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CMAITKK XVII. fCoimncasl.
'! me do It, and save you Ik
No. no. no! I eanuat. 1 nwt still
lire on. nnd keep the dreadful eecret.
o. woui 1 1 hut I hul illtd tutor I ylld
ui to (Lni horrible temptation!"
you made your own bdt" lie Id.
eoereely. It don't become you to oom
uiaiB if it .inciin't He easy."
"No. 1 have no one to blame. I
tUMfi . rytbltiK upon a ilnfl die,
and lost nil!"
"And that was rathor a lucky day for
u tha urioslty to tee tho brldo lu
m to i !lmt the locust trot juat under
this window, and I atfw "
'HushV aho crlod. tearfully. 'Tho
wall have ear aametlmJ."
Th K( ks of the couple were turned
to Helen; aim slipped nolaeleMly from
Ur concealment, and locked the room
tloor. nnl nut the key In her pocket
Than she glided to the window, and
placed hrr hack against it. thus con
fronting the nun and woman.
"You Jut r.-mtrked that walli have
ora." h al t. quIMly. "I agro with
you. Three have a pair of them.
"Who am ion?" cried the man
mrlmrtn to hi feet, and looking at
hot. ' The devil!"
"No. thnnk you. My name la Helen
Kill ton N relation to your friend."
lis strode towird the window.
"!( m- pass here right quickly, or
take tin- consequences!" he aald, with
brnUl determination.
She drew herself up proudly, and her
vole u cuttingly firm as hla own.
"Von do not pass tore until you
cum t my term."
"Well. I like your pluk! If I was
In want of a wife, I'd honor you with
my proposals. What are your tonus?"
"You moat toll me all you know about
the murder of Marina Trenholmo!"
"IVhlch I will not do!"
"Vory well. Then you can itny horn
until morning, and I will summon iwime
tit tho fawny to nrnlt you come to
terms. T would apeak to them to-night
but I never like to disturb peoplo after
they are a-bd. It U opt to make them
"Confound you! Will you atnnd
"Mot If I know It."
With oath tin fr'nf upon her.
Onluk an thouaht hr I f - 1 her right
hand. In which he held the loaded
"An inch n''nrfr," Mi nl, coolly,
"and f blow your brain out' I am
aorry to Impolite to o gentleman,
oat you force me to It!"
Th rultlHii recoiled. He saw the
steady determination In her eye, and
kit that he might expect no mercy.
lm Ren had auuk tn the floor on the
ftrtt app'-aranc of Hln, and crouched
her mating t vacancy, her rlrh drea
vseplng o ttvidy stain ft the
carpet . ahe iu. jraed Incapable of apoecli
or motion.
-One or the other of ou murdered
Marina Trenholme," said lMn, apeak
lng In a low. clew voire, "und 1 will
know il h. The Innocent shall not
ultVr for the guilty, If It Is In my power
to pn-vent It. I want to sive Lyndc
(Jraham, I am dlapoaed to be graclou
with ou both. I want your written
teinr-ton both of you in regard to
thin tiilna. That la alt 1 aik. It It now
tho nf'-ntli of June tn day to thf
gr, it Ion. 1 will give yon eight day
in h to reaoe Olre me what
UV f,,,-. mnd I promlte ou faithfully I
wi!. not how Ike paper to any living
hoinc -ir.tli iuet In time to rave him
from the gallowa."
I M be caught In no euch trap.'
tat- the man. flet out of my n-r.v
on little he deYlt VII .iow you how
to mm- Dl'tol!" Alt'! lie aelied th
weapon b the muxilc with the Inlen
Uon wrenching It from ler graap.
But tic bal not rci;":,M'!on thrtrenfth
la ' rlnht arm. ml In th atrugglc
It a. . harg'd. and the hall paaaed
.gt' hi hr'aat Juat mc the heart.
' i in .lone for'' h- cried '. Ith an oh,
Hd fell to the door.
Imogen prang up. nnd darteil
.toward the window, tei' H-len waa on
the alert, and divine b'r intention In
MSiitly She caught her firmly by the
-arte and held hr fat
The nolee of the pUtol had alarmed
Ike whole hooeehaldi and I hey came
ruahlng to the apot.
