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Peooa Vully to tho Front, Gronksrs to the Rear.
NO. H8
Urltlth Holill-M -md Tfllintnn Hum
flvr Cunfllct.
London, July 23. A dispatch from
Simla sayn yet another proof In given
oC the. wave of fanaticism which la
nwecplng nlong tho northwest frontier.
Tho story In curious a shown how
quickly tho tribesmen enn bo gtthorod
tfnd how readily thoy respoad to tho
appeals o( tho fanntlra
Slnco tho Chllrnt campaign ended tho
Swat vnlley has been perfectly peace
ful, trade has been developed nnd tho
Swats havo beon contented nnd have
shown no slgnn of disaffection. On Mon
day, howf-ver. without tho toast warn
ing the whole population underwent a
sudden chance. The first news that
rearhed Malakland was that tho din
turhance had occurred at Phann, near
Chakgora bridge. A few hours lator
news was received that tho Mullah, n
priest who Is well nown locally, gath
orcd a forco of armed men. raising the
cry of o, "holy war." In tho ovonlnR It
was reported that ho was advancing to
ward Malakland nnd preparations were
mado to send n coin in n In tho morning
to dlsperso tho gathering. Tho trlbo
levies, who fled aa the Mullah advanced,
reported that tho Malakland would bo
attacked at 3 o'clock In tho morning.
Tho camp won alort, but tho attack
was dollvered at 10:30 at night, a very
untiHtial hour. An attempt was mado
to surprise tho camp, and a fierce fight
ensued, which resulted In tho tribes
men being repulsed. At daybreak Col.
Melkcljohn sent a column to rocon
noltcr and to pursue the enemy. This
forco discovered that tho whole valley
was In arms and that It was imposslblo
'o obtain communication with Chock
Man. Instead of being disheartened by
fsilluro of their nigh attack tho tribes
mon prepared to rcnow hostilities, and
Col. Melkcljohn accordingly prepared
for defence. Ho wired for reinforce
ment. which have already reached
Nothing In feared now but that tho
report of tho rising, spreading rapidly,
may stimulate the tribesman to attack
tho expedition In tho Touht valley.
London, July 28. A dispatch has
been recolved at the polonla otllco dated
Kurt Salisbury, South Africa, July 20,
announcing that a combined movement
of tho Fort Salisbury pollco and tho
hussar resulted In tho capture of tho
Mashlngombls Kraal, at Kort Martin,
near Hartloy on Saturday.
Tho dispatch sayn that tho fighting
continues. The Ilrltlsh losses were ono
killed and several wounded. It Is Im
possible to estimate tho losses of the
In a previous engagement which
took itlnoo twenty mllea from tho
Mashlngombls Kraal, tho Hussars lost
one killed and another wounded.
' the I'mI HI rlli
Pittsburg, Pa., July 28. Klght out
of thn nlno coal companies' mines lo
cated In tho Pittsburg district were
represented nt tho ebnl operators' uni
formity meeting hero yoslcrdny. Tho
operators who shipped by river and
thoso owning mires in tho Westmore
land Hold were not present. Yho river
operators hold a meeting at the Coal
I.xchnnge yesterday afternoon and de
cided to take no part In tho uniformity
movement. No attention wna pnhi to
tho call by tho Westmoreland peoplo.
Very Httlo was nrrompllshed at tho
two tensions yesterday. TJio old uni
formity ngrcomont with tho now
clauses Inserted woh reported on by a
commlttoo nnd tho meeting to-day will
tnko up tho agreement by-laws for dis
cussion. Whoro change In tho condi
tions nlnco 18311 wurront dlfforont pro
visions committees will be appointed
to draw up clause that will eovor tho
points at Issuo.
Tho only sensational Incldont of yos
tordayy's session occurred when Col.
W. P.. Rend prcnontod n minority ro
port on tho uniformity ngrcomont, de
nouncing tho procedure of tho mooting
In scvero terms and bolting tho con
ference. W. P. Murray called tho mooting to
order at 11:30 n. m. by nominating
Aloxnndcr Dompntor for chairman.
