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Daily gazette. (Las Vegas, N.M.) 1879-1880, November 12, 1879, Image 1

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1 I A T T ' V
"TIT ST T7 "a r-
1 TT L
- H ft
L -is Vcas Daily Gazatt
.J. JJ. H'HSSiJ.Z.tl. Hrfitar,
' !
T2Si; azkvti:.
Vhis vid :;..? oí the increasing
p -puiarity of tus ON.zE'íie is bidón
i... Ya.-tt-rdav ir. orn i jr. tíio i?h
w, had voi-krt.i offfuiiy one hu;i.
irt:u exvr. comes: ny a. .u., uu.
en.? v;2 csití-t upon the birreta and
t.yliO'ti ca u t i R',H BUu.l rere
l :nr.c-í "ir. It lili befiii our i: id
birioa ta .mush pap-r -.vbih
hacías pwe with tbvj unpj ralioa pro
'reea of v:r b cacti ful t.i.'.fcf which
v, can .say w.thooí, incurring un
i-np.Uütior. as lo versosty, prorn;as
m ivor'i. The 0 AZi'Ti r. ii edited
irr the :.íiiv'n'.atl but Üm pu
b'if, uor will it i?) arj c.kc be ttjra-
r i ; f-n it , itÍUi't! object OÍ tío-
fv:.--!;!-- Uk- pijbiio to that cf pro
: ,-itin; th iit'Vvi-ív.ii. l!'i'unuv!
:-T !"'.). r.',r, t n;i; cf .'iur 0rp- of
p .-:.:!: p;-U-?:M sho-jl'! iv-iy (o vea1'
'.. iól?'t, ' V &vín i- !'' on líCtut",
'.r io? .-vtii-5-y'.io;i of tíi-
- i
vr,; .i j.iivt ;í:!U ie'J O'Il grú C
..-:;..!' i. Tíio pe.. pie by their increa
y: ot 'atri-tiae, r; v positive e-vid-i
fu'! ;;)ptcci-uioi íi'í.s w:
Wj'í Mas.! í.
Ilfi). Jcíi'.i 0. M í:W i,i VC'J.O;.-f-iii'í
for ?.-! !'J:.-)íi:ü:
Jo ti", f, G ;:..cmíi Grant in Sat
Fraíi-icCO, ;; is W'ai know:;, a:n'.
wbii t ..! r!..-:r th V.tror t- SK -u
frccU- hbout tiife proPi-iV.zcy ki.iÍ Ko
-sprc.-':;i'--t íícg'te or iviv,) v
. ;oou : oi
r!:!!.:i:iti:tte-i !'(;' a
ll.ir.f t.'.rin.
li.i?.-y.':-r, tho.-. hi -Ü.! nnt It-.airo ie
M.V. X V U OÍ tir.
c?:i:;i(;) tint tf h--. bí.cí u-.- ;i. c uri:-
'.' it will b- b-c;.u.c i: i'oreed in
i-- it by tbo '.vrtlifK ami . o t;: a : oí
- - r fr tl - - ......
A f ,rai:.I;. :j -Una;'?. 2,;íTí.
Á ;; '; .:!' ' ! : -m-, un T;.::r
' .-'.)-,;;'.?:, iiO'iccii the ;-r:;.;in c 0.
Ct),i, c - i :i v .i .5 to t r :i í"e;i oi'
h: i-o'.n th-3 mii. lino ío toe r
íi:..-r:.-.- ai L'.ü-l ?i, stüüi.n on th
frück -;rtii no or,..) in .ch'sr;;' He.
j::T.p . o:;, p!k;J open tiic throíi.
v:-i ' iV.: H'i'.l t.:)y e;,rt' Üj'!'-::. At
the i:(.t'..er or S.u-hii't-á d t:'i.;("r
Et'.-ü.-í. th -re i-- n:rvc, whe:o tlic
e ;:;,'(: j:!;rp.Í ti-c r:u!ü au-1 í'e'l i.