"Open the door!" thundered Halpb
Trenkoliae. from without
You must bo rat It In." aald Helen.
iu mit lUi akoulder aeainat It. and
vmte tw lack iBtUHtly. The whole
rtr rtatt4 iMto the room. It. Cyrtl'i
MMtek m 111 lrt en the wounded man
VtliH Itwlalpk!" he esclalawd. "The
aUMtor of my aieter:
iMiMM turned toward the Intruder
bar & abeolalely livid, her eye wiM
ju tNaw of a maniac Halph p-it a
trHg arm areugd her ahouldera ad
liwld her quiet Thaie waa aetfiethtng
InflHltaly terrible la the fae of this
ttun. Helen lifted J Uu face of Hu-olph.
- fe
Bpeak quickly," ahe aald. "You will
caln nothing now by eoncoalmonL"
"Am T dying?'' he naked, nnxlouily.
"I think to. gptak on. Hut first lot
mo aak, Mr. Trenholme. In there a
maglatrat areaentf"
"1 am on," aald Halph'a friend. Mr.
liruaell, who waa Rtonfilng there tot
the Might
Very well then, (live Uili gentleman
th oath. I can tiatlfy that he lint no
conacktnUfltt aernvlei to iirerent him
from awearlng."
It wm done, and Itudolnh proecodou
to aweah
It la hardly fair h fore Uilnge mil
of n follow in this way, but I suppose
there's no holn for It There's too many k
against ml This girl is the vory uovii
liartjiir" I
"I have onee before Informed you,
sir, that I am Mlaa Pulton, and In no
way n relative of the perecn you men
"0, have It your own wnyl but I'm
auro I don't understand how you onme
to guoes ot what has puzzlod so many
older heads. l'vo boon a hard caso. I
don't deny It It was all awing to tho
wny I had to struggle up. Kvoryboily
was wllllng-to glvo mo a kick boentise
I hnppenod to bo tho child ot poverty
and of disgrace I stolo the child of
Mrs. St. Crrll, partly from motives of
revenge, and partly beentiao I hoped to
get money from Ita father by It. I'm
not going tn give a history of my doings,
so don't get Impatient. It stoma n lit
tie necessary that I should afteirk ot
that child, teeing aa It waa she that waa
murdered. The hip that we came to
this country In was wrecked, nnd peo
pie hereabouts thought that the little
girl wna tho solo survivor. I know hot
ter, because I myself osenrod. It did not
suit my purpose, however, to lot tho
faet b known. I hnd my own plans,
which I shall not now divulge. The
time for mo to work Is past, nnd I will
not loll you what I mount to do If my
life had boon lengthened. I found that
the child hnd n good homo, and for tho
prosont, thon, 1 was sntltllod. After
nwhllo I returned to Europe, and saw
Mrs. St. Cyril. Hut nhn hnd no monoy
with which to purchase my secret. I
then sought tho fnthor of tho child, but
ho roftiMod to listen In mc n moment
Ho had no chlldron, ho aald, bitterly.
I enmo back to Amorlcn. I'art of the
llmo I was In New York, hut I novor
tout sight of Marina for so thoy callod
tho girl I had stolen from hnr parents.
At last I liciird aho was going (a be mar
ried. I thought I should llko to see how
she looked In her brldnl clothes. It was
a little weakness of nil no which you
must pardon, senlng that l once loved
her mother.
"I came here, and knowing no other
wny, I climbed the locust tree Just out
side this window, and from Its thick
leaved shelter. I commanded n complete
view of this apartment Juat after
the bridoanialda left the bride, the door
of her chamber opened, and Imogens
Ireton ontared. I knew this woman by
sight. She came up noiselessly behind
Marian, and an ahe turnpd, 1 saw some
thing glitter In her hand. She stood
till a moment as It to gtithsr strength.
and then ahe struck down quickly and
silently? I heard a low oty, nnd then
all waa quiet!"
Italpli'a grasp had tlglitenod around
hla wife, until her face had grown pur
pis from the Iran n reset! r. lie waa
crushing her tn deitli, but lie would nut
have known It, If ahe had breathed her
laat algh. Ht Cyril touched his arm.
"Mr. Trenholme, look nt your wltr.
You are suffocating her!"
Ho looked down upon her distorted
features, removed his arm. and took her
hand In hla.
