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j Itri
lire. Olney Meaily to Lead Hoclitr The
of Ilia Ai!n(t Minister flora
Argentina mil i'lgur Umtlr
Dlplomatle (JlrtlM.
Washington Corrcipondcne.
III3 Hooretary or
Btnto ranks next to
Hie President In
tho eoolat aoala at
(ho capital, and tho
present winter will
bo tho ouo In whloh
tho Olnoys will
make tholr bow In
thdlr capacity of
hend of tho Cabl
not. With tho us-
unl facility of Amorioans In adapting
tlrsmsfllVM to every condition, Mr. 01
ney find himself ns muoh nt ome In
tho 8tto Dcpnrtmont a In tho tails of
tho Department of .1 ustlco, and tils wlfe
will tako lior placo oh tho tondor In to
clnl matters with equal grace. Just bo
foro loavlnR for th'tr summer outing
tho Olnoy purchased a now home, hav
ing provlotiely occupied that of Bonntor
Edmunds, a houso which Is now owned
1 mw
Tlrts. aEonoK n. m'omsllan.
by Mrs. Qoneral Grant. It was May
when tho family moved to what was
then known as tho llollnmy Storer
homo, as the mombcr from Cincinnati
had lived there during tho last sosslon
of Congress. Thn homo of Socrotnry
Olnoy Is In tho ccntor of tho most fash
lonablo part of tho city, In n nulghbor
hood which Is full nf tho residences or
famous peoplo and tho mansions of for
eign ministers. Just opposlto Is tho
protty red brick homo of Mrs. Sheridan,
tho widow of aonornl Phil Hhorldan.
and within a few blocks aro thu houso
of Thomas Nolson Pngo. tho author:
llcgonmiillcr, tho Mlnlutor from Aus
tria, anil n dozon other colobrltlcs. Tho
Olnoy homo Is nn odd-looking ono, but
most nttroctlvo bocauso It Is not tho
, vcnuvantlonnl squaro brick. It stands on
Joreoisr aN(M U narrow In front; while
running back for noma dlstanco on tho
tddo street. Tho entrance Is low, bolnR
nt tho ISngllsh basement kind, and tho
first or ground floor Is occupied by n
pretty llttlo qticorly-shapod ball and
a broad stairway that loads to tho par
ity's nliovo. Tho first parlor Is ono of
the most artistic apartments In .own,
not from tho alcRnueo of Its furniture.
j but from tho tnstri displayed on ovory
hand. Thero Is nothing luxurious In
Its appointments, but Its tono Is one of
. chnsto simplicity. Tho room Is rather
1 long and ono end Is almost entirely
! taken up with n htigo bay window,
whoso dainty white curtains soften tho
Light that warms up brightly tho pink
sent rustling around tho curve.
. Bevnrnl book-oases of whlto wood aro
.about the rooms and flllod with oholco
novels, while tho creamy walls are
hrlglitoned with pretty ploturcs, and
about on shining tables aro numborloM
llttlo dainty ornaments and vases full
of 'blooming flowe;. Tho gtncral nir
Is ono of light ar,d ooolnoss, combined
with cHltlvAt(i and exquisite tnsto.
Across from tMs parlor Is another
iinall room, waoso polished floor It
covered with handsome rugs and whoso
furnishings tro mostly of nutlquo
beautifully curved. Thoro Is another
i.p.nt.iient; tnon one comoc to a huge
iuare chamber with a very high soil
log what must have onco been used
n u ball room, but is now furnished In
I "v .'balm, sofas full of colored nil
n. tables full of books and silver
writing material, picture and other
f,r miniiits. This apartment Is largo
nough to entertain the wholo Diplo
mat ir f'orpa.
Among ins most prominent of (ho
now member of .Congress is yeting
tioorge 1) MeClellan, ton of thn Union
general of that name. !l has taken a
house on Ilhode Island avenue. In a
fashionable part of the elty, and lie and
his wife will house-keep all winter. Toe
fcotaa Ss of red brick, nnd the parlor is
pretty with lis walls of pink and Its
dainty or-mnents. In the hall is a tig
cabinet of carved oak and tho exquiilu
tnoldlncs of the flcu m suake then
life-like In their bfcnulr. ton tho second ,
floor la the library, facing tho south and I
bright with tho morning sun. It la full
of booka, pictures, and on ono alfto of
tho wall Is a largo squaro of dark vel
vet, on which aro displayed n grout
many of tho awards belonging to Ocn
cral McClollan. Ono large anbor was
that worn by tho general during his
campaigns, and ono of tho most boautl
ful ones was prcsentod to him by tho
oity of Philadelphia. Its golden hilt l
richly chased and tho blado Is engraved
with on approprlato Inscription.
