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las Vegas Daily Gazette
! . ,. Jl
J . II- UOOUI.Eit.
If yuii.want r clerk,
1 1" you want a l"okki'i';n'V.
ll'yir.LWiüit t liny a
If ;.n-.l want t mi'II n
ll'you wait t i btty u lot,
II' ynil want t sell a lot,
ri'yoii want t b.-II a Ikiusp,
If vim want t ) sell a limis.-,
If y. i w;i:it t n it a li iusr
If yuii liavi' a li(u4v t ) run I,
If ynii want t liny a .inm-.li,
If ymi want to sell a vaiu'li,
H mi want t' liny a mini',
If you want to b-11 a mine,
Jl'you want to buy ntoik,
U' you want to sell tffeiek,
If you want. Ci t.!irive in business,
'I'll'- opp'jr pr.) I'.ict of Michigan,, far
the month of Oct. amount to 2,08d
pounds. 'Lliis at two dollars per cen
ia i would amo. tut to !jl(),tJ88.
The llcpubiieausof SL Louis having
declined, to invite Grant to make that
city a visit it has been suggested that
the ex-confederates now living in the
(fit v jo-in iaaa invitation to him.
Th;-buk oí N-cvada, of San Francis
co; ha-; reduced its capital from $10,
U.)ü,00ü to $3,000,000. This is a pretty
sl;!-) practise to escape taxation, for
the amount o,f vaudlh. is th same; it
make iK) difference' what it in rated
The. silver and cad products of
Loadville for the month of Oct. am
ount $l.,!tó.U0k The biiver product
alone amounted 07,803 pounds or near
ly 31 tons. The lead product amount
ed iu value to $323,012. 1 his is the
product o IT 4 smellers,) whLh would
make on an average, a litt'e more than
$):i,K!)l per smelter. This is an almost
unexampled production. of wealth,
The- Gazktníís of the opinion that
liscoe Conkling and Horatio Sey
iiioure are nearly allied by marriage
and thinks it probable that this is the
solution of the question i polilitical.
lnct.:'al fluid in the Cocoanut. or in
other words thai it allows why it was
t,liatSeyniuorethe son otjhis'ifal.hcr was
counted in, while all the others De
mocrats on the ticket were counted
. - O -C- I
UiM-ert Toombs sent a letter to Chi-e-igo
avowing extreme secession views
and his opinions might have created a
sensation, had it, not been that think
ing, people remembered that the peo
ple of his state, Georgia, hud utterly
ignored his opinion since the war, and
mainly because he had promised to
driuk. every drop of blood that should
be shed, and' thew faih-d' im the drinft
ing. The Colorado smelters arn said to
be in session in Denver, for the pur
pose of organizing a co-operative organization-
not favorable to compe
tition in the business cf milling and
mucking ores. It wowJd seem, ürom
the past prosperity of the mining and
smelting industries of that state, that
t'lie interests of Colorado-ore belter
served without such an organization
V.iim they will be with it- All such
organizations arc invariably a;t injury
ro any community. '
The Indianapolis veterans aro-disgusted
over the Grant reception h
Chict'gi). They went there several
hundred-strong;. bul not one of them
was able to secure tickets ofadinission
U the hall where (Jrant was formally
received.. One of the most conspi
cuous veterans, in relatii g his expe
rience, said. "We were snubbed;. the
linifianians were badly snubbed, sir!
Chicago bo d (Ji! Indiana doesn't
want any more-, Chicago hospitali
ty!" It miifrt nave been something
like the rcecutionif tie C lo a !o tol' s
at Cheynme.
Congressman Wright's hard limes
committee, which was appointed by
the List congress to unenrlli 'hard
times, has had a verv hard time of it.
