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El-The nía- paper In
Raw lexlc recelvtaf
t ablUhla; the fall
AeaoclaUesl Presa tele
graphic report.
leading city al ka Tara
rilarr I Haw nexlca.
VOL. XIII. SO. 284.
The Men Who
, Want a Buyer for
117x150 ft. Unimproved
On North Side of Dónelas Aye
Cheap to Cash Buyer, Fine location.
Ateo want a buyer lor
Those desiring Real Estate or a Dullness at
low prloos can And ibe lame for tale on our
If You Want to Buy
Call and lee oar list of property, both realty
ana personal,
A Good Lilt of - .
Outside Real Estate-
Santa Fe, N- M.
. First-lass in all Appointments
fBO Per JDay.
' Bate for famlliei staying more than a week
jS - '
Tie CitiM
Of Las Vegas.
GEO. J. DINKEL, President.
A. A. KEEN, Cashier.
CAPITAL - - $50,000
Eat Us Vegas. New Mexico,
bridge Street. Las Vestas, N. M.
Tropical and Domestic Fruits
: Confectionery, Cigars,
,. , AND .,'
. Sealer In Will Paper, Glass, Window Bash,
any Peintemuppllei of all kinds. ...
Sixth St. Opposite Post Office.
Gazette Job Office
Caá tara eat werk sjaleker, la belter style and
at lower prim than aar itkir elilee la tke
Utyof Las Vsgai.
Tbe Tammany Chieftain
. Gone to Best.
Interesting Figures for National
- Taxpayers Consideration.
A Sick Man's Views ot Kepubll
can Prospects for '88.
Results of the Day's Principal
Sporting Events.
Gossip About tbe President, Tbe
Bride, and Their Intentions.
About tne Flnt Lady.
New York, Jone 1. Wilson D. Bis
sell, President Cleveland's former law
partner, called upon Miis Folsom at
noon today. "
1 This evening he said President Cleve
land and bis bride would soon take a
trip to Europe. The date ot tbeir de
parture, however, be could not say. It
was his intention, he said, to acoompany
them abroad. The trip will probably
be made, he added, Just after congress
adjourns. ,
Miss Folsom, sinoe hor arrival in this
city, has received heavy mail and not a
few letters from "cranks." This morn
ing's mail brought her a letter from a
man in Cleveland, Ohio, signin him
self "J. J. Martin, A Friend of the
Laboring Class." lie wanted to know
if she would, teaoh bar husband to study
a plan for, tbe amelioration of tbe suf
fering! of tbe laboring classes. "Will
yóu,'The wrote, "advise your busband
bow to deal with toil question, and will
you, when you are a mother, teach your
ohildren to have tbe interests of tbe
laboring classes at heart." "We know,"
the letter concludes,, "that you are large
of heart and will respond to these en
treaties." Miss Folsom and her mother devoted
the spare time of tbe afternoon to mak
ing preparations for the trip to Wash
ington. . .- -
Dorsey Falling Rapidly.
Washington, May 81. Ex-Senator
Dower, below roiling tcrW " lé deliv
ered himself of a long interview' on the
polititical situation. He says republi
cans can have another quarter ot a
century in control of tbe government if
they will rid themselves of the lilk
stockings, white hats and George Wm.
Curtis, and adds:
"Blaine's chances of nomination are
better than they ever were, but 1 believe
that General Logan and John Sherman
will jointly hare a majority ot tbe votes
of the convention. Tnere mav be a re
petition of tbe Cincinnati convention of
1876, when Blaine came near a nomina
tion, but failed. One thing is ceitain,
Blaine is too experienced a politician to
permit a Uarfield to appear in the na
tional convention from Maine, although
Tm Reed is quite equal to tbe role. I
believe that there will be fewer names
before the next convention than before
any that has been held."
' The National Debt Statement.
Washington, June 1. The following
is a recapitulation af tbe debt statement
issued today:
Interest bearing debt, principal and
interest, $1,233,237.144.
Debt on which interest has ceased
since maturity, principal and interest,
7,816,895. -
Debt bearing no interest $535,015,127.
Total debt, principal and interest,
Total debt, less available cash item?,
Net cash in tbe treasury, $76,143,611.
