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The Eddy current. (Eddy [Carlsbad], N.M.) 189?-1899, October 17, 1896, Image 1

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fii"t mmmm mrY9YmK if!" TTD XZ) TO""! TVTT rn
NO 4:9.
Wnit ftbOUt aian.lHio. ium; uwki l not
lw tiiAtr f 100,000 inmnd fit the hmmi-
rifnetnre of eotton nW1, MHl of
aAgfcJMlA, N. 0,
amount not exceeding
orti oitpltol. Ilml Q
Ynr Yearn It Wnltrtt I'nr OuUlilo Capital
and Ttirn Went lo Work Willi II Own.
Tli Itrihtt li n Hplt-mtlil Triumph I'nr
I'lnrk unit lnivrnirt
Unnlotila if) idUifltexl near t)w center
of OiiMton onunlj, mid In 30 inlloo vr twt
of Clmrlotto, nbout 8 iiiIIm from tho di
viding lino lietweon North nml South
C'orolltm, nml 90 lulled north of York
Tim town wn lnlil out in 1870, or,
figuratively npenking, tho fotliKlatlou
wo laid. During the flnt 19 jrnttd of
IU history it experience v.'nx ttretly
munli tho mttno nu tlmt of nuy other
country village, tho prinolMl baaitwM
done there being n few Blotes tlmt r-nr-riccl
n line of dry good, millinery, boot,
Hhoot, Juirdwnre, grooeritw, drugs nntl
furniture. Hverybody seemed to think
tlmt the only rond to wealth nml huc
com wiw to bo found In. "tooplng
More." l'limlly tho Morra grew m tin
moron tlmt thn btiHlmwfl within rouch
wait not fetirnoleiit to support thorn and
thorn wero m ti nsrmlt quite n nunibor of
fallurM. This condition continued until
1887-8, when mvernl of tho inoro sua
coMftful, ontnrprlHlng mid fureoliig buid
ihnm man realised that if Cliuttonlu over
ninounU'd to anything moro tlmn Mh
neighbora mid developed into anything
olae tlmn nu ordinary village, it iiitint
become n trndo produuer i in otharword,
it muMt einbnrk in iimuufiiofuring uud
onufte two hlndiM of gruwi to grow where
ouo proviottaly grew.
The flnt important vouture wn the
building of n cotton mill, in ItiHH, by
tho Oiwtonln Jliutufmitiiriiig oomimuy.
Tho orluimil oupltul itook of tho ooni-
pnnywiw nbout iM,U00. OpornttoiM
wro neguii li soon nsiiioiiitiiwiuoeiii
pleted. mid during thn punt 8 yenrn tho
conipnny linn tutlii tmok m dividends ev
i ry dollar mid doubled tho of the
plant In iiddition. In other words, tho
Htookltoldew now Imvo twieo m much
took nu whim tho mill commenced omr
ntioiiH, nud Imvonouutuulcmili Invented,
About live or six yearn nun u second
mill Uio Trenton- wm built, mid it
hit been very RiioctMMful, tho etook now
b(diiK nwny nbovo par, mid nouo in for
About throo or four yenm uuo dome
(uiiIiih conceived tho Idou of liulldinif u
third mill, mid not Imvluu tho romly
cnuli with which to build mid cimlp it
adopted tho liiHtnllmeiit phui of rutflltifi
tho iioOMary luiidM., TJiaJiiilli-iU M
dona Tmn now beon in onernTioii nbout
two yenrfi, mid all tho capital Htoolc has
not been paid up, hut notwithstanding
thlH fact n divideiid of u ikt cent on
what will bo the capital Mouk when it
in paid up liiw been di-elnred.
A fourth mil!, mid the lurpewt in
town, in now being built mid will begin
oporatiomi thin fall.