Mrs. McOlellnn, who baa been mar
ried for flvo years, was n Miss (Icorgl
ann Hcckschor, of Now York. She Is an
attractive young woman, with n bright
Xaco and agrceablo manners, and Is of n
quiet disposition, oaring llttlo for so
ciety and spending most of hor time at
homo, Sho has no children. McClolInn
Is tho youngost member of Congress,
axcopt ono, but ho Is full of onorgy and
a hard-working mnn, both In polities
and business.
Miss Mnry Sheridan, daughter of tho
lato General Phil Shorldan, Is becom
ing qulto an expert horsobnek rider,
and every bright afternoon may bo seen
In n black habit trotting hor slender
sorrol out Into tho country. Hho has n
fine figure, which Is sot oft by tho close
fitting gown, and looks most attraotlvo
In riding costume.
Miss Jano Fuller, youngest daughter
of tho Chief Justice, l expootod to mako
hor dobut this winter, but hor mother
has boon in poor health (or aomo tlmo
past, and It Is doubtful It tho coming
out will tnko placo before tho latter
part of tho season. Miss Jano Is a hand
somo btondo, llko hor slstors, and la
fond of out-of-doors nports, being nn
oxport rldor on tho wheel. Her coming
out will not bo n formal rocoptlon, but
a almplo ten.
Senator Bikinis, of Wont Virginia, has
taken a houso In town, and ho and his
wlfo aro expected to bo among tho
leaders In entortnlnlng. As Hiking Is
vory rich, It will fall upon his wlfo to
do tho honors, mid ns sho has no grown
dnughtora, sho will hnvo to perform hor
soolol duties alone.
Among tho additions to social clroles
this winter will bo Mndamo Domln
gucz, wlfo of Renor Don Vlconto Domln
guoz, acting Minister from Argentina.
Tho Domlnguoz family hnvo takon a
protty new brlek houso on 1C street, al
most adjoining tho homo of Mrs. Chllda.
It Is furnished In exqulslto tnsto and is
full of raro antiques that aro of price
less valuo. Madamo Domlngtici was
Helena Murphy, daughter of tho lato
Daniel J. Murphy, of Now York nnd
Ban Francisco. Mr. Murphy was
croatod a marquis by Popo Plus IX., but
novor used his title, which descended
to his oldest son. Lady Woolsoyr' wlfo
of Sir Chnrles Woolscy, Is n slstor of
Mndamo Domlnguoz. As Mlsa Murphy,
Mndamo Domlnguoz wan tho oollo and
beauty of London, and hor fa mo tins
extended ovor two continents. 8ho tins
lived most of hor llfo In England, hav
ing gono to thnt country whon only two
yiwira old, but all tho name sho is nn
urdont American at hoart. Senor Do
mlnguoz Is n fine-looking mnn and ho
and his beautiful wife mako n most dls
tlngulahod couplo. Doth yoiinu. lovely
and holding n high position In tho
diplomatic olrslM, It is aafo to nay that
Madamo Domlnguaz, who Is fond of
society, will find herself among tho
moat popular of tho acquisitions to tbo
gay sldo of tho uapltal.
Tho French nmwisey is to ue re
modeled to such a groat extent that It
will not be rocognlzed by Its old friends
whan completed. Not only is the ox
trler a protty cream tint now. but
within change have been wrought that
will bring It up from an old-fashioned
mansion into the list of the most mod
ern of luxurious homes. Tho furniture Is
tbo tame as that which was uwd by the
Porter family, but all of that will Im
stored away and now put In Its place.
The front hall of the Hmbaasy wjll bt
replaced by a new one, formed by tear
ing down tho, partition, which nt pres
ent forms n part of the side wall of tho
bask parlor, nnd this will mako a ball
of Imposing dimensions. The old
draperies of tho library will bo taken
down, tho walls repaperod and new
picture, handsome eablneta and rlsh
tapestries, all from abroad, will bo
hung up In the froshenod mansion.
Ulectrle bolls have been hung, tho gas
and other fixtures will bo changed for
mora modern appliances, and tho old
ornamenta will bo put away lit the gar
ret. Ono tf tho moat beautiful of the
tapostrlou la n huge one which tho Am
bassador has Just brought from his
homo It France, the oloth being now
over a hundred and fifty years old. Th
HaiboHy has also reeelved a handsome
set of eiiina, whleh was presented by
the uovtrtunent to Monsieur Patonetre.
