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tTh amly papar
Raw Mexlca recelvlac
abllahlns; the tall
AtwaciateA Praaa tala
trápala raf art.
Crraaliaaaa la the
leaaUaaj city at the) Tar
rltary Flaw Mexican
Money to Loan
, ... .... o .......
Unproved and Unimproved Property of evsry
iaeorlMlon in every portion of the city of
baa Vacas.
;' good maxims: '
"A food muim I aerar out of aeaaon."
"Hon li home, ba tt erar to homely." Wa
ok" aall you one ebeap on easy paymenti. '
"Ha bring the most happiness to himself
who doea tbe most to promote Iba happiness
of othara." Tba motto of our sjreaoy.
"A good ezitmp a tt tbe beet itrmon " Pay
Tour reutpromptlf tbat your dayi may be long
u th home where lo ye dwell .
"lacre la a tide m the affairs of mea wblcb,
when taken at ihe flood, leads on to fortune."
Mow a the time to bay real eiute.
"Goodness and wisdom should always go to
gether." examine our list of property and
invest your surplus earnings In a nloe little
homo fur your tamlly. .
"nave order, system, regularity, liberality,
promptness lore for everything tbat Is good,
and you will be harpy," If your property Is for
ule and rentals are under our management.
'Good temper Is like a tunny day. It shedt
Itt brightness on everything-" We negotiate
Flrat Mortiraa-e Loans on cltv urooertv aud
otber real aetata at fair rates and without
"Be yonr own masier tnd the master of your
calling, and ; on will toon become tbe master
of others,'' sod have money to Invest In ood
Real batata tr Mortgage Loans through" oar
'Nothing succeeds Ilka success." Six yean
of honorable and successful dealing 1 tbe
rejord of our agency. If this record bears
your scrutiny favorably, place your property
under our management.
"Prompt-ess besets confidence. Never put
off until to-morrow wbat should "be done to
day.' especial!? In tho matter of business cor
responds noe. 11 letters addressed to any de
partment of our agency are answered on the
day of their receipt, whether of much or little
Benefit your friends, that they may love
you still more dearly; benefit yonr enemies,
that ther mv become your friends." and if
you want to but or saix Heal Estate, loan or
BOB.HOW money, bint or l abe a non.e, aina
lv examine the advantages we effer in
our lists, and communicate with us at yonr
convenience, eilber in person, ny mau or tete'
opposite tba new Frown Stone Opera Bouse.
Santa Fe, N ."'Mr
First-Class in all Appointments
0O Por Xa,y.
Eats for familiaa staying mora than a week
Of Las Vegas.
GEO. J. UINKEL, President.
A. A. KEEN, Catiir.
East Las Vegas, New Mexico,
Furniture Repairing. Carpet
. " - Sewed and Laid.
Mattresses, Plllowj and Curtains made to
order. Locksmiihlng and flowing Machine
repairing a neclalty. Tents, Hammocas, and
Awnings lor Store an Resilience Windows.
' All work entrusted tons will ba well done
This It no Huncombe. We mean it. ,
Successors to
411 Grand Avenue. .
AMD ' '
' t :: . ' ' ' ' ; ; i: . ' ;' ; ::
pl r acilitieb; , ,
Dealer in Wall Paper, Glass, Window Bash,
anp Painters tupplias of all kinds.
Sixth St., Opposite Post Office.
III Guilt
Proposed to Prohibit the
Practice of Polygamy.
A Collision on the Atchison Road
at Springer. .
An Interesting Grist From
National Capital.
Sadden Death of Dir. Ex-Senator
Pendleton In New X rk.
Tarea Deatha tba Apacbee Days'
Wat-It The Telephasia Case
Etc., Etc., Etc.
