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.ooilbrs of a miss iscpi tow
Ths CsptiilR nHIm Simmer llliiwn Out n
tti l'llol Ihimp ()HtH tha l-mn-r l)rk-
Mnajr Injured MHrvlKtm-KU Hllll 3tl
Vldkitowg. Mies., May 12,-Tho tew-
boat Was ttisll, which arrived from
below at C yostsraay morning, brougt
the wftaaded and surriTon of ths
omf of the Ill-fated bl(t towboat, Uie
steamer Hurry Ilrown. whloh exploded
Her boilers ow Uraino land In, twon
ly-flve rails south of UiU oily, at 11
o'clock ulsy night, oauslng the Iom
of eleven lives asd tlti wounding of -m
many more. The Brown was (unbound
with six wpty coal boats awl two fuM
boate In tow. Tha Urown was Mown
to atoms by tin explosion and aank n
total wreak In than mtwftoa.
Tho killed: Oaorgn Kcm, seeend
mate, dlad while being transferred
from Uia boat to tiie steamer Shell
lltigineer Daugherty, found doad and
badly scalded on .lie wroek.
The missing: Norman Dravo, of
I'MMHiru. pilot: Own W. Iliudsley
seaman; M1 Annie How, of Glnoln
nntl, tlio rhembsrtnaid; Tom Judge and
Wllllitm Wlhwn, firemen; William
The injured In the hospital nro:
Gapt John'Hehn, the meet or. had his
right hip seriously Injured and hi loft
lmnd severely ewe, supposord by glow
in Mie pilot uouss, m he was blown
out of It. While the oantoln U aerl
ously Injure!, It la not thought that
ho la dannwouily hum. WIIHaim Drim
M out in (fcreral places, badly bnilied
and hta (aft lea; la broken: he was the
carpenter. Jottn Hardy, one of ths
boat's firemen, Is badly maided, and
he 4a seriously if not fatally Injured.
nan Kane, the pilot, who wa on
watch at the tint of Uie accident, la
alio In the hospital, seriously out about
tho head, face, neck and baok and
badly braised. William O. SUtJIen,
one of tho handa, of Mound City. III..
seriously hurt, but not dangerously.
Dan Deiony. the second engineer, Is
badly scalded awl hurt Internally, and
u in tnougn fatally injured.
Tho towfccaits and crow numborod
eight men. Throe bodies nro horc nnd
identified, five woumlotl In tho ho
pllal nnd Mx missing. n named above,
and nro no doubt lojt.
Wnshlngfan. May, 12. In Uio Com
potltor case ft can bo nuthoritatlvoly
stated that at the request of the U nl tod
States tho Spanish will postpone the
oxoeutlon of tho doath sontoncos upon
Amorloan cltixen until tho view of
tho United fttwiw respecting tho nppll
ration to the oases of tho tronty of
1705 and th" portorol of 1877 dan bo
presented and considered.
The infflowneoment of tho postpone
ment of the execution mcana a delay
of some weeks at leant, nnd tho matter
will bo, taken up by tho diplomatic
roprejnntatives of tho Unketl Stated
and of Spain nnd bo tnado tho subject
of xelinngo of correspondence on tho
Interpretation to be given Uio repro-
aontntlrtM between tho two nations,
Tho action of tho Btato department
In Insisting upon a retrial at least of
tho American prisoner 1a eTtdsntly In
atuwer to the contention of the coiirt-
tnapUal that the Cushlng protocol of
1877 did not apply to tho prwnnt raio.
Tho court hold that It applied only to
Amerlonn 1Hzeiw revildent In Spain or
the Spanlth dp mlnlonj, and as the cap-
tlvns from Uio compotltor were not
ronldfliit of Piibn. decided Oiey could
not claim any of tho prlvllcgos aoeord
cd by tho portocol. In tho opinion of
the state department It was an ex
tromoly narrow and Illiberal construe
(Ion to place upon tho protocol, but
wJillo not necoptlftg this constmotlon
tho department ginnlH ngalnai inn ad
vcrso denlilon on the protocol by re
curring to tho ancient treaty of 179S,
on th" ground tbt of thn prisoner'
oase vmt not overel by tho proloool
thoy oettmlnly could Invoke Uio protec
tion provided by the onrtlcr treaty.
"WhHe tho treaty Is not by any mean
goaemim in Ui matter of prlvlleffes
held out to prwonern. It Btlll oon
talm some asnraMeea of crmt -liie
to Uietu In Just such cass like that
whteh has now arisen.
The Uwt.
