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of others." rta aaoMo at our aire 007.
. "A toot aaunp MUX out Hraw."' Pay
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la tha houee wberala ra dwell .
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-'---When reen at iIwB xkI, leen on to fortune.''
Now b) the ttata fc bur real est-, te.
"Oiodnee ana wteSont ahonM always go to
gether." Examine our liat of property and
Invest yeureurplua earning la a alaa Utt.e
heme turyounamlly.
"Have ordar, eyetem, regularity, liberality,
aremitnee .lora r everything that It cood,
and you will b bai py," If your property in for
aala and rentals ara andar our aunairemerit.
.. Good temper ta Una a auunjr "ay, it aheds
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etbar raat catate at fair ratal and without
"Bay oar own maser and tba mas'erof roar
ailing, and ; ou will toon brooma tba maater
I 01 sera," ana nave money to invest 10 ooa
Ileal Heuua.i r Mortgage Lesna through' oar
' 'Noihlng suooeede Hka success." 81 1 year
Of honorable aod aucoeeeful dealing la tba
(lord of our agency, if tbla record bear
yr eernMny favorably, -place your property
ander our management.
"Prompt eaa begets eoondeo. - Never pet
off until eomorrow what aaoald bo dona to
day, especially In th matter of butlneaa eor
nepond nor. a letters addressed to any da
utrttteatof our egonry ara anawered on tha
day of 1 ha ir reoeipt, whetbar of muota or little
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; I ( yon want to BCT or uu Xaat tatate, Loa it or
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4 j. ly M. mint the aaaotgel wa effer In thli lit
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ounyaaakDoa, tithar la peraoa, by cuati or tala
pbona. , , JH. y
ppoalte tha naw Urown Stona Opera Houaa.
.;!;; MALI IN
Mines, Real Estate
OOot oa BrW Street, naar Poatoffloa, Lai
Vattas, Naw Alex 100.
all fclnda nft rrltorlal and ooontT bonda and
warrannbounbtand aoid, and all klnda of
land aorip boubt and aold which will locate
allelaaae of government bind, fifty liu
nanvnd and nnimnroved ranahea for taie la
New Mexico and in Kepubllo o I Max leo, am
braalnK traoia lrom iS,i0 to l.OOO.uuo aerea
aob at from twenty eenM to one dollar war
aere. Title lerrect. run iniormarion aeni
unonannlloatlon. Harina bualneaa eonnentl n
wl'b attorneya at Wasbinvton, O. C, we are
pn parad ta give particular attention to proee
rlba ciaira of erery dritorlptloa Mai"t the
United Btatea f ovemmnnt. Colaetlom made In
any nartot ua Territory.
Of Las Vegas.
GEO. i. DINKEL, President.
A. A. KEEN, Caahier.
CAPITAL $50,000
East Us Vegas, New Mexico,
Bridge Street, Las Vegas, N. M,
Tropical and Domestic Fruits
r i
I Confectionery, Cigars,
I decoeatob;
tí f AoiLITIKi.
Sixth Bt, Opposite Post Office.
i M
Another Death Dealing
Hurricane in Ohio.
The ProTislona of the Edmonds
PriTito land Clalmn Bilk1
Tbe ConUffloaa Strike Break
Out Among- the Cowboy i.
Another One of Sparks' Decis
ions Berersed by His Chief.
Public Meetings i ot Socialists
Prohibited in Germany, - .
A Death Deal lag Barrieaaa VUlta Oble,
CLtviLAND, May 10. A" Leader'f
special from Forest, Ohio, says: The
storm bare last night was, one ot tbe
most fearful tbat has ever visited tbli
section of lbs country. It osma no sud
denly, about 10 o'clock, in tbe vicinity
of Kenton., A roaring noise accom
panied tbe storm. la tbis vicinity it
swept a olear track half a mile id' width
and ninety-ore miles in length, but not
striking tbe town to any extant. -
wm. nicciirov. bis wife ana two
children, and bis mother-in-law, Mrs.
Higgles, were buried in tbe ruins of
their large brick bouse, and tbe first
nsmea tinea; me rest were lnjarec, the
lest named nrobsbiv fatallv. Mrs. Mo-
Elroy dug the others oat from under
tbe ruiosi-
Mrs. Lee was killad in her house.
