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?Ias Vegal'Daily Gazette
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If.voíi want a rlcrk, '
If yon wunt a bookkcpppr,
' "If yoa'wnnt t buy a luí,
Jrynti want t noli' A lot" t
, If yuii.wimt t Imy u huttsp, ,
' I T rnti vi:it tu sell u 1khh-,
If ymiivant i i vi'iit a huirte,
"T ''O'uJiavo a iiotHc to rout, "
Ilaou want t lmy n .itim-li,
M'l'oií want t' sell a ranoli1, f " j
If you want to liny a mini',
.; If you,vant t nrtl n minp;
- If Jon. wmil: to buy stork, . V
If yVmv a;it t' sell nt-nrk, '.' ,
Ifyotr want t ) tlirlvi! hi Iiiik'iiws,.
t "'Several important railroad cases are
'flovfundcr the consideration pf the
Supremo court, on the '20tu,,inst. an
opinion was delivered in the case of
.the Atchison, Topcka & Santa Fc
aguínst the people ex rel Attorney-
General; Error from El Paso county.
71rt caw grew out of an action of At
tomcy-Gcneral Wrighti taken tit the
time the Ilio Grande property was
.wrested from the control of the Santa
Fe Company. Tie Court reversed
the judgment of El Paso Conuty Court
with instructions to dismiss.the pro
cccdiugs; " . " ''.7!
Tom Ennso Wounded nd Captured.
About 4 o'clock tr perhaps an hour
or 50'tiTllert Sunday morning thobil
liárd hiill-jBf Ward & Tammelu the
iñcw town wlw "broken into by three
men. In order to explain matters ful-
Plv. it. is necessary to state that the
building is divided into three rooms.
The first is tiscd as the billiard and
bar room; 1 he second is the club room.
and the third is whei o Messrs Ward
and Tammc sleep. The burglars went
to the window of the middle or club
room and succeeded in raising it; I ho'
it was Well braced from above. The
throe men then entered and by the
Paid of a small fcerew driver took the
latch off the door that led into the bar
and billiard room. One of the thieves
then went to the money drawer and
commenced operations;, one stod by
the window and the third man walked
backward and forward botween the
window and the bar. The meii, in
their ctDw-t-s to raise the window had
awakened Mr. Ward, who at once call
cd for his pistol,, wit to his surprise
was told that they had been forgotten
and left in the bar room. Thcuet
best thing in order then was to infó.tm
an officer. It was only the wrlc of a
l1 moment to go where officer Mather
was 'dec pi tig and arousev hit,' The
two theu humúed back to Vjie billiard
hall to look alter matters. They had
just arrived in nainng cusiauco 01 me
window where the men had entered,
when one of them sprang out. . He
was ordered several times to hold up
groat success
St. Louis will
val. '
and if id - probaltf
witness a grand revi;
Hon. David A. Wells at a recent
aftcrdinuep speech announced it as his
opinion' t fiat about all the college gra
duates and professors arc freetraders,
ion it uint ' b3 coafe3ál that the
college mtn have yery little influence.
Advices from Leadville, state that: .ThoBritislTgovcrTHncntishaving a
ataupuUwop.'clockou the. moving criou tjmij wth th, Irish people.
otm 20thrfdrtyr fifty -jnaskctVmen i Th'ev hW'now caused tf.c arrest of
. 1.li. it J ! 1 .1.1
proceeueu iu. inc. wunjpni, neaueti 1w0 Irishmen for using seditious lau-
by blierm Watson, w-nt)M was urged
lorwaru uy kjx ptwann -new in mo Slirv, ticrc igbecn n uotabloab-
; i i : . !.''
ueiertmuuu grasp oi ncany ns many Hcn(c 6f violcucc in all the recent agi
xi n-
The society of the Cumberland at its
late meeting elected officers for the
ensuing year as ;' follows: For presi
dent, Gen. Phil. Shcnidan;. vice-presidents,
G'oncral Underwood, of Massa
chusetts; General Barnum,' of New 1, his hands and surrender; but paid no
The Indians at Los Pinos an
doublcdly masters of the situation, as
thev wií not testify t'.nLss,they arc
first promised entire imraunitvtáud
pardon for any crimes they may have
committed. The Indians ' heretofore
have pleaded tho fear of beiug arres
ted if they testified freely and fully;
but since that foolish fear has been re
moved they step : upon the witness
stand without the leaat hesitation and
tell all the lies they can manufac
ture. They treat the government like
a captive; first tic its hands and then
lauglr at its utter helplessness.