A Constitutional Amendinen To Prohibit
Washihgtos, D. C, May 21. The
following ia the full test of tbe proposed
constitutional amendment to prohibit
polygamy which ha been favorably re
ported from the house committee:
Resolved, that it is deemed necessary
by the two houses of congress to pro
puse an amendment to vne constitution,
when ratified as hereby proposed by the
legislatures cf three-fourths of the sov
ereign states. The proposed amend-
meat to be numbered and to read as
follows towit:
Artiole XVI. First Marriage rela
tion by contract or in fact by one per
son ot either sex and more than one
person of either sex, shall M deemed
polygamy. H either polygamy nor any
Dolvcramous association, or cohabita
tion between the sexes, shall exist or be
lawful ii any place within ine unsaic
tion of the United States or ot any of
the states.
Second The United States shall not,
nor shall any state, make, or enforoe
any law whioh Bhall allow polygamy or
any polygamous association or cohabi
tien between tbe sexes; but the United
States and every state shall prohibit the
same bylaw within their respective Jur
isdictions. Third Tbe judioial power of the
United States shall extend to tbe prose
cution cf the crime of polygamy and of
polygamous association or cohabitation
between the sexes under this article,
aud congress shall have the power to
deolare by law tbe punishment therefor.
Fourth- Nothing in the constitution,
nor in this article, shall be construed to
deny to any state the effective power,
subject to tbe provisions of this article,
to mske and enforoe all laws.
A Collision at Springer.
special to TbiGazitti.
Sprinobb, May 21. The Atlantic &
Paoiflo speoial passenger train, as it
orossed tbe bridge over the Cimarron
river, at Springer, on tbe Atchison,
Topeka Santa Fe road, at 8 o'olook
this evening, tried to pats a slock train
on the same traok, which bad not been
switobed out of its way, and as is usual
in such sasea, a general tmashup wss
tho result. None of tbe trainmen were
seriously hurt, but several passengers
were badly shaken up. One man on the
passenger traia was thrown from tbe
train and three men on the stock train
are seriously inlured, namelv: Ira
Jameson, B. Jameson, and T. J. Foster.
Tbe passenger engine is badly smashed
and two stock cars with cattle are total
ly wrecked. The cattle are owned by
Upoher & Stevens, of Socorro county,
and are en route for Kansas City.
Tba Governor of Maine Talking for Blaine.
Portland, Me., Mav 21. Gov. Robie
said today: "To my mind tlis seizure
of the David J. Adams and tbe Dough
erty was a blunder on the part of tbe
Canadian government, an outrage on
our Aug, and a gross Injustice to our
fishermen. I am very confident tbat
there is in Maine but one lentimeut.
We desire peace, and we regret that the
shadow ot war should be, even for one
moment, cast upon us, but at tbe same
time we desire to have tbe rights of our
fishermen respected, and we ask of the
national government to extend the
same protection to our property when
In Canadian waters as when at home,
(statesmanship will be demanded to
carry us through the present trouble
without the loss of dignity or sacrifice of
our rights. We look to Washington
for that statesmanship. The adminis
tration has yet to declare lis policy, and
I have no oriticism'to make in advance
of tbat declaration."
Lightning fttrlkera.
New York, May 21. Three hundred
and fifty men, employed In the shops of
the Edison Electio company in this city
are on a strike. Tbe company bad al
ready conceded tliem an advance ia
w aces and a reduction in hours from
ten to nine. Now they demand tbat
only union men be employed and tbat
no employe be required to attend more
than one planer instead ot tbree as
heretofore. -The company threatens to
olote down and have all tbeir work
done by contraot.
, ; Good Country to Live In. . -;,
Sicily, May 21. Tbe eruption ot
Mount Aetna honrly increases in vio
lence. Molten lava was only two hours
distant from Nioolosl, eight miles from
here, on tbe slope of tbe volcano, when
the inhabitants fled. Many dwellings
were destroyed, but no lives were lost.
Earthquake ahooks are constantly oc
curring. . '
, The Telephone Investigation.