VIiii llmuitrliutlloii (Jo m n.
Romaic Policeman (a few years
tukHM) A lady aratind tit corns died
suddenly, and no owe knows what waa
the jnntter. Female Coroner. Waa
be h married lady? Fernet Polls
man Yea. Kemnlo f'eroner Proba
bly a.cas- vt sulfide In lUe flrt degree
U. rhbz lir huoland
Cd rrir, (Itn4 8 Inch.
An observant dairyman writes that
In his part of the country well-kept
farms and well-bred cattlo are nlwoys
found together, while run-down places
and scrub onttlo go hand In hand.
Thcso conditions Kovall everywhere
whero men stop Ion enough to Inves
tigate. Thoy also extend further than
our frlond has mentioned. All nnltnnls
found on tho well-kept farm a") of
higher grade than those kept at tho
run-down place. Poultry, hogs, Msop,
horsea and cattlo nro all of bottet look
at the former place Hum at the "stter.
The difference rests largely with the
men. Tho owner of tho wcdl-hept farm
Is n (armor nnd demonstrate It, while
the owner of tho run-down winbllsh-
ment thinks ho Is such, yet tlu tMil-
mcny of his lnbora contradicts mm.
Tho man wlso enough to keep his farm
In the best posslhlo shape Is nlwnya prti
dent ottough to stock It with nnltnnls
thnt reflect good Judgment In tholr se
lection. Tho mnn In control of n run
down placo never exhibits character
Istlea that leave him open to suspicion
that ho knows anything about prudonoo
In farm mattors, or Is capable or goon
Judgmont In such affairs. Ho Is usual
ly n sluggard mentally, and physically
ho Is In n stnto of chronic weariness.
This union is ndverso to tho man's ad
vancomcnt. nnd makes him tho tuoro
croaturo of his onvlronmnnl. Tho re-
Btilt Is prcsont In dilapidated dwolllnga
and farm buildings, fences out or re
pair and stock unworthy of tholr keep.
Tho quality of n farmer Is olwnys re
vcalcd bv thn earo bostawod oil his
farm. Our frlond Is right In his con
elusion thai well-bred cattlo and woll
kopt farms ko band in hand. Tho man
with brains enough to bo n tnrmor will
not wasto effort or tlmo with Inferior
stock. American Dalrymnu.
rip cuii.
Ji'lUtln 03 of the Knnsas agrloul
tun. college reports somo pig feeding
oxrsrlmentn, with the following rosultB:
First: In tho comparison of whont,
corn and red Knfllr corn, ns fattening
food for hogs, tho whont proved to bo
tho most effective, followed closely by
corn: red Kaffir corn, nlthoitgh n good
feed, was not equal In fattening qual
Itles to either of tho others. It ro
quired respectively 4.11 pounds of wheat
nnd 1.38 poundn of corn to praduco a
pound of gain, while on rod KnIUr corn
It required G.1C pounds to produce tho
snmo result, but It should bo notedIn
this connection thnt tho oxperlmont
was carried on during tho coldest por
tion of tho winter nnd thnt tho hogs
woro confined strictly to tnoso feeds.
Under fnvorablo wcathor the results
would doubtless havo boon muoh bet
tor, nnd In liko manner, these grains
might hnvo given different results If
fed In Judicious mixtures with other
sultnblo hog fcod.
Second: Cotton seed meal proved
poisonous lo pigs, oven though fed In
stnull quantities. A mixture of ono
fourth cotton seed in on I wns as dlsas
Irons as equal parts af thoso fcods. Tho
pigs died In from three to eight wmths
after being put on this feed, the larger
ones holding out the longest. Post
inortom examinations rovonled In nil
cnsoH kovoto Inflnmmntlon nnd oonges
Hon of tho Intostlnes, lungs and hoart
Hut cotton seed men I produces very rap
Id gnlns In both pigs nnd bogs,and It tho
feed Is chnngod beforo symptoms
dlsoaso npponr, hogs can bo fed cot
ton seed meal for a short tlmo with the
host results and this experiment would
Indicate without subsequent deleteri
ous effeots,
Third: Hqunl parts of com mnnl and
ground wheat proved to bo n hotter
food for pigs than either corn or wheat
fed separately.
llMliillns Cattle.
A Toxaa paper has taken up for dls
otiaslon tho quosMon ns to whothor It
pays stoakmon to sldebrund their cat
tle. The cniiRo for tho dlscusiion Is
the fact that sldobrandlng has a ten
dency to depredate tho valuo of hides.