Sammy Tilden although supposed
to be dead, comes up 6iniling to the
scratch many papers in all sections of
the country announcing their adhe
sion to him.
commission ot uencrai Adams is in
session appear to implicats mormons
as the ustigators of the milk river
York; General Carnier, of New Jersey;
General Mcgiicy,;, of Pcnnsylvauia;;
General Duflield,of Michigan; Colo
el Ilobson, of Kentucky; Capt. E. L.
lihinK, f Tennessee; Geritral Morgan,
of Illinois; General Strcight, of India
na; General Myec of Ohio; Colonel
Johnston, of Wisconsin; Colonel Con-
over, of Missouri; Gmeral Martin of
Kansas: Captam Wjoml, of Minnesota;
Captain Sillock, of Iowfl. Captain
Steele, recording secretary, and Gene
ral Cis corresponding secretary.
Toledo was selected for. the next
meeting which ;wfll Vo iheTd nbout
September 20 1880 Gcnl. Ben Harrison
of Indiana was selected to deliver the
a anual oration.
The Maine clectiondoes not seem to
6c over yet, thero is more excitement
in that state now than' at tiny other u
time during since the fall elections
The Democratic returning board still
insists on manipulating tho returns as
they please. They steadily refuse to
allow any representative or senator,
elected last fall, to examine' therC'
turnyoflrhis cotntry It may bo all
right, but it looks very much as if the
Democracy of Maine were bent ; on
kicking. thc nail of milk that Grant
said they would.
The statue of Gm Thomas was un-
vcilod. last week. Great were the tri
butes pafd' to his memory at this in.
tcresting ceremony. Thomas was not
such a brilliant, general, neither diefhe
wia any rurtllug success, but he. was
rr my greally beloved by liis armies
and !iis victories were always Hib
stantiid ami huiing.
heed to the summons, The officer
then gave chase and fired on him sev
oral times, one oí the shots taking ef
fect in the wrist or hand, when the
man stopped running- and. surr jnder-
ed. The burglaiy to the surprise of
all, was found to be Tomas Suaso, of
Trinidad, Colorado. Suaso was once
very wealthy;, at one time supposed
to have been worth $200,000. The
two accomplices liae not yet been
captured. The thieves succeeded in
getting ten dollars in money, five dol
lars of which was recovered, and ono
Í hundred and sixty pool checks, which
iwas taken for monoy by the thieves
Mr. Mather is to be commended for
the promptness displayed in. catching
this; fellow. Of all the nuisances
with which a town can lie afflicted,
house birakers is the worst. The pre
liminarvhcariu of Suaso came off
yesterday morning before Justice
Neill; Suaso was held in bonds of
$2,000 and in default therwf was sent
'to ail to await the situng'of court
Aman by the name of Hawthorn was
tried otí. the sameharge but was released.--
The celebrated Grand Uanon cases
have beeuVipcued in the Federal Corut
Their consideration will probably con
sumo a week.
It is 6aid that the Spanish troop
have killed the insurgent chief Muntz
and made a prisoner of another.
ii 1 hero arc now 4,0Uü,0üü oí 6pecia
afloat, bound for New York. ..
