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Military l't Meeded tn ti ItiUtitlthed
In ltm.
Vah(noa. Julr J7. The tertiary
ot i.ti unsldering a mpnIMoft that
u in-n mail to Mm to eutabttok a
Miliary pout in Alaska. At prsoosl tin
j! nernment has dp troops In that vast
i -iiiory, atMl lu view of Uie heavy Im
migration now joins em and the mmI
' danger tn life, and property from
i, !.. ( hararU-ra tm haa been urged
I . leate nn Alaska military post. The
mttiT. lal late-rent of the territory
si Mi iKtttom of the movement and
t ' i r. iin-Hird n company ttt Infantry
' M t a i lut linn ftun lrlado located at a
to li lirlatf-nml ' Kort Alger."
ti'-ir the Iwiundnrv lino about SM tnlle
iif K :nlli n"l j:-io mllea ulMiva
m iii niih of tlm Yukon river. The
I. M
i t I authorities in tha aeiminietro
1 1 .ft of Uw aii l for thn protection ot
v I ilKht It was suggested 'hat
In- Ii.ki la inanhnri over the Ttyae
n.iLind route to thr post, whlrh will
!. erected by contract for tha govern
in tii If dln() lint tlila will he
nwwHiiii In view of tht fact that tha
linM-li law, like oiir own. will not per
tm h" paasagw or fornlRii trooM ovar
i'i 1,-mti ry wit hunt apeclnl legislation.
'I 'i-"-f'iri the tro"!"" wl" ,M" carrieel up
I in- Yukon In a mamer If tha govern
tn a i urmenta tn th establishment of
lv- t-oM There la some 1 1 on lit, how
The Minx miHutliin.
PHtabtlrg. Pa.. July 27. The mining
situation In Uila dlelrlet li oulet mid
unchanged. Ilolli aides nre walling for
the results of the meeting to-day nf Iho
operators. Tha arbitrator are hlaltly
elated at ttia prnepeeta. All agreo In
saying that It will Im the lai.!t meet
Ins; of operator ever held in this din
trlct. All of the western men are here,
and the eastern iieople will arrive
this morning. , Hotel lobbies nra tnoet
Ing phut for tho operators already
hare, and the strike question la IwttiR
discussed. While a Inrge number are
not In favor of the old uniformity plan,
all are anxious to hear whnt how
pliaaea the ooinmlslsonere have Riven
the subject. Koine are nppoaed to uni
formity, but all nro In fnvor of nrbltrn-.-in
for the eatttemont nf (ha strike.
The hoard la buay completing the roll
tract which la to ho presented to the
r trfKtpe H aakxl for to support , ,BMlnK to-day nt tho courthoiiHe. No
; one ran at thle tlmo predict tho out
j come of the oonforence, which la nx-
peeled tn Inat to-day and porhnpa lona-
IMttauurs. I'a.. July ir.-MlnM' om
rlnli, Ualan and Warnor. Imve aewirert
ttte iherlff that tho atrtkon had no In
tentlon at mnrclilnR on the tnlntw of
the New York and Cleveland (Ins and
j Coal company. Prwdtlont Dolan wild
It waa not lntoniled to Itwe tho aym
; tmthr of thn public hy any lll-ttdvtRotl
dtaplay of forue.
1 "At tho meotltiR on ThunHlay," ho
I anld, "wo want no crowd from other
-M, r nf tlm prenHlPtit belnx able to m-1 polnta. Wo want only our aponknra
itih.li a ki hh riMiMd without con-, and Ie Armltfa men there, nnd It la
Eiooionul autlioriaatlon, and that ' my opinion thnt thla plnn will bo mic
nr. t of the nneeiion haa lHn hroiiKht i roMtul. If wo ot n Rood moollnR 1
1 1 the attention of the altoniey nenertU , think wo enn show other mlnoa tlmt
1 AN
f ir an opinion. An early declalon itiuat
Ih ki iinii ir the troop are to be aent
t Mi- imw pant thin awaan. Mann
!i !- (.iunteeri for aervlne la AlMka
a e air t-ntly com In a forward.
il l in b Ul tn XYT VrvtuU lntAil
lit Coal.
Sn-lcnon. Ind . July -Judge U. A.
