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Calvin Fisk's
Real Estate,
Office Sixth St., opposite postoffice.
Bn.lneu property, orlce f 6,800, lessee guar
anteed for a year, at I60 per month.
Heeldenoe property (or sale, price $1,000;
pan 86 per ent on Investment.
A few oboloe lot lor sale at reasonable
ngures. .
Business ehsnoos for sale.
Don.t forget to oome and see us before mak
In Investments.
Calvin JP1&13L.
Visit Evans1 Art and Cariosity Store,
Vn tliA n i, i ii I i ii ii nr. i n LA aUb a m ii
the most palatable mixed drinks, go to
mo Areaue saiooo, nauroaa avenue.
Of ladies' good cotton hose for 85 cento,
worth elsewhere liS cents a pair,
Bridge Street,
Wanted A servant eirhcood wages.
no washing and ironing. Apply at the
residence of Mrs. 1. Stern, on Bridge
Spalding's League Base Balls, Bats,
Hammocks, Croquet, Fishing Tackle,
Ammunition, Baby Buggies, Willow
Chairs, etc., just received at
The Bazar, Bridge Street
No old or by fire damaged stock to work
oft. Our goods are new, fresh and desira
ble, yet our prices will 1e found lower
than those of any other house.
Bridge Street,
Leave orders for ice at Leon & Co.'s
west side, ana wens, nargo uo.s oí
flee on east side.
Montezuma Ice Co.
For straw hats in all the latest shnpes and
colors for ladies, misses, gents, youths, boys,
children and Infants, go to
Bridge Street.
Families can be supplied with porter,
ale, beer, wines and fine champagne at
McDonald's, in the Givens block, on
Rndge street. Also Une brandies and
'72 whiskies.
Is the price we sell the Levi Strauss &
Co.'s California copper riveted overalls for,
All sires in stock. STERN'S "FAMOUS,"
Bridge Street.
Cherries, gooseberries, currants, ba
nanas, oranges, all fresh and fine, aro re'
eeived daily at Boffa's, on Bridge street.
A full line of fruits kept constantly on
band. Patronize this reliable and loDg
established house.
The most stylish and handsomest line of
spring neckwear, gloves and gents' furnish
Ing goods ever before shown in Las Vegas,
We make attractive prices, and no charge
for style or name. STERN'S "FAMOUS,1
Bridge Street.
F. L. Strauss, the Plaza dry goods
merchant, is just unpacking a new and
beautiful stock, oi laions, Dausies, sat
eens. percales, emboroided dresses.
laces and white goods, which be offers
at very low prices.
In gents' French Balbriggan .under
wear, gents' fine hosiery, gents' night
shirts, gents' white and colored shirts, at
exceedingly low prices. Inspection In
vlted. STERN'S "FAMOUS,"
Bridge Street.
The following letter Is self-explanatory
Godfrey, 111., May 17,
We do hereby give to Messrs. Graff A
Hawkins the exclusive right of all sales
on our Godfrey creamery butter In Las
Vegas, New Mexico.
On High Prices.
Our new spring stock of men's, youths'
and boys' clothing Is In, and in buying of us
you will get a garment which fits you, is
well made, looks well, is durable, and suits
your pocketbook. Please look at our stock,
Bridge Street,
Mrs. Juan B. Vanr was buried yes
tardav at 9 o'clock from the parish
church of Saint Gertrude of Mora. The
deceased was 42 years of age, and the
wife of a leading citizen ol Mora county.
Telephone 39.
Beta & Wilson's
Ox Heart
Full line of Vegetables.
Served in Style to Suit the Intel
lectual Appetite.
Keep Oft the rasa A Ptsree far
Prltcbard Cyprians te Seek Other
Catea-Ana Many Morsels ai Inter
estlng natter Gathered hy The
Gaxclte Uosalp.
The Demi-Monde Must Go.
A raid was made yesterday upon the
houses of disreputable character on
Zion'a bill. This name Is given to a
considerable scope of the oity, lying on
the western verge of the mesa on which
the new town ts largely built. But the
part complained of ilea along Main
street. At present this street ia the
main artery through which commerce
flows from one side cf the city to the
other. The fact that such rookeries
have been permitted on such a street,
has long been a disgrace to Las Vegas.
