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The Eddy current. (Eddy [Carlsbad], N.M.) 189?-1899, June 11, 1896, Image 2

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T H f?. nil If TP Pi WT
H . I M M I I. I. A N I.
OfficUl Pr of BMj CoiBly
) 1n-ir.af.
r.i t v. v
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;i istm.
Hf Mll
11 mail Mt ni,nm
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Ahu .iii rmtHi fl-aiinriil ,ul
llrnnr I
Tin ht. diiIIh.im "1 I" Hiitimiriri' tin
m.i l i. ! m t Kiii1i.ini" or i hi- i Hi. I
nlilitl mill 1 I'lillaitor il KjIiIj unint)
iiWt. i" III.. .1. i llopni II"' ilc'iii rH' i.'i.t.
m lii i.niimil. i. Ia ll Ana ' ll
lianrT it The I nWtnnr.
v i. auth..rtr. I ' minim.- la inni. nl M
HM Mmi ..I Ni VltUn, i-r 'an.lHnUi ftw ati.-t
III unit l .lli. lot ..I K'1'l ."inly 1ilJfl In
iiw il..in. mil' irimc.raa Aim
Mrlir hhI Tun rllelr.
I hr'ai.y aiinoiiar Sajravlf a uuMdMntt (or rc
r ii ttiii iii- frfhif mtavtirr mil Tat rMw
lor ill I M) ruiialy. Mihjacl In thf ratati of Ihr
Inmi- tall' i Hmiii' At.
I mini j NrliiliulftHt Hi linU.
Miw I', Hullr n iiii-tKili rraiUNf In
minwiiix. tier imniMa i'B1ldMe lot I'onoir
MnMlil. i.'li nl nl wlni.. kiililoi'l to lb itMln
MM til lit Hi mi i'li iclrf i Hi-' pHmArlm
All -1 1.
I b-iii.) minimi i i iu It a n ftliill Uli I."
Ili.nUt. .1 ii i.l Kl'1y i"inl, ulJrl In
Hi. ii. .'i . . ii.. .Ii'im i min rlwrlM
Tin' il)' mi i'i ii tic wrly ih Ki ywnr
old tin- vi-ur No otliiT mrty Han llv
i-d " 1 "ii uml im inlit.r purty -rr ran,
litf".f im ollii-r jirlliclple Ik right
Ihmi iijijiln il t" a Kiiwrniiirfit of tin
icnj)lr fxctt di'iiiocnu"). 'i Novi'in
her, litN'., TIiuiiiun .li'lfcrson wnh In
KtMilril .i- vie iriiMit nt with .1. (J.
Adiini .i ini Hidciit, .Ii ITi rhoii lunvtiiK
it'ft I'll lift) iniir vn.i'. iii the elector
ml culiigi' for ri-idfiit null A damn
xixty-i iKht. kiviiik tin iiiiintry a fwler
a lint rrt-m,tnt and a di'inocratii' vie
iriHldint, under J he e Muting law of the
Ulne, At Unit time the denxwrntlc
.ai ty w u" '"" re,,ul ,CH" 1 ,ie
iimomtK- ,.atly Tor ii.- i -iM '""
Ln hi l'i miIiiii it ra ikh (lie maM
I tlie pii'l'li- the net I e NplritN of this
Kli'ili'K ii'i'iililic, inoii m ho l arptl tiotli
in for iiiherlird iintui "r faint, inon
wh in-lK Vi il that ii in huve right
that "IIht- mi not In mul to icnjicct:
ui'ii nil., glory in then un individual
it) Hint Milne everythitig only for whnt
ii .ns lis. II iii Ih- K id denpliic pre
I iikIoii uml fniiid. I nioeruth are not
Hie kind ol i'oile to ' leei u mun pre
"ideiil lieemiM. Iiu n, gnunlpH'H huti
or t i -i ti'l a -mi "I (iriini to .i fill lulu
hii.ii ii v.i .in.i "i in i. e Hull l.lneoln
lnilil-l' i to I' nul.tiid I ei'.iime hlh fither
-v .n Hienl
, Ue-noerai Iiuh u -n-,
preim- tmnpt In. -.ocuiieii royal ,
liowi i mil tie iiiheiti' d ..tllci oi kltiKH. 1
No in.iiii.iii Im- .1 deini eriii If he i-x '
peel popiihu luor or Mhui hi tut her J
did. It ih wh.it on .in- uml what you
lo tli.it ii di-uioerut iiiliiiin - A true
tii-in-h i a ,eliei-s tluil ull myui power
i- a 1 1. mil uml that kings ure nimply