' ii-pmiin haa gone to WnahliiKUM to
ft - paint nnpllcatlnna and Internet
t-i iiv-r Rot eminent olllelnla In Inveii
i, .i.- ) I'rank M. Howl of title city,
win -ii have been completed pntetlcally,
an.) found to be enpnhle ot revolution
I'uiK thn handling of war veaaela at
H"i The inventlotie carry out U er
f t urn thn Idwi orlglttatod hy Huwtln
In uhIiik oil Inaleud of cotton for fuol
for wur visaaela.
Hoed Invention covera a ayatem of
oil tiurnltig whlrh would inako It pott
aitdc for a veaaal like thn Indlnna to
titiv enough fuel to hint on u trip
n'o ni'l the world. Tho ayatem la gaa
i;viuition from oil. Tliu gaa la gener-n'-
'l by an atninlaliiR plan, Is amokeleiM
nn l rapHlilo nf n tenth more heat than
Hi It'iHulana. or 31 per oent more heat
tti in the government In now getting
f:m !. making It ptwelhle to work
dp i'i arr-at ajnieil,
fni'-ad of thirty atflhera, which are
ti ii'x - HHry on a great war veaael,
on- man "mid luindle all ot the valrea.
An tl-i ot the luvontlnnaenrttrH aator
ii k- t'Hil: that Ik iibaolutely bulleU and
bi.- ii pHMif The coat ot the equipment
1 1 v. i Htnall and would be paid for In
a ui iiitb or ao In the eavlng of fuel.
Du Armltt'a mou atlll hnro mnnhood
enough left In them to come tindor our
alaiidnrd nnd Join tho atrlko. We hnvo
told the sheriff tlmt our Intentions are
peaceable, nnd he heltovo us. Wa
therefore will not bo Interferd with by
ltlm or lil deputloe."
A body of 1000 miners, carrying
heavy rlube, marohed to the Caatln
Shannon m'?- it Oak Slatlon, whoro
about forty men are working, and pro
vnllotl uiMin them to como ouU There
whs no dleonlor.
Senator lliutnn wna lu tho olty yon
terday. lu apenltlng of tho oflorts to
tattle the atrlko by arbitration, he
"I am lu favor of nny plnn that will
bettor tho condition of the man; Hint Is
tho mnln point ot tho Hlttmtlns. That
thnlr condition needs betterment ov
oryhody knows and 1 will glvo my
hoarty support and co-operation to nny
movement looking toward tlmt end.
I'roHont molhodB nro In many roepecta
Inailupiuitc, uniformity Is Incklng and
Is sumothlug 1 have always ndvocatod."
Meredith Nugent In New York lxlger. 1
'ie orra Is the highwayman of the
ocean; qulok, frroclmia and brave, It
tears no foe, and knows no detent. Its
common name of killer Is much more
expreteivo of this tortvr of the seas
than area, for It Is n killer lu every
sense nf the word. No thhnbltnnt of
the dwp Is sste from Us altstk, sntl
none ean overcome It. It kills when
It Is hungry, and when It Is not. It
kills merely for the ease of killing.
and the greate.- the adversary, and
the florrer the buttle, the gresler tho
triumph for this most pitiless of foes,
for unforinnstely It always triumphs.
It Is In Its element wlten lighting, nnd
when engaged In conflict la unrelent
less, ceasing only In Its llglitulng-llki
attacks when Its victim Is totally de
stroyed. If not strong enough to
wsge war single-handed, It will rail
on others of u kind to help, and band
ed together, these enrestra of the sea
can aweep everything before them.
Rtoii the groat whale, the glnnl of
creation, Is not aafe from the savage
onslaughts of these murderous pirates:
to the contrary, he seems to be a spe
cial object of their nttnrk. Swim he
ever so fast, try as hard as ho enn lo
etcspe, escape a "Imply ImpoitfHtle for
the whale whon nnce the klllc.-s are
In pursuit of him. It will lint be long
liefnre tnoy are hy his side, and then
tho frightful warfare will commence.
Kroni above they will attack him. from
below and from all around. They will
congregate about the giant's head In
furious Hsssmills. greedily fasten tholr
teeth Into tho great Hps, and snatch
large pieces of Utah from them. High
up In tho sir ihey wilt leap, coming
d( wti on the bsrk of the doomed whale
with a resounding thwack, as they
strike hint smartly with their tails.