American matíc cheosc is consider
cd par excellcifce in Ensrland
nic.ii. At the inuzzlcs of pisto s bhe
riff was .compelled to opt'n thedoors,
when a dozan ir.on Funhect - in and-
Overpowered Deputy '8iW?iSí Johú
son' and Miller, aud: proceeded (o take
charge of Stevart,'the foot pad, and
2d. Frodsham, who figured largely in
he lot jumping business!. The capt-'
ors were inexorable and mcrcilessand
launched their Victimo into eternity
supended . to the beams of a new
building in front of the jail, liow be
ing erected. ' Frodsham struggled
furiously, and his face bore tlw marks
ot agony as IieJumg. susp?n-jfctVñfo á
rafter. ' When hk Request "wflis klenicd
ta write a letter tó-his wife, he'mado
a desperate fSfept'tO' escapó the fate
which befel him. To the body of
Frodsham was pinned a placard, read
ing a9 follows:' . :
. Notick to all lot ! thieves, bunko
steerers, foot pads, thievesand chronic
bondsmen for thesaimj'aiid nympath
izers with the above class of criminals
This is our sonMucncement . and this
shall bo vour fute. Vre mean business
Let this be your last warning,, parti
ctilarly Conroy, Adams, Conner(?ci-
lins, llogau, Ed Bums, Ed Champ, It.
A. Kellcy, and a great many others
who arc well known to this organiza
tion. Wo are seven hundred strong.
Iicr reports were to the effect that
'the Gamblers and Bunko men had
organized to avenge thc'itevthof their
comrades pud, to resist , the ; prders to
leave. Threats wbre rriáde against
tations over the land laws. Atghaiv
and (. Irish policies are very similar..
Bt)tl are inclined tó be unjust anX
cruel. '" ' ' ' '' ' ' .' ' ' '.' -
; From the way gold is now pouring'
into the United States aud also the
amount of .silver that tho mint is re
quired to com each month, it looks as
if there was going to be inflation sufli
cIsíU t'itisfy the mo5ultrg inflationist.
All tho murderer and thieves jwh-j-took
a change of venue from Lincoln'
county to Socorro have been rclascd
the cases being dismissed at the latu
t a m . ... t
Tho frauds practised in the nianu-
tacturc of French silks for the Ameri
can market have, it seems, been car
ried to such extent as to deteat their
object iu unexpected fashion. The
frauds are accouwmslut by the moor--
poration of oils and chemicals in' the
fabric, so as to give the good we i an t
and appearance of body. The steam
ship companies, it appears, have dif
covcred that this render the goods
liable to spontaneous combustion, and
.as will be seen by the cable dispatches,
.such is the peril that tho directors- of-'
one of the liucs yesterday adopted a
resolution refusing to transport these
goods. Doubtless the other coaipa-
uics will take similar action, and thus'
tlio cheat may be foiled. ' '-'i
The west and Southwest the
meat Pt odiitting Sections of
men supposcd,to,belougo the
lauto?, against; thfc? deputy'sheriffs who completed 1
incrrojttxid-the - hanging And against ?f,'?.'cxt.c. .
inatpy r.Vomiuent 'bussiness men. So
.threatening was the aspect of affairs
i'ii . i . 1 1 j
inai a company ui irowus was cuiivu
out. No disturbance occurred .aud it
is probable the gamblers wilXBUbside,
, ?Gcn. i. A. V alkcr who. will 6upe-
pcrintend the work of taking the next
í' tí .1 - 1. t . ' 1 A.
ttccxpcopiw compieic
ii.inH. . ""o wju.... NAr11,,u fi,c single mouth ot June, 183U,
under the title of '"iVhcre the liecf i . i.-n i .oni.,.,
Comes I- rom," is devoted especially ,0 do u Thcr(J- w l)0, tWQ ..4u8tincf
noaifcHpcouutofthc.lexaii cat lie t ra- depart men ts of the census; first the
dc, which has assumed gigantic pro- cnimCrntion proper, which includes
i portions since the close ot the civil the ount of the population, with the
A new electric i amp has been ex
iiibited'iu' New York. . Tho-lifcht of
this lam) was created by heating to
a white he.U'ii slender short pencil of
oarh-tTi supported' in a hermetically
sp.:'! 'jhi'-s tube filled with nitrogen
gú- fr, is claimeii that this gives a
r t:i 1 mi expeiHivo light than
Atchison. icrowitig over tho esta-blit-iinunt.
there of the first brewery
in Km. .as. What Las .Vegas bibula
tors want to know. Is what effect'that
will have on tho price of the cool aud
fo'urdug lager in this town. ,
lie KcpubliMtis have nominated
j:ion i.,Stcbbius, tvmcmber of the
present Board ofAldcrmcir, for mayor
The Dciaocniis renominated Hon.