Washlnston. May 12. The session of
tho hmite yesterday was almost on
Urely dfrTQted to the ewatli oration of
Dbitrlst of OoluMblH btMlnsss. Dllli
were passed to request ths sserstary of
the treasury to detail revenue etttters
te eflforee retulatlons at resjattas; to
Rrnnt the Denver. Cripple Creek and
ftttttnvMlera railroad a right of way
lhrounii the South 1'latte and I'lum
Creek forest rtterrattons; to Kraut
pipe lines right of way over the jwblle
dan M(n In Colorado sod Montana ; to
Krant the Flatstatf and Canon rail
road right of way through the (lrand
taiea, and to extend the ohorter of
tho UirUoa and Northern railroad.
Preliminary conference reiort on the
India r appropnatlou bill was agjeetl
to and the title of dir. Madde or
OaontJa to bli seat we oonnrMed.
flrmt Ynvlit llnrr.
Tolstle, 0.. May II Toledo has been
m1U1 M tb point for the iNterna
tlWftl yacht ra t betwesn tho Lake
MIshlKSH yachting club of Chisago anil
the Iteyal club of Toronto. The ehaat
IWiBtilp will o to ths winner or these
five rum, to be iiled Auk- SI and sue
esHIng days. The etty of Toledo puts
up IISW in cold for ;he winner.. Th)
event extes tireat Intsrest here and
Toledo will b'dd a high rernlval on
the ocrsflon. whii !i will attract ycbts
roen from all ir North Ainerlsx j
Ttm Mrnstr,
Waehlocton, May 12. The semUo
yestortlay paeed bills authorixloK the
stato of South Ufikota to soleot for the
Sully military rwwwWon as imxvi lands
snued to tho state under tho act of
admission; for the restoration of lands
within Fort Leivss, Colorado military
reservaMon, to the public domain) to
validate tho set of certain deputy
United States marshal In tho Indian
i oTTKory.
In reporting the bankruptcy hill
from the Judiciary xmmaUra Mr. Toll
er stated thlat It favored tho substitu
tion of the senate liankruptcy bill I for
umm paMi by tho bottse.
Mr. Mstoheil (Itejt.), of Oregon, add
oil that the majority of the commit
tee fnvorsd Uie 4ioue bill.
The joint miohiUon wat passed nit
Uiorlzlng foreign oxlietiltors at tho
Tenneesfe Centennial exposition, to b
hehl In Nashvlllo. Tmn. In Sffi. In
bring to this country foreign laborers
tram Mirsr reepsotlve oountrlas for Uio
purposo, of preixtHng for nnd nmklitR
Uiel oxhlblu, ami allowing arttels ttn
ported from foreign coun tries for tlio
now purpose w exniuition at tin oxpo
sltlon to he Imported free of duty, tin
dr regulations prescribed by Uio see
retary of Uio treasury.
Hills wore passed for Uie uss of na
Uotial military parks ns fields for mil''
rary maneuver by tho state or federal
Mrott iHrkiim Trlnl.
Nawnort. ICv.. Mav 12. At 11:30 vh
r v ----- 0 -
torday tho argument In tho Scott Jnok-
sen one nognn. It una been arranged
that Col. Nelson shall rpoak f1rt. Craw
ford next and Loakhart shall nlnM. At
tornoy Nelson, after a very plain nnd
touching story of Uie crlmo. tnnlt tin
the testimony of Jackson, comparing It
wmi imumoiiy ot ins oommonweaitirs
wiinessM as to Ills movements on Fri
day and Saturday, and nsktd tlio lim
it It was likely that all these disinter
ested witnesses for the prosecution
would deliberately perjure Uiomselvea
and tho truth bo told only by Jackson,
whose Interest In Uie trtal Is aupreme
Col. Nelson oecunled tho wholo dav
with his argument, concluding at S p.
:n. no mado tho ttlmony of Bco'.t
jaoKson in mi own ueromo tho tliomo
of hi nrgumont. Bcott Jackson, tho
prisoner, never boforo came so near to
losing his solf-coraposuro as during
Col. Notion's torrlflc nrralenmont.
Judso Helm nnuou.cod yestorday af-
tornoon that tho Scott Jnckdon enso
would not ho au bml ttod to tho Jury till
Thursday. Ho then postponed tho trial
or Aionzo walling for tho oiurdcr of
Pearl Ilryan until May 20.
Hjiri'i h (rum thn Tlirnnr,
Madrid, May 12. Tho corlos as
sombled yesterday. Tlio spcooh from
ino tnrono announced a measuro aim
Ing to ostiabllsho In tho Antilles an
administration ot a purely looal cliur
aotr, giving Mie country control of Its
own finances, whllo malntulitins Intnot
npaitrs sovoroign rights.
The spptvh cleclaro that Brxiln has
fulfilled beyond measuro tlio tiromisaa
who mado to tho Cubans after tho first
Tho relations with foreign powors,
Uio epoeah says, aro oxosllent.
Tho correct and frlemly nttltudo of
tho SouUi and Contral American re
publics (TOSS to nravo that mah Ar.v do.
volops Hllll moro Uio Intorodts binding
uimii to npain.
In tho United Statea. dnmlto tho of
forts of public opinion In tho contrary
direction, the prnsldettt and his gov
ernment havo not separated thomielvcj
from thO lino Of conduct and Inrnt
friendship which liavo always oxlstod
between Uio two coun.tr! &a ulnro ttm
creation of tho republic.
ino noje nas gtvon ranowca sympa-
Uiy to Spalg.
tVoiurn Aitmlltnl,
Cloveland. 0.. May 12. At tho annual
convention ot tho Lake Etio district
Turnorbund held In this city 8undny
evening It was decided after much dli.
ousslon tlmt women bo admitted to all
of tho societies. This was a comnloto
surprlso to mott of Uio members, ns It
was thought tho moUon would ho de-.
reaieu ueoauso the commlttco on na
tional affairs had submitted tho report
in whleh it recommended that a tirrm.
odltlon to ndmlt women ho loft to tho
various sooiotlea. The matter will 1m
brought boforo tho national convention
at Louisville, Ky In June for final
disposition. Detroit was decided upon
for tha placo ot the next annual eon.
Onlrrnt In Hrli lr.
New York. May 11 A dWtxUrii from
Panama says: A reiwrt ts eurrent hra
tJt the IlermtHla will arrive at Colon
wtuiin the now few dars. in IklIIsw
The Panama government has been In
strueted frost Dogoto to ssiza Wib vu.
eH on her arrival at Colon If war ma
terials are on hoard. The CfolnmhUn
gunhoat Oen. Cordova was telegraphed
for at Cnrthagftaa, and has arrived at
Colon, am. C&rapo Sermiio was on
UiIuii t l'ririy.
New OrleoM. U.. May 1!. llwr,l
Conery, Jr., moretiant and :re4dit ot
Uie Indenendeot Oil oonitstcr. nm-
eeseton of his property far the I
ot ertxuiors in t he odvll dUin.M
yeetsfday. Assets 12ST.0001 Uf
(taiinars suit I.mni Mftlrlird,
SprlBsfleW. 111., Mar ll-AtJalu
have been aimed ttuvun Jtauuv
Coensrs, of this shy, and Oaaper lm,
ot New York, for a vwentr-nve rauwl
glore etmtatt at f l.m a side.
The fight will tirobahlv ooeur befom
ts ItHreka Athelessla sIhIj Unmiuii.
atsty ajr late Siavln-Mscisr eoatsai.
May 39.
All through the Methodist conf, ivn.a
at ( b'vuland. roi'Mittly, tlin wutimn
nm.-tU.h, always raliK-1 ahub b ib.
TlisCrownf llin Uoinpftltnr m Vo rtnve
Wot llml Trlnl llrrnMmtrlit t'rr.lt
l'nll of flrrj t'niuiiiriiti nn tho JtoiUItt
Popular litrltriiitnt,
ahftigion, May 11. If nay offl
olfll news has been received by tho
government In Washington yesterday
retarding the Amerieans oatHured
alHwrd tho Competitor by the Spaniard
nnd condemnm! by courlnwiHal to bo
Bitot, diligent Inquiry fails to dlatlose
ifT nature.
Secretary Olney, to whom rt note was
add rested on tho subjnet, repllsil that
thsra mu nothing new to make pwhlln.
Inquiry In congrmslonal clreles
among thwo directly Interested in Uio
caso of one ot tho men M I Hon dhows
no additional foots have been received
by thfim.
Sonator Paeeo of Florida, who lias
taken special Interest In the cases, be
lieves that the Spanitfi government will
not bo inclined to hasty action, na In
tho prraont atato of fooling any sum
mary declsfon by It may lead to serious
Tho fact that Uio Hiirana omolols
Imvo rofsrrcd tho execution ot sentenco
to Madrid Ih a eoitroe of gratlfloaUon
to thoio interostrtl in ttio prlsonors'
fato nnd Innplrca tho bollof that itomo
lenlonoy may bo shown.
rt Is not Improhablo tlmt nn effort
may bo rjndo In congreso duriug tho
coming week hy resolution to acquaint
tho ptrollo with tho facta In tho wise,
calling on tlio president for Informa
tion ami requesting Mm to take nueh
Hteps as will give tho condemned mod"
a civil trial.
