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EJ-Tk aaly paper la
Heir Jlexlca receiving;
ana aallahing the fall
AeeaK-iated Press .
r r-apfcla report. V'
KJ-FaklUaed' la ta
UaeHag; elty at ska Tar
rltary ( Nw Hiit
YOL. XIII.-NO. 273.
A BUSHED 15 1881.1
. HAVE -
Ilonoy to Loan
I HaV i'f
Unproved and Unimproved Property oT every
sescrlotlon Id every portion 6( the city of
Us Vegae. v .
"A good maxim U never out of season."
. "Home is home, be It ever to homely." We
oa" sell you oon enrap on easy payment.
"He brings toe moat happiness to himself
who dora the moai to promote the happiness
of others.'' . The motto of our agency. .
WA good examp e la the beat termon." Pay
your rent promptlr that your day may be long
in the house wherein ye dwell.
There la a tide in the attain of then which,
wtaeo taken at Ibe flood, leuda on to fortune.''
Now tt IheUfMte buy real estate.
"Goodness and wUdom shoulil always go to
gether." Examine our list of property and
Invest your surplus eaMilnm In a nice Uttie
home fur your tamlly. .
"nave order, system, regularity, liberality,
promptnea . love for everything that Is good,
and you will be baipy," If your property is for
ale and réntala are under our management.
1 Good temper la lUe a suuny day. It sheds
its brightness on everything." We negotiate
first Mortgage Loans n city property au.l
other real estate at fair ratea and without
"Be your own mss'er and the master of yenr
calling, and jou will soon become the master
of oihere," and have money to Invest In ood
Keal ratals ir Mortgage Loans through our
'Moihlng aucoeeda like success." Six years
of honorable and successful dealinar la .the
raiord of our agenoy. if tbla reeord be ara
your scrutiny tavoraDiy, place your property
under our management
"Promotness besets confidence. Never nut
off until to-morrow what should be done to
day," especially in the matter of business cor
responds noe. A II letters addressed to any de
partment 01 our agency are anawerea on tne
day of their receipt, whether of much or littlo
"Benefit your friends,' that they nay love
you ail 11 more dearly; benefit your enemies,
that thev m-v become lour friends." and if
yon want to but or sell steal Eatate, loan or
borrow money, max or lAesabone, kind
ly examine the advantage we offer In
our lista, and communicate with us at your
convenience, either in person, by mail or tele-
Opposite the new frown Stone Opera House
, .V,,. PRAI.XR I
Mines, Real Estate
3ttlca oo Bridge Street, near Pcstoftloe, Las
veiia.wew Mexico.
All kinds nft territorial and oonntv bonds and
warrana bouirhland sold, and all kinds of
land siwlp bought and sold which will locate
all classes of government land, nifty Im
nroved and nntmoroved ranohea tor sale in
New Mexico and the ttepuhlio ol Mexico, em
bracing traoia irraU,0.0 to 1,000,00.1 aerea
each at from twenty cent to one dollar tier
acre. Tttieperieci, run iniormaunu aeat
inion anulioatlon. Having business connejtl 'n
with aitorneya at Washington. D. C, we are
pr pared te give particular -attention to proas
tlbg oalms of every description against the
United Slates government. Oolectlons made In
an v oart of the termor v.
Of Las
GEO. J. ÜINKEL, President. .
A. A. KEEN, Cashier.
East Las Vegas, New Mexico,
Bridge Street, Las Vegas, N. M,
.Tropical and Domestic Fruits
Confectionery, Cigars,8
V - ; AND'' " -'I
5 V-
J. S. ELSTOn, ! í
- - - i . v
: ' . , ;.- ' ; ' t. v-!
Dealer In Wall Paper, Glass', Window 'Bash,
aup Painters supplies of all kinds.
Bixth St., Opposite Post Offloe.
Tie Citf It
Vegas. "
Inciting tbe Saints to a
Resistance of law.
Preparing to Restrict Foreign
Landlioldings In America.
f. ' ' ' : -
Jeabne Denied a New Trial and
Taken to Slnx Sine. .
RflTolutlonary Utterances Of a
Member of Parliament,
Last at Reala an Open Beat Bast
Ball Carnee The Baeee
Etc., Etc., Etc.
The Mormoa Kuee.