' Debt, less cash In the treasury, J uue
1, 1886, $i,888,194,881.
Decrease of debt during the month,
Total cash in the treasury, as shown
by tbe treasurer's general account,
John Kelly Dead.
New Yobk, June 1. Mr. John Kel
ly, who has been ill for several months
has, during the last few weeks, seemed
to feel comparatively well, but on Sun
day last ho was taken with an attack of
fainting and became weaker and after
ward on Monday be was worse, but
tbis morning an important change was
apparent. At noon, however, be began
to sink and tbe approach of his end was
realized.- Mr. Kelly's death was pain
less, although be was conscious to the
last moment.
Mrs. Kelly and her two children were
present when the patient pasted away.
Mrs. Kelly was prostrated bj tbe blow
and is too ill to see anybody. ,
The Brighton Heaoh Race.
Brighton Beach, June 1. The first
race three-fourths mile, Treasurer won,
Blenhiem saiond, Harry Roes third.
Time, 1.17.
The seoond race seven furlongs, sell
ing allowances, Commander won, Pope
Leo second, Charge third. Time, 1 :29l.
The third race, seven furlongs, sell
ing allowances. Valley Forge won, Pat
Dally seoond, Musket third. Time, 1:30,.
The fourth race, a mile for all ages,
Ariel won, Ecuador second, Blue Day
third, Time, 1:45.
The fifth raoei a handicap, one and
one-eighth miles, Osceola won, Delilah
second, Tunis third. Timel:57t.
Live Stock Market.
Kansas Citt, June 1.
Cattle Reoeipte, 1,884: shipments,
648. Market active and about steady.
Choice to fancy, $5(3 $5, 15; fair to good,
$4.60(3 $4.90; common to medium $4
$4.40; stocKers and feeders, $3.220
$4.15; cows. $3.40(S$3.40. .
Against the Evolution Theory.
Augusta, Ga., June 1. Today's pro
ceedings of tbe general assembly of tbe
Presbyterian Chnrch Sooth was devot
ed to the discussion ot the question of
evolution. Dr. Woodrow closed tbe
debate. He did not apeak in support of
or even advance tbe theories of evolu
tion, but spoke against the proprioty of
the convention taking action now, and
against the assembly adopting the re
port of tbe majority alleging the crea
tion to have been immediate. The ma
jority report was adopted by an over
whelming rote 137 to 13. It is as
To the several overtures on the sub
ject of tbe evolution of man sent np by
the Presbyteries, tbe general assembly
returns answer as follows:
The church remains at this time sin
cerely oonvinoed that the scriptures, as
truly and authoritatively expounded in
our "Confession ot Faith" and cate
chism, teach tbat Adam and Ere were
created body and soul by immediate
acts of Almighty power, thereby pre
serving perfect race unity; that Adam's
body was directly fashioned by Al
mighty God without any natural ani
mal parentage of any kind, out ot
matter previously created ot nothing,
and that any doctrine at variance there
with is dangerous error, inasmuch as
by methods of interpreting soripture
which it must demand, and in the oou
sequences which by fair implication it
will involve, it will lead to a denial of
doctrines fundamental to tbe faith.
Eventa at the Capital. .
Washington. June 1. The cabinet
session today was devoted, to the con
sideration of the Canadam fisheries
question and tbe action of congress in
regard to the Geneva award and rail
road matters.
Many senators, representatives and
other otlicials called at the Wbite bouse
tidayaud congratulated the president
on his approaching marriage. He was
In a very happy frame of mind and en
dured tbe ohafiing and pleasantries of
his visitors on tbe subjeot of his wed
with tbe ntmost good nature.
Secretary and Mrs. Manning will at
tend the president's marriage. Tbis
will be tbe first sooial entertainment of
any kind Secretary Manning has at
tended since he was taken sick.
' Defeat of the Salvationists.