NtntiliCft tho Miir.hnl.
Fulton, Ky May ll.-Tbia ftltornoVm
'three negroes otUaoked Otty Manrlml
jcsto wniKer. Two of Uiem hold him
whllo the third cut him seriously four
Umca with a knfe. Tho negroes Uion
oscapotl. nioodhoiind wore Immediate
ly put on thatr track, and ono has
been captured. Thoro Is much otolto
mortt, nnd tho negro will probably bo
Fulton, Ky ray ll.-V nozro Im
idlmtod In tho cutting of City Mtirshal
josso wuikor watunlny was lynched
hero kist night by a mob of about COO
citizens. Tlio nojrro was nrmstnl hv
tho telegraph operator at Arlington, n
tow miiw north Fulton, yesterday
morning, wh" In tho attempt, toarrost
mm. snot ir, imt !bovo tho eft Itmir.
Tho negro was carried Into Fulton and
was met by tho mob. Ho remained In
the mob's Jmmls until tho nrrlvnl of
Shorlff Ptirduo of Albion oountv. Ton
tlOSdce. Ution his nrrivnl fin A IminA.
dlutely nftor ho had takon charge of
tho negro tho mob rushed madly upon
mo negro and swung him up sovoral
feet In tho air nnd his last vnnU
"0. 0. Ood two me. I am au Innocent
man." Howovcr. ho confessed tu the
crime at Arlington vosterdnv momln
i lie iwo otlior nosroe who did tho cut
ting aio yet uncaotured. but nro hnlnir
notiy pursued by a largo posse of Ful
ton citizens, assisted bviovotiil tvnll.
trained bloodhounds. Tho onn lvnohrst
Mbt night hold tho mnrshal whllo thn
otlior two did tho cutting. Tho lynch
Injr of tha two nnmnhirml n-lll
ronow tneir nrrost Immediately. Mar
inai vaiKcr it not oxpocttU to live.
rrolmlily .Murilrr.
CInvPlnnd. 0.. May 11. Tho nnn
aro invoeti&rtlng tho death of Aloxan
tier MolCcnxlo. a bookkconer for thn
CTovolnnd, Canton nnd 8outhorn rail
toad, which oocurred yesterday aftnr
noon. MoICenslo lived with his wlfo at
lfl Wheolor court. Yostcnlay morning
no oompiaincd of a htudadho and his
wife mndo him n cup of tea, which ho
draak. Soon afterward ho hwnin lit
A physician was called mid ho doehirod
m AioKsiut wus siitrorlng from ttio
offeeta of morphine. SulntMta ot rfnn
was prescribed as an antidote. Mrs.
MeKenzle procured tho medicine. The
diluted suljfttate of rlno mini a two
ounce bottle. Ono teaepoowful every
two hours was prescribed as a done. A
number of nersona who mm nrsanni
sty Mrs. MeKenile was Intoxicated and
that she gave Iter hustund all of the
atJWn at one dose. Two hours later
died. When Uie nollea srrlve.1 at
the house they found Mrs. MeKeesle
in bed with her huetaml. She was ar
rested on ths eharge of drunkenness
and will be heM to awNH the resuk ot
tha coroaer's Inquest The police imy
Mrs. MelCensle wm relisiseil ttm ti
penitentiary only Hires weak son wi
serving a senteiHw for htasuHy. of which
se was sonneted in Ashland ootmty.
t'nuiiit tlullly.
Omaha. Neii.. Mar ll-Aiinriiv s.
fra noofl Saturday 'Aie jury in the
ot Jienry lkillln. the defiuiUinir
erty treswurer. returned a verdiet of
pllty on very aowit fientenee has
not yet been nronounseil. Tim
rttr r .Tibed U from one to twemtv-
ami fine to double the
stolen. The amount ot the
Mln athsregatea fjlOeOO.
igigfls1l, .. Jlay 1W. E.
Utaatar, of Havana, a oondueior on
(M CTK Four railroad, wo found ly
ing eesMl on the Wo rafirqad
tiwfcs in LlteiiflsW. aotMnvwt of this
city. The aoroner's Jury rotwned a
vertNat that he eafse to his death by
beins; tkot by an unknown peraun asd
the body had afterward 1a thrown
on the railroad traek.