TJion urojAvoKtiii8ive door, nli
ntiilHTiiid fltatoriao, that ulno nmiinfni-
ture n full Hue of other huiiMUuJUu-rx
HUpplieM. Uotli theie efltnbliihineut t ut
ploy a large number of k II lit I work
nu n mid pHHluoo tliottniudit of doliuix'
worlli ui tlm bent ipmlily or work uu
1'robubly tho ft rut patent iiromM roll
or Hour mill to bo erected within ion
inilciM'f !,ui. nlnwiM built In 1 J, uud
the I'liti ipriM' iiim met with llutu riuu
Huoetw, druwluu imtrouiiao from 110 t
10 milfH in i vry diteotioii. Within tin
iKMt two yi nm a ocoud mill hu Imm
critotiHl, uud Loth ure );ipt buny.
Another important Inilnmry U tho
teiiwlvo tmiiury Hud Uuuh h iu:ui,m
tory of the (4mitoulii Tnuniug t omi , : .
Thi uutcrnriiiiig mwn not . ly i ,
ycrlH the "row" luntirlul into n n,
rior (Hiftllty of leather, bat lumuif.ir
turori Out of it hurnoM and colli.: tin
which nonn betM r in mud.i uuy ki I:. r
The local pnMr, uu u tulo, in i. pretty
fair index m to the lilwl of io:ii mnity
ill which it In imbllnhwl. The l. Monin
Onxotto, which 1m one of tbo lu wt-ok
lies publlihcl In North Can Hi.., v...
ontabliie4l In IbHO. All of H" li" !
new men of tbo' town miv t l.i .
idly in the puper. They Um i tt
tho giwiml of "obitr'ty," oithu, or I-;
onuee ui town nrlw, bnt l.remn
they know from 'Xicrl " tlmt mhei
tlsing wye when tho p.jx r mtdiuin
Tlie flrat iiuprewlou, omdo iih ,i
viiltor to imr city w tn.i , oh a u '
are (lie omm that eiinic him, nm
oiueboly l't well colli lliut it g oil ):n
tal i KoiHsrHlly the twain f it i''""! flu
(Oil, nml u poor, ill kept, bulf b it
run (low u at tho heel plat , ul':rliin
opertttml appait-iitly for tin mk purjH m
of ittccliig hflpb t vti i tin who ia
oitiiar exixt within he wnIIh ituiii;
their oMiortfd Ur in the town or on
the Hlrvuto, in oftm tho onu of Hie tlmt
vitflt tn n town tlmt tohtatea miUi
vlniMi beiliu the loot. Tlo- liotel at IU
tonin if) nf the kiml uukmbtlvd to tuumi
the trnteler to want to ltuir hen in
definitely. TLare in probably no better
kent hotel HHyrhwe withlu JOO mili-c
Tliereare lour Imndwmie briek ehurch
M tit 0ntotila Aewlat lloforined
MethodUt. lhmtiit mul Presbyterian
The Young Men's UhrUlliui notooiatlnii
lta u building uf lUi own, Unttouia hiu
two banks a imthwal tm unrlvnte.
At the time the oration ot the Hint
cotton null wm begun nt UaeieniH,
about sight yftara ago, the Kpulntloti ot
the iawiTwa about 800 wtilf, nud xIikm
tlmt tiHt it iuui tteadlly luerMidUwHl
today thra ure not 1mm thaiafcnKNU
jncmM ol about 400 iter oefih
T1h eajittal ateek of tho MgrU
nutelda mpitnl to dwwfln hUr noMrcee,
m many other town in wkii nortti anil
South Uarollnn Imvo ilatt. M would
HIl be mi iuAlgniflonHtmUromltllliHje,
an are Mime of tier H!ghuni who I tad
bout wnituig for the ptut 3 yBhn for
oiuetlilng to turn up.
t'runu tif a tlerltln Tmrti tttt IU Klwtrit)
I.lKlit VkwU
The olty of JnckiMiWHtlei Via., owna,
nuiong ofner tiniiffa, im oiomno ugnt
plmit, linvlng mtwi MRn oao bornmrd
fil.OOO.ooo for tliwyonw ox control ling
nil Muilimblie eorpoiWoiM. The profit
in mioli ownenililti M tllHMmten by tho
following flunnelal aifUMMmt from The
JoekMHiviUe is Die of tlte very row
Itlea ot the Kott tli tlmt liaw tried the ex
periment of owjriMK Hwlr own electrio
light plant. TM nmi coel f loo.ooo,
nud wan nimpletal iu May, lMin. Tim
reoelpta and xpM) tnr the time that
it tins I wen in offlffir4ai are aa folkmn:
l.tll'l tW
i.aw 4A
1.1ft w
,- 0
i,n 79
,n va
3.HM t,i
1XM ra
Jane. II
Jeljr. MP!.. ...
