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The Eddy current. (Eddy [Carlsbad], N.M.) 189?-1899, July 16, 1896, Image 5

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WAPTisa xxr.
TJ B flPOKB the last
U sentence with a
faint smile, nn-1
with the nlr oi n
man trying, In
pita of himself, to
trcnt a gram sub
joct lightly. Ills
face clouded again,
howavor. In a mo-
rnent.whon ha look
, od townrda hla sis-
tor oa ha ceased, Hor work had once
.mora dropped on her lapi her faca wni
(turned away to that ho could not eiUj
uui oa anew or ma trembling or ner
iitaspad handi, aa thoy reatod on her
kneo, ana by the alight awolllng ot tho
relna on htr neck, which aha could not
taiua irom Dim, mat her boastaa
ntrength cf nerve had dewted her.
Throe years of repose had not yot on
billed her to hear her marriage namo
lUttnrod, or to bo present when past
itlmns of deathly aufferlngaqd terror
jwnre referred to, without botrnylng tha
snhook In htr face and manner. .Tru
Milno looked taddonod, but In no way
surprised by what ho saw. Making a
Ign in Lomaquo to any nothing, ha
row and took up hla atster'a hood,
wbloh lay on a window-mat near him.
"Come. Rote' ho aalJ, "tho aun la
jahlnlng. tho aweot aprlna r' la Invlt
llng u nut. Let ua liavo I. Jet atroll
irflong tlio tanks ot tho ttrvam. Why
Mould we keep our good frlond horo
oopod up In thla narrow llttlo room,
(when wo bate mllca nnd mllra of beau
tiful landscape to ahow him on tho
other aide of tho thfcaholdT Comal It
,(p high treason to Quoon Nnturo to re
nin In Indoora on auoh a morning aa
i Without waiting for her to reply, he
put on her hood, drew her arm through
bin. nnd led tho way out Lomnquo'a
facn grow gravo na ho followed them.
"I am glad I only showed tbo bright
mIiIo of my bndgot ot news In Cor tfrcn
on co," thor.fiht he. "Ska la not woll nt
heart yet. I might have hurt her, poor
thing; I might havo hurt her main Bad
ly, if I had not held my tongue."
They walked for n llttlo wMlo down
tho banks of tho stream, talking ot In
dlffcront mxttcra. then rcturnoi to tho
cottage, Uy thla time Rosa had re
covered fcrr spirits, ajul could listen
with IntCTTtrt and nmusomoni to lo
rnaque's drily-bumoious dr-icilptlnn of
Iila lite ps a clerk at ChalonsHiur
ilnrnr. They parttd for a UUla while
at Hi eotlzypj door. J loeo retired to tho
upstairs room from' which she bad been
summoned by hrr brother. Trudalne
and linrtrof rrtnixod to winder again
along the banks of tho s trend.
With one ticasrd. and wlthoat a word
passing bnt(n them, they left tha
neighborhood of tha cottage hlirrlrtllr.
Hit-n utopptid os a sadden andattratlva
ly looked Mich elirr In tho iaoo look
ud tn ellenw las aa Instant. Tnidaltio
pnke flrrt.
I thsnk ym tor having spared her,"
he brgnn. AinzjUy. "She la not atrong
enotnib yt to bear hearing of a new
Kiliifarttrht, xnless I hmai Iho tidings
to bur fun-"
You suppant ror. then, nf bringing
bad news?" paid Lornaqnn
know yon &u Wboi T taw your
first look at bar. After ve were all seat
d In the cottage parlor. I knew It.
Kpnakl Vfciuct foar. wlthoat caution,
wlthoirt nie uncles void of prolate.
After three ytows of repose. It It plcaao
God to Kflllct n again. 1 caa bear the
trliil cclroV. x&K IX seed Ix. can
atruugtttnn icr la hear II ralssly toe I
any aju-ln. lomwp, aprak at once, acd
MiHiait out I know your news la tsui,
far 1 know tadnreiamd that it la nasM
of Dan rait
"Yuo am iiJ. mj tad sews Is sowj
ctf him.
Jle Jna gtewutmd 1M wrt of onr
earcape frcrtt tha ipilDoalae
'Ho lie lots irot a aaiplrioa of it.
He Imllum as Mi 'metier, as orery
one dots Urn jtta vera both exectitcij
, tilt day atlrr the Ilerolntlonsry Tri bu
ll al pciitiiaofcC joq to death."
"Umtagtu 70s speak positively of
that beOtif of his -bnt yoa wnnot bo
eertala cf U," -
"I nan on the rast Indisputable, the
dhuC atanlins crldecco ou tha anthor
At vB tUavtUa's own art. You haro
mdMid smi Is tjak ost?"
1 ask r ayaJa 1 Isalat on It. Tour
nas-a, ljesBSijue jroetr news, without
saotbir voct i pra&esr
Tea akalt kara It without another
irerd af prcfMC TUn villa Is on the
yoisi C SMrried."
As He saswer was given they both
ttapfXtl ky tin bank of the stream, and
xpta iee'tnt eaeb other In thn faeo.
Vytm wac a mlnnta of dead alleneo be
tween tfacxa. During that mlnuto th-i
wAr bnbkltag by happily over Its bed
ot pebbles, seemed atrangcly lond. tha
stasiBg of birds In n llttlo wood by tha
abeam tida strangely near and shrill,
fa both tfanlr ears. Tho light breeia. for
alt its mid-day warmth, touohed tholr
ehks coldlj; and the spring sunlight
pouring on their faces, felt aa It It wero
ellaimerinc en theaa through wlnUr
Mlt ss wslk on." said Trudalne, In n
low voice. "I waa prepared tor bad
news, yet cot for that. Are you certain
of what you have Joat told mar'
' "All certain as that tha atretm hero
U flowing by our side. Hear how !
wade the discovery, nnd you will doubt
so longer. Defora last week I knew
sothlng of Danville, except that hla ar
rest on aniplelon by Robeaplerre's or
wt waa, as events turned out. the aar
lag ot bla life, He waa Imprisoned, M
I told you, on tho evening after h had
hoard your names road from tho denth
list at the prison grata. Ho remalnod
In confinement at the Temple, unno
ticed In tho political contusion out ot
doora, Just aa you romalned unnoticed
at St. Lazaret and ho profited In pro
olsoly tha same manner that you prof
ited by the timely Inaurreotlo whleh
overthrew tha Rolgn of Terror. I know
thla, nnd I knew that ho walked out of
prison In tho character ot a persecuted
victim ot Ilobesplena's and for bet
ter than three yeara past I. know no
more. Now listen. Last week I hap
pened to be waiting In tho ahop of my
employer, Citizen Clalrfalt, for some
papers to take Into tho counting house
when an old man ontera with a sealed
parcel, whloh ho hands to ono ot tho
ahopmon, aaylngi
" '(Jlvo that to Citizen Clalrfalt.'
"'Any namo!' says tha shopman.
"The name Is of no consequence,'
anawers thn old manj 'but If you please
you can glvo mine. Bay tho parcel
came from Citizen Dubois'.' and then ha
goes out. His name, tn connection with
hla elderly look, strikes me directly.
,r,Doea that old fellow lfvo at Cha
lonaT' I aak.
" 'No.' aaya tha shopman. 'Ho la hero
In attendance on a customer ot ours
an old ox-arlstocrat namod Danville.
She Is on a visit In our town.'
"I leave you to Imaglno how that re
ply otartlea and amazes me. Tho shop
man can nnawer nona of tho othor
questions I put to Mm: but tho rioxt
day I am aakod to dinner by my cm
ployor (who. for his brother's anko.
ahowa mo tho utmoet.lvlllty). On en
tering tho room I find hla daughter Just
putting nway n lavender-colored silk
oaarf. on which aho haa been embroid
ering In allvor what looka to mo llko n
orost nnd coat-of-arma.
"'I don't mind your aoelng what I
am about, Cltlzon Iximnijue, aaya aha;
'for I'know my father can trust you.
That aearf Is sent bark to us by tho
purchaser, an ox-omlgrnnt lady of tho
old nrlitocrntlc school, to hnvo bur fam
ily ront-of-nrraa ombroldorpd on It.'
"'Italhcr n dnngoroua commission,
even la thcao mercifully domocratlc
time, la It no!? says I.
" 'Tho old lady, you muat know,' aaya
she. Ma na proud na Lucifer; nnd hav
ing got back aafcly to Franco In theao
dnyn of moderate republicanism, thinks
aho may Indulge with Impunity In all
her old-taahloncd notions. Hlio has bcon
an excellent customer of ours, so my
father thought It brat to humor her,
without, however, trusting her com
mission to any of tho work-room wom
en to execute. Wo nro not living under
the ltelgn of Terror now, certainly: atlll
thcro Is nothing llko being on tho safe
" 'nothing,' I answer. 'Pray what is
thla ex-mlgrant's namoT'
"'Danville,' replies tho Cltoyonna
Clalrfalt. 'She Is going tn appear In
that flno ecsrt nt her eon'n marriage'
"'ilarrlagor X exclaim, perfectly
" 'Yea,' cays she. 'What la there ao
amazing In that? Tty all accounts, tho
son. poor man, deserves to make a lucky
roaiTliga thla time. Ills first wlfo was
taken away from him In tho Hulgn ot
Terror by tha ftulltotlne.'
"Whom Ii an going to mnrryr I In
qnlrml, nil 11 btuathlena.
"The danghter of Oenrrnl llerthnltn
an ex-flrlntqcrat by family, llko thi
old Itily, tmt by principle as good a re
publican aa over lived n hard-drinking,
lotHVaweailng, blg-whlkered old
soldier Who anapa hla uugvrs ut hla uu
ctatora And raya wo am all doscunded
from Adam, tho Unit gonulno oana-cu-lottn
In Iho world.'
"In Uiln way thn Cltoyonna Clalrfalt
gosnlpa on nil dinner-tlmo, but aaya
nothing moro ot any Importanco. I,
with my old pollco-oflloo habits, ,sot to
tho noxt day, and try to mnko aomo dla
rovertM for myself. Tho sum of what I
Unit out la thla: Danvlllu's mother Is
staying with (lonerul Herthelln'a uls
tor and daughter nt Chalons, nnd Dan
vllto himself la oxpectod to nrrlve
every day to escort thorn all threo ta
Parts, whur tho utarrlago-eontraet Is
tn bo algnod at tlio genernl'a bouao. Dis
covering this, nnd seeing that prompt
action la now of Iho most vital 'Impor
tance. I undertake, aa I told you, my
employer's commission for Paris; de
part with nil speed: and stop hero on
my way. Walt) 1 have not done yet.
All tbo hasto I can itmke Is not enough
to give mo a good start ot the wadding
party. On say road here, tha diligence
by whloh I travel Is paaaed by a car
riage, posting along- at full speed. I
cannot neo Inside that carriage; but I
look at the box seat, and recognize on
It tbo old man Dubois. He whirls by
in a cloud ot dust, but I am certain of
him, and I say to myself, what I now
nay to you. no time la ta ba tost!"
"No time khall be lost." answered
Trudalne, firmly. "Three yera have
passed." ho continued. In a lower voice,
speaking to himself rather than to
toraaque: "three yeara alnco ths day
when I led my sister out of the galea
ot the prison three years since I said
In my heart I will be patient, and will
not aeek to aveuge myaelf. Our wrongs
cry from earth to heaven; from man
who Inllleta to (lod who redresses.
When the day ot reckoning eomes, let
It be 'be day ot Hla vengeanee. not of
mine. In my heart I said these words
I have been truo to them I have
waited. Tha day haa 00 me, and tha
duty It demands of jho ahall bo ful
filled." Thar was a moment's alienee before
Lomaqns apokc eealn. Tour sUUrr
ho began hesitatingly.
"It la there only that my purpose fal
Ism," said tke ether earnestly. "If
It wero but possible to spnro her all
knowledge of this last trial, and to learo
Jho accomplishment of tho terrible task
to mo alouoV
"I think It Is possible," Interposed
Lomaquo. "Llston to what I advise.
Wo muat depart for Pnrla by tho dili
gence to-morrow morning, and wo must
take your alstcr with us to-morror?
will bo tlmo enough) people dnn't sign
marriage contracts on tho evtwfng aft
er n long day's Journey. Wo must go
then, nnd wo must tnko your sister.
Leave tho caro of her In Paris, nnd the
responsibility ot keeping hrr In Igno
rance ot what you are doing, to me. Go
to this Oeneral llcrthelln's hauso nt a
time when you know Danville la there
(wo can get that knowtedgo through
tho servants), confront him without n
moment's previous warning; confront
him as a man risen from tho dead; con
front him beforo every soul In the
room, though the room should be full
of people and leave tho rest to tho
aelf.betrayal of a panic-stricken man.
flay but threo worda, and your duty will
bo donej you may return to your alater,
nnd may depart with her In aafoty to
your old retreat at Rouen, or where you
pleaao, on tho very day whon you havo
put It out ot her Infamous husband'
cower to add another to tho list ot his
"You forgot tha suddenness ot the
Journey to Paris," said Trudalne. "How
nr wo to account for It without tho risk
ot awakening my sister's! suspicions?"
"Trust that to mo." answered Lo
maquo. "Let ua roturn to tho cottngo at
oncn. No; not you." ho added sudden
ly, as they turned to rctrnco tholr atops.
"Thorn la that In your faeo which would
betray us, Leavo mo to go back nlono
I will any that you havo gone to glvo
some orders nt tho Inn. Lot its sepa
rate Immediately. You will recover
your aolt-posscmiloii you will get to
look yoursolf again sooner It you nro
left nlono I ktfow onough of you to
know thnt. Wo will not wnato another
mlnuto In explanations; even minutes
nro precious to ua on auoh n day na this.
Uy tho tlmo you nro fit to meet your
sister again, I shall have had time to
nay all I wish to her, and nhnll bo wait
ing at tbo cottage to tell you the roult."
Ho lookod at Trudalno, nnd his eycr
anomnd to brighten again with some
thing ot tho energy and midden decis
ion of tho days whon ho wna n man In
office undor tbo ltelgn of Terror.
"Leavo It to me." ho said: and waving
hhrhnnd, turned nwny quickly in, tbo
direction of tha cottngo.
Nearly an hour passo t 'foro Tru
dalne ventured to fnllov. : j. Whon
ho at length enterod tha path thnt led
to tho gardon gate, he saw his sister
wultlng nt tho cottago-door. Hor faeo
looked unusually animated; nnd she
ran forward a stop or two to meet him.
"Oh, Louis!" aho said, "I havo n con
fession to make, ami I muat beg you
to hear It patiently to tho end. You
muss know that our good Lomaquo,
though ho camo In tlrod from hla wnlk,
occupied himself, tho first thing, at my
request, In writing tho totter whloh Is,
to sociiro to us our doar old homo by,
tho banks ot tho Relno, WhonhohaA
dnno, ho looked nt mn nnd unld.'I su )uh(
llko to bo present at your happy return
to tho house whera I first saw you.' 'Ouj
como, coma with us!' I said directly. 'X,
am not an Independent man,' he an
entered; '1 havo a margin of tlmo al
lowed mo nt Paris, certainly," but It la
not long If I were only my own mas-
tor ' and then ho stopped. Iouls! I
remembered nil we owed to him; 1 re-,
mambcrod thoro Is no sacrifice wi
ought not bo too glad to mako for hhi
anko; I fott tho kindness ot tho wish ha
exprcjued; nnd, perhnpa, I was a llttlo
Influenced by my own Impatlonco to ana
on co more my Oowor-gnrdon nnd tho
rooms whero wo used to bo ho happy.
(to na comtinuso.i
llUnti unit Itwurf.
Tho town ot Llgonlor, Noblo county,
Ind., claims the unlquo distinction of
having for citizens tho largest and
smallest men, phyulcally considered, in
thn west George Washington Walker
U without question tho heavloat man In
Indiana, It not In tha Unltod fltnten.