Tho sldobrand, It la clnlmcd, cobIb tho
cowman (2.75 In tho vnltto plnoed on the
animal nt tho stock pon. Tho more re
movod tho brands aro from tho renter
of thn hides tho hlghor the price paid
and consequently the better figure the
animal brings. For Instance, a steor
branded an the ncak Is worth $3 moro
than a steer brandod on tho Bide.
Leather manufacturers rooommond that
oattle, If brandod nt nil, be branded on
the Jaw, inek or low on tho shoulder
or thigh. This Is n matter which has
had the attention of but few cattle
men, nnd yet Is worthy of careful eon
alderatlon. To show that no attontlon
has been given to tho location of the
brand when taken Into connection with
the probable difference In valuo of the
hide, one has only to glance over any
brand register la n& that some brands
cover almost the wholo animal, render
ing the hide prnctleally valueless.
Save the Screenings. Why should
the farmers be content from year to
year to sell grain without cleaning Itr
When thoy do so put It an tho market
they give the screenings away. In oth
er words, they give away millions or
bushels ot good teed. This feed oould
be used In making beef, butter, pork,
mutton or wool. It the grain wore
cleaned nt home, tho screenings would
not need to bo drawn to the market.
Tho farmer would still havo a lot of
grain to teed his stook, even though he
continued the vory bad prnotlee ot
growing grain and selling tho name
from year to year. Moro fanning mills
are wanted In all the Nortuweat.
Northwest Farmer.
Sheep Manure Sheep mtnure U
properly managed stauda nexi. to pout
try manure In value aa a fertilizer,
nejiee It Is quite an Item to supply plen
ty or bedding in order lo secure as
uiush as possible. In supplying bed
ding not only I more and better ma
nure secured, bat the sheep are taade
more ecafertaule. tsx.
St. Paul trade unionists art working
ror tree text books,
TbeWhlt Mnn ltlr! the Nrgro to mil
1!U Wlf thn Nricro Conffitrd, lloth
Wr Uanvlrtnl anil Hint nt Ilia Hin
Moiurnt'on tli HrnfTolil,
Arnt'KTA, Mist., via IlnttlMlnirc
Mix., Jan. I). Thnw tlimiHtwl ooilo
gathorod hi this village, twenty nillos
from n rnllnmd, ywitorday to wltno
tho oxuoutltm of V. I), llitthorn, white,
nnd ThomHm Wndo, n noirro, for tho
mtlhiot' ot tho former h wlfo.
Neither man would mako a stnto-
ment lx'foio ifolnn to tho gallows, 'iltoy
wet-o ulvon new olotlnw, whluh they
(loutiml lwfnre 10 o'clock. 'Iliey both
nwNdvml friends for iiwIiIIh. When-
over ht was iiIoiih llitthorn prnywl
nlinid nnd listened ntteiltlvoly lo
jirwudiurM who vlsltntl him. Flvo of
hlx el von children spiitomtlimi with
At 12:30 o'oluok the men woru hand
ctilTwl and led to tho gallows, tho strip
of whleh thuy ucvemled llriuly.
htiorin Mot iillom read thu iluntlt
wiiiTimt nnd then nuked thorn It thuy
wlxhud to fiiy anything.
llnthoin uskwl mo to sponk fltt.
He did hi. but only roimiitol lilit enit-
iHMlon. Ho lindu good-tiyu to Ills
children, who Mood nuur the gallows,
olTertMl ii )iniyor und then listened to
lliitliorn. l ho latter nlso wns tuning
thlngH romarkubly cool, mid, uftur
taking n drink of water, suld tliut ho
liliunoil iv woman named Murlott for
thu murder; haying that sho first Hiig-
gusteu It; thnt sho had ruiiorttwlly
ugnd him to havo liU wlfo Wired, mid
usked that ho lilro a iwmvr to do It.
He dunlod that ho had lodked tluotigli
u window whlla nilo shot the woman.
Thu two men ware then plnml on
the trap and plulnneyi and the black
cutwi dm '.'it over thstir bends, lliitliorn
roquoMed that u nnndkorchlet m tied
urotinil his bond, to prevent his Jaw
(iropiilng, y(i(n i-uxatetl thu rotpiMt,
wlileli wits complied with. J ho onM
wiit-i Uiwi adjusted, and ns tho molt
win ofulliig to (lod for moroy the
sin riff at 1 :A 1 oVlock out tho ropo
IMi nocks woro brokon. Hutliorn
wRm proiiotiucml dead In llvu iiiIiiiiIoh
Wind U'udo In olght. Thu InkIIoh woro
taken I'hiu'go of by rulativos.
