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Calvin Fisli's.
Real Estate,
Office Sixth St., opposite prtoflSco,
-' i
Botines property, mice 16,5.70, leste gv r-
a teed for e year, et 1 160 per monib .
Heeldeoce property for Bale, price (1,000;
sari 25 per "it od InreHnient.
A fair cholee low for aale at Teaaomable
tgarea. ,
Baalotai eoenoee (or ule.
Don.t forget lo come ana tee n before mak
ing UiTUitlueDU.
Visit Evans1 Art and Curiosity Store.
Finest creamery butter at Fat Young's
Go to Fat Young's for flower pois,
Fresh vegetables today at Pat Young's
Center street grocery. ,
Fresh fish are to be had at Pat Young's
Center itreet grocery.
Chris Sellman has just received 5,000
of the celebrated Nilssoc cigars.
Try our Denver hams and breaktoxt
bacon. Bklden & YVimos.
Eastern strawberries in the morning
at Bklden & Wilson's.
Free Lnnch and Book Beer (the last of
the season) at the Buffalo Hall tonight.
Our regular shipment of green stuff
in the morning. Belden & Wilson.
Fine Kannas beef at the City meat
market of Charles E. ueibsohuer on the
Notice Of change for approving the
will of Jose Gregario Trujilio. It is now
et for the Dth day of July.
Henry Btassart, the Las Vegas gun
smith, has genuine, old California wine,
Vintage of 1882, which be sells for (1.75
per gallon or fifi? cents per bottle.
Leave orders for ice at Leon Bros.,
west side, and Wells, Fargo ft Co.'a of
fice on east side.
Montezuma. Ice Co.
Items Concerning- People and Tbrlr
Mis. Geo. W. Leonard, Fori Union,
was In the cily this morning.
Frank Jager, the Watrous merchant,
was in the city this morning.
Mrs. H. Geist leaves Monday for De
troit to make a visit to ber old borne.
A. C. Voorbees. the Raton attorney,
oameinlast night and returned this
Frank Springer, Las Vegas distin
guished land lawycr.returned last night
from Denver.
Byron Scherraerhora and C. W.
Thorn left last night for San Macial, to
instruct the latter into his duties as
Fred Harvey's cashier at that place.
J. C. DeLaney came in this morning
from Fort Stanton. Mr. Delaney is not
only post-trader at the fort, but one of
the large cattlemen of New Mexico.
Colonel Weed, of White Oaks, came
in this morning; Judge Blanchnrd re
turned from Socorro, and Eutemio
Montoya, wife and sister came up from
Bernal on a visit to County Clerk Perez.
Col. W. Bosbysbell, A. P. Swingles,
and M. M. Fitzgerrell came in on the
train last night and will spend a few
days in Vegas. They are capitalists of
St. Louis, friends of J. J. Fuzeerrell,
and probably will invent in New Mexico.
Ta Water Conminen.
The company are working under re
duced head and expect that consumers
will stop all unnecessary waste of water
until the pipe Is extended further up
tbe river, and new dam and filter put in
which they are arranging to do as soon
as posssble. Consumers will please read
rules 1, 10, & 11, which are given below,
and govern themselves accordingly.
These rules we expect to enforce.
Hci.r. 1. No person or family sup
plied with water by this Company will
be permitted to use the water for any
other purpose tliah that stated in tbo
application or agreement, or that esti
mated for in fixing tbe rates, nor supply
water in any way to other person or
persons without a written permit from
the oflice of said company, nor shall
tbey permit others to use tboir bose or
attachments, nor leave tbem exposed to
use by others. , Consumers suall pre
vent uuneoessary wasio of water, and
be required to Keep their sprinklers,
bydrants, faucets, valves, ho-o, and all
pparatui, including stop box, in good
condition at their own expense, all wa
ter ways closed when not in use.
Rule 10. There shall be no conceaU
meat of the. true purpose and extent for
which the water is to be used. When
suob concealment is ascertained, the
water will bo cut off until the applica
tion is renewed. Violation of any of
tbe above rule shall be visited with a
loss of water supply and forfeiture of
all money paid.
Rule 11. Wbonovor in the judge
meat of lbs officers of the company it!
may be deemed expedient, all sprink
ling and irrigating, bethor by hose or
in any other manner, will be prohibited
under the penalty of shutting off the
entire supply. Notice will be sent lo
consumers by postal card whenever
spiiakling or irrigating is tobe prohib
ited. During all alarms of fare the use
of fountains, yard and street sprinklers.