Beloit, Wis,, June 1. There was an
exciting scene at tbe corner ot Bridge
and school streets tonight that nearly
assumed tbe proportions of a riot. It
grew out of a itreetmeetjng lit the SaV
ration army. The Salvationist havo
held nightly parades on the streets and
pounded bass drums until Mayor Parar-
er bas ordered tbem to desist, but they
have failed to obey. While the meet
ing was in progress tonight the mayor
ordered them to return to their quar
ters. The words were hardly out of
his mouth when a portion of tbe crowd
made a rush npon the now terrified
Salvationists, and eggs and missies
were thrown promiscuously; some of
Salvation soldiers beinj; oomiderably
hurt. A wild scene ensued for a short
time, during which ugly threats were
made against the soldiers, and tbe lead
ers were put in tbe lockup. Among
tbe Salvation soldiers were several wo
men and children, residents of the city,
and they have some publio sympathy
in their behalf.
Cattlemen Must Move.
Gainesville, Tex. , June 1. A notice
to the cattlemen of tbe Chickasaw Na
tion was issued hore today by United
States' Agent Robt. L. Owens, stating
that June 24 had been fixed as the time
in which cattlemen will be required to
have their cattle removed from the Un
ion agency. - If tbe order is not
honestly obeyed, the agent says
he wilt-proceed to collect and eject in
truding cattle with regular cow outfits
employed for the purpose.
" Base Ball.
Washington, June 1. Kanias City,
3; Nationals, 1.
Philadelphia, June 1 Athletics,
16; Pittsburg, 6.
Baltimore, June 1. St. Louis, 2;
B 'Itimore, 7.
New íobk, June 1. Detroit, 4; New
York, 8.
Philadelphia, June 1. Chicago, 0,
Philadelphia, 8.
Boston' June 1. Boston, 4; St. Lou
is, 3.
New York, June 1. Cincinnati. 12;
Metropolitans, 7.
An Assassinated- Cattleman.
Gainesville, Tex., June 1. Albert
St. John, a prominent cattleman, was
killed in the Indian territory by a Uni
ted States marshal. He was ordered
to lay off bis arms while on the range,
and, refusing to do so, the 'officers at
tempted to disarm him, and in the
struggle he was shot.
Drowned in the Cimarron.
Special to Taa Gazetti.
Spiungeb, June 1. Word has just
reached Springer that a son of Juan
Montoya, of Cimarron, while drawing a
bucket of water from the river this
morning, his foot slipped and he fell
into the river and was drowned. His
body bas not yet been found. Tbe boy
was about 9 years ot age.
The Home. .
Washington, June 1. The house
spent the day discussing the oleomar
garine bill, .and acting on proposed
amendments, but all proposed were de
feated and the house adjourned without
coming to a rote on the bill. The ma
jority for tbe bill when it comes to a
vote will be about eighty rotes,
"The Senate.
Washington, June 1. In the senate
today the time was principally deroted
to s discussion of the Northern Pacido
grant forfeiture bill, and after a long dis
cussion of the same, and an executive
session the senate adjourned.
The Love Feast Results in Much
Talk and Jid Work. -
, , -
The Old Sores Jlaadacad. . Heelfam. Salve
Applied, and Raaulte to be .
, ... . . .... Awajtcd
Special to Taa GASutk.
Albuquerque, It, M., June 1. Ai
tbis oity covered itself with glory Dec
oration day, tbelsoal patriots came to
tbe conclusion that.be much-talked-of
procession, oonsistiqg of bands, torch
lights, mounted horsemen and beer,
with wbiob the visiuag delegates to the
republican sacrifica í held here tonight
were to be welcomed, entailed quite too
much exertion, so the territorial repub
lican guns dribbled in one ' by one,
and were allowed to take care ot them
selves, until tbsre ware enough present
to dignify she gathering by tbe name of
a quorum, "although, the 'absence of a
large number of delegates from the
southern part of (he terrtloiy made the
gatberiug very eliúV Quite a number
of the faithful present looked upon and
spoke ot the j.', :
accident to prevent the appearance on
the scene of a oeitain faction of tbe
grand old party who lor the good of
those present were better absent. y
Tbe long anticipated love feast con
vened ia the sample room of the San
Felipe hotel promptly at 8 o'clock.
