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ail y Gazette
NO 55.
Las Vegas Eaity Gazette..
.1. 31. K ; I.i:Jt, Editor.
Report- iVom .Spain indicate t!;-i
tlic railed Republican arc ereatirg
Ii;n rljncps in various partí of tho
niiiinry. Since t líe beginning of the
reign of the present iving, Spain has
been peaceable and has been notably
free from all kinds of disturbances,
lt i )robabb; to that the government
has been lettoi' conducted and with
a more direct view to Ihe- welfare of
the people than any reign during the
present century. This for the pres
ent should satisfy all classes in all pro
bability .-nils nil pcacable well dispo
sed citizens, and as i i-onsequcnce
there must be a reeling outside of that
country that these l:Me out breaks are
more for the purpose of creating cou-fu-iun
by which these malcontents
hope to pro 1st than with any view to
tiie general good or to I he ultimate crea
tion of a republican form of govern
ment. With Ihese agitators tho peo
ple of the United S-lutes can have Ut
ile sympathy as the general feeling is
that Spain now has the form of gov
ernment best adapted to its people.
The Cuban insurrection cons-ists of
burning and plnmieriKg expeditious
by the so called patriots who ravage
tin.1 detached plantations, occasionally
surprise and plunder a small town,
but run a soon as-the soldiers appear
This coupled with the nnsettled con
dition of the question question
of slavery íuvoIto-s trouble rü&I con
fusion and while cost'r-igtroasiu'os and
valuable lives docs nothing toward
separatingthe i-tland from Spain, and
does nothing for the people of the in
terior dilricts who have bqyen hupov
crishe.l by the 1 roubles of the last ten
years. While Americans sould for
some reasons rejoice at the csfrabblish
of a Republic in Cute they can merely
look at these burnings and plundering
with a feeling of hoirror. The so call
ed patriots would do well to cultivate
the arts of peace for a few years and
see if independent e riitJ not fol'o.v.
The recent political trouble in Xew
York has brought the Tammany
society before the public in inore than
its usual prominence and many per
sons are asking as to the origin.
Tammany was an Indian chief who
lived in New Jersey, at some unknown
period adopted as patron saint by the
pat riots during the Revolutionary
war A festival in his honor was
held May 12 each year and the custom
was kept, up in the army for thirty
years. A wigwam was erected with
a liberty pole near it. The pole was
surmounted bv a liberty cap, loma"
hawk, wampun, etc, A representa
tive came out of tent and made a
speech to encourage the patriots to
continue the war for liberty. At the
end of the address ho withdrew into
the tent while his hearer danced
around the liberty, pole. Societies
named in honor of the same patriot
saint were organized, and his day
was celebrated ira various parts oí the
country, but finally lost popularity,
and now the Xew York Tammany is
the only represen tat i ye of the nanny
while it can hardly be considered to
represent the spirit of the original iu
!:iiutioii. T!n opposition to. Cornell for
governor of New York is increasing
among the Republicans,. and it looks
a little as through the inibieuce of t lie
administration would be a gains him..
.Many of the Grant ''boomers" will
work against him, for if the Republi
cans carry Xew York this year Grant
will cease to be a party necessity.
AVith Xew York on that side any
man can be elected president, and so.
their will be a big crop of candidates-
to light for the nomination, but if
Xew York. mud Ohio are in the doubt
ful lit noon imt Grant will be men
tioned in the ríep-uWuíau. national
Tne Cerrillos Prospector doses on
account of a wedding service with the
following excellent advice: f'Make
money, boys, and try to cross the race
'tó svuu as possible!. .Many of the girls
are waiting: ready and will! Allow
nodclay in obeying God's First Command!
The largest bridge in Europe is now
in course of construction across the
Volga, in the Government of Samara.
Russia, on the Siberian Railroad. Du
ring the Spring Hoods the liiver at the
point of crossing is four miles wide;
in Autumn it is only 4,732 feet wide.