Imogen lretou came dlreetly to the
window." proceeded Hudolph. "and
looked down, ahe had the dripping
knife atlll In her band. She cast about
her a half fearful glance, but discover
lng no one, ahe iepped nut upon the
rape vine that half covered that aide
of the houe. And Just aa ah did ao
tynde (irabatn cam along on hla way
to the main entrance. He waa dressed
for the wedding and had his gloves In
Is hand. He looked op at her. and an
aniased expression crossed his face
Mi Ireton, haw cam you there r
he aked. hastening toward her.
" llidD m down, quick" ah aald
He lifted her down In his arms. I
knew then that he loved her by th
way he performed th net. I could nav
worn It.
What freak Is this!' he aattad.
Vh do yew cbooe that Mnni of
gress from th ehanihef at th bride?"
"the looked at bin and stua a look.
lie fairly recoiled bolero It 9k lifted
up her hand, there wm njma it a single
daak of erlMeeH
" Xynde Orahntn.' rh mid, dltlnet
ly, 'tkr will be no bride, and If you
lev me prove .hai lev by keeping h
ttwratl' "th ft away, and ho iMkad attw
her Ilk one in a maze. It was five
iHlHtttNi bfre he mod to recover
kli taenltli. And (hen his tae waa
pitiful to beheld. 8ueh flny I have
never sen exreetott by any human
MRlenansel Hardened as I was, I
pitied him.
"Well, you knew pretty well all the
rst. Suspicion fell upon tynde ura
ham; he was arrested anl convicted,
and because he loved this woman, be
would bo willing to die In her alead.
II refused to speak the. words that
would ettabllih hU Innocence, toeai
fay ao doing ho would condemn hr to
tho gallowi.
"You may well beiierptimt I waa pre
pared to take advantage of what I
knew. I Rueaeod at first that alio hAd
murderod Marina boenuic alio wanted
to be mUtreM of Trenholmo Houne, and
it waa not long beforo I eotight lior out,
and revealed to her my terrlblo ecerct.
Kor a moment 1 thought aho would have
kllte" me. I think alio would, If iho
hul had tho meana at hand. Aftor bcr
paevlon had n llttlo aubsldod, 1 made
terms with her. Monoy wna what I
wanted, and alio gladly consented to
pay mo for keeping dumb. This began
before aho married Mr. Tronholmo. Af
terward It continued Just tho same. You
all wondered at her frequent Journey
from homo; she only wont to pay mo
my ollowanco nt tlmea when I waa un
able, through Illness, to como for It.
You. Mr. Trenholmo, thought mo your
wife's paramour! bah I she would soon
or liavo killed hersolf than submitted
to the cRreeees of one llko me. It ahe
was n murdoreea, she wna truo to you.
I remember onto I mndo her kiss mo,
and she touched me with Juat tho loath
ing that site would havo touched a toad!
Hut what did I oarer i wnitiou mono),
not love. It was n dangerous secret to
. , , , benn w0 vM for
Th k tne nowonl nbovo nml bojow! i
nm out ot tno reucu oi mo inwi i uoij
v -
you all!"
He lifted his hand in wild uenancc,
and fellimek n oorpsol
Helen roue from hor kneeling posture
and faced Imogono, hor fneo pale as
that ot tho dead man bsforo her.
"You have heard tho confession of
Hint doad villain," sho said, slowly.
"Now. wo will listen to yours."
ImoKsno shrank from tho steady gazo
ot thoso cloar oyes, shrank baek piti
fully, crying out:
"0 spare molMiparo mo! Do with mo
as you will, but do not force mo to a
confession! '
Ralph drew her sternly forwortl, and
took In his own tho hands with which
she strove to conceal hor face,
"You ahall not be spared!" ho aald,
hoarsely. "You did not spare her! Hut
we will not condemn you without a
haorlne. Clear yourself, If you con."
"I cannot! O, you know I cannot! I
did murder hor! Ilut It was bocauso I
loved you! I could not live to seo you
tho husband of another! With her
dangerous fnco under the nod. I thought
my beauty might win you! Ood will
bear ino witness that It was pnro lovo
nlono that lnfiuonrnd mc. 1 uover onco
thought of tho powor that would bo
mlno ns your wife. Wealth and tn
Hon wcro nothing to mo! It was your
lovo I wnntod! 0 Ilnlph. only that'"
"0 Ood!" crlod Ilnlph, striking his
forehead, "to think that I took to my
bosom n my wife tho murderess of my
poor Mnrlnn! It In too much! It mad-
dons mo! And but for you, .miss ui-
inn. ! nilaht hnvo lived on to tho end
In Ignorance, and Lyndo Graham would
hnvo died an Innocent man!"