Ho weighs Q00 pounds, Is now id yoarn.
old nnd Is adding steadily to his weight
nt tho rata of twenty-flvo pounds oaoo
year af his llfo. His waist measuro
merit la aovonty-slx Inches, cheat urdnf
arms alxtlgltt inches and arm twer-ty-flve
inoues. lie Is In excellent heal'.h
but finds locomotion rather dlMeulr, t
thouginio travels about In a specMJIy
Minstrurtnd conveyance. Ho Is tha
father ot two bright children anil tlvfl
u retired llfn. attempting to avoid rouelt
notoriety. In the boated scasm ho
Uvea altogether ln the cellar ol his
resldenee. Walker'a physical ainftrpo
Is Jeswo Walker, bis neighbor. The
latter is 10 years ot nge and poifisses
a body of fair size. Ills legs, however,
are twelve 1 11 ell oa In length. He It
three feet three inches tall and weighs
but fifty pounds. Jesse Is a prD&UIng
youth, mentally wall equipped and as
averse to notoriety aa Oeorge WAMhlng
ton Walker. Tha two men buvo r
eelvel tlatterlng offers from museum
proprietors, but at prejent halo no de
sire for that kind ot tame.-tit. XauIs
Inzrot Vurl Thoi Jtt.
Ingeraotl does not trouble us minis
ters much. Ills talk may ba witty, but
hla Jibes and arguments afo a rehash
ot those ot Palno and ViAalre, argu
ments whleh have boen nnswered so
often that we are tired 0! tuswerlng;
urgumenu which nro so ancient osd
must) tkat wo axe surprheM that Inger
soli Is witling to ba so tsr behind tha
time as to dress them up fad trot them
out again. They arc about as effective)
for bla purpose aa a 17th ceutury blun
derbuss would be agalnkt a niodera
Iroaolad. K.v, V. U Andvsoa.
exes wt'!i ss wu cut iHort
one-saw iy uie n-y wenwut. The foay
ww In some awnt oim haa also been con-
wMeraMy !mxfl by dry weather.
tHxetti MoA.err -The tienrt rata.
iwiitrit was eniiii shratulimit 4Ji
Cttoecow naUon. Jm4 fcrokwi the drith
nau saklni M pit rest of an incrrase to
Hlio earn ami notion etens. . Fruits end
veaetoWwi are foing flaa, theaiWsmt be-
mix an ifHTMn of M oer et oiw rtui
of IsnSyeiir.
A'OvM Tlie pretfpec for rowI orojis
tn Atekn nminty la not verr nattwlne.
There few bttn Kwrreiy nv ra!i tim-s
Oor nto end In oonstquenek
mere wsn te !w (ten fourth nt 1
wn erctji. OatUm (mi been more or
rues ilaniegwl iy drou 4i, and Use present
imwaitun is that about wie-half a crop
wW be reaMzrtl. noUliikiitiMKllnr nhn
Am Hint nm than twice as much acre
age t Mas; ciKlrttil. Hay Is doing
(USr-iy well, ihnutfh not ea lame rt:d
will b prmliiced as UM yiar.
The naw ntancitiaUon day. Bep-emker
1. imrWt ;ie emancipation of 300,000
pfrfle rom Judicial bondage, Our re
Vf Crom Arkansas ami Txa.erfdoni
is lew thcinUly iwe'romc to our xxvU
in pernitt he lHy of our gTe-it deilver.
ance to paw unaotlcnl. aihe territorial
home rule celebration at IMrwll, Chlek.
naaw tmUun, U Intetidtd to fitting.)'
conimpmoruto the grrat event. A cor
dial inrCtatlon is rtull to ertry
man. woman npd ifiild In tfie territory
to come and rejoice -with us. The e4
br!on wtll bo held In a beautiful srove
capable of shading tiwento'-flve ttiou
and people. t big barbecue, freo to
all. wJI be tfven. Spcskm of national
rftputetlcn wJH be presoiK. Jtennlon of
ahe 1Uie end gray. Amusenienta of all
kinds provided. Formal opening of wu
eeUtoratton at mklatgkt. AiwitH 31, but
amittmirots will be ptortdul to enter
tain the admire croMil frcn noon of
the 3!at. Ijow rates on s4l rallroatbj.
Wrr rietrtry, sgnl 10 yei, Ur'ng
t thuhrte. was 4rsugeI to dew
Vy a iway lie wh V l1wg 1.0 iwiater.
Mr. Katie Myem simI infant oWhl.
Hvlns; nwr Maliaml, Povtaiwatonile
county, were ki:ii bj- llstitnlax 4ie
f -!pr day during o hmvy storm. Oon
r:uerailvU knwg to stock end iwoner
wws si .j done In e Oklakonn country.
AK lainmnd ood ratna f4l the ipaat
Insuring wood ntrn ciop. Small
zercr n cotton In tltau awlon, but
It 1s looking One. Wheat find ouuCurv
fi:orrnml hrertltKt on picgreaii.
4Mis wbrat corrove, 1mi wuaJI yield,
kt V.CII whoso nlwut olitlit buthobt per
aero cod ostrf itoMU tHi to (itlt on tniuh
ce per aims. lHwity of ami tock
M'ltcr ond sHock in fine ccmUdon.
iKort IVuio was visited recently by a
f) 'ne, doing eonslderwblo di-nJge, de
tr " i vftg aevenil houira, 1rtowln nn
IndUn onp out of frtfttence and kill
in? wiviul. rtuitlllew on tfhelr wwy
ne wero Mown a dlstonce of half a
male, amd fattiMy Injured one imin.
Four froi flint curs were 'blown out of
tiho Clioolaw yrtls. The l'irt In gen
tiul was nlmkon tip.
U AKfls tho (mi orop Is out very
iihort by the ilrouUi, and tftiere will Hkc
ly (be ono-fouixh of a orop amule. Kt
II r (lorn ami orskum good. Iferly tiUl
M Is 11 eoninCete lullure. tnnoN ure
Ii:nniiag the second nip, and, with
r.ol itnuon. wtll rnivc plenty of Mme
yet U make 11 crop. TBie vltan crop Is
In One rondklon, fruiting wcU. und Oiaz
wirfcTOl but little for rain. .Rains have
len giood for rho ixwt ifaw ikiya, und
ie pioaptnbs are good for all crops not
ruined 'by the droutti.
None cf ko estaped ipr1ronriM from
Ube itcderal Jill t Uuckrie Oklu., nave
yet 'bean u:turod, ilhouyh u passe of
deputies are now on fiit Oatl ot Rill
Ioa4ln, near 4ls okl homo hi IViyrm
ooun. aihe kser of tlho JiM has of
lewl 1100 roweutl osoli tor the ospture
of ntlie flvo Irsdsru and ifi for cacCi of
e othera, and it ki exttiseted Utmt ths
govermiamt wIM offer :arge rawurda tor
lihc nowl !wiHwaiK)rt u old:Uo to tin
fx.000 already otfered for DooHn and tthe
S,000 for DyaamftH Dlok. It UeveCofM
now Chat tbo ncro v. too IhI ako attsok
on the u anls, thoutft IxUjd for a minor
orlme here. ws wsikmI In ljouietami
for swveral nwnletw, iwiI ttait a tapga
rfnl la ottered for tils ep;ire. An
examination of ctio rcraidt sbow (that
It cost tho govern qusH ttnm uixm SI0..
000 to uopture dhe llfeeeo ne who
cured their 4iberty so eaatljf.
A man namcid Ho&l, w1io was Warn
up by a stsok ot dynauiUe at Yukon, Mejl
1a o.w day. attar great Mifferlag.
'le wdsb Mffra(sU. in session at
Ottslrrie. orgMilzed t oountw aseoeia
4oa. woth Mie ofiows olllte rs: Mas
ldlterod,5re44ltflt;Wra. A. II. Mml
cressjioadfo seorftary; Aim. JMie It
dC-eo, Orwceat Osj, twwrdin store
sr) ;llf. sWnjer treasurer. Tlity pass.
tl rtwkiUons liHbTMVag Sens tor rret
tos.korHtn befas4f c eiial Miffrviii
tr ae saxes.
The Logan oowiar tMUiiefs' notwm
atoned the other day at Uuthrie wt u
aetesnkuee et 100 or more tssuattmi, aac
Is conduced under the suferrlaioa o
l'rof. 1 W. Raxter.
The Midway mission of linden has
established a leper home In Jerusalem
to whleh Meslemi, Jews and Chris
tians are alike welcomed.
It Is elated thai the number of Chris
tians in India today Is equal to what
there were In tho Roman empire at
tha cIojs ot the first Christian century.
Th Wroslli of Fm Tlio Orlslrf nt tl
liar Kltil AfTlr Uflilnul and
Urtail JolnUU lok.d Mk UA
I'olnl In Uae'"n".
youth left the
old homestead,
Ills fame and
fortUMto seek.