Men who had not asked eaob other to
take a drink for .year fell on each
other's neck and wept. Tom Hughes,
editor of the Journal, and Ira Bond, ed
itor of tbe old town Delirium Tremens,
buried tbe pen, and Colonel Breeden al
lowed Colonel Chava to shake one fin
ger, which be majestically held out to
him. But, alas, this state of brotherly
love was not to lait. Hardly was the
meeting organized by the election of
Colonel J. W. Dwyer, who had suc
ceeded in persuading eaob faction that
he was solid with then) only, ohairman
of the meeting, when hideout disoord
broke the peace of niujit.
Nobody was present from tbe south
ern part of tbe territory: Lincoln,
Grant, Dona Ana, Sifrra and Socorro
counties ' t
webs entibeh unWepbesented, '
but to make up for tie absence of the
committeemen from tbat quarter
there were present fPriohard, Col
onel ttiquacu, rncaarmjguJioB j-rtewy
ex-District Attorney .Priohard and
Secretary Priohard, for to that position
were these gentlemen elected. Colonel
Breeden, Attorney General Breeden,
and Bill Breeden were abo present in
full force as also waa Colonel J. Fran
cisco Chaves.
W D. Lee was present from Las
Vegas, but he must have been sat npon
early in tbe dar as he kept remarkably
quiet during the convention.
. Colonels Breeden and Prichard were
the most numerous gentleman in the
matter of talking and
OUSLY when it came to roting.
The first rupture came up over a reso
lution movod by Tom Catron, which
was promptly amended by Colonel
Prichard. As amended it was to tbe
effect that
Whereas, Thoiehad been two territo
rial republican central committees; and,
whereas, tbese two committees lovea
each other in a way that broke the Da
vid record all to smithreem;tbat, there
fore, tbese two oommittees ehould be
one, like man and wife, and Colonel
Dwyer, tbe plump but pleasing chair
man of the meeting, abould be chair
man of the wedded committees, with
power to oall tbem together to fix the
lima and place of holding the next re
publican convention.
Scarcely had Colonel Prichard read
tbis resolution when tbe other
liimnoil tr hia faAt. and nrocendfld ta
set uown on bis fellow colonel and the
ri solution. Ue saia mere was no
two republican central committees;
that there could not be two; that there
.a K nn. enft that there had baen
some bolters from it and tbe resolution
oubt to slate tbe facts as tbey were.
Ei-District Attorney Priuuard de
fended the resolution introduced by
Colonel Prichard, and. said that there
were two republican parties ana every
body knew it. ,.
Attorney General Breeden renewed
the attack upon tbe resolution and
and prooeoded to light into all the
Breedeos and Prlohards. He aald be
had come there for harmony and be in
tended to have it if be had to
linfa. ...Mihnilv in IIia mnm. Tf t.hftV
were disposed to split hairs they oould
Una plenty oi mem iu spin, no cuar
aoterized tbe resolution as a firebrand.
..h tht ha rlirl not want ta cat
into a fight, because ho did not want to
get licked, nut u a ngnt was inaniaoie
be could stand it as well as anybody.
Rinh.rrt Prip.hard weakened under
this onslaught and consented to have
bis resolution amenaea so ss to reaa,
un:i.iAn. ni thn tArritnrial rnnuhhnan
central committee," - instead of, "Two
territorial republican central commit
tees," wlierever me laner ocourreu m
tbe resolution. Tbe resolution was
whereupon Col. Chaves moved ' to
seoond it. me cnair sai promptly
down upon him by informing bim that
it had already carried.
Governor Stover then made a motion
tbat Col. Dwyer be empowered to fix
the time and plaoe for holding the con
vention, without calling tbe oommittees
together at all. Col. Chaves, who
thought he was all right with Dwyer,
spoke in favor of tbe motion, and aaid
he thought the committees bad
better not meet; if tbey did tbey
would be sure to wrangle. There were
two wings to the party and Colonel
Dwyer represented both wings,
under whioh he and Colonels Breeden
and Priohard and the other . chicks
oould nestle.
