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Calvin Fisk's
Real Estate,
Office Sixth St., oppoiLt postofflcs.
ron ta -xid i
Batió properly, nrloe IA.900, teste -uir
latMd for m mr At Slbü D.r montb.
Kldao property (or uw, prlo 11,000;
tjt SS per "Uon lnresuueat.
- ( enow lot lor ui at nuontbl
BullaMI ah.nM far 11.
Ooa.t (org at to oom and se ui baton mit
ins- ioTtiuai.
Visit Evan' Art and Curiosity Store,
Wanted A Eirl to cook and clew
Apply al Bisbop Ounlop'i,
The only Godfrey at Kleder &
Waktbd A Kir' todo general house
. work. Iaquire of William A, Vincent,
over First National bunk.
The nicest lot of ipoages ever
brought to ibis market are now to be
found at the Plaza Fnainiacy.
Fnr the purest liquors in the city and
the most palatable mixed drinks, go to
the Arcade saloon, Railroad avenue.
IT. W. Wymao can now be found at
his office on Du-lass avenuo, devoting
hisentiro atteation tJ the undertaking
Wahted A woman to do general
housework in a small family. Good
wages paid to the right party. Enquire
at this office.
The rink will be opened this after
noon and tonight. There will be music
and the old patrons are invited to be
present once more.
Mrs. Lewis, the Sixth street milliner,
for the next two weeks offers her .entire
stock at oost for cash, as she proposes
to change her business location.
Ah, There!
You will fiad me Irish and
sweet, at Kleder & Campbell's.
Wanted Girl for general house
work. AddIv to A. W, Lee. Agua
Pura Co.'s office, or al tbe residence of
Mrs. Dresser, Railroad avenue.
Spalding's League Hose Balls, Bats,
Hammocks, Croquet, Fishing Tackle,
Ammunition, Baby Buggies, Willow
Chairs, etc.. just reoeived at
Tbs Bazar, Bridge Street.
Leava orders for ice at Leon Bros..
west side, and Wells, Fargo & Co.'s of
fice on east side.
Montezuma Ice Co.
Bovs1 clothing is going remarkably
obeap at Tbe Golden Rule. Mama
should take her darling down, and tit
him out with a new supply. It will
n ever cost as li tila as now .
Just Arrived.
Our weekly shipment of
frey Creamery Butter.
Families oan be supplied with porter.
ale, beer, wines and fine cbampngne at
MoUonaid's, in the iiivens oiock, on
Bridge street. Also fine brandies and
'7Í whiskies.
Tbe handsomest nock of fans, pars,
sols, sun-umbrellas, ljoes, embroid
eries, cambrics, lawns, batistees, in
teens and embroidered dresses can be
found al tbe store of P, L. Strauss, on
tbe Plaza.
Slightly o mtlusiered but still with n
the circle. Tne burnt good ara given
away, tne damp merchandise slaiibt
red and the niw, fresh stock sold a
oost. Come early this miming and
void tbe big rusn at The Uolden Rule
Meadames Bromagen Si Wilson will
today open their ice cream parlors on
the Koutn side 01 me riaza, rext uoor 10
4be Farmer's hotel. They are prepared
to furnish cream and cakes to trans
ients, parties, and private families.
Tbev ask a continuance of tbe patron-
afire received wbiln on the east side, and
an increase from the west side into
which they have juit moved.
"We do not misrepresent- "We
received ur nhipmen' ot Godfrey
Creamery throueh the weus
Fargo Express, on Friday morn'
Ing, May 21. We can give facts
and figures.
Originators of the word "God1
frey" aid Introducers of the
aboye brand of butter.
Sacrifica Male. ,
Fine household fornitura, cherry,
nearly new, piano, couch, oarpets, easy
chairs, stove and kitchen furniture.
Entire lot at a bargain. Ca.l and ex
amine, two doors from 8. S. Menden
hall'a residence. L. G. Pukdy, .
With sallow face and sickly grin.
And wide distended eyes.
Competitors watch the rush go in
To the stores that advertise.
We sell all day, we sell a lot,
And he who's not a fool
Can see the reason why be must
Buy from tbe Golden Rule.
Our stock's eom nieta, onr prices low.
Our motto "keep on seliin',"
All others must fir near tbe ground
When the Golden Rule's a yellln'.
Interesting Yiewi and Intor
riews with Pronilneut Meo.
Exprelen ef Oalalesa t Xat
tere of Impártase ay at aar
Laaaiaf Cltlsene.