"I did not soek this," Helen said, in
iilwtnail vnlcn. "Hplivcn ktlOWS I did
not! Hut I was obliged to corne hero,
could not keep away. It was what
some call fato, I suppoo. Aftor I enmo
here some things wpro forced upon my
knowledge that I did not caro to Know.
Hut having once become convinced tlfnt
tynde (Irahntn waa wrongfully accused.
I set to work with my whole soul to
bring the real culprit tn light.
'I think Mrs. Trenholmo nos a nauu
ralkitiE In her sleep. The ghost of
this chamber Is none other than her
self. I have watched here for the phan
tom, and satisfied myself. The laat
time I tore a niece of silk from nor
aleve,.and If you will tnko the trouble
to make the examination, you will find
that this fraitmont." drawing It from
her pocket, "will tit exactly n rent In
the sleve of tho black silk tho lady is
In the habit ot wearing
TclniMtlir, IlKllnrt or What?
Oilclit In ll llnlthntril
Within ua Is a power alsoptng. Oneo
In awhile some sensitive soui una ieit
It stir, but there waa no known law that
niveruod It. no logic with which to con
rlnce others of Its litng; so u was
burled dep In the Inner eoneeloiisneeg,
where hid tdwta that dare not
llKht becatUHi they are In udvnno ot
their age, say the New Selene Itevlew. J
Uug ago, at the house of a friend, I
aaw a photograph ot a mail' head. Aa
I nicked It up there cam ever me a
sen of having known th original; It
waa the face ot a "friend." Wben my
host cm enttved I asked about the pho
tograph and ah told me who It was.
The nam meant nothing to me but th
(ac meant all things that I knew.
Several times In the nex: Weak I lMkd
at th photograph, always with th
same sense of "having known." Then
eight years elapeed, during which no
memory of that tac cam orr in.
One day at the theater there llaahed
eer aa that samo curious sense st
having knows." Instinctively I
turned and caught tall th glanc at th
original of the photograph. What h
was doing thore I hav never teunu out
Several mil away from me lived a
trlend. Days would lape without out
meeting but If I sat down and wrote her
a note she would come, always crossing
the not. I became ao certain about It
nfter awhile that I would write the nolo
and tear It up. The thought would stir
In her the deslro to see me. There waa
no mo In mailing It The sight ot a
certain hojidwrltlng would always mako
.... . 4 -
I a . l I, i lo wa-saei avtmnllilMV Inttf
my noeri . "n 4
eauld not reason myself out of. yet the
... - ..1. Bint, nm llm nrnrda
fair. One uara uay i ioubu wm.
my Instinct waa rlght-I trust It now.
A family Anilrllnn.
Wesley Ayres. ot Oreen Hay, Wls
during the last four years, has lost three
ona br drowning. The third son, a
j ud ot eight years, was drowned about
a fortnight ago, while fishing.
The l'liry(nttirmnm ti In !ttgh rror
A l.oTr' Irfigle Vanity ToVen
Iinwn A t'lmtPBraphle rl flom
lleaiUeh Our-i.
T VU! atil.tl nil thn
l'vo learned their
dry monoto
nies, l'vo reveled In their
Bilontlflc roti
My Infant loro for
Was rcraarkml by
all who bore a
Kindly Interest in
ny Ilinngs and my let
Hut In splto ot nil my training
(There's no virtue In my feigning),
I'm afraid my reputation's doomod to
For my tnstos aro most alarming,
I find common flowcrlots charming,
And I do not llko tho cultured ones at
, . an.- - ;v.X-jV
Tho troplanl nnomono
fa ....hI I.m..mi
cannot uoar mionon
la near my nose!
Celastrut is too twlney,
Tho utrlca Is too plncy;
Cruelfcra Is tho ugliest
flower that
The tails babylonloa "i
Wilt do for waro Joponloa,
Tho rod vebnscum palls upon tho eye;
Llnarla and llllum,
Trifolln and trllllum, m
Thoy'ro namby-pamby, dolcaTo nnd
Tho nscloplus corntitl
Is pronounced tho biggest beauty.