Washington Msy 21 In tbe tele
phone Investigation today evidence-
was adduced showing tbat Professor
Gray had aeoored his osveat before
Bell had made application for a patent,
and that Bell secured his patent first
by improper influences being brought
to bear on the patent examiners.', -
COXti BESslOIt Al,,
Washington, May 21. After a long
debate the bouse passed tbe bill pro
hibiting the Importation of mack
erel during tbe pring season by a vote
cf 120 to 60.' As passed the bill . prohi
bits, for a period of Uve years from tbe
first of Maroh, 1887, tbe importation
into-the United Slates or landing upon
its shores, of all mackerel, except Span
ish mackerel, caught between tbe flrst
of March and the tint of June of each
year. Tbe penalty prescribed for a vio
lation of this aot Is a forfeiture of tbe
mackerel imported or landed, and if
the vessel violating the act be a United
States versel, the bill provides for a for
feiture of its license. Nothing however,
in tbe aot is to be held to apply to macx
erel caught off shore with a book and
line from open row boats of less than
twenty feet keel and landed in said
Several private bills reported today
and on previous Fridays from the com
mittee of the whole were passed today.
Among them wss one removing the
charge of desertion from the record of
Franklin Thompson alias LeezeJve.
This is tbe case of a woman who for two
years served in a Michigan regiment as
a somier, without disclosing her iden
tity. ...
The urgent deficiency bill, being re'
ported by Mr. Allison, from tbe com
mittee on appropriations, it was passed
without debate. .
Mr. Plumb moved tbat tbe senate in
sist on its amendments to the postofllce
appropriation Dill. The senate agreed
to tbe motion and a conference com
mittee was ap pointed.
In the senate today the reports of the
majority and minority of tbe committee
on the Din providing ior tbe closing np
of tbe business of the Court of Alabara
claims were read. Tbe majority report
maintains tbat tbe dinerence between
coin and currency at tbe time of the
Geneva award and afterwards at tbe sale
of tbe Geneva award bonds was and
is the property of tbe United States
tressury and should not form anv part
of tbe sum out of which judgments of
me courts snouia oe paid, ihe minori
ty report contends, on the contrary.
that tbe united states occupied tbe do
sition of trustee for the claimants and
oould not sell the bonds named and
credit itself with tbe difference between
gold and currency value. Tbe bill was
passed as it came from tbe bouse. -
' The house committee on judiciary to
day instructed Chairman Tuoker to re
port favorably on the proposed amend
ment to the constitution, declaring
polygamy unlawful, ibere wak nut
one member of the committee who did
not agree to the aeidon of tbe commit
tee, and be only desired further time to
consider it.
Mis. Virginia Thompson was V'duy
confirmed as postmistress at Louisville,
lue president today transmitted to
congress a oommuaioation from tbe
secretary of state recommends 2 ad
ditional legislation for the suopitesion
of the opium trafilo, in accordance with
tbe supplemental treaty witb China
which went intoeffeot in 1881.
The Louisville Races.
Louisville, May 21, Tbe weather
today was warm and the track slow.
First race Five-eighths mile. Donoy-
brook won, Margery second, janüerl
third: time, l:U5.
Second race Mile beats. Sovereign
Pat won witb ease in straight heats,
Bootblack second; no others ran; time,
1:48. 1:41. ,
T bird, race For the Merchant's
slakes. - one and ooe-eisbth miles
Modesty won, Clay Pat second, Billy
Gilmore third; timo, 1:5()1. Kaluletba
and Col. Clark a'sa ran.
Fourth race For tbe Runneytuede
stakes, three-fourths mile. Duhme won
by a head, after a long driving finish
Duke of Boorbon second, Jennie T
third; time, 1:15.
Hanging In Cheyenne.
Ciutennb. Wyo., May 21. A special
to the Leader from Sidney tajs: James
Reynolds waa hanged here today for
the murder of James and John Pink
ston, father and son, thirty miles nonb
of Sidney, September 10, 1885. Io a
letter to bis mother, written last nigbt,
he acknowledged his crime, but claims
that the Pickstons and himself had a
dispute over the settlement of money
matters between them and in tbe fight
be killed them. Reynolds was very
cool and collected when brought to tbe
gallows. j .
The Day's Doings of the Apaches.