Is positively prohibited. A violation of
this rule will forfeit all right o tbe use
( water, and will be rigidly enforced,
S. W. Lie, Saparintendent.
Est Side Cl'tizem to Visit the
Co'anty Board.
Callferntr, a Har rlaee-A Talk
Wilkrralere-A Bl( Trade.
- "r"velere In Foreign Lands.
Coir, net Grayson and A. J, Menden
hall 'returned tbis mornng from San
Fran olsco. Tbey had a delightful time
and returned full of enthusiasm with
ret rence to tbe city of tbe (iolden Gate
ar ,d the lacd of tbe Setting Sun, They
f ound California crowded to overflow
ing with people who bad gone out there
during tbe time of cheap rates, expect
ing to find bricks of gold to be picked
up in streets- of any California town,
but who would gladly avail themselves
now of of cheap rates to return to their
old homes. What many of these people
will do is a problem reserved for the
unraveling alone of Inflnite Intelli
gence. Perhaps the roads will be com
pel led to do as tbey did a few years ago
in Denver make special rales to tue
east to relieve the country of its over
plus of population. San Francisco is
growing steadily, more by tbe improve
ment ot what is there than by additions
to the outskirts. Uue who bad been fa
miliar with tbe city as late as ten yeari
ago, would find himself much. puzzled
to recognize the tmsinws portious of tbe
place. Los Angeles is unjoying a won
derful boom in real estate. Hundreds
of people are investing, paying; a siua'.l
part down and giving lions on the prop
erty, expocting to realize ton remainder
out ot the property itself. It will be but
a question of time, and with most of
them a short time at that, when t(ie re
alistic speculators will bavo most of tbe
property back, and the purchasers will
have a wholesome experience for their
money. Our friends were right royally
received. Colonel Grayson having gone
to California in 1848, and being a mem
ber still of the Bohemian Club, tbe
Union Club, the Pioneor Society, tho
Redmen, and a variety of other organ
izitions and secret societies, the
recopiions given bun were frequent,
and hearty. The ' Pioneer socleiy is
composed only of those who went lo
California not inllur than 1840. Of these
one s.'njglu man, Jackson Jorden, was a
negro. Colonel Grayson found bitn in
waut, despite the longtb of time he had
beeu in the laud flowing with milk aud
honey, and so brought bun to New
Mexico, lie will at once be ensconced
as cook in tho Colouel's family. Besides
our party brought back a couple of fresh
salmon, nicer being dressed weighing
twonty-uine and a half, and tbiriy-two
pouud. These will graoe their Sjnday
tabie. I he loss of Bancroft & Co., iu
the great lire of Friday night last, was
1630,000. Mm. Grayson bad some
$4,000 of valuables stored in the estab
lishment at tbi time for safe
keeping. They too were lost. Fortun
ately Herbert Howe Bancroft,, tbe his
torian had, but a few months before,
removed his imraeuse private library
and notes for tbo History of the Native
Races of the Pacific, Into an iron fire
proof building, and these were saved.
So this wondetful monument to Amen
nan uriilit arid enterprise will not -he
very seriously disturbed by the fire,
uur menus on tneir return received so
hearty a welcome that at onoe tbey for
got California in the enjoyment of Las
An KtU Thai mella la Hcaren.
The neglect of all sanitary regulations
on tbe part of many of our citizens, is a
matter much to be reprehended. Had
wo not tbe most healthful climate in
tbe world, such criminal negligence
could but breed pestilence and death.
Garbage and filtU of all kinds are
(brown with impunity into the alleys
and narrow streets, and out upon the
vacant lots. Dead animals are allowed
to lie in close proximity to frequented
highways till nature removes them.
A Gazette reporter bad occasion today
to pa-s through au alley on the east
side, lvicg in one of the closest built
parts of the city, and the state of affairs
was disgusting to behold. Tbe trouble
seems to be upon tbe increase. It being
nobody's business to attend to the
cleaning of the alleys and vacant lots,
and the filth accumulating with the
growth of the place, the question has at
length reached such proportions hs to
stare us in the face, and to demand that
something at once bs done.
. Qnlte a Trade.
Robert Oakley has just negotiated a
very important trade for a Kansas par
ty. By this Leonard Blythe disposes
of 188 head of horses, including his cel
ebrated trotting stallions. Brown Dick
and Billy Smith bis driving horse
Bert and bis stallion Arabia. He gets
in return sixty four high grade milch
cows, an imported Guernsey bull, and a
thoroughbred Holsteln. Mr. Blyche
intends converting the Tecolote ranch
into a dairy farra, which no doubt will
be found more profitable than the rear
ing ot fine borses. Another part of the
trade consisted in the exchange ot 135
bead ot horses for forty-three high
grade and thoroughbred Galloways and
shorthorns, valued at $75 each. Thus
Kansas increases her horse stock to the
number of 823, and New Mexico gets in
exchange 109 cattle of improved blood.