a i,;:.'- oí' (ivbrÍH in th? 'Jiteh. Tho
c ' uiní sin:tsh(-.i t-: p-i. ? cos, thn
f .:-..':!.' t"!r;ii'!Í iiriit lu-er. Sir-mg:
t- ..iv, 'rowc w i: r.'unjürrMJ, Su
j'::n;,)u u p ('ron ti.e ruins (icciiuin
tiin cu!'! iic-k !;y :uaM in (Jy-t.a.-;
i. i ío hí. uní ;!:'.'. Th:- j.
tu-.if v. i í i í-.n-.o-.üit te ah cut ,-ó,0!JO
-- - i - -
Áibnny. IS(v-.-m'w.-v v.:. The Jour
ü'-.í'í t ibifra ci return?, en th? t'ite
ti-k' :-t thi ev(.i,ítt ri'!'t Potter by
To r-).i;ontv, bnt it say Ceeli bo
:.e!u'. f.u' i io-kit.o ::r;ii sore of tho
('i-.:tioiM)f the vlhon on the repu
lÜciui tiei.ct rt ccu'.e.
'"S'íío t5;!f:í;'arí3'"s CAuHí
N í
íj! en ' a-aad cu Mary lf:i ü ri ;i i" t
ri:.dií ' he-h .vid; h je. pt-strved at
j. ale medical vfa'i-,nl, f.ovcntoari iu-
l.'iitHf im- Vi !..rh t-orrc-rotid "n:rr 1
1 w.ib seventeen n.aís in thí be id
01 iü' hao.. a'?!', ilavoena ett t.vc-
í .; -i 1 ir 1 ir .
iT-in -.hn-hh c wore ou the any oí
tvN ooa-lca ft ;a cinimed" bv
vie; -Via that Jluvten pat bis h-l
0.. : o- an iy u-ee '.vhen
a .. ... '
... r.-.f
M V. k W 1 I i
a. no- íx c v e 1 1 7 . in aei.r n a va
.. . . .
; ty shf.w nt lK-nvcr, hein,? mroii-i)
. '
.'-d in -i o-.diae eo'irt for steahn:' a
ii.1me.ml rinjj from an actres, i a d c
llie foiiosvdnj; explana tion: T did if
at tl.tr rifi'tsowti m.aiest Sh want
etl 10 ;;et it int) th. capers that she
laid ) . -. robbed. Tii-y all do it
tint Mav -nil ir ui-trc'S.
ai::ü nis.
I'.xrf CRcut over tíío rcMrtríí Sis-
For losijr yonrn, H. ha- boon known
that ','old had i" on f.mii-.l on the Te
e.olote, GR'3 . Un rumors of rich
i'in-h. Smve be i ;i.:U;;iír about. M on
dú v these ''.n i'.-i í..k shunt nntl it is
F;;. j.l!()V.n ,...,;.. il!iV been
K:kí'J ol ami work ootumem-ed on
r..-ir(',( rich vems Sume tv. o!ve
inüeí! vest ot this city. E. Y. 6cb
b(. :i of Kn:t í.a.s Vej.'u, biio'.vs sojih
i: no s;:-in:t-n.? ( iioá b(.-;ti,i? ii;;rt.
Fli iü Iv clvia.í s:.'ii!i! !n!iici';l r.n.l
o!:rr ncrscn-4 bave sn.-i
the ht-l f'i'vv O.nyz (lie
;ii'iis!iii Ihf (iitvi.'iii'ii ot' tin- i-fuer-
ted (jíi.l, in.l the ext.-l'.empni; bins
f;ir (o i:i!!!il that ai sonic oi'tho í;;-::;;.
;!!Íji:i.; c.'iinp.-f. Mu; '. v. "no 10 t: r-5
h:ií' the best nli.inee of petting tbe
í'ii.'b íM.'itnis.