AwraM, im
(Viator, IM ntUtn tt
Xovatalwr, IM 1,109
UfMHiiMr, vm : i,w-
jMiiwry. MM u t,0? H
Fuirnrr, im mow n
Uareh. IMot l.M M
April. nri. i.ers st
Vr. uu i.wt oo
Jane. UM I .MM It
Jnljr, iwn. i, 1.T44W
Au gal, t-oi - 1.W7 UI
Theeu flKariM Umtrut how
tiO.QM la wwtit
iwtftWntttll for
HniiUriiilnN nt rrltirlplf. by lh IHmtf
nim l'rt at Cliic.a...
Following In the full text .f the plat
form an aubmittml by the majority of
the committee tn renoluti ui and Bi
adopUnl by the envt ntion .
We. tli. iienf t 'tx t( the I niteil HUtea,
In eoiivenikin m tabled, do mamrm our
aiieKiitare to tin"" a mat cum-tiiiifl princl-
plr ( Jm 't if 1 lie iii- m wlii'-n "Of
tiititiiiiiiii art' lointib nt" a ne
demii' r.tUu ii iil I' . Til.'K-nt l lrm .lei
frMi'ii'ii ilmts l utir iiwii- iMfilmn ol
upoeeli, tr-etltiii t t! " rr
fOUJil 10 111 . till' , . . .III"!!
rlttlit . tin i 'i i i i' . I nil '
Ihi' 1 1 , ii,t ,i ' I'.hliil ' 1
iHlIillvl 'ill 'ix
.II I J il h l! "I 1 1 I
tlitert uli l" tli- '
neiii.il jifi
III) lull 'ilit) I I I
lueot i't "'tit li 'I
mil t. u nii.rs l.n
I'll . I llll,'
Il I ,11 lit tt .J
Id- Milt,'
. ,'l
ill. lit n t tie i i ,
1y Hit' i ohkIIIIi i'
I li" . ililHtlltl .
u'Hi.rKiltt'l", tn .
ul . t . . I l.'ll; i ' j
the jdant lia gtotfti
bnatiKMH lutttotioHi
In artdltimi to fomtrti
UghM the plant lightu
benefit, nccnnllng te
rate, in en'uivaleut to l
Hg eonmerrinl
city, whieli
it rouiinercutl
000 n year.
HnneriuMiiidenl Patiomou entimaW
tlmt the plant wUPff- lymti by
ami yielding tnu oiur a nrfuoo
oou iter mou t a, wim an aunt
paum for fuel uf only Oboat $1
lug the otmrattnic oafftMM
flgiirex, $l,lM)i.
A avnpitnlDtionahoAvHTJaat t
lieitefita will bo:
IHbllo lltbUna
Omamretal llhtlafl..
ti : n
Opera tin caneW' 4ii.w
IHtctwK oa ountMiS per nt nun
WcnrHtttl twr(eyjM()...... r,i
Tfltal UK.'iJ
rront , t X... iv
A wrltor lu li Mouthcri tmiier mih
tlmt cunning factorlwi eon ! xtartt il in
nlniost any town nud giroe the fullers
iug phin for Heonring tho mvi'iuiary mi
itnl. '1 m HUggeatloii in n good oik , mid
thorn are plenty of reliable bum n
mou in every community who eouM or
gnnlwi u oouipaiiy on the proptwt tl plan
Ah the truck rnnnem, ete., wonbl i
IntoreitfMl, Wlty can t wnne gixui mini
net up a company of, xiiy, 1,000 xlnu .
of $10 oneh, puynbln in iiiKi:il)in uh of
(1 iter month, mul get m- tlmt will
bo lntereelitl into it? '1 he trm U r.iruiem
could eell all their unlultiiimtti'H uud
otlier vegetable to the eaneiiig funiury
when tlte innrkctx nrn alutird. Tin re
would not be any trouble iu placing
1,000 uliaree of Ntork ii.iyuble iu initall
inentu, at there ore i ! nty of
that would mtbeeribn tn enterprlmi e
tlii4 klud on that pluu. Imt who am un
able to pay $)IS, $:o er 100 down In a
iiiuin, mul it win if louiui mat ttn-n
nre plenty of InlKinnu meii that wnuld
aulwerlbe fut one or ii.ere nhan"1. All
the ueonle want to l.iiuw U that thm
nre good, rtdlable Ui'.iw mou at tli
head of It.