This simile of Colonel Dwyer as an
old hen and tbe other three colonels ai
chicks, was a striking one and brought
lorin applause irom me otner commit
teemen, and the motion might have
carried, but just then Walter Hadley
discovered that this point was already
covered by the resolution wnich bad al
ready been adopted and tbat it was
therefore not in order until reconsid
ered. - '
This brought Stover, Breeden and
Lee to their feet at once and confusion
reigned until
the full strength ot his voice, when
Breeden and Lee resigned themselyes
to tbe inevitable and sat down.
A motion to reconsider the resolution
was made. Breeden, Otero, Prichard
Si Company began to suspect that there
might be milk in the cocanutof Chayes'
confidence in the chairman, so the mo
tion to reconsider was at once voted
down; Colonel Chaves, however, secur
ed another vote on the question on
tbe plea C ; that tiobuily knew
what they were vuting about.
He explained thttt if tbe resolution stood
as adopted the chairman would have to
oall the committees togetbor again and
give tbem
and also tbat one committee was
stronger numerically than the other and
so oould out-vote it, which he did not
consider a fair deal.
After be got through Colonel Priohard
made- a few remarks, and tbe vote was
again taken, resulting in Colonel Chav
es being downed again, Chaves, Stover
and Luna being al the votes in favor ot
a reconsideration, and Otero, Hadley,
Breeden, Lee and Priohard yotiog tbe
other way.
! A motion was afterwards oarriod that
In tbe event of tbe oommittees not be
ing able to convene from any cause
Colonel Dwyer should hx tbe time and
place for the convention.
Breeden then stated tbat all the busi
ness of
and be stated he would like to bear
some speeches and he called upon
Judge Axtnll to speak, whereupon your
re port pt came away. Nothing wbat
ever has been done at tbis love least but
to provide for a future meotitx; of both
central oommittees. If tuero had
been any hope of ' h&iraony
at present all that has been delegated to
tbis future meeting would have been
doue at tbis one. It has been postpon
ed solely in tbe hope .that be foro tbe
committees are again calleti'tsgetber,
the leaders of the factions may be able
tocóme to some agreement.
Senex Veritas.
Latonia, Ky., June 1. Tbe first
raoe, three-fourth mile, Bluestone won;
Listand seoond; Mystic third; time,
The secoud race, one mile. May Lady
won; Sir Joseph second; Eloise third;
time, 1:44.
Tbe third race, one and oot-aighlh
miles, Troubadour won; Bonanza
second; Adonis third; time, 1:57.
The fourth raoe, for the Himyar
stakes, one and tbree-eigbtb miles. Blue
Wing won; Montana Regent second;
Eodurer third; time, 2.25. -
Tbe fifth race for tbe Latonia cup,
two and one-fourtn miles Hidalgo was
neyer headed and came in first handily
by a length; Irish Pat second; Lucky B
third. As Hidalgo swerved into the
fence about 200 yards from the finish in
front of Irish Pat, a claim ot foul was
made, which the judges allowed, plao
lng Irish- Pat first; Hidalgo second;
Lucky B third; time ,4:03,.
Pueblo, Col., June l.-The Arkansas
river is pretly bigb, and it is still ris
ing. There are some fears of a flood.
Raleigh, N. C, June 1. At noon
today, at Jacksonville, Onslow county,
Georgd McNair, negro, 19 years ot age,
was bunged for the crime of rape, com
mitted in April of last year upon a
white girl 9 years of age.
Denveb, Jnne 1. A Leadville spec
ial to the News says: A bartender
named Peter E. Hughes shot and fatally
wounded Frank Richardson yesterday
evening up California gulob, near the
Stone mine, Hughes was arrested but
is out on bail.
Pueblo, Col., June 1. S. Bartew
Strang, of tbe well known Strang
brothers of El Paso county, living about
twenty miles north of Pueblo, accident
ally shot himself in tbe groin on Friday
evening, and is now in a precarious con
dition. '
The Cane Given to the Jury.
St. Louis, June 1. Judge Van Nor
strand this afternoon delivered his
charge to the jury and they retired to
consult. Up to a late hour this even
ing no verdict had, been rendered and
it cannot be learned bow the jury stands.
... ... . i . ... t . t .
. 17 . f
Bridge St West Las Vegas, Ha.
stablishsd isso,
Real Estate
. 1 AND. , i, í
Financial Agent for Capitalists.
Cob. Grand Ave. and Center St.
Las Vegas, . New Mexico.
A SPBCIAIrr MAD It IN investing and
TALISTS, or whom i havb a large
uuhB) ur watuLBruJiuKaTD.. -
KNOWLEDGE of tbe FKOPLK, enablloc me
to make INVESTMENI8 of all kloda, suchas
the purohsse of RANCH, GRANT and CITY
PHOHKRTY. and maklna LOANS for CAPI.
TA LISTS to bettor A DVANTAUfl than tbey
'1 here la (rand future before, SSW Max
ICO. Business li beginning- to, look UP rapidly.-Now
is the time lo make lavaetmeatl be
fore priees advance too high
There has tioen a marked1 Improvement la
REAL EoXATE during the paat 80 days, and
there la no doubt Ite aomln iprins: will wit
néss a sharp advance In REAL ESTATE, when
those who made Investments la Dtonertr will
reap a rich reward.
xne incoming uue oi oosinesa improveveai
is bertnnina to be felt and will oauae a cenu-
Ine boom the coming year. Now li the time
to invest. "A hint to tbe wise Is sunloient."
i hava fok sals one or tne dsii payinc
well established manufacturing enterprises la
tho Territory, t an be bought to an advantage.
1 HAVK FOK SALS oaeoitoe best Dullness
comers In theetty, renting for Ü0 per oent on
the Investment
1 HAVB Foil SALE an elegant piece ot resi
dence property In an excellent neighborhood,
that li paying 0 per oent on the Investment.
1 have a builnesi opening fm tfi.UOu to $10,
000 that Is absolutely aafe, and will pay from
10 to ÜS per cent on the Investment.
have a ane Mocked ranch for sale that will py
a larve lute rest on the Investment. Come and
see my list of grant, ranch and cattle in relí
mente before purchasing elsewhere.
I HAVE the largest line of rents, improved
and unimproved property tor sale to be found
In the eity.
FO BARGAINS of all klndi In BRAb ES
TATB oall on rlTZS ICR HULL, joy will find
him alive to business interests and courteous
to all. Before investing, oall and see him.'
Fitzgerrell's Guide lo New Mexico, free to
au; . ; ,
Down with High Prices !
The Law a eat Stock, of i i
Dry Goods
In the city yet opened. ,
From this time on we will sell
only for Cash in order to reduce
prices on a,U kinds of goods.
The following are some of Our
prices: ' - .'. - i
Hem p, 4-4 . .80c per yard
Cotton, 4-1 tOc per yard
Wool and Cotton, 4-4 50c per yard
All wool, extra super fine, 4-4. 70c per yard
Best all wool, 4-4 .....800 per yard
Brussells, 8-4 , TOO per yard
Bo.lv Brussels, 3-4.. 1.00 to
Velvet $1.20 per yard
00 Piece Prlnta. ; '
Common, Í0 yards for 11.00
Medium II yarda for $1.00
Best standard .. . .17 yards for $1.00
800 Piece Domestics. 1 '
Canve River, S-4..... 80 yards for St .00
Securlly, 7-8 it yards for 11.00
Industry, 4-4 ,,16 yards for 11.00
Farmers' Choice. 4-4 12 yards f jr fl.oo
Blackatone, A, 4-4, .....11 yards for $1.00
SOO Pieces Ginghams.
Common 14 yards for 11.00
Good Standard ,...1' yards for $1.00
Fine 10 yards lor 11.00
Dress Patterns. 8 yards for $1 .00
We will also sell all goods in
the same proportion as the aboye
prices. Hooisg you will nail to
see our immense stock, we re
main, 5fours respectlully, . .
' N. C Cor. of Plaza.
Manufacturer and dealer In
Tin, Cooper, Shetjtiron Ware
Eave-Trougbs, Tin Roofing, Camp
stoves and minors' outfits. .
Gold Watches, Diamonds,
Silver Watches, Gold Chains,
Fins and Sleeve Buttons,
Silverware, Filigree Jewelry,
Repaying of Fine Watches a
Specialty. , . ,
324 R. i k, East Las Vegas

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