A yoo.l'.y number oi'íirsí .-i:! bieub"
í::n;)iníin:r to over :i oobmni, priiiei
p;;l!y on the iu-ide seond pae of yes-tt-r-.lay
iite-r.íiur's tbiüy, ws run in
wii!M.-.:it er.-.lit I;) J'rrclu, theuew
ji-i;:er oí' i'ssrs. Millá iíeech.-r.
hc -bonid bave t.-cen r-.-o.li ; c J !,
;'.!.; :.-tpor :ni as there ;i--- twenty
eiiriO eoiciu;-; ei'tliO li-w l:L!e;itii!,
i i. i : a bo ioi'ir. il íV.üi.! tbc.-u. oxirafts
oat it
f v
ediiedwi:! viror tit;! a'nili-1
: ---!.-- I
The rcpe't of the An htor of the I
fboa-arv fes t!; P-jst f;fíce Drnaií
?i..nt for tbo íiseai yfr.r .nded' on
she oOdi of Jurifi.íiM. was iiandad to
die roaiaiasler ücoesal un (Yi.b.v
of last wet k. It show ihr.t the ctui
;;e;.t of tf.o postal s J v:cn to the
general Trfusury tittrir. the per
,va oi; ly ;),0d,40d. a rematk-ih!-.--uoil!
defi-: it, which id nearly 100
000,000 !o.,.ithtm that ..d'thc'pre-oed-n
year. The tocul revenues oi
riso l'osi OJiia; D?p-jrtiaeri duriog
l.o ia; i li -Cad yesv wre íoO.Odl.
US:', an mcres.5.3 0? 70 i. -105, nd
tbe tfiia! c.vpftit'cs 5dd 0';í.dí57, !
r.:- d.:::; e-a: of :,K-.hil m.
i,03i.'0ri?.oii v,-'ih tha pr-M-cdin;: year
Of the !a-t-imaed aiae.;,í SlÚtO ü
was íaved by the i aw witi.-h cíir!.
d the ba: 0! Ibv-ttnaautr' cotu
taii'sps r-o:d fea i "hí rrnsi -i a rj on
sUtupfl eaneeVh and the'reiriniitder
y a reduction oi' tho compem-aiion
allowed to riab.a.a, ifl.
r-? t-C - - --
$2 n.s ícSíb íoc i-r;sisji..
A to- !: for Ump- is t O'.v r,,: rai
iciurc-l t-ntircly t.f g!n:.s by Mcsmv
vouhri.-l & Te k, ot Ilauao, (.r
;in:iy. it H do'di-r-ed chirfiy t-
j ; o 1 1 v .... fp;.;u iMr.jf;)!j 13 tar Sr ;:i repavei; in- río
a.ia. v.l'.a ao '-.I'lai f; ounc or t - i
vu-tt turne.- u;, tt -vea a nu' t. j
bry-.bi -r la-at than cotton wick. In ;
the sp:r;t i .-uap, I.V.. it 13 found j
jreatiy tic reas? tiie heat to the
ilaiae, No spurk.i are ;iveu O.T.by
thii into ml.-est i bio v,-i k. Nov doca
the i.-iihr Üiro in drau-ihfa co the j
extent whbd; it .!:-.: u-;ih a burn
ing iviek; hctiCc, it 1'iaxes ti:e lain-)
safer. The smo-iioy, -s aiso redace-i
:Kid it -; 5tatc! that 10 per earn:, d
ad is saved by it-i n'-a. Of co'.tr-to the
ii:-arecaab. tc-k cf to ir.anun ,p the
1 a,"..., i.j . i i- ,. .i-iii 1 v. ;i í. j.. " i' íro.'
..1 im
I - i ' ' '
heirij; of ;;ia tbe Wick do.;s not
,-lieidi'v hy In si on
. -wf. n .
.4. Ídit;i.í:i3í.t ütmrüK u r:íi!5i'.
One of tlm eel id men cf Ka-.la-
I í,d 'lt the PP fv
o-iiy.! iiro, iv.'icii to h."rd i ran tie
1 í 1
1 ii.
! ri-mn-i, amt ru-unoj; out tataoJ
liu!;' !"e ' ftroat '.nstet nation on
dlJ ' the ibime The tad
i éneo u'Jt: a 11 r v 'a van a 00 lar 10
ave u-v htiie i-nah-r . oo'r.tin
to him in the iiauy in aninerd,
a i . . - li 1 . . 1 r
,.,,it a... li t
e-iu. ,-vc misiiaai aaa n.i i.aia.;ai
..-..i. .o, cu 511. .11 j...-!. i w i..iu u
our capitalist jumpe-J in nd suo
eceoad in saving the child, w-jn
must Itaie pcridied h,d ir ma ! .-ea
c ,1 a it-
lor the timdy Moa- r. lío, eaorn-
k.us saviar had to have ..?-:simee
uituif If to '-rt one af the oa maa'ams
. . . . 0
m-atmra -jirl vu rrt y. ar ,i.,-
In:?" m-ue i a iri-a. to s')ii U.C
;t T.tl: -man waa relating the incident.