The bridge rests on twelve piers 8:3
feet high, at a distance of 36-ifeetfroni
each other. The cost of the structure
is $3,500,000. Lb will be completed next
AVhen Mr. Hayes was in Kentucky
the other dav an old lady who was
introduced to him exultingly exclai
med: "This is the iirst real president
J have-ever seew.' and the poor wo
man will go to her grave, no doubt,
in the firm belief that she- saw one
then.. It were better not to break her
consolatory delusion.
Mrs. Sprague is back agmin at Edse
wood, near Washington, with her
three children. Mr. Conkiing is en
joying the swoefs of domestic life at
Ulica. Sir. Sprague and his &taot-gun
arc keeping house in Rhode Island.
It is a short story but there, a good
deal in it.
The rooms of fíen. Grant at the
Palace hotel iir San Francisco are fur
nished Tritli California laurel, Carrara
marbles, French wines, Irish linen,
Arctic landscapes ,IIeland gin, Persian
coverlets, Turkish carpets and Ken
tucky whiskey a truly cosmopolitan
st vie.
Iowa and Ohio hold state elections
the iijst week in next month and as a
consequence politics arc red hot and
politicians on the ragged edge of un
certainty and of doubt..
La Constaxcia, X. M. Sept 18th, 70.
Editor Las Vegas Gazktte:
Please insert in your next of the
weekly Gazkttk the followingletter,
through which everyone will seethe
new' fee bill of the Rey. Parish I'ries-t
of lomé. i
Los Finos, X. M. Sept. 12th 1879.7
Manuel A. Otero Esq.
La Constancia, X. M.-
Sir: Pifiase herewith take no ice
that I claim from' you the following
amounts viz: Three hundred dollars
for the place, site and sepulchre of
Doña Dolo rita Chaves de Otero, de
ceased, interred on the 14 th of Februa
ry, 1879, three hundred dollars; fv;r
the sepulchre of Don Rem to Raca, in
terred June 2:3d 1879; .$800 and ten
dollars, for the yearly rent of your
seat in the church of Tome. The
whole ainouuts to six hundred and
ten dollars duo by you or your order
to the Rev. J. I',.' Ralliere, Parish
Priest of Tomé and I beg of you to
make the corresponding payment to
Yours Respectfully.
J. FuAXcrsco Cua vks.
Agent of the Parish Priest of Tomé.
La Costancia, X. M., Sept., l.'hh '79
Francisco Chaves Esq.
Agent of the Parish 'Finest of Tomé.
Dear Sir: Yours of the 12 in.-,, re
ceived and contents noted. In reply
I will say I cannot comply with your
request, because I owe nothing to the
Parish Priest oí Tomé.
You rs. Man t: ia. A. ()t;:i:o.
At the witching hour of 2 o'clock
yesterday morning, j'ut about the
time when the hair on anion's head
raises ihe easiest and staves up the
longest,,, at any fearful s-igh or sound
the sharp erack of a pistol, near at
hand tart led the solitary priiMe?, en
gaged in. making up fluí Gazrtti-:
forms preparatory to' going
to press, ilusear'-hedtlie street in the
vicinity of the oilice, but the moon
Ibnv in tho west, only added to the
gloom of night by casting gigantic
shadows athwart the sky, ami nota
shadow of an item could be se
cured. An hour later another
shot accompanied, by an appalling yell
.IVwke tne Mlencof the nighti. The
yelping and bar-kin;; of a number ot
small dogs added to the disturbance
and prevented an ellor' to detect any
other sings of strife 1 eiug sii'cessful.
A policeman peered in at the tlo.or for.
a moment startling a suddcutly awak
enctl typo with the thought that may
be the next shot would conic in his
direction. The policeman explained
tnat he hadlieard the shot and yell
and that they appeared t come from
a saloon near at hand. A recomiois
ance failed to revea! anything, andThc
lateness of the hour prevented an ex
tended search. A young lady with
good eye sirtit ora vivid imagination
saw a wounded man carried from the
saloon, and any, one knowing addi
tional facts will confer a favor by
furnishing them to the Gamottk.
They say it does no good to cuss
about anything that you cannot help
or to swear at anything when yon arc
unable to do it justice ;.but we must
confess that this dust is very disagree
able. Last summer when flic daily
showers were falling and their servi
ces were not necessary tho street
sprinklers were very busy keeping tho
mud down nd in its propcrylaee, but
now when the dust is half knee deep in
places, and the air is-full of torre fir-
ma, the street spriiikler is not to be
found on earth or among- njcu, but
has flown to where the woodbine
tvrinctlfOT some other inore congenial
5)eadwoodr Dakota,. Las water
At Elizabeth town, íakoliv i peti
tion asking the grand jury to declare
the Chinese a nuisance Lum toen nu
merously signed.
There has been a sermon preached
in the Yankee Fork circuit, conse
quently Ihe camp is given over to
"the flesh and the drvil'
An Indian rvt Fort The-iapson, Da
kota, named Black Crow, was acci
dentiy shot by the premature dischar
ge of a needle, gun in tho hands of a
man named Elliott. A lively time
wna at first Mireatcnvd by the Indians,
but upon the matter being explained
to them., they quicted down. Black
Hills .Yetes..
Santa Fe expects to have two raii
i'oads The bonds will be voted with
out a doubt.
A special to the JS'eio Mexican from
Lrf Lunas states thf.t five men were
killed last Monday b y Apaches be
tween Rito Quemado and sierra Dátil.
The military history of the United
States is as strange as the rise and
rapid growth oí the nation. In 1790
the rank and file of the army, as iixed
by act of Congress, amounted to 1,216
men, ami ai-i hwmsh expedition
of only 9.,r)00 men was able to seize
and"burn AVashington. the capital of
a country which even then numbered
8.000,000 of inhabitants. In 18(51, at
the commencement of the war of the
secession, (lie whole regular force
amounted to only 14.000 men In
April of that year the President cal
led out 7'),000 volunteers, for three
mouths, t(Mlefeud thecapital, which
was tlinatcneu: and m;,Jay ti lurlher
call' for 12,000 was made. Jn July two
calls. for f00,000 each were authorized
by Congress, and as even this vat
force proved in.-uilicient for the gi
gantic struggle which America had
now embarked in, it was loun I neces
saav to introduce the conscription.
In October, lMlkl. a levy of ÍOO.O'jO
men was ordered. a:;d in February,
181)4, a further can' of ";00,C0O was
made. Finally, iiv The oeginninir of
18U5, two further levies-, amounting
in all to 500,000 men. were ordered,
but. were only partially carried out,
in consequence of the cessation of
hostilities. The total number of men
called under arms by the Government
of the United Stales, between April,
1881. and April, 18(5."), amounted 1o
2.7."9,049, of whom 2fióVM were ac
tually embodied In the armies. If to
these be added the 1,100.000 men em
bodied by the Southern States during
the-same time, the total armed forces
reach the enormous niiniiunt of nearly
J.000.000, drawn' ' from a population
o-t only .S2.000.000 ligures before
which the celebrated uprising of the
Fronch nation in 179,1. or the recent
efforts of France and Germany in the
w.-r of 1870-71r'uik into insignificance;
And within three years the whole of
-'hose vast forces were poaccfully dis
banded, ami the army hud: shrunk, to
a normal strength conly ñOt.WX
.Now that Ihe I!nlih goyirnincnt
ha caiitured Cetewayo, fegrvat Zulu
warrior, the quei-tion arises: U
i nú ueMiou ar ses: nir
will be done with him? Will England
send pun ts!.. Helena, or lash him to
n loaded cannon's inoirli and bh.w
him to heaven as she did the Indian
prj'ces in lfO-'.-,? ? Possibly the
woi id .iiu iiioveitsoiue since llu-u..
Indian Fight.