Improvvturnt uf t'ltlaa.
To ninat neoiilo eouunrl, 'oiiveiib'in .
mid Iwtuty ti all tlmt ol nwdwuy
and well jwvetl ntnt'tn fin to furtilih
lint while thret are iri,iii. HtlaMbl.y ml
vantnHM worthy of ii,r- ciwtlon, tli i
are oilier far' more it i"irtout n iwumi
why ttltwt ooiiKtruct im nud puviii
NlHitild oecmpy tho rli . t uttflntiou
eulightoiHHl ooiumuiiltii ii nnl why eri
enoo nml capital ehoull I " t tptsadul
ti wine effort to pnxttrt' the rcry li t"
nud moat adTunctU i ulu. Fov It it
eonceileil by thn elty p ri nimenta of all
the areat oeutem. v In tluty it U to
make nu exbauitif nnly of the mh-
jnot, nml by the pulitu mi i iiiiuiiit, th
HoteiiUft and U" pru. -i .il uoui of bud
lie Hint (Mod and mm, unite atrtn i tun
trnetion iiteou in it m.iy th eiuufert
but tho wealth antl . of that oity
where tlie fltieet nbtiiMbl meui hiw
bettu inaugurated and nnUutaliMd
New Orleuuit Tin. i I ' tin rat
i . i
I .11 ,
11 ,th
M'H) f'
1 1,1"
I'l 111, '
t ., : tn ,
5 .. th.'
I be t ' 'Hit li
i.tiiill tliuli
, bl. Kll i tl
, till' I .14M;T
n I lltit,t i
,ent pitei h -tl
l-'ll i .1 i!
illlfllHI ' 'it 1H
, IS .... Ill I III I
ttie Ui ui I.'!
t'f I lie I ,
. ( thn I .it. '1 tl
uf ibe I nrttl
eltl' n lie in
,ii, 'it) I lir nt at'
a the t i"i
I .HUl'Kl' '"'
"i,K tli i ii. .
,,.'ll, HI 1 f 'l
itll of
11 1
: .in
, of
i Utah
..I. llll
. .'!.
I I hit
nt' i i.illt'
ul ul '
111 11!. ll II
. i! . ,le
,, -tl
ii I
l i.
in , ' hi
i, a- inn. -ii
r n-' tile nii'Ui'j mt i tip it Hit I nltt ii
itnl ih tho nrtetnnti i.. i-
'ongiiii, uuner 'ha oattMlti
Iher dltfMie
HIM" iiii. i''
I ll
wtMllUrei it tat on that bMeli. U'aHa-
olara th i it m the uatr ot eon re to ue
nil Ihf roiutitutlMal nawtt wnrth reiHRttm
Twai iitt-iaioti. sr which ttwy eotue
H ri t ral br tka Mirt nu it mite
matter i." . tmitllalad. M that the Imr.
saf It ition ma ha mbbII rriI tin.
partiat ) i i l to the end Uutt wealth mar
bear IN i n lurtlon of the expenMM of tlte
govWbnii ,(.
