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The Personal Side
Of George Washington
Not the General nor President, but the lover,
the man, the huiband and ncighlrar. Three of
mich nrticlcs by General A. W. Greely, the
famous Arctic explorer, will shortly begin-in tho
Ten Cenli on All News-glands. One Dollar a Year
WANTFH A?cnts t0 nflcr renewals and new
fTAMlL(U subscribers. Profitable employment offered.
Tbi Curtis Publltblnc
ccitoT, iin, tr thi
,. 5 T's pure Cocoa,
the so-called "Dutch Process.99
Walter Baker Co.'s Break
fast Cocoa is absolutely pure no
chemicals. WALTER DAKER U CO., Ltd., DimtxtUt. Mm. .
4w h
Cures Femaie Diseases;
ffUI.... Vl7.lVVk
iK - jitnLiiLsr mJL. jisssDjs.. "VH B H iiEi
fpR 10
Company, Philadelphia
eurrrt r-uitiiMma teunm
and not made by
ft of
I'erannnllty of the Man Who lint Bar-
rifealrtt fliUf Taker lu
Uie'Wortil TSilrty Year
One or
tti rinetU"
liTWl CONLlN.tho
nowtchlof of polite
of Now York, has
earned tho dlstlno
tlnn conferred on
lilm by prolonged
an .1 fnlthful servlee
In tho department,
winch lio Joined
rvttt? I V Juiv 29, 1803, wnen
i tio besnmo patrol-
9 mnn In the fourth
precinct. Dee. 2, 181. ho was promoted
to roundsman, and on July 10. lS7fl,,wns
advaneod to the rnnk of sergeant, lie
became captain on Kob. J8, 1884, and on
Aug. 8, 1S87, was mndo Inspector, nnd
though Inspector Wllltnms was ap
pointed on tho same day, tho courts
subsequently decided that Conlln was
tho sonlor. lie became chief Inspector
on tho retirement of Inspector Steers
Oct. 1, 1802. and held that office until It
was abolished In Pobrttary, 1893. From
that time until May 27 of this year ho
had charge of the third Inspection dis
trict. Then he was detailed as acting
chief of police, succeeding Chief Ilyrnos,
who wnn retired. Ilo deserved tho
promotion, observed I'rosldent Hoose
V'.dt, cf the board of police commission
ers, commenting on tho event. "I have
watched him carefully for llvo months
nnd hn has proved himself olllelent and
has done his duty well." Thocxnmlnn
tlon for the promotion was a rigid one,
and though .Mr. Conlln had no competi
tors for the position, ho was required to
establish a high standard to Bttcccod.
Thp subjects of tho examination wore
police regulations, ordinances of tho
city, laws of tho stato nnd military tac
tics. Tli" questions were presented In
printed foim and tho er.swors Riven In
writing. After tho "xnmliuUlon. which
! occupied five hours, thp commissioners
j held n meeting and mndo up tho rating.
I It was announced that ho attained 93.03
I tier cent. 00 per cent of which was al
lowed for record and seniority and SI.08
j per cent for the written anawera. Cno
, of the answers has excited a des.l of
'omment. Asked what disposition he
would make of troops railed out to pre
nerve order In rose of a general street
car atrlke, auppuslng the renter of the
dlaturbsnre was at a stated point, Mr.
Conlln answered rategorlrally all the
points and added, "only grape and can
nltcter to be used." This Is construed
as Indlratlng n very severe method of
dealing with strikers and Is variously
condemned and approved accordingly
3 tha people look upon the subject.
Mr. Caalln was born In New York In
IS 11. In 1M1 he enlisted In tha Twoltth
regiment and with that command par
ticipated In the battles of Williams
burg. Pair Oaks. Gains Mill. White Oak
Swamp and Malvern Hill. lu that en
gagement he was seriously wounded
and subsequently honorably dis
charged. Upon recovery from his
wounds be re-ontared the nrmy as lieu
teiwiit fu the Sixty-ninth regiment of
tho lllnmrlem Irish brigade, and served
until tho cloae of IiocUIIUm. He Is a
IjlSU-brolher of tho late famous actor,
rW. J. Florence), popularly known among
lit admirers as "IHIIy" I'laraneo.
Acln.t Ilia ,Iar.
Dr. Ahlwardt. the eelabrated antt
aemltle agitator of Ilarlln, haa arrived
lu this eouutry. He expects to deliver
totturea. It Is charged ngnlnst him
that be proposes to try to Inaugurate
n eampaJgn against the Hebrews, his
theory being that the rhihwiIiik of
wealth by this raee Is getting to be n
menace to the general prosperity of the
worlu. He promlsos an expUIon of
the methods of the Jews, wbataver that
may mean. The doctor was born Deo..