-W'.'H, yfs"Kti'i he. '-in subitáneo;
that i?, when I was at the mal a
couple of ihiyd niter, the lit'lo fel
low eatr.e up and tendere! his mo
ney, but 1 toll him ho had better
keep it."
5Si:uI;iíís ti Vtw Vnvk.
New York. .November S. The
indecisive result of the New "York
election mitenoDy iíjereasca tho
pro!bi!!ty tli?.t (irur.t will c-nt-.r
th3 field for the next president j.-tl
nornin;i).i&n, aorj of in; friend who
have been most uppoe1 to t!rn
I step now tinnk he wut he ma It; to
ben-ve it c-jciitt i! t . eoiituiii:5-! i-t-,
, pubnraa taiprenino in the :itKTi,
though if tho repuUSt::a;3 bad car
ried New Yoik by a harnlcoaia tr.a
jority, he woui.t hnve io-'ited en
retaa n:t; in private hi'?, is ig
tliO'i,.;!-, that neither lí-oiino cor
Bbennan will openly contigt the
Ti&u;inr.tif..Ti, bur tberc ara ?oir.e
stro.-sj? ieaders of tha p;irf.y who eecm
like!; to ry and oriu.r.e opposi
tion such a.s ty tend to ioake
Ciratit hesitate to enter the Geid.
0'jei:i:i:;nM are not per .onrti, but
bíised on tbo (onvieldou that Grant's
nomination would de iodep cicatenta
oi (itcharuiOi'iy and conMeiuent
w-iK .-:':"- in New York. ?uch .
would have od to the ormvhr-knin.
defeat of Oonieil except I'or 11 '')'
'Oh. '
íix-ri-oitor Fenton and T.:i'-y
other udü O -ekiia iader aro . ice
to be iá;u..-.!tcd end fikva: v., if I
Viratit'; KAorainatiot) u to n-em :j r;- !
r.o'.vol ot G:..nkim-'.s .iicíáitien ami
KUcn (.i ai -ctari would r.e emMv 1
. .
ociiaialit to ieae tho Stat?. Tihien I
in not o:.-naye! by 'Robir.í'ori'í. .( -feat,
lia aid! halls hii 'ñp ou die
democratic Ofgataiaatiou a:,d ir:fos!,s
tht he can e.ri'y New Yr.ik both
in the convention and (iaation. He
ni 10, gtv up tue yítrest; reva'V.
I) ..... ..: . . .1
ui! i.iaiii i.Hi'o Vii a hi) no bou. in
the pv;í.tdontb.l ciei-r.oni, 3',.iyar.,'s
ch;.n-'as ari considered .nprov-.i
hy jiob:iisou'n dtdeaf, lu.-hniaod de
laoeiaM 'i;.! conioscúr, tl. it Tdoo;.
cannot Jt,ii,. hi.', party l.-r-re, even it
there should he no opm hab. niiil -
li e;.'.rd v,o:ild. 1Km-.Í:.-s P, ijaid -
iiuauci .1 views mora nearia thi.n
th-íío of fin y other dcmncr.-.tic cm
J t -Is. to are aocoptable in (be frew
jLotk f;ii.K;CÍMÍ ai. d c oa a: or a ; a 1 b,
teiestr hi reiewu;r the N. v.
i or election resoUr, it .niuld h
understood that toni.v ran;i-i;e'oa
vote-i direct iy i or it-binso:i, other-
voveu I 'r no d ibci natoi iai caobi
.!.... .... - , . . .
our, . t i . nía!, y nene m, ai :.a;:it
oec-oao ;.i tü'-tr uaa,,if.iotnti vtttí-
the i.nae!ti; e ;aa.!;..!;etO!-;.t' v, hie!.
aondniMcd Cornell, so thaf Oonudi'-
:rni. ,, ,i
!.'tu fit the ;i,.rt.y. if- hr, .-
ur,jt8-j a,;aHi
,.. .