ii.ui" i-in ilUgunie, men who uevor
i .ii m il n tight to occupy the exaultml
tiokllioii held by IIh-iii, men who are
-filurieil U'cauxe of being iHiru nml not
Im an) ie,il worth to the country. In
di miH-iHltc A merit poor man's sou
ha the name opMirtitliitlen ax tlw rich
nnd faored. Hard work is what
i-otititi and it Is rlsht that it slmulil ho
thus. T be a true democrat Is an
honor nml in the number of thorn rests
the future of the United States of
I4I.SOIIANRII in iir. Of w.iriiit.
I he amount uf Igtiorauae dlspluyod
at this time lu the tn of waUirlli tlio
J 'it-os Valley after niwut flvo years ex
perlonce Is something lo oxelto oom.
ment, earelally in the umwtb of
young orelmnls. A l ead of water la
frequently turned on for a few hours
or a day ami allowed to run tbroiitjh
the furrows mt each - Id of the young
trees, ver) much or tin- water running
to wante at the lower end of the rows;
then the water Ih turned oh and the
furtows bake and no water la afiaiu
turned on for two week oi in some
caee a month. The result i that In
atiHMt of keeping the ground ut u nul
form temirerature a rermeut is instiled
which, as the br iling sun ioiirs
down causes the hair root to rot and
die, especially wtieu the ground be
oomea a little dry . This is the only
reaaoM young reea die In this valley.
Tie? water Is wasted and the trees die
ami all Is lost. Could the gate be so
set Ha to furnish the ume amount of
water in a week tha' In until lu t tiny,
then none wotild N- wate4 and 4 very
ainali stream might he made to Ulnkle
alone the very bottom of ties furrow
nuar the tree RHd tub to tlie rooU,
keeping them l nil times at one de
irree of motsliire. i'loodlng Uh treei
awl bo nmoHMt of cultivation or work
will keen them from becoming stunted
or dying If the water is kept away for
n Ibw weeks. Wliil many will differ
from this view, and biie this mw is
well awtre it i tmitisaj on nlepulsal
turitArv la making Uiuae swaeninv as
aerUcms, it k pwfeetly ubhi to ile.nwl
the frusiUoH here tnk h, for thene fsU
have been galHetl by xperlence and at
a..tof alnmt 81i Tie? t t ltHl-KT
Wl,,'r ,tM' l,w 'rtffHll"" tompany
nu t" f'Hir fifth it is dune frequent l.
I in n I' t tlii- lre Kluud li y lot .i v 'K,
I'-n lyn. (wo wiMikx iii four weli, uii
orebntfl m.i In- kept mui.t mid I lit
tri t - nriw tii ,' Uinl! v . .!. lime
h ttn-dthet unlit Ion th nil i kepi
lliiji. i-usUm orrli ifil by tnlnm
i... I reroltvet thut iiiiili i Uii' apple
I trim Ix where wrwn yoniit (I UK in
i tiic artli fur ii-ah- nor inn: there In
i tin -:' ua iiMiully moist and
i. ni l- u,i .i.i i i ruiiii-m y hk ii uiu in
extremely diy eitioiia, the trtffn took
on u yellow and faded appearance and
uittll tlw ll Iminuhp In good oon.lllloii
mumiii the trees uotitiuued unhealthy
looking mul some time died for lack
of rain. The condition of Mil noil In
f vrrythlntf In growing u young rchurd
mid milma kept nl n' unlforin nlnt
ol inutnlnre llm IiimiI rtmulln arr imoli
UiiMblr. No more ui -iicy nlinuld III'
wmUhI In luiyliiK tret iiiiIpm Uio wt
or can b obtalnMt In tlw jironvr man
nrr. at lNt thin will lie our motto.