Around it in all directions lie many of
the most desirable private residences.
yet the people living in these residences
nave been compelled at all Hours of toe
day to have scenes and acts of profli
gacy flaunted in their faces. At night
.i . , r . , .i . j . . . -
iue vyo is suioiuuu firuni wunestiing
these things, but the ear more than
compensates by what it is made to hear;
scarcely a carousal startles tbe people
from tbelr slumbers but it may be trac
ed to or from this praticular quarter.
me reputable people wiu stand it no
longor. xesteraay a raid was maae
upon the houses, and the fallen women
were brouzbt before Justice uiibarri,
They were told that they would be pro
secuted to the full extent of the law so
long as remaining in that neighborhood,
ana tney promised to vacate before
oiubt. But what will be the good of
their going if the houses are tented again
to the same class of people in a week or
twof Here lies a large part ol the evil.
lbose wbo own or have tbe manage
ment ol tbis property sboulu refuse to
rent it to suoh characters. If they do
so ront it, they should be prosecuted for
committing a nuisance upon tbe com
muoity; and if there is no law under
which the owners and managers can be
held responsible, than let it be seen tbat
our next legislature makes such a law.
What to do with the "social evil" is
problem tbe most civilized nations have
not solved. But whether it is a licensed
traflio. as in France.or one msre'v wink
ed at, as in tbe United Stales, no where
is it permitted to piuut itself upon
the most . frequented through
fares And brazenly thrust it
self into tbe taces of respectable tann
ines if nothing else can be done, let
that property on Main street be oon
demned by the process ot law. and be
pulled down; and if the Cyprians are a
necessary eyu, let tnem me themselves
to some of the out-of-the-way places in
our city, where thrr will no longer be a
standing menace to the purity of our
boys and girls.
Among those called before the court.
yesterday, one case stands upon
grounds different from those in the
oases of the unfortunate women already
referred to. it Is the mistress of the
white house. She owns her own prop
erty and cannot be required to vaoate
it; yet she is charged with living there
within a stone's throw of the residences
of many ol our best citizens, in open
ana shameless profligacy with a man
to whom she makes no pretence of ever
having been married, ibis case has
eiven trouble several times before, and
tbe supposition now is tbat it will be
pushed for all there is in it. The peo
ple are aroused, and now tbat they
have undertaken to clean out this
Augean stable, tbe probabilities are tho
work will be done thoroughly, and to
such an extent as not to require being
none again soon.
Governor Ross has written a letter to
one of our leading citizens, saying that
he will be in Las Vegas in about two
weeks to spend several days.
Some very fine telegraph poles came
into tbe city yesterday from tne moun
tains. They would haye done no dis
credit to tbe forests of Maine.
Dr. Murray, former proprietor of tha
City drug store, who sold some time
since to N. B. Howard, yesterday took
posecsion fi tne swe again under an
atiacbmem suit.
Dr. Gordon will open an office in a
lew a ays in tbe room under tbe north
west corner of the new onera house.
The doctor is an agreeable acquisition
sjuur uuiumuuiiy.
H. Geist, the popular Bridge street
undertaker, was given in charge tbe
preparations for shipment of the bodies
ol tbe three invalids wbo died on Tuos
day. The remains will be sent east as
soon as they can be properly prepared
Tom Swaringer's cases were yester
day tried oetore Justice Steele, but be
seemed to be as bard of heart as Jus
tice Uiibarri; so tbe fellow got four
months more in jail, making ten in all,
It would be a good idea to keep him
there lorever.
Geo. M. Day, whose address is
Liberty, New Mexico, has been ap
pointed deputy inspector under tbe
Quarantine law by a. S. Mendenhall,
Parties bringing in cattle subject to in
spection will hereafter, notify Mr. Day
Buuurumg u law.
A crossing has been made at tbe foot
o i rriuoe street, aoross tbe Gallinas.
which will answer till the iron bridge it
built. This will be finished as soon as
possible. In the meantime, tbe cross
ing which bat been made renders the
opening of the street eihcient.
Grading was progressing yesterday
on tne street immediately westoi tbe
new opera bouse. Ten days more will
see tbis building oompleted except the
painting of tbe interior, and ten adai
tionaldavs will finish the last touches
The scenery will haye been oompleted
by tbat time, and then tbe noblest
histrionic edifice betweon Kansas City,
Denver and San Franoisoo, will be
ready for the nse of the public
Broom corn is a crop well adapted to
New Mexico. It stands drought, re
quires but a short season, is easily
handled, and can be maoafactured at
a slight expense for machinery upon
tbe farm where it is raised. Almost
any one can make brooms, by giving
the subject a little attention, Tbe orop
is a heavy one to the acre, and this year
readily sells in the states for $200 to
1240 per ton, leaving the seed and fod'
der with the farmer as food for his
Miss Clara Hyatt, who kept the little
notion store on Sixth street, died yes
terday a few moments before ten
o'clock. She bad been in our city for
a few months only, but because of her
sad affliction many bad formed a warm
attachment for her. Her disease was
spine trouble which kept her con
fined to her couch most of the time.
