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t My ('.id! i j II. i it'i i ,fe i
VOL, 4
NO 1.
Jena C, 1800,
The board of trastees uet at 3:30 p. m
l'reient, J, W. Klniluger. mayor Jet
jjfiaiora, x, r. uiaoamore end J. E ut-
Mjr, WPSUeS.
Aiored by Bradford and aeoonded by
ejereriy mat uona oi it ,i . naaooe be u
Moved by Bradford and seconded by
Blaokmore that Mr.Larerty ba appointed
to it Mr. Osborne and learn what bolU
log oan be ranted for for flra departraeat
roomei aiso jearn waata lot can be teoor
d at to boltd oa.
Moved by ilradford, aeoonded br Blaek
more, tbat ThOe. nigglna ba allowed 810
par month for attra amice. Bradford
aod Blaokmora yoUdj "aye" and Leter.y
-DHr carrieo.
Moved by Bradford, eeeoudeil by Bteek
more, tbat A. It. O'Qninn'a statement ba
Moved by Brndford, and Seconded by
BUoKmora tbat chief of flra department
be lottruoted to proonie oover for aha
rnloal engine, lame to be paid fur by the
iwwiii vHruffUi
It will ba oaoia of aarprUe it Uoveruot
a-rinoe uoeenoi gain airong support in hla
party In this Territory fortba nomination
tor delegate to iMngreei, uatron woold
object of oonriri bnt ba .hna no nnnnsi.
tlonably misrepresented the beet element
or ma party during hla brief etay in
tvaehlngion tbat ha hne endangered hie
own renotnlnation, Albenuerqae Demo.
The 8t. f onla Bepoblio haa made ar
raugenienii to coyer we poiltloal newa
of all partlei In tha coming campaign in
a way that haa never been enaaled by
any newanapor. Those wbo wish to keep
posted should anbioriba at once. The
Uepoblio, dally and Bandar, hae been -
dnoed to 0 a yeir, 93 for 0 monlhe or CO
eenia a monin, ine Twlee-a-week Bepnb
Jlo to f In year.
Vrankford, Ky., May. 20. (speolel)
Mrs, rattle Bacon Wright, wife of Lull
Walter Cfc Wright, United Btalea Army,
leu nere xueeany to join her hueband
at Halt Lake Uity, Her train ran into
the HI. Lonls oj clone at Belrille, III.
Here la the thrilling, letter eha wrote
back to her daughters tuFraukford,
"We ran into thla fearful oycloua at nt
a little place called Brlvllle, in Illinois,
The engineer put on steam and In leee
than a minuet a run wa wore stopped by
fating tree. The houiea began fall like
homes of carde, tha great treea twitted
Ilka tttilcha and polled up by tha roote,
and covering everything with them.
The elation homo was leveled to the
earth, and then began the eearch for tha
dead. Tha oar waa QUtcMy turned into
a morgue of the dead and a hospital of
tbewoauded. And never wia there a
band of people who worked aa they did.
Tbaraln came down in torrents, and
first I ktfJw tha eoudactor aiked mo to
bold a poor lit lie baby whose mother
wa killed and whom father will probably
die. I took a brown ahawl and wrapped
the child In It, and tried to qniet her,
Boon her ilttla altter waa bronght in, and
a gentleman stripped off hia coat, folded
her in it and they were qnlet. Tha moil
beautiful boy of abut twelve yeara waa
brought in dead, and, not a mark on him,
and eoon tha list wit awaited beyond
conntlng, 1'rttty toou wa ran baok into
Belleville bearing the dead, and trying to
get a reetlug place for the living, We
then tried to got to Bt. Louie only about
ten mltet. but failed, and eo I speut the
night un a common day coach. This
morning at 0 o'clock we gdl oat at Keatt
Bt. Louie, and God knowt there wat little
left of it. A yoong man, Mr, Unbar, and
I tried to roakti our way to the ferry, tha
bridge being hopelessly damaged for the
prettnt. After about an honr'a walkwa
found ourtelvtt on tha Miitlreippl. We
climbed over dead people and horeoe, tlm
bir and rooting, and found one boat about
toaroie, The reel were high on the bank
and ttrtwn with dead, It waa terrible.