.wil lthoiie' rnslgnatlon hai not u
-t b-.n acceptwl by tho chartered
Vo .lit African company.
Sfltli Anultrnnr.
FranWoHi-on-tho-Maln, May 11
The Jth anniversary of tihe signing
of the treaty of FranWort, whloh oon.
oludod the Franro-Pnm'Ian war, was
c1ehratMl hero yeMerday In continua
tion of the fetes nnd celebrations whloh
hato been held throughout Uermony
Ih ownawnKion of tho 26th nnnl
Verwry of Mib events of Uio war. Tho
treaty w stfmixl In the 8wnn hotel,
lt this oky, by Prhioo IMsmarck. on
of nermatty, and Jules Favro on
behalf of France.
The eaVrfbr Ion of the annlvorsary of
ttm signing of the treaty yesterday
vas atem1d Vy epletuHd wwJlter. lhn
pmr WMIInni and limpreca Attguetn
arrived In Uio oily at 10 o'clock In tho
morntng, and n4ved nn ovation from
a fjreat mulritiHlo of people, who had
Bothered to welcome Uiem. Tho city
wa magnificently decornted, Buy col
ored butuing ami olatwrnte designs ot
flawera and green being ovorywhero
maul ft.. Oreat crowds gathered In
Uio city from outlying districts,- and
depitiaUoiHi wero nbio present frmi all
the tinlversttlM of Central and South
ern Qormany.
l'iiiiilsr Hirltcnifiit,
Madrid, May 11. Thoro nro evidence
of growing iwpular oxoltomont In
Spain over tlio nttltudo ot tho United
Blnlc government toward the question
of filibusters captured on board tha
Compotltor. Tho riots and outbreak
of popular hatred tawurd tho United
Slates at tho tlmo of tho passago
through congress of tho resolution fa
voring tho rooognftlon of tho Cubans as
bolllgoronts have not been forgotten
and tho scnthnonta whloh caused them
are but smoldering.
Tho Spanish government has on all
passible occasion oxpressed Its appre
ciation of and satlsfaetlon wMh the ef
fort made by tho United States gov
ernment to prevent na far o lay In Its
IKiwer the giving of unlawful aid to Uio
Cuban Insurgents toy citizens of the
Untied States. Mut Uio widespread
aympathy felt for the insurgents in
tho United States I well recognized by
uie Hpanieh pcoplo awl tho news of tho
expeditions from tho United Stato
landing from tlmo to tlmo in Cuba cro
ntt Intense. Irritation.
I.rttvr from Wrylrr.
Ihircolona, May 11. A loMor has been
reccivod horo written by Cnpt. aim.
Woylcr in Cuba to a deputy living In
this city.
Although Con. Woylor take a liberal
vlow of tho situation In Cuba, he opines
that tho rebellion ran only bo quelled
hy vigorous measurcu. Ho oxnrrnnM
tho wish to complete tho fortified lino
from Jucaro, on Uio southorn coustof
tho Island, to Moian. near tho northorri
coast, In tho western portion nl tho
provlnco of Puorto Principe. A rail
road runs betwetm thoso two polnU,
Capt. Clou. Woylor 'found gn-at hopes
upon tho completion of this lino. Ho
says tlmt when tho robolllon Iras been
crushed ho intends to apply reforms
gradually n tho insurgents ylold and
as opportunity la afforded to Spain to
provo hor ohivnlroua eontlmonts, but
ho will muko no ooneossions while tho
rcboJHoit holds Its ground.
Krrluut Flro.
St. Ixul, JIa, May 11. Flro was
discovered in tho Metropolitan restaur
ant, which occupied a three-story build
ing at 32 Ollvo street, at 1 o'clock this
morning. Ilofore tho firemen could got
to work tho flames spread throughout
tho building nnd soon doetroyed It. Jot
forson (lordlier, rooming on tho third
floor, had hi face burned: Dan Steele.
Mlko Tchno. John Cronln, Horry
Hrlggs nnd two other firemen whoso
names aro unknown wcro Injured by
tho falling of tho front wall. Thoy
were takon to tio city hospital. It was
roported that Tom Dwltiton.
rooming with Gardner, was missing,
hut this could not bo substantiated.
or a long tlmo tho niaiio. n inn.
story omce -building adjoining, was
threatened, but hard work by tho fire
men saved il
Nrott 3 At V tan Trial.