A Gaiktti reporter In making bis
rounds yesterday interviewee some ot
tbe leading c'lisene on tbe state of af
fairs at tbe present time, financially,
looia'.ij, morally, politically and in
other aspects of tbe case, lie found
tbat many mea are of many minds;
nevertheless the results were interest
ing aod insiruotive.and they are offered
lor the benefit of Ta I UaZ.tti readers:
Moses Fbiidxah, father of the
Fried mm Bros., was tbe tint called
upon. He was found at their well
known place of business on South Pa'
cilio airee!. "Well. Mr. Friedman,'
saul tbe reporter, ''bow are tiuiesr"
Tbe aubsiauoe of bis reply was that
they were very cl se ludeed, that there
waa but 1 ttle money in the oouulry out
anions the native citizens, and tbat
thoae wbo bad furmSQed them wilti
suptil es would have to carry many of
theui for another year, tbu rendering
lbs circulation of money in the city
more contracted tbau was usual at this
limxi tbe year. As reason for the
lack of money among the class already
mentioned, he gave tbe losa tbev bad
sustained in their fljeks and herds.
Some bad lost almost their entire pos
sessions, others bad not suffered so
severely, but all had lost more or less
heavily, till he supposed the average oi
loss would be tally from forty
to titty per cent. Just then a teamster
oassed' Dv. "That man." said Mr.
rriednian, is a customer oi ours. .e
used to bave a nice little bunch of
beep and some cattle, lie brought us
his wool and hide, and we luruisbed
hi in with supplies. Mow tbat ball
starved yoke of oxen is bis only posses
sion. His sheep and caula are all
gone." Tbe severe winter, the late
spring;, tbe dry weatber, and tbe over
oru w-iug of tbe range were given as tbe
eauae of tbe losses sustained through
tbe couutrv generally. Besides, owing
to the lack of a tuiliu.eut tariff on wools,
tbe price of tbat w hich was offered was
not sumcient it eo.iule tbe people to
pay tbeir debts and purchase fresh sup
plies. Mr. Friedman thought the
remedy luy in the nativo element turn
ing their attention more to agriculture.
If a man had a flock of sheep or a buach
of cattle, let iiiai raise something al
falfa, oats, fodder, or a root ciop to
winter tbem on; then slate and dry
spring wittid not be so disastrous.
Ma. Isidob Sti.., of the "Famous"
tore on tbs Plaza, said that times were
duiiibut then they were by no means
tbe dullest ever aeen in this country.
as many were fond of saying. The taot
waa people fore ot the past and msgni
Bed tbe present. He bad seen worse
times than tuts a since be had been in
the urntory. Tbeoauseof the string
ency in muney matters was the unpre
oedented loss upon tbe part of the
sheep mon, necessitating tbeir mer
chants to carry tbem for another year,
and thus removing from tbe general
circulation an amount cf money which
usuaijy at this season of the year began
to now into tne cnannei oi commerce.
Ue tbouzbt the cause of the losses sus
tainetl by tbe sheep men could be traced
to the prnotioe of having tbe lambing
season come on loo early. Beoauai
tbeir fathers for several generations
were accustomed to sutler the lambing
seasou to cume on in Marcó, tbev con
iinued to do tbe same today; regardless
of tbe faol that io those days tbe ranges
were ampie ior tne nocks that roamed
oyer tbem. while now tbey are crowded
and insufficient. The result is that
when a severe winter is followed by a
late and dry spring, as in tbe present
year, tbe ewes are in no condition for
Ittnoing as enrlv as Marob, and both
mothers and offspring perish. Tbe
remedy, in Mr. Stern's judgment, lay
in pes poning tbe lambing season till
rauca later in tbe year.
Ma. HooosExr, of tbe transfer com
pan j. lumben pns ed py ana the re
porter mide a dash at him. "Yes,
great many are talking of tbe ,'unprece
dented bard time but I bave found
collections this month as easv as here-
tutore, and my business for the montb,
so far. will compare favorsbly with tbe
lime period fur tbe last two years Feb
ruary and June are my dull seasons,
sny way, aod i must expect a decline In
trailer tramo towards tbe last of the
present ni"Dih But I think tbe general
business Í the cm is about as eood as
last year or tbe year before. Our mer
chants bave all brought on large
stock of goods; those on the west
side seem to bave larger- stocks than
usual. This looks as UOUifh lhev Were
Lot anticipating timi tighter than eom
mon, form; part, i think matters
niiitht be maun worse than they are.
A L adido LAVTEH was next celled
en, whose name is withheld bv request
Ho thought that the Co I loin bill which
bad just passed the senate, would if it
also passed the bouse be a boon of in
estimable blessedness to New Mexico,
At present home industries and man'
utaotunng enterprises are doomed to
premature death became tbe railroad
tariff discriminates against tbem in fay
or oí nansas Jity and eastern points.