A fair exchange is no robbery.
A more la the Illghl Direction.
A committee of east side business men
will next Monday wait on the county
commissioners to urge upon them the
necessity of At onco building tbe Prince
street bridge. Let this committee at
the same time. lay before tbe commis
sioners the importance and justice of
making an appropriation for the east
side parks. Before doing so, however,
let tbem also wait on the management
of the water works company. The im
pression is very prevalent that the price
asked by the company for water for
these grounds is a good deal too large a
sum, considering the publio nature of
the enterprise.
Delegate Jnaeph on the Wool Qaee
tion. A lettor was received today . from
Hon, Athony Joseph, Washington City,
dated May 8. in which our delegate savs:
."1 am also strongly opposed to a fur
ther reduction ot tbe tariff on wool as
per the Morrison tariff bill; and would
like to see tho tariff on wool restored to
what it was in 1807 when the ereat in
dustry m tbe territory of New Mexioo
was in a most prosperous condition. 1
cheerfully ooncur id your expressed
Views iu the above mentioned matter
and will do what I can in their futher-
aneé in tbe bouse of representatives."
Lattors of administration, nonis bonis,
were issued today to Mr. Deluvma
VigUdeDesmarais forth final settle
ment of the estate of Juan da Jesus
Vigi). . , , .
Lecalettea:'. -
The sale of The Gazette on the
street yesterday amounted to 180 copies
over and above the regular circulation.
Tbe Band of Hope will meet tomor
row, Sunday, at 4:15 p. m. An excel
lent programme has been prepaired,
and a full attendance is desired.
S. SMendenhall.T. VV. Hay ward and
H. F. Hob art are tbe next on the list to
purchase each a fine milch ców from
the Gsrtb lot. The supply will soon be
Akegot Rotbgeb'a beer bad been
tapped tbe night of Wyman'i fire. At
the adjustment, nearly a month after
ward, it was found aa fresb aud good
as when it left the brewery.
Mr. Etheridge, tbe insurance adjust
er from Albuquerque, has expressed hi
agreeable surprise at tbe uase and
pleasantness of his settlement with W.
H. Wyman. He bad been lead by re
ports to anticipate a far different state
of tbe case.
A lot of kids with combs were out ser
enading on Quality bill the other night.
They seem to have interfered in some
way with the arrangements of certain
society young gentlemen, as the latter
were expressing regret at tbe scarcity
of tainted eggs, , .
F. E. Knickerbocker, our well known
exprtsi agent, was caned the other day
by Judge Sulzbacher. The instrument
employed in the occurrence was a cane
of rare construction and great value.
Mr. Koickerbocher Is proud of the gift
and takes great pleasure iu showing it
to his friends.
Don't forget the laying ot the corner
stone of tbe new Episcopal church to
morrow at 4 o'clock p. m. The erection
of the building is another of the sweial
enterprises which just at this lime are
beautifying our city, as well as attesting
to our substantial growth.
Judge Blaoohard reports the country
excessively dry about Socoiro and Mag
dalena, so that the grazing interests are
suffering. But miuing matters are on a
boom. All the mines are being winked
aud all tbe minors are employed. He
thinks all the miuing districts of New
Mexico will see nch times ot prosper
ity this summer as tbey have never
known before.
Railroad Mattere.
The train lust night was a very light
A change of schedule is one of the
things imminent in tbe near future.
A special car with tbe United Slates
fish commissioners, en route to Cali
fornia, will pass through tonight. .
J, II. Scott, assistant general mana
ger ot the Sonora road pasted through
on the regular train last night.
Trainmaster Rain was this morning
assorting the stationery in his office.
Tbe quantity would have sufficed to
start a little bookstore.
A Phillips' excursion for California
will come in from the east tonieht.
They will lie oyer at the Springs tomor
row and re-uoie their jotirney tomorrow
The train this morning was again a
large one. Ten coaches packed with
people shows that the tide bas. turned
and tbe crowds of emigants are surging
back to the east. , ., ..' , .?
There are f jwer accidents on tbe Ls
Vegas division. of tbe Santa Fe road, so
say railroad men, than upon almost anv
other road of the same length In tbe
United States. Tbis is the more re
markable when it is considered that
tbis is a mountain division. ;
Conductor Posey, ot tbe Hot Springs
road, bas given up the idea of dying.