And said to his
mother In con
fident tone.
As hn klMed her
l'enr not. doar
mother, I shall auoeeml,
And win renown nntl entil!
On the blazoned banner ot denthlosj
You shall see my name enrolled.
I.oiig years ho tnrrlml out In tho world
Rut at Inst he homeward turned.
And ho Spread before IiIm mother's gnxa
The honor ho had earned;
"I've ronohed tho goal," ho cried to hor.
"I havo won the wreath of fnm.8,
I am uaptaln of a foot-bnll team,
And a clgur boars my nnnio."
Iiofccl Mk M4.
He loft tho miiln trnvell road and
walked up to tho fnrm-houso door, inn
of tho ruggedcst, dirtiest specimen if
tho tramping fraternity. A qulot-look
Ing llttlo woman canto to tho door anil
hn Immediately begun to weep and
wall bitterly.
"What In urentlon alto yo?" she
"Sure, me lady, but I can't Jielp it.
You do remind me so ot my poor mo
ther!" "Your mother, ye nilasembte critter
you! You're ten years older'n I am it
you're a day!"
"I menu, lady, that you remind me
of my poor saluted mother when she
was your ago. The llvln' liniuldge ot
'orl Oh tun! mn! bno-boo-hoo! 11m!
"Well, I'll carry the Illusion n little
further, mister, 1111' I'll toll ye thnt If
yo shut up your bitwlln' nn g an' wash
your bands nn faeo an' comb your
hair" tho tramp groaned "nn' chop
nn' bring In n wood-box full 0' Wbod"
ho wept In dond onrncHt now "I'll glvo
you n piece n' bread tin' tnorlnMos,
same as yor doar saluted mn used to
do for tho same service.
"Ah! Jlst out o' tho hospital, eh? 1
reckoned an. Woll. you'd bettor skcor
up Mtrcn'th enough Jo run nt tho rntu
of 'bout tun mllo an' hour, fcr I'm
goln' to sot tho iIokh on yot Hero,
Lion! Here, Jnuk! Take 'Ini, Noro!
Tlget Hero, llulll Here, Ruvn! Here,
See 'lm sprint! 1 ,00k llko hla ma, do 1?
I bet ho won't try that dodge ug'lu
sou 11 1"
Arvrttil tlaUtlrnplia.
"Did you "
The b tor u old morclmut eyed his
otork critically.
yi)ld you render Mr. flkliiemgood his
Tho clerk quailed percoptlbty be
neath that penetrating glnnen, but
presently ho remitted aumolont self
composure to make nnawer, saying:
"No, air, ho rondorod It himself, for
A nervous twitching nbout tho eye
lids was ull that betrayed the clerk's
"Ho toro It Into Infllnltuslmal por
tions, sir."
Tho entrnnco of n stranger nt that
moment probably saved thn clerk from
serious, It not mortal, Injury.
Blic I wonder where the custom of
mothers taking their daughters to
watering plaeca orlglnntedT
He In the days of Abraham. Re
bckah got her husband at one.
A lloouiar,
Haul rtntflte Agent-1 tall you, we'vn
beatt ralsiHg tome great old wheat
erofis up In North Dakotu.
"I oxixtet no. Ho big, weren't thaf.
that they crowded the mortgages right
off the land Into tha rirora?"
Real Itstatp Agent-Well, I'll tell you
ino thing. Two years ago we lind
tush a heavy crop that eounty lines
bulged over until some of the counties
leakod na round ns a full moon, nnd
you couldn't tall where one township
foiled and another bogan.
Dyer What Is your builntss, nny 1
ultt ,
Uoorlsh fltrnngor I'm a gentlaman,
sir. That's my business.
Dyer Ah! You have failed, I see.
Wragged Whiskers Lemme
Jcdgc; t didn't do nothln.
Judgo qulsk Thirty days,
"Wot fert" '
"Vagrsnoy." I
Tli Orlsln r i.
"' 1 '"" S
A I'nlnt In O'i"llon.
"The nolnt tr this"
Tiro VttrtRy Warden of the Woman's
Waywanl Watchers hung on Iter wftrtla
far n moment, holding one finger olott
Tho Worthy Vice-Warden, who had
Just entered, sprang from tier lUx
urltwly oushlouetl chair, aaylng:
"Mrs. Vorthy Warden, I object! thla
la the point." ntd with one hand aba
held up a glistening bent pin, whlNi
With the other she strokod her bloom
ers. When the applause had subsided thn
Worthy Warden remarked sucerlngly:
"Worthy Watchor. whllo I admit
tho truth of tho WorJhy Vlce-War-den'a
remark, It'ls plainly evident tn
every Watcher In the hall that she In
011I of order Just now, and that her
point haa already been eat upon,"
1Tnltir Tlpptnr.
"I suppose," said tho man with tin
silk lint, who had ealon a threo-oour
dinner and found fault with ofery-
tiilug, nnd even complained at tho
manner In whloh tho waiter helped
him on with his coat. "I suppose It
1 should go off now nnd forget to tip
you something you'd feci pretty III
"Not nt all, air." answered th
waiter, with h frank smile, "for I liavo
learned that a pay shant waiter U a
N. H. Being a French waller hs
naturally used n fane smile If ho had
been an Amerftnn waller he wouldn't
havo done It under 36 cents, New
York Recorder.
A l.lllnn t.olt.
Dominie "I tell you, my dear, rx
travagant gowns bring a great deal ot
unhapplneM In tho world."
Mlsa liny (enviously) "Yes, Indee'l.
Particularly upon one who oou't huva
theui." Now York World.
liar first Affair.
Oldbaeh Well. Clara, my door, what
Is It?
Clnrn Since this Is trvnn rear. Mr.
Qldbnch, I enmo to ask you It you
would marry me not Just now. you
kuow, but when I grow up.
Rama Troatinont tnr All. '
Pntleut Doctor, I'm In n bad way.
Dr. Nowmcthoil-Dk'l.
"I can't sleep,'
"I onn't oat."
"Diet." M
"I'm bllloiu."
"My hnlr Is turning gray."
"Dyo lt."-St. Louis Poat-Dlspatoii.
Unolo Josh (to street nrab) 837,
sonny. I'm looking fer No. 000, nn!
Pro been told that It'a on t'other sldri
tho street. Now, kin yor toll mo whteU
sldo t'other side Is?
Btreet Arab-Why, that aide, ot
course, you old goose"
unolo Josh Why, dang dast' It, I
wna over thero n mlnuto ngo on' u
feller told mo that It was on this side.
(Nil ami Young- Klagaia.
Tho Sonbrotte Where nro you goUu;
to spend your vnoatlon, Willie?
Leading Old Man Papa and mamma
Insist that I visit them nt tho old furtn.
Whero nro you going?
Tho Soubrette Oh, my grandchil
dren have nrraugod to mako llfo ony
for tue at tho aeashoro. Phtladllphta
Kot Kuril a .law. I Aftar All.
Mrs. Hlmby Why did you leavo your
former mistress?
Applicant I slnppoj hor husband'd
ftift) for asking mo tor n kiss.
Mrs. Rltnby (trlumphantly)Qoodl
You are engaged.
Applicant Ttiouk yoil. You so, no
body but & fool would hiiyc stoppd to
Won't Tia?
Won't the Hllretrltoa be madder than a
nost of iierncta, though,
Won't they dfittco around Ht. l'etar.
won't tliay rip aud sasrt and
Won't Uir feel Juot like the sheiti
that wander olf beyond the ful l.
If thtf get to Heaven where tlio
stracta are paved with gold?
1 iJfV.
"I oultBtt to see your father, Maud,
thla very afternoon."
Site gave a sudden blush, a ltttbj
Mutter ami a squirm;
"All, did you?" then she asksd him,
with her volee In sweetest tuns.
"Yea, 'twas." he said, "about a Utile
bill he owed our Ilrm."
Tb Kon tVhj.
He oati't pay hla board, for his star of
Reneath the horizon Iws aHiiikl
Hsa an elephant now Utt his land
lady! hands' 1
And that's why she's holding bU
Denrllla Cbroni la.
HBrt ot Adtaniamaot.
"Ycur wife la a vary Uteute4
Aomaa, I should Imagine, Mr. X."
"fi&ated! I should say so. Why,
aba si en talks Greek In her sleep."
Rrotfrryn Lite.

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