This bill reauirts abort.' haula to be
obarged for proportion t to long ones;
and if it becomes a law, nianufiolurinir
Interests of every cbaraoter will spring
Telephone 30.
Belden & Wilson's
We have "Exclusively," Th
purest full cream Batter in
the 2-Atket.
We are Prepared to próvida
Everything in Our Line for
your Sunday DinaOr. '
np in onr territory. We bavothe water
power la many pieces, and ii others
we bar abundance of coal. With tnia
law in efficient execution there Is no
reason wbv New Mexico shall not be
come the New England of tbe R cky
mountains. Another important fea
ture of the bill is tbe for
bidding of rebates. What L- Venas
especially need la m ire railroads; but
when our leadljg man who should he
the originators and directors of all
mon meats looking in this direction,
are subsidized by the ift of lsrge re
bates, suob movement are paraitd
and the- country i deprived of tbe
greatest stlmu us to rapid development.
Let tbis bill become a Jaw, and new
railroad enterprises wilt ueve.op and
mature in New Mexico with sstonishiug
rapidity. Abe lawyer also went on ui
sty tbat tbe ouming territorial legisla
ture should by all means regulate tbe
passenger rates wiibin this territory,
and appoint a commission of three
mi-mbers to bave chance of freiuht traf
do, and the people should see to it at I
tbe next eleotion that only those favoi
ing such movement, and whom passes
could not buy, should be their represen
tatives. 1 ' .
J. H. Wise, the aotiye real estate
man, was next interviewed. "No sir, I
bare not lost faith in the future of our
cuy. Laa Vegas is tbe metropolis ot
New Mexico, and suob abe will remain,
11 our citizens but show tbe enterprise
in tbe future which has marked them in
tbe past We neel another railroad
and need it badly; but wecan bave it il
only out people make up their minds to
It, and take tbe proper ateps. lhen,
too, limes are notning like as bad here
as uianv would represent them. Krai
estate is neither dull nor down. V, e
bave not tbe boom which characterized
tbe first few months after the coming
of the railroad, and whicb carried
everything up to fictitious valuta; but
properties are ueiu at goou reasouaDie
rates and there is considerable transfer
of real estate going on. Runts are high
and good bouses are scarovly to be bad
we could rent quite a numoer oi iucu
if only we had tbem. Tnen, loo, try t
get a carpenter to do some wurk for
you, if you think him idle and out oi
woik. lou will Dud jou must wait
for your turn, and often a loog one at
No. sir; Las Vegas is a long wax
from being in a deoline. .
Uitnr interviews are reserved for an
other issue.
LecalettM. .
The pay car came in last eight,
crowd assembled to do honor
ooming was interesting to see.
to its
There was a slight shower at the
Springs yesterday; just sufficient to luy
tne oust and brighten up tbe appear-
anoe ot the lawns.
The street car company is putting in
another switoh in front of the St. N ich-
olas. This possibly means an increase
in tne service oi tbat line. II so, it win
be acceptable to tbe traveling public.
Colonel Grayson yeeterdav received
twenty-three and oue-balf barrels of
California wine of tbe vintage of 1883.
J. H. Ponder is putting into the col
onel's place another albocarbon oban-
E. Romero hose company will bold a
special meeting tonight at tbeir bouse
to consider tbe invitations whicb they
have reoeived to particípate in tbe
Memorial day services in ,Las Vegaa,
and the Fourth of July festivities at
Trinidad. At tbe latter place it is pro
posed to bold a firemen's tournament
and a number of pn.es will be offered.
From the corner of tbe First National
bank, looking north, there is as beautl-
lut a view as can be found anywhere in
onroountry. There lies a vulley be
tween two high mesas the oue crown
ed bv the railroad hospital, tbe oi her
li'ting lis rugged sub Imity against the
sky. Dlreotly across this valley, tbe
wooded scopes of the nviuutains close
in the view. Home ot ourlosaleriiats
Should put tbe scene on canvas.
A couple, of our city bloods went to
tbe Springs yesterday Before starting
may drove up to a certain saloon acd
ordered a beer bottle of nod. old Bour
bon. Tbe man behind the bar filled tbe
Carpetings, Matting, Rugs, Upholstery
o tt n
Lace, Bcrim.