21, W, and has been a member of the
roiahsuiK fer four yara. Ho has boor
MMvisted -it HbelltiK Prussian oMela'.
and serves Mnteneas in toe noeuen'xee
prison for the offense. The llbe was
VUered la a eeU in which he said
Oei-tnan ofll'-tat lUe was jrruptod by
jB4Uh Influence.
Man Win It l).n( ih fraying; far Hit
liriylonrlh ConirMi
Iter. II. It. Couden. of Port Huron,
MIbIi., chaplain of tho now congress,
lost his eyesight In tho service of the
union. Ilo enlisted at tho ano of 18.
When the first call for volunteers was
made, serving In Iho Sixth Ohio In
fantry, and rc-enllited for three yj?ars
whon Ills term was out. Hn was with
MeOlcllan In the West Virginia cam
palgn, and took part In the battle ol
Shlloh. In February. 1803. he was
transform! to the Mrst Mississippi ma
rtno brigade.- Near Austin, Miss., ho
received a charge of small shot In his
oyoa, causing total blindness. After
honorable dUrliRrgo, Mr. Condon found
thoro was no hopo of recovering his
eyesight and entered tho blind school
at Columbus, Ohio, taking n course ol
seven years. Afterward ho entered the
theological seminary at Canton, N. Y.
His first pastorate was at Madrid. N.
Y. Lator ho preached at Wllloughby.
Ohio, Chatham, Muss., nnd four ycvi
ago ho moved to Port Huron. Mloh. Mr.
Couden's pastornto work thero was
highly successful, the church member-
nuv. II. U. COPDBN.
ship being Increased and n lino now edi
fice erected.
Iliiiprrtt I'riHlrrlelc n a Seiilitrpia.
The best likeness In marble of the
lute IStnperor Frederick of Oermnny Is
said to have roeelvod Itn most llfnllkr
touches from tho hands of his wife.
The cmproeo commissioned Horr Up
lines, tho sculptor, to model n colossal
bust of hor Into husband. Ono dny
whllo tho sculptor was at work tho em
press honored him with n visit and
nskod to bo ntlowod to mako a fow sug
gestions. To his surprlso ho saw the
clay (iKsutno n most natural llhcnoss
tiudrr her skillful hands. When the
sculptor oxprcssod his admiration far
her groat tnlont sho admitted hnvlng
(Studied and prnotlcod most diligently.
SI10 commissioned Uphuos to do the
bust In mnrblo and In this way wus crn
otod tho most lifelike bust of "Uuscr
Frltr."-Now York Horald.
tltett Ilrllalii' Comiiinnilpr In Aatinnlpe.
Sir Francis Scott, commander of thr
Ashantoe oxpotlltlon, has a thoraugli
knowledge of the country as well as
umloif'jtod ability to perform tti Im
portant duties which will devolve c
him. Whllo tho governmont has ubo
lute falfli In his judgment, It wna neve r
tholess determined to give him n lur" 1
force than waa 11 rut contemplntnd. nu t
It Is possible that at IniHt wo regtm' n ,
fbt Ilrltlsh Infantry will bo dlxtmt.it t
with tho West India regiment, win h
will bear tho brunt of tn work Ti i
roglmcut Is probably tho bet of 11
colonial forces taking purl in tho rx
padltlon. The men comprising H wen
recruited IU the Wost Indies onri J.i
malcn and are nriued with Lec-Mltforri
magaalue rlllea. They are a fearieti
lot of men, inured to hardship, ns evi
denced by the services rendered by
them In the recent Sofia expedition.
Sir Francis Is greatly oneouragod by
tho reputation which these sturdy wnr
rlors have acquired, for the Housn Field
For , of which he Is Inspector-general,
did not flguro very creditably whon
fighting the Safins, being entirely too
fond of maneuvering under cover. The
war officer Is giving much attention to
the dstalls ot the tnspsdltlon. thus manl
rs(lg the deeti MtiMrn which Is felt
in lu su
fur Threa (lonaralluni,
Mlrtiael fttrelly of l'erry cour-.y,
Indiana, haa a plr of bueikSkln
breaches nnd a wilsteoat ot the same
material whii,h h Mruht .rom Ire
land neariy fifty years ago. They lml
bMti rorn by his arntndfatlier, and they
are altog.ethrjr too largo fer any of the
drisendants of the original owner. Tha
hrtMiies buckle at tho knee and mw
sure forty-six Incus at the waist The
waist-coat Is a square eut affair, reach
ing beJow the hips and buttadlar to
the threat. It measures fifty-three
Inebes around the breast. All the but
'one ara ef horn, hand made.
