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lM4ltf city the Ter
rltary'ai'niar Mexlca.
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E-Tke only pits- in
New Hexlc receiving
mmd awbliehlng the fair
Associated Presa lele
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LAS VEGAS, THURSDAY 3Í0RXIXG, JUNE. 3, 1.886. ..' 1 J fj ''I f j g t.
VOL. XIII. XO. 283.
The Mea Who
Scenes and Incidents Con
nected Therewith.
Jefferson! an Simplicity Very
Properly at a Discount.
The Happy Couple to- KDjoy. the
Honeymoon at Deer Park.
Want a Bayer for
llfflttttprod ;
ANew Treaty Proposed to Set
tle the Fisheries Dispute
On North Side of Dovtíaa Aye
Cheap to Cash Buyer, frlne Location.
AtKO want a buyer lor
Constitutional Amendment
Proposed to Prohibit
to the institution of Thy word. Moroi-
luuy De pieasoa, Aiuiienty uoa, to
vouchsafe to each of them Thy grace,
that they may welt and truly weigh ths
nnfailicg vows which they are now
bout to make to each other in the pres-
I i ' Hhet His BroHien. ''"
; artELBVHJ.E, Mo-Jjunei. A temi
ble; tragedy waa enacted tea miles east
of Ijere. John W,, Wright, a weIl-q-do
farmer, shot bis brother Vinoent
Washington, June 2. Other wed
dines-have been held at the White
House, eight in all- but never before td-
i rcnnn paying vvfii FSTABJBtntBó hi8hMt diKoitaryJ. the
A UUUU - iHIIKU HtLL 0 1 HO- land bowed his head within iu historio
I HFe1 RUN NESS I waller to receive the blessing of the
LIOIILU DUOIilLOd. nhrl, nnnn hi. nninn In thA hnlt bnnHl
of matrimony. ; i rom ine very uawn 7.
the wedding day the' city soeined aliyj
to the approaching event;' little knots
ot elders talked it over on the side
walks in front of the hotels: sedate
latrons gossiped of. it as they passed
loner the titreet and bevies of' laughing
girls chatted about the coming momen
tous ceremoay.
The still and murky haze of the early
TTftTTSVES FOR RENT. kl and warm' 8utl",1 breze?
flUUOilO iUi A.A4A1A. . Teiiow Bunbeams flitted
through tne lonage ni me pars, maaiDg
enoe of this company and before Thee; i Wright, inflicting a wound from which
he will probably die. . lUs mower, wnt
is a widow owning considerable prop
ertyjately became1 inecne, and Join
decided it was bes$ to have a wurator
appointed for the property, 0f applies!
to the probas court for that uurpo
A jury, a juugeu . ne : motuer ibbíiuo,
anii the brother tookexoepiioa thereto.
Finally John consented that Vinoent
should be appointed guardian and cur
ator, nd he was ordered to give bonds,
This he failed to doñead .the court de
cided to appoint some one e'so. Vin
cenWdeclar,ed he would take an appeal
to me circuit court, auu seemou gienv
ly enraged. - The next dy ohn went
to his mother's residence and found
Vinoent awaiting -hii-4berar -As-he
drove up in his buggy his brother ran
out and attacked him and undertook to
pull him from the vehicle. When Vin
cent caught the reins with bis left band
and. with his riiyht. hurled a atone at his
brother' head and caught up another
to throw John pulled a pistol ana area
the fatijl shot. He at once gave, him
self op. , ' !
. i - . 1
A Constitutional Amendment to Prohllilt
Those dwlrtt.tr Rest Estate or a business st
low prioes can find the same for tale on our
If You Want to Buys-
Call and see our list of property, both realty
ami personal, ,
A Good List of
Outside Real Estate.
Til 6 Pili 6 .
Santa Fe, N. HI.
First-Class in all Appointments
Bates for families staying more than a week
ft 1
Of Las Vegas.
GEO. J. D1NKEL, President.