Her death was a happy release to her,
but a sad affliction to her friends. The
remains wilt be kept for transportation
to the east until friends there are heard
The men wbo were to be tried yester
day for rioting, pleaded guilty and were
fined 15 and costs, In addition to tbe
floe imposed on Monday. 'They should
be thoroughly humiliated and hearti
ly ashamed of themselves. No doubt
is will teach tnim a lesson it they are
not thoroughly bad, ana their
conduct was tbe result of folly more
toan vioiousness. wniskey and a de
sire to outdo the new police, were doubt
less at the bottom of the whole tbing.
oat such only adds to tbe beinousness
of their offence rather than paleates it.
The citizens, particularly of the east
side, have made up a purse for presen
tation to Col. Pntchard. It is Intended
not so much as a feo for his legal ser
vioes in prosecuting the recent violators
of law and order, as for a token of ap
proval of tbe people lor (be stand he
has taken in tbis matter as a citizen.
The people make a place, and all citi
zens are interested in th good name
and orderly conduct of their town . it
is every man's business to aid in en
forcing the law, and in bringing evil
doars to punishment. The time was
when Las vegas was like other wild
western villages tbe rough and law
less elements predominated. That
time has passed. A majority of our
people are quiet and law-abiding, and
they intend that others shall be alsu.
there is no need oi vigilant oommuiees
it the people are only united to see the
laws executed.
Tbe plaza park is-pubho orouertv.
but this does not give anv one tbe ritrlu
to injure or deface iU It is for tbe pub
lic euioyment and not lor any private
gratification. Then, too, there is the
same redress for trespass on public
domain as for trespasses upon private
rights, ibis muon is suggested to
those who are in tbe habit of passing
through this park early in tbe morning
or late in the evening, trampling on the
grass and - breaking the shrubbery.
lbev are being watched, and' some hue
day they will bnd themselves severely
punished, i he plaza park is a thing of
beauty and may be a joy forever. It I
can afford an amount of pleasure to our
people wbiob, taken in tbe aggregate,
is beyond the possibility of computa
tion. Why, then, any should be van
dal enough to injure it in any manner,
shape or form, can be aocounted tor
in no other way but on the Darwinian
theory of man's close kinship to the an
imals. Decoration Day Notice.
Having accepted tbe position of mar
shal for the parade on Decoration day,
and having appointed Captains Blake,
Buckley, Dr. Skipwitb, M. Salazar and
K. A. Knickerbocker as my assistants, I
hereby most cordially invite all the so
cieties, organizations, brotherhoods and
associations of Las Vegas, regard les of
religious or politioal creeds, and includ
ing confederates as well as unionists, to
be preient and take part in the same, and
in all cases in which it is possible, it is
desirable that the different organizations
shall appear in uniform. Place of ren
dosvous, order of parade, list of speak
ers, and other particulars, will i be an
nounced hereafter. J. 1. uhatson,
Marshal of the parade.
Quick Delivery Of
1,800 Head of l's, ', S's and 4V-Steers,
Now at Springer, N. M. The above
herd of steers, 1-2 to 8-4 breeds and line
in every particular, will clan with
northern New Mexico cattle. $15 SO
to $27.00 per head. Can ship at once.
Come and see tbem before you put up a
dollar, and if they suit buy them.
Terms, spot cash and spot delivery.
Now is the time to bay your early herd
and get tbem on the range in good
Telegrams will reach principals if
addressed to
Spbinokb Mercantile & Banking Co.
Springer, New Mexico.
The Latest Styles of
Dress Goods
And a Full Line of
Just received Also a fine line of
Laces, Embroideries and Allover
Laces and Embroideries.
Call and eaamine ear new stock at
vxj uooas.
N. L. Rosenthal & Sons
is the
Carpetings, Matting, Hogs, Upholstery -Goods,
Lace, Scrim. Raw Silk and Plush .
Would also call attention to a
will be sold
When in want of anything in Dry
Furniture and Bedding, Don't
liens Concerning People ana Their
Lucille, tbe little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. N. B. Stoneroad,ts dangerously ill
with gastritis.
Mr. Fred A. Reynolds, a successful
business man from Colorado, came
down last evening to visit his mother
and brothers.
E. if Wilcox, manager of the Calkins
Cattle company at i'urt Sumner, ia in
town on business. He reports the
country tearfully dry.
John Dold and Charley Rathbun re
turned from tbe Juan de Diosranoh
today, where they have been on a tour
of inspection of the property, -
Robert C. Temple, cattleman ot Fort
Sumner, who has been taking the baths
at tbe Springs for some weeks, baa been
very much relieved of bis rheumatism.
C. C. Hall, the agreeable young drum
mer of St. Louis, has always been
known for his sobriety, but recently
more than ever he has taken vows
against tackling the bottle.
J. E. McAllister has resigned his posi
tion as foreman of the Lee-Scott Cattle
Co., in the Panhandle, and Sheriff
James East, of Tascóse, has been ap
pointed to tbe position. Mr. MoAllis-
ter will give his entire time to the man
agement ot his private interests.