So constantly, so ferociously and to
persistently will they attack, mob and
persecute the whale that the giant af
ter a very short spaee ot time bocomes
paralysed with fright, nnd Is entirely
nt tho merry at his oruel adversaries.
There Is no cessation of the aaviigo
warfare, no etcaiie from the munloroiie
aksaults. Onslaught follows onslaught
In quick aurretslon, and ss the whale
umnnslly succumb to the frightful
punishment , the fury f the savage or
es seems to In- redoubled. On they
symbol I sni ot strength and bull-dog
1 heao Insatiable devourer will work
great hnvoe.amang the seats, MperlAlly
uurlng tho breeding season. They will
kill and fairy gorge themselves with
ytung seals, snatching tho little ones
from thn (Uppers ot their mothers,
who arc nawerleea to defend their off
spring In the fnee ot such frightful
A Mln-r TrIUn atari' at Mimh Wiirtcrlnf
ml Mliuvetlmt.
flreat Kalis. MotiL. July 24. Frank
Mots, on old tlmo minor In this sec
tion, who four year ago wns one ot
a party of Americans to first visit Iho
Klondike enquiry, returned yesterday
end tells a story of horror ntid starva
tion seldom equalled: even In modern
novels. Ho described Klondike as a
placer camp seven mMcs long and ttilr
teon miles wldo, located In a sink,
Mlrflmtrnitt K.f plmlnn
Ilrldgeport, Ccnn., July St. At 6 3D
o'clock yostordny evening a dreadful
explosion ouetirred on the steamer Nut
meg Rtnto ot tho IJrldgoport Steamboat
company's line, whllo sbo wns lying a
her slip at tho foot of Mouth street, am
ns a result four men nro dead, Hire
others are thought In bo fatally Injured
nnd a tturnbor mote aro In a serloiM
The dead nre: Patrick Mornn, Jerry
Connors, Jerry O'Connell, unknown
The Injured nre: Michael Kenrdon.
The Brest walrus even, with his e
phunt-llkc tttiks. will retreut to the I of the tmolvlllicd regions. When Moss
slmrn lust as soon as he sights the . lert nuro four yenro ago he wm a
willed In by boulders of rock 3000 feet
lilgh. Oold. lie says, abolindr but no Internally, will probnblp dlew Patrick
ordinary tnnn can stand Iho Hardships 1 niennan, Ihnught to b fotally burneil.
hack fin of the hideous orca cutting
swiftly throitg:i the wster. Otant that
he Is, he doss rot ears to risk an en
(i.unler with this grentest nf ooenn
fighters.' Dolphins, porpoises. In
fsot, all creatures nt the sea, are like
ly tn fall a prey to the hungry oreus.
The dolphins are literally swallowed
alive, and orcss have ransaletlly
iiccn seen to lift tholr heads high out
oi water with a sen! In their jaws,
rnishlng and shaking It most vlelnusly.
Nor do these pirates rontlue them
reives alone to preying an the Inhabit
ants nf tho sen Thoy will change
their tactics and rush up the rivers
slid we rkmtteh damnge gonemlly. They
will destroy untold quantities of salmon
and other I urge fish thnt they may
chance to meet, and gnrry murder nnd
tcnsternatlnu wherever they go. Those
eu wolves Imve to destroy a great deal
of life lu order to snllsfy their appe
tites, which, according to nil oeoounts.
are tmormnus. Incredible ns it may
seem, one otat hns been swu to swal
Imv four porpolaos, and In the itom
nsh of one largo one measuring six
teen feet lu length were found thir
teen iHirpotses and fourteen seals.
Whalers wilt occasionally take the
him, but very seldom, for It gives but
very little oil. The Indlsns. howvr.
In Washington espture the fierce orra
fir tho aske of Its flesh, which they
miieh prefer lo the flesh of the whale.
sturdy fellow over feet tall. From
hardships nnd privations ho Is n crip
ple for life nnd badly broken In health.
In throe years lie saw over 2000 graves
Michael MeOuIre, probably fatally
burned about the face and eboet, ttd
want I-yticli, burned about the fnee and
bond; Jnhu llnrtwoll, snrlmtsly burned
on chest, arm and limbs; Jaha Con
nolly, burned about faco and ehest. The
made In the Klondike basin, a Urge men are all coimeeled with tke boat.
majority dying of stnrvutlem. Thei immediately after thtr oxploslon nn
steamship companies bring In all food. nmrm t WIW Bcn.toj, bllt tho flre
consequently It Is not common to ge WBS nuhKy extinguished and the flre
for weeks with but a seant supply, nnd mol, hnA mt)y (f lU UHl to ruMI.t aml
fur soveral days entirely without food. frf0r tint Injured.