Fro do rick O. Prince- . - n , -
T tie McPhcrson, Kan., Independent
lias changed hand, Mr. McCliutick
retiring and Messrs. Mfcado & pyes-
!roy 8!:cecdiug to tho proprietor-sJiip.
: Ñlamfcst Destiny.
.A correspondcat of the Trinidad
Enterprise writing from Washington
says: ; -''The movement for opening
the: Indian Territory to settlement ap
pears to bo takiug defínate shap .
Many members- of congress have re
turned with the conviction that some
thing must be done with that large
and rich tract of land other llian to
guard and Ueep it sacred as a waste
place. Tho lumbering and blunder
ing Indiau policy has had as much to
do 'with the change in feeling as any
thing. The larger part of the lands,
of course, to bo divided among the In
dians in sevcrality io dispose of as they
see fit." No one tiling is of greater
moment to the people of New Mexico
tíi.w the opening of the territory to
U that time the northwestern
was swarming with cattlo
which possessed little value on their
native ranches. Thev Mere as low a
grade of the bovine race us could be
found; large, raw-boned- with wild
e ves, -long,.!! p reading .horus-, fierce in
temper and vicious in aspect.-- Stllí
Iheir flesh, though dark in color and
coarse in texture, was beef, and crea
ted an active demand . at.. the North.
Some large government contractors
fonU(!ii wrofit in irnuortiii" thcmi.and
ijthejr example was soojiF followed by
idcalers in Chicago nnw ht. .Lotus.
'From a few hundred head the droyes
jincreascd to a thousand or more, aud
Mho price of three-year old steers rose
'in Texas from'six and cig&t dollars a
head to ten aim hiteen.. AMhe'lrade
increased it gradually moved further
east, and the demand at length became'
so great'that the Texan dealers beiran
to turn their attention to the herding
and improvement of stock,, as v. c 1 1 as
the selling ot wild cattle. The prin
cipal scene of , operations nt
present is1 in New Mexico. Tile
The Atchison, Topcka Ss Santa Fe
railroad has been completed to Sam
Jose, iu ;Ncw Mexico, about forty
miles south-west ot Las Vegas; .
branch is also being constructed to
Santa Fe. which, it is said, will be
by the first ;of the yeai.-
on oí this road into jev.r
Mexico is opening up a new aud valí:-
able trade, for our city, and one that
must "increase in voliimo and value
each year. A closer relationship is
being cultivated between our mer
chants and thai hitherto isolated re
gion, and hardly a day pastes but
that merchants aiid traders from that
section are seen upon our streets.-
The A. T. &, S. F. It. K. is being rapid
ly pushed towards the Pacific, and
the Kansas City transcontinental route
will soon bo a verity. Kansas Vuv
Price Current. ,
A late number of the Trinidad Xews
is responsible for the following: A
few davs since we picked up a com
mercial traveler's lost order bojk.
Tho house for which he traveled dealt
exclusively hi boots, shoes and gaiters
;for ladies' wear. We found on ex
amining it some interesting ar.d cu
rious lacw the higher the altitude
i the smaller the feet. The purchases1
at Leadville fun from number oues to'
ordinary social . nnd vital statistics.
Originally the census was only for the
mirnosro iteierwiinine- Dolitical re
presentation and each household was
reported as a unity, with memoers
roughly classified, not cveu naines.and
ages being taken; but the law of i860
gave a wider acope to this work, and
it1 lnil 4 v 1 1 1 a 1 m e i r-r en v i"1í-'ivl I
of birth occupation; abi itr to read and lm"n iour; Georgetown about the-
numbe? five; Denver and Boulder,.