..I i
At Leeds, Ragland. overrents rae
made of a fsbrle eomposed el pins scd
I H'U.ce vHd pulp.
Thetrfmgett TRWrr.
Over ono-thlrd of tho territory of
Africa, tho Sahara district, doos not
contain n alnirln rli-nr. Tim m-nntnul
rlvor !n tho world Is tho jrulf stream.
11 is from iuu in vuu miles wuio. nnd
nvrtt AOnO tnllna 1nn avIai.i1Ih. fmm
w.w. ..... ,V, ... U I.W.
tho strnlt botwoen Florida nnd Cuba to
uio nprtliorn coasts or Norway.
UTiero Is ono old-faallioned thing
that Is qulto common: tlin houvo thnt Is
M cold as n barn In win tor.
flohnttopol Vn Nut Impregnable,
For It wai taksn by anailt, trat n phrilius
built up, a ednatitttilon ftmistit br liC4(i
lt'i Rtumach If liter, may bid lUllmico 10 tha
kttulti ol inaiarlona dliMe evtn u loratltlti
wlutt It ) moil prevalent amt milnnmi
tlmlfranii lu tha asus-brtetlliix riion, nl
tha Wen thmild ttAi 1I1I1 tu intcid. arvi Utl
with a lapply The ttlttera promptlr inb
out "lrHl. tlitiimmlB and kliloer com
plalnti, necrouintti, conitlptllaii anl bllleui
oeii. Modosty In women Is always ni
irovcl by all moti.
Tho barlir wonder. Ylolds right
along on poor, good or Indifferent soils
80 to 100 bus. per aero. That pays at
20c a bushel I
Bailor's mammoth cataloguo Is full ot
Good things. Silver Mlno Oats yielded
209 bushels In K96. It will do hotter In
1896. Hurrah for Toostnto, Band Vetch,
Spurry and aiant Clover and lots of
grasses and clovers tho offor. SB
packages earliest vegetables 11.00.
If rmi will ml thU ' nut anit aenit
It with lOe. postage to tho John A. Sal
ter Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will
get frco ton grain and grass samples,
Including barley, etc.. nnd their mam
moth cataloguo, Cataloguo nlono So. for
mailing. w.n.
About tho sweotost thins; on oartli la
a girl lldtllor.
ltnW ThWI '
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any ease of Catarrh thnt cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
I. J. CHIUN'WY & CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the Inst IS years, and be
llevo lilm perfeetly honorable In all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by thdr firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, rihlo.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internal
ly, acting dlreotly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
monials sent free. I'rlce, 75c per bottle.
Held by all druggists.
Halt's Family 1'llls. Kc
Novor promUo to do anything- which
you do not upprovo.
Build a fort around
IMrehiKe Money rrftirnle.1 ilioutd tlrov n Iron lUltn i taken m dlreet nil to benant any
icnKin lullcrtutt with liyipi'tia. Malaria, (lulu aii't ivrrr KUtnev nnl llvrr TrmiM.. luilniv
litw, Ki'inalO lliflnnltli', liuiKiro lllmtcl, WeakixHi. Ncrvua Irniil.Ui. ( hn.tilr JUailocUo H
NcuralelA. Jloro than 4,000,000 bottles sold an ) ..fy .Mji,k.. ii.ratul r, rinlwl.
8ri-l liltuWN t-ltmit M. i n.. lUiTitionr. Ma
Wm tllrr;!T5cr. ol tti V Ul ' In lli woill. W 1it lb (lueit tlo- k, imiglnaM,
Jaitln ,rli wtnl ilkr ir.r 1. 1 In ! r IhtK,
Kaw, tlr. ulna j u pttnl i i'nr i u nt tu rop. n"t arnlr Int tmiallfully That Ii iteroil
Ifrlalit, Y.iurannot u i Um nU tr n .unr ta I, but tmoj u i l.nt I . ttl. rtl"tl trio,
lul ul atw blucHi. new Ilia, mw ol Uamtiuiuu. jUUion qqUltlat, jou ara of trvflas aot
mua.lr t.rr lima.
Ik. IMIUr vf Ilia Kutal Niw Yorker If .Ixl our Rurlr Wlmntln po'l", It ildJ tllUtkali
pratrafrlilil If oaraarlj autt.iiu U.l. ki.i alwut it, i.i.i our hUIhui, nuMmm at Urai.
ara nwalilaa I rum l tu l,W tar a.ra ihm farwar auld a lat at Satitr'a UailUU palat UilrtJ-tllhl
SarifrauiUtaofplaalhta', at II H par boahtL Thaliiati. Vwi (aa il IILIm.