They have been forced to ride from
Maine to-Florida and from the Mian-
tic to. the Facille, yet they have
They have fearched all over this broad
and beautiful land of ours; have sear
ched every avai able spot and have
even defended into what they sup
posed was the depth of poverty ami
yet they did not liml the coveted jew
cll for which they were sent out to
seek. Failing in all its efforts, this id
iotically appointed committee return
ed east and sought Wendell Phillip r
who was once a republican, or some
thing' to that effect, but who is now tv
Iicast lien Ku tier ''What is it,." and at
last accounts were pumping him dry
as if wilha stomach pump. Such con
centrated foolishness as the appoint
ment of tlil& committee is seldom, if
.ever, equaled. When hard times real
ly comes, every body birows it, and if
it does not come no congressional
committee can find it.
The annual report of the commis
sioncr of internal revenue for the last
year shows that tfivr totel fMlcethvus
amounted to $113,918,456' an iircrease
c-f $2,8'J0.741 over the previous year.
The principal articles which pay tax
are distilled and lermcntcd liquors,
tobacco :iud cigars. O Id o wiwit IWinois
pay over k.s!f of tliC total: Indiana
and Kentucky pay one fifth while
Missouri and New York together pay
one tenth, ft would take four hundred
such states as Florida to pay tire w hole
amor.nt of the tax eví if they do con
sume a good quantity of the articles.
Sonic writer complains that while
monuments have been erected to the
confederate dead, the monument of
George Washington, who was first, in
various IhingH-, is allowed to1 languish.
The rea.-oni for the-. d'HVrenco is too
plain. If about two-thirds of all the
folks in this great and glorious etc.,
will set in and abuse George a while,
the other third will whoop- that 500
feet monument up to its full height
and add an extra hundred or two, just
to show wlit they cando. Why, ev
en Major Andre, who had not one ad
mirer in all America, lias a monument
on the spot where he was not buried.
If you want to kill aman oil' get every
bodv to bragon him.
How often, after death, is whiskey
on the stomach charged to the account
of water on the brain. It would notrb
considered proper, at this time, to
speak of the death which gave rise t
the thought; hu hack a few vears in
I the lusfu'v of the countrv stands a
name, which might be used as a beacon
light, to warn politicians of the dan
ger of drinking, at all. No more bril
liant name graceii! Wie political amrds
of the country than that of Stephen A.
Doughis.!. Some scientific mine was
given to amount, for h's deat'.i; vet
it here can be but littlir doubt that his
death was the result of the terrible po
litical battle in which he engaged, dur
ing the last few years of his life, and
to carry on which it was necessary t)
resort continuously to stimulants. lie
died-of over work, excitement and liq
uor, and others, almost as famous,,
have of late years traveled the same
road and to the same goal.
The womans right theory is making
headway.. At a recent pes-ion of tiie
Kchool board of New York city fdx
members out of'twcniy voted to duct
a woman assistant superintendent of
schools. The- motion was defeated
but ihe six votes shows the growth of
a sentiment. The S-f.Louis Ttines'.iu
organ of the líourboii Deinmit: and
credited with being Tihleu'iV las!, yon
vcit says editorially: Seriously
Kjieaking, we think here was ru ins
tance w!cr ; '-woiiiai's roll's" were
eulilled to recognition. The fact that
a majority of the teachers and ludof
the puj i!s are feinnlc9 was a strong
argument in favor of the appointment
of a female. If the feminino candida
te was in every way as efficient as the
mule candidate we have aoHesitnUou
in Buying that it vouhl have been
eminently proper to
leinatesex t lie re
v. educators,. liayc made
advance iu the hist few vearsj. and Ihe
jiresent efficiency in the piihlie schools
. of the country is greatly due to their
superior tact in touching tho vouii"-
idea how lo shoot. 'Ihe claims of
woman, however, uiu-d never be has-
ed upon the consideration of sex, but
upon proficiency, worth and general
fitness for the place sought to be fi led
by her.
Sam Monroe, the express messenger,
who was held up by the train robbers,
a few weeks ago, has been transferred
to the branch from Newton t Wield
ta, where big men don't come into the
express car and hold big revolvers un
der a messenger's nose. Mr,A. Cun
ningham will take the place ofS. Mon
roe, as messenger. Charley Cunning
ham will retain his place on the line,
as heretofore.