The gold brought In last wcok from, Tho atevetlorea'wer- OAtlti.t on tho
Beattle. Moss soys, iloos not ropresent nppor dcck Jimt oror tho hm1 whm,
the findings of Individual shippers, btrt , the e-pioaion look pluce. nnd Ue mom
n mrgo proponion oi u wna conns- iiimwll in i .tireetlona ncnlnst
Nnlilile for (Imnlilrr.
The Purl i correspondent of the New
rotle Chronicle writes: The tragic side
or Monte Curio Is becoming a erylng
act mini. Mr. Mind, the Amsricnn,
wlose mungl-'d remains were found
on the line near On de Csgnsa. left
The Afrry I'lmf (iniiiiif lt-iiini Opnrit
Hull i:niliilni 1000 Men.
J...iiHvllle. Ky. July t7.-ThB Avery
r -) fm tory opened Its doors ysster
da afnr a thrw yeara" shutdown. Af
t ir MiKlnley had been eleetoil the
tii-mbcr. nf the llriu figured that there
v nii'l lie a revival tn busluiHM and thsy
a' hikc mads pr.-imratloHs to open.
-irday ea h dtMrtment lu the
ri- Sutldtng. which eovsrs four
t!u kH, was oiwned and 1090 men were
giM-u employment One tbotisittHl nd
dttiotial workmen will be put on sjrad
ndih m the future, as ImmIhsm war
rintJ I be .ery plow factory Is tha wrg-r--
nf ttti kind It employs mors Men,
Im . n large capacity and tloas more
im i net than any other factory ot Its
k n't in the world.
lUr TrHhln
Milwaukee, July IT -The negro qnea-
i in haa rauaeil atrlfn and wecoaalou In
tn - iniilty Rvangellcal chureh kere.
snine month" ago the tmstor.Uie Her.
f- iig" Herts, married David P. Itoad,
a oi'iretl koriM) doetAr. to n white
w iman a Member of the 0rroan oott-gr-auMon
Meetings were held during Ike kut
-k at wbl h tha mlHtstar waa de
noiui. ed for his action and the fwas onl
minated yssserday In the sseosslon ot
hair or the congregation from Um
l h aN-eealonlats met and organlMMl
a new new rhunh Tha comar-atoMe
of its new diwrine is autl mlaesKMa
The Uoeton Klevsted lUllway oom
pany will Ismir $10,000,000 mora ttaiK
Unit Ml III Uontlniia anil the Situation II
ciiiiilnc 8rluu.
Now York. July 27. Tho Clnlveetnn ,
rato war wns enlivened yestordny by
the Isstmnco ot n new tariff by the
lono Star line, which meets the latest
cuts of tho Mnllory lino, effective yes
terday. Tho ettts affect class rates and
the new tariff fixes it rata ot 10 cents
for tlrst-rlaaa to (lalveston, 7 cents for '
fourth class and 6 cents for the lettered
classes of freight.
The special committee of the Texas
rail lines, which made nn unsuccessful I
attempt to end tits warfare In this '
elty Inst week, wns expected to make
Its report yesterday to the Southwest- ;
ern association tn Rt. I .on Is. Just what
decision will be reached bearing on the
advlslblllty of engaging In the steamer
light Is not known, but it Is generally
understood that a roduetlon In rates
from western Texas points will tollow
fluch action Is regarded ns absolutely
necessary no wthat tho warring com
panies decline to peacefully terminate
the controversy and especially to pre
vent the further division ot wostern
freight vl.v this port.
Same of tho companies. It was said
have been socretly cutting tho ratos
and It Is said dsmoralluttlon has nt
ready begun to oxtend to all thn rail
lines. The stntomout was inndo yester
day that within tho next forty-eight
hours the present warfare will have us.
tumod a very serious nspeet.
Mlial Mm
New York. July ir.The Internn
tlonal medical eougrttss will this year
be held lu Moscow. A somewhat unn
anal feature will be the large attand
shoo ot medical men from Mexico.