Saltar't K.ilL.1, IUaJ la M lr., iTIca r IW. . II. II
" aWtaka, " II . . t,h
lUrl Wli. " II ' " a I.TI
" Irvnt'ltil, rintUUSarf, . l.ll
" Wlacun.ln lloaa, Kail awl Fln, . .(t .
" ciiamplua of Ilia WM, ll.a.lc.t Croppln Whlta, par tVL I.M
Kl f Ilia tarlr, tka aill,t pauta la Ilia wOrlJ, par Mil. t.l
i.noic iikiii
Ii i" i Mill
Clairette Soap is an improvement on any soap
tuey ever used. Try it auu compare rosuus.
Sold everywhere. Made only by
0! the Breast.
Mr. A. II. Crauiby, of ij3 Kerr St.,
Memphis, Tenn., isys that bis wifo
paid no attention t-o a small lump which
appeared in her breast, but It soon de
veloped Into n cancer of tho worst type,
and notwithstanding the treatment ol
the best physicians, it continued to
spread and K'ow rapidly, eating two
boles in ber breast, the doctors
soon pronouneeiV
her incurable. A
celebrated NewYoik.
specialist then '.rent
ed her, but she con
tinued to nrow worso
and when informed
that both her aunt
nnd grandmother bid
died from cancer be
Kave the esse up as
Someone tben re
and though little hope remained, iho
begun It, atjd an Improvement waa no
ticed. The cancer commenced to heat and
when she had taken several bottles it
disappeared eul'rely, and although sev
eral rears have elapsed, not a sign ot
the disease hai ever returned.
A Real Bloda Remedy-
8.S.9. (Kuaratitfttt Jwrtly vegetable)
is a real blood remedy, and never falls
to cure Cancer, ltczcnm, KhcumatUm
Scrofula, or any other blood diieaie.
uur uooua
will be mailed
free to any ad
dress, bwift
Specific Co.,
Atlanta Ga.
Ttin Al'.USHVTOn CO. isocs halt ttiatrortf
Wihlwlll IiuIiwm, bwnM it Ijm rcluc-l lli cat cf
nlBdpoaaf K l.llwliU Hvm. II In, luaur briixii
ileum. ai lupiuira iu irooai nu irpira
ijiraruoor jicAiiKiKiiioei mruiina
, wiif r aiucia lur irn imomi man
utdfii. H makM l'uniMtig aoa
llMtH. HIMl. (Hltaniud alter
I'oninlrtlon Vlndmlni. Timor
and YIimI tfti. TmvrrL simI IIiiii naw
fitmn. Hic.'l txd 1'ulirri and titd
lirlmKra in. apt'tlnUnn It will nm tua
at lima irtlrtM it at it lll fumlili unul
l&nuarv lit at 13 Ihm biual uIm. It rn , 1
Tank and PumiKof all limit. aA let caulofv.
fitUrTI lUt. KecVatll tod flllmor- Ktrttti. Ctlctn.
Morphine Habit Cured In 10
toaO'Uri. Nojisr till cured,
DH.J, STEPHENS, Lititnofl.Ohlo.
Wlim AinwrrliiK AilverlliemriiU Mrn
tlmi IliU I'uper.
your health with
WawlllMnJ (M naUnal, fvitiiaj af I Tak Clafef tkt
Carlla.1, faaka aatiar'a Caillaali I I rak, Carl; Wlxafiiln, and
t l'k. aniviwi f il,Wria all tairail paakid lor Iml
lit, 'I bras A aurla cal.'l ha haul lha warlfl our.
flaaM alJ ll.M an tralf kt .riarg pr Uatral.
Wi tall Rarral waaalSaaat Saad lotatar, ear talMtlsB, far
enlrll.M. l'iaMa44lTaaaaliil(ktwr Urral. tea Calalana,
V a at pari lu aalp a train . al v( I'utaloaa to TaiM maatur.
I laaa lal a kara ,ur erdtia. Sand nuw to lualani alia
Uu (rain Alaaraa.MII M fur 'raymnl uf ftaliktakaraaa.
OB I'lillH. I'.AIII.V VK(lin-AIII,KN()Vi;I.TIItH,
poilpald. II w. kam tr I or W fculawtla Karkat Oardanaf I Uii.
'lh lie. (tan t..r ur XamatoUi ! i-taioraa and It ojl
Bam, urata and 'jraia Sauplaa. CaUlufuaalvaaK W it,
4, .i jj
Is not Behind
The Times.
Neither are the women
who use it. Thous
ands of thrifty house-,
keepers sav that

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