íívoKjíííw.i ia s.-sm Cí.:-.f. n.-w,
hdelbaanee to i íiaaaia, N .vero
Ivt 3, í'roui Sijii -.no...-, 1.,, t!...
tlOiii ult. Ht-ites ti.r.v witiioiu lirH.-..-a
;in:i-? shot the whole of id:..: North
a.,.. ,,- , 1 . i . . j ,.; .
u.-l:l laa.Cd the r.-vo jt cari! V nv.Va-
, , ' , ;.
'"'a --.'i.i- i ' 1 n , 1-a. 1 a, ;,' : . .
aiauana .Vis ai-a. j-ca.e.l. r.. r; bo! -
aro mar eh i to S Tiie Souih
i.j .. r , ,....,1'' .a ...
is an a. f.a a, .'.a. a - 1 ;,:' ?.i t)-" -
veinmf-nt. 1 i'c.a:ee yd . a.;dermo a ;,,.; ,,.-..:.. ; b.n; aH(i:a are re, nest -snaKtfii
jtreuuou-i ix-raiuii to a-.- t-ú to cvaniim- ti..- iine before biddimi.
fleinble tiaaos e 1 : a a rebels A sudab'e indamnii'vimr bond will be
nd fiaUtiiw rWoe soon oxneetmh i r,,,í,!ír.'i i!' Vu' id ' -"..
, , 1 1 ' a 1
A decree han icen issued iimbiai- j
Puerto Plata ami Mmto (Vtsti
m !.,!., o-"., i .. ,
IdoaKaieo. a.o uau.c.vS 0 tbe;
. . .. .... . !
whole tiepuohe is at a 8t:n-.;..v!.il,
id'f i r i 3 -r.r.r.: fn t - . !
' v .i- 1 m in." "JUUW 1 I C ri ' a
will he 'iiort-live
- twi
á'civ Vjj'??. idfcfa tfjfj.
New Y.uk, Nav-aidi:
l!,'tr, - '' -
iiaount; s-iv r, na.s ma-ie raeaaa
r i . 1
- ffavts to iecure tlin crrjlet? rr-
turas from n,mib.o v.l..-i thev
. , 1! l..,.l.a v.a.i. .1. ... a
j o 1; - . .-o-. iui u! le-uils,
-eie'i;i ou.a n-r. 11 10 re-n :o
' "
tlutá obtcined ami with c:aetd! es
timotes m very few c-i-e-t .!i--r
diere wne necemrv. V.'ii;..? r.-:iu
-0 t ,' . '
I oh-a,, for attorney Tener,! h ,s u
( mj.rity of t.-mre than IJ.UOO; nda-
; w..r h f'.-r cotia. trobf a í-a-ontí nf
. ,. a ' 1 h
moi e than ti. 000. Obirr u.r sene-
; t-rv if dat.- 0 .,. 0f dOO, uro il,..
kin?, lieuterant governor some
where about 1.400. The return
upon the vote for tste treasurer is
so incomplete that no definite state
ment of then; can be m ad e, but
there is nothing to shaw that Wen
dell ií running behind hi-? ticket or
is in ony danger of defeat.
Several det.-n.'imed i Hurts hve
tf.in innde of bite t: burn the citv
of Leadviile. By and bj, if the
movement is not utamar-ly check
ed, th.; tovrn will lie a vva$ of rnou!
derm. 2; ruin?, Le-ndviiie i ! oond
to have more- troublo with her iriei-por.i-ible
lloic this winter than the
haa had in the pat. Vit.tut -i-'c-'ii?.te
protection froto the constitu
ted authotincs:, u vii!anej noru's it
tee Would hr-ln nnttera nmnzinl?.
Tho iteit diépa tenet ere pro' fie
with Mtartiin-f calamities at sea. Be
sides the collision beiweea the lady
Octavia and the Champion,' tho
schooner Florence it reported lost
at -ca, in the Cuabsrland ít'tr-.-it.!, i T,1,",;- A"vml:er t.-.'. IS7;(, t,,r Idndsb
cast of Hisdíon liay. The whalin-f !;'v V,x !ll-'i '';"'ty tbo.:.-.nd
i v. , , i , , r' 'J'iO.O'.'o) cris ties In;- 1.,. r.hd
v 'i e r ret;' -i Was W' i'' in .... l ; i i , . - " " "
fiofOerH ;tl.)rd.c. i i o'.t toe- I uaowav 3 n-t wer ri ibe bnici;. -
of O to her ta tita 31 of Noverabtr
! six survivors c'ur.sr to the r.
-.nd were rcseue i bv tne kebtn.
)el.r in hardware, Moves, tin-
ware, etc., thron:.h.at. t!ie Territory
! atid die Paid unidlo of Texas w-odd
i do v,,-H ,o bear in udnd that (.,. I,
I li'Uiddoit, of í.,a V u-as, i:tl He-
hv:At síoek in ibis lin- of any ho,.
111 Soot Peru i'.d-.rado and ?.:. - x -
He is prepared to do a w lade-
"T: n'i!.',! th:" A-r'1' hVul
a I hi-; s'!.-;-e. v, itboiii -oiiii:' lurtber
t : I I . . i ' 1 I I I J 1 : ' (i 1 1 1 ' ' 1. : 1 V 1 : 1 - ' I .
... .: . 1,, ,: ,..,..
deoi l.;,s V ; 1
- -- :S
P l i :u? !'" lÍ K.' tJ L. t, jf .
l-'o!: . ' 1 i-'s-'i' 1 !
t .iUi!l-r.ti M'üiMis. t -onou-vi-o. ;
'v ,.,-r,
, 1 "' " 1 . '''-y
;;, -.-.i a. on.,-a.- ... o - 1 a1'-; lveo a
aa obiee ol tbe onderiyu
i:oho. .Nov.
r la. a.
or MM -
iu-.an'.r o:ie iiirnaa;; ano -a..i v ;..er--j
,:,a! 0 io nao. , ro--. do- for lie- yaaaba!
,;,,ri bed oi -ue Henvor -.o( .ramie
i hi 1 1 v. a o -I w'.-en . v laooo-a ai a to
Xew ', -do-o Stae line, -aid tie-. ( be
ol ;.;.i:id .l ad -pt I!-.' or pi 10' I i ' ni I
lb" .ihoeb doa- ! i., be d x ) ) ioobo-iiib-k.
:.t b s di.-ir, -; '. j i;i-he- i'aae,
.-in.! six and otic-bad' ('il) l'a-!. Ua;.
;Ul.U y - v id so -i-': :'y wh-ll-er tbey oo-aa-:e
to di-'ie(- aboi:;- ;b" e::aeb:d laaal
bed or ab..i a tb
ot ! ne eons! i'ae!-
.al r.aai :.. tw ' .d;i .'.a-s and A la
mo -a. and in ibe hi! ' c r '-a.- e a! what
iatioii. Idiviiaails .; c,i.m o'l to:!-'b-
v e límeles, j- onus of proposal and
j caira.-: cao m
.... i ,1 .,,,.,1 a... 1 a .,
1 1 . 1 . ..... (..i'-... . 1 j . i 1
i o i i a ii'i - i a ae.i . ai'-.c . 1 1-
: O' t0.1:Y.)V.
w i o -in roo o 1 nal 1 n
).;;, Trca-arer.
i.ai.oiaaia s-1 i-::.c.. . ,;!..: io:
t ).-i.d.. ;.. 1íd"i. s
l.r.-po a;! .v 'a h- re e"ved at
:',' Ice amba- 'yned uniil
.-da!. or 0 ;-..-';. for lim (.;ra-
ea a o.:
:: ' . -a I ,aii i'xl oa -ion ol! be
ir. i.-r d a . a a a' í . d i '. a i'c on
; :
i '.'
-. : . ' " í a a ' o ' : -v o a le -a e
...... 1 ... ..it. ...
in- in-ifi ' o- ; t ai : a-. 1 .lie a a - 1
a a s ri t-r. a a- im-e - .fabo. it i ' miii s j
be ,0'oai - pa,iii,-;!i..a and idem of
1 a . .an -i-n a. i;;e i.iu.au o.). A.