A. A. KEEN, Cashier.
East Las Vegas. New Mexico,
Brldue Street, Las Ve gas, N. M,
Trouioal and Domestic Fruits
in aiASoN. ' 1
; Confectionery, Cigars,
; ;': . abd ! ; ; ? "
Pti"ACII.mK8. Dealer In Wall Puper, Glass, Window Sash.
" ano 1'tlnteit supplies of all kinds.
Sixth St Opposite Post Office.
Gazette Job Office
Can mrm eat werk anleker, la better style and
at lewer prices thaa. any iar allies lm the
pictures upon the velvety turf beneath.
Successive arrivals of guests were
watched with' interest and their names
were whispered by the more knowing
ones to their Companions. Suddenly
tbe strains of the wedding march floated
through the- oped -windows and there
was a general ezoiaraaiion iron out
side: "Tbe services have begun."
Then there came ;a ; tantalizing hush
within the walls, which was soon ended
by the strains of the bridal chorus, from
Lohengrin, and it was thereby kuowo
that the ceremony was ended.
'Ábout hfclf past Ax "o'clock the wed-
dimr cuests beean to arrive. "The first
arrival whs secretary llamar, no was
olosely followed by Key. Dr Sunder
land and wife anu during tne next lew
minutdS there came in quick succession
Postmaster General Vilas, Seoretary
and Mrs.Endicolt, Seoretary Manning
and bis wife. , After removing their
wraps in the state dining room all the
cuests proceeded to the blue room.
ana were reoeivea oy iwsi ivose -ieve-lniL
VWww mtnaief tuo guests
chatted iraviv. but all conversation was
quick!; suspenaea at f.ia p. m., wnen
the selected orchestra from the Marine
band, stationed in the corridor, strucK
nn the familar strains of tbe wedding
march from Mendelssohn's Midsummer
Niorht's Dream, and all eyes were turned
to the doorway to catch tbe first
glimpse of the coming bride and groom
Starting from the western corridor on
thn n inner lloor. me presiueni came
slowly down the western staircase with
his hride- leaning on, bis arm. Thev
were unaccompanied, even tbe onde s
mother aw ait id e ber coming with the
other guests, raising through tbe cen
tral oomdor. ,
the blue room and took a position near
its southern wall, which was complotely
hidden from sight by a mass of nodd
irnr nalms. ironical Brasses and an end
less variety of choice flowers. The
crystal chandelier poured a flood of
mellow radiance npon the scene and
tbe colors of the massive banks 01 scar
let beuonias and royal laquemot roses
mingled with the blue and silver tints
of the frescoed walls and ceiling, gave
a warm and glowing tone to tbe wnoie
brilliant interior. The delicate ivory
hulea of the bride's wedding gown
fuund an exauisite setting iu tbe
masses - of crimson toses imme-
rimiHlv hevond. The president was
in foil evening dress, with turn-down
collar, fawn necktie and white studB.
A hush fell upon the assembly as Dr
Sunderland stepped forward to his po
aif.mn. frí.ntincr the weddine couple
with Kev. William Cleveland, the pres-
MnnTs brother, at his leli hand, la
muting. T.noH mid with deliberate uttor
anee the doolor began a simple and
beautiful " ' - .
Forasmuch as we are assembled to ob
serve the holy rites of marriage, it is
needful that we sbould beseech tbe
blessing of the great Uoa, our atner,
whose institution it U, and therefore I
beseech you now to follow me with
with reverent nearia in prayer w mm.
Imlo-htv and Everlasting God. Father
of our spirits.Framer of our bodies.eiver
of every gooa buu peneui gui;
who canst see the end from the beginning-
who knowest what is best for us,
Thy ohihtren, and who bast appointed
tbe holy me oí unrnain w
observed throughout all generations,
regard now, we beseech Thee. Tby ser
vant, our chief magistrate; endow him
plenteously with Thy grace, and fill
him mth WlSaom hO wni& 1U JIUV utui-
nances: be verj nigh to him in the
midst ot his many cares and grave
.a.nnaiKiliiins dav bv dav. May
Thv law direct aim, andThy
ttranirth nnhold him. and be lhou
. . r i i . i i u-. l
fnravur i n sun ana suieiu; no iuu
..nlii,l nlnsind to look down upon
this, thy daughter even as Thou didst
favor Bebecos, and many other noble
women who have adornea tne worm.