The enterprising linn of Geoffrion
& Desmuráis have fairly opened out in
their room, on the south, side of the
plaza. It is one of the finest store
rooms in the city, having been recent
ly rebuilt, with very large windows,
making the v(W9in so light in- every part
that all goods can readily be seen. The
stock in trade includes everything,
from high caste dry goods do common,.1
every day groceries.
Kill Yoiing'M I.j'iicfierw.
Missouri ha at last. Umm aroused I o
the conviction that such lawlessness as
is practiced by some of her ciiizens,
must not longer be tolerated. The
lvnchiug of Yo'.m-i is looked upon in
all civilized communities as it piece oC
rowdvism.thut whould not be tolerated,
e-ven among the wild rangers of the far
west, and the governor of that state
has taken the matter in hand and will
have the perpetrators of the deed pun
ished accordimrto law. All of the lea
ders in, the deed have been arrested'
and lodged iu jail, with the exception
of t)ue Frank Lane, who is still at large.
He is hiding around somewhere, but
the sheriff is on the tilcrt foe. him, and
the governor has oflered a reward of
$500 for his arrest. The preliminary
examination w;Ts commenced last week
and the case will bo tiiorouohlv sifted,
antl the guilty pa rtie.:i-justly dealt wit-h-
ISurluiyloii Lrdzctre.
The SZaryliinú Shíj cntial.
The route chosen for t ho proposed
ship canal between Chesapeake and
Delaware bays begins at Quecnstown.
Mary laud, aiid runs across the penin
sula to Lewes,. Delaware, discharging"
into Delaware iay, live miles above
the Delaware breakwater; distauce
Similes. It is proposed that the ca
nal shall-bo 200 feet wide and 2.) feet
deep with tide locks only. The en
tire line willjiave to bo drg; estima
ted cost, $31,000,000. The saving in
distance between Ihillimcrc and any
Northern- port will be 225 miles.
That the Chinese should bring abcit
a revolution in nsiyal arcidtccttwe and
armament is tviwitlior su-rorise wh'ch
Ihc CA'ient has provided' for the Euro
pean world. It seems that the conti
nued prospect of war between Japan
and China led the Japanese Govern
ment to pin-chase in Fiudand a num
ber of very heavily armored' vessels
for offensivo operation? along the
coast of China. Thereupon, the Ohin
cse G-ovcnmi.ont, adopting a plati'di!'
vised by líendell, an Englishman; be
gan at once the construction in Fn
glish shipyards of a licet of small
light-draft r.uarmorcd gun-boats,
each to carny. wi euormtus So-ton-ll-inrdi
muzzle-loading gun. These cu
rious vessels are merely and really
self propelling, lloatiiig'gun carria
ges. The guns tire not 'mounted, hut
he flat upon the deck, andaré worked
loaded and aimedMiy live men with
the assistance ;fi hydraulic power. The
boats arc double enders fho- fire is
directo. 1 from the bow. but when the
engines arc reversed th gun becomes
a stern chaser. Tho English journals,
in discussing the question raised by
this new departure in the art of naval
warfare, admit that their boasted inn
sivc ironclads their Tuttuhnnrs and
Di'p.mhuiv gilts would' bo rrt' file
mercy of a small fleet of those gun
boats which, from nn unapproachable
position in shulow water, might con
centrate their terrible tiro upon and
disabhi such unwieldy monsters be
fore thev could do damage bv their
torrent guiu.