' . ., . ,. -
: ac-dnaaae. :,e! aoaac-:-. sa; ; a
: . . d a -. - ( Nao'-ao... ( 1 aa a.'.-r J
j .ea'm-r ! ... db ! 'a!io-e;a!o be laaoe
! moiiUa;. ai e-.-í -.m lie e-iinnitc ol'tbr
I -ama-o'ce bi cb-a-a.a of ka v. 01 U, ami
. , . ,, ,
a-.o. a. i . v, i..' 1 r. ni.., 1 rea. or or,
do ma: ado .-i la vim. d :aa..i-.),
,x , , .
(íe obe a. I WJ.
j Saaie(: prma-aa-- will be received
1 i i 1 , . . , í ,., s , . 1 ' . , i.n.i oi.: .11...! 11 - . H
t ' 1 :i 1 ' 1 ill' iiiaa -a u . t t 1 1
Me".i!. Door-mbor !0. !."-','') for tbe lth-
din;'- of ibe Ni'iv Me deo iaen-ion of 1
I the Dcuva and lao'.raudo iddlwav.
! iVo'o a ooiii' :iair tba town f.f (bine-
:;j.' - ..ulbooaaia:ptdhelNo(iiauiile!
1 n-.er.
near ( iaiioe.-onia, a u'.--t aneo 0! ;
i 'mut 1,1 ndies. 'I be jo oiiha speei ilea- 1
! 'i0' au:,J l. !t' !:i'i:;a!'". S,A !,M
"' - -oa. .n.-.u.-, tanei .
i.-. .... r-.o 1
. I'. r - ' i r o . . 1 o l ..: ; . . , 1 .1. n ,i io OI.
Pirdii'ar w:-;
lamí aü.-r ..,vm.iber "f, kl(). Sv -
i meat-- to be noidc n.onibiy in cash oi.
lv -hih'uv "'' '',' !:"dnear m eharjre
I of l';e Hork. and . itii.n tweidv (lava
Aa'ier Ibe eb-n. ofea i, mood, (don -
, (.-a.-tors are mp c-ied t examine the
' I'1"' b.-f.-re bablinj-. A suitable in -
, 1 .....-..:.. . .... 1 ...mi. : .
1 """a'1":-: iJ '"" " I 1
-..y 'j.; p v,".t iT.itr.i.-, Tneourcr.
1 K (I I .p.
Conon vi o Si-kim.-.s ('ui.oi;.Um. ,
O.-tolier 1), D7i).
Sealed proio-iu w! be r-eei x . i ;! I
tho olüee of (In: undersigned
neon, November üüih. is;;), ((,r (,,.
ín'a.Mmr of the mi ,f uan Kten.-ien of
the J leaver & llo tirando iíaiiwav
iVom a point near Ibe toun oi Vw.v
jos. in the Coiiniy of Concju:-, t; a
Voint on t;e .San .ftiun JJiver. near !!.
nioo.th of tiie Ficdeas. distance .f
about one hundred u'ad tentv-dv
I-Jfi miles. The pronicsicitb-aiioiH
iiud ioi-inot bo! can bo scon ai i!-.e ot
t'iee of J. A. Mi-Mori ric, ( ,'!ie' lae--;e-eer,
South Pueblo. Colorado, on and
alter .November 17, i h, l;f,"!f. iv.yiueiu-.
to be made in..u!hiy in.a-.b on' ii;r.
timale of the ei!::;:;c...r i;) c,a:-i:e ,
the work, and within iweutv da'v-i al
ter the eio,,e of ca.! month, '('on
trrtctors are roone-ted to c-xandae tiie
line before bidding. A Mabe in-deminiyin;..-bond
v ill be reuu-red hi
each ease.
11-0 :. F. Y;:rn;iv. Treasurer.
(.'o.oi:aj)o ,Si-i:i:c;s. ('.:lo:adi), )
)eíobe- 'J!), IK'J. y
Sealed roiiosals s ,(! v,., .t
he t.iiie! oi' tbo uud.-r.-.'.fi.cd. i;;.:'l
'"1 t !!-d N-ra- :.!'-.;, i1(.:, u,u.
-o::ejo- n.u mo Animas ti-.-.