Though I really think Its blossoms
rnthsr bum;
For tho flower to which I'm wedded
Is tho frowsy, yellow-headod,
Crlnkly-whlskcred, bully, big, oh ry sail-
Post Wheeler In Judge.
A torer .ogle.
She If yon had never met mo,
n'ould you have lovod seme other girl
is much aa you do mc?
He My earlliig, If I had never met
rou, I Milam I snouiu nave com run too
A"THtesrii)lilc frit.
A. Phatewaphy Is makluit wonder
ful st rids, lb other tla & man took
photogrtfcY of a bullet shot from o
11. Whit i wan In the air?
A. Why, oirtalnly.
n. I'd lllteto mo that photographer.
( believe he wild photograph th aud
Jen dlMpparhio ot my week's salary
when my wlfdbuya n now spring bon
net IH llko tl mo him try It, anyhow.
All Vie 1'un (toii'i
tf'ool nrneolu a big aiim Irom his
uncle's estate, but he Is kicking be
cause the will fm't bo found.
Van Pelt Wlat haa ho got to kick
Wool Thoro uitt't going to be oay
show to break HiV will.
X l'nlrttttjtn' View.
Jnxrey Do you believe In three-oU
(to on the streel car?
llroggs No; 1 ftfror flvo-eeat faros.
Jazrey-Why? ,
llroggs - Wall, yd so, thsrVs somt
satisfaction In wa(r r. rhn you're
saving a nickel by $
1 -
A I.tleeA
De Kuytor 1 donf!
llevo Spacer Is
fay ao la 1
making alt the money
O'Collum-What rli
ike you think
D Itnytr-H'a
ind a top hat.
tog a now stilt
Mad III AmwM llmtf.
Fond Parent It Is a oonHmw, Uoh
by, saying you enonet loto sleep with
Jut a light What wau(you mre dose
It you had been born, Were gas ar
sandiea or lamps wore limited?
n.by (premptly)-aoWla bed In th
The lluthand (tall
"Here's Amy Sleeuni
that rich Mr. (loodsensc.
How very
I i . 1"
-: urangei sno ean't even rile a wheel.
, ,t un(ierstand It." sail oiara Up
. . ' r
"I can." mildly remarkedhlr. Up-to-Date,
from the depth ot his rmehalr.
Then the' No Htw tVtoso,
"The now woman stem (ovava play-
Id ner last caro. i wonder wtal next"
i 'Oh, sbo'll ask what's Vumps, I
Mitch Care.
"How'b your headache to-day?" nsc
n phytlolan of ono ot bis patients,
"Had as ever worso, It nnythlng,"
was tho unsatisfactory and lugubrious
"Did you bathe your head In brandy
and water, as 1 directed?" inquired tho
"Noj I tried to, but couldn't do If
"Tried to? Why couldn't you do It?"
sold tho doctor, with considerable sur
prise "I oouldn't got tho Jirnndy and water
up higher than my mouth to aave my
life. Now, you sco, if my mouth wna on
top ot my head, or it you could bang
a bottlo ot brandy from the celling nnd
contrive to tip It over mo, It might
work; but'unnlng on the old route from
tho bottlo io tho too of the head, It Is
impossible tor It to pass my mouth
without stopping. Can't you Invent
something ot that kind, doctor?"
Containing Cfnl Hint.
"Phew!" oxelalmod Mr. Mo3wat, who
was waiting for his wlfo to put tho' fin
ishing touches to her toilet before start
ing for tho tlfiator. "What's that per
fume you aro putting on your handker
chief. Lobelia?"
"It's musk," sho replied.
Whereupon Mr. McSwnt took a ro
vol jc r out ot hla pockst and laid It baek
on tno bureau,
"Nq footnad ,illl come wjllUn a mill
ot us this ovohlog, Lobelia," he sa)4.
"A rciiow-rVeiinr. " "
"A follow feeling makes us wondmus
No doubt 'tis true, nnd yet within my
Occurs tho thought that there's a time,
egad I
A fellow feeling makes us wondrous
For could you woll suppress an angry
To find
A fellow feeling for your pooketbookl
Cnmfortl)l Thermometer VTntd.
Old Lady (to dealer Is thorn ther
mometers reliable?
Denier Yos, madomj thoy aro manu
factured oxprossly for our own trade.