Denver, May 20. A Salt Lake City
special to the Republican, says: The
Deseret News, tbe Mormon churoh
organ, publishes tonight an affidavit of
Wm. Clayton, now deceased, wbo was
Joseph Smith's confidential ol uric in
Nauvoo. and wtjo is tbe same party
to whom Joseph destarad bis impudent
blasphemy, called the revelation ; on
celestial marriages, July 13, 1848. ' In
bis aQldavil. sworn to m 1874. Clayton
gives tbe names of many women sealed
to josepn oetore ana alter me revela
tion, and says finally tnat Joseph said:
"inis aootnae is tne most noiy ana im
portant evr revealed to man on earth
and that without obedience to it no man
can ever attain to tbe fullness of celes
tial glory ,' inn publication in tne
churoh organ is most significant, in the
lace ol uovernor West's visit to tbe
penitentiary, and , indioatos that tbe
Mormons are gelling ready for a des.
perate resistance to tne law. .
, - The Louisville Race. -
Loomville, May 20. The track to
day was good for the first and second
races, but was heavy thereafter, from a
continuous down pour of rain.
First race Three-quarter mile heals;
Pearl Jennings won with ease in straight
heats. Time, 1:15 and 1:14.
Second race For the Clarke stakes,
one and one-fourth, miles; the starters
were Blue Wing, Silver Cloud, Laütte,
Warfeltow, Free Knight, Uarrodsburg
and Enduren. VI u'n Win won handily
by half a leogtb; Free Koigbt, second;
Enriurer, a poor third, Time, 2:10. -
Third race Une and one-eighth
miles; Brevet won by a length; Bool
black, seoond; Tom- Barlow, third.
Time, 8:02. - ' -
Fourth race One and one-fourth
miles; Keene won; Revoke, second,
Lady Wayward, third. Time, 2:44.
.- Happening la China and Japan. .
San Francisco, May 20. News was
received at Tientsin, April 1, that one of
the imperial palaces, about forty miles
from Pekín, on the imperial route to
the eastern tombs, has been destroyed
by 'fire. 'Ibe palace was built in the
year 1650, and cost oyer f 3,000,000.
During April over 13,000 oases of
smallpox occurred in Japan, and more
than 8,000 resulted fatally.
Paymaster . Watkins, of the United
States steamship Oaaipe, wbile the ves
sel was at Yokahama, disappeared
April 23.. Charges were pending against
him and Admiral Davis, of tbe Repre
sentative, offers a reward f a thousand
dollars for bis capture.- . -
Tbe ' first conference between repre
sentatives of japan and the treaty pow
ers for tbe revision of the existing
treaty occurred May let. Drafts of tbe
revised treaty were submitted and tbe
conference adjourned until May 23.
. Cutting Down Kxpenaee.
Wathihgton, May 20. The house
committee on naval affairs today sub
stantially completed the naval appro
priation bill, and 'the same will proba
bly be reported to the house tomorrow.
The bill appropriates about $11,750,000,
while the estimates submitted by the
navy department contemplates an ex
penditure of $30,880,857. Tbe appro
priation for tbe current fiscal year . Is
$15,020,05.. ., , ... ,
A Blow at Foreign Landholder.
Washington, May 20 The bill by
which it is proposed to regulate the ao
qusition of lands in the United States
by foreigbers provides that no alien or
foreigner wno . o as not declar
ed bis intentions of becoming a
citizen of tbe United States, nor
any corporation, one-tenth of whose
stock is owned or controlled by aliens
or toroigners, shall have tbe right to ac
quire real estate in any of tbe territories
of the United States. Tho bill has been
agreed opon by tbe comniUteo and will
probably b leportetfone day this week,
" . 4
Hon Murders by the Apache. .
Tombstone, Arte., May 20. Fred
erick Lulley, . while on a visit to bis
brother at a neighboring ranob, a short
distance from here, was killed by the
Indiana yesterday, and a wood cohpper,
known-as Dutch Cbarlii, engaged on
the same ranch, was seriously wounded.
Harry, the brother of the murdered
man. esoaped. A Mexican who just ar
rived from the Whetstone mountains,
notified tbe .sheriff that the Apaches
killed three Mexicans there this morn
ing. : - - : ' .' t- í ; ;
.,... -' The-Maaweit Trial. - --
BT. Louis, May 20 The Maxwell
trial was continued today, and a large
number of witnesses were examined,
but no new or important testimony was
eUyiudU" fc, . y . M,
Reported Murder by the Apaches Dis
. - , - . , . . proved. .
