wh) Wot'ild V(!f Vi?e to pay the iisignili-
cant sum of ;'0 cents each, when it is
known that tins m'ouey iis etnployed
for the (aithlulcduiaiU'.)!) of the youth.
f -i. The constables should bo obliged
to ctiforce the law against those who
refuse lo pay this capitutioii accord
ing t'oji'e ilfth secliüiV o t ' tlZd .Vi-lmol
law. This is ordered for the public
benef t. .. . , ,v w . 'f
It.,'- Heads of families arc at liberty
to sVn'4 tbeii' thiltlriiu to' ay school
established . iu any I precinct of the
county;' bnt no teacher hall have ad
ditional pay incase children of other
precinct attend the y I mo I.
i ti. hi aceordaticu with the wishes
of many in precincts numbers 6 and 26
iu the town of Las Vegas the school
for girls shall be confided to the sisters
of Lorcto it they will take charge of
it, to be held in the public school house
constructed for this purpose or in any
other placp they may judge most con
venient. 7. For the same object and to avoid
objections in tho two precincts - above
mentioned, two schools will be open
ed for boys, one of which shall be un
der the direction of I'cv. J. A, Annin
the other under the direction of the
Jesuit Fathers of Las Vegas.
8. Whatever may be the religious
belief of the teachers, they aro. prohi
bited each and all from controlling
tho consciences of their pupils. Thus,
if the teacher is a catholic, he shall
not teach the catholic catechism to
protestant children' or children of asy
faith; and if the teacher is a protestant
he shall not tench bis catechism to the
catholic pupils, not even ifthe parents
guardians or tutors require it.,
9. At tho" end, of three months each
teacher shall render a "report "of the
names and residence of the pupils of
his school", branches taught and iro-
gross of tne pupils. ' - " " ' ';
: 10. At the end of ho session v the
school, Í it is. posís'ñde, the te.ac?r
tdiall ii'ive a public examination, by
Avhich the parents .-in ay inform flie-ii,-selves
of the progress of their chil
dren. ' ' ' ! ' i : '
11. The Justice of the Peace of each
precinct is the inspector of the schools
of his precinct and shall take care that
the teacher in bis precinct complies'
scrupulously with his duLies; and in
ease t he conduct of the teacher is im
proper, the Justice of ifie l'eaco sliali
call a mcetiifg of 'the people' of 'his
irecinci and determine by means of a
vote or otherwise -what is the ber-t to
be dono and the . substitution of a
teacher to then teach the school.
12. The Justices of the Teace. on
the receipt, of 'these, regulations shall
call a meeting in his precinct, to ; give
instructions to them and provide for
the selection of a person, callable and
hmir-st, to discharge the' duties of
tea dier and ask ihcVmblic to construct
a commodious place for the:'usef ;the
Fuch one of the nrcciicts are
authorized, where they have, no school
houses to procure a commodious room,
in the most eonwnionti place for this
nurnose. the rent not to exceed o.Otl
1 i
in cas;: the liberalit v of the inhabitant
of the precinct do not offer it free.
ID. Fach one of the preceptors of
said schools aro entitled to r salary of
is'.'iO per month which Jshall be paid in
legal money of the United Siaees from
tne sciiooi lunii every inree montiis.
15i,.Jn view of the bnv condition of
tho school fund, 1he cominissio'ners
have limited thu amount to -S.'IO per
month in each precinct except in pre
cincts .ri md "Jo where ó() cents per
montli for every boy or girl s!i:d! lx
paid. In the other precincts all heads
of families, desiriugthc public wvltiirc,
are suplicated bv us ,lo confribiiie an
additional sum to tin; preceptor.
Tli. Fachureceptor before eut'erir.g'
upon his dm ies v, ill take and subscribe
an oath before the Tust'ce of the,
cace oL.iiis )rcc:iii:i.. to tithliiMv
comply witü loe iiuln
(!(1 tOi
linn lis receptor oí rniüc
' the
I his oatii 'shall be: remilt"d
coensel ol' i'i'"iect ors at this oíliííe for
tin if a!proval. ' '
It sliail be t;e dritv of each Dreeep
tr iuniiedia'ely alter having taken
the oatli refijred.to estnblidi Ms rules
foe the government of the sc'rooFi'tnil
lu t them uji in the school room w hero
the pupils can read and understand
them. , ' .. :;"'" V ';. .'' ' ,
PS, Each teacher is required "to bold
school everv dav cvceiU Sundav dur-
v. -i tie luurrj .tf-taWisli'd i)v;tjie rules
I teach with caro and
omv.eneo Ills
pipols the rudiments o. reaunig ami
vriiiugjf;';j:i'! vs'
( .'.Tit OK PlüX'vi'TOK.