M. ('. Htewart, one uf the oliteat ami 1
best known eithtciia of liddy county ,'nlver no longer a dlvhlrxt line between
nnnotllioes In thla paper for aheriiT uml 1 them, there Ih no retiaon for H third
tax collector. Mr. Stewart la thorough-1 ticket In the Held, anil the leading
ly competent uml in well known an n 1 1'optillwta have been reached title uoti
fearlena man of nound Jiidgineitt, who, I climlon and are faithfully working to
If elected, will perform lit ilutlee . that end.
without fear or fuvor, lie baa u large
and Hubataullnl lint of friend who will
Nlay with him to the hut and It would
if he received the
not be u Httrprme
: ' . !
Hherlff.l. H. Walker nnnouncea In ,
thiniHNiie for re-election to the ofHue ho
hoidr. Mr. Wiilker'Hadmlnlatmtlonof
the nherlffn oftlce wan all that hii
frlenda expected, eapectally in the mat
tc-r of economy, the jitll having lwen
kept empty or nearly no moat of the
time, nnd v !. the county had no
fundi the ft. .. . - r Ihe running ex-1
pente of the county waa jwld dliv ctly
by Mr. Walker, which mummied to I
about S.oou and which niuotiiit In atill
due nnd unintlil. The ground- havo ,
been put in Hiioh eimpe an to protect
ii iinL in nuvii im.p r i i"""11 1
fotmdatlonH of the court house nnd ,
j;!??" w?ff "-B,,.(, lwork
a., i i e
proporly without expenee to me conn-; ,,,,t irw la unit jail boam 6xfeneH
ty. The priHonera have boon treated . cnnOTI lMVBr ol, u,e Ujc payer limn
woll uml fetl with the enum fnro ua the , Woulil n llttlo apent lu olmrlty. Ho
aherlffa own tnble Is auppllml. Tokan ,,,(, u, K,vo (B ulowwil and bread cast
altogether John I). WalkBr has inntlo n ,, tl( wntor. wm miruy rotnrn.
goinl nherifT. i -
rr -j? ; "I'oIloU iiiiike neer botl follows,'
Minn Sylvia I'. Ilutler, wlnwe iiiimo , 0nd thla la the time of Uiu your It 1
appears ua u camlldaln for the olllce of Iniost alieorvixl. Tim aiasmotlr pull
county HUiKiriutendeitt of sohiHils, is it ' tian who oea about with n wise look
renident or the county nuar I'lornnco , nml who, since the lust cdoction. hail
and for nearly 4jjree years one of our ( forttou every body but himself, now
most patient ami competent teachers lP, reineiuburs that he hits many aciiatu-
Ml-- Ilutler' has taught the Malaga
acliool neurlv ever hiiicc ciiiniug here, I
f ,.,mrM. giving excellent aatlafiH'tloii.
v.1... ttHU ,,,rmarlv nitnerliitendenl u
,, f the cltlen In Nebraska and hnal
imtl- lumi in ediiimtloual work I
,.,, Iy n m HVtlve life. Miss Ilutler
ui the second latly niiiierlnteiiilent 1
of schooUiu the old territory of New
Mexico, which only a few years ugo It
wim held gnve women no opjiortunltloe,
MIh Kohler of Silver City being tho
llrt-t . Nearly all the slates of the l'n
ion luive OMieeedetl the nltlee of super
IntemlBiit to womun with mtiali bunellt
to edtinttlun mid a step lu atlvauoe lu
the ciimiiulpiitioii mid oluvattnu of the
eex, and wliat could be morn ohamo-
terlatic ol the greatest American val
ley lu the old territory than to elect a
lady superintendent nml thus bo lu
touoh with the great male of Iowa,
Illinois, Texas, and ninny others V This
would glvo us a prestige nnd utaiuliiig
abroad which would overoomo many
of the objections urged against coming
to New Mexico, btwldue put tho olllce
lu the hands of u conipotont puraon.
Mr. S.P. ruehron nnnouiiees in
Uiis Issue as a enndtdato fur the olrloe
of neseasor. "Ilootoy," by which name
Mr. Cochron Is familiarly known
among his friends, and that pioaus
everyliody In lUldy county, reeeivod
about MX) majority In the election two
years ago and at present It la only u
iileatloit of the site or his majority,
though lie wishes to thank one ami all
in advance and let It be known that ho
solicits the office as much ns tlie offlae
does him. Ills occupancy In 1800-tt of
the responsible office of treasurer was
very creditable, he turning over Sit,
UQU to his h accessor, ami all accounts
tallying to a cent, it la not at all
strange lie should be so popular u
candidate for aaseMor. It Is not at nil
nrobabletliat Ilooley' will linve an
We Uike pleasure Ih inakiug it
k how n to the nubile tlutt Dr. T. C.
Welke. formally of IHiIIm, will remain
nernianeuUy Hiiu nraetle his prof
siou in IWily. Dr. Wolke ia n gratlliate
In medleine and pheriniiy ami enjoyed
a large ami eueeeMf ill prueuee in inl
ine for four years. He spiwks Itngllili,
Suaiilah ami Uermeu llnetitly and we
are confident tlutt he will make iiutii
erous frientU here professionally and
socially. We are reliably Informed
by hia former frleml that he Is a
llisi class Hhyaielau and surgcoH and is
thorough! tin to dftv In every branch
of Ills profession.
jju-BSr A'j-sawe
Many or those who opponed the re
solution favoring direct taxation for
the support of the government, will lie
to four yeum lieni'P anil swotirlliK they
never were in favor of ft tariff for re
ti "in- or i"t mi) othfr oati; that they
'. in I-. .t) ileino.raU tid faxored
fiie t- nl mil dlreel Umatlon.
( iieeiingrepoit for attvar ootitinni'
to il iw in. iii ull Ritloa. If Hit) kIUi i
men ran eurr) the day at t'hleuK1'
itmi ti e uoiii men iiave annual k'1"
up tin' i liuncf lor Um eluclloii oi u
1 ieiniier.it u pit Mident ar ao oncouru
gmg, ayii the Lincoln Ntwa Uml Me
Klnley ia arrald to niilionnco lnmielf
an out ami mil goldbilK: wlifn two
moutliK miiee wen tiull tlM nominee,
no matter who he waa, or what Iiih
platform might be, would ha elett.nl
eiwily. The declaration by ttio Damn
era tie cunveiitlon, at ChlMMr, for
ver. it ih thoiighi will bring Ilia popu
lint In line with Ih Demociutu that
Hip prlnaptal for which they Imve.lieeii
nghting and wIimi tlislr eonvfiilion
mpu In St. Iiouiti the lflth of July, en
(lore the democratic tloket nml elect
It. (In the iiuestlnii of taxation the
I'ojiullMtM and Demoonita already
asree, and witu the grant iitiaatiou of
Dev. Kempker wIhIich Mine i hant
ably Inollnwl uapltallat would donate
f - ' '" '' ""
Which to allow the Mexloaii famdie . ,
nenr I'lienlx to locate on quarter ucre
imoU, and thtia place them where the
children might Ih tuugbt tho rudi
h enta of un Kngllah eduoallon, there
i,r mMkln giod cltlione for the future,
a i in, mun) of the youth, brought
j, m grn,rMe and rlee, will be u
menace- to law abiding people when
they grow up. They are nil huddled
together in butn near I'lienlx and the
10,e 0f muny In around the Minima,
-phero la no Interest being taken In etlu
nBtiiig them nnd noino dny the M-ojie
f ,. (l,y w,jj ttWahon to the slorn renli-
ty , hat they nre pnylng it llioiiMtnd
ty mat tiipy nre paying ft moti-nnii
wh(lre ono ln)gIll )mre ,,,mi.