About titty af them have bookl their
nnnenge to Hnrope by the Narmsnia,
saJllac aext Thursday. Another iwrty
are on tholr way from Mexleo. Some
of the medleal delegalas will procoMl to
Moteow by way ot lleiiln and others
by way of Parte.
"I anprose yen gflt to be good friends
wltii everybody on shlpbsanl, going
over" 'Jin" There was In her
a thrill ot regret: regret
that resembles sorrow,
As tho mist resembles rain."
"No," she answered, thus, "I trav
elled with my husband." Detroit
sagggya 1
cntud from tho effocts of thoso 2000
miners who fell a prey to tho hard
ships. At tho death of n man posesscd
of dnst his body was burled without
n coflln nnd the dust dlvdcd among
thoso who oaro for him. With propor
relief established by tho government
Moss sayH gold ean go tnon out nt
tho rato ot 12,000,000 a month.
Tho rlohost strlko hns been made by
a young man named tlcorgo Horn
blower of Indianapolis. In tho hoart of
a barren wnste, known ns Uoultlor
Hold, ho found n nugget for which tho
transportation company gnvo him
?700. Ho located his claim nt tho find
and In four months had taken out
over $100,000. Tho richest section of
Alaska, Moss says. Is yot undeveloped.
It Is 100 miles from Klondike and Is
known au Itlnck Hole ot Calcutta. It
Is Inhabited by ex-couvlcts ot llohamla,
nnd murder nnd riots take plnco ot law
nnd order.
A tow inontlts ago Klnndlko organ
Irod n Justice commlttco nnd Us law
prevails there now.
With tho groatorowdspreparlng to go
to tho seono now. Moss says hungering
and mirroring will bo great whon added
to othor hnnlshlps to bo overcome by
thoso who survive. Moss returned with
$C000 In dust, ntid loaves to-morrow
for IiIh old homo In I)ubuiUo, In.,
whoro ho will spend tho Imlnnoo of his
tho wood-works. Two of tho men were
thrown outoverbonrrl' and' were resoued
, uninjured, but nono of the others es
caped unharmed.
Tho deck tindor the-supper tnblo was
i blown open ten- toot wldo, whllo IjotU
slds of the- boat forwnrd of tho gang
wny were torn Into splinters.
A hugo masfl of fragments was-sent
' tetod over tho lower dcok as far back
as the- englno-roonii nnd. tllo- carpenter
work was wrookodv Tllo Interior of the
t dining-room on tho torocastlo was com
pletely domollshod.
Tho ofllolnlH nre reticent: cm to tho
direct cause at Iho oxploslon. It was
first plleged that lightning struck tho
boat, hut It waa later ascertained that
n dock hand wont Into tho hold to light
his pipe, nnd It Is bellovod tho lighted
match In tho foroenstlo caused homo
nnphlha to explode.
A coroner'tt Inquest will bo held Saturday.
Vhi) renrln tlrap" HilS'ir ejimpr?
renrln, III llntlroly oii.iiinit. j
Peoria. III., July 21. -Thr main build- i
! Ing nf the Poorln Ompo Sugar eompemv
was-completoly destroyed by flro yew-
i.r,.. nvnnliii- I ium tmo.OOO: the to- ,
tnl insuranco carried Iwlng MoO.000. of awl Dixon at Vt
which ttenrly 00.000 wits on the burn
.ng building and contents.
Negotlntlotm have been In progre-na
for somn time for the transfer of the
It V rfmilurril it Draw .flrr Tirrnly
ttiilinil- Were t-'ullRlil.
Mcehanlo'H Pavilion, Han Frnnoiseo,
fnl July h Atr8 ireToelr last night
thoro woro 8000 peoplo senfed In thu
pnvlllqn and nt loast 2000 mnro push
ing nnd surging outsldo, struggling to
bo llrst Inside tho doom. Tho crowd
was equal to- that which witnessed tho
Kltzslmmous-Sharkoy contest.
Tho hotting at tho last hour was 100
to 70 In favor of Dixon. A great deal
of Dlxuu money onmo lu yosterdny af
ternoon, ami tho odds woro slightly
cut, but betting was lively at the fig
ures iibovo named.
llnwklna weighed la at 127 pound
Hawkins enloroil tho ring nt least
four pounds heavier than tho llttlo col
ored eliumplon.