All through tho torrlblo onluul IkiIIi
men tdmwcd magulllcoiit norvo.
Tho crlmo for whloh Wiulo und I In
thorn HiilTnri'il tho duath inutility wux
the in tdi'i of MtH. llnthoin. Hiithorit
hud iiiiairoli'd often with his wlfo, mid
hud ilolormlnud to gut rid of hor. Au
cording to WiuIo'n coufoiwlon, Hutliorn
npproiii'hi'd hint on Outo!or 7 lust und
oiTut'td him i'M audit ikiiiv If ho would
kill Mi'H. Hutliorn. Wudo at llrt ro-fiiN-d,
but nftiir lliitliorn tliruntuinxl to
kill lilni, ho coiiMjutod to dn tho Job,
Kurly thnt night Wndo rotlo up to thu
Hutliorn lioimmteud and tied his jKiny
In thu wihmIh. Ho cnt'i'led it broooli
lumlliig shotgun, loiidwl with liuokuhot.
He iiipi'on('hol thu IioummiihI wits met
iy Hutliorn, who gnvo him his Hunt
Hutliorn thuii went liihldn thu ho'iso
and took up it ikwUIoii whero ho ixiuld
wutuh Mm HittlioruVinoveineiitH. The
negro walked around tho houso to
window ihroiigii wnicli lie could too
overy nrt of the room. In it fow mill
utos Mrs. Hutliorn iii-om from it ohulr
nud, reaching up to the mantel, ox
I oel hoi-left Mldu to thu negro out
xldu, who II ml, killing thounuirtunato
woman itiMtuntiy. noforo any of tho
i-hildmn could reach tho outfddu the
luuitlurur hud miido good his oenM)
A fow days itftucwuiil w ado wns itr-
i-estoil by tho ollluors und confoasod hi
liiire in tho crime, nlso implluitllug
Hutliorn. lloth men wore brought to
trial on NovoiuIkm' I'O, und on tho fol
lowing day tho Jury, having Uieii out
let than it half mi hour, brought In
Yurdlut of guilty ot murdei In tho first
dogt'oo, nud both woru immodlittoly
kontoiiemi to imi liuugud.
.tiilt.Mllvpr lii'iuiirruti.
Wasiii.notox, Jim. I). The nntl-sll
vdr DmuoerutH of the senato hold
oonfotiiioo yowtertliiy while the lteimb
llcutis were in caucus. The object of
the conferunoH wns to count how many
men could imi mustered ugalnst th
free coinage lyiiuiidiuunt of thu somite
llnnnee oomiultteo to the liond bill. It
wits found there lire fourteen vote on
the Demoonttio aide ngalHst the silver
iiroiHHltlon, nnd the Democrat were
ussiirtxl that there ure twenty-six lto
publicans who could be counted Hgnlnst
the Jones umeiiumeiiu inu would
make forty In all. hour mote
votes would lie neeesttiry to
majority of the sejinte. Doth
Democrats ami KepuMicane are now
making an effort to see It these four
votes can lie hud. Among the HhihiIi
llciin who are not counted on the
twenty-six itntl-sllvor list, uml tiKiri
whom nn effort will lie mode, ure ben
ntoiv.MolliiiJe of Uivgou nml Wilson ot
Wnkhliigtun. On tio Domoorutlu elde
are Senutors lliteon ami (Jordon of
(ieorgltt ami Martin ot Virginia. It Is
not known with what hope the mill
silver men uro woruing, out thoy say
the vote will bo vory oloso and perliap
free colnago may Imj defeated. The
Deinoerate counted agulnst the bill nrei
llriee. Cullory, Fuulknor, tlllmjii, tlor-
miin. tiruy, Hill, Lindsay, Mllls.Mltuli
ell, Murpfiy, I'ubuer, Smith und Vila
Deiuorrsts Kcliin.
FiiJiNKioirr, Ky., Jan. 8. It U the
purioe o the Democrat lo seriate steer
ing committee to deprive the lieuten
ant governor ot the (tower to uppolut
men or that body. A conference was
held yesterday evening and It bt txnI
ble K'lM oiu$elons by the lieutenant
governor r34y cause the plan to lie
ultaiKlO4, tM iHimjHtHiiWe soeurlng
to the l-HMHeerul tome uswraiile piuoes
'llierv irutli lit the reitort of
UiancuHev Vet Huuenlobe httvlng re
Tim Trisi Contrtti. !
Waiiiixotos, Jan. 0. KleoMons
ointnltteo Ko. 3 met yesterday to as
sign casos before them for hearing.
There woro two union In whleh tho
contestants had not fulfilled thn re
quirements of law in prosecuting their
contest, tine or tnoso wns u on so
from Mississippi and tho other wns
that of Davis vs. Culberson, from
I'oxni. 'l'ham woro taken up to bo
llrst dlsiosel of. The chairman of the
committee culled the Davis case, nnd
asked If thoro was any ouo present to
represent lilm. No one rsHindod.
Mr. hearlty ami .Mr. ItiMienUtnl were
prosent nml the ohitlrmun, looking nt
tho former, mldrostMl him ns Mr.
Dnvls. Mr. Kunrby oon-octod the mis-
Then ensued it general swapping of
lews among the members its to what
should Im ilomi with tho cho. '11 ie
ohnlrmait askotl itosenthnl If ho knew
anything nliout tho itbnudouiiiuiit of
tho contest by Dnvls, nml Itosenthnl
said that tho public print had repre
sented hint its withdrawing.
Mr. lionrby stated when usked about
tho inntter by the ohitlrmnit thnt Davis
had wltheritwu rout thu content. Con-
gi oesmntt Hell of the coinmltlco stilted
that thin wu Ids utiderHtundlng. Tho
olurk of tlw i-ominlttoo said ho bud
notllled Davis ut Sulphur Springs thnt
the cuMt would 1st lieunl, nnd when,
tint hud iecelvud no reply. It was
ugived that tho cuso should 1m) oiiiwhI
until tho lO'.h. whoiiitiiothor day would
bo set. Tho clerk was told to notify
lit tho on of HoHonthal vs. Crow
toy, (Ion. Dudley npiHinrud nn counsel
for Crowley. Ho said ho had Just Iwun
rotultiod lit the cuho, nnd thnt Con
groMiiutu Cullwrson wits ussoclitted
with him. I ho two would be glad to
have nemo time to go over the record
nnd become acquainted with it. Dud
ley said tliut ho and Ilosonthal would
nemo ns to n day whon argument
could 1m hennl. Iho commltte us-
sentod to this nnd the mso was passed.
In the Kenrby vs. Abbott cam, tho
ntloruey for tho former wanted i
hearing us quickly us xwsllilo. us Mr
hoariiy win hero nud nnxlous for i
qulok disposal ot It. The itttoruey
wild that ho would nsoertnln from
i oiigi'Haemuii Aiiooti s attorney ir nit
onrly dny could Imj ngrood to for nrgu
inont, und Hi this wuy tho enso was
I Ho committed moot on tho lutli.
nnd It is MKsblu that nt thnt tlmo
Muuothlng dotlulte will Imi dutormlucd
its to nil of tho throe uuses, us to tho
dlsmisKiil ot the llrst and tho argument
ot thu latter two. Col. Culberson says
that ho will not represent Mr. ( row
toy Iniforc tho commltteo, but has
agreed to usslst him.
llullrr'n Ainriiiliiiriila.
Washimitos-, .Inn. !). Mr. Wolcott
of Colorado, who has Iteoti uliiMint In
IvtiroiMi for somo mouths, wns present
In tho semtto yesterday uml took thu
prosoriuod oath. He was warmly ro
etdvod by his nsdOclatoH on both sides
of tbo I'liittulter.
.Mr. I into from tho commltteo on
naval nlTuIrs, roiNtrted back favorably
it bill uuthoi'llng the secretary of the
navy to inci-uaso the tiumttet of enlisted
inun Hi the intvv. He til roc ted ntten
to tuu inistrtHtfue or tho mil nud guvo
notice that ho would call It up ut nil
onrly date.
Mr. Duller (Pop.) ot North Carolina,
olfared two amend niontH to the free
coinage sulwtltute for the houso lxtnil
lull. I he llrst prohibited tho sale ot
Interest-bearing bonds without the ox
prcu content of congrew, nnd the seo
und mtttle it limudatory on tho secre
tary of tho treasury to redeem green
backs In treusury note lit silver us
long as the market price ot 119 grains
ot silver wns lower than that pt 'J0J
grains of gold.
At the conclusion ol tho morning
hour Mr. Sherman, llepubllcitn, of
Ohio, moved that tho Semite adjourn.
He explained tlutt nn early hour ad
journment would fitollltitte tbo work ot
thu senate (It (wing understood tlutt
thn llopublluatis dtwlrod to hold ti
Mr. Stewart. Populist, of Nevada,
requentud Mr. Sherman to withdraw his
motion In order to give him tin upMr
Utility to make some remark ou the
llnnneliil question, but the Ohio sena
tor declined to yield.