"I guess ycr kin glmmo ono of 'em."
"Yos, mndam; which will you have?
Thoy are all tho same prlo."
"I soe somo of 'em are 70 degrees an'
soma 80 dogrcos, Glmmo an 80 degree
ono. I don't caro much fcr weather
when It's cold."
Cheap at Ih Price.
"I paid a dollar nnd n halt for this
srat," said tho angry plebeian in tho
front row, "and I didn't como hero
morely to listen to your chatter."
"My doikh follow," suavely responded
I Cholllo from tho box, "thcah aw per
sons who hnvo gono to tho oxpcnin, ot
thousands und still wcro unablo V get
within hearing distance Of nny ot ourii
set You havo n bawgalii," '
A Church Chair Leader.
"I urt'dorslnnd our church choir has
got another now lrhdcr," said ono Lead
vllllnn to nnothor.
"Is he n good runner?"
"I believe he Is."
"Does ho know tho shortest way out
et town?"
"Bo I am told."
"Well, he's Just tho man to l.-ui
"Walt an moment" aald the eminent
etntagman to tho reporter who had corns
for the mnuuserlpt ot his speech. "I
want to make n llttlo correction."
And be mndo a hasty arasuro whoro
ho had written the bracketed word "np
plan" and the applause had failed to
cowo in.
II l!iiril.
"Ho stood at tho top ot the stops," she
aald, In tolling about It afterward, "nnd
I mustered up enough courage to sayi
'You Hnow, this Is leap year' "
"Yos. What than?"
"Then ho leaped, and I haven't noon
him since."
liailly Arrancul.
Mrs. Hiram I don't quite like on eas
ing a girl without reference.
Urldgst Nahelp-That's alt right
mum. Yau can pay mo a month In nd
Vanllr Takni Uaun.
There once was a person from Spain,
WhQ was haughty, disdainful, and vain;
Ue felt people feared him,
Till a ooster girl Jeered him,
Observing, "till I'll havo ycr eanor
At th Afo-Amrloan ClnU
"Dsy nebbah hnd no right to hab
dat roostah rui de flshul ballot, nohow."
"Why didn't dey?"
"It wea a mean trick to cofth de cut
lud vote."
If Had No Show.
Youngley The new playwright hu
no show nowadays,
Manager That Is Just the trouble. It
ho had a really good abow ho eeuld soil
It Ifasiedlately.
Ue TTa Sacraetfal.
MJ3d Nswgroom gtt th appolntasot
am mail carrier?"
T twin
A ftmnh natHrr.
The chief tirofor of tho Pari Con-
Mrrntoir of Muslo, M. Mnaeenet. t
but tfMHi u year salary. Th advantage
of the Institution are grnlutloiM to th
The liny Kleb.
Tho authorities of Ui KnnM Uni
versity have forbidden tho girls to tnko
iwrt In tit athletic exrtn dreel
in Ulooitwrs, nml th young moti nr In
dignant Good company nnd good illtoout-s
nro tlif vary elnws of virtue.
If You Are.
If you are bored, 11 It Iw kt)6wni n
woman reeanily rtlwt In Atchlm o
I'ltMcafof her deslro tn lx nmlnll un
der nil elrotiiiHtnuoe: Iwt-ed to iltftth. '
Atolttsan (Hob.
MIU llrnwn of Dultnn.
Ily tho simple Wlna of Card til Treat
ment of l'omitle DIieniQi. thousands of
nftllotetl women are roitured to health
evory year. It correal tho menstrual
trrestilarltlos from which nearly all
woman suffor. and is beln unlvenally
used for that (iurpoio now. Ask your
druggist for MoKlreo's Wlno of' Car
tful. Speaking at this class of women
dlieatoi, Miss Laura P. Drown, ot
Dnlton. On., says: "1 havo boon suf
fering from oxcoiilro mouses for two
years', constantly getting worse, and I
tool thu.l MoKlrco'i J Ino or Cnrdul
has saved tny ilfoT" I fooked 'forward
Co oach month and thought I could
notonduro such misery andYhor time'
I can't express my gratttudo for th
wondortul rcllof."
Tho irroutur tho eocrat, the moro
llnblo your confldnnt Is to tell It
Btate of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County as.
. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
I tho aenlar tmrtner of the firm of V.