San Francisco, May 21. A Tomb
stone, Arizona, speoial says: Tbe
Apachos killed two Mexicans on tbe
Mescal ranch, nesr the Mexican line,
yesterday, and fatally wounded a boy
between Mescal springs and San Pedro.
i The leading citizens of Tombstone
have sent a petition to the United
States government setting forth tbe con
dition of affairs in tbis seotion.
Live Stock Markets.
Kansas City, May 21.
Cattle Receits, 1,858; shipments,
none. Market, active -and. firm.
Choice to fanoy. 5.10a5 30; fair to
good, $4 80f5.05; common to medium,
$4.00(3 ft 40: stockers and feeders,
$i.40$4.88: cows t3-K8.75.
Sheep Receipts, S74; shipments,
none; market firm. Good to ohoice,
$3.364.25; common.to medium, $2.00
a$3.U0. ... ,
Chicago, May 21.
Cattle Receipts, 7,100; market
steadier. Shipping steers, 950 and 1,500
Í rounds, 4.50$5.90; stocktrs aud
eeders. . $3 004$1.90;. through Texas
cattle, $3.60a$s.00; packing and ship
ping, 4.104.20; light, I3.70ti.75.
Sheep Keoelpts. 830. Market slow
anda shade weakre. Natives, $3.60(9
$5.60; Texas, $3.75.
Tragte Death of a Hated Lady,
Denver, May 21. A . Washington
speoial to the Republican says: The
tragic death In Hew York of Mrs. Pen
dleton, wf f ex-Senator feudalism.
minister to Berlin, creates a profound
sensation at Washington, wbere the has
been long ana favorably known. ' Aira.
Pendleton was averse to traveling
abroad and deeply regretted leaving her
banasome mansion in vvasninirion. now
occupied by Secretary Endioott. But a i
few days since General Dan Sicklea was!
in tbe oity aa was- notioea leanicg on
his orulches, In conversatlonwith a gen
tleman within a short distance from the
spot where he shot and killed Phillip
Barton, Mrs.., Pendleton's brother. In
1857, and Mrs. Pendleton seeing him
there and having Ihe eircumstanoe to
toroibly recalled to her mind, it teems
to have anuoted her and caused a ner
vous prostration which resulted . in
death. ' t --
Berlín. May 21. United States
Minister Pendleton and bis daughter
Mary, witnessed, a. parade of tbe Im
perial guard today ami on returning to
the American legation they were handed
a telegram .announcing tba death of
Mrs. renateton. uom were tornoiy
shocked. It is not yet known whether
Mr. Pendleton will .return to America.
"""Base Ball." - -
Detroit, May 21. Detroit, 0; Wash
ington, 8 - c "
Baltimore, May 21. Baltimore,, 6;
CinoinaaU.it). 1
Philadelphia. 1 May 81. Athletics,
6: Louisville, 8.
NEW IuK,. May si. Brooklyn, 4;
rittsbnrg, 6. " Metropolitans, 1; au
Louis. 8. J , . .. i .
LeavenwOrth, May il. Leaven
worth, 7; Lead ville, ,
St. Jul,; May 81.-Denver, 15; St.
Joe, 7.. - -
Kansas Citt, May gi Boston, 8:
Kansas Crty. 7.
- St. Louis, May 21 St. Louis, 1;
New York, 7. ; ""y
. jAecldent In a Mine. ' ' ,
Dsnvbr: May 21. A Georgetown,
Colorado, spocial"t3 the News says:
This morning Peter Carter, while de
scending a iaoder-way in the main snait
of tbe Terrible mine, lost his hold and
fell from tbe twelfth to Ibe thirteenth
level. His. skull was fractured and be
was otherwise severely bruised about
tbe face and body. í He may die.
The Money Market.
- New York, May 21.' "
Money 6n call easy at U3 per cent;
prime mercantile paper, 4 per cent.
i Sparks. - : :' .