Col. W. P. Hond named O. V. Sohloudo-
bor. hut ho declined and Mr. Dempster
wan elected.
(Ion. John Llttlo was olected vice
president. He mado a short addrcsn,
saying tho board was here an citizens
and had no personal Interest in tho
coal buslnoss. They hoped by concll
latlon and mediation to bring about n
settlement betweon tlm contending
factions. Stato linen havo nothing to
do with tho question. You havo tho
powor to nettle this controversy. As
Ittnburg goes, no will go tho other
After electing Marshall H. Hono soe-
rctary of the meeting n committee wnn
wan appointed to take tip tho proposed
uniformity ngroement, rovlno It to suit
tho changed conditions slnco ItH first
formulation and roport to tho confer
ence. Tho commlttoo consist ot w.
P. DoAxmiitrO. Y. ncnlouuniicrg. W. P.
Hond, Thoman K. Young, I). P. Illack,
U. S. Andrew, James Armstrougg and
P. Osborno,
A recess wan then taken until 3
'clock. At 4 o'clock tho committee
naked for nnother hour and tho meet
ing took a second rcccsn until C o'clock,
when tho committee reported to tlm
uniformity ngroement with tho now
clnusen and preamble prepared by thu
Isltlng arbitrators.
Two iMTU ltilrjrd-lns
Ahum noo.ooo.
Now York. July 28. -Fire at Yonkern.
N. Y.. vostordny afternoon 'destroyed
two laruo factory buildings, occupied
by W. A. Heed & Co.. hut manufactur.
ern: llowland Hron.. hat manufactur
ers: Pass Hros.. silk manufacturers,
and tho Yonkern Bilk company.
Tho loss will probably reach $600,000
and 800 people are thrown out of cm
Thero were no casuulltles, though
tho buildings wore crowded with em
uloyes when tho tire was discovered
The fire originated In tho blowing
room of the hat factory of William
Heed & Co., on tho lower lloor of tho
Sethar building. Two large gas motors
exploded Immediately nfter tho llamon
tnirst forth and the Mtenping gas irom
tho motors IioIihhI to feed tho llamoa
Within a few mluutOH tho fire won
breaking through the windows on tho
drat nnd second stories. There were
COO men and girls In the building. In
tense excitement prevailed while tho
employes left tho building by tho fire
escape, the girls being taxed out nrnt
and all leaving their street clothes, no
little time wan given. The tire noon
ate uut the heart tf the but Id Ink and
then portlonn of the walls fell. Tho
wiiuLcarrled tho tlumea to the building
MNPjNed by llowland Uros' hat factory
and the Interior ot that structure was
Just across the street from the build
tng In which the fire itartetl are the
lilg works of Alexander Smith & Hons,
the largest carpet manufacturers in the
United States. For some time It looked
a though these would go. Two thou
sand persons were at work In the car
net factory when the lire broke out
They were dismissed and thu works
closed. The lowest estimate ot tho
losses Is 1100.000 and others are as high
&4 SM0.000. Heed & Co. place their
!e roughly at $00,000 and Rowland
htm-. Pass Hros. and the Yonkera Silk
company at f 10.000 each. The loss on
the two building totally destroyed
Mtlmaied at f.tO.OOO. The Insurance
will probably nearly cover the lose.
I iNtcwNATioNALjntaa) abbo'ciation! '
CHAPTUR XXI -(C ostisi r.i )
So time went on, nnd tho summer
enmo upon un In all ltn beauty. The
fire on thn hill was kept blazing, but
wo novor saw a ship, although a atrlct
lookout wan kept day and night. I
wan careful to keep tho mon well em
ployed, knowing that work wnn tho
best kind of. medlclno for thorn; but
thoy ofton grow weary and dlshoart
ened, more or lean according to their
temperaments nnd the nature of tholr
thoughts. It wan not long before I
became an fond or Pearl as It sho had
bees my own child, and wo had good
reason to bless hor prcsenco among
us. Sho exorcised a wonderful Inllu
nnco among tho mon. and all aorta of
pot names woro given to her Fairy
Pearl, Queen Pearl. Doctor Pearl, nnd
tho like. Hut she was powerless to
keep death from us, and the first to
go wan Ralph Portymnn. He sickened
and died within twenty-four hours.