Accordingly ut l!f:A0 the seunto nil
fotirned until to-dny.
foreign HrlntliiiK t'uiiiiiilltrr.
Wabiiikiiton, Jan. D.-The seiutte
committee ou foreign relations yotr
dny held It first meeting since the re
orgniilsutlon. Senutor Kherman pre
siding und Senator Ciimomn, Culluiii,
lAHige und Mills, tho new inemiter,
lielng tront. 11 it. wunHiittee ilwld
ed to hold it special meeting on Hetur
dny fur the consideration of the Vene
luelHH, Cuban and Aruienlan question.
The meeting yesterday wst devoted
to getting routine matter out of the
way, to trtnit the uninterrupted con
sideration of inure Important ques
tions nt the siteolul meeting. It Is
exitected that the committee will con
sider the Monroe doctrine In connec
tion with tile VetHNUieluti mutter.
fur Culm ii ItrruRiilllon.
St. Iouij, Mo., Jun. 8. The Mer
chunU' league club ot this city Inst
night adopted revolution urging thn
recognition of the Culuiii Insurgent
by the government of the United Stute.
0. II. P. Heliwmt and Mr. Vatidoi
bllt will lie married Juuuttry '.'8.
The seiiatu bus adopts tho house
rttKilutlon for Uie apistlntmont of Hon.
William I.. W'.Um as one of the re
gent ot the Smithsonian Institution.
A bite dispatch from Johannesburg,
eupltul of the Transvaal reimbllu Ktv
that Mr. U-tty. oorresjtonilent ot the
Iteuter 'Jelogrepli Mtmpuiiy there, has
lieen ltiiuiMiiutl uiHiii suspicion of
being u spy in the Interest of the ltrlt
Ink Chartered south Afilv euuipany.
f Moons In One Mnnttv
It Is fLt.'rlous fact, nnd one not gen
erally known, oxoept by those who
onroftilly studlod tholr nitnnunp. tnnt
the mouth of December, lnun, und two
(till moons, nn ovont whloh has not
occurred In any December since tho
Veglnnlng of the Christum era.
An engineer on tho Midland rail
way, ling., was roountly blown off his
onglno by tho wind whlla going nt till
speed, lie lauded unhurt, nud walked
to lliuMoxl station to report.
(IihhI llors,
Tiio students of tho University ot
California havo pledged themselves to
ltnprovo nml Itoatitlfy the grounds ot
the institution by their own moor, tnus
making Imttrovement, (or whleh tho
university lias no money.
Whr, Ves.
A Chloago woman has risked hor
life to save n rooster from a burning
building. The bird was hnroly wot tit
the risk) but tho woman showed hor
courage, and Is really wtmathlng fur
tho rescued party to orow ovor.
Tho nrolior fish lias n natural blow-
gun. iho animal possosso tno curi
ous proiwrty of Iwlng nblo to shoot
drops ot water from Its moutit Willi ox
traordlnnry ncoumoy for n oonitder
nblo dlstanco. This singular faculty
Is ot tiso to tho animal lit semiring Its
food. A fly or Btnnll lnsoot passing
ovor tho water has vory llttlo clianco
to ccapo from tho deadly aim of tbo
archer fish. This fish la porfootly at
homo In wator. Ho novor gctt out ot
ammunition, and Is not ono of thoso
unfortunate cronturos who sees his
host gatno whon ho has no gun. Tho
archer I fly, ami Is always ready.
VrxMnrlnnliiti Carried to IlxIrrniM.
Vogotarlan Itoote nro advertised In
London; tho tippor nromndeof "immm
corlum," tho soles of closely wator-
Vroofed flux bolting, lo .show that
(hp skins ot shtughterod nnlmals nro
not nocossnry tho vogotnrlnns say that
"India rubber, guttit iiorohn, steel and
Iron and brass nails, and brass caps,
uashmoro nnd cotton, olnstlo nud wolx
blng, wool und list, oork und straw,
silk and jute, nnd oven brown pnjior
nnd wax go to form thp modern mys
tery which still carries tho old mttno
of ttoot nnd shoo." It Is not ment that
n mnn should Ignore altogether llosh
nud fowl food, but If ho Is it crank ho
will do It, nud may try to hoar with
oars of corn nnd.thlnk with n cabbage
Himtlirrn Ciitlon MUM.