Ralieoh, N. C May 21 This after
noon Louis Kilgrove, oolored, was
publicly hanged at llendetvhn ville for
the murder last fall of Mattle Hender
son. -
BALTHUpBE, Mdu- Mav 30. Arch-
bishop Gibbons tbis morning received
an olllcisl communication from the pa
pal secretary of state Informing him of
his elevation to the oardinalate by tbe
St. Louis, May 20. At a meeting of
the board of directors of tho atiendan
Mining company belt! yesterday tbe fol
lowing officers were eleoted: James L.
Hue, president; Thomas 11. Jacobs,
vice president; Jobn Mullally, tress
urer; D. W. Clifton, secretary.
Eufaula, I. T., May 20. Deputy
United Stales Marshal Andrews and his
posae of tbree were all mortally wouud-
ed bv Bill f .;:eoa while atlerui -in ; h,t
capture baturdny. figeon bad Killed
twelve men. and Andrews and tho posse
were after the reward. The particu
lars of the affair bave not been learned
A posse of armed men are scouring tbe
country ior me aesperaao.
Springfield, Mass., May 21. This
afternoon Andrew Wiggins, a briok
layer, and his wife were walking in
Dwigbt- street. Suddenly Wig.ins
drew a revolver, and stepping back
fired tbree shots at his wile, all of whioh
took effect. Wiggins then shot himself
through tbe head and fell dead, lie
was well connected, being the son of
the president cf tbe .Sew Hampshire
London, May 20. A speoial cable
gram says: Tbe rumora' in regard to
Mr. Gladstone's intentions in the pres
ent crisis are conflicting. Only one
thing seems oertaln he has given up
all hope of getting the bill through tbe
parliament. It is stated in some quar
ters that it leit to bis onoioe ne would
dissolve parliament at once, but in this
desire be has not the sympathy of his
cabinet. It is expected a division on tbe
bill will be reached by the first of next
week and it will be defeated by about
twenty votes.
Richmond, Va. , May 20. Tbe Metho
dist cooeral conference today refused
to alter tbe rules in reference to baptism,
or to change of name from "At.
Churoh South" to "M. . Churob.
The oommittee on revisa! presented a
lengthy report in which, among otber
things, they recommended noa-ooncur-
lenoemtbe memorial mat any cnuron
member signing a petition for tbe sale of
intoxicating liquors may oe aeaic witn
as in cases of improper and Imprudent
conduct in tbis last matter the oomv
mitteesay tbat the law should remain
as it now stands..
Wheeling. W. Va.. Msy 20. In
Lincoln county last night Mrs. Mar-
craretUonamin. a widow. Of came eraiea
from religious fanaticism and said ahe
bad been causa upon Dy toe ora to
saoritioe tbe lives of herself and three
nhildren to satisfy divine wrath. Early
In tbe evening she prostrated herself
upon her knees and after spending sev
eral hours in who ravings arose ana
armed bersett witb a large tharrroarv.
ing knife, made her way to tbe room
occupied bv ber three daughters, aged
10, 12 and 15 years and out the throat of
eacb child ana men piungea me reei
ing blade deep into her own heart.
Denver. May 20. Mr. U. G. Krake.
agent ot the Atohison, Topeka A Santa
Fe in Denver, will depart in a few days
to assume charge of the Santa Fe office
in Cincinnati, ur. K.rake. although
resident of Denver but a short poriod.
has by bis genial' manner made hosts
of warm friends among those
with whom his business has brought
him in contact, and all unite in wishing
blm a successful future. His successor
will be Mr. P. J. Mynn, tbe p'tttit
agent for tbe Santa Fe in Cine: tut ,ti.
Mr. Krake waa formerly' live atook
agent of the Santa Fe for New Mexico,
wbere he also left many friends.
Items CancerMing Peaple atad Their
A. M. Black well left last nigbt for
N. B. Stoneroad returned yesterday
from Cabra Springs.
Mrs. J. M. Kiektll. wife of the well
known wholesale Chicago druggist, is
stopping at tbe Springs.
Edward Dewees was in yesterday
from his ranch near San Hilario. He
reports the country very dry.