Few article published in a local
paper arc ever reprinted in as many
papers as was the Gazkttk article on
the Hermit Peak a few weeks ago. It
hai been copied in a number of ex
change including leading Dailies ' in
ftie states.
.-ji .
A dispatch from Yaukton announ
ces that Spotted Tail's new mansion at
Rosebud agency lias been completed
and "Old Spot" jfavc a parly a few
'ovcnlji ago' in honor ,of th. evenf.
1 wcuty fat dogs were devoured Ia
the guests. ...
Moorly, the celebrated revivalist is
I"" " jiwi'iniji nici.-l.iny ui ot. IjOUIS.
In all other cities ho !vs met with
never falls in Buch quantities as to de
prive cattle of their food. No other
spot on the eontinent combines so
many- advantages lor stock raising,
and it ííono wonder that the grcnt
cattle dealers nnaiiv selected it us ic
site for their ranches. The ) cation
ouce made, the slow process of breed
iug fine .calilo from poor stock com
menced. Large, flerds were broujrht
in from Texas. The bulls were' all
slaugiltered and their places supplied
by te imported animals from Illinois
or Orange county, rev ork, or the
banks of the Ohio. The herd was then
branded and turned out fo rrazc. It,
is visiteh in the spring by the owner,
with his little army of cow Voys, who
collect the cattle, ñów'ioinminjing , tQ
50,000 Or 60,000 head m. their pasture
ot "uu miles long nnu'M) wide. I hov
are driven together in immense herds
i into a circular inas.m which they are
couflnod bv the cow-bovs. The ncx
1 thing Í3lo )ick out the cowseach of
which has a calf by her side, to brand
? the calf, and to gather th 8 year-old
! steers by themse'ves in ord'er to be
sent to market. This is a work of no
little difficulty nnd somo danger, re
quiring great skill for its performance
without beiuw gored or kno kod down
U tvausli of the frightened herd.
write and so fourth of each person. In
all other countries where popula repre
sentation is not fn volycd, those form
the out purpose of a census. This was
the tlrsr conntrv to institute a period
ical I'cnsus. beginning Id J79Q, Eugland
being the next to lollow in lsui
irom irumoer tnree to numoer six;
Puebloye Gods from number four
ij ' -- , i
i o uiiiuoer iweivc.
Merchant Tailor.
The eastern papers are rejoicing ov
er the recent cold weather there as it
gives pork packers an excellent
portunuy to pacK incir porK. Uic
H'nrm wímiIIiop tf fliñ intít f'i.nr iiiiifTha
M I.I II. II Vllllll'l W .VII V.tll.D
has been a great, drawback to this in- u )rm 'WRT j fc TN
iiiiaiH.1' a í'.i.ímá' ik i-.,,.i,.i-. I JUL Vr J
the receipts during the last week were
ninety-six thousand head less than for
the corresponding time last year, and
inirty-seveiMiiousand less thau lor a
like period in 1677.- "-The fanners too
apeeoily olatcd ns it wih ebabh)them
to turn their hogs into, the markets
and get them off their hands.
A wall le'ectcJ stock of goods eoustuully n-
hur.d j any kind mid quality fiii nUlied to order.
Shop n South side of plun, two doors cnt !
Jewetl's Hotel. J '7-1 v.
.inc independent republicans arc
making a great ado over the late elec
tions, i hey claim that, had it not
been for the bolt of J6hn Kellv, Cor
nell would have Veen'badlv deleated.
They claim also-tíMil the remainder of
the ticket w-ás only" pared' through
caution to the independent voters to
tcratch and not to bolt.'
The !Ncw York Herald is engaged
c , with vigor in manufacturing' a Graut
J.', boom among the rebels of the south.
That tho late aristocratic slave hold
ers fchould dcsiro ' a strong' .jjov'cru-
incut an Í would favor (he man who
permitted them to run the carpet bag
gers out of the south is not to be won
dered nt, but, what ore the stalwarts
going to do nbout it-
. i Frice&
Mew Mf exic

dviccs, froRPÍ.as Pinos whess- the
FRO J-.''

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