Nownort. Kv.. Mav It All a.i.
unlay tho aUumovo in thn
aon'trial woro engaged In presenting
niBtruwions wnton they desired tho
juuga to present to tho lurv ti ...
ual confereneos and dUouseiotw orowd
ou ok wo arwrnient. which wo to
imvo begun this offarnoan. Meandtne
Judge Helm made nn 1U min,t
WllOt Inatmetlona ha
. . sv MiV
jwy next .Monday morning.
col. Crawford, for ttm urnn
walve.1 hds right ,o make astenuMe ar-
gumenu. The probable ordar of ar
guments will be Loakhart Ami itnv.
second for Uis nresMMtlnn. rvii
ftml for the defense. Ool. Neison olos-
ing I or tug nroMMUtlnn. tn.l r....
rortl will be ivm as ltuWi tima a m...
oi mree Meeies of the prosecution.
lMmdn HllliMi,
Plkerllle. ICy.. Mav 11 Aim tt..
IKon, a well known desperado and lo-
wi terror to she oounty, wm shot and
W1I! by soma oolcnawn iumI ai.
unlay oh Hlkhwn oreek, ki this coun
iy. He was shot from ambush, five
balls taklaz uttaat .imI n.inl. .....
-" "' O
Loaded tvith Arim,
NftW Load OH. Oabh.. Viv 11 n..
tHx OomtuMiilar. utth
awl areen Point In tow. which saNed
"w ew yor eatttrdsy night, aad
we Ttiif Votuateer met ths steatoer
mystery off Montauk Mm, and trans-
r"" "V ' sieomr about 100 Oh-
J4tun ai dynamite, 'awt. O'llrten
rr was errscied returned with
tho Volume,. The Laursd p o,u
With ths ISirtptlon of tho rcMn Com I
!tm-TliU Arnniril n Slur), 0iiotltloii
framtliaOnllfiiriiUMmHliirt nnd ltrri
euUtlTri Tlmt It V f.tift Out.
Washington. May 0. The rlier and
haitor ibill was oomoleted veatordsy In
tho flenbto with the oxeeptlon of the
non for a deep sea Iiertor on the Pa
clflo coast. This ttroused derj) oppo-
elUon, tho two California senators op
poking tho DroDosed contract attnmorl
anion of 18,008,000 for a hnrbor at Ban
ta JIonioA bay on the ground that It Is
a projoot fontcreil by tho SouUiom Pa
dflo, oa natninnt public eentlment nnd
tho reoommemlnMon of two board of
army onlncrs. Mr. WhMo of Califor
nia commcntwl on Uio cxtitiorillnnrr
codWon by whloh the oomtneroo oom-
mltun of Uie smote was forcing an ap
propriatlon on tho a'tato against tho
wishes of its senators, representatives
and pcoplo.
WJth tho bowl resolution out of tho
way, tho senate gavo its attention to an
noounwflation of minor measures ami
then took up the river and harbor bill
Tho amount for Uio loux City re
Yoimonis on mo .Mitwotirl ttvor was
luorcasrd from 810.000 to itO.000.
On a poin ty of order toy Mr. Oormnn,
tho committee amendraont was Htruck
out providing that nil nniiona era
ployetl on ricr ami harbor work shall
bo eolooted nnd hired by tho officers of
tho con1 of engineers In local ohargo
of tho works, 'in order that tho ollloors
may Um hold to n strict responsibility
for Uio proper oxeotiMon ot the work
in tnoir oltarge.
(lotting Jllshlr lUtrnrnRpnt.
Washington, May 0. 'The members
ot the houso yesterday rated themselves
1100 a month for dork during tho ro
a-M of congress. Under a resolution
passed by tho fifty-second congress tho
members of Uio nubscquont congrome
received tlOO a month for clerk hlro
during Uia srtMlona. Yosterdoy tho
proposition to extend Uils allowance to
members during tho roonwos of con'
cross came up in tho form of tho Hart
man rosolullon, adversely reported
from tho committee on accounts. It
occasioned oomo very slivirp debate. It
had tho eupport ot Mr. Cannon, Uio
chairman of tho appropriation com
raittcc, but wo opposed by Mr. Ding-
ley, tho floor leador of tho majority.
Mr. Aldrlch (Hep.) of Illinois said
It would Involve an additional expend!
luro of 1210,000 per annum.
It was advocated by Mossr. Cannon,
A. It tho (Hop.) ot Massachusetts,
Hepburn (Itop.) of lown, Iloutollo
(Hop.) of Mnlno and Hondoroon (Itop.)
of Iowa, and opposed by Moss re. Dock
ry (Dcm.) of Missouri, Pitney (Hep.)
of Now Jorsoy, Troooy (Hop.) of Mis
souri, Wheolor (Dom.) of Alabama,
Bldnnor (Hop.) of North Carolina and
Telbwt (Dom.) of South Carolina.