Mrs. James Phillips, and bor sister.
Mill Harry, were at Romeroville yet
ttrday on a fishing expedition.
Fouttin Garcia, merchant, of Ucate.
wat in the city yesterday ou bis way to
Santa Fe with his wife aud children.
Charley Lasher yesterday oelebr'ated
his fifteenth birthday. Cake tor him
self and tbe boys, did honor to tbe oc
casion. M. L. Cooley has gone with J. T.
Bradford to tbe ranch and will not re
turn before tbe beginning of tbe follow
ing week.
W. Shavlor. a cattleman ot Red Cliff,
Colorado, arrived Thursday night and
will spend a few days loosing over our
oouulry tor oheao steers.
J. Albert and family leave this morn
ing for Sedalia, Mo., on a visit of some
months. Mr. Albert has been a resident
of our oity for seven years.
Col. Breedeu returned yesterday
from attending court at Albuquerque.
He is preparingfor the-love feast and
leaves today for Santa Fe, accompanied
by Mrs. Breeden.
Mat Snhnilnr tli nflleient and aa-
oommodaUog aheck clerk at the freight i
depot, has gone east on a visit; James J
fbiilipt,' tbe sixth street cigar man,
bas gone south on a business trip; Airs.
W. R. Kistler left last night for Albu
querque to visit friends.
M. R. Williams and his gang of work
men are engaged in repairing the itock
yards, the railroad eomoaoy are sat
isfied they made a good chango in
removing the yards to this place, from
Bernal, and propose to have the accom
odations sufficient for tbe businoss..-
E. P. Sheldon, wile and three child
ren, of Santa Fe.were at tbe Springs yes
terday. Tbey left, this morning for the
east to bo absent some time visiting
friends in Ohio and otber places Mist
Power Accompanied them. B. a. War
res and wife ot . Bay City, Micb., ar
rived at the Springs yesterday.
Col. Edgar T. Ensigu. slate forest
commissioner, of Colorado,' and special
acent of the United States department
of agriculture for ..New Mexico Colo-
raoo, Wyoming, uuuiuus,' nuu
Idaho, was in tbe city yesterday, and
left for Santa Fe lontniyhU His especial
buaiuess at tbis time is to report the
agricultural resources of tbe Rocky
mountain region.
Yes'erday a party passed along
Bridge street )- v ag several lambs
loaded "iipon a o. . Some ot thorn
were suspeur -j .van their feet up
wards and '. .!. beads banging down,
and all were fastened by cords to the
pack saddle. Xbis is a barbarism wbioh
.hould not be tolorated. 1 be bleating
of the poor creatures was truly dis
tressing to bear and the savage disre
gard of suffering which the driver dis
played, howeu blm to be out little
elevated above tbe brute.
1 he fl nest creamery batter ever
brought to tbis market.
lvieaer , uainpueii.
Mines, Real Estate
30lo on Bridge Street, near Pcttoffloe, Lat
, . Vegat, New Mexico.
Atl kinds oft rrltorlal and oountv bonds and
warrants bought and sold, and all kinds of
land torip bought and sold which will loeate
til classes of government land, fifty Im
proved and unimproved ranches for tale tn
New Mexico and the Republic ol Mexico, em
bracing tiaott trom S6,0u0 to 1,000,000 aoret
eaoh at from twenty cent to one dollar per
aore Title perfect. Full Information sent
upon application. Having business oonnenlnn
with attorneys at Wa-ihtnrton. D. O., we are
prepared te give particular attention to prose
ting claims of every description agalast tbe
United States government. ColeoUons made in
anv nart of the l'errilorv.
ox bvuht
' 1 as.
..y mmmaJ V H i ijj.
-vV ?
Mge St, Vest Las Vegas, Ha.
amAausasD USO,
Real Estáte
... . . i .!)!
Financial Agent for Capitalists.
Coa. Grand Ave. and Centek St.
, -. i ' - " ' '
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
A SPECIALTY Ma.UK ininvkbtinO anu
loaning money ron kastbk api.