Weimi i that tbo ttiatt einriefjt way of
ntiiiecthiK vmerteaa labor It in prevent the
linportiii i ut foreign panpar labor w
cvui(.. i it in lira homo market, and
that Mi" 1 1 H iif nur borne market tn our
Attier i'iMi i rinert unit nrtiMtin I. greatly
a vlrtean mourtnry ytUtti
.'tulho pib-eii uf their pro
' 'he emi of prtMloetlon Mid
Mthemnf the meitM of pttr
i ,i, iiu-ii ut imr bom mann
i.il it MUur rrete tlm WMlllh
r . e ilrmiiiKl the pftMege of
i - tie in i Kinry tn protect
i ,titt
ii l.iwir of the nrbltrnttoll ol
i."i n einployeN engogetl in
imiii r t nml tbotr employof,
i n tut ii h legislation aa I nt-
uij out tnii (irineiple.
i ' irittoin ot wealth by the few, lilt
ui 'ii t( uur limiting railroad -
ii. i Hie f'lini.iil'to nt truot and poola
" -it I -iiti.ii ay iherMteral gnr
.t uf iii'iso iiiierioa at einnmerea.
nml the eel irm-ment uf the pow
i.e uiterntnte eoaiinereo roiiimlMliin
h irciticiiuii nml tfuarantvet In the
i uf tiiiiiDiiiln newlil prutect the pee
iu iniiU'i) una oppreMltm.
,'iiuiuiii tin pri'tllgale a.ta ot the
in i. t. ii tin.- i'1'iiple by apprea-
rettiti "! iij
Will ''l ,1") t
III I - ! ,
tln;i I
el, i .
(mi I",
Ol ll,i- .
n :i I,'
it 1. 1 . i
Ullloi '
ttiti r
an I t,
et .rt
jafrct.iaMtiriir-gfMlll ratwayieoe ai ""
notlulvs . roil u ceo by tlMLMtipte; n tii-nvy
V ......... :r ...i... ..
innrvUBtiU Uiu IJUiuaii n i.inu'iii
nil tl'-biii, ttMtiMt p-iv a.-: il.e
lieu' ui ttie tnnne-Joi . .-i..ii i
,uiU Hliruitil, 1 ii'-n ill ' ii.''
,ii1ii'iihtn ii ' r tit . i'i i .
Wenrcugji.t r .:! "up it-in
t'liileni, i- tufu i. mi. hi "in;,. i-w (
yaarntiwwiitiiiye vm. h.h .ib-mi,
il tl of
: liiniiit
, mil
, h ml I uu
i itf.li i i.
, ,, ! II ,1. .1,
i 'ii. f.
iilt V ii f .
I uu .1
.i mil i,,,i
In, li if,,rl;
i III liii'
,i ,"UU,'U
Vlti- i kit
We tli ui. m i 1 1.
' i,( l)i 'III r
i Kill I, Itll' ', .
,' aid ur I !
t e tleiiiii'iil ii
iimll be a lai'
.iltl, f"t nil
,e f.."r no li
I H.. '
mul '
l , i,
oi' ,
, mi
in tin
ti i,i
h"i'i eri.i
er t I..
Mini -eon
1 1
fle I.
"I i
ill i l
pit. I
sun I
Ill I
by l.
Or li.
and .
Mini ,
R. I!. FIERCE, iTMldtnl,
Ylce Prelldeni K. A. 0t& Ah!. Cubler
IT j
ChM U. Udily, .1. 1'. Jfnllienon, . T. Hitting, J. A. IWdy, It. II. l'leroa
.Ino. l'mnklln, K. A. (Utx.
im.; iiK' l.n uu appropriation
ui i. jiiu.i, uu i iiaureme, which
.11 1 Hi,- t.i mm hUli. while the labor
Hi, ui it uneiiiiliiyel untl tlte
i , 'h' I'i'i.iiii i tuii nre tleprtumstl
i,',iii' im i',ii(jer pay tjie i otof
i iniiii.1,,'1 .i iL'iiitn to that
. i ,i, ui) v. Im li iiti.i'iitit a
, t i 'iiii' nt, .mil il i ,'ittit'lltlU
. im-' , it i- , ill" imln
i , n i uu tin' niiiiM.ui t the
I l. , i .M I KIN
,, , i 'i.i i 'i lull ifereiiee
,1, I I II. Ill It It II
: t'niiud
, , , .ii,. , i in mutton
.i ri ,i j iiiij 't t in iii i naiuui by
ii .k it new .uu! Iuk'iI) UaugerelM
piite-nua, 0) Whit HlylailU4lK
. ii tt.- in 1 ' i ul lUu l.iw n(
si.i ui i'ii.. "ii, ijeetiunM
. uii; ' ""! r''UUuathir'
li ilitl bill I'.lni"! lit the I
l :i.iil 'tei uuif, hihI now pelrrt-
ut rciiti'MiiiiHiivea, rein
in I. tti r.U rAnri,amt pro
! jut) iiiieriuni eimcatit
i, i mm
.I Uie
III ti v I
hi.' mil,
,iin .
mil i ,
li, .i
ll In
l.-jjttl i
, i;ll ,i, it .,
lie il. iui'i it .
mler t.ioi.i j
.I'.l "ii,
tin in. i.i
.ui,' it.
..ii iii i
ii ii t r il'Mi.ii
i ;'i 111) i. Itll
.1 i'l ,1 iili-, .ilii!
i i : i . ..'
I ,: tlie mini
i.iiiilul ! . il
Vi .if. up, im'it t" the I"
.. . ul mh i.'p. lerlni, i t.'u
it, ,ni- "I (tie t in. i I .
iu. I . tl " i i -v to i1
tt . .i'i
. iiniirf in. li '
..in ii'.i'l "I
. ,' '!' i','
" I, .11,1 ll' III
' t , II .1
. ink-ti.: . 1,1
1 ll ll,,,l..-.
lit iii. Im
i - un! iir.ie
li !ii tt- ..I til"
i li" i'i. "jliiin
liii.il'iit tn ut
, Hhi'l inlier
bliK4li 'ii. i in
il ' o the isMtiUHiif uileri'-t.
I I ii I'nil' I Miitex In 'inn'
' i "t"i, ' i ' ! ,i, ; .till
,i 'tit' a, i't' ii, to ei i,,i,i'ti
nt ut HU ' ' nun pi. ,,, In
uppi) tl, I, i.il IrtM-iiry
i illi yul'l tt iiiiuu 'tin til' "'iuy ff ;."l'l
.. i. ii.. .ii m.
i . i , ,.tnneii lUe pi. tier tur.nn .ii n
in , ai.'l l... p...' i .'..liiial i.i .
... 1 1 .rpr ti"ii rn iiiiliviiluum
Si. lit i' ltd , tleuouuiv ttii' liii.iii'i i'l
ii , , ' ;i ''iil-ti clu auto ,,p it,i,iti t :..
ik H in ii"i,,jntliii .i it,..
nail ve ilfitMii.t Hint ail jmimt
i t.i. a ("H i. .. :.'lii l ir piii.ii.
,i. iiuu, ur -tiii.ti i mcoDMi'iu
I., tbo I'lilled M.i'.i j. tht'.ll bo Ij
,i tlm Rfi.t-riioii.-nt "t Uie t ' tni ii
.I, a dull be tf If !., ii-.t in I'olu.
ii'l'lR l Villi I At. I I lllu.N.
In, 111 luat t.irul '.mi -Ii 'III, I be (
if pUi ,,"-'' '"I Ifiliii' , ill, li il'ltli'ii
I , i',' u adju'it'il iu 01 iipuiutu i'iiniii
i..i"Ugliutt' tbe ruiiuir) tiul nut illiMiiiiu
uuin twtwuau 1 1 uf uvuiii,, Mul tb4t
unaltoa anoulii be limited by lite netnU of
Ibu guvartMnuut twaetly ami tx-unoniK-nlly
. .1 f ii
.mil pi ,
! . ill '
i . , i ,,
I'V 111' II MUM. llll. I..
1 i i.lill'.ii. I li' 'iia uu iiiiiuiuttt by
i, , ;, , n i,,ii i i.i I otti'il Milieu ill la
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i. 1 1 iiik tit, unit 'iiiun i 'Uerviiig
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i.i. I. .i.i be arbitrarily
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of mmm mall wealth, "" "ih "ud W II-, , ,r, ,'u7, , fcU, Krt, 11..l.JW,.
illg (if properly npl.i' elu tl) to live , .k t,,.. ,vif;i m avenue i .iunii 0)
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in ouiiaeM tbe republit uuliireit to reur.
tli ' .ln Kinlay Inn ivhii-h lm been tnleo
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nun: , a'.i wnitn, un tie ieu uiiiiv-r tan iuim
plen ul . retaetloii to home iiniunr), pi'iv- ,
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init'i.ietil by lUct'tMliug
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.i'. i 1 1 '. appointment bated
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Hit i it I II i ItHU.