Isaao Lambert, 80 years of age, was
buried under bis house, and fatally in
jured. A. L. Packers was family in
jured by : falling timbers. - Thomas
Moore was buried under tbe ruins of a
Inrge frame house and badly burt.
Charles Packer and J. V. Thompson,
wbo were sleeping in the same bed in
tbis bouse, were carried a long distanoe
and . 1. -
again. Tbomai dart and wife were
blown from their bed in the second
story of their house, and tbe latter per
haps fatally inlured. Tbe ten year-old
son of Joseph Butnmel bad bis collar
bone broken and was otherwise burt.
Two oburches. tbe Union Bethel snd
Methodist, were destroyed. Two brick
school bouses were des'royed, tbe
cell 01 one being carnea. a quarter 01 a
mile. Trees were uprooted by tbe acre
and hundreds of orchards completely
destroyed. Same farms are swept
olean of every thing, a large number
ot sheep and horses were killed. Trees
were stripped ot tbetr bark and devas
tation and ruin are on every side. On
the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chloago
railway a passenger train had every
window blown from the oars and tha
pilot was blown off tbe engine and tbe
steps blown away. Telegraph wires
were lifted from tbe poles and carried
long distances. The storm went in a
northeasterly direction.
ibe storm has leu a number 01 oeonle
without homes, and the sights along
its track are terrible. A number ot
farms are made almost worthless.
Tbe loss is estimated at about $350.
000 or $400,000. '
' The Raaaa-aa, la Celfax Caaaty.
Special to Tb Giirrr.
Sfrinoer, N. M., May IS. During
tbepasifew days Colfax county bas been
blessed with some fine rains and the
graes is coming up nicely. The round
ups are very backward and from all
indications, oattle deliveries are going
to be quite late. Outfits tbat have
started down to tbe lower country to
begin weir spring worK are about at a
bait, on account ot the short grass in
tbe lower country and tbe stock being
in too poor a condition to work at pres
ent. The managers of tbe different
round-up outfits are now endeavoring
to remap out their bunts, so as to work
in harmony and not rush onto rauges
and work the stock where tbey are
Known to be too poor to handle sue
A Jaat Jary Acqalta Spear.
Dehveb, Colo..My 15- The trial of
Postmaster Speer, of this city, upon in
dictments for perjury in entering pub-
Ho lands in Middle Park, was concluded
in the United States district court tbis
evening, after a session lasting four
days - The jury returned a verdict of
not guuty in less than ten minutes after
receiving Judge Hallelt's charge. Tbe
vordiol was received with tumultuous
applause by tbe immense crowd that
filled tbe oourt room.
Sparaa Again Pal Out.
Washington, May 15. The secretary
of tbe interior bas rendered a decision
in the esse of E. M. Sherman and others,
of Dakota, in wbicb he reverses the de
cision of Commissioner Sparks and
holds that Sherman, who held a second
mortgage on a tract of land, the entry
ot wnicn naa been canceuea oy me lana
office, was tbe party in interest sod had
such a standing in tbe esse tbat be
might be beard to maintain the validity
oi too euujr in ijuueiiuu.
Raw Mesice Quarantine Iaepectere, Take
aetlce. .
Cheyenne, May 16. Glanders bas
broken out among the horses at Book
Creek, in this territory; and the terri
torial veterinarian has been summoned
to assist in stamping out tbe disease,
The Canal Beaaltel a Dranken New.
Dknvib, May 15. A Salida special
to the News says: In a row between
drunken chsrooal burners at Brown's
canon Boon Ninemyer. a rough char
acter, fatally stabbed John O'Mally
ana ne is expeotea toaie. ftinemeyer
is sun si large.' : . , .
' Thry Wen't Set Theaa.'
Dehveb, Msy 15 A Cheyenne special
to the Republican says: An extensive
strike of cowboys is reported from tba
bweet Water country, They want
higher wsgss.
A Paaaaager Train aa the Fart Wayne Bead
Caught ta a Cycleae.
PirrsBUHa, May 15. Tbe Chicago ex
prese on the Fort Wayne road bad a
rough experience while passing through
a tornado which strnck eastern Ohio
last night. Tbe lightning flashed con
tinually from tbe time the train left
Fort Wayne, at 8 p. m., and the rain
desoended in almost solid sheets until
Lima, Ohio, was passed. Snob a storm
none ot the passengers had ever seen
before and the ladie, of whom thera
were quite a number on board, were
greatly frightened, and tbe gentlemen
were too much soared themselves to be
ot servioe in allaying their fears. Tbe
wind steadily increased in fury, and the
breaking of trees and the ruibing sibil
lation of telegraph wires made an a ful
ooncord of wild sounds. The train
parsed Forest, 229 miles west of Pitts
burg, about 10:85 p. m., and tbe engi
neer was then sending tba locomotive
along at about thirty miles an hour.
Tbe engineer put on more steam and,
when about three miles from Kirby,
where the storm was at its height, sud
In the distance and tben a cyclone tore
across tbe level plain on the south sida
of the track and oatobing a big tree tore
it up by tbe roots and flung it across
the oars. - One limb struck tbe locomo
tive and cut tbe oow-catcber in two;
another limb tell on tbe piatform and
steps of the first car and demolished it;
other branches smashed in the windows
along three ordinary oais and two Full
man sleepers. Telegraph poles eanie
crashing down at the same time and
rocks and bushes flew through tbe air in
riotous scurry. Tbe oar windows were
smashed to pieoes, and the cracked
and splintered glass flew in every di
rection. The train kept on the ral1
and tbe engineer applying the air
brakes brought it to s standstill withio
two hundred yards. Every passenger
was in a paroxvsm of fear, and tbe
sleepers were iranrformed into dens of
wildly excited men anC women. ' Tbe
railway men kept f atrlv cool and as
soon as tbey oould assisted in restoring
confluence, ihe atorm oontinuea snd
tbe air wss still filled with the flyini
branobes of trees and stones, while tbe
glare of tbe elre rioily, liberated from
me oiouas, toteositiea the horror oi the
scene. Though every window
in both tbe sleepers Baden and
Salamis were fraotured and nlinnst
every pane of glass in tbe otber oars
smashed, it is remarkable that
Mr. C. C. Bow. a merchant of Cnn-
ton, Ohio, was in bis berth in tbe
sleeper Salamis when a tree shivered
the glass aboye him aod drove one
piece under bis eye with such toroe that
the eye was literally out out. A lady
in tbe same car, wuo refused to give
her name, was also out, though not se
riously, about tbe faoe. A few others
ad tbeir hands out. The storm did
not) abate muob exoept tbat tbe tornado
passed away. An idea of its force msy
be conceived from the fact tbat the
rocks blown Into the cars on the south
side had sufficient impetus left to
pierce we northern windows as if tbey
were ballets from a Galling gun. None
ot tbe roofs of tbe cars were much dam
aged, but tbe locomotive boiler was
dented in several places and the smoke
stack was knocked out of a straight
nee. Alter aoout an nour a delay the
train started again and in due t!me
reached Crestline without further acci
dent. Tbers a new locomotive was
procured and the battered oars en me
on to Pit'sburg, reaching the Union
aepot one nour sua a ball late. When
the train arrived here it looked as if it
had be.n riddled by sham-shooters and
a battery of artillery.
The Race, at Leula.Uls.
Louisville, May 15 The weather
to-day was cool and fair, and tbe track
stiff on account of last night's rain.
First race, for the Alexander stakes.
five-eighths ot a mile, tbe Duke of Bour
bon won by a length. Poten second.
Sluyvesanl third; time, l:01j.
Second race, one and three-eighths
miles, Lemon won by a short bead,
King yeorge second. Bootblack third:
time, 2:28.
Third raoe, for tbe Dixiana handicap
stakes, one and one-fourth miles, Lucky
B won. ifiditn second, uign flight third:
time, 2:11.
fourth race, tbree-tourths mile. 1'earl
Jenninga won by a length, Conkliog
second, Malvi third; time, 1:13.
ruth raoe. one ana one-emhtb miles.
Endurar won by two lengths, .Expert
second, Fabius third; time, 8:50,
Washington, May 15. Tbe secreta
ry of the lutenor today rendered a de
dision In the esse appealed to bim from
the commissioner of pensions by a
Washington law firm which bus íesued
a circular offering to Collect for a con
tingent fee ot twenty-five pet cent, cer
tain bounties which tbey claimed were
due to tbe widows of soldiers killed in
bsttle, under provisions ot section 1650
of the revised statutes, passed March 19,
1836. The secretary sustains the com
missioner and decides that tbe bait pay
for five years provided for under tbis
seotion was nota bounty but a pension.
Tbe effect of tbis decision it is thought
will be the abandonment oi tbis class of
The Strikers Boomerang.
Stonihah, Mass., May 15. Several
large shoe manufacturers hero shut
down tonight for an Indefinite period
owing to tue strike of 200 cutters sever
al weeks ago for an 8 per lent advance.
It is slated, that fifteen of the nineteen
fictoriea here will probably cease work
altogether within tbe next forty-eight
' la Cengreaa. , s - .
Washington, Msy 15, A bill was
psssed today establishing a sub-treas
ury at LoulsyiUe. Tbe house proceed
ed to the consideration of a bill 'or tbe
appointment of a commission to Inspect
and report ou Indian affairs, to which
tbe afternoon was devoted, wiinouii ac
tion being taken.
rrarlalau at f drnnnda' Land Clalnaa' BUI
' Denver, May 15. A Washington
special to the Republican says: The
Edmunds bill, to provide for ascertain
log and settling private land claims
within tbe limits of the territory derived
from Mexico, embracing New Mexico,
Wyoming, AriSuna, Utah, Nevada and
Colorado, snd wb "h bas been favor
ably reported from the senate private
land claims committee,' permits the
claimant to WooMtd bv oetition in the
United Status, district courts, un
der tbe rules in equity with tbe priv
ilege or an an appeal nnai'y to me su
preme oourt of tbe United States.
A limitation ot
fa which to bring cases. Should it be
found tbat tbe government has sold any
of these lands, scrip for an equal
amount is to ba issued in lieu therbof.
No claims snail be allowed tbat inter
fere with Indian titles, nor shall any
confirmation confer tbe right to any
gold, aiiver or quicksilver mines, or
minerals, unless too land claimed em
braces tba donation or sale of suob
mine or mineral to tbe grantje, or tbe
grantee bas beeome otherwise entitled
thereto in law or tqnlty. Suob mines
or mineral! shall remain the property
if the United States, with the right to
work tbe same. All public lauds oi the
United Slates in tbe
and elsewhere in New Mexico and Col
orado, ocoupied acd possessed by per
sons who or whose anoestors or grantors
became oiiiaens of tbo United States by
reason of the . treaty of Guadalupe
Hidalgo, and occuoied by any person
br persons who have been in bona tide
oocupanoy or possession ot said land by
themselves, their ancestors or grantors
for fifty years next preceding the date
of the passage of this sot, sball be with
drawn (rom entry and sala under tbe
taws of the Uuited States.
. An effort will be made to pass this
hill in sc -ie shape at the present ses
sion, so as to relieve tbe geuerel land
office and congress from the considera
tion of private land olauui and settle
them in tue courts.
Lira Stack Merkeia.
Kansas City, May 15.
Cattle Receipts, 1,018; shipments,
103. Market strong, active aod 5c
higher for light. Choice to fan
cy, (5 0X$5 85; fair to good. $1 75
f 5 60; oom mo o to medium, S4f4 60;
alockor and feeders, f3.4uIS4.35;
oows. i 60$3.75.
Sheep lieceiots, 814; shipments
Done. Market quiet and steady. Com
mon to medium. $2 003.00; g d
to cboice, f 125(4 14 20.
Chicago, May 15.
' Cattle Receipts, l,8uX. Market
steady and stronger. Shipping steers,
930 1,600 Ib., 4S5t6.0Ci; utooker
sod feeder, $3$4.80; cows, bulls and
mixed, á.25$1.15.
Sheep Receipts, 800. Markot firm.
Two cars of 180 pound Nebraska shorn
sold at 5.50, and oue car of scalawags, ,
w doled, at 4,05. t
The Cerrect Way te Treat Reciallata. '
Berlin, May 15. General surprise
bas been caused by tbe publication in
the Reiscb Ansiger of an order forbid
ding tbe holding ot publio meetings in
Berlin and Potsdam and tbeir environs,
without polios authority, and slating
that permission must be asked forty
eight hours in advance ot the lime when
it is proposed holding tbe meeting.
The decree is issued under provision of
articlo 28 of tbe snti-sooialist law.
Base Ball
Detroit, May 15. Detroit, 9; Bos
ton. 2
Topers, May 15. T'opiki, 8; Lead-
ville, 13.
Lincoln, Neb., May 15.-Denver, 8;
Lincoln, 7.
Bracing Up Their Credit.
Helena, Mont., May 15. There is no
foundation whatever for tbe reported
failure of Lee W. Foster & Co., one ol
tbe largest mercantile houses in the
territory. Tbe firm simply dissolved
Fire la Denver.
Denver, May 15. The buildings
connected with tbe soda refinery works
on Laramie street, in this city, were de
stroyed by fire today. Loss, about
History Kepentlng lleelf.
New York, May .5 At 1:10 o'clock
this morning the Jury in tbe Jaebne
trial rendered a verdict oi "guilty."
Nelerleua Anna Carr'e ETeatfal Lite A
Weald-be Helreaa and Her
All readers who were in Las Vegas in
May, 1883, can readily recall to mind tbe
particulars of the murder of Frank Carr
who was shot and killed by his wife.
Recent proceedings in tbe probata
court ot the county have renewed public
interest in tbe affair as, Mrs. Carr last
week bad Judge Wm. Steele (adminis
trator ot Frank Carr's estate) oalled uu
to make a settlement. Tbe judge
showed up the scoounts to tbe satisfac
tion ot tbe oourt but the woman's law
yer asked for lime to produoe certain
witnesses and the case wes extended.
Mrs. Anna Carr' a Lss Vegas reoord
is ratber tough and ber vicious propen
sities are perfectly developed. She is
much under the ordinary standard ol
intelligence; ber life and aotions show a
degraded cnaracier un ner nrsi
coming to Ibis city she lived at wbat is
now oalled tbe Delaware honse.on Rail
road avenue, as tbe mistress of one
Fisher, and for a long time both she
and the murdered liarr claimed to be
brother and sister. Fisher became dis
abled with tbo intimacy of the sud-
nosed. brother snd sister and left the
town. At tbe following Marcb term of
the district court the woman obtained,
on tbe around of desertion, a divorce
from one R. M. Johnson whose place
i f residence was unknown. On March
9.b, 1882, Judge Steele, who being in
disposed was at nome, was called upon
to unite in marriage Frank Carr
and tbe former Mrs, Johnson
Tbe ceremony was performed and the
happy pair started on a tour tnrougn
the eastern states. Tbey were gone
two montos ana, as uarr told
several intimates on his return, spent
some $600. Carr had conducted the
Delaware bouse previous to bis mar
riage and after getting back looked
round for an opening, and as he bad
rented out his old place, leased a build
ing ou Grand avenue and opened the
Delmonico saloon . Here bo' b Carr and
bis wile drank to excess, and lived in
tbis condition for about three week,
when the quarrel ensued in which the
woman shot Carr, be dying in
about six boars. Several of Carr'a
oomrades who were watobing the body
drank the liquors from the bar, and
while in that condition secured the dead
man's nioat valuable effects.
As shown by the records the woman
was arrested, tried and sentsnoed to
two years In tbe penitentiary. There
was much frothy sympathy for the mur
deress at tbe time of ber trial, but The
Gazette put in some sturdy blows lor
tbe cause of Justice and oublio opinion
eodorxed its action. William Steele!
was made Carr's admintra'.or. bot be
fore tbe esttle was properly turned
over to bim, Mrs. Carr made a deed frr
tbe Delaware home property to Lee.
Fort and Wbitelaw, who bad conducted
her détenos before tbe justice court.
Now this transaction will probably csll
forth muob litigation, for the statute
ot tbe territory say tbat tbe death of
tbe testator at the bands of tbe beir,
nullities ids rights oi toe latter, ibe
question may also be raised, tbat as
Carr acquired all of bis property before
marriage tbe woman could only have
interest by oequest in tnat secured alter
their union, it seems that some sharp
practice was resorted to by the attor
neys. As was published in The Ga
zette at the time. Judge Axtell held
one ot his "midnight sessions" and at
the instance of Messrs. Lee, Fort and
Wbitelaw declared ollioially Mrs. Anns
Carr to be tbe legal heir ot tbe man sbe
naa murdered.
Judge Steele, the adrr.jistrator,
as shown by the proceedings rf
the probate oourt is out of pocket sou:
$300 by bis position, as be paid out to
tbat am'.uil mom tban the receipts
from tue sale of 't-e property realized.
Tbis be did wi . tue expectntion of be
ing reimbursed by the sale of thu real
estate. But Lira. Carr had already con
veyed the last n'eoe, a set of Hot
springs lots, to A.i'.rney Karnes ot ibis
Real Estate
Financial it for Capitalists,
Cob. Gband Ave. and Center St.
Las Vegas, . New Mexico.
TA 1.18 1 8, or whom i Ravi . a Larue
1 have UNUSUAL PAUILIHES tor tba
KNOWLEDGE of the PEOPLE, enablloa ma
to make IN VEST MEN 1 8 of all kinds, such as
ine purcoaae or HAMtjii, ukant ana uiTi
PltOfhKl Y, andmaiin LOANS lor C API
TALINA to bettor Iv ANTAGB tban tbey
oan for THKM.Sr LVm.
'there Is a grand ruture before NEW ht SI
ICO Buil e9 la beginning to look up rap
idly. Now la the time lo make lnveetmeuts be
fore prima advance too hlirh
There baa Keen a marked improvement In
REAL Kol'ATK during tbe paat 60 daye, and
therd la no doubt the oom Inn apring will wit
neea a aharp advance in REAL ESTATE, when
those who mate Inveatmenta in pioperty will
renp a rich reward.
Tue Incoming tide of bnalneaa Improvement
labexlDnlDg to be felt an J will oauae a genu
ine boom tbe coming year. Now la the time
to Invent. "A bint to the wtae is euffleient."
I HAVE FOR SALK one of the beat paying
well established manufacturing enterprlaea In
tbe Territory, i an be bought to an advantage.
1 H AVa FOB SALE one of tbe beet bualneaa
comenta the oity, renting for 20 per oenl oa
tbe investment
1 HAVE FoR SALE an elegant piece of real
denoe property In aa exoellent neighborhood,
that la paying 90 per oent on the Inveatment.
1 have a busineaa opening fot S5.U00 to $10,
000 that la abaolutely safe, and will pay from
SO to 89 per oent on the Inveatment.
have a fine atooked ranoh for sale that will py
a lare-e lotereat on the Investment. Come and
eemyllatof grant, ranch and oattle in rest
menu before purchasing elsewhere.
I HAVE tbe largest line of renta. Improved
and unimproved property tor aala to be found
in tbe city.
FOn BARGAINS of all kinds in HEAL ES
TATE oali on FirZGEBBELL, you will find
hint alive to bualneaa Interes ta and oourteoua
to alb Before Inveating, call and aee him.
FlUgerreU's Guide lo New Mexloo. free to
op H"7"un.-v i3jaaoijsVA'xou-.
Bridge St, Wesi Las Vegas. No.
oity, in payment of further legal ser
vices. Tbe woman now claims that
Judge Steele has beld out large turns
from the estate and through her attor
ney asks for time to bring from Doming
as witnesses two ol the men who plun
dered ber husband's effects to prove
that there was a large book of aooounts
tot which tbe administrator bas never
Booouotd. As tt is claimed that these
accounts were all against people living
in tbis city it might be easier to
find someone who bas paid Judge
Steele for account of tbe Carr estate.
But tbe whole thing it a subterfuge;
there wss no snob book at described.
Tbe estate without the real estate would
not have half paid tbe debts. Tbe wo
man is foolish or misguided and should
be satisfied at having got off so easily.
Sbe should let (well enough alone. A
man named Cook is one oi the witnesses
cited by the woman, and as thai gootte
msn is, under indiotment in this county
he will not likely appear. Mrs, Anna
Carr is at present an inmate ot a house
of no repute m this oity.
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