Santa Fk, September 2L Infer
mation has reached this city that ;he
troops in pursuit of the Indians, who I
recently stampeded Captain Hooker's ;
horses at Ojo Caliente, overtook them
near the head of Las Animas river on
the eighteenth instant. The Indians
held a strong position and a light en
sued lastiwg ell day. The Indians
evidently cot tho best of it. the troops
being compelled to withdraw under
cover of darkness with a loss of five
men killed and one wounded, three
horses killed and two wounded. Two
Xavajoe Indians and one citizen was
also killed..
All the avai'able force in Southern
Xew Mexico is being pushed forward
and wilS make short work of Victoria
when tht'y reach the scene of action.
The military autboritie have done
and are doing all they possibly can
to meet, the emergency with the inadequate-forces
at their command.
The drouth still continues. There
is no water in tho Rio Grande south
of Rolen. Great anxiety is felt for
the cattle and sheep interest's in this
! Territory.
MoTcmeiif of ISegToes.
Xew York. Sept. 14. The World's
Washington special discredits the ref
port of intended large movements o-
soiHliern negroes north and savs the
return of more prosperous l imes and
higlwr waes south than they earn
north will prevent a large exodus. It
also states that & counter exodus has
been started and arrangements about
completed by Mississippi and Louisia
na) planters for importing colored la
bor from Miwouri aad border states.
Several railroad companies arc about
to' issue tickets over their roiwls at ex
cursion rates for this purpose.
IsmUtii;ijioii m C'uua.
Madrid, September 24. A tele
gram from Havana states that three
slave holders have emancipated their
(1,000 slaves and contracted with thenr
for their services for five years. Other
slave holders intend following the ex
ample. The Spanish government has
decided to seii uve hundred soldiers
to Cuba forthwith. Several deputies
are resol y sd to move hi Cortes for
immediate abolition of slavery in Cuba
without indemnity of slave owners.
- C h
Protecting Postmaster.
AVai'nngtoi'. Sept. 2'4. The- Post
ofiiee A ire nt at Atlanta has been tele
graphed that the case of the shooting
of the postmaster at Chirkyille, S. C.,
requives inimediats attention. The
Postmaster General will aCiolish the
olliceif the postmaster is not safe
while performing his duties and is not
protected by tho authorities. "Go
yourself, if possible."'
A Terribüé Rumor.
London, September 24,-lt is rumor
ed that the excursion steamer, Un
daunted, from Ramsgate for the Isle
of AVight has been nui down and all
on board, about one hundred persons
Railroad Accident.
St.. Louis, Sept. 24. The Kansas
CilyandSt. Louis passenger train this
niorning, while approaching Cent-alia,
Mo., switched on a Vreight train,
and a reclining chair car was comple
te! y upset and the passengers more or
less hurt. One woman is said to have
since died.
Panama. Sept. 24. The Star and
Herald says, during the at tuck on Au-tofaga.-la,
(. hili, by (he Peruvian iron
chel, iluax ar. a lorjtedo was laum hed
against; the Chilian-1 raiport A bias.
After proceeding a short distance, the
torpedo turned.' heading direct for
the llauscar A younger ollicer, see
ing the peril of his ship,, leaped over
board, ami meeting the torpedo chang
ed its course, audit passed under the
stern of Huancar, Th carp-loin of the
Ablas was reported wounded in the
light, and a number of his vncu and
otlicrs killed.-
CieiHii(i Oi-itiit
San Francisco, Sept. 24. Gen. Orara
and parly last night attended thegrand
bull of the police dVpartmemt in aid of
the Widows' and Orphans'' Associa
tion, A box draped with national
colors was prepared for the reception
of the gueais. who were recioved with
cheers fty Hie co.-wjianv as.mbled.
This morning, before going to Rlack
Point, the Genera! receivid a nuinben
of old residents of Galena.
St. Lo-ui.v Sept. 24. Two- nrgroea
Washy Arnold a-.. d Prior Wn;rd. Wifk.
d uj-ius and deliberately wtokeil into,
the .Missouri River at SI Joseph yes-
ternav. lev were Ku-ont mvnv l.v
1 the current an! drowned
--- - ... , , , w . ..,,,, yj ,
' -
rtiih .trrairM in iti ttnln .