"We nhall all go, ono by ono," whis
pered Tom Wren to me. "What will
Fairy Pearl du when nhe In alone?"
"We must stand by her. Tom, till
tho last."
"Ay. ay." ho ausworcd, "till the Inst:
nnd when I'm dead I'll watch over
It was not tho llrst time Tom had
spoken strnugoly, nnd. Indeed, hln
manner hnd formed Jho subject of n
great ileal ot eonvorwltlon between mo
nnd my maton. To tell tho truth, wo
bollovcd ho had lost his wIIh; hut It
ho was mad It wnn a harmless mad
noes: nnd so long as our Pearl had
Inllucnco ovor hint, thoro wnn nothing
to bo afraid ot from him. It wan not
nlouo Pearl to whom ho had attached
himself, and who was fond of hln no
also in that ship Was nut the Infer
ence as clear as the noonday nun?
A black cloud fell upon my colli. All
KiXHlnes, nil purity, wan blotted out
ofytun world for evor and cvor!
Through all my trouble nnd misery
I Bad clung, with strong, yearning
hands, to the rock of my wife's faith
fuliicm Whatever of nwcotnom onmo
Into my life Heaven known thoro wan
llttlo enough!) after tho Inst Inter
view with my mother, enmn to mo
through tho light of this belief In
Mabels lunocoiire nnd purity. Hut for
that my soul would have been wrecked
ninny yoars ago. Hotter If It had boon;
hotter If I had fnllon: bettor If I hnd
died! For now tho rock to which I
had clung, and on which grow (lowers
which had brought n and, nwect con
solation to me. crumbled away to rot
tenness at tho night ot a dead man's
fnco: honcoMith truth and virtue woro
lying symbols. Tho waters round
about that rock had hlthorto boon
dear and bright, and In their depths
I had neon mirrored tho stainless hoiiI
ot a pure woman, bringing to me a vis
Ion of heaven In tho future Now tho
wntors worn black and turbid, nnd
nothing hut defilement nnd treachery
wcro thero.
I pressed my hands upon my oyon
and forehead to prevent mynolt from
going mad. lloforo that occurred. I
must look once more upon tho face ot
my enomv.
U lay hoforo me, gray and sinful
oven In death. I had scon tho faru not
moro than six times In my life, nnd
each time t had brought n blight upon
ma; but It had never been more pow
erful for evil than now, when the
treacherous eyes lacked light, and the
c.oiy. II wan Known among un imu.,, )nt0 wn ,,, A ,
Ariiio'-rriitliirliic t'oniii It
Kuriilih III" Ny llf 4rlin.iii
Washington. July 28. The armor
producing companion have determined
to furnish tho navy depnrtmont the
armor wanted for the three battleships
now building at tho price of $500 per
ton Axon by congress. Secrotary Iong
haH taken tho seuonu stop In tho Una
marked out by congress nnd han called
upon the shlp-bulldlng captains thorn
selves to submit propositions for pro
curing and fitting tho armor. One ot
them, the Union Iron Workn ot Sun
Fnnclsco, han recently responded, de
clining like the armor companies, tho
department's Invitation. Thero Is lit
tlo doubt that tho others will mako a
like answer, although there Is a small
chnnco that nomo of the shlp-bulldern
may combine to secure tho control or
one ot the plants, which the armor
makers profit their readiness to sell,
and turn out the armor ns needed for
tho ship In their hands. If, however,
an In expected, all of the hutldora' re
plies nre unfavorable. Secretary Long
win proceed one ntp itirtner ami ap
point n board of ofllcont to carry out
the direct Ions of eongreea and frame a
plan for the establishment of a govern
ment armor plate fnetory.
Otto Munrhmeyer. I'nlted Slate
naul In San Salvador, has commuted
a itt lde.
Vltll Ilia OruuiwL anil arc
Nashville, Tenn., July 8. Hrlght
sunshine winds from the northwest and
the temperature not over 81 made yes
terday glorious and conducive to visits
to the exposition. There were no dis
comforts from heat, all the buildings
were delightfully pleasant and out or
doors with the grass, (towers and trees
growing luxuriantly the scene was
most enticing. The attendance equaled
expectations and the sports and amuse
ments gave great satisfaction.