Hero 1 am at tha Bontharn Hotel and bad.
aomo breakfast, the tint mouthfull alnoe
13 o'clock yeaterday. There are no atraet
'care running here, business it nearly im
pended and pandemonium relgue," 1
Mrs, 1'attlo llacon Wright Is a sister
at Dr. Hodman, who received a paper
containing tho above.
PruiluutlvaUM of Avtm.
It waa a urging of J. W. rltnllli, the well
known Whcoinlnhortleullorlit, that he be
lieved the limit to the prodaotiveutee of an
ore of land haa never yet been reached.
At 60 yeara of vge he began gardening
operations on poor and Doproduellveaoll,
taking ae mottoes for hla guidance thor
ougb drainage, abundant water, equally
abudsut plant food, and good tillage, lie
lived to see lit forty acre Oreeo Bay farm
prodaoe ttraa berries at the rata of 00
bushels to the ueret potato!, 750 betbele
per acre, and ouious, 1000 b3thet, By
attention to the prlnclplet to whjoh we re
far, and aa a reward for hla falh In the
idea that there waa praotleally no limit to
the production of an apre, If properly
treated, he ncelved in one year, aa the
amount of Lis grosa sales from forty
acres, $10,000. We do not eipeot every
reader to be able to soil an average of
8100 worth of producta per neie from
'forty euree of land but there is only one
thing that stands In the way of every
reader approaching this atandard to a
raooh greater degrre than U the cine, and
that it hit unwillingness to bring to the
task tha utot'sery amount of intelligent
labor. We do not lntauoe the case of
Mr Smith wlih a View ot Inoculating the
teader with the Idea that lie oan make a
fortune from torty aorta of land lu a
single season, and Mr. Smith did not do
it that way himeelr, Hit tnecest waa the
result of patient effort, pursued with un
varying constancy, keeping the goldlag
prlnelptte he had chosen continually in
view. Any reader oan attain rettlts elra
llsr In kind. If not In decree, if bo will
adapt meant to the end wltb equal wisdom.
Ceualy Commissioners Proceedings.
t (Ifllalal I'alillratlm,.
1 Sf8jtei ember ed that there waa begun
ladfKeMen a regular meeting of the
hoard of oonntr commissioners In and
for JWdy county, Hew Mexico, on the first
day of inn, 1880,
rrwsstt U. B. Bateman, chairman;
fniBk!8belnboldt, oommlsslonir district
m a.. . . . e a
no, ueo, m, Monroe, commissioner
dlitrlotho. 3 W. B. Owen, clerk,
Tha following bille were utamlned and
Aeet, Mo, Aeet of amt. ape
p. for
1060 3, D. WaUer, 1111.18
980 " tJ6V,0
ioro tn,83
1009 " 190.76
Adjourned to Tuesday, June 2, 1800,
ToEtfiii, Juki 3, 1B90,
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
rreveat aa ueiore ana ine rouowing pro
eeedlnet were hadr
The board proceeded ti lie tlnlle a a
ooaro or eqnauiaiipn ror ino year ihuo
F. Agoettne, 8 860.00 1 700.00
8. U. Bowker Co., 1,030.00 l,0ir,.00
U. r. Brown, 3.1S0.00 3.180.00
Gilbert Grompton, 1,000.00 l,8S0,00
E, T. Uoesenbory. 1,885.00 l.OU.OO
U. (jameron, 3,82S.oo n.JDO.OO
W V, Dannelly, 99.00 50.00
C. Dlihman, 0,00 17.00
W. II. Ellis, l.UUO.OO 1,750.00
The board then adjourned to vtednea
day, Jnna 0,
WSDNISDAY, tVKZ ., 1600,
Board met pursuant to adjonrnmentt
present at before, ana the board proceed,
ed to ita duties aa a board of equaliza
tion! assissusHt or baisid rnou to
Eddy Blstell B. Co. 88J7C.CO 81 1,170 00
A. H. Flther . tOO.OO
Fredrla U. Hodeoll, U.oIM.OO
2,520 JH)
1 107.00
John 11. Joyoe,
Thot. K. Jones,
Joyoe, Pralt t Co,
u, i. uiiiougn,
II, J.IiUdlam,
B, F, Moon.
W. n. Mullane,
t"red Nyoieyer.
H. h. Ogle,
II, H. Benton,
W. U. I'addleford,
B, vermeyer(
Adjourned to Thartday, Jnna 4, 1800.
THOBSOiT, JOHC 4, 1880,
Tha board mat pursuant to adjourn.
wont of yeetorday. Freeent. U. H. Bate
man, Obairmann Frank Hhelnboldt, oom
mKeloner, dulrlot Ho. a; , ji. uwen,
olerk. Abtent, Oeo. Monroe, commit.
tioner dlttrlot Ko.O.
The board proceeded to ila ijutiea at a
to,ird of equallxatlon,
The atseiiment of l'ecoa Valley Trust
Co. waa raised from $800 to 81,100.
The assessment of A. N, l'rattwae rale
td from $3,400 to 8U.660,
Xlio followtag btiia weto preetnuu:
icooowr or
John Franxlld,
84U8.43 rej'otd
11, 03
U. S. Batemau,
Bddy Argue,
The board then prooeeded aa
of equaiitatlon.
AtaxssuxNT or uAisan rnou to
Thot. W. Btoxet, 8430 8600
Jamea Hhaver, 020 1,228
! rancis u. rjpencer, 288 308
Ilinry VanKlereh, l.KS 5,035
David lu Thorp, COO 720
Frank Wilson, MX) OCO
II. J. Bollet, .20.736 20,085
A motion waa adopted authoruinir V.
B,llatemau to accept the approved ac
counts ngreod on bv the board in pay
ment of tha Brown ahortage, end when
tha proper onra aud amount have been
duly received io receipt, H. II, -fierce In
fall for tbe ahortage of eald Brown,
U. H. Ilateman wat appointed to repre
sent the county in the appealed case in
the matter of the aocount of the (Ion.
J no. Franklin, rejected.
Dratta were ordered drawn to pay the
account of J, 0. Fitch tor 825 and U. B,
Bateman for 818.80 and Argus for 81.75.
Tiw board adjourned to moit .Monday,
Juan 8, 1890.
For llonif Use tloyt.
The Earnest Christian, weekly, M)
cents a year, Denver, Colorado, is tie.
votod Co tho up-bulldlng of iirJghtslde,
a .great industrial training school for
hqweJesa and neglected boyo. There
are CQ.QOO boy tramps in tho United
StaUs and Iirlghtsldo Is tho only school
ofTcrlng them a homo, education and
ioapjial training. Will you heljiV
I'creooa! rroperty Stured at Uepeta ttnd
Varehouses of the Pecos Valley Hall
way Ouiiiimnr.
Whereas, tbr has accunulaUd aud
It now
toji-4 et tbe waiehouiee and (It tol of The I'e
cot tisliey Hallway Coninr til tbe towns of
Kddjr, lltaernsn and Hoiwell, New Mexieo.cer-
tbe towns of
win pertoBsi ptvpvnj wuicn is
and bss txen
for sit nvoMlbt rMt uaeUlmtd by eliber eestla-
nto or comUnor ihereor, written notlee of
which bove been rent heretofore to MUt coating
ore end coniWneesiand
nncrest, ineMiu railway eeiapany not eer-
Itlu ebsrgM axsluit aald Mrtootl proeerty fut
lUitsie and xtlttt a pottlon thereof far ftolf hi
wblcu remains uncollMled. and wbteb tbe tsld
coinignrtior couilinors have neglectd or re
IiimiI to y, and
Wht ri; said iiue'almed perenoal roMrty Is
nicumUrlnf acd oecurlng tbe tne In the
sforjuld warehoittee and depute of wtd railway
eomiany which ts rvqulred by said company in
Krder to cirry on lit builnesi as a romiuon car
rier. . Now Tlierefure, tbe undertlxned,at rveelvrr or
the I'etiM Valley Itellway ('-oui)ay, will, for the
hurpmeiilreluibtirtliiK ssld rallwsy company
for the eharav aisttut eald pfmonal property
(or thi frvtjiht and etorsgo, aud atw to cdtLle
Mil company iu ncoupy uie ill uiii ware.
hniius anil
uimi ouht oeeuwea iit saia un-
eUlmed persons! inwrty. at tbetlmvaudpltfo
berelnalter detlguslcd sell or reused lu bo sold
ii or mu eiorwaia uuHsiiaea pciMiusi rowrir
si pnlillo suction, In Hie highest Udder, fur pu
At Kd li, lia.lr raunty. NewMsxn,on the lh
nsynijHiy, a. i. iwq, SI3.UU iroiaox
3.01 urolaok p. m.. of
Una eewliiB Mathlne,
ine uek tali, una box
tsttlilsv III rallawiuc:
(Hie bundle well ir, nno uo
enwats, oat it
box etoibltig. ruar show
watuiBg waf niHt, one
Htmitt urn
easee ana lauiee, one
attei wllb eamuits attbi, two saltool desks,
om Wx dry goods, two hit eii(jt furaliHre een
talntng MhI cm and lllllnri.
R. (I
Nollra nt rmeelniura Rale.
wliws, n Ilia llnii ,Uy r INmltr, A. D
lHW,Hiilr TeutlHii, llirii iinmnll, m.l. Hf-
tull and illliftr.l aula The I'nnt Irrlpitktn M
ImprettnifBl Ompunj III merlfc ilt,!, enttrsy
leg la til.l iwrrt.n; Hit Una. ami prwtly tistslnsf
ir dnriiwil s aMiitliy fr ilijmtmnr ,( rnr
promlfwry iihIm, fr tlui afgrrtalc ih r IhrH
Itwutaad, lblit4ra dallartaaa Art; i-rnu, wlili
ln(rl at rals of ,ls prr frnluiH r annum, M
wht ra)i Wing jrl.l in tin tnnusl lii,ulninti,
ibnniiiimrMingdntjiin, iMd mm rneriea.
g I.Af Inar l-frffllfJ far mrd an Un rHirtrnlh iUj
afJIanh, l!WJ, st 1 1 'lark a m itxl manM la
Uk t ar mrl(rn at hit M uf lb twHi of IM.Iy
enualy, Xtw Mxl nl
Wtttrnu, I In aaM insrlssg mnUlanl a oaihllllun
Ihsllli Mi,r tM pramUwry nalr. sihI cmIi
tlirrf, .liwil.l Hn Ilia (tr-tlaii vf saM mniihy I-
mm ,Iih- iv pajal.1 uin ilff.nll lu II, pf Mttit af
any part or u!l uoin i.r InOrMt: ami
VI,rrre, aliluiuiUaBniaUlM4 a fhilUr nm
illltftll lht I .fnll U im.l In lit jjm.iil nf
sny rl erMhlfs r Inlnwt, n dn, or If
said mmny;ilM.ii I faillxl la par any lax due
Mm Mid IsihUj, llftw naM rawpiny talglil nlr Into
n.1 iiH)ii Mkl lnJ. aud t11 sihI dUM uf the
Mm, rr Hie salltfiKllaii uf Oh, In-I'MnlorM fr.
4hl, and lb etUr fffliit. al l.llf aurllan,
to lb hit IimI Mitdrr, far rati,, al lira frenl ilr nt
llw eourt Iwiim uf HHjt muniy, N Maxla, rirH
gltlng nulK of il Hi,,,' If rin at,-l pln mt !,
aihl lb prnprity la be ul I. .In wr nr, pul
llihil lu MldrMinly, far four Hufwilrt luim Ultra
uti and ilimil.l bar i.r la)mrn MM uli st
br SaUul.lfin(h) mlglil pmtbM..I' .1 ahetlld
I lb hlftlif.t 1.1.1; and
Vi'lwms. by rraivn of tliil,rMll ,.r uld iiMilaa
gr. Mid einiany ttu brni oomillnl I a; tlw
taxes ilii un said tanils fur lb yar 1WI, aimunllng
U Ilia turn of HP. M ryiHiil lwrf I. nitil
by hI.I imittfnj and
Wltrra,tlif In.ulm.i4l. dit nn ll tsld nls
f.T lb yar Ifcftl, ll ami 1HW ai nnM aed
Wbrnas, iaM enwny Imm lrttd In dralals Un
nllrr liHlrMadnMMiwiirail l.j tll iMrtgafc oihI
)iMai and
WlMmu, llwn. I iiuwiIh uon ual liKlrldnluna
lliixum .ifllinw llhHwil u.l tlililf-taitii lUllars
and tlly rrnu will, lu(rKall tW ww ef tl9.9
1st Mtanml iformlJ.