The arrangements for seating tltt
great crowd In tho pavilion were nd-
Tho ring was aiirroundod by
each be seating six pursuits, llshlnd
the tiers ot hexes tho seats rose In
.....t..anv If. Mm allliWMUl Iniat. Illlt It .
iiim.. ... v.... n... .. . mlilil
.... i i.. ...i.ii, u, ,ii ' mintbie,
has progressed no far thnt Ilia loss
falls on tho now combine of the orlg-
,...! Hl.n Srli limL- fill I nt
' . . fi , the bill d ug. etiubl ng ovory spectator
ently without " I'losl m
...,..H " I ! ,.nr " I The great gallery wns the papular
prumpujr. um um 'M'"""" ..Ium with the niliMMI
it.. i,nu.,..,o.,i u-iih oumuM unit n,.J Pine witn tne miiHsos.
As early as 7:30 u'eluuk It was
llr-an In SlnulniM.
Helena, Mont . July ST. Oor Smith
yeaterday rtcii-l a letter from W. J.
Ilrvsn who b-ft Illackfoot. Idaho, yw-i-rrlay
for National Park, acoeptlag Ike
infatlun to he Ike govarnor's gteSst
lu In In this city.
U Hsn. through efforts of Con.
j;i Mnak, llartuiHh, haa chauged bis
o id, I p'ani and after piidliig two
vulse i
Aiklns fur Help.
Indlaakpells. Ind.. July 17. - Mi
Oonnor and Torbuno, the governor's
spec!! strike eemmlstsoHbrs, made
their report yesterday and Oov Mount
at oar calltsl a oonterenee of state eilii
rlala ami leading eltltens. The result
was sn appeal Issued Iste last night
.n the park will mak a tour of , w t,le """'king mineis
, -e Half a score of Montana n"m'"w ' apiH-.,,.., i lB.
r r e . are nr, iiarlur to clva htm a blB w M' "PUon
recspiioB ,nan ruei are destitute-
The min-rs in
charge mor ller.ely than befoie. madly
I bey leap orerhc prostrate form, and
renin not the p'.tllees conlin t until the
struggles of tholr victim me eiver for
rer. Ne t even then elo the- wolves en
the sen relent, Into the dmtil giant's
mouth Ihey will dash, te-sr out tho
Si oat tongue, and savagely tight among
thettiMlvee for the grestiHt share
thereof. Nor dues the ores stand In
much fear nf man. for It has been
known to attack whales t Hut have been
already oautured by the whalers; In
fact, while the ineu were In the very
art eif cutting up the carcasses. Then
would enme a light between tits areas
and the whalers, again and again the
ureas would rush up to the whale In
an attempt tn carry It away, ami again
and agaiA were they attacked In turn
by the whalers, with boat spades and
lance. The swiftly-executed move
ments of the orcss. however, have re
peatedly galneel the contest for their
side, acd more than once they have
successfully carried oft thr prise.
which east the whalers s much time
nnd nimble to capture
tt Ii slated by some authorities that
to meows the sword-nan will Jain
forces with the orras. and that white
the latter keep up a furious attask on
the vusle from shove, the swunl-llih
will keep busy Brooding the large
cres'-.ure from below. WltuesssM of
thes great sea rights say that Uto
whJe never even attempts to dive
whlje the cos H let Is ragtag, and smuii
as if fore-eel to say on the surruee of
thi water by some hidden foe beneath.
Tel fact would eertnlHly lead force to
tit argument that the awerd-flah hOp
Into imrtnershlp with tbs orcu, and a
Ibore terrible e-omblnsilon could huril-
! be Imagined. The orra has been
well equlptted by naiiin- for Its lilntUo-
1. 1 cereer Uing. sleek ai.il rinsutll, it
a.'inbluea In ita tnrepdo like inukd-ilp
:be swiftest rapidity silled to graat
atiength. Mniougb not very large
rarely maaaurlng more than fifteen or
S.XIeen feet In length II. cat -like
sgllltv makes it Hi ui in -jower of
o if the ocean mim.i- i- Ita whole
rantum Is maaxiwiv i nit the juws
strong and fined witi i.'oin conical
Psrls with a largo sum of money,
whlrh he tost. The authorities aelopt
the Turkish methods In the lomeal-
me. at of aulciilo. A lady waa left at
Nice by her husband, who wus sum-
moