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WM. H. MULLANbI Publisher.
Murderer r being hong nowndaya.
Many of the pile realised nt Cripple
rmk are anything bat Olympian.
Nobody will venture le erltlrli Mr.
bloomers on lb Melds of CMba,
A iprlngneid (Mo.) paper offering
riniM tickets with the pHfr to now
mi beer i hers.
The people nf RttKlnml pay ftoo.MO
per year to feed, clothe, ami amuse
the Prime of Wales.
Archibald Hammer (if Kutlcut. Ind.
Initio father of three boy. whn
name are, respectively. Trip, Tack
and Sledge.
A company hoa been organised In
New York lo Insure ag".'. -t burglary.
Thoaws llyrnee. as-chief of police, la
10 h Hie general manager.
Mr. Whitney's new oilvf power for
rtreet cm will clt n Kwwl dl of
inter! Ilaa Mr. Whitney lieen tfoen
hovering in the Keely neighborhood of
With lludyard Kipling working up
t)ii New ICngland llah stories wo shall
have some fiction that will astonish tlit
oldest sod moat loquacious of western
llecau lil wife purdiaaed a pair of
perta li s nf a Michigan eddler Peter
Ituaaell of Mtlca killed hlmaelf by
hooting This might f'Urly be called
a iiettni'iilar tragedy.
A Chicago photographer la charged
with making a photograph f a young
lady In full dreae when she really
a dw ' with a choker collar. Hither
the ItwntKen haa been brought to a
very high degree of excellence or the
X-ra 1 1 1 i- in beginning to have Ita
Spain might make It uncomfortable
fur our Milps, but the dlacom'ort would
n i last lung. Hpawlali nngnr in terrible,
nnd If it were bached with commen
surate power It would bn Intensely
dlasgrreablc. Hut Hpaln but rathor
more than ahe can do to whip tit
Cuban; ami even If ahe iiccoinpllslies
that result aim wtll he loo fnr exhausted
ii to innney and men, to . arry the war
Into the Palled States.
A little country school teacher noar
I'nlott City, Mich., has devised a novel
plan lo prevent lartllntea at school. On
a lam blackboard Mho haa drawn a
llfe-alte picture of a onw. with an ex--eedingly
large tall. All tardy scholars
have their namea placed on the cow's
'all for the day and a second offense la
punlhahlt by a week's attachment to
the mil The plan has worked won
der, t-'or the past two week not a
i, ii mi !i ik lieen on the mil
ll,il the llUle girl of l.nulsvlllc
ho n- pronounced dead by a doctor
a foil ii tn be alive before the burial
otild uiki' il arc. There ure aottie elites
i hut provide ugalnst the burial of liv
ing person. In (lover. N. II.. the at
'ndlng phyalclan la required to make
t special examination. In almost alt
Herman towns and elites there are
'muses fm the deposit of bottles, and
hete are constantly vleltnd by Inspect
ing itili lans. No body should ever
ue tiiirlcl until death U certain beyond
:be poHKiblilt) of a doubt.
Wl nipping la expensive unmw-
ateiit in Ohio. Several months ago the
-tch.i.t f.niillv were brutully treated b
nlgli' ml. rs The Injured people caus
ed ki viiiiI Miresls. and fines were paid
for ilu criminal ottenses. Then Jacob
l and wife Cathiirlne. aon llenr
nd daughter Rosa sued Andrew, I'ster
and Krank rtchwendermtin and John
and Joseph Koerns for l&O.OOO for In
juries received la the outrage. Last
week the Rrhads settled with the de
fendants on the payment of $1,000, the
ones. oats and the settlement of the
civil suits amounting to the close
neighborhood nf 1 1,000.
A dispatch fro Tlmptson. Tex., says
that while tb Itev. Mr. Ilho.lea. living
twelve miles from there. doing hla
plowing be unearthed au.ooo Mexican
dollars This Is a splendid etory and
Is worthy of the front page of a morn
ing paper, esrept UuU It comes from
Iba wrong section of tb country, hav
lag since time iwmowerlal always boon
Ik oKtpriavg of Indiana. It therefore
seems a trd Indelicate of the Texan
ts try and make fame oat of a story
that lias risen In thi world through
the sMtduous toll ut Indiana corre-
apoadenta. Titer are. however, two
radical departures la the story. The
one Is making ih MOtttr Mtuieaa la
stead of coMtlaenUl, Nltfl la ether Is
latroaactflK a mlnlatw in tfc star role
and jrlrlgg lbs story tb prestige f the
A Jbwtsi has made an Invention
wktoft). H iH chUsjsd. will make tb bi-
ryrj Motn (taamtar. Altar car rally
looking ovflf ik Htnatwa wte oaa
vomw 16 bit w eoaelMslan. and that
U that tkta how luveateHa la a skne
whefoVr one psrsoa can tide two
vitsls at on and tho tame time.
The name of "Wives' l'nln" Is ecr
tnlhly alarming, and It Is well that Its
meaning has en explainid and that
It tiortcnds no additional domestic re
sin, nons ipun ihs -eaU4 bead of
Hon. Henry Mi Teller nt tliliiroilii Jln
tinned fer l'relilciit-A tlenerut I"hIhii
I 1rsMl 'f nil Silver MfHi III the
Unllnl Hlutrt,
St. botibt, "Me., Jn As the rseiist
of a partes of etmttrmtvt betweon ram
MKtM awfxrlactsi by fa mdlB8Hvor
man at tho r stent ltemtblksan onrvren
Iton whI a e&nttnltto compwcl ut
mHm. I'oiwrlMa, the foMowIng ml
tlfcJi wan IssmmiI Xrrmi the Hriiliiirters
of the Paonkra lrty Natunl com
MKUo In this afty. Imumliaicly atttr
b idlver mm waalml out of tiie con
rteUo they appointed a comtnlll of
which Cimrtas t. llataman of Mnna
foaator II. P. lVttacrew of MmrUt Da
kota, C. P. Qtnnon of IHott awl Prul T.
DtrtMita of letatui wre roeWbers, tn onn
for wlltt n similar iMHttiitMteo of I'oim
MstM. Tkat nrnH nt the llaatera' )
toi tNr mt II. K. ariwtMk of IH1
noU, ebulnnan; Dr. Ut. 8. Taylor f
fhlcaao and Thci. M. I'attarsAn ut Dri
ver of the NaHunal I'omillet cowihU
toe, and aa tno rsanlt of that and sub
ttcquent conftwences Ute folUrwtm; ail
draw wastasnotl:
"Mxrely tUavlatmlns; atry purpose
or right o bawl any party or retatm by
Uif views hor set fnrtli, wo Imt rohl
to i ti oroTtowrlna; aenso of duty Ut
saying what wo do to Ut itmnlicrs of
the I'tiopM's lnty a nJ to all utSier good
rMlastM who, apprehending the ap
proach of a momentous rrhn In our
country a life, are wMlroc to avert h by
acts ai exwrtod iHUrVotsetn. We came to
L Iaila aa rKhtena, meorbers of the
People's hirty. to be pre newt at the
rneatlMK of tho Natronal Iti-publkan
oooivntlon, that we cnlajht drtermtne
mora daflnJIely for ourmlvei vhe trtte
aim of tmu orastntastlon In tbe praaant
Mtnupgl. liar wo bare ami the 'boss'
rn poMtlcn more ooetirely enthroned,
more servilely olxyttl an t more dleta
tcirial as to oamlltlatos and p Hcy Its n
haa ercr 4or boon wi:nased m tbe
fleVtl or ttttioaftl poMtirs.
"Ono man, tit perfection or his typo,
renrassntrna; Use tiiHUonairei.tb binki,
Uio (mrpnratlnw, Ure tracts and ovoty
other miiomtless aod pUstocrath: ok
mstst In our coutitfy's life, ttaa Utrmigh
Uio jtonw of tnoiwy illeti..l tha nouil
nntion of Wlltfatn 'Mi-Klttleyniwl shapotl
th platform of liUt pirty.
"WiIh coorantlon, slavishly respond
km to the will at the monoy ivowoc, 1ms
forostl an Issue wlilch must be met. It
!h a ci)MllnKO to Use yeomert or Uio
hand, ir It Is dcUnd, or If lti movc
inont snail urcnl, tno fttletw of a ty
ranny tnoro BrlndsoR than otoX oi czars
or nmperors would bs drlmi upon the
plain pmplo or this country; rotters
Mitten inuat be Ualoflirltaly worn whh
the contomptlMo sptrit lnatrablfroni
willing serfs, or In tbe end lw broken
wHIi the IrrealsUble iiower or a ralhty
"That irau is fbrmttlsted within the
rlMnamls that "the existing cold stand-
anl must 4s )rrvel'' and for the en
actment of 't4l meastirss deolgaeil to
maintain InrlokWy the obtlaatlons of
4ie Uttlteil Statag aos) aM our money
etthor coin or pntr at tbe present
standard." This moans thst silver shall
be iwrtHnsnt4y doyraded Into mere
oolnaa of ohangt. awl tfcat it be dc
prlvvd of Ita legal tender qusllty, ex
capt for somo natter sum. That the
green be ok anil aM other forms of gov
ernmevt paper money shall be redeem
ed uml deaorojred: that the national
banka akaU lie awoMon Into a power
trvfik tHatr pioal ahllity to contract
tho vaawiiis of meats'; to absorb the
earnlHajs of Indoatry uml to grip ths
throat of all Industrial and commer
olal Mfe, wbtl front time to time It
terrorises the voters Into the oholce of
fid tools for Its legislative, judicial and
stkmlnistrwtiv positions. The money
jiowar haa fbtved this laiue now, be-
eattse, la Ita Judgment, those whom its
polloy will inula ve are divided Into
hostiki jtolitlcal faint Hes, which can
not be united In time to rewist Its on
set. It resard It aa luossibl that
harmonious aoUon oaa b sseured bs
tweea different organizations that fa
vor monetary roJorcn and rostatanc to
tsratr InaaUats ajrel. With I'opulisU,
Oliver Dssaocrata and lsdependeat bl
tnataihats twtmuetlaa; ths d4fferat
nominM for president and the aa
Uoaal cottarosM It feet aaourod of vie
tory and it has dotrmlae(l to press
now, and without abatewHrot, tk d
vantag whleh thia sppareaUy lawettt-
able condition rises up before It.
"In thts most throatMlng orisls that
has mtswnead the oountry since the
Hril war, aaonah inastdy eiUaen mm
brs of the People's party, we reature
to make momentous suMoatloaa to
yon. our brethren. la doing this we
have neither d autre aor istoogbt to 1m
pair In the ttaet degree the eilleieaey
of our aoWe Ofanlastioa, oharaatl ns
U it 'With the NUnlos of reont an
future KNetatloos, sad with tb In
Ucrtte and growth tsaoatlal to the
peepttuaUoa of our free laatilHtteai
fir oeaetant aha wtM be to lefead it
(rotn fees wtthla and without and to
preserve it a a power eoaaserated for
ever to ths doease of humanity's dear
trt rights apoa the Awerteaa eoatl
"Ia view of the ahamrleM cubmli
slon by the Urptibtleaa eoaveatloa to
the most extreme demand ever made
on Annruaas by the money bower
every tt,' jgfet nnd tvery effort of
Axarrtcan maBhood should from this
lieur tend toward orrflllng and cwnent
Ing a union between Choto who would
resist the eonnplraoy of wholtwale rob
bori' ami grlDillnR opprcmHon.
"MsAMrea mtist to ajnlncd or defeat
ed through men. After all tho ohW
lirohlotn In this ensht m to find a matt
ttHn whom imtrMU oan unite, wltoso
IKe Is n wRmnm tlu-l U ontntsted with
ailthortty over nAftonal legislation nnd
Iks oHfmvomoiK ho wMl defy every ttl
Itiretnent of wealth and ovcry xnonaco
of iwwr, stamlhts; tinfllnchlngly by the
chum of tho people Jn tbo flotvo stnig
glfl laaepBraldy oonnted with Ute on-
acUnen-t of our propiMwl flnanolal le-
fonns. We tee In tho private awl offi
cial lh of IlNnry M. Teller a boaoon
iHwrrlnK liriaholy. wanrtrvg tho people
off tho threaiamtnK shore of dlaeon
skin. He han now mibHoly nbin
tloneil the KepulirVan urk)wtth w'Wcli
He haa lieen noMJolatol alnoo Ita first or
ganization. When to hla oflleml reoord
are ttnteoil tn tuiMtllietl prlvuta lkfe, a
character wkltout a blot or tttaJn, n
Rrateful, geitwoui jsvtttro, a patriotism
that knows n easier atnte itor acotton,
we feat that we are Imt porormrnK a
hity loottr liokivexl country la tltti oall
inK attention to (Mr. Tollor'a merits ami
avallaltltlty na a candhlato for vroei
dejvt, aa ono upon whom nH I"opullta
may rwnalKenllV ttnltew4ttK they etreu
uottsly mvservo ami strengthen tJia"r
"Tho noeeaoHy ami wisdom ut a 1Li
paaohniKio domsfcleration ut lint clahns
upon the eupiKrt of tlio'Amorlcan peo
ple hare bwomo the tnoro npparon1
since tho iwiriota: IleimbUoan lflenUrn
who aJbandoned tholr party timlor hht
IntmrmtHw hare announced Irhn at
thir iKimlnev for praaldent of the Uot'
ted State. II. 15. 'ratilieneck, IHInoU;
M. C. Itanktn. Indiana; J. II. McDowell,
Tensteaew; Thomas Irtcber.Arhasisaa:
M. It. Kmtfnton, Arkansas; 1U A. flan
key. lUnsas; V. I). Ifisger, Nehraalu:
A. I. Maxwell. Illinois; . .1. Wright.
TVxas: lSturan ftirtth, INInola; Calvin
K. ltlfstMr, Mlsaourl; "W. ,T. Ktatt,
Tean-Hse; J. dl. Davis. Texaa; T. M
ratteraon, Colorado; John P. tele, 11-
lrnota; Howard 8. 'I'ayltjr, iniswls; J.
W. DoUllwii. ArksnaHi; J. A. lfldgarton.
NeonMhK; Charlea It. Palmer, nirno'.a;
J. I), lleos, Illinois; aeorge ! .Jnoitoon,
Arkansas; . V. V. Arnold, IHInoU; W.
Quick. Missouri ; i'raak J3. lUchey.
Jlhawtirl; Home (1. CUwk. Colorado.'
Chairman TaulMmwk, in an Inter'
view, aakt:
Hie eootdlnK sUror nun of tbe w
pulilhtsn party aal Uio iPoimlUna have
the reatiu of our oaoferottue come to
h porroet nKroomom o to the rttture
and tiouoafortti we wHI "work alone tiy
ssnve Iumb."
He iwedletcd victory for a Uoket wKh
Teller as lead sr.
Piitut tlolll.lon.
AUootfe City. N. J Jtus af.-'ntree
pereaw wore instantly IrllKnl u a
fourth nroimiily fatally htjuml In n
ra(e croaskiK awtdettt at Aibsenon yea-
teroay. 'lite ileal are; Ooorga llttMr.
Med 00 years: l'VederiOk Ilitber. M
son, sued -12, fro.n cmnaata, thlacotm
ty. ami Harry Hentsler uf Philadel
phia. The lnhimil man 'm Joseph Bihl
or Oalloway, a mrtnbrr of the board ct
free hohlnri. The mwi left Uermerii
aibout 7 o'clork yeatorduv oio-itHj; for
a day's plcaottrc on a tcp-covired wag
on, drawn by a jnlr of sp.rltl horses.
Upon reacltlHg ,Vbocon the ftttlnvaU
either Iwram Ktrmaagelo or ths dri
ver, young Httbnr. aitemptetl lo beat
the approaching Camden and Atlanta.'
express train the i racks. The
train was nmnrlng at the rat of sixty
mile sn boor. The wagoif waa partly
over the fcraoks when the truln struck
H full and throw tbe men In all direc
tions. The llubers ware caught under
th oagin "Wheels and ground Into
tdecoa. dlenuter was thrown aa-lnt
the station with a bora on lop of hi in
8ahl felt upon bin able unon the plat
form, breaking hi arm in two places.
fraettirlng three riha and punnurlng a
l.ols In on of bl lung.
t'llMl (leiientl l.ea' ltrmrt.
Now York. June ti. A special di.
patifj from a Cuban correspondent to
a lsadlr paper here says:
I hsv seen (unl fJeneral ue
ami notwtehstsndlng hi extreme re
tlceare and his refusal to reply to
nueattons In rotation osveclally to his
eonAdenUsI rewt to President Clsv
hind, I am justified In drawing the con
elusion thst his document Is of tremen
don Importance to th t'nlted Mates
nod to aaaia. to strong Is It. in fact,
that It oontoHbi may, It Is hinted, he
mad ths basis of armed Intertarcne
la Cuban affair on the part of His ad
ministration at Waahiagton Immedi
ately. 'le report Intended 'as Infor-
atatloif particularly daargnatd for th tie-
partsnont of state, and wbluh will be
pro sated to Seeretary Olney, Ii, I am
Inform ed. and as I have already ladl
eatod. a raennlote ami insparUal
view of the field."
A t ieeu Kiruiig tip.
(StstttaoMKwa.'iena., Jae n.-un rti-
day night Hist ikw. ute u-yoar-oiii
(laughter of Uwln iniekMt, a promwefit
farmer llriag noar Hartaelie, AV., was
kldaapeU by 1san Orr, a negro farm la-
borer. She was later found In the woods
where the brute w aasauttod her, aau
left her 1 oh tHwoaoeiou roaultJon,
Orr waa eaptttred Satur4y near JXab
vllie and ooanaed la the eourtliouee an
hour. At mi early hour yesiurday mora-
tag a atoh broke Into the buMdiaar,
strapped the iifgro to a hvrse aad took
him lo tha scene of bU cm me. wbirt'
they hanged lism to a tree and rtddlttf
his body with bullets. He coa tatted hit
Hewn Men unci Wmmtllna- Tliree-llmies I
unit i'ie.tiJcatter.ilforliimiireiii.iri,e
Aniiin.l-A llrllrnlllrllMHly MKlrraled
at llrjiiiii
CohnffiHfttl, Tex., June . Ilotwren
7 ami 8 o'etocfe yaet onlay tnomlng n
tram locomotive exiiilotletl at IXmertU
rtatlon. etx mH eouth of hero. WlUng
seven men and aeriatiaiy wunnn
Lvrae. Tito dead are: A. I..Tounetts,
preaUlrnt ami ittnrinROT of th Ne-
braska Itntlier company; Orant Hoen-
marly, Uonttrtlvt. entrlneer; Charlei
eitltb. Charley Utewnrt and Wi:y Har-
gfM. laborora; two I rich seoHon men.
ami ono known as "I'Yenchy." the othet
baring rcatmetl the mill Sunday nml
beginning work yesterday morning. I
The wmtndotl tire: Dsaer Hamnierll. lo
cnmntlvo llrmiwn; Young DswHn nnd
old nmn Dentile, an Irhhman. loti
cette's head was almost totally blown
off, all the upper part of h'i toody not
ting crushed to it JMy. .Orant Hani
merly's head was lilown severe! yard
away, and the other victim were laira
ed and seahlsd till rt-oognltlcm was
possible only by the clothing they wore,
The locomotive got dprslletl nesr the
rtnwvlsssry on the mill ysrd, and the
mm hwil gathered tta put It on the
track again. W:er was low In the
IriKrr, and the fireman contltMietl mak-
ii k ratn, the furnace btdtag almost rod
fun. mmltnir ir uratue Inu Im iiiiIpV.
ty hfan pumping cokl' water Into the
boiler, and the etrploMan followeil. The
boiler was ripped to pieces, and Iron,
W30d. water mi human flesh aad
bnni were b'.own h nml red i of feet up
ward nnd In every direction. Isrts of
tthe boiler fell over two hundred ariU
swsy. 'Itie hN-omotlve had become it
veritable Infrvial machine, and death
snd rniM lay around. Slmultantotialy
wl:h the explosion slmoet csnie ahrlehs
from the women In the 'homes sbotit
nhe mlN, all fesrln that some of their
household had became vlr-.lm. All of
the Injured one wwe white men. tiie
nr.jro (aborrrs having extended their
rrlf brstlon of the 10:h, and being sway
front the inlH.
i ie ocafl and Injttred otvly two
had famlllt. Mr. Douce-re leaving
wife and -Me Hanwnerty a wile and
three oMlikrttrt. (Mr. Danceste's remattta
were carriMl to Ueattttiotw for Inter-
meat. Mr. Hanmrrkjr was tsurloxl yes
lenlay aftetTtoon at Woerhrille. Young
Sargent was carried to shinny Dell cam-
tury, uear here, and the other four
vlnttttk were laid aa root In one large
grave near the mill.
Mien III llniliu On I,
Caddo Mills, Tex,, June S3. Charles
I. Ulnkln. a young farmer living two
miles northeast of town, suicided yes
terday morning. Mr. Dinklns bad
separated from him about a inont'.i .go.
Dinklns went o tu home of hi' wife,
somo two miles dlrtant, wlrh s view of
setting her u :c:urn home snd again
live with him. Mu. DlnklM told hint
who would uovr live with him again.
Me then kissed hU w.fc, bade her good
bye, gavo her what monry be bnd,
amounting to H. . nd remarked rbat he
was going in b.ivc the country, and
started ostensibly to leave tbe prem
ises. Win it abemt 100 year ds from tho
house, and In the presence of hit father-
in-law, he fell on hla knees, drew a 38-
caliber Harrington plv.ol, placed the
mussle ugilnst his right trmple and
shot himself to deaf!:, :!ic b:ill golns en
tirely through the heal Dearit was
Itlrl .lll.lrnilp.l.
llrysn, Tax., June 22. -Borne time
early Sunday morulas; a urrlbie out
rage was perpetratrsl here. A ooloretl
girl 8 year old, who had boon bedrid
den sud unable to speak from her
birth, was taken horn her bed and
horribly -maltrteti d. The child has
been living on a farm nta miles from
town, she was found la a gully near
tbe Orasna river In nn utteonsclou con-
illtlon. Woumla on her head Indicate
that she had probably been struck with
a otone or a heavy stick. Her bsndi
were tied aad a cord was found around
her neck, ns if her aasalhtM had In
tended to strangle or hang her. When
she crime was reported Coaaiafekt Ma
ker v lolled tfc scene, and upon his re
turn stated that the child was not dead.
Me has wade no srrest a yet, bat the I
oINeers sr working on the ease.
Itlg I'Mlrla inre.
Waeo. Tex., Jane tJ.-HNr first
prairie r for tnaay years broke out
Saturday aor (Mna SiiRs, in Utls
county. PreittaoUHl dry wsathsr aad
bftjh temverainre had dried recitation
- h0 crUP' aH" ,y'k carried
the itames aloa with terrthc speed. .N,
M. Huberts' big paotare ws sweH snd
the (htmss watt naoheeked for nine
miles, la Homhs eottntr tbe naoMle
ttiraeU out am awrreeded in stoMtaK
I the Ure. 'IHie elihsf toss Is f eaeoa.
fun.i iiwuL
Houston, Tex., June SI. John Hen
ry. a machinist about TO year eM, aa
touad dead In hie room yesterday at the
arntnta hotel. On the table In hU
- I room was found a one-eighth ouaee
bottle of morphine and an open peoket
knife. In she dead mans trunk were
clothing, tools ami an electric battery.
Thee is nothing to Indicate the motive
for she deed.
The dowbger empress of China, Tsou
Uslt Uted nt PeUitt un the 10th instant
Crying Kill and a Soft Itnndls
A Iondon paper has been flailing for
definitions aa (o what n baby la and re
ceived a long list of definitions. That
which look tho DrllO WAS "A tlnr
feather from tho wing of love dropped
Into tho saernl lap of motherhood
Among tho definition wero tho fol
A troublesome compendium of great
The only proeloita poaicMlon that
noyer oxoltea envy.
A bold niecrter of Uio rights of free
A thlnR everybody thinks thcro Is A
great dcnl too muoh rtiea about, unlets It
Is tholr own.
A thing we nre expected to kin anil
look na If we enjoyed It.
Tho only thing needful to matte a
homo happy.
Thcro Is only ono porfcet spcelmcn
of nbnby In exlstenes, nnd evary mother
la tho happy poescMor of It.
Tho most oxtonslvo cmployor of fc-
mnlo labor.
Tho pulp from whleh Uio lonvoi ef
life's bonk are made.
A pndloek on tho alialn of love.
A soft bundlo of love nntl trouble
which wo cannot do without.
The mornlnft cnllor, noonday crawler,
mlilnlKlit brawler.
Tho tnnglo npoll by which the gode
Irnnsform n hoitao Into n homo.
A dlmlnutlvo specimen or nofvorse
humanity that could sonrcoly bo en
Jtiretl If ho bolongod to somo ono olso,
but, bolnR our own, is n novor-fnlllnR
lionstiry or dcllRht.
A mlto or hiimnnlty that will ory no
anrtler If n pin Is stuek Into him than lie
will ir tho ent won't 1st htm pull hor
A crying evil you on'- aggravate by
(Milling down.
Tho latest edition or humanity or
whleh every couple think they possess
111 finest copy.
A native or all countries, who speaks
tho language or none.
Tho sweetest thing ami ever aiado
mil forgot to glvo wIiiks to.
That whleh Inoroaset the mother's
loll, loeroHes Uio fallier'a cash, and
lerven na nn nlarm elosk to the neigh
A iilensnro to two, n nuisance to orery
allior body, nnd a noosMlty to tho
An InhaMtnnt of Lapland.
uonD onoMBn in hoypt.
lilt Nilor Dun In llll Hnvlllir n l ew
I'lrketl St.M,
Lord Cromer's atiocoMls In particular
'Itio to his seeing that tho only offiolent
wny to rulo Kgypt was to lmvo nn Hn
CllBhmnn nt hand to say tho final word
In ovory department of state, says tho
Hnoctntor. . Ho haa never wnntod to
lljod Hgypt with Ungllsh ndmlnlstra
tors after tho manner of Pfnnee In Tu
tils. Tunis has only ti million and n
half or people, hut thcro nro 3,000
I'ronoli civil functionaries, boaldos
largo number of military ofrleera. Iord
Cromer has always proferrod that the
Iftigllih heads should ute Kgyptlnn
Itntida. Tho native cabinet and the
tintlvo bureaucracy have gone un
touched, oxoept to be lmprovetl and
strengthened, but In the shadow bohlnd
every magnificent ministerial fut"iill
stand the ICngllshman who controls
nntl directs. This moan that our work
luta been done by a minute staff. ICx
copt In tho Irrigation department,
where high technical skill and the In.
nlilllty to take bribes tnnko It abso
lutely noeeseary to lmvo HngllBlimon,
tlioto nro no visible Hugllah ofllclals.
Ono nilvantsRo of n minute at art la tha:
nil your men can be picked men. And
in Hgypt, whether soldiers or civilians,
all thoeoutrolllngmeu are picked men-
man wlui can he trusted not only to
bold on lllto bulldogs, but who ere also
certain to win when brain power,
whether In tho Turk, the Armenian, or
tab Copt, la matched against brain
power, tnet and adroitness. Wo do
not known whether Ixinl Cramer ever
expressed th thought In word, but If
lie had wild, "I will have no regiment of
poorly-paid second-rate Hngllshnien
under me here, but only n lew men ot
the ablest kind In well-paid, responsi
ble noils." be would bsva sxsetlv ex.
prosaed the rrlnolpto upon which ha
has acted. Auather reason tar Lord
Cromer's success Is to bo found In the
fact that he has always used young
men. Wgypt Is the triumph of young
tluslil to It I'rninnteit,
Prlnelnftt (to oeMtmerclal traveler re
turning from the read) How came you
to charge sueh low price to Schmidt,
wno is known to uo a snaky customer:
Commerloal Traveler I thought If the
man happened to (All wo woaWn't lose
to muoh by him. llflndlsltting.
OontreMlonal Wsy,
Hlgbeo Yoa women hare a iiueer
idea et n tl abating club. When I
leaked In last night you wore nil talk
ing at onee.
Mrs. Hlgbec Wo eentltiei our club
on congressional lines, llsnry. Phila
delphia North Amsrlean,
Neither yoa iter I hare a right to ask
any one to aeeapt our eonstruetion of
Christ or tho lllble, The right to In
dividual bsllef-that Is Protestantism,
that Is PresbyterUnl.nl, that is Chris
tianity. Itev. P. C. Vrooman, Presby
terian, Chicago, 111.
HnllsMsaeit Itlui.
"Paw," asked Willie, "what
'money easy on call'?"
"It must be." sail M: Ferry, "when
ysu are sure the fellow you call hasn't
any better than two pair agalait your
three, " Cincinnati Knquirer.
Sold tbe first Stamp.
It Is wild tbnt Jnraes tamta Stnlth.
n olerk in the Washington postoMee,
Utile postortlce olork who sold the first
ponlsgo stamp and Uio first slamjKxl
onrelopo ever Issuod by this govern
tnent, nnd who registered tho first let
ter mat were prcnontou for registry
whon that systom of mail protection
was inirouticca in uio united stnte.
Ho ontored tho postofllco ns ft clerlt In
1817. nnd In now 7D years old.
Th first Mstal Caitlng-
'llioolty ot Lynn, Mai., hm received
a ni6dal nnd diploma from Uio commit
teo of uwiird of tho Chicago world's
fair for It exhibit of Uio iron kettle
which was east nt tho old Sano-tia foun
dry In 1013. Tho kottlo was tha flrt
metal outing turned out in Utls coun
Smoothonoe rate higher than any
thing else.
Cheap Itsgs,
Eat iil-o lolllntr nt SO oonta a doian
ntTuofOu, Arlfc.und It Is Uio first tlmo
In tho hUtory of tho plaoo Uiut thiy
hnve lieen so ehoat). Prom 73 cents to
1 1 ha lieen the ruling prloo.
rherr. Is wmetlilnrr nleatant In balm
Innocently uooiimmI.
A tnoit affcotlvo rcmody for sheoo
soub and ticks Is n preparation of nuro
nicotine prepared from tobaooo. Own-
er uf ebeep goneral'y are ualng it In-
stoaa ot lime, sulphur nnd arAema uml
stein unanimous In behoving that sheep
iiokh ntiu tout) win won Do totally ox
tot'tnluateo. Nlcotlno Is n (loudly jl
son to Insects, but when tllltitod for
dipping does not affect animals. In
this respect It ill (Torn from tho mlnorftl
polsuns, Tho Skitboura DIpCo. ot Chl
ongo are the lurg et manufacturers of
nicotine in tho world.
Killnin's fatrit.
Mr. Pillson has Invent! an anna-
ralita which clmiiges the X ray into
light. I Ir. sttya that the light so pro
dtiowl is exiictly the sntno ne tho son
light. He thinks that ho has found u
batter ami cheaper light Utan tho In
oandewent Inntp.
, The New ltajjlsod Constrtntory ef Music, In
YIptton.MsH., sifurnlilicd In itrucUoa leaver
W.ooo pupiu since lt6,flc t Its popnwrliy n
inrntuiioD i inn iiiriimi oxceuenc m ooa
ittinlly linTeaaiDt;. Its cnrrtculuut Is not ess
Deed to iiniilc alone, but (ifAlorr nnd Modern
1.h;usk- Iiuvk fliisiy Mulipo.l dsptrtaienH
snd tho liem Inrtmrturs money can proeure.
Opeolal sttemlon Imi Is fflvrn to liistruHlen In
piinoforto tuning. The elmrKM are low when
compared with thonnf other inu steal eehoxlK
rrsifieriHs miiiwi ae on apauesMa.
)lble, Irfitt of llnblM.
Mr. Chnrlos Cntnhtoek of Fisher1
Corners, O., guve birth tho other day
to wven elilldren. Onn of them dioil
Uio noxt day, but the other hIx nro do
ing well. Ohio apiienrs to bo tho
ohuiiiplon now.
The Modtru llruuty
Thrive on good rod and sunshine,
with plenty of exercise In the open air.
!er form glow with health and her
face bloom with It benuty. If her aye
Ism need the olounslnit action of a lax
ative remedy ahe use the gentle Hd
fetssimnt Byrup of Pigs. Mude by tho
California Pig Syrup Company.
The new word nit la probably fro
the (icimuii word nix.
M e 'i"i'imii'iuiL!,Jimil;lj.1-1 Ll
ntood Is essential to health. Nniv hi the
tlmo to purify and enrich the blood, anil
thus glvo vigor ami vitality, by taking
Tim Om True niood l'urtBr. AllilriwfttM. t
Hood'B PlllB r"'11 Sll Mver 1 lit eetit.
Father Weltatsr, Hector Bt Joieph's
(jUurcli, OalYeiton, writes Abort
Dr. Vcno.
Under date Dm. St. im,
Kalher Welnwr says; I hays
hearii Vr. vsno Ueturo in
ini iy
onlv frsb
and ludetn not
lily frem a ssnftury but at-
so froin
talnt. I i
!n mumi aiaiiu
eaii eansetsntluusiy
nanil him
Pathsr . it. J. JjAd,
Itteter St Msry's CnQi
oral, flalysston, wrltss Dm.
, lt: t ebMrfutly rtom-
iHtlHl Dr. Vsno. I found
ilm honest and fair dsAltfts;
in whstsver ttaniaetleti hi
Ksd wltb mi. I moreover
fiund nlmllbsral In, hi
haift- to th poor, both in
trsitTAfnt ana suptHylSK
ctey mmiuss wiin iuwi, t
lv Itesrd
sd tt9rts of ths ease h
Mtrtopk to eur. ,
Til above la net only th
ar tn
t ar
pjlnlsttrs nf all dsnet
lions aoneernins
hts warld-fainsa
Vsue arid
Ths sxtraordlnsty cure
tnidlalllfS ll
dlsltits have ealied forth
ths admiration and unseile
itsd testimony ot Ins bsst
rsspts ef this rountry. Th
Vsno Urus "o guarantss
to rsturn ths
money II thsr
Thsy are sola
fall to eur. Tbsy are sold
s ths best and only
Ittsntine eur It ptrma-
nsnur eurss inuini
and fsvsr). and tiiorougiiiy
ur catarrti, eonsitpsttsii
ana liver troubi. it
liver In
strsnathsns ths nerves.
eiears ins pram, inviggraiu
ths stemaah and burlnaa the
blood, tsaylnc no ill erfeeta.
imaioins nss ror its
the famous Uandtln-
r. I t a
dittreytr ini Mood purinsr.
and wiisn usnI with
g-LUll) will cure thk worst
ins srsat
and most
dssptrats casts
lelatlea. nsuralsla. and all
hss and pains Tbsy ar
old at. W onus sash. 11 for
your drussi
I& v.nnV. aaffi .war
st Vsnos
tiA vinn'i
yu, or writ to in y-

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