1 i "i.-- oi'ab.eü. o;( bandre.l lai'ish iv
laiir. ; :.;aid ),,. ,y: ,(,,.( ,:rtii
s;iri( e o- oine lindar: Un, :in;-i.s;oi:
i mx h in he-, iidek. nor. lei.- i-etn ,-i
p;.; :'.. .at
MX and oua laaif
.'j ' '' , . J':,"-,'1's. "'.il H..M-d
j 'i; InUiih om 'ntblv ...áK'
j Fonos ,. a! and coüra; í . an b.
O'iO upon .-ppi:e;;n ío i a- ond: rd ü-
1 d" .,;,:'''. -;'( , 1 1 ;;!;
I i(...- ' ''U. 'y ',,'. '!"'!'
Í ' " " '" ' ' ' "
I e.i. .-, ..-lülii lent :.d,.
' r
o no:. ,ii;o M-ni.vi-s. "'n r-u v.-.o
j eto'.oc -Jíüt-, -,;.!. .
i QFAidd) ''bOP i-i.VbS ivi'! bo're
I ' vvoil a! tho .oHeo i' ..y.
j d nodi iaao, N,veodw,
j i-.e. for iuridddu -j f ix iiandrod aad
Hi.. ,.,...,!,., 1 ,. ; 1. . ,,,!,...,.
i ... 1 o: , .
I .o C 1 anda Kadv, a v be! en
r; N.ov
I .we.iia'!; a.i;o State iitic and Ab'-...-. -,(':-
(!;.-. a Misiam-e o! abou: ..;,b -.. ; :ti.i
j j : j
. . i - . . i
o;.,.. ';,,.!.,,,.. .o,, ,i- ;....,.
j ,; h,v; -idol,. ,a-o bV'lia-.u -d-.. d
, inj-jj, a.,., (..; . : l;.
iecl loitn;. dhbh ,:, v. in sea oil V vi ero
!b"y ja'-yaaa' 1o deliver. F;; n.-.-nt.-m
ea di ooi uooi! 0y o-doa: . a -. ;do-;;..,
oí' o-opo .a; and (..alia: I can b- h-l
opon íipplii--:;'.io:i to die i; o . -i. :;! .
A snib.-i.'ib itd!'ii-ni;-ij,;; lood -. ül
ha1 i tijuicd in cadi a. ,
id !'. Win ?:
j 1 -'.'..
í n
-i).2)01iiUii ;.iU .S ií.J..f,
Nmiae is her. by yiven iba: :be n-i-
:-V lined ha- la-oil a pno'li e-d .. d ea u -istra
1 or of tbe e.--i a ie of .Í . I, oi i a, te-cea-.
d. iiy tee i bmoradlc Pi.-b.-ite
'.'utr', in and. br ibe e-aua v oi' ,v.n
di'.aiai. Ail person iadebi; a to a-i-1
I'siale are berai.oa n-Miiied make im
00 ,li-.te saiiieihoiit. and ali i-.-r-ons
iiavimr ch-dim- a rail -,-d ! esiataaro
iiaiiibd .y pre:-:, ut limn; wh'-.bi (he
next -ixiy days. I.. !.. 3 i.a.vi.
.' d..,ia. -a-..!- r.
' eiaio. .. .a .1 . , o .. ?-., a.
j i.-'u nj . iiif.:,w.,jr"j. r
-xni-vjKiufA.tvv gif
- T" , ., " "I r,i v 0
t : - 3 'i -'a- r-f ,! íí'i .-.v-ei.fif.í
i, .p: prLí a a, , s-,í ;j ,,r.
,. , ,
".ui Iioil.C coi Ico:. m-. y ven ... !
I n..-.,:-.;-;......!. u-x-itshwhi v.::.i;im-,...-t
' 1. 1 ,..1 t t.. 1. 1 . .1.
1 m . 1 1 - , ; 1 . 1 - . 1 1- 1 1 . t. : . 1 . ; i - . t j 1 ' o i.
nirnl tk'-.u, ri.'Cia.i i-it.ic uuu iiaai'-HHa
r. r . . . . . .
i pat ft! naga ot Vic lraven h.-í
I V s invi'.eu.
! J UDGE O. A. II UC DELL, Thol'

Las Vejeta JST. 31.

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