Mm she indeed be a precious Doon
j : . . . i i .
Irom uoato ner nuHoauu
f,nnniu- a woman sifted of beauty
f iha I.nrd. and shedding the sweet io-
flnnnnea of Christian life opon the tfa-
nn in whn. i cht she is to awell.
WiHThon approve what we, Thy ser
vants, come to do In Thy name, dv i ny
..,ihn,iii and under the laws of the
land in which we live; and graciously
..i them this man and ibis woman
who are here to be united in the
bonds of holy wedlock, acoording
and that they may be enabled hereafttr,
at all times, so to live together as to
rejoice in.- the solemnization ot this
union with Joy, unspeakable and full of
Í lory, through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
.men. : i ' i
Addressing he oomptuy Dr. Sunder
land said: -"Marriage is honorable
among all men, in that man shall leave
his father and mother and shall cleave
unto his wifo and tbey twain
shall be one flesh. It was constituted
by our Creator in the first paradise. It
was confessed by patriarch and priest,
prophet and apostle. It was oonfirmed
by teaching and adorned with tbe pres
ence of the Redeemer and has been hon
ered by
of all good men and women since the
world began. It is therefore) not to be
undertaken lightly or unadvisedly, but
soberly, discreetly and in. the fear of
God. Into this holy estate this man
and this woman come now to enter; if
any can show iust oause why tbey
mav not be lawfully united in marriaee
let him now speak or else hereafter for
ever hold his Dcace.
Tbe minister then repeated the Epis
oopal service. The responses were
made by the contracting parties in
firm tones, and the oeremony was end
ed by Kev. William Cleveland, who
pronounced tbe following bonediotion
God the Father, God tbe Son, and
God the Holy Ghost, bless, preserva and
keen you. May the Lord mercifully
fill you with all temporal and all spirit
ual blessings and grant that you may
so I i s-o together in this world that iu the
world to come you may nave lite ever
lasting. Amen.
At the conclusion of the ceremony.
Mrs. Folsom. showing traces of deep
emotion, was the hrstto tender her con
gratulations to the newly mar
ried pair. She was followed
by Mies Cleveland, Rev, Mr. Cleveland,
nd the other relatives. ana irienas in
urn. While the congratulations were in
in progress the band periormea tne
from Lohoccrin. -
To this musio the president ana bis
wife led away into the stately east room
the adorments of this noble nan were
keeoine with its maiostio propor
tions, and its ample space and brilliant
illuminations anoraea an opportunity
for a fitting display of tbe ladies toilets
. Tne bride wore an enchanting wed
ding dress of ivory satin, simp.y gar
nished, en high corsage with
indisn muslin orossea in urecisn
folds and carried in exquisite fulls ot
simplicity oyer ber petticoat, ine
orange blossom garniture, commencing
upon the veil in a superb coronet, was
.rolygamy. , :.
june a. senator u-
lumv today introduced In the senate a
joint resolution proposing tbe following
amendment to tbe constitution:
The only institution or tsoatraot ef
marriage -within the United. States, or
UV: Place subleot to tbeir jurisdiction,
soul) be that ot the union in marriage ot
ouopian with one woman, and bigamy
or DOlYiramv is forever prohibited, any
lawi custom, form or ceremony, civil or
religions, to the contrary notwnnsiang
ÍDg No states shall pass any law or al
low .any custom or- uaramony of mar
riage, except in obedience to and in
conformity with the institution of mar
riage as hereinbefore, established, bnt
otherwise the regulation, within eaoh
state of marriage and llivoroe and civil
acd criminal íunsüiuúon 01 these ano
j :ctithall belong to the several states as
heretofore, congress snail nave tne
power to entorce this article by appro
priste legisiaiiuu, I
A Pretty Kettle of Fish, Í
Washington, June 8. Representa
tive Bootelle received a telogram todiy
f i-oin Eastport to the effect thai the do
minion collectors of customs threaten
to seize American boats if they buy her.
riDg from fisbermon on provincial
shorei to be ; used for Banning in the
United States. A large business of this
kind tils been carried on at Eastport
apa' vicinity, noerl y al tbe flsh being
" v :jj t 4i
A New Fishery Treaty Safgested.