A rewuiiirttraaiumiPfU;lonBdrawn
tauces and friends in whose welfare
he la ureativ Interesled. Is oi.ct- more
abroad. -Ilaton Iiepoter.
It Is strange but true tliat the man
mnull oallbre, who has repeaU-dly
Imnorwl by bin purty with olllce,
geuernllyjllilnks that his party is un-
I er oinigauona m mm. - ii .-i-
, ter.
wt' 1 " J- "
I lm tlnllml Hints At liirnnyilllli.
Tlie news of Mr. Chlltlnra appoint
ment was received with mueh good
fool I n k by Santo Ftwns, despite the
fnct that not r. few nf them had given
their onilonroinont to others who
sought tho placu. Tlie concensus of
opinion Is that Mr. (loorge II. Mouuy
who has so accuplahly llllod the nlllao
of assistant, will ooiillntm to not in that
oupaulty. Mr Olillilors Is now in Toiin
tnwe. vlillliiir a alok brother, and II In
'a.. I.amttttt saltJil liO liU tt'lll IrtVil flit
Miuilll lllivvuvi I iv i in trtertv
lilt headtitmrters Imro at the capital.
New Muxuuaii.
Tbe tnxIiiK of Imports U ono the nf mutt
ounnlog tehsniM ever davued to op.
nreas tf people sml the pollUst party
which ailTMsttes n eoutlttaRtluu or this
aott of robbery will instil with well earn
ed dsfen t In the eetalng Kovswlmi ole-
tlou. -Itfltcn lUjporter,
W. II. Wood, In U Ittierta, bus 100
a ores of lawttire for town etoek, oon-
slating or Abundance or ixurt airaira
and pralale feeding.
Tha I-Mcr Mrtl,
Onllnarllv, the liottoii IieraU. In
iteiieudant, t,woin1 not tteslro ibame-
oess of the 1 tosses, utn yet the danger
from MoKinley's iiositive views on the
tarln nnd doubtful views ou tne cur
reuey Is suoli that one Is forced to lroue
for boss trloiiinb to tlie extent uf hia fle-
feat Tlie dMtger. should MeKiiiley he
elected, won Id be Immediate and iwess
Ingl that of n trlumnli lu which iba
ucsses snare may not involve toe auef
itwi of besa rule."
ItlllK flslMiiliin lllibi'l Say
"Take ears of year dint sad ynnr dol
lar will take eats of thssssaivaa," bat it
il tiae.
i Cans Putted II sni .. .
1 ut, Pauei IrtVI.k W
S lb. Satsiflgn Flsks W
g fJans l'ls I'laiiM...
S " lUrly Jane Peas 3
I wsat yoar tra4e, bat If yon lif.;l rsUitr
hsv yver a-aMais ehargssl go tisy doable
U. 'I'. Kileogli,
Opposite Hotel WliiJior,
Wanted-Rn Idea SH:
Xntlc of I'lirimlinnre Kitln.
IVhaMu tlw Aflli lint fit Mnralt. A. I). 1MI.
Wllr jMrklfiur. IhMi iliwafrtnl. wd. MHMU
r l uhI iMiimmi niilo Thm Vet
m nriifnmf.nl llrntiiinnv I.U m
tSwrtlon nail
intiiw ii. iMMMann emixiif mmiwim im-
rrflMl, h twrii 'It
t mi iiu imrnini ih nun pro
(he cum f nln haaftinl dcH-
ii,Imii not" for tb cum nf nini. hnadiHl
lan.ntllina r.r inlfiiHl Ml lbs ri irt l
I'cntiini r nnnnm. ri
, iMirawr. Miii-nauwiiiiri mi
iii'niiil'uri nine rirm IwrnlMf In nlM liutn
n,i nl. ti,nuullr, tlii- BMI lliatalim-nl mm
iiIiIk liiim , iwbg willed will! mj1Mi MM
I i iii .ri on i in. i lulifli ilni or Mniw, an,
i. ..r.l.fl in iHMik " nf It. K. mn'tMH f I
In nf il,, '.(i.nln uf KiM rimiilt, Now ilnl
Wlwn. mid nrnrttTM" ruHlklnnl It mtMlltlnt
thai tin
imlr or miiii itrmiiiawrry ama.MHiiiHi
hi Inn flmHiiFn ol -iil i nrnfmnt lM-irneila Ml
iiililf lnmwnf lninifr.fi par "Uf omt of mIiI
ini-oi r IhIpivMi uml
Whnli'WI aallt wnrlMn nmlalBOd a farUMT
.... .I'linn Ihaivrirmhl ilknialt lie mwla In Uw
l)inriii of rhj pnrtut mm mifr ut inUtcat,
wl,on 'inn, nf if will MMimnr bntiiri Im i-uwi-rr.ll
to r Ml 111! llB on aMril , Iambi, On
mill I'ompon) iiilal.l Mile Into (UHI npo aU
nnnr, anil wli nnd dUimM of Mm) wni fm
tin- fwiUfVMHliMi of IH (Mkmlrm, nml the
liliiilrr. fur nwji, at llw (mat rlnnr of Um
mmf of fcVlrlr ooanlir. Hew MnMms flfft
nrrlio. nf Uio lime, ternw nfrtl pw
iiiiirl him
Aful IIMI tJMjlMrtl III
tu w miI, In tmr aewnuaMr,
mtifili' lu raar inifMr bw
nukluiml ip aiil eamtit. Ill Mt naBMadVt, b
limn i ut wni
it whieti MeMMt enmnaar mlaM
tiinvhaw If ItoMd huaid ha liw blatMMi aadjit
lilnh mIp miM rnmiNwr famM bae Hie riant
of wUrmriiinMitiaad . ......
imanr, nalii nnnraiili ha lawa rom.lj to
nf Um MMll of Mill HWtrt
hw liroo rnnir.Ml in.iai)
ti,.. tacM ilnn'Miil aoantf aiHja lae toft afoeiw
wuil for tin. rani liwi anil li. NMnauiina v;
lln'Mirn of Jli.llii repaj-mi.nt wnpnr I mwniwi
wiiil for I he r.nm IMll anil IMjl. arHiiBbtlna to
Lr ilil raurMoM. aiul
rwtnlmonl Jao nimn unlil
iniworr mrta for Ilia rear ikara uniwul; aal
Wlienaaii aiil eutniaar I in V' "' 'H"1
ili irnUr rWhtitnw al.ifn-alit ilae nnl l-
' Whwaaai Infra I now dne iimnaaliilitili)Mtil
nm ibiriiipiml uiii of nine Uoteiml ilollam,
t.ltli Intanni.nniiMliivtiin of rfl.lt! fr taae
finwriinrpfiiri.. ll llm lesa. irnwuon a
lmi.ropmint ('nminnr heral alwaiHIea U
n Ualanlnr, ilw t-iuii)reriath ilay of Jnne,
II lU'JU nl llu. I.a.r ,.f ll.tl MllMlt ft. M, . Ml I
Now ninroforn. "' f. irnaaunn nno
front iliair of Om n-nn Hamm uf KVWr count. In
llix town of MMir. intlin Inrrllntir of Hrw Hex.