Mr. Frank Wallace, who was for some
time a resident ot Las Vegas, but went
to Kansas City last year, is acting as
agent for Hunter, Evans & Co., live
stuck commission merchants, and oper
ates through Texas and southern new
Mexico uud Arizona.
Harry K. Cbamberlin has been heard
from. He is comfortably located and
doing wtll at San Diego, (Jalifoinia,
where be has recently erected a nice
residence, which It is reported will soon
be traced by a Mrs. Chamberlain, and
it is reported that the young lady who
Is to luke tbe name will oome tiom Las
R 11. Knapp, Cedar Blufls, Nebraska
leaves today for his home. He is so wel
pleated with our country tbat be will
send Mrs Knapp down here and if she
is equally pleased, tbey will return ana
make Las Vegas their future home,
Mr. Knapp is uotooly a man of moans,
but be is a practical farmer, and be sees
greit (possibilities for our territory in
that direction.
John Fenderai. of Kooiads. was in
theciiv vf terday; J. C. McNeil, editor
end proprietor of tbe Watrous Times
came down yesterday and returns to
day; C. B. Zeek, representing Quintan,
Montgomery & Co., live stock brokers.
Kansas City, returned yesterday from
Lincoln county; rank" nam nas gone
south to be absent several days: Robert
McConoel after an illness of several
days, got out last night for the first
time; James T. Newhall, Santa Fe; H.
C. Campbell, Raton, and S. Sanders,
Trinidad, were in the city yesterday.
The ice cream festival at the Grand
Army hall latt night, for the benefit of
the Woman's Reliif corps, was in every
way a success, the viands were am
ple in Quantity and excellent in quality,
and were enjoyed to the full by tbe
large and appreciative crowd. The
generous patronage extended to this
enterprise was as it should be. The
cause is deserving and the funds raised
wil I be judiciously disposed oi.
Will find the most complete new stock
of dry;goods ever shown' In Las Vegas, at
our store. We advertise no Impossibilities,
but will give you the benefit in low prices.
Bargains lu new French sateens, new style
dress ginghams, batistes, crinkled seersuok-
I, linen lawns, all-over enbrolderles,
lawns, etc., etc. The most complete stock of
parasols and gloves. STEKN'S "FAMOUS,"
Bridge Street,
Equal to the Fine Imported.
THtiJ "fllLSSON,"
Is the next size to our "Gerster" and
is composed of selected imported wrap
pers and choicest Vuelta Abajo tiller
with Soanish workmanship. (Un open.
iner these aicars smokers will find the
filler nicely booked and rolled up in
binder stvle.l
The only place they can be obtained
in Las Vegas is at Cbris Bellman's LiluD
Mines, Real Estate
3Uioeon Bridge Street, near Pcato'iBoe, Las
Vegas, New Mexico. :
All kinds oft erritorlal and county bonds and
wsrrsnls bought and sold, and a) I kinds of
land sorlp bought and sold which will locate
sll classes ot government land, fifty im
proved and unimproved ranches for sal In
New Mexico and the Republic ol Mexico, em
bracing traois from 25,UuO to "1,000,000 acres
each at from twenty cents to na dollar oer
acre. Title perfect. Full luf ormatlon sent
upon application. Having- kvusltiess oonnestlnn
with attorneys at Waehtnarton. D. C, we are
prepared te give particular attention to prose
ting claims of every description against tbe
United States government. Co.leoUona made In
anv oart of the XerrUorv.
Place to See a New Stock of
lot of cpeao Wall Papers which
TSTO. 17 Center tiro ox.
mm Bilis i Pop Prices
Ladles' Doñeóla Kid Button.
Ladle' French Kid Button.
Ladies' Fine American Kid Button
Misses Fine American Button.
In B, O, D, and B wldtbs.
Also, a Good Assortment of Boys' Shoes.
Tbe above goods made to order .exprasdy far my trade, warranted In every
Ladles who desire a First-class Shoe Dressing will find the same in getting the Almond
polista. Contains Oil, and will prove superior to all others for Lalles' Fins SHom.
CHAS. H. SP0RLEDEU, Sole Agent.
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats,
Call Early and Secure Bargains.
Ward Block, Cppoolto Depot, East Lao Vegas.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
. House Furnishing Goods, Carpeta. Oil Cloths, Mattings, Etc
Hardware, Sboiums Rifles Pistols
Sporting Goods, Ranges, Cook and Heating Stoves, Grates,
Lumber Lath, Shingles, Doors and Blinds.
LAS VEGAS : . i : : i ' : NEW MEXICO.
Tony's Bath Rooms.
Las Vegas Roller Mills Flour
i. XiE10r o CO.'S,
Lai Vetras, , . New Mexico.
Dealer in Fruits of all Kinds
iolden lule
r "Street'
S-fttW!" near
?- m
il Í

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