J. Cheney & Co., doing buitness In the
City of Toledo, county nnu mate more
said, nnd that said llrm will pay tho
sum ot One Hundred Dollars tor each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
lm oured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Hworn tn before me and subscribed In
my presence this 6th day of December,
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hnll'a Catarrh Cure t taken Internal
ly nnd acts directly on tho blood and
mucous surfaoes of tht system. Send
!or tesllmonlols, froe. .
F. J. CHKNBY & CO., Toledo, O,
Bold by druggists; 7&o.
Hall's Family Pills, Ste.
A row ninons; Iclnsfolk I mild com
parotl to u lovo row.
. r it b - ah riT terr! u ir n r. It 1 1 n' n ru
Ncre ltnlorr. NoKmtlr-U.lir.ii))'i ums
Marvrlvutcurrt. TrMilMamlSSlrWMIIy.fni'K
tl li t'u, u J to t)r, KllUf.Ul Arch ni.,l'Lll., 1'.
A hoavy jiurso In n fool'a jioolcot Is u
hoavy ouro.
How a llttlo girl llki to nny to a
lmy, "you're uoinjr to cnti-h It!'1
Only tho rruttsg of Hard Study and Ex
traordinary Intolloct-Au Hon
orable Han.
Frct from Waco Times. Dec. !. MS,
afaev A Time reporter called
to fee nr. veno ai uio
l'nrinc hotel Init nlxht
nnd met n mot olegnnt
Kentleman. nnd who nt
one, lnilre you wltli
evrry d'tirce of confldmei
nna ftuiruy anows n
a innir of medical
. ciiii - and deserve tho
high iioitttnti he hold In
I Iho medical world to-coy.
Blue tr Vno ho
been in Waco ho ha
imiiiiv imuntrntod the
rcrnarWMu iwwtr of hi
remclie and prformd
rur . ly ttjem that
ctaintd linpnlulq to tho
outM world. The cur
of Mr, t II. Clay of .
Austin efter ihe bad
been nHllcted wUh ca
tarrh for over ten years,
plainly how tlm mar
velnu virtue of the vepo
ruratlve Syrup, as well
ns doe inni
tlct, of 'sii
P Oeorfo jieniien or
Columbia irwt Dr. Vsno said he cist
. vsno i
jvr h
'eno's C
no extraowinaiT power
he did not
j)opl. It was Iho reel'Maee lie uws,
i, and
wnien near ni name.
Tha doctor a
Venn's Curative Si-run
rtta as its emir
rhlAf InvriMllunt
rredlent iho wonderful
water iro
m tho tlandrlndotl wall of Willi;
WJe, where
mere nun:
lred of
.. in
aulTerer are
curtd ot many d!rai, that It ri
at It removed
laBth tno cnu nna ne
rrot of diAi,
and 111 ood tllmrd.r. and, witn It
irnrpia. t uiairn. ininiifl,
nu Uied wlin Vno-e wieeuir r.vii
ourd the wont nnd rnott dupenit UM
of llbeumatUm. raraiyats. Sclatten, Neu
rajaio and ache. and oaln. . .
rom the same coUig attended by 8lr
Xixii M..v.ni. tilivaletan to Queen
Ur. veno IS a Bcoicninan nnu piouuun
Vtelorla nnd' who a7teniedEinirorT'rd-
evlek In 1,1 lad lllnei. IT
powerful tn.-roeeope whloh was given him
by Sir Morr.'t and naturally he prtses It
mo ua a
ftti'f ' ni
nilcrosrop lo aid
m in oiaKTioainv ui
dianolnv. dUrasei
rates, lie is not
only to Introdue
emedlMi anil mow wnai iney wiu.uo
and to have thm on sal at all drug
Store. That h na cured scores of p0
plelle Kthat he t s Wrt tffl
henorald mn f unaueatlonalde In
Urilyl r sbwlut fact. Waco Is mtwh
bitter from Ids oomlng and hundreds will
MSTt to mm iave .
All ufrrLnif neo-
pie ean
in ordr his tneduln from. tbir
drURfist at frv each. r wrltu tu Ir. veno,
m M Ave .
DON'T 0jjfEgfc
GET wkpI
nnnn Var trans aa4 loo.i,o aald of Slim
IIUUU Lxji, lex ui aoutalBglea, Oeuo.

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