ii-o. ii will mil nl imbue aurnon, in ii
Ihr. hlahaal
afinil, atMluV ouat uf frar
ml lijr.aniii
I in-"" aiitreaoiii, ami iih
MwlowMw, Ii
', wii'l iiiorimurr, to will Tfc iiirUwal niiartar uf
tin. MHiltiwrat iusnr, of ns-uoonmn, minwn.
li, IwxnlT.Oirnn. MHIUl. raiMt.
ran t twMrtjr-ataht
tut of ilm S. M, I'. M.. liHtlltr. with wstrr
rit-iii in, ml. 'tkI innalMeiiHl to miiii iwuw, mm
I .,. MMInr rlulil roinpfwl li Mlii cimiimiut h
nl 'M.rlninr lijr iliwi ilntikt Nairli
.noriiniaor ut iiiwi iinia.1 Marrn ., ii'ii m
l ol II... iniii-liAiairat mljftl l In. Mllijvpt
. i-i.niliii'.iin of nalil ill iii lnt i.fnr-anlil.
hi.m i imnrn.
lrcw't' il. nt.
Dun I, (Milt. N-- Mflg Mnr -.'i. l-i"
Nutiiia of Mull.
iVrrllorr of Maw lias ion
t'oani of iCil.lr. f
I'lflh Jiiitlrial Mtilrt t'onrt within sad for
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Maw Msslsu, wiUiln uml for th t'onniy or mmr,
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TWwfor. job. His wiiil ili-ri'inl'iiil. Krniwt II
Ar-Mir), nn Imrt-li)-notlrtail tlml unlea you en.
Uir.or nu lob aiilcriHl fur yon, your upitfsr.
unoa In anebult In tlie o!tn-r of Ilia elefk ami
raslatar in i-lia;iii-r In k.IiI i-ourt i:i Itiawail,
N. M..IUI r Iwfon' llu-fltnl Momlnr, Ua- aaroa
twins llmmhilBj of July, A. I). laWI, a
tiro iimf.iMi tlirn-ln will Im ano-ml nunlnal
i.m W. II. IiBtaeou.
, 'U-rk awl ItesWtar In t hnniiH-) .
I'. H. lUtSMAS,
guliiillor fiirt'omplaiaaiit,
IdUy, New Mi.xloo.
Bouvtl nnd Lodging!
We Hare lUsatitly
Its-oiMiueil the. . .
Bennett - House,
And sre prepared In reeelvo
llnarilara by Osr. Week nr
vtiintii at th followiuLr rntes:
Hontd hhU LodKliig, per month,.
IhMtrd only, por week -140
Htatlle MeaU
I'lirtiunad iiouai. liar vrsss
hoom sml Hedi psr iiluht rSB
prank Agostihi
)eIlvf H
PAHCV 0R00BR1BS . . .
Teinieraiitie Drinks,
Olfar ami Tobawoa,
I'ull line of PrtilU,
Funey Gaily Finli lircf)' Week,
Pocos Valley Hallway Do.
Pecos River Railroad Go.
Tm Wt h 11.
Totakp efTeet Wedueadny, ilay nth,
1WHJ. at iSrUt ooiook ii. in.
Standard Csntra! Time.
4r esj nMy J
V It iff HaMllfiM B
I li !
II S ti! AUMM il
mm at law.
Atioi'iioy At Law.
wnr AgsvMracitiO
otm. iiDflts o. in Tsmtn Ulsrk.
Great Bocluction in
Prico for Dupli
cate work;
(lu all work dona nrcrluits to Nor.
IStli. IW, I will millet ilnplloritoa ut
the fnllotrliig ratia:
H l)OV!
CflblllOlS, tttm
0xH A Paris panel. ;Oo 2.00
Satires nnd rnrds. I.JK) 1.00
Views Hxlu ft U'ixR'i. 1.00 2 55
f)XH 3.0U .7f)
The vlows comprlir nil
points or Interest In the Pt-oos Valley
and adjacent ('01111117.
(tali Must APfflfflpauy Ail Onion:
The modern stand
ard Family Medi
cine : Cures the
common evcry-day
ills of humanity.
:: Spaying ant! Castrating,
The tollowhii; Itwlliaiirilnl pn'iiCHtniliK
Mr. (iiirnn Hhlrluy. I lerir ntiii to tic
KM.ici; luscit, Apt II r., IHfl,
(Jbnti.kmbn: -Th tivsror oi thU tioie
is Mr. (jborgw HIiMrr. Ua Im eimycd
sillily head of ot? tor me. w'lbout nn
lisia or alsimsa following mul It i-vlllenlly
enuipsteiil to do Uiu wAn k , 1 1.
lonra tini,
Ksmbt A, ttvnnv.
Mt. Shirley mny hu loseit ih IiIh humo
lu Riliiy, by any desiring his Mrvlstw,
whlsh are vsry reasoaabls, Only 10s par
head for spsylng, nnd otantrntiug lioc
FRED MYERS, Manager,
B E A U 6 H A M P
City Livery Stable.
it I
a. vine. '1,1 H
, Pure Wines and Liquors for Medictil Use
orrshs tub inm.n- ins
Bcpt pajspcnaei- Service
1 yV A S
Cannon jgaJJ Jrain
fienyes Port Worth,
'v(n .Ml ,1 Wl 1,1. I WTt II, ll. li
. in.: linhni I)pnnl..AilA
7tM n.ni.I)nll!oi(8(08
ai. Jiei.it, iTtn n. m, twxt any
0 Ilttura lo 81. Ixmim and Ihe ICasl.
I TTonra lo Moiuphls.
Diit Hnurto Xew Orleans.
onlV two days
- asrrwajui
Texas and P2nv York.
Piijlmsn llnff.t Hlespliitr Csrs loHI. I.oals
OiitssRo, Kw Orleans and Psslllo Coast.
TlirtiHsli iny Oflnshes aneh datwaan
Port Worth nnd Munphln.
Kuril. ki,riM siid fnrihar infBfwsilon. ealt
, on or jfWreaa rwi uanrral llekai ssaut.
U. TIIOMtih.
ant Vie. l-raa iian Mar. Hon 1-sm ft Tst Ast.
iiAni-011 yiBai.iaa,
A. IiASIIIKLUTrav. Vm. At.
Sisters of ircy
Pupils instticlrd In KnKllsh nnd Uer
lildti, llflnd mid tnltloti. por
month, $12.00, J'Inno i'oni
ifn 0(1 pu tuoiilh.
Shirrs nf Merry, Slaiilmi, Tc.w
iiihuu mnriKiif
rnr tnrnmiatinn khil rn-a lumlbook wrffi lo
lltINN A CO.. ail IIRniuwiT, htvt VcBlf.
OlitMt Imn-Mi for arrurlas li-nu In Amcilca.
r.tnry IMttrnt Ukrnnul I17 ua U limuibt Irsfiira
tlie publlv by a nullce ul 1 11 f tco uf cliarge lu mo
lmit rlrouUllon nf any kI ntlfl? rpf r In tha
wiirm. nmiHiiaiy iiiuairaini. nu loii-ingrat
laaa nrmui uo iriiinni n. ivfki;
yrari SljniUnumlli
K'ruiinu,:iut llr
Ail.lnua. U
Onnon St
liddy N. Mox.
Drugs and Standard Faioii Mm,
mi isanansv vmmnr'
Uooki, Pipes, CMijare, Toilst ArtlelM, Psaoy Blslloo
ery, PrrfuwM, llruiliw, Hie.
ntivoimiuio ctlDDMRQ i SDRfllir.TV
U Villi W ay w mmwm-w mm - " A
Ii. Wl Hut with tin me uliioiinl of
crowding on to tin-democratic cm i ft

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