A committee ot the woman's board and
n oom.dtteo from the Stenographers
association met to complito arrange
tnentn for the reception which will be
glvon In tho woman's building during
the stenographers national conven
tion August 3 and 4. It wan also de
cided to have a Parthenon day in the
woman's building sometime In Septem-
I ber The surviving veterans of the
Mexican war are pr 'paring for the re e
brat Ion qf the Mexican ttenm day
and the atoatolhuw In the different
I states hme plffiHel te be largMf rip
I resented v
party who hm
rcfuued to assoclato with us I refer
to Mr. Fnlrloy and It wan from Tom
that we continued to lenrn ot tho
man's snfoty. Hut this came to an
end beforo the summer dopnrtcd. I
am not llkoly ever to forget tho day
on which Tom, whispering stealthily
that ho had something to nay to me.
led tho wny Into tho forest.
"Ralph Fortymnu was tho llrst," ho
nald, when wo woro half u mile In
land. "I will show you tho second."
I followed blui for another quarter
of n mile, and we panned before a rude
shelter, built up with branches of
"Oo In nnd look at him." nald Tom.
I went Into the shelter, nnd saw u
man lying with hln face to tho earth,
An I stooped over him, Tom whispered
"Dond. mate. Stone dead, I should
say. Number two."
It wan tli.) man known ns Mr. Fair-
ley whose faco l now turned to the
light. And nn I looked upon that face,
my eyes became tilled with blood, and
I shuddered with rage. No shadow ot
pity for tho dead entered my breast:
for, despite his hair and tho ohango
that years had mado, I recognized In
tho dond man before mo, Mr. Druce,
tho villain who hud blasted my happl
"Dead, nh?" questioned Tom.
"Ay. the black-hearted scoundrel!"
I replied. "I know tlio reason now
why ho feared to meet mo face to faco.
I had no sooner uttered the words
than I staggered as though n bullet
had struck my heart. Tom, catching
in, pulled me out of the shelter, and
gazed anxiously Into my face.
"What makes your lips mi whlto?"
he Inquired, lu a frlghteiied whisper.
"Did he die of a fever? You mustn't
be the next to go you mustn't be
number three. Fairy Poarl loves you
hotter than she loves me, and you and
I must be the last ot all.
"1 am well enough," I managed to
titter, though how I managed to speak
the words so as to make myself un
deretood la a mystery, for 1 was al
most choking. "It was only a ipasni,
Pearl will nils you, Tom. You have
been too long away from her. Ua to
her; I will follow you soon. Don't
tell the others Just yet what hot or
Hvldontly proud that a confidence
was established between us. Tom nod
ded and walked away, leaving me
alone with the body ot my dead enemy.
O you who have
thus far read the
story ot my life di
vine the reason of
tnv mtililnli fifrnttv
an agony so ex
quisitely keen that
I doubt If It could
be excelled In the
unhappy expert
-m "co ot any man
however rrlt'
bis lot Mr Dru was here beforo
me li'- ad '"til a pnwenser In T
ilisiUK rum, my wife and iliiiJ we.J
away, and left me a reckless, despair
lug man. What could my wife havo
neon In thin villain to cause her to be
false to mo? Tho basest and meanest
qunlltltn In human nature never had
n moro fitting rdio'i than tho carcass
ot this 1nan; nnd us I spurned It with
my foot. I raflected with bitterness that
( had not oveq the satisfaction of re-
vtttigo. For I doubted not thai u l
hnd mot him allvo 1 should have killed
him, and I exporloncml no feeling of
gratefulness thai I had been spared
tho crime.
As I disturbed the body, a piece of
glittering metal on tho ground at
tracted me. I picked It up; It was n
noverolgp; and my attention was
drawn the circumstance Hint the
oarth uboii which tho body Iny had
boon novly turned over. I pushed the
Inanimate clay nsldo, nnd, scratching
tho earth with my nails. I oumo upon
a treusiuo in gum. i uug u up, mm
calculated that tho wolght altogether.
lu roiiih nuggets and sovereigns,
could nat bo less than tlArty iHiuiidn.
It was for this my wlfo had betrayed
me; this wnn the virtue she saw In
him. My dear old mother was right.
Mabol'n heart wnn as good :is sold;
no better; and such n poor thing ns
love faded In Its zllttor. A I run my
fingers through the pile, I uorivou a
savago pleasure from the rollout ion
that the wort h o.s heap was mine, una
Indeed a great part of It leally did bo-
lunir to me. Had not the villain ttoi
en It from me on the gutd-flelds? 1
removed It. nnd burled lu in a secret
snot: nnd then, innoaiiy, nnu wnn
changed heart. I wuikmi u in atiup,
where my comr.iden were. Pearl, see
Iiik me approach, ran toward we, with
a glad look In hor eyen. nnd raised her
fuee for the expected kiwi. From the
Imimlse of hahlt. more than Irom any
feeling ot affection, I plooped, and was
nbout to embrace ber. when the like
nenn In her to my false wife so Jet red
upon me that I pushed her aside rough
ly. with emtliliri Ilk a eume upon
my Hps. Pair face. Ilk Mabel's; fair
hair, like Mabel's; blue eyes, as hen
were. Had the girt been black and
ugly I might have tolerated her, al
though I felt I was no longer capable
nt lore; but her bwuty made me leal ho
her. Heaven forgive me for my
thoughts nt that time! My heart was
filled with hatred toward all man
I strode toward my companion.
"A Vian Ilea dead yonder," I said, In
a tone so hard and morose that they
stared at me In wonder nnd dismay
"Tom Wren will show you his body. I
suppose you will ehooso to bury hint
though by rights he should be left to
rot where he Ilea. Hut there's no sueh
thing a Justice lu this world, nor In
the njLxU If there Is one. And look
yourMIgn my command. You may
lookXbpen me as dead, for I shall never
oroe among you again.
They' threw their arms about me
saving 1 had been a falthf'il friend u
them, and the una upon whom they
uioet diHHidel. but I Vat Diem ff u
muek WUlj eavage wonw i, witii
f totyMtf ut i as I ti l i 'tnib wiur.
tho forest. Pearl'a ntrbs wore the last
sounds I heard.
All that day and night I wnnlered
nlone, brooding over my dcspnlr, and
winning myself into delirium. A ter
rible wakefulness wan upon no, and I
was Imbued with a dangerotin strength.
poke aloud, nnd threatened nil na
ture, raising my pigmy hands SHVngo-
ly against the bright clouds In tho day.
against tho peaceful starn at night. I
plucked tho flowers nnd crushed thoni
vindictively; I broke great hrnnohoa
from tho tree and torn them Into
nh red, believing thoy could feel, and
exulting In the belief.
Tho nun roso again, nnd my mnd-
nenn wnn not spent. 1 nelthor nio nor
Blopl. Thn nturn oumo out again, nnd
shed their pitying light upon me. Hut
why prolong the description ot thoso
dread hours? It agonizen me now to
think of them, nnd I humbly hopo I
havo atuned for them by pmyor.
Nature conquered me In time, nnd
I sank exhausted to tho ground. I had
no wind to live: nnd It wan merely tho
unconqiuimhlo Instinct ot hunger that
caused mo, an I lay In n stupor, to
pluck nomo loaves and place them be
tween my teeth. Thnt thoy wcro blttor
to tnsto mado no Impression upon mo,
Chowlng thorn. I foil Into a deep sleep.
it was nt thin period ot my life that
lost count of time, as I have olsc-
whoro wild. How long nn Interval
jmsscd before I was aiUuclently con
scions to take note ot actual events :
hnve never been able to discover, not
withstanding tho effortn of my frlendn.
And consciousness came so gradually,
and tho ntrugglo to nneort Itself wan no
prolonged, un to add to my contusion In
this matter. Mlnuton that were llko
weeks, weeks that woro llkn minutes,
passed by during thin crlsln In n
strangely awect manner. I was so
weal; and ho plena thot 1 could scarcely
movo.nnd no composed and restful that
I did not wish, nnd ovon feared, to do
no, tost a chatiga should tako placo In
my condition. The first thing I remem
ber Is thnt, opening my oyes languidly,
I saw tho nun shining through
n roof ot loonoly twined branches; tho
noxt, thnt after on Interval of a mo
ment, or n day, or of many dnys, l
naw tho stnr shining through th
No iminit disturbed tho dollrtmui Itllb
nens. Then oumo nnother Impression,
non rcpratiw, ur ... being
tuuohed by food and liquid, whloTi I
took unroslstlngly. Did I then begin
to hear whispers, or wnn It tho mur
muring of tho breczo through tno snoi
ler nt my leaven nnd brnnchen? Dili
an actual voice did como to my cars,
"I am so glad, Tom! I am no glud!
And on nnother ocoaslon:
"Hush. Tom! Wo. mustn't wake
------ .
And furthor on, words to thn name
effect, tenderly nnd lovingly Hpqkon.
HUUKVi: thai
weeks must havo
passed before I as
sociated the nponli
er with tlm worfift;
but tho llmo came
when I wan fully
aware that I wan
not dead, an I had
Hometlmon Imag
ined myself to he,
Then I knew
thnt I wnn still on tho Island
which had afforded us a refuge,
mid that Poarl and Tom woro my at
tendant. Yet thin knowledgo did not
como without contusion. I nwoko ono
day nnd saw tho child and tho man
Tom, nlttlng on tho ground nursing
ono of hln knees, was staring with r-H
hln might and main nt Pearl, who wnn
rdhdlng In a low, swuct volco from a
little torn boo It:
"A liall was given by the king's ion
and Cinderella's sisters were Invited
Hut Cinderella wan forced to Way at
home In her chimney corner while
they were enjoying theiiuwlvsa at tho
ball. 'Oh!' sold the poor girl, 'how I
wish. I w-l-n-h -' 'What do you wish
my dear?' said hor godmother, who nt
thnt moment came lu. 'You wish to.
go to the prince n ball, now, don t you?
Cinderella at onoe confessed the truth,
'Well, well,' said her godmother, 'and
so you shall, my darling, if you con
tinue to be ii goad llttlo girl.' So
Cinderella's gcdmother. who was n
fairy, at once, ay a stroke of her wand,
t.ansformetl a pumpkin, six mlee, a
rat, and six lizards. Into the most
splendid carriage, with horses nnd
servants, that ever was seen. Cinder
ella was fairly tost In wonder, when
her godmother again waved ber wand,
and she became dressed In the most
beautiful dot lies, ornamented with
most rare and costly Jewels. Oh! how
lovely Cinderella thought sho looked,
when she saw In the mirror the won
derful change the fairy had made In
her! Her godmother also gavu her
two llttlo glass slippers, ami told her
not to atay nt tho ball later than
twelve o'eloek, for, should she do so,
her carriage, horses, and servant
would again , become a pumkln. nix
tnlee, a rat. and alx lizards, and she,
too. would be changed Into her form
er self. Cinderella promised to 1
punetual. and started off In her car
riage tu Hie ball."
j mi MS ' OSTin rn
' The Hasbi HazouVs se iii io he mere
( y a H'.-J'-wl-ai idrnlizd set nt rutlliUJ
The Red river bottom cotton crop ll
Is going to b Immense according tc
Tho Postal Telegraph nnd C'ahlt
company opened Its otllco lu Textir
kana n few day ngo.
Several ovonlngn ago two boys were
drowned at Drown tending ou the
Trinity river, nix mllon from Goodrich,
Polk county.
Tho tailoring ontnbllshmonl ot H.
Roth In Marshall wan burglarized tho
other night and several suits of clothes
Tho Douglas Mills nnd Lumber yard
at Colmonnell, Trinity county, burned
several day ago. Iosn about $10,000
no Insurance.
Tho secretary ot tho treasury has
nuthurlzod Commissioner John Finks,
tho oustodlnn ot the fedoral building ai
Wo?o to expend f J000 lu linprovtufj
tho building.
Twenty thousand head of Mexican
nhcop from Mexico woro entered at the
American custom housa at I-nredo tho
other day. Those shcop will be shipped
to New Mexico.
Ivln, tho llttlo son ot Mr. nnd Mrs.
Frank Thrashor, ot Sherman, got a fish
hook fastened In his cheek the other
dny nnd It required a surgical opera
tion to remove It.
The governor will bo linked to par
don lolm Haldwln, nont to Clrnynon
county from Cooko county for alleged
attompt at criminal nwtutilt. Petitions
have been circulated.
Rockwall. Rockwall county, will have
tolephonlc communication with Dallas
and other place In n few dnys. The
pole uro nil set nnd tho company Is
now stringing tho wires.
Tho directors ot Rockwall college,
RockwRll, Rockwall county, have let
tho contract to Messrs Hurtnor & Ryan
for building an addition to tho college,
it, n ... ,,r u-lii.il. lu tlnnn
.((V .vnv W . IT .1.1.. ,M f.VVV.
Somo ot the young men ot Dcnlson
nro organizing n zotinvo company.
TIiqv u kui nomo oi mo uvni
AlCHt Of 1110 oily in ino cumi'iuiy mm
aecuro fancy xounvo uniforms,
In a quarrel over family troubles
near Wttllln. Washington county, re
cently, Hob Ixtve wna shot and killed.
Jack Slodgo surrendered to tho author
ities. Roth parties wore colored-
Karl Curroll. tho 12-yenr-old son ot
B. T. Carroll, of Donlnon, whllo riding'
along' tho street wns thrown from hln
hnrno and his left leg fractured below
tho kneo nnd hln IcK foot broken.
Hermann Dlttmann Jumped from tho
top of n two-story building In Cucro,
Do Witt county, recently, ana uroKo
both ot hln logs In tho nnklos. He mado
tho leap on tho wngor of a kog ot beer
mi.. n....tl....iiiiH nlAetitiii fltiil
The Southwoalorn Telegraph anil
Tolcphono Company Is going to put n
nn oxchango at Kaufman. Kautmnn
county. The wlro nnd fixtures have nr
rived and work will begin Immediate
Mr. Muggle Firmer, n lady who has
recently moved from the territory to
Hrldgoport. Uimar county, took
strychnine a few duys ago. Physicians
were hurriedly called nnd saved lier
Tho rosldcnco of J. W. Alexander,
nortlon foroman, nt Ollmcr. burned a
few nights ago. Tho hotiso was In
sured for 060. and 1500 on furniture.
Iloth total loss. Origin ot flro un
known. Frederick Dlorehs. Sr., died recently
In llrcenvllle, Hunt county. Ho came
from Oermany Inst year and Is 71 yenra
old. He was nlone whin he died and
wns not discovered until he had begun
to turn cold.
The large two-story realdenro of Mm.
K. Olive, lu Georgetown. Williamson
county, wus burned to the ground tho
other day. Value of property 2000.
No Insurance on furniture, which wna
nil destroyed together with the family
A 12-year-old daughter of W V
Croueh, ot Yarrelton. Milam county,
was burned to death the other day to
gether with the residence. She started
a Arc with ktroMHe and pouring on
more oil the fatal aeeldent happened
A charter wns granted nt Austin tho
other day to the Plain View Fair An
noclatton ot Plain View. Halo county,
with a capital stock ot $000. The pur
pose ut this corporation is the eurour
agemcnt of agriculture and hortlcul
ture by the malntenaneo ot public
fairs and exhibitions ot stock and farm
The examining trial at Hubbard. Hill
county, of tho negroes, Charley Hewitt
and Will Hcndrleks. chnred wlt7i a
criminal assault on Mrs. Porter at
Mount Calm. Hill county, closed a few
days ago, and they were bound over in
the sum of $1000 oath to await the ac
tion of the grand Jury.
The dwelling house ot Frank
Matthews lu Kerens. Navarro ouniy
. Tl. n l.t.il.llnttr drill f .m
tents ik mured fur $1500 whlclt
Kill prouaM -over he 1js Tho
. .use of i li II' e is sup?jsel l Lo a
1 uf- lhJ8

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