London, Sept. 24. Arran-'n-nenfo
are making for imissmeelingVt Ilvi's
Park to couiider the ircsout gr'av
vrisis, to denounce the government's
reckless iuap:u:itv uiwl to demand am
! iiumet.lia.tc apneal to the country. The
government seriously contemplate
summoning Parliament in Xovembcr.
.Mr. Selmra's Peculiar I'osillon.
Xew York, Sept. 24. The AVorhl
ridicules the position into which it
says Carl Schurz was betrayed at
Denver bv those peculiar creature.-,
the Colorado Republicans,, who besi
des pledging the State for Grant in
Schurz's presence, afterward compell
ed him to make a speech approving,
the platform which he next day dis
covered contained a radically unsound
financial plank.
Keimlor lugiilis Viiidicatcil.
Topeka, September 2!. Senafor
Ingalls is almost unanimously indor
sed by both the Democrats and Re
publicans. He has asked no favors
and demands a most searching inves
tigation. The woiwler now expressed,
is 1 hat so small a number wf charac'
terless men con III have caused the
United States Senate to ' order an in
vestigation. 5I . :'
Tiie Ilj cycle HiUcrs Coaiain.
London, Sept. 24. The bycycle rid
ders of England and France, including
the chiimpliions of both countries, are
going to the United States..
'IT!w ('htilieiig" Clip to Kit Away.
Toronto, Out., September 21.
Ilanlan will start fov Chataqua Lake-to-morrow.
It is stated that Hanlan
will nt accept Elliott's challenge but
will return the challenge cup.
AA'ashington, Sept. 23. Tlvc first a
plfcation for gold tinder the recent
circular of the treasury department
was from Ihe national bank at Rol
laire, Ohio.
Th(?3 is not a dollar in IhePeruvian
treasury and the future has been an
fic'pated uj) to the end of Xovembcr,.
and !f.5.000',000arc due b s and other
for war expenses. The soldiers- are
Avifthout pay, and promised to Hie
without rations.
"Rless me, Emily, you don't look as
well as usual indeed, V do not thpik
I ever saw you looking ns old as voir
look to-day."' "'My dear I-never was-as
old as I am to-dwv."
Tlio, 300ín of iiiariG Zoel at
ííte Adelplii B.ast iSit.
The Adeliih'r Theater, like Perry's
Palace, has been stained by the blood
of tragedy i 7oal life. Short !'r after
midnight, Ihe husband of one of t he
actresses-, pDwsessed of tiie gi een-eycd
moiTster, it is s-aid, approached her as
she was standing at the bar talking to
the professional mixer of the oslahlish
ment, and asked, "Is this Marie V"
She answered 'Ves." wlien he insiani
ly shot Iwr, the ball entering near lim
fqni-e and ranging downward. The
assassin tied, but M'as siilwti.iiently
arrested in a West Denver saloon,
after an inell'ectmd atfeinpl to resisr.
the otlicers. The unfortiinale Marie
was immediately placed in a ctviria-re
and taker to the Merchants' hotel.
Tho physician who examined the
wound thought it dangerous and pro
bably fatal.. The patient srifi'ered ihe
greatest distress aiwl piteo-usly called
for alleyiatires. The- name' of the
would-be murderer, for he admit led
murder to be his intention, is Louis
Spencer, one of tho Adolphi at laches.
At one- o'clock 1h;s afternoon 11 9'
woman was rciortcd to be doing verv
Grand View Hotel
Sontli Second Street,
Dr. J. H. SUTFIW, Pnopriefor,
Recent additions
uiiikes it the
to- thij- iiouso
Largest and Best Hotel
m the Teuirilory.
TIíü Sleeping Rooms
Arc oni the- Second Floor, and are
airy, lean anil comfortable
u.iuÜ Lave jierfect ven
tilation. TU 23 T jA. J3 Xj 323
is WCll 8llllllC'l Wltl
The Best the Market Affords.
Runs for this House to ami froAii tLc

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