The fact is that Cupid Bad Hymen are
more largely filling bis thoughts just at
f resent. He leaves tonight for Santa
e on a short trip, but there is talk,of
such a thing as Indiana becoming his
future borne.
The large engines have been.numb3r
ed 838 and 830, and have been given in
charge respectively to H. Murphey and
J.Brown. This shows the estimation
in which those engineers are beld by
tne powers that be, and that an nnbrok
en record of promptness and faithful
ness will tell iu the end.
Ev-arybody fiada
mm m
y) i ai ,i
At tla great
Of Gliase Ilfeloi,
la eimply because ha keeps tin largest and the
Finest Stock in the Territory.
J. C. LEARY & CO.,
Commission Merchants
For tbe
- Te-Dar'a tfeatner. ' .
Clear and bright.
Temperature: 7.00 a. m., M"; 18 m,,
80-8 p. m.,829.
There will be service at tbe M. B. otturoh
to morrow alfolio: Sunder eetioal at :
a m. PKMhlog at II a. m.; lecture at 7:80 d.
m. Subjaot In the monitor, "Our old ene
mies are after ut." Lecture In theerenlnr,
'Tbe great earthquake," being the third on
the aynibola of the ttook-of Kevelation.
Divine nervines to-morrow In St. Paul's
ehapel at lia. ra. Toe biahoo will Breach.
The cereiuuny of layiuc tbe oorner ston of
uenew 01. raui a oaurcu will take plaoe at i
p. m. to morrow.
" The Congregational chnich at tt hall la
Wyman'e block . Keular aervloea at 11 a m.
and 7:10 p m. Sunday acbool at 9:ii. AU axe
ejraiauy invitea. i. L. fcuuot, pastor,
Preaching service at I p m. Sunday achaol
atipm. Ail are mow welcome 1. L. Go-
iioa. tutor.
There will be service at he Frist Presbyter
ian church temorrow at 11 a m. berrioea con
ducted by one of the elders o the ohurou and
a sermon read from tbe (treat rpurgeon. Bun-
utty acuooi o evening aeryioe,
Eanal the fine Imparted.
TflE "MiLSSOll,"
Is the next size to our "Gt-rster" and
is composed of s dented imported rD-
perj aud choictst. Vuelta Abj) tiller
wun span ho wortmir snip. (Un open
ing this cigars smoker? will find the
tiiur nicely b Kikud and rolled up In
binder a via.)
The mi i v place tbey can be obtained
in Las Vc gas is at Chris Seilman's Club
Lager Beer
Sole Agent for
Las Vegas and Socorro.
Las Vegas Lager Beer.
Everything in Stock. Prices to sul
the times. Stive us a call.
SIXTH ST.. - LAS VEGA8. M. it.
it bo pleasant to
Sale of
THE CITY qnoB CT0ni3 !
. "DCTO. 17 Oontor atroot.
120 Pairs Ladies' Kid Button Slit.es
Jttadt on C, D u4 E widths, which wil he t.U at
Tlx luoW Prioo of 02.00,
Ladies1 Genuine Tampico Pebbled Goat Button,
Un C, D ana E WUtb, a ft wearing aba, at
Tlx JLeOw Price or ÜQ.BO.
n-estllrottca. Ave., T-mueí 7"s
Wilson Bros' Furnishing: Goods,
Dunlap's Celebrated Stiff Hats.
Neckwear, Shirts, Stetson's Boft Hats
Burt & Packard and
Burt, & Mears' Fine Shoes.
Simon Lewis' Sons, Props
w. r. ooors.
Wholesale and .Retail Dealers In
' - House Furnishing Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattings, Et,
Hardware, Slot!
Sporting Goods, Ranges, Cook and Heating- Stores, Orales,
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors and Blinds.
Las Vegas Roller Mills Flour
-AT ' '
Ij. JÜEON c& cos,
LasVetras, v - New Mexico.
Dealer in Fruits of all Kinds
Tbe taeit itock of Freth Frnltt and Nat in the ett?. dad Water, lee Cream and Purf .
Apple Cidor. Sugar and Fruit Candy.
First Glass Short Order Parlor-Open Day and .light.
Oyes teres stud G-stneie Served lu THiroirv 0tyle
, , ; . ' , DREiaiTO PARLOR, ,
Hot and Cold Baths,
Ladies Hair Cut Shampoo and Hair Dressing a Specialty.
Bridge Street, near Gazette Office, La a Vegas, New Mexioo. .
PoDDlar Prices !
olÉn M
t .

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