Nogales, Arizona', May 20. Sullivan
and Moore, who were reported killed
by tbe Indiana, arrived here tbe morn
ing all safe.
' A 61nsilar Story,
St. Johns, Ma; 20. From tiL
Georges bay, on tbe west ooast of New
foundland, comet tbe followititf extra
ordinary atoryi A French vessel ar-
riyea nere yesterday Irom St. Molo,
bound to Port Anoholx. tibe came for
tbe purpose of landing Miss Louise
Journeoux. wbo was picked from an
open boat at sea about twenty miles off
tbe Island of Jersey, Tbe lad, with a
gentleman named i'rane went boating
on Sunday evening. April 8th. tier
eompaoion let an oar slip and in at
tempting to recover it lost tbe other and
jumped oyer board to recover them. The
wind was fresh and there was a .strong
current setting fronv the land, and the
boat fast drifted bevond Fume's ranch
and he was compelled to swim for thev
lana. Miss lourneanx, alone in the
boat, drifted to sea. and for forty
hours she lived in solitary agony until
rescued by the French vessel, whioh
landed heT Fame reached St. Hilaires
harbor snfely, bnt bis story was disbe
lieved. The people .who were on the
shore at the time affirming that they
heard cries of murder from the sea. He
was arrested and indioted for homioide.
His liberation of course is now certain.
: live Stock Markets.
CHicAoo,May 20.
Cattle Receipts 9,000; market aotiye
and IDo lower. Shipping stoorn,
Í50l,500 pounds. $i.7o$5.00; stock trs
and feeders, $3 00ra$4.80; through
fexss cattle, $t.00$5. 00.
; Sheep Keoeipts, 1.400; market
firm. Natives, $3 503$5.75.
' ' ' ' ' Kansas CiTr. May 80. '
Cattle Market weak and lower.
Choice to f-tney. $5-10$5 80; fair to
good, $4.80$5.u5; common to medium,
14.00 t 70: stockers. and feeders,
$i40$4.85; cows $3.003.75.
Nr1KRPu.iAPainiBi U1 1 mrlraf. Iiim
good lo choice, $3 25$3.45; common
. r iA,am ....
Jaehne Dona the Stripes.
New York, May 20. The applica
tion for a stay ot execution of judgment
in the Jaehne Bribery case was argued
before Jndse Daniels in the supreme
court this afternoon. General Pryor
arguing tor a stay and assistant district
attorney icol opposed it ior tne peo
Dle. Judge Daniels denied tbe motion
and Jaehne will be taken to Sing Sing
in the morning.
' ' Baae Ball. "" " '
Detroit, May 20. Detroit, 2; Phila
delphia; 0.
St. Louis, May 20. St. Lrn, 8
Boston: 2. . -
Philadelphia. May 20. The gtme
that wos to have been, played b'einuen
the Athletici and louisvilles vtm pos
poned- on account of the ratn.
Kansas Cirr, May 20. Karsts Ci y,
5;New York, 4.
', ÍZ,T Foreljpilall Service
yv ashinqton, May 20. Tbe, vole con
firming the action of the committee on
foreign - mail stiyioe was, yets, 178;
nays, 80.' The announcement of the re
sult .was received with rounds of ap
plause froui tbe democratic side. The
bill and amendments will now be sent
to the senate and then, go to tbe confer
ence committee. . -
, . , Murdered' by Savages.
. London,. May 20. Later advices
from Cape Coast Castle, Afrioa, say
that the. forty-five traders reported to
have been murdered by the Bequats
were natives belonging ta a rival tribe.
and not Gormaos .as reported by first
dispatches. The -natives in tbe river
Tanna district, east Afrioa, have mur
dered Missionary Houghton and his
wife near Lamoo. .
' -.- A Big Suit Commenced.
New York, May 20. Tho suit' of
Gen John G. Farnsworlh, as receiver
of the Bankers and Merchants Tele
graph company, to recover $3,000,0u0
damages from tbe Western Union Tele
graph company, for destroying and
cutting its wires, . was Degun today id
tbe supreme court. '
A Disloyalist.
London, May 20. Col. Waring, a
member of parliament for Down county,
has written a letter urging the Ulster
ites to organize and prepare to resist
home rule. "For God's sake," he says,
"let us have aeeas not words."
- The Kingston Boom.