The Western Union wire now being
transferred from the old Sania Fe trail
to the railroad line between Otero and
Las Vegas, will cut out the ifi-cr of
Cimarron and Fort Union. The for-
I nier place will probably not enjoy the
Hi! v-mf nimu f n,v!iv C aritiwit !m.n .it
..u.i-.- ... ... i. i.. iyk cvriui i nil' , hi.
have given the 1 leawt, while the latter is to havs a loop
derence. Women 1 runniu' i'ro,n Matrons. Mr. S. N. Ni
,.o,i,. n . i c i 'ho!son, operator at the Fort, is now
nado a wonderful nm,.i w.. ...i.,.:n
-I.L 1(11 111 ill 11 II I I l. , ll- I I , J I 1 1 I I 11 J I í I
there until the new connection sloll
Imvo been- made. Trinidad Hews.
i i.i t. .i ,, i -.
t. Illnnchard is corstantly adding to
ins neavy stocK or gooi's. Call in and
look at the most Viri-idJ -usortmcnt ,,r
merchandise ever kept under one roof
i '
Los Pinos, November IS. O ufa y
carried Ids point at the Indian coun
cil on the night of the 12th.
The principal chiefs of the White
River Utss, except Jaek were present
yesterday ready to give testimony
when called upon The Indians wlicr
testify before the commission are
sworn by Chief O tira y recording to
the custom of the Uto nation.
The entire afternoon session was
devoted to an examination of cldcf
Douglass with a view to allaying the
fears- í'tho Indians rather than throw
ing additional light upon the massa
cre, and his self satisfied air as he bade
the commission good nigh-t clearly in
dicated that he considered the "Cite
peace commission "heap damn fools."
As a iW Douglas is entitled to the
world's championship outdoing the
individual who never fold the truth
except by mistake, for Douglas was
smart enough to be consistent and ne
ver committed the grave error of fall
ing into the mistake of telling the truth.
I le knew nothing of the transactions
immediately preceding and following
the killing of Agent Meeker and em
ployes, he wa so occupied with his
sou who had shot his foot that he RriV
no tima to check the attacking party
Demands on Turkey.
London, November ló. It is-believed-thiit
tfte ostensible dcutmult ivy an
Turkey concerning Asia Minor con
ceals an effort to restore Sir Austin
Layard's supremacy among the porte
and foreUrn advisers, an incident 1
whichi kt liltc?y rn sudi-ii- the dismissal i
of Mahommoud Nednn Fasha, niin-1
isterofthe interior, and the appoint
menrto the miuistryof a man passing
as Sir Austin Layard's confidant.
The government's foreign policy is ;
eniuarraseu by the cabinet dissensions
The commissioners' report indicates
Sir Ashton Cross, home secretary, as
the chief opponent to- Beacoustield's
The tfJatmi Massacre.
London, November 16: A dispatch
from Cabul says that the chief compli
city of Yakoob Kahn in the massacre
of ihe English embassy gaius strength.
The Ameer and his associates, it is
thought, did not couutemplate a
wholesale massacre, Thit only sufficient
intimidation to induce Major Cava- own a naval station.,therc, which it
naguari to report his position in Cabul' will not surrender, a breeze of excite
as untenable. The affair, however, in rat in th if quartcrwill possibly occur
went bcyfl-:itl their control, and then before long
tlicy acteil on tlio principle that (load,
men tell no tales. The troops did. not
mutiny for arrears ot pay, but wore
iusligated by their officers, working
u ndeir the-connivance of the high au
thorities. Bis How ul Kliddiebuiy.
MiJdli-bury, Vt., November ló.
The-ffophomoro, freshmen, seuior, and
junior clii-sses- Here have gone into a
voluntary suspension.. Tho faculty
has suspended the two lower classes,
and probably will suspend the o t heps.
Every student engaged in the rebel
lion ivi Í1 be susponik'd.
The trouble grows oirt of an alleged"
mij'nst action of the ia-ul'ty toward
members of the sophomore class.
ficclincs the Honor.
New Orleans, November 1. hr.nes
L. Gillesp'o declines the Republican
nomirattion for the office of Lieutenant-Governor,
health and business
positively forbidding its acceptance.
Gillespie says thai, given a' free vote
and fair coiwit. Ihe ticket will win in
December. Without a free vote and
a fair count the name of Gvo.-ge
Washington himself would avail
Washington, Nov. 15. The returns
of November 1 show an increase in
Ihe wheat crop f 2!,000,000 bushcis
over last year. Ih's great increase is
the result of a very large yield in all
the Sl'des lM,rlei Migon Ihe Ohio river
and-t?ic Missouri. Tiie Northwestern
States show little variation from last
year. Kansas and California both de
cline in yield. Texa,.of all the south
ern states, is the only one that falls
oft'iu the yield this ye ir.