Ne Tbtlrfat, MliTlif ! Iirhyallau ami Im-
artUMiUl (Viu.U)f li.rrlr) gh nails that b ful
unlay, lb twenl.-wtf hill ilay ef Jitu, A. Il InWI,
al Hit IwHrul Irn u'clk a lusitli nnt dwr nf
lb mini Iioum uf IUI) rwiiuijr, In III lawn f Btdy,
In llilnllory ofh'iw )IxIm,II Mill ll al pul.lia
auctlmi, lothobtglml Millar, tar nub, lb lailren-
ifjrd by talil pmtgag, fur lb talliKif (kill uf Said
lii..MilnfMii.llwirttii.r rrrluie, In wvid-
anra with ami punuanl lu Hi ittui. uf raid ihwiI
gag, Io wilt lb nitliPMiiuilrir lb vittbat
qiurlrl, III nuilbwMl qnarti-raf Un-iotillipu.1 iitr-
lr, lb uulbacil iuirlar f lb ,nilit.t iiuartrr
and lb auulhrait vartcr uf lb.tnlbrat iiiirr, vf
rrtlun on, In luaii.blp laruly-llirre reulb, rang
tclll).lfUHtonli N. Sf, P. M., b'grllirr with
Alrrilthlliiii.,Uill7, IhJI, W.I and .1X1 si-
Isrliidlu Mid rMmlll Iraila, Ixlug Hip al.r
rlxliUivMrjnlluMldliwtEagurlo tald romi.ny l.y I
lv. ,UI l)ibiUr 1, lnV2i Mid .lllilnur of Mid
Kultr rlglili lu takt lb Hill tlll.jMl lu lb mmhIIMiiih
(if tald l,l luninl ikvtl.
Tut I'mvs lasiainov A lsirovtnrNr fHwuM,
II; I:. I) faiLKacs, Vlet-l'iMldrnl
lalt, IMdy, Km Muleu. tn iM, iiyo.
L dL
Nulluo nf I'nreoloaiira Hale.
linf... uu llw tlr.1 ibiy'nr IVIruary. A, 1). IWI,
. W. lKiahauiaudlUtll: Ingrulitm, lit wlfr,
eia.. icnl.ilaud,Ullirid uiil'TIi IVva Irrign
llun ami liiiinntitttiil CuuiMiiy lUIr imrlgag
dml, Muirrylug In Hid mwpany Ilia land btitlnaf.
UrdHsllbadaatwurllyfurtb )iniil ulmu rtr
lain pnml(ry ual far IIhi .iiiii uf nln hiiudrl
ddllari, wllli ulrit al lb ratrlx wr ranluni l-t
annmu, H)ald tiul4iiuiially; aaldliol blagpay.
abl In iiluu anwinl Ituulinrnla. IIh Drit In.taluwul
Ulng pu)abl llNvtHlwr i, IftU; wld luoiltfagi luv
leg Urn Sled far rtmrd n lb fuurlb day ar JlittJt,
Kcl, al lllu'rliirk a. m .and ifrdn In lawk 1 of
nnilgKW al Wnf lb rnunl, f lil.lj rwiuly,
Nvr Mulfui nd
WbrrMi. lb ld lumlgagawnUllinl a c mllllwii
thai lb wliol hi Mid priulwry Iml thuuld al tii
tlftrnf mM oHMpany IwrnnadH and b! In
laoorfclltir ty any pan nraild not or lnt.ir.it
Whrimti Mid lniilj(oiillimla fmtUr rwnll
lluu tint tbauld d.faull Iw wail In lb payuitut uf
ii) iimIiI iwlt luurf.l, aUu diu, ur If
Mid nRiaiiiy tlHUild la ridiiprllrd la any tax
4ae tiK,n uld Und, tbat Ihtli tald c.ni mlibl
rnltr Into and umn lb Uml. drMillwd In MM mail
gag, and Mil and i1kw uf llir uu fnr lliMl.ff
Ihm af lb Mid ln.ldrliiM, end lb Ml nf tarnr
uip, al puldla auction, In Ilia lillirl blddvr, far rath,
al llir friHil ilxur af tbaraiirt Ih.um uf VMj rvtinty,
tf.w SIxl(tv'Anl glilug Uulltw ur lb llmt, Itiint
and dN- nf Mir, and il.o prvprrly I- h ld, In in
tnifr, pnbllibl III aaldrumity, fur fuur Htam
sir Iniim llirtuf; and.buuldalw luti Awf mad-
Janra laid Mir; si which Ml hM nniainy Ullglll
parrbM, If II. tbauld Im the hlf IimI bid; end
WhtlMtj by raajenuflha dtrault ef wld Uuilga-
gort,Mldtsipany baa bMU eW.ll4Nl la y Uxrv
(luaiipuli said lamU far lb yrarlaHI, aiirMtlillng I
lUniuuf fy.ll, rpa)Wnl wbartwf t tfmnat br
uld raullfSgr; and
WbtrtaK Dm ln.l' ntnlt ih vpsti wM l-eewlr
t4ty nl fur Hi yrart tSM, IMtl sad aMar unpaid)
Wbtittl; MMeastpaiiy htWIJ H ileatafe lb
tellrt UiUUnlneM tfetotetd d mt rwyaeJei Nd
VYtMrtat; Ibai It huw duttrpan uld liarabMiMM
tht tilMlplumrulirbuinlml MUn, with In
ttrtil, and far Us ajnnl,
Sow Tharifer, mMTIm lw IiiIsiIWn a4 Im
plBUCI OMS4Hy bfby gtl Mdhi tbal w
galHiday, lb lwi,ly.tinlb day af dHM. A. I).
ISW. al Ibr bvur f rM, u'clatk a, M , al lb hnaX
u.i uf lb awirt huaM af ItM (jaunty. In Ik leR
uf 1.0-1 r In Ibr iMlHary af Nw MlUw,ll will Mil al
put ll sm iluii, la tha Irfghaal Uddar, fr nub, lb
land .utttd by hM iHatlaaga, hr lb Mlrtfalla
ul mM ludrbltdn, sudLf fnvalwtM, In ar.
K4.U11M with and punuanl t lb tarnw ef mM wart
gag, lawll: TIh- alhat iHaittf af lb eMithaut
iUMrr, l tMtlau lgbl, lu lawiblp Iwautydbr
tuuth. rang iwtnly. tight tad af IU N. M. I, il.,
wllli wabtr right uuwbHad Kit allaibad, Mog Iba
walrr llglil roliirjrd la mM HrHllgtlSWI by tald twn.
ny by nWI daltd )"tliMry I. Hfc llw rlgbtt af
purrloma al Mid ul. bt uU walrla Mug ttrkjetl la
lb cattdlllant af mM U.I iiamd ilaed,
Ths 'uv IstivtnoN A IxrhOrsMSNv Ouuraxr,
liy II. (I, VmanH, V(rl'rMrni.
Iltd. Ikldy, K.w ISU, May SX, Int.),
Nutlou uf foreclosure Hale.
WUfui atilblbllte4ilbdiyar IHolr, A. 0
Vt,V.O. Alklnmi and Matgaivl A. Alktiuan, bit
wlf, nud, tiaxMadaud tMiitttd unlu ?ka I Wot
InlgalkMi and IWiwthuiiI Catny Utr wart
dd, nt)lg IImi land aed iwparly IttrstWftar
ilaMtlhrd St tteirltly far lb pay wait f (r prMl
tare nls4itnlMWewfauy bfMlg' 0.
an ffheiMf nlt buedfrd uVltju. with Inter
r.i t iu ni afrlx r4relu t inu, parsM
wtnlHitllr atVid pHnrlptl WI V dt and
IM rath, 4mM In t,, la, II,ih, fanr. flit, tlx
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and lb twit uf hrtclururt. al publl aiitllua, far
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end tha prnltily loU mid, by adinlUraitnl n, sain
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annnllng In all b -i7 0; tb itparmtnt nf whlih
It (irrd Ii) sU Hioitgagtt abd
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note far lh mr,li, Mi a n.1 JMU i, uniIJt
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af Dhly,lHirr. n.,r) f Nw Mrr, II will tell
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land wnf.! by mM nr.ilf, far llw Mllifatllun
wflllludtdr,lHM,al..r.ttd,lliullUMlt of tfrft
prererdlifr, In aTvriUut wllb aud puriuaal t Ilia
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tlht(J),In luaiiihlp mni) Ibrv (tt). tmith, af
rang lwnly-lbtl)i-atir llw N. M. P.M., lu.
grlhtr wllli walrr rlahl No IHT. Ulng ll warf
right lirrrtafMi i.inir,rl iy tald iwuiiiiy by lit
.Iwl.Ulr.tpcW.r Hill. la Mid ('. I'. AlklHMII
and atbMhrd t m. kind; lh tl,lil uf lh purrhaHf
ofanlit water right bring tbtdasl la llir (mihIIIUm
rttnlalnnl III tstd U.I Dallied drr-l
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111 Ii. (I. 1'AUItM.a, Vlfr-l'rr.l l-hl
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Mlrtlrai, on llrt :;ih ilay ef April. A II. lH,
Adrlru 8f IkIUI mi I Mtlll hrlawlltl, bit wlf in.. I,
irnitod and alliml nulu Tit 1'rcua Irtliftll Jfi and
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lyibdUrt. wllb lnl.rr.tat ihr ratrU prr rtuliiia
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rttatnbHlli, huuk 3 uf uaiilttjrw at f 31 af Hi n
rurdtuf Klly nmuly, Nw tttslein and
Wh.rw..; the ukl inila3 (Aulaliitil a t-MrilllHtN
Ikat lh Hlwlt ufMld piainUwry iwleslwuM al Hit
rltatlunuf wld auuipaiiy Iiiii daa ami )abl If
il.ftnlt .liwild Iw mud-In (lip) mtnl of an) ailaf
Mkl mar ur Iniru.i, lrHi dni and a
Whtrrat, llw Mid nimteaga rautalur.! a fmibtr
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nfany it uf mH ii'drrliitral, whni Ih, ar II
Hi fueiin) ilamM b rumillnl tn) any 1st hhi
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Uiu mM lamli, auil ull an. I illit ul In. tam. rr
tbtull.fMlluu of llw lndMtdnM afuiwald aud lbs
emit af lurvtloturt, at publl anttlun, ihr hlnhrtl
blddrr, rruh, at lliafrunl dr f lb mun Imm
nflUly inly, Nrw Mrs lu, DiH gltlng ualla uf
lb 1 1 in, Irrnia and plan of Mlt, and IIm- pirly lu
b ml'l, In Mill nwtiiri, ptildl.htd III iald ronuly,
tut faur tnMwuli (mom, tktrmf: aad thuuld tliu
bat iutrtuaIJuiitii Mkl ul at wblth ul Mid
rumptny liilght purrhat, irilstlwuld lllrt hlghrtl
l.l.l; and
WhtrM,ttMriiiupaiiy, byrMn ufth dtftult of
Mid luurlgagor, bst t'U ruiuilli In wy laxra iiwii
Mid ltlnU, saiaiinllng It lha turn ef HMD. rrpty.
inriil whtiraf It iMturrd by mM nllilgagai aud
'Wliarroti tlm Inalalintnla ilua uK)ii said inurU
nagn note for lh) enre IMJ, ISVI and IM)J nre
tinpaldi and
Whroa aold roiuiainy haa ulcl.IIO ilMlata
the entile ImleutedlUMt secured 7 said IHOtt.
gage due and -yauitt aud
Whereas) there la now iloa npon said Indebt
ednHS ttro prlnclil sum of ten liundml ami
eighty dollars, and Interreti and tha sum of
9 lrl.. iaim adranrei! as nforeeald.