In 1890 tho nvorngo capitalization
of southern cotton mills, nearly nil ot
thorn liolng small, was nonrly $110 iter
'spludlo, while thut of northern mill
was nliout f'.'o or spindle. Wlillo
tho northern capitalization hits not
dcoronsod, tho south now has it largo
numlior of now mill which havo no
suiorlor In tho world In their oln.
nml those magnllloont mill havo oust
Iom than $lo (tor spindle for stoutn
mills, while water-power mills ol tho
lilghost typo nro now being built for
$20 per spindle.
A loy' llliinitrr.
All 18-yoar-old youth, who was In
troduaed to Speaker Ileod the other
day, enld: "Air. Mitlno Heed, we havo
all of your Itook In our library, nnd I
think your 'Scalp Hunter' I lino." Tho
spanker explained with somo disgust
to the still more disgusted boy that ho
was not Captuttt Mayno Held.
Tlic Puce Tliat Kills.
rit Work anil Yntl ItnlliiB Maka Tlitaa
Score Ytr nud Ten n Itlp Uitt
Aga In Tliete tlajs.
(From tlio Cincinnati Knqulrer )
llto Amorlcan people llvo too (ait, t
too fast and drink too fast This bus
brought upon ninny of us a train of nervous
and stomach disorder that are very dim
cult to inansKO. ltircitlfftUlofl ami chemical
analysis to UUcoversuoli compounds a wilt
liolp those suffering fruin auiili ills has re
sulted In tlid discovery of Dr. Williams'
Pink Mils (or Pale People, which hat taken
very high rank at a siecltlo rotuedy.
if, P. Owens, n traveling man thirty
years of age, who is well known In this
community and grncraliy liked bocoiue ho
it a bright, energetic jotinir fellow, resides
with lilt mother at !W6 Central Avenue,
Cincinnati, Ohio. Ho Imi been a vtollm ot
dyspepsia which took the form of oentlnu
out esnitlixillon, and, strangely enough,
his mother suffero.! (rem the tame trouolo.
Mr. Owens testified to tlia merits or Pink
Pills in " iwst cntlnitiiutlo way, and said
to tho liiiqulrer reortur:
"1 ant glad to say anything I eon (or Dr.
Wllllsm1 link Pills, beceuio thoy did tno
great good, and oilier jtconle ouulit toknow
of their virtue as a medlolno In itomaoli
trouble. It was suine time ago when I
felt n litvy fool In if in my itomaoli, and I
3rw very oontlwteJ. t did net consult n
oetor, bat lutvliur heard of thePInk Plllt I
bouglu a box of them. In two or throe
days the heavy feeling In my stessseti dis
appeared end my bowel were rtfular I
did not have lo use mora than a box ot
them before I was well. Kino that lima I
have only occasionally Nscn troubled with
coHsllitton, and I never get worked, bo
eausel know just what to do. Mother wns
also troubled with indigestion and the
Pink Pills did the same for httr tliey did
(orme-eured lier, didn't they, mother."
When aiitwilod to Mrs. Owens answered t
"That Is right. I (ound It was a great
medicine, so eaty to take ami so quick and
lasting in Its result."
Mr. Owens continued : "I beltove that
these plllt are also good (or nervousness.
When I bad my stemaah trouble 1 was also
quite nervous and that disappeared with
the dvipcptla. ThaPluk Pills were all that
la olalmed (or them. You can make any
use of this tMttmoiiUI you seo lit." .
II. P, Owens has ocoupled several por
tions ot trust In tills olty. lto was (or a
time an tmployo of tlio CoiutnarolaUJaMtte.
He will go on the ad la a few days for a
prominent business houte here Mr.
Owrns Is quite bs enthuslastlo as l.ur sett
about the Pink Pills and her lut of lad
friends can verify her good opinion of llil
wonderful remedy K they (eel UUneU to
de so at cur time. Where (be test tsony
It to Rr.iaral Bnd uiianlmuni nt totheex
cellwioia of Pink Pills as the Kuqatrerbas
(ohiii'i It to be (here 1 cerulaly good reason
teU4lveB(l the good tiling tl4-.bout
the nafp and simple rtme.ly.
Dr Wlillamt' Pink 1'lllv (or Pale People
eeataln all the eteHmits uecw4rr to give
new llfesnd rlchneM to the blood and ro
tter tlitttered nerve. They nut be bad
of all drutrgltli or dliovt by utall (mm tbo
Dr. WlllUifli' Medtplnefowpony, HeUeaee
tsdy, H. V , at 60c per box, or tlx box (or

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