-ino resolution was omonacu so as
to accept mcmbors dia'lrmon of com
miucos naving annual moras ana as
amonuea waa passoa yoas 130, nays
108. An analysis of tho voto shows
that Hi Republicans, IS Domoorats and
1 ailvorfta rdlod for it, and 63 Ropubll
cess, C8 Domurats and 1 Popullit voted
Bisalnat IL
Tho senate agreed that when It ad
journed yestonday it ho to meet on
nt Up for Life.
Ilome, N. Y., May 0. J. WlUon HI!-
droththo boy train wrecker, rooelved a
Bio eofftonoo yostcrday. His com pon
tons, Pla'5o ami Hulibanl, pleaded
tullty to manslauglitor In Uio first do
proo and wcro acntonccd to twenty
rosjtt' Imprisonment on two indict
meats, or forty years In all. These
bays and another namod Jrod Prijtol,
w3io has einco dlod of consumption,
woro accused of planning to wreck tho
Now York Central express train, for
tho purposo of robbing tho pasongcrs.
Tho affair occurred last November, tho
place aolootod for the crime being near
Rome, Tho engtnoer of tho train was
IcBlcd and tho fireman bo badly In
jured he Is only now ablo to learo tho
hospital. Tho clerk of tho railway
mail service waa also seriously hurt
None ot tho lads aro mora Uian 18
rears ot ego, and except In the case ot
ana ot them their parents were well
to da
Trlnl Munler.
Now York, May 8. A dli patch from
Information with regard to a horri
ble murder at 9fax has just been re
ceived here. It was a triple murder
Dr. tMoh, en Anglican Prateetwt-
IWMWBH7! uia wtio situ uia iiwiMll BOn
being the victim. The crime was d
covered Wednesday. Dr. Lmah'a H
Ue son, who was only 18 months old,
waa found In his cradle with his throat
out Tho motive for this horrible
crtmo appears to Imvo been vengeaneo,
for tho gold and sliver jewel of tho
vioMnw havo been found.
Oreat oonstornatlon prevails at Brat.
The Judicial authorities have Informed
tho prosurator ot Uio reptibllo and tho
Judge d'lnstruetlon at Sousie, who will
arrlveil at Sfax yeaterday. Threo tut
Uvos havo been or rested.
Hliot by a Itobbrr.
Ohtoago, III., May 9. While chasing
a Mbber from Ma more last night,
TJiowoa J. Marshall, proprietor ot a
dry good Btoro at 2T8 West Madison
tftreet, was Khot twice. ad died a few
tsome&U later oil tha idewatk fat
front ot hie place. Tho robber ca
cfcvped. alter several shots to IbUshI
data tha people in the atreet Ho
wounded two other persons. Alexan
der Dews waa shot la the lett 'leg and
KaUe Hyaes was shot through both
Holme' Iloiljr Itiirleit.
Philadelphia, l'a., May 0, The body
ff II. H. Holmes was yesterday token
from tho vwH In Holy Oro.s eemetery,
wheto It had bean towered uesler cuard
alnoo tin. oxecutton, nnd was lowered
Into n grave ten feet tlep.
Tho only penso presertt wero At
torney Samuel P. Holan. a priest nnd
an undertaker besides aho gmve dig
nera. Tho Ikix which contasM she body was
Imbedded In cement wlileiiJmd already
'iMutontMl, was too wMa to be lowered
Into nn' ordinary grae, honee a ep
nrnto spaoo was seleoUM lor the Inter
ment. Tho doad murderer was eeeonieil a
Christian burial, but tho service was
brief. At Uie conohtstoH a layer ot ce
ment two feet thick was piled upon ths
oofun and his toasb will 1m a solid wall
of rock. These prembtlomt were fhu
result ot Holmes' last withes. Ha
feared tho (M-otng tabic more than
ho did the grave.
Lawyer Ilotan Imm not yl examined
tho papers loft by HWmw. but he feels
cortali that no will Is omoHg them.
Kiiiun Kmr tufuriiiMtlivn.