Ravages cf Diptheria.
London, November IS. Diptheria
which for several veers h3 made
great ravages in l'u'shi, seems to be
gaining more aud more ground. ',- The
disease says the Movoe Y llemija
íiííonttainod such frightful proportions
in some regions that the percentage
of mortality far exceeds that of births.
In the small districts of Mirnydo
where he discafo- iia.f been raging
since-1857, there were 411 deaths from
tile-disensc in 1376, and in 1877 there
died 1.800.
Diptheria snatched nwnv 76 per cent,
of children in Stavronol. In the course
; population fell victims to the disease
I of four months one-half oftho-infant
" Mshenoff and in tin viciniivof
Kiefl and Pol tova fie epidemic has I
V? rniflng fop.t,,c last two yean
without interruption. In.tlie viU.go
of Kaploomsowka in- the government
of KahakaroU" pixty-fve children
died in two weeks. l"u the hamlet of
Makomba more than two hundred iu--fantshavc
bec carried away by tlur
disease since January last, in addition
to a large number o'f adults. In the
village cf Tamoroofka not one child!
has escaped the epidemic. Iieport
show an average of daily deaths in
Nomvrempa to be freight fid. Mom
than eleven districts are afflicted with'
the disease and the mortality ot both
youthful and adult population is stv
cuornyotis that the government has
appointed a special commission under
M. Karel, physician in ordinary, to1
inquire into the cause of the epide--micand
has issued strict injunction
to the local authorities about measur
es to be adonted for the arrest and-
extinction oí the disease;
At lie assay office of the Consolidat
ed Virginia company, in Virginia Ci
ty, Nov., General and Mrs. (iraní ami
UIy83es- (rant, jr., were weighed on
the line scales used in weighing bullion.
General Grant turned the scales at 17iV
and 1-2 pounds, Mrs. (.rant at 160 pd v
and young Clysses Grant at 17ii pounds
and thus we know officially that ther "
is a '-bigger man than old Grant."
The Xaturs hearts loat the coal
niin'ng experiments at Kaipia in the
north of the Province of'CUihli, China,
are proceedingsiKicSErfully. The bor
ing has reached a depih of nearly
feet, jiassing through six seanis of
good coal, one of which is three fc-t
and another eight, feet thick. It is
proposed to bore to a depth offióO-
Turkey wants to pay her debts, or
at least pretends that dii doe. Tins
will be glad tidings of grt'af jor t-o hen
disconsolate bondholders. iHit, in the
language of one of Dulwer's heroes,
"Where is she to borrow the money to
do with."
t Whenever a negro get to-be over
sixty lie ages very fast, and in five
years he passes himself oil' for eighty.,
and in five years inore he cele ira tes his
centennial aniversary. It is as;toni.-h-ing
how many negroes there are ln
profess to be over a hundred year oh!'.-
A lritish war vessel, it is anoune
eil, will soon lake possession of the
Samoan Islands. As the United States
Bar Iron of All Size,
English Cast Steel
for Drills r
Flaw Steel,
Chains, Nats
and Washers.
All ki'xids of AVagon and Cam ago
From ew exic T r .ipituetodjao
ritories jiromptly litled.
Grand View Hotel,
South Itecond feceí,
LA8 VEGAS, - - M1.
Dr. J. H. SUTFIN; Proprietor,
Jlecent additions- to- this Ilotrso
make it it the
Largest and Best llotil
iu the Territory-,.
The Sleeping. Koomsi-
Arc on tho Second Floor, anillare. ,
clean an coinfortiible.iimtJiave
perfect ventilation
I'll 13 TV. XI "tilZJ
is wcli supplied with
The Bast the Market Affard3..
for passengers runs for this Lo W
aud from the depot..

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