In a reoent issue of the Percha Shaft1
we find tbe following lUt of mines now
shipping ore from that wonderful rain
log camp, Kingston: Lady Franklin,
Superior, Illinois, Brush Heap, Bullion,
Comstock. Black Colt. Louisvil'e. Sav
agf, Keystone, Templar, Mountain
Chief. Iron King. Little Nell, Lochiel,
Paris & Detnick and Polar Star.. It also
has tins to say of tbe rich strike recent
ly made in theCotastock, which isa ver
itable bonanza: "And to sav that it is
a mammoth, gigantic lead of silver ore
would be a mild way of putting it. It is
thirteen feet high and eighteen feet
wide, and mineral sll tbe way. This
ore runs as high as $1,6C0 to the ton.
Tfiis ore runs sufiioientJv high in gold
alone, to say nothing oi the silver, to
usv all expenses of shipping.
The ore is what is known as sulphide
or antimonial silver, or more oomraonly
known as brittle silver, in lime forma
tion. Tbe country rook is easily worked
and by putting in two shots a oarload
of ore can be put in readiness for tbe
pick and shovel v" tf j ft -.'.
The most flattering reports come
from Kingston , and tbe men who have
pinned tbeir taith to that camp end
worked steadily on, are now being re
warded. The Kingston camp will make
the fortune of many a man wbo has
been drifting along between wind and
water, and who fuels that there is once
a tima in- mo wnen inxen at tne nooo
(or in a mine) loads on to fortune, eto
. The mining industry ell over tbe
oountry has been under a cloud so long
it is gratifying to know that tbe miners
of New Mexico are sustaining suoh an
enyiabla reputation at tbe present time
as ore pioduoers as will tend to remove
the taint that has in tb recent past at
tached itself to mining investments.
The Interstate Commerce BUI
Washington, May 14. The inter
state com merca bill, as amended and
passed by tho senate provides for a com
mission of five persons, to be appointed
by the president to carry out tbe pur
pose of the bill. Esoh commissioner
is to have a salary of $7,5Q0 a- year.' A
secretary, to be appointed by tbe com
mission, i to have a salary of $3,500 a
year. The principal offloe of tbe com
mission is-to be at Washington . where
general sessions may bs held and slie-.
wnere to suit public convenience, in
wbich the necessary expenses incurred
are to be paid from tbe treasury. Tbe
first commissioners appointed shall
bold omoe ior a term ot two, toree, lour
five and. sis' years respectively, the
term of each to bs designated by tbe
president, ineir successors, However,
bold for six yeara each. Not more
than three of the five shall be appointed
from tbe same political party. All
persons aoidiog stock or oonds oi any
common carrier or holding offioial re
lations to suoh corporations are declar
ed ineligible for appointment. Tbe
commissioners uimt not engage m any
other business. -,-Tbe commission is
given authority to enquire Into the busi
ness and tne management oi au com
mon carriers subjaot to tbe provisions
of the bill and to obtain fnll and com
plete Information is to-suoh builness;
nay require the attendance and testi
mony ot witnesses and.tbe production ot
all books,papr.',agreements,tariffs and
documents relating to any matter under
investigation, and may to that end la
vóte the aid of tbe Untied Slates oourts.
Persons having complaints to wake
against any common carrier or inter
state commerce shall make complaint
in writing to the commission. The com
mission snail send tbe complaint to the
common carrierjand require either satis,
isfaution of the complaint or an answer
in writing within a reasonable time
specified., If reparation be not
made within the time stated the
oomm'Sfion shall investigate tbe com
plaint. Tbe commission shall investi
gate all complaints forwarded to it by
state commissions and may institute in
quiries on its own motion. Complaln's
shall not be dismissed because of ab
sence of direct damage to the complain
ant. Keports ot tne commission snail
be in writing, and shall Inolude findings
offaotson which based anda recom
mendation as to what reparation, if
any, should be made by common car
riers t the injured party, ana eucn
findings shall be deemed prima facie
evidence in all judicial prooeedmgi.
Whenever any oo turn on oarrier shall re
fute to obey any Uwful order of oom
midslon .it is made the duty of the com
mis-ion- (o apply to the) United Stales
oitcuit oourl, sitting lu. equity, alleging
viaiKticm ami Hie court alia l hear and
determine the matter on afliot t no
nce aud -without the formal proceed
ing oi orJiuary suns, out sxi
as to ', do justice, and the
oourt may in proper cases issue writs of
itiupotioB(tr other process, mandatory
or otherwise, to restrain luriher viola
tion ol orders ol tbe commission on the
part ot oommon carriers offending.
For such purposes circuit ooartssbal'
be deemed always in session. Tbe bill
requires that all charges for any ser
vice in transporting passengers or
freights or storing goods by common
curriers sbalt bs reasonable. It pro
hibits all rebates and drawbacks and all
unjust discrimination requiring that all
persona snail be charged and treated
alike for services rendered under sub
stantially similar ciroumitanoes and
conditions. Every oommon carrier
subject to the bill shall, within sixty
days after it becomes a law, me witn
the commission copies of all iis tariffs,
(ares and freights, Including its classifi
cations and terminal charges, and
shall make them public so far as tbe
commission may deem practicable. No
advance on snob published rates shall
be made without ten days notice.
Tbe long and short haul oíanse being
a section of the bill reads as follows:
That it shall be unlawful for any oom
mon carrier to charge or receive any
greater compensation lu the aggregate
for the transportation of passengers or
freight of tbe like olass and quantity of
property subject to the provisions of
this act for a shorter than for long
distance over the same line
in the same direction and
frdm the same original point of depart
ure or to the same point of arrival; but
this ftbaU Oft be construed as authoris -ing
any common carrier within the
terms of this aot to charge and reoeive
at great compensation tor a shorter as
for a longer distance; provided, how
ever, that upon application to tbe com
missioner appointed under the pro
visions of - this aot . suoh oom
mon 4 carrier may, in special
eases, he authorized to oharge less
for a longer than for a shorter distance
for transportation of passengers or
property, and tbe commission may,
from time to time, make general lules
exempting such designated oommon
carrier in suoh speoial oase from opera
ation of this section of this sfct, and
when suoh exceptions shail have been
made and published they shall, until
changed by tbe commission or by law,
have like force and effect as though
the sume - had '-been specified
in this section. Any common carrier
who shall violate the provisions ot this
section of this aot bhsll be deemed
guilty of .extortion, and shall be liable
to tbe person or peruus against whom
any such exoesjive charge waa made
for all damages occasioned by suoh vio
lation. The bill now goes to tbe house for
concurrence. . '
' The Atlantic ft PacMe Railroad. .
Boston, May 20. At tbe annual
meeting of the Atlantioés Paclfio rail
road company, held her today, the old
directors were unanimously re-elected.
There were 413,290 shares represented.
Adjournment was- had until Monday
next, when tne annual report will be
presented. ,' . " , . '.' ,.'
The Greek Ministry Bealgna.
Athsks, Maj 20 The Valvis minis
try baa resigned. M, Tnooupes bss
agreed to form a new ministry.
A match was arranged May 18 bs
tween'Lacky Baldwin, owner of Tyrant,
and John Mackay, owner of Volants,
to match these horses for $5,000 a side,
half forfeit, to run a mile and a half at
either tbe St. Louis or Chicago spring
St. Loo is. May 19. Tbe grand iury
investigating tne case . against the
polioemen who fired on tbe mob during
tbe strikes in East St. Louis recently,
refused to return indictments against
them. , .
London, May 18. At a conference of
members of the house of commons in
favor of a bi-metaliio standard ot cur
rency, it was agreed to introduoe a mo
tion in toe oouse oi commons calling
apon the government to open negotia
tions with the great commercial nation's
to nx rates Between gold ana silver in
ternational currency.
Littlb Rock. Ark.. Mav 19. From
an ludían territory special jt Is learned !
that a general expulsion of intruders I
(boomers) upon tbe Cherokee strip has
commenced. The work pt removal is
in charge of Captain Price and a com
pany of the V'iftb VnUed States cavalry.
The boomers number several hundred
and many ot them baye built houses
and made other improvements. There
is talk of resistance, but it is regarded
as idle. ...
Indianapolis, Ind , May 18 lion.
Franois F. Hord, attorney general of
Indiana, has been adjudged insane and
sent to the hospital. This action was
taken with tho consent of his family
and friends, as bis mania had a homi
oidül tendency. For more than a yea
his malady has been noticeable. He
has been a very bard student, and this,
combined with tbe inordinate use of
tobacco, bas had much to do with
bringing about his present condition,.
