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VOL. XIII.--NO. 286..
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. rBSTABLlSBXD IS 1881.1
The Han Wa
Want a Bayer for
ft. Unimproved
On North Side of Douglas Are
Cheap to Cub Buyer, Flsa Location.
AUo want a bayer lor
Those desiring Real Estate or a bueine at
low prloes ean find the mum for sal on out
doom. - -r
If You Want to Buy
Call aad see oar list of property, both realty
ana personal,
A Good Llit of
Outside Real Estate-
Santa Fe, lí- II.
Flrst-Ctasrtfatt Ipltertr
gjo Per Day.
ate for familial staying more tban a week
ft Cil!
Of Las Ve&as.
GEO. J. D1NKEL, President.
A. A. KEEN, Cashier.
East Las Vegas. New Mexico,
Bridge Street, Las Vas, N. M.
Tropical and Domestic Fruits
. ; Confectionery, Cigars,
Dealer In Wall Paper, Glass, Window Bath,
anp PaiBton supplies of all kind.
Sixth St, Opposite Post Office.
Gazette Job Office
Caá tara eat work aleksr, la better etyle and
at lawn prl.ee laaa aay elkar álfica la tke
City at La Vegas.
Murderer h at Work Near
Queen Cables Congratula-
ttona to Grover.
Emphatic Demand by Working-
- men for Free Wool.
The Oleomargarine Bill Passed
- by the House.
Sporting EventeThe Whitnah Murderers
Indicted Ths Knights' Manifesto . j
4 ' -4 ' Etc, Etc., Etc !
- The Knights' Manifesto.
Clitilano, Juna 8. The Knight's
ol Labor convention Is oyer. The gen
eral assembly at 0 o'clock this morning,
after a ten day's session, adjourned
sine die. At the afternoon session today
sn address was adopted, of which the
following! the su batanee: . .
: Wa. the Knlirhts ot Labor, in general
assembly convened, extend our heartiest
free ting to ail nranones 01 nonoraoi
toil, welcoming tbem '.ti a most
friendly allianoe in the common work.
Wa bops to raise tbe level ot wages ana
reduce the hours of labor; to protect
men and women in tneir occupation, in
their lives and limbs and In their rights
as citizens. We seek also to-secure such
legislation as shall tend to prevent an
unjust accumulation of wealth, to re
strict the powers of monoplies and cor
porations and to enaot such wise and
beneficial legislation as shall promote
equity and justioe. We reoognize ths
servios' rendered - humanity and the
cans of labor by trades anions and ws
will gladly welcome to our ranks any
organization requesting admission.' .? :
The address then refers to resolutions
reoently presented to the meeting by
trades unions, and says: Believing that
tbe object sought therein can best bs
accomplished by a conference between
the committees, action is deferred until
such conference can beheld Tbe ad
dress then discusses certain details of a
plan (or the harmonious mingling of in
terest between the Knights of Labor
i . i T i
ana memoer 01 iraao unions anu advo
cates the prinoiple of arbitration wher
ever there is s demand for an increase
of wages or shorter hours of labor. j
Thá Oleomargarine Bill Pasted. ' j
Washington, June 8. In the house
today, pursuant to tbe agreement of
rÍV.""ü:, '""JT U1
' Mr. Hatch offered an amendment fix
ing the rate at five cents per pound,
whioh was agreed to.
At this point the proceedings were
interrupted to enable N. L. Wallace to
take the oath of office as representative
from the second district of Louisiana, to
Blithe veoanoy caused by tbe death of
Miobael Hahn.
Mr. Browne, ot Indiana, offered an
amendment exempting from tax oleo
margarine sold nnder its true name;
Mr.Miles.of Texas, moved to recommit
the bill with instructions to tbe com
mittee on agnoolture to- report back
with an amendment imposing a tax on
indomes. Lost. v
The bill was then passed. Yeas, 177;
Bays, 101.
In a Bad Fix.
San Fbancisco, June 8. A dispatob
tonight from Viotoria, B. C, says: B.
Sproul, an American miner, who was
convicted for murder, under what was
later shown to be perjured testimony,
will be hung next Sunday, Juno fl, un
less bis counsel, now in Ottawa, suc
ceeds in procuring a respite. News from
Ottawa is anxiously looked for, and the
people of Viotoria held an indignation
meeting some time ago, protesting
againBl the exeoution and asked that
tbe United States government ask for a
stav of execution until tbe facts were
investigated, otherwise what is be
lieved to be an innocent man will be
Jerome Park Races.
Jerome Park, June 8 The first run
tor two-year-olds, ons-hslf mile, Queen
Elizabeth won, dawdle Colt seoond, Or
nent third. Time 0:52. ,
The seoond raoe, bandioap, all ages,
one mile. Dry Monopole won; Burch
ssoond, War Eagle third. Time 1:4S.
The third race, Winchester handicap,
one and one-eightb miles, Maume won;
Tecumseh second, Richard third. Time
Tbe fourth race, selling allowanoe,
one and one-fourth miles, Phil Lewis
won; Marmaduka second, Bahama
third. Time 8.18.
The fifth race, handicap steeplechase,
short course, Abraham won. No others
wereplased. Jim MoGowan finished
first but was disqualified for going
alone. Time 8:28.
Blaine in a New Venture.
PrrrsBBBG, Pa., June 8. An inde
pendent oil refinery is to be started at
Washington, Pa., by tbe independent
Oil producers of the Washington dis
trict. Tbe company to erect tbe refin
ery will have a capital of $400,000, and
the plan contemplates a pipe line
through the field as well as the erection
of a refinery with a capaoity of 500 bar
rels daily. In the company are James
G. Blaine and Stephen B. Elkjns. 1
' Mora Indians on the War Path.
Tombstone, Ariz., Jnne " 8. Jt is re
ported from Graham county, that about
one hundred White Mountain Apaches
havo left tbe reservation and are raid
ing in Graham and Cochise counties.
Indicted for Murder,
Denver, Jnne 8. The grand jury to
day xe turned indictments against the
neoToa Green and Withers, oharging
them with the (murder of J. C. Whit-
nab, the Broadway street car driver
Philadelphia Workmen Make an En
phatle Demand for Free Wool.
Philadilphia, Fa., June 8. A
largely attended mass meeting was held
at Industrial ball tonight nnder the
auspices of tbe Textile Workers' asso
ciation to give indorsement to the ap
peal to congress to remove tbe customs
duties from 'all raw -materials and to
protest against the importation of for
eign labor. Speaker Carlisle was ex-
ected to address the meeting, but a
etter was received from Dim regretting
that his duties at Washington prevsnted
bis taking part ,in the demonstrations.
In bis letter he says "In my opinion
the time is rapidly approaching when
the great body of laborers who are en
caged in our manufacturing industries
will be convinced by their own experi
ence that
upon imported artloles, and especially
upon articles necessarily ussd as mate
rials in our shops and factories, are
detrimental to their interests; and they
will demand, as you are demanding,
that our laws be So chsnged - as to se
cure for tbe products of their labor an
equal chance with the products of their
competitors all over the worlds."
A preamble and resol u lions were
passed setting forth the deplorable con
dition of labor in the United States as
an evidence that the present system of
firoteclion does not beneflt tbe work
ngmSn; that the capitalists who do
firoüt by.it still maintain free trade in
abor and bring dangerous elements
into tbe country under it from, tbe
servile nations of Enrope and Asia; that
the tax on raw material being greater
tban that on manufactured, it (s cheaper
I to import manufactured goods, thereby
depriving American laoor oi opportun
ity for employment; that American
workingmen know as well bow to pro
tect themselves peaceably as those who
know no other remedy except dyna
mite; that they protest against tbe
heavy tax on raw materials; that thev
call on the Philadelphia members of
congress to vote for free wool, and for
a runner revision of tbe tariff law as
provided in tho bill now before con
gress; and, finally, that thsy demand of
oongress a more stringent law to pre
vent tbe importation oi pauper labor.
The Races at Latonla.
Latonia, June 8. The first race,
tbree-fourtha mile, Josh Billings won,
Artiban second, J. C. Custer third.
lime 1:22.
The second race, one mile, Hettia S,
won, Stormer second, Dixie tHujyat
third. Time, 1:51.
The third race, one and oaa-sixteenlh
miles. Sis Uimvat won. Ascender sec-
ond.'Malver third, Time 1:54 Xl-,-.
The fourtn race, one mile and one
hundred yards, Waukesha won, Kan-
Velona Kaina third. TimVa-Sw" J
one and one-sixteenth miles. ' Kedstone
one and one-sixteenth miles, ' Bedstone
won. Ligan seoond, unance tblrd.
Time 1:55.
Base Kail.
New York, June 8. Kansas City, 8;
New York, 9.
Philadelphia, June 8. St. Louis, 1;
Philadelphia, 4,
Philadelphia, June 3. Athletics,
12; Pittsburg, 5.
New York, June 8. Brooklyn, 11;
Louisville, 2.
Baltimore, June 8. Baltimore, 5;
Su Louis, 9.
New York, June 8. Metropolitans,
12; Cincinnati, 11.
Washington, June 8. Detroit, 8;
Nationals, 2.
Chicago, June 8. Chicago, 6-, Bos
ton 5. '
. ' I-lre Stock Markets.
Kansas Citt, June 8. '
Cattle Receipts, 951: shipments,
none. Market slow and weak; choice to
fancy, $4.95$5.10; fair to good, 84.60
14.80; common to medium t4$4.50;
stockera and feeders, 3.25$4.15;
cows, 2.40(S$3.60.
Chicago. June 3,
Cattle Receipts 7,600; market, 6
10c lower and slow; shipping steers, 950
1,500 pounds, K4-30f5.55; stackers
and feeders, $2 90a$4.00; through Texas
cat-tie, $2. 25f4.85 .
Railroad Brakemen in Council.
Denver' June 3. A union meeting
of the Brotherhood of Railroad'Brake-
men was held at the Academy of Music
this afternoon. Several hundred dele
gates were present, representing all
sections of the Western states. An ad
dress ol welcome wss delivered by May
or Bates. The exercises of the day were
very Interesting and included speeches
by Hon. Tom raterson, Key, Myron
Reed and others. . .
Murdered by Indians.
Tucson, Ariz., June 8. A courier
just arrived from Vail's ranch, east of
Fort Lowell, with the intelligence that
the Indians bad killed Dr. Clinton H.
Davis this morning. Ue bad gone out
to that section for a drive. Ue Is from
Iowa, with bis wife and family, and was
visiting bis brother, W. C. Davis, of
Tucson. There were eight Indians in
tbe party.
The Newly Married.
Deer Park, Md., June 8. Tbe pres
ident and bis bride of twenty four
hoars, soent tbe nrst day oi their honey
moon 2,700 feet above the sea m obe of
the most beautiful and romautio parts
of Maryland. They are at a cottage
situated about Otty yards from Deer
Park. "
A Disastrous Fire.
Durango, Colo., June 8. A fire in
this city today destroyed the buüding
and stock of Isaac Kruscke; loss, $50.'
000, and damaged the building and store
of Adams, Possy & Bailey to tbe extent
ol $15,000. .
- The Queen's Congratulations.
London, June 8. The queen has
sent the following cable message to
President Cleveland: ,' ,
"Pray accept my sincere congratula
tions on your marriage and my best
wishes lor your happiness." i
The Senate.
Washington, Jnne 8. The bill pro
viding for tbe taxation of railroad grant
lands was today passed by tbe senate
? 7 ' r u t 1
ThelStory sf the Adams iHrglnt.
Santa Ft, Jnne 8. Tbe many lost
cold mines .Versad lo much interest
for prospectors' as now." Whenever men
fit themselves out for long expeditions
in search of wealth it is found that tbe
legends and traditions of tbe business
arejeept wall i hand The Adams digg
ings, long oa! d rated in this region, are
now tbe goal Of mors toan adosen pros
pectors, eums of whom are thought to bs
on a hot trail, They are situated
oaxwSiKx nr asizoHa, , , I
Just over tiet New,' Mexioo 'line; bnt
wftere, is tuew mystery. Adams lonnd
tbem twenty-years ago and proved
bv - mora than eighteen veara of
persistent bnt fruitless search that he
was no dreamer, "Yesr after Jear, as
the old masvaoominga beoame4amiliar
to tbe people, tbe oonviotion that he
was no myut grew upon bis aoqualnt-M
anoes, anu wnen ue uiou a uiuo wane
ago, others, took up thesearoh where be
left off. , . .
Adams was led to the deposit in 186
by a party ot Indians With whom he
was on good terms, and wittt three or
four friend he worked the lead until
Tn hia aarerhAss In'irMt tn IHa di.
gings and in bis precipitate flight hel
took no ' aooount of 'the ieoatitry
through whicb h paassd aÉu .Wben,'
be unaertook to return to tbe mines be.
found himself hopelessly lest. When
be died in Los Angeles he lfft several
valuable a?harts of the oountry that he
naa travejseq in nts patient searcnes, as
well as plans fjr further camoaigns,'
wbioh ha aalj be was confident would
bring him Ot anybody else upon the lost
treasures in time. The belief in the
Adams diggings is so strong that thev
will probably be discovered in ayear or
two, now tnat me aenger yrom tnaians
has been almost entirely rsnao red, ,
The MazweU TrtaL
St. Louis, June 8. Owing to the ex
treme logth of the arguments by the'
attorneys ia the Maxwell base, it Is not
likely tbat it will be given la the Jury
until Saturday. 1
Albuquerque's Railroad Prospecta.
From the Dallas, Texas, News. i
In bis founds yesterday tbe Rumbler
dropped Into Captain W. G. Veal's ot
flee and found that gentleman absolute
ly burdened with railroad information.
After the exchange ot a few . prelimin
ary observations, Captain Veal nn-
sbackletf his tongue and proceeded:""
Thetáad of all roads for Dalla is
the Daflu & Albuquerque, llera at
11.11.. it Wtll innnufallh h 'I A,
Paoifio for New Orleans, and the Trunk,)!
running ia the direction of Nsw OrteanaH
rod,.ud speoially the Crunk, rutoTi
through the finest pineries on the oontl-
neat, consisting oi what is known as
tbe long leaf, which is vsrv tall and
clear of limbs and knots, and contains
more heart umber tban any otbtr va
riety." "rrom Dallas to tbe nnsoi dew Mex
ioo is a distanoe of about 850 miles, and
from that point to Albuquerque the dis
tanoe is about 200 miles, lotal about
550 miles. Tbe route in New Msxioo is
through a mountainous, rough and
broken country, a profusion of grand
and beautiful scenery existing along tbe
entire route, and through the finest
ranch and mining regions of the ter
ritory. "--"At
Albuqusrque tbe road will con
nect witb the Atiantio & Pacifio, whicb
runs direct to Ban Franoiico.- This
would make almost an air line from
New Orleans, via Dallas and Alboauer-
que, to San Francisco, and be the short
est line between tbe waters of the gulf
and tbe racino ucean that can be. or
has heretofore been built.
To show the advantages shortly to
arise from tbe road tbere is the timber
bstween Dallas and New Orleans, tbe
extensive coal belds wsst of Dallas and
the fine agricultural and stock region
extending for 400 miles, on whioh there
is neither coal or timber, then tbe vast
mining products of Nsw Mexico and
nuaiy the vanea proauct oi uaniurnia
all these along the route of one road
oertainly ought to be suflioient induce
ment to bulla it.
In reply to a question as to bow tbe
road is to be built, Capt. Veal produced
a number of letters from citizens of
Wise county, who are making an organ
ized effort to build a railroad from tbe
coal fields, six miles wsst of Decatur, to
a connection witb tbe Atcbison, lope
ka & Santa Fe railroad, east ot that
town, and they say they could be relied
upon to build a railroad clear across
the oountry. Capt, Veal has no doubt
but that the business msn of Dallas
will subscribe $200,000, and that the
Deoble between Dallas and the Wise
county line will raise $50,000 or $75'000
What Dallas wants," continued
Capt. Vssl, "is factories, aad factories
must have coal, no other roaa can
furnish coal as cheaply as can the Dal-
l.a .ml k IKllll.,lt1. .
It prepared to turn out '
Every Class of Work!
$ - - ,
Ir oixLiptly !
.Confederatee la Brasil.
The colony of southerners who lelt tor
Brasil at tbe close cf the rebellion now
numbers about 500 souls. 'They aT" set
tled in tbe interior, 400 'miles from Kio
Janeiro, where they have a tract of
about fifteen milea square. Some ot
them hold slaves. They raise water-'
meioaa and cotton, and are In a general
way quite prosperous, but need schools.
Their English is getting rather inferior'
and somewhat mixed. They seem to be
proud that they are Americans, and
only tn one or two instances have they,
beoome citizens ot Brssil by natural
ization, 't .j r. . . .. j'
'"' ' Baataat ni -v; 'w -
g I " as,. a "' mm j
Mines, Real Estate
LIVE STOCK," r'Uvj 1
3 (Bo oa BrlJfts Street, near Tstjffloe, Las
Veitaa, New Mexico.
All kinds Oft errttor'isl and oountr bonds and
warrants bought and sold, and II kinds of
land scrip boufkt and sold whlea. will locale
all classes of government liiud. Ilfty tm-
proved and tralmproaed -ranobes nr sale la
New ataxtoo and the Bepubilo ol México, em
breólos; traots trom 36,0u0 to l,0UO,U0u aerea
each at from twenty oenu tor onef dollar per
kore. Title perfeetr -full information sent
upon application. Having bueioeajt eonneMim
with attorneys at watbtnirton. D. C.. we are
prepared te give particular attention ta proae
tlog otalms of every description against tba
United States government, ColeoUons mads In
anv oast of tke Xerrltorv. v . . ,..r
Furniture Repairing.' Carpeta
Sewed v and : Xall.
Mattresses, Pillow and Oilrtaln made tq
order. Locksmithlng and Bowing Machina
repairing a specialty. Teata, Hammot-.Ks, and
Awnings lor Store an Resiiloo.es Wlu'lows.
All work entrusted to us win" be wi IK done
This la no UuneoukM W antean-it... .
. sav.asjasoaa to f '
"4l 1 í Gírañd' Aénue. 1
tSf.rt' t) b SEW HD'StD 4 f.- r '
Pianos, Organs,
- Bold on monthly payments and taken in. ex
change. Muslo anu all kinds of Musical In
struments. ... . ,
S. and E. Books aiíí Stationery.
Bridge at.', next t Pst Office.
Always on band a full assortment of One hair
tooth, nail and inrant crushes, etc, toitolae,
rubber and Ivory oombs, toilet and bathing
sponges, powder puffs. - powder boxes, pom
ades, toilet and bath soaps, chamois skins,
perfumery, fanoy goods, etc. Physicians' pre
scriptions carefully oompounded, . ,
Blakebara's New BallSlaf en Bridge Street,
ppeslte Skapp's Blaeksmitk Skep. . ,
The i&avgi
' Bridge SU, Next Deer te Detet.
of the season served on short notice.
J.'BI N OLE,, Proprietor
If you wnt an alegmit meal or lunoh, '
I Bridge St. West Las Vegas. Ho.
z.9 ,-r:!:&-'a rt'ii t-t.:;.r zr-.i
isyjyfMawsBsw lUllMl4sa.Tfi
' ,., aASewA 180, V: ""7,
tó-xís i'e-f su T.T"V7-yn
Real Estate
y V- j .1, . J " v . v
,- . , -AND-
Cos. Grand Ave. and Cente St. k
Las -Vegas, : : r. j lieW Meilcf).
a svpaoiAt.Tr tt auk atatrmrim ani
uin ur wniutBi-unuscnTi.
r ilhave rííÜSÜAL rAUItmaVtbS tbe
K NO WLKDGB of th PEOPLE, enabling ma
to auk IN VESTMENTS of all kinds, sunk aa
the purahsso of RANCH, GRANT sa CITr
PKOPKRTY, and making LOANS for CAPI
TALISTS to bettor ADVAilTAUB kaa tkey
oan for TilRMSKLVEH. '
Tnare la a grand tutua before NEW MII
IOO. - Business is beginolna; to look' up rap
idly. Now is th time to make lavaatmaatS be
fore prioe advaooe too high
' There has been a marked ' Improvement- la
RKAIi ESTATE: during th past St days, and
there is no doubt the oomlnii spring will wit
oeaa aaharp advane in KKAL kXTATK.Whea
those who made lnvesuneni la property will
reaparlok reward. - -i '
Tne tdoominff tide of boalnee Improyavaat
lebeglnnlng to be felt and wilt osuse' k genu
ine booaa th eomlng yeari Ni)W- M tbe ties
to invest. . "A hint to the wise is suflioient."
1 HAVE POBSALV on of th beat paying
I- weu eataoiisnea maauiaotunng enterprises ia
tke Territory, ran be bought to an advaatage.
I HAVb) FOB BALE oae of the best business
oomers In thecity, renting for SO per oent on
the Investment . - v ' . . : a.iv '
. 1 HAVE VoR SALE an elegant piece of rest
Seno property tn an excellent awlicbboriiood,
that Is paying SO per oent on the investment.
I K.mt . hnlln.M AiiAnlnir tnt mA nM .a -aia -
feeoo that Ja absolutely safe, and wU pay froat
jutuw uur ucui uu eutj luvvBiuioiii.
have a fine stocked ranoh for aala that will py
a lara-e Interest on the investment. -Com aad
see my list of grant, ranch and cattle la raat
ments before purohaalng elsewhere. " " " - -'
I HAVB the largest lln of rents, Improved
and unlmprovad property tor sate tq be found
POKn'i'BOATNa'ef alt klhdsVln RAL ES
TATIoallariTZGBRBELL,.you'WlU Aad
kirn alive to business interests and courteous
.to alL - Before Investing, call and see Sim. , ,
Fltzgerrell's Guide lo New Mexioo, free to
all. .- t tt.i ,m .ui
imry tillfm ' '
From this timé on we wül tell
only for Cash-In order to reduce
prices on all kinds of goods.
The lollowlng are some of our
PrlCeS t S -, j. ,, Í - .y. 4
i 'i- . 100 PIECES CABPPJTg. . í: su V
Hemp, .:.;.......'..'......; joe'per yard
Cotton, 4-4. ,eoo per yard
Wool and Cotton, 4-4 , toe per yard
All wool, extra super fin, 4-4. 70o par yard
Beet all wool, - :.:....J0o per yard
Bruseelle, S-4 , .........lOoper yard
Body Bruuela, S-i S1.00 to ÍI.S5
Velvet. v..$l.B per yard
, BOO Pieces Prints. '
Common. SO yards for 11. 00
Medium J8ysrdsfprSl.no
Best standard 17 yards for 11.00.
" . i ' ' 800 Piece Domestica. 1' , . í
Canv River. 1-4...,.;..,. ....SO yards for SI. 00
Security, 7-S ...'.....-.:. ..7. .18 yard! for f 1 .00
Industry. t-t.....;... ,.16 yards forSl.OU
Farmers' Choloe, 4-4.. lSysrds for SI. 00
' Blaokstono, A, t-t,. ...... ..,,..11 yards tor $1.00
' ' 1 SOO Pleoes Gingham, r " '
Common (......,.., ..,.14 yards for $1.00
Good Standard 11 yards for SI. 00
Pin. 1 ......... 10 yards tor S 1.00
Dress Patterns. ... ysrds for $1 .00
. . v 1 . .'.. il I.-. J
,' Te will aleo sell all goods, in
the same proportion as the above
prices-, Hoolng you will oa4 o
see our Immense stock, we re
main, ( ' Yours tespectlullyi
R E. Cor, of Plaza.,
' "- Maufaotúrr and dea'ler ln': ; - ,
Tin, Copper, Sheetiron Ware
Eave-Troughs, Tin Roofing, i Camp
. i . stores and miners' patata. , j,
xxEiaoxt. xjpafxozijj' C-' X , ''
Gold 'Watches, Diamonds,
Silver Watches, Gold Chains,
? Pins and Sleeve Buttons, l
Silverwares Filigree Jewelry.
f! RonntTio' ni Writt 'Wa'tArAsi' a
W " . a a. -'4
324 11 tie, las! tas Vegas
'i 'imUmtfimt sack! at ílü-íí

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