Now Thrrrfurr. a!d The lWoa Irrigation aod
linprureinenl l'omiauy herrby glrra nollra tbat
tin Batunlay. lbs lwcnly-tnth day of June, A,
I). lMM,ai thebonrof two o'clock p. m., nt the
front door uf tho eourt honse of laJdy cennty, lu
tlie town of Kdd). In I ho territory of New Mex
ico, It will sell al public auction, to the highest
hldilef, fur roth, llw lands ctiutrywl by eald
mortgage, for the satisfaction of said Indebted.
mm aad Ilia twite uf foreeloatire, In aeeordaaee
with and rwratMHllo the lrm of tahlmorlgag,
lowlti The niirtheatt iuertf f the northwest
qttarter, of auction one. lu lownthlp twenty,
thnw, amlh, nf rmiao twatilyersn eaat uf the
N. M i. M., tosvther with water right number-
ed 1JTS, Mug llm water right berelofereeoHTey.
1 by wild cumiauiy In aatd moftgngur, by itaed
ibtlrd April tt, IbWi tlm tiurthsacr uf salil water
right taxing tho tamo subject to the romlltlons
of ssld lail namod da).
Tnx I'rooa Ibrihatkim ash lMi-aorr
Ity tt. 0. Havlbmxm.
UmImI, lilily, New Uuxlea, May K KJ.
UNI.V a 1 3.011
ThoTexak 1 1'acltia itallsray Uumpnuy
will this yenr furnish to Hauler ordained
olerifymeii, duly oredlte I inlssiouorarlea
or othera ftbtaly uhkbkihI in inlnlttorlul
dullts, on? ifiiiusntid mile ticket ood
un all portions at tint gysleui,
Apidloatlotis fir thesa tlekeM slioold
bemadoio tiin nearest ticket bkuuI of the
Texas k I no lie Hallway, or nddruss.
UaJWok MbSlixb,
(Uufl'ai.. 4 Tki. ARtnt,
Dallas, Texas.
R. D. PIERCE, Pfesfstenf, S. T.lfjC Vice Presldeot C E. Conway, Ciiblir
First National Bank,
OIP S3D3Dlrr, 1ST, lL.
ntas 11. Kddy. J. i Mathwoti, s. T. llltttritf. J. A. KUdy, ,h. 11. i'ltrcs
W. A. Hawkins. ( It. Conway.
esxaw. JUWMj
PICKETS, SASH, etc. ' v , .J
And Omoriil jl'oit.wartUiiir
Htiy, Grain, Soed, Feed, Blacksmith doal
and Ico delivered in the City.
I Solicit Public Trade
E3a5aiflio: I'urrhatrd
The Pecos Valley Meat Market.
Choke Meals of AllKluils
Fine l'oth tiauinite.
I'rlme Tripe ntul uhiiio.
J3TMarket opposite IfiM JUgermnn. J- x. SXZSELlilj
JLJL I i-.r - i-LiJ tgr: . . .
Fancy G-roceries
painter and Decorator
Gallery of
riOTUtu: I'iiawuh, room Aioui.DiNo riiiTunK mouijijihi
Chicago, St. Louis
and Kansas City.
Yd Transfer from El too (r M Worth.
Askifor Time Cards and Map of Yoor Kf aresl AgntT or wfHe
I). H,. and 1'. A.,
Iti Paao, Texas.
rd EfMlltaKn.
Tine Cud Ellettlft Hot. lit
lnvtf Pecos, Tex., dally nt 3.40 a. m, arriving at Howell, JV
td 12:46 ju m.jtmiml tltm
Leaves Jloswell, Y. .If. dully at Sf:p0 . mu and airltw at Ptm,
lexm, at 11:05 p. tut voniusotln with the tmlm of Utc Jaww Ptv
olflo railway far all points JfQi th&'outfi, Kadmid Wast,
Mi' loittrale$ or tnfpn.mjiilon regarding tho 11R80UROKS of this
vallmthtmUm, tf4NI)St oraily other matten of tntemttniffe
pltbtltu apply (o
E. O, Faulkner,
ttMttwr ami Oen. Mgr. X DDI MM
Fine ftrtp,
flen'i. Paiw. Aaent,
Topeka, Kaimai,
Valley Railroad
-hi 4AQl rniti tr. (
1895. Central Time.

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