London, June 3. The correspondent
of the New York Herald cables that pa
per as follows: The discussion io
America with, regard to tbe fisheries
question has greatly quickened the in
terest felt in me subject ny tne pnirsq
government. This afternoon Mr. Cls-
burn Morgan, under secretary 01 state
for the colonies, said: "Lord Granville.
Lord Eotebory and I, ! myself, are still
most anxious to arrange tmngs) in a
friendly and sensible way. That such a
way exists l personally nave no uuuou
Though I have no authority to enter into
details. I would be qnite willing lo tee
anew treaty to take tne p'aoeuf the old
one,, but the United States senate
MOM to -': iiv'f tf tj 1
The relations between the United Statee
and England are, most cordia1, but this
hi a three-cornered question. Wecao
not give Canada the cold shoulder. 1
bold strong views in regara to cog
land's relations to her colonies. We
must stand lxGede." - t tvt ,
Asked wbetber b tnontnit 'ue sug
gested new treaty should ba based on
tbe prinoipio 01 cqnai rignis, mr. mor
gan replied:, f 'l am not at liberty so
state. But lot us sweep away me oiu
treaty or wo shad drift int.) trouble. To
do this, a meetiug between the United
States, Canada and England would
have to be arranged. I should be happy
if a conference could be arranged, say
in London. I feel sure tbe Canadian
ministry would approach tbe matter in
a reasonable epirt.'''i; í :.;' .
,Ttie dispatches from the United
Stales gotero meat bearing on the ques
tion which left America on the 21st
iust.. are not expected to arrive till
June 3.
oontinuert throuKbout tne,cos,iuirii .Plaboilaiea ?6 afraid to continue tb
t-ríotto oKnr. - rxnr-vveil was of tuue,
about five yards iu length; it complete
ly enveloped her, falling to tao edge of
ber petticoat in iront anu exiuuiiiug iuo
entire lengtn ox ner iuii court iraio
She carried no flowers and wore no
lewelrv. exseot an engagement ring,
containing a sapphire and two dia
monds, and a plain gold weaning ring
bich had been placed on ner nnger
before she descended tbe staircase
From the east room the company pro
ceeded, after a season of promenading
and conversation, to tne lamuy aining
room of the mansion, where the weu-
dlnar sunoer was served, lhere was
traflic, and large numbers of people on
both sides of the line are affected.
Mr. Boutelle and Senator Jtiaie mis
morning called on Secretary Bayard,
who promised to take immediate steps
to ascertain the facts of this reported
denial of thn ordinary privileges of com
merce, but ne remarnea mat, as uipiu-
matio negotiations on this subjsot must
be conducted through tbe British home
government, tbey are necessarily slow.
Dliroull as a Home Ruler.
London, June 2 The land bill has
been again postponed. It will be taken
no formal order observed in the supper I up jun8 7, -phe Daily News produces the
room, out iuo cuuawuu u . . b Bejamin jjsrea ll in
the gusts sat at smaa tapies or siowij r . . -mlnong ia 1884. jjisreali
proiueunuuu iuo iuuijj no moj uidu
and chatted over the events of
the evening. Elegantly designed souve
nirs, consisting of satin boxes contain
ing dainty pieces of tbe bridal cake and
each one bearing a hand-painted mono
gram, "C. were reoeivea oy eaou
uuost. '
While the orchestra was playing a
selection the bride
to her room and changed her wedding
dress for a silk traveling dress, one
then returned to the company and was
soon afterward joined by the president
wbo baa in it
dress suit for
was about 8
dent and his bride said a basl.y good
bye to their friends and left the bouse.
As thev entered the carriage and as the
horsis started off a shower of rice was
thrown on the carriage and their
friends waved them a final God-spoed
The carriage was driven direct to the
Baltimore & Ubio raiiroaa station,
whero a special train was in waiting tt
take the president and bis bride to
ueer rarK. 10 ineir uusiiuslu'u
nreaident and his bride were wholly un
accompanied. They will probably re
main at Ueer rara aoout a weea, uur-
in summing up tbe Irish question said
Ireland is teeming witn a starving
nnnnifl and auffars from an absentee ar
iKtnnracv. an alien church and the
wealthiest executive in the world. The
nnlv rnmnriv is revolution, which is pre
venter! hv connection wuu uuwbnui
England, therefore England is logically
In an odious position, being the cause
nf nnanrv in Ireland. The duly of the
Knulish mimstei tnereiore is to eueut
h tiis nolicv all the changes which a
revolution would do for the country.
This is the Irlsh qu9stion ln.iie integri
ty. The moment you have a strong ex-
t -Live Stock Markets. ,
J'. Kansas Crrr, June 3.
Cattle Receipts, 1,267: shipments,
930. Market slow, except for oboice to
fancy, wnioh sold at $1 95$5.00; fairto
good, $4,00(211.90; common to medium
k$160; stoccers and feeders, t3.93
(4.2U;eowe, a.50S8.40.., ,. J ..
Chicago, June 2,' 1
Cattlc -J Receipts ' 1,000; market,
slow and steady; shipping steers. 93U(g
1,500 poonds, 4, 40 (3 $5. 60: ttocters and
feeders, f2 0O4.7O; through Texas cat
tle, 120 oar, lü20o lower; cows and
steers, f.2 60Q100; corn, fed $8.75
New Tork, June 2. New lork, 7:
Kansas City, 8.
Boston, June. a. cuicago, uos-
ton. 0. " " . .
Philadelphia, Junes. M. Louis, u:
Philadelnhia. 8.- J ' 1 ' 1.
PHILADELPHIA, June a. Atuietics, i;
Pittsburg. 61
Baltimoki. june a. Baltimore, t:
St. Louis. B. ' : ! ' ' '. 1 .
New IOUK, June a. Motropontans,
7; Louisville, 10. Brooklyn, 2; Cmcin-
aoP- - 1 i,
Oí Interest to Lan d Owners.
Washington, June 2. Comptroller
Durham of tbe treasury department,
has rendered a decision in which be
holds that under the act of June 10,
1880, double minimum excess paid for
lana Should be returneu 1 tne originm
purchaser and not lo the transferee,
where the transfer was made after the
passage of the aot. This decision re
Í verses a decision of Comptroller Law
rence, hie predecessor.- 1. v .
In the House. .
Washington, June 2. The house
spent the day discussing the oleomar
garine bill. It was reported from tbe
committee of the whole to the house
rith the understanding that a vote win
be taken on the tame tomorrow.
BTseusH taso, ' ' .
Real Estate
Financial tAeiit for Capitalists.
Coa. Gkakd Art. and Ceitwk 8t.
Las Vegasr. - .NeW; Mexico.
UN a OF OoattKUPoKOJtJ.TSuú : ., 1
ii.al ' t.'l'f,n
I heve üNtISTJAL rAUIUTIKS tor tbe
RNOWLKDUBof tbe FbOtaB: eoabline me
to make IN VKSTM EN I S of alt Ilnds, such as
the piimbuseof HAüUH, U6U.NTV sad CITY
l'KOPKKTY, and nuking. LOANB-for CAPI
TALISTS to nottor ADVANTAijlB tbaa they
oan for THKMSüLVa. . t
'I here Is a grand future before NEW MEX
ICO. Basloeos Is bee-Inning- to took tap rap
idly. Now is the time to aake mveetmaata be
fore prices advance too high --
Thre bss been, a marked Improvement In
RKAIi ESTATK during tbe psst 60" days, snd
there Is no doubt tbe oomlns spring- will wit
nesa a ahara advance In ItUAL, KeTATK.When
those who made lnvesuneuts in ptoperty will
reap a rich reward.
, TQe inoomlng tide of bnslneas Improvement
is Deglnnlng to be felt and will oause a genu
ine boom the oomins year. Nov la the time
to inveat. "A bint to the wise Is sufficient."