Territory of Xew Mexico, nouny of
San Miguel - . - -
1 having been elected and
e lulirnicd teacher (f the public ndioo
in prerint't ?.o. i county and Ter
ritory aforesaid, do olemíy swear be
fore Almighty God that I will obla
dle constitution of the United States
ami comply with thc14duties. .required
of instructors of 'Iho 'public' du ols
- ... .i i...! i .... . i
in thecountv of Sau Mi-uel and tc-
iu un uniin oi o.iu ,wi uti ami .it-
cording to law, to the best of my abi.
litv, sodielp me C!od , ,
Witness our hands and official S9i;l(
this '21th of September 1879.
- i r. c Fresidcut pro t emporc.
IlERMKNKJinDO VlCilli i '
Josio M AiiiA Haca,
Members of the Commission
Jesus' Ma. Takoya,
' ' i . ' Clerk. .
. , , , n .
A correspondence in which possi
bly the Public may have some inter
est and possibly not.
Las Vegas X. M. Sept. 25, 1879.
lion Hev. J, Annin,
. Sir: The court of honorablc commis
sioners of schools'of this eountvhavc
had the honor to nominate and accept
the nomination of yourself as Teacher
of the Public Schools for tho Precincts
Nos. 5 ami 26 of trds county, and they
desire "to Tctiow Si you wilFliave the
goodness to, . accept the nomination,
receiving as compensation for'' your
services 60 cts a month for each pu
pil. ,". . , . . , .
, Awaiting your answer as y'owr ear
liest possible conyeniencc, I remain. .
! Yory respectfully
l!y order oí the School Conimis-
sio'iiers. s jKSfs 'Al. J ai-'OTA.
.', Fscribano,
is VegiM?. (Pept 2"y 79 :
S e n o r J c s ú s M a . ' Ta f o ya M y D c a r
Sir... 1 have the honor to say very re
spect fully that it is out of my power
to acceptoMie,, nomination -as Teacher
eto v.erv siucerelv vours.H"' ', L
J. A. A:min.
The i!oxi-u
For the past week this vicinit v has
Lb( en great! v excited over ti c startling
ruuibrs that,!, have, 'reached us from
Parras,: Mexico, of the wonderful dis
covery of the immense yield of gold
found in the Mine Mojiu'to. The De
mocrat, has carefully noted these re
ports, bul, preferred to keen silent,
concerning them till scuiething
definite could be learned.. Wednes
day the specie train trum Saltillo ar
rive at Malamoras in charge of Don
Daniel Sadi, who is a gentleman of
reliability, and who, front his con
neelion with pro.s)ectors and miners
at Parras, is capable of furnishing an
intelligent report of that wonderful
conutrjv V Democrat, reporter inter
viewed Señor ijada ami horned. that
the report;! that had preceded him
were not fabulous .or exaggerated:
but that the mine is really worth all
that has deen claimed for" it that it,
pans out rich . beyond all expectation.
x.s to the rep'ort'that thirty men took'
out 'i,C00.00u in, twenty six day.-,
Señor Sada says hits not prepared to
confirm, but that the mine yields i in
meirsely ' ho has ample proof, and
known that a moral a Mcxhrau nose
hag for feeding mules and containing
about sixty pounds', is worth :''M.i on
account a: its richness. lie says that
laborers are flocking to the mines from
the surrounding country, which is
largely agricultural, and that jt is
iiiípo'ssáble to gather the crops hi con
sequence. The mines resemble those
of Loadvillc in i'ing of easy digging,
the gold being. inainly on the surface.
St ni uxo For tj: ;: s .v" 1).
The mine. Mojado, ace r. ling. to a
tliifp before us; is located mt the boun
dary liue-i oft he three'stidiV. Duran
go, (.'oahr.uil.i and ( 'Ir.huahiia, bin
Duraiig:) lays claim to.it.entirejy, ,and
a ?-e ere contest has a ! r;-ad'v taken pla
ce between tl.e three stales mimed
'or its os'T's-don,' and much blood
lias' been died by the res e -live siates'
police authorities. l'ecei.íiy the go
ten'.ment has taken possession of" it
liiiiil such lime as a si-rvey shall be
made dellniiely locating it, a line ne-1
ver having boo a drawn"
"From an old and" trustworthy re.-!