. London, May 18. Mormomsm still
agitates Switzerland, Tbe proselyting
agents are having a bard time. Une
apostle was arrested at Zofincus today
and several are reported to have been
driven across tbe frontier from other
towns on account of tbeir misrepresen
tation to oonverts who ftre now in Utah .
Tbe authorities at Berne have published
offioial warnings to the publio sgainst
the Influences ot the- Mormon agents
and the evangelists will soon find it to
tbeir advantage to make a hurried de
parture from Switzerland.
Ibe finest creamery butter ever
brought to tbis market.
v Kleder Jb Campbell.
Lager Beer
Sole Agenta far
Las Vegas and Socorro.
" . . A 1.8 .
Las Vegas " Lager Beer.
Always on hand a full assortment of Una hair
tooth, nail and Infant brushes, etc, tortoise,
rubber and ivory coraba, toilet and bathing
sponges, powder pulls, powder boxes, pom
ades, toilet and bath soaps, ohamols skins,
perfumery, fancy goods, eto. Physiolana' pre
scriptions carefully compounded,
Blaaohard's New Balldlag ea Bridie Street.
Opposite Shapp's Blacksmith Shop. .
( t DEALER Iff -.v.v;'
t r ' ' . .-..-i: s - ...... ; , c ! . ,
Bridge St Vest las Vegas. Ko.
4 y.
aTABUUBO 1890,
' -.4 ; "... r a.' i
Real Estate
- AND- 'a .
Financia! Agent for Capitalistv
Cob. Graxd A vs. and Cbntek St. -
Las Vegas; New Mexic,-
K NOWLEIXJB of the PKOPLK, snabllns: me
toaaake INVBSTMBNIS of all Simla, suoh as
the purchase of RANCH, QUANT sad CITY
PKOHKKTr.andmakint LOANS for CAPI- '
TALISTS to bettor ADVANTAGE than thav ,
can for TH2MSKLVSM. '
Then la a grand future hafora NBW 1181. ,
ICO. Business la begInning to look up rap
Idly. Now Is the time lo make Investments be
fore prloesadvaooa too al?h , ;
There has heen a marked Improvement la
KEAL KSTATU during tbe paat SO days, and -there
ta nodoubt the oomlap spring' will wit
ness a sharp advance In HKAL EST ATs, when
those who made Inveaunenla la properly will
reap a rich reward.
The Incoming tide of business Improveiieat f
Is Dcoulng to be felt ami will oauee a genu
ino boom the coming year. Now la the time
to Invest. "A hint to the wise Is sufHolent.' .
I UAVK POK 8ALS one of the best paying
well established manufaotnrlng enterprises In
Ibe Territory, , an be bought to an advantage.
1 HAVSj FOR SALE one of the beat busine
comers la the oity, renting for SO per sent oa
tbe Inrestmont
1 HAVB VOR SALE an elegant piece of reel
denoe property In an exoellent neighborhood,
that is paying SO per cent on tbe Investment.
I have a business opening fot S5.000 to $10,
000 that la absolutely safe, and will pay from '
80 to 85 per cent on the Investment. ,
have a fine stocked ranoh for aale that will py v.
a larre Internet on the Investment. Come and
see my list of grant, ranoh and cattle' In rest-'
menta before purchasing elsewhere.
I 11AVB tho largest line of rents. Improved
and unimproved property tor sale to be found
In the city.
FOnBARQAINS of all kinds ta REAL B8
TATBoallon Fi rzaicmtELL, ynu will Sad
him alive to business interests and courteous '
Jo all. Before Investing, oall and see him.
ViUgerreH's Guide lo New Mexloo. frws) to'
all , .. ., u .
i-i "? '::.va ;.. s " - ', fcjj
Who will Advertise Novelties
r t
, , , and Bargain m soon c .-
as Thslr new: í :. ;
". e.-'j i
Is Complete '., . , ,
' Sixth Btreet, East I.as Vegas.'
FjfflLIP NBLSON, Proprietor. .
. 'J .. . . .' -i
fresh Keg Beer Csastaatly ea kaad at flia
n Caata par SlaaS.
Always on hand, (the oholont brands of
wines, liquora and cigars. i ,
Also, a Srst-clasa lunoh oo untar run la con
nection by Emanuel Manoa. ' '
Gold Watches, Diamonds, ,;
Silver Watches," Gold Chains,
. i . Bracelets. ..
:- Pins and Sleeve Buttone.
324 R, R, Ave, East Las Vegas.

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