1 HAVE POft SAL one ot the best baying
well established nutaufaolurlng enterprises la
the Territory. ( an be bought to aa advantage.
1HAV&FOH 8 ALB one of the beet business
corners In tbeeity, renting for to per cent oa
the Investment - - , '.' J
1 HAVE FoK SALE sn eleaant piece f resi
dence property In an exoelient nela-hborkood,
thnt Is paying SO per oent on the Investment.
1 hare a business opening ror5.000 lo tie.
00 that Is absolutely safe, and will pay from
g to a per oenc on tne lnvcsimcni.
have a ine stocked ranch for sale that wl 11 pay
a lanre Interest on tbe Investment. Uonw and
see my list of graot,-ranoh and eattle, lu rest
menu bsfbre purchasing elsewhere, -
-I H A a tbe largest imooi rents, impreveu
and unimproved property lor sale to be found
In the city. ' . . . t . 1 - ' i,
FOn BARG1ATN9 of all kind, la RKAL BS
TATB call on riTZGBRBBLI., you-will And
blm alive te business InterosU and courteous
to all. Kef ore investing, call and see blm.
Flugerrell's Guide io New Mtxkoe, rae to
all . i. - .
, 1 t 4 ,
1 High Prices!
A Happy Day Mitket No Difference.
tv ashinuton. June 2. The president
today vetoed tnree more pension umo.
the meantime changed his eoutVe, religiously and politically, and
r a traveling costume. This jult administration, you'll have order
8:30 o'clock and tbe prest- i Irrland," -
. Mormon Cruaftde.
Geneva. June 2 The "Latter Day
Saints." who lately inYaded Switzerland
have alreadV pitched ' their tenlB in
twenty or thirty places, notubly Berne,
Rui 0. (ienuva. Zurich and Sohaffhau
sen, where they muster several hundred
strong, and have led estray many mai-
iIbhh fub 10 atlentiou was some umo
ago directed to this new and obnoxious
crusade. The increase of the nuisance
i, ntw ornwn alarming, and tbe Swiss
mi, whinli tima thav will occupy a small ra hno-inino- to clamor for the election
nrttt.RO-n attanhed to tbe bolel. wnicu f tha iuvauurs. i be Ueaaquariers 01
hna nnt. Tnt nnnnon lor rne seatou. 1 : h Mnrnmn arniv bl Dreseui booujb vj
Tbe guests begun to leaye toe mw DH at Berne, wnence tue movuiueuu
house soon after the president s ae- gradually spreading to ine rest 01
parture. - . - ' Switzerland and Germany. ,
. Th orchestra continued to play en- -
,! .- i ;n mmry, innjrnir hv I - A Terrible Acoiaena,
a. . ...... 1 1 ,.u.I I 1 , r o . A n Aman snAnml
which lime ail tne kubhls unu ou , vanvau, uuuv ""K- -r--
their dnnarture. A crowd of curious I , n.niihtinanaava: This evening
sightssers remained near until propa- of vouna ladies olimbed to the
rations were maue to 01000 tur luo.uiaui - '...- . .,ivfaat
top 01 tu ue uo11 wnoM J
Mines, Real Estate
s lBili'HiUtiU xta.itjuc.a.
Dfflce on Bridge Street, near Pcstoffioe, Las
- Vegas, New Mexico. , ,
ah kinds oft erritorlal and ooanty bonds and
warrants bough land sold, and all kinds ot
land scrip bought and sold which will locate
allclasees of government Innd. fifty Im
proved and unimproved ranohea for sale in
hew Mexico and the Kepubllo ol Mexico, em
bracing traout lrotn 86,0.0 to l.OUO.oou aerea
each at rrom twenty oentt to one dollar per
acre. Title perfect. i"ull Information tent
anon applloetlon.Having ouaiocoa bjlu.ju-u
with attorneys at Washington, D. C, we are
prepared te give particular attention to pro 80
tlog clalmi of every description against the
United States government. ColeoUons made in
any oartof the l'erritorv.
' The-Largest Stock al f., ( .
Bry - Gds
" - tai ta eísy y pesie."
From this time on we will sell
only for Cash in order to reduce
prices on all kinds , of goods.
The lollowlng are some of our
prices! . - -. .' ' , ..
Hemp,W.... a. .S0o per yard
Cottun, 4-t ., KOo per yard
Wool and Cotton. -....-. Mo per yard
All wool, extra super line, 4-4. 70o per yard
Itestall wool. 4-4 SOo per yard
llruMells, IM .........iuoper vara
Bony isruueis, y ....,... "
Velvet 11.116 peryard
DoarusTic depaktment. ,
50O Pieces Prints.
Common i. to yards for jl.OO
Medium 18 yards for jl.OO
Best standard 17 yards for l.0U
' BLEACHED. " ' '
' SOO Pieces Uomestlcs.
Oauve River. S-t . yards for Jl OO
Security, 7-S 1 J" " Y
Industry, t-t i. .18 yards for J1.0U
Farmers' Choioa,4-4... IS yards far 1.09
Blaokstone, A, 4-4, .....U yards for $1.00
SOO Pieces Ginghams. . "
..14 yards f oi tl.00
Vi yards for $1.00
10 yards tor $1.00
........... yards for $1.00
Wq will also sell all goods in'
the same proportion as the above
prices. Ho Ding you will call to
see our immense stock,. we- re
main, - Yours respectiully, :
M. t. Cor. of Plaza.' '
Good Standard..
Dress Patterns.
Manufaotur'T and dealer lo . (
Tin, CoDper. Sheetlron Ware
Eave;Tronghs. Tin Roofing, - Camp
stoves and miners' outfits.
were many but they were not exhibited
nnr will anv list of the same be furnish
ed. This is in deference te the wishes
of the president. The groom's gift to
the bride was a handsome diamond
high, for the purpose 01 obtaining a
annii VÍHW of the OitV. MÍSS EppB SttW-
art steppeu to tue twice u& ,u. wnv.
and leaned against the corner post ana
was viewing the country, wnen tne jau-
inn Drill o Was a uaiiuauuio uimuvuu " a n - - . . , ' .
necklace, composed ot a single string of itor, not . Ve ,h?
i..n:...' tiT. ......,. hii tha nah-Uh.Iias. seized the bell rope to can a
hrillianta The Dresenis (rom tbe cabi
net officers and their wives wore mostly
: The- Presbyterian Convention.
Hamilton, O., June 2. The 28th an
nual session of the general assembly of
the United Presbyterian church began
with the choice of Rev, D. J.
Browntree, of Charteiers Presbytery, as
moderator. Among me memorial pre
sented is one askieg the assembly to
m..i nir nt thn nre company.', abb suu-
den olang of tbe great bell startled Miss
stanrarr ana. losiniT ner oaiauuo, sue
plunged from ine oimj uoikuv w iuo
pavement. She was immediately
picked np end found to be fatally in
jured, . - ' ' ' "
The Senate,
Washington, June 2. The senate
today discussed the Northern Paciho
. ji.nt.nn onnneminn- the pro- hill, but took no action on the same,
nrintv nf members 01 tne onurou ioiuiuk 1 neiu u
such associations as tbe Knights of Mourned
Labor. The report of the conference 1 . a Prominent Cttlien Gone,
eommittee, proposing terms for the nitNVi,H Juna a. Hon. Frank Til
Ubion Wlin tne souiuum wmiuu, u "I, . .
anniate reform. - will also come np for ford, a prominent
action. There are about aw aeiegates
Gold "Watches, Diamonds,
Silver "Watches, Oold Chains,
.'.'' Bracelets,'..'' -:'
awa....-'e a .Tt pins and Bieeve cuttonst
'fÍr Süverware
executive session and ad-
a prominent caiuornia auu 1
Nevada pioneer, died bore this evening
. of congestión of ibe liver. ,, .
Filigree Jewelryt
1 Eepa'ring of Fine . Watches a
-. v' Epecialtr. ;
Mili St, West Las Veps. Ho. 324 B. R. fcve. East LasVegas
City si Las Vegas.

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