dent we learn the following: " j
In lSio.'J Leroy Los.', win I known iu
th. s lection as the brother of Judge
Ilossc, of the It:o (irande disiiitu
courrs, returned to his home Irom a
loifgcxpcrienco, in the gold mines in
California, lie had nor been success
ful iu his search for gold on the Pacific
Coast, and his brother persuaded him
to settle down on the macho oriefMas
between here and Santa Maria' While
located here, two Mexican one night
stole two of his horses and lied. The
alarm was given, and Mr. Hcose and a
Mexhst! servant wouuici! theirhorsos
and started in hot ,utrsuit. TheA
overtook' -i he . inarauders and firell
at them, killi'ng one' of the thieves.
i . . . i ... . i i . .. i
i-1 H'lios oí i nu niurdcri (i man -wore
out u warrant, and lie Was; liken Juto
custody. His brother, the judge, was
in Calvcston at tho time, aiid hi v .t
po cue to look after ins in i crust..,
erosseit the tiver to Matamoras will
. his failhtlll servant Sitmiocnl. (r
" "n ,,,1"l.1,',';,i",'.; eotild not
uillellv await lhiiiiiu do tr hi ..i,.l
his old mania for mine prospecting:
came upon him. and he started out
with his servant and piVueeded to
Chihuahua. They prosecuted tlcir
scarch until they "reached Parras, in
the state of (Coahui!a. While explor
ing here they found in a mountain
stream great quantities of gold. They'
proceeded to work it, and while wash
ing out the dust with tin cups -tho
only implements thev had they were
surprised by the Imtiiins and forced
to leave. They were driven into tho
mountains. where they were obliged
to subsist upon the fruit of the nopal
(prickly per). As soon as possible
they returned home and reported their
wonderful discovery, showing to their
friends the rich samples they had se
cured. Col. Jas. II. Durst was then
collector ot customs for this port. He,
manifested great interest in the mat
ter, and suggested that Fosse return
and prosecute his investigation furtn
er, and if it proved all that it promis
ed he would raise 100 men, or more if
necessary, to keep the Indians away
while it could be worked; Mr. llos-e-went,
but found so many Indians
about it that ho could not approach
it. Ho. was compelled to return to at
tend his caso in court, and before he
could again undertake his journey
was attacked with yellow, fever and
died. For a time the mine was kept
in sight, but eventually forgotten,
I Us servant. Sandoval, after remaining
here a number of years and talking of
lhc'gfoat mine; joined MiurN'eliy's eom-
niaiHi and died m San Antonio two
years ago of consumption about tl e
same time that his commander died in
Washington. All recollections of the
mine died with him.
'5 About two months ago. it wili be
vejuc.nberod, a wonderful .-ilver mine
w'ns found iu a Mountain called "the
Ylajofla," in the same corner of the
three states mentioned. The diseov
ry created considerable excitement
and very many people, flocked to the
new mine. The ore' proved to be fa
bulously rich and han continued to
grow m popularity, it ñas developed
far richer leads than Leadville Very
recently, whi'e speculators and miners
were en route to the mine, Ma'Udo,
froniMonclovn, traveling over the
mountains -accidentally discoverd t ra
ces of gold in crossing a strean .
Closer examination deorvjed iargv
quantities, and they have rvsu lied in.
irn'ding what is claimed th; bent pav
ing veins in 1 he world.
The fever has. reached Matamoros
and luii created great 'excitement , a -it.
has in our own city. From authen
tic reports wo barn the price ofr'ü
sorts of provisions is enormously
high, and articles of food command
any price askod: in fact it is annhe.r
Leadville, and' will ' soon beiwuie as
popular as that famous field, .-onie
merchants of Niatamoros are bi-:il t;v
send a train of provisions to Majuibv
an expect to realize large profit.-!.
This wonderlul mine will doubtless
prove to be but one of many siirrond
H and the inqury will bo made as to
its distance. It is 120 b'tigue., from
Saltillo, and the distance trot; here to
is i-aine, making 720 miles to the ileld
of the greatest gold honar.za ever dis
covered. Wo shall await anxiety fur
ther developments of the mino Cat,
has created so great a furore so soon
after its discovery. Tere
pear to be ''millions iu it.'
.-.Q I
Gcn. (j rant is- receiving the honors
juirtly duo to a man who lets his c d
speuK in place of words.
. .
rand iew Eotel
flout h Second Street,
Dr. J. H. SUTFtN.
a i
Ilecent additions to this
makes it the
Largest and Best Hotel
' in the Territory.
Thtt Sleeping Rooms
Arc on the Second Floor, nnd are
airy, clean and comfortable
and have perfect ven
tilation. 2? XX 33 T A X3 Xi 33 "
; , Is well stiiipliel wnh '!
The Best the Marf- i AfTords.
''":..'."' ' . , '
A HA dli TOR PAtfl K Vtí L'í
l.uns for this House to and from
' ) t '
vkV ' 1 IH'j (.1111

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