I have UNUSUAL FA0IMT1B8 lor tba
KNOWLEDGE ot the PKOPLJB, enabltnf ma
to snake INVESTMENT ot all kinds, such aa
tba purchase of KANCH, OKANT and CITY
FKOHKitTi'.andinaklns; LOANS for CAPI
TALISTS to bettor ADVANTAGE than ther
'there It s rrand future before NEW MEX
ICO. . Business If bstrlnolnf to look Up rap
Idly. Now is tbe time to make investment be
fore a rices advano too htirk
There bss been a marked Improvement ia
REAL ESTATE during; the past SO days, and
thnre is no doubt tbe oomlwr tiirlntT will wit
ness a sharp advance in liK AL ESTATE, when
those who made Investments In properly will
reaps rloh reward. .....
Tae Incoming tide of business Improveveat
la Deirlnnlns; to be felt and will oauso a genu
ine boom the oomlne Tear. Now la the tuse
to Invest. "A bint to tbe wise la sufficient."
I HAVE FOK SALS one of tbe beat paring
well established manufacturing enterprises in
tho Territory, can be bough t to an advantage.
I H AVsi FOK SALE one o I the best business
coi nera in tbe oity, renting for 0 per cent oa
the Investment
1 HAVE FOU SALE an elegant pleca of resi
dence property tn an excellent neighborhood,
tbat Is payings) per oent on the Investment.
1 have a business opening fot to.uuo to $10,
000 that Is absolutely safo, aud will pay from
20 to S6 per cent on tbe Investment.
have a lino stocked ranch for sala tbat will jUy
a lam Interest on the investment. Come and
seamy list of grant, ranob and oattla lnreat
ments before purchasing elsewhere.
I HAVE the largest line of renta. Improved
and unimproved property tor tale to ba found
In the oity.
FOn BARGAINS of all ktndt la REAL ES
TATE oall on riTZOBUKELL, you wlU find
hhn alive to business Interests and courteous
to all. Before Investing, oall and see blm.
VlUgerraU's tiutde lo New Mezloo. free to
Down with High Prices!
; The Largest Stock ef .". .
DrjK Goods
In the city yet pend;
From this time on we will sell
only for Cash In order to reduce
prices on all kinds of goods.
TUe lollowing are some of our
prices: .
Hemp, 4-4 ........too per yard
Cott"n, 4-4 toe per yard
Wool and Cotton. 4-4 too Der vard
All wool, extra super na, 4-4. 70s per t ard
Best all wool, 4-4 80o per yard
Brussells, 8-4 i 70o per yard
Bo.IT Brussels, S4 tl.00 to 1.M
Velvet ..$1.16 par yard
' 600 Pleeea Prints.
Common 10 yards for 11.00
Medium 18 yards for II . 00
Best standard 17 yardt for $1.00
300 Plecet Domestics. -
Cauve River, 5-4 (0 yards for tt. 00
Security, 7-8 .; 16 yards for $1.00
Industry, 4-4 16 yards for $1.00
Farmers' tboioe, 4-4.. .... ..liysrds fir $1.00
Blackstoue, A, 4-4, 11 yards for $1.00
00 Pieces Ginghams.
Common 14 yards for $1.00
Good Standard 11 yards for II 00
Fine 10 yards lor 11 OS
Dress Pattern! 8 ytrdi for $1 .00
We will also sell all goods in
the same proportion as the above
prices-. Ho Ding yon will call to
see our immense stock, we re
main, Tours respectlully,
: H. i. Cor. of Plaza. -
Manufaoturí r and dealer In
Tin, Cooper, Sheetlron Ware
Eave-TrouRhs, Tin Roofing-, Camp
stoves and minors' outfit.
nsaonzFTZozt) - .
Gold Watches, Diamonds,.
Silver Watches, Gold Chains,
tu ni
ouveiwa.ro, rmgree jeweuy.
Repa'xing of Fine Watohes a
t Specialty,
324 1 i k East las Vegas,

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