Iomlon, May 0. A correspondent at
Pretoria, In a dispatch puWtahod yes
terday moralug. Rives some further
telegrams In the so-called "cryptogram
eorlw." Thoynrchowevor, of little In
toroat for tho mo.t part dealing with
tho proparalUoMi for tho raid. Thoro
aro nAso extracts given from tho copy
of an okt book kept by Major White,
whloh is now In the ttamla of tho pnu
ewtiUon. Tlio ontr' in thki notobook
fv Doeombor 29 eojn:
"Ilocolvcd a dlsjRVtoh from Cell
Ilhodos to movo at onco to Johannes
burg." Then follows detail of tho march.
Tho corraspontlent mtggeitta that
Uits mytabook I posatbly simriout. Ho
also aya:
"I undernland Umt tho Traoevnal
ffovernmont will publish alt ot Hie doc
timents in tiro oase in n grean book,
Tho decision to mies tfio sontanco de
psndfl largely upon the will of tho peo
ple" Tnkn l'uiiaitlnn.
Independence. Kan., May 0. Tho
fight between tho citizens and tho water
commlttco culminated Thursday, whon
tho city took foroiblo possession ot Uio
waterworks. For soma tlmo Uio city
council ha complained that tho com
ps y was not keeping up tlio prnssuro
or tho qualify of tho water ppcolfled la
tho contract. A spoelnl election was
hold last spring to voto upon tho prop
oslUon for tho purchaao of tho water
works, but it was defmtwl. An at
tempt was mado In .tho morning to
bcIzo tho pumping station, but the em
ployes woro on tho lookout and Uio at
tempt fullod. In Uio afternoon eovem!
oflloors, headed hy tho r iyor and all
tho counollmen. went in im ntntinn.
They cntorcAl, oelrod tho onglnoor and
ureisnn, wiio ofrorcd reelstanoo, throw
thorn out and took poMtslon. A"how
onglncer Is now in ohargo and tho water
worka guarded. Tho company's ngont
rotusod to turn over any of tho keys.
Colored 1'rrsrlier Arretted.
Kanais Cfty, Mo., .May 0. A special
from Fort Scott, Kan., says: Dr. W.
Johnson, colored, bluhon of thn Knnn
district Mount ZIon Baptist ohuroh, was
arrowed yeaterday on an indictment by
tho federal grand Jury charging him"
with making falso ponalon nfndavfts,
and falling to clvo bond ho was scat to
jail. Ho enlisted as Wyatt Hogun and
nftor tho war chanced his nuio in
JohMxm. iAter as Hogan ho secured
big bock pay ponslon.
XoKrlr F.nitnl.
Ixmdon, Jlay 0. Tho mlvnnm nt
imperial troops beyond Mafoklng lus
been canoelled on IOarl Oray'a stato
racnt Bhat tho back of tho robolllon has
boon brokon ami that Uiclr aaslstanco
was not reaulrod at Ilulunia.ro. liart
Oray also roquestod Gov. Sir Heroulca
jiomnson not to tnoroaee tho difficul
ties iavolvod In forwarding mtpplica by
sending any ntoro troops.
Now Orleans. Xjsl. Mar 9. a. M
Oabbort arrived by Ateamor, and tolls
a hnrruwn elory of nn Amorloan,
namod Harpor. belna Ivnrfhnd at iv-
nartios. Harper waa formerly era
ployed otrWio Houston and Texas Cen
tral rauway. uaubert left lat nJht
over ho Southern Paoiflo, mylotf die
waa going to Oalventon to eaaot
mlljvay laborers far OeHtreJ Amrlsa.
OUsasUL IH. May B. rrI Wiss m
ftrueira4 workers' vairfkC whfch
tiaa been .wogreM in tljk oily since
Way i. deelared nff. ths man
Mviag roAuhed' 4ifi ngrwiment wish
their employer. Tht ium bo tank tn
ijwrk for ilVi conts er hour and
uouoio pay for overwme. 1ty struck
for iS cant. Tho scale rate was 37
Tha StatO llnnArtmant nl Wnlilnitnn
has been notified that only one Amer
ican was on board the Competitor
when captured.
11m Itmtnn nlMatln tutba Im.. up
turned from Athens, ilutliad with their
Ilsmmnnd's lVlf nml itruiar.
loadon. Mar 0. A Pretoria, dli.
pateh, doted Wedaesday, says:
J onn nays lUKmwmd's wife had a
Ibm ad tauehins! icnrvlew mUS
Pretfdeat Krueger, at whieh she prsad
etios." The ore, however, ot Utile in.
other prisoners. President KnuMr
promised to consider ererytlilg, mi
he said he hoped that she mmim
wouhl bo settled by the mi! of a,.
Tha fUherlei In the llelirlnt. iu
psar to bu la a votjr daocroui itat.

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