' ' i.4'Uiu it tt be the uawriiit'ii law o
it public, vkiaiilmbcil b t uitoui lad
' lUC yeari, ami niii-ti'iiai
at b tha
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trnneul, Untt im man nlmultl be
' fur a tlui.t '" iiii iI the pU fiUential
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duwnwt-d iu 1'arl. liml 'ii, Nt .. link
ur llurtati which tbe hi...i!.ii int.ie
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night. New By,tand kugu.iii-.
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i lie i.ilerai an . i iiRhuii nhould "are for
'ni im prove tS Mi- naaippl river amtotber
i i. it ujterwnyi .1 the rooublln mi i
.it., tot tbe In' nt'i itatea cn) and
, p tratiannrtHil'.ii I," title ivuU-r, When
i ivnlvrvtii) ol tlie ' public l nt ultV
n t iniBint'ince in ,i. lunad aid of tbe gov
er iiiuint, at h aid oli'iald beestended upon
aiieHuite plan ol mi thittoa wink until
pi tinaiieai improieiu.'iit Ii Mxtttred.
('"UM ilntt in the jimtiio of oar earua and
Un- net aally lor in Ktuweiii at the poUa.
weabmlt the Inreit'dng deelarattoM ol
priiii-lpiea and pur pone to tho eonehlarfM
Ju.U -aintit nf tie- Amerlran people. Wi
im itu Die iapp Ti ni hII eiii'n whA ap
prtnethettt au'i nb' tleitlre to have tbaas
tint.i.' rfleetive iln "uuh li'uUUtlun for the
relief of tbe pen !e mi'l I lie reatarailon of
tbe coaiitrr' proietiiy.
2 YARP.!1
FiDKRia, SASH, ete,
And Gouornl Forwarding
Hay, Grain. Seed, Feed, BlacksmithlOiil
and Ice delivered in the Oity,
We Solicit PublicTradi
I lav Inn ''" IiumnI
c-Thc Pecos Valloy Meat Market.
Choice Menta of All Klud
I'liiB Pork Hntitngo.
44 l'ritne Trlie mid Onme.
f)p JftfiJiW to Any Fart of tJao dity.
fjr(tVettnSfe lltUM Jlagennnn. SiKES & WINDOM.
aiXicy Groceries
painter and Decorator.
GriJJcry -of Fine ftrtp.
NTS. QffH.
I100M MOUIiUtNfl 1'lCTUltIl MnWiiiiNfi
AHTiSPB' MATltlllAliH ANll
"Wall" IPaper.
Ohicago, St Louis
and Kansas City.
Tmrnlbn tim 111 Poto ,r hi Worlli,
Alitor Time Card and itap ef Voar Nearif t Agent, or wrlle
H. gOl'ItANU,
1). V. Slid 1.
Ei Pnao, Texai.
flon'l. Wit, Agwt,
ToiKika, Raus.
Koio-te 1 uUUIJ
Time Oard EfMUre Nr. 1st IS'Ji. Ceatra! Vm,
Uaif Pet, Te, (UUly nt 3,40 n. m, ur living ul RouwU, wV.Ti
at 19:46 jb m. Mttlrul ttnte-
LtnvH Raiiimll, A". ,lf. dolly nt t.4W u. m , and furlvm nt J'tjm,
Tt.vtu, ui Jl ,06 ji. nu, oonntftUii with In trains trt ii 7xag & 7Vt
tAfit mthmy for all points Mirth, South, Had imd 1PM,
Pir low rait tn- Informal Urn rf.ganUi th HKSUVlWltSaftlvUt
mUy the prtoe of LlA'Utf, tr imy othrr nuttlm uf inhnmtw Hut
public, apply to
E. Oi FAULKjfim;
Mwivtr untl UtnJJii. ETm

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