Would a!so call atteation to a lot of opean Wall Papers which
will be sold
When in want of anything in Dry
Furniture and Bedding, Don't
All this week will receive dally shipments of
.Cherries, Strawberries, Apricots,
bottle with water, and sowatsd the
stopper with tbe genu'ne article. Tbe
party bad gone ba'l way to tbe springs
before tbey became dry then imag
ine their disappointment. Tbe curtain
is dropped over tbe scene.
A guest at the Hot Springs remarked
to a liAZETTI reporter that in a long ex
perience at pleasure resorts be badhiever
seen a management -so ihroughiy
popular and eatitfaoiory in eveiy pel
licular a that of our reaoit. Eveiy
person connected with tbe . yariuu da
parinieni is painstaking in atten
tion to tbe wants of lbs guests, aod
the result of course is a pleasant re
membrance of tbe Tiait and a return
when opportunity offers.
The following story is told in connec
tion with a robbery in this city yestei
da s About a week ago a ctrutiu party
went into one of our drug atores and
purchased some strychnine, proiessediy
to kill mice. That uigut tne dog at tbe
Amarinan house turned up bis toes to
the midnight sky. Last night some
one entered tne same bouse and re
lleved the pockets of Mr. Hamilton, the
proprietor, of nil y dollars. Uf course
tbe first party is suspected.
S. H. Uartni.m has been keeping a
record ot tbe rainfall at San Miguel.
For April 1835. it was It inoncs. May,
4 4-6 inches; June, 61-11 inches; Juy,
7 1-Ó inches: Auuusl. B 8-10 inches
September. 47-10 lucLts. Ibis makes
an aggregate for the six months ol 81.83
luches, auuiuient to raise good crop.
Hia idea is ' mat the onief trouoie
lies in the shallow ploughing
which tbe natives do. Tbey scratcn
tae surface u the depth of about three
inches, whereas if they would break up
ine ground to a depth of ten or twelve
inches, and then subsoil, as is often
done lu tne states, there would be no
difficulty whatever in raising good crops
without irrigation, lu tbe neignoor-
hood if San Miguel, oats were raised
list )ear, entirely front lúe raías.
which would bide a man walking
through the ileitis.
Exclusive Agents.
The following letter is sulf-jxplana
Oodvbet, III., May 17. We do here
by give to Messrs. Granf & Hawkins
he exclusive riitht of all sales of our
Tdíríy crottmery butter in Las Vegas,
IX ew Mexico.
Whitrmork & DlSBROW,
I.qual t tbe tine Importe-.
Is the next size to our "Gerster" and
is composed of selected imported wrap
pen aod choicest Vuelta Abj tiller
with Span'sh workmanship. (On open
ingthrso cigars smokers will find the
tiller nicely booked and rolled up in
binder s'yfe.)
Theoniv place (hey can be obtained
in Les Vegas is at Cbris Sellman's Club
Th Latest Style of
Dress Goods
And a Full Line of
Just reoeived. Also a fine line ot
Laces, Embroideries and Mover
Laces and Embroideries.
Call and tsamlne onr new stock of
N. L. Rosenthal & Sons
the Place to See a Nf.w Stock of
c1 A. i zoar s
Baw 8ik and Plush
: las VEGAS.
1 1 IK
TSTO. 17 Center Qtroot.
Lk-les)' Dongola. Kid Button.
Ladies' Fronoh Kid Button.
' Ladles' Fine American Kid Button i
Misses Pine Amarloan Button.
Io B, 0,D, add -widths. '1
Also, a Good 'Assortment of Boys' Shoes
.Tbe above goods made to order exprrstly '.for my trade, warrant- la crerr
Ladle who desire a Flrat-clsss Shoe Dressing will find the am la gittiDj tb Almond
Pdllsb. Contains Oil, and will prov lupenor to ail ptbsrsfor 1 lies' Hoe Snow. (-
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
, - Dama zed by the recent fire,, to be sold
Some of these goods are but slightly damaged, while others are
not damaged at all, but they must all and will be sold. : '
Call Early and Secure Bargains.
The Golden Rule
Ward Blook, Opposite
W. F. OOOR8.
Wholesale and Be tail Dealers in
House Furnishing Oooójs, Oarpets. Oil Cloths, Mattings, Itc
Sporting Goods, Banges, Cook and Heating Stoves, Orates,
Lumber Lath, Shingles, Doors and Blinds.
Tony's Bath Rooms.
Goods, WSlÍ m
Las Vegas Roller Mills Flour
. Xj. CiE30Vr cfij OO.'sS.
LviiVesras, -
Dealer in Fruits of all Kinds
- ' .'V'
j-crsT snoniv
Clothing House,
Depot, East La Vegas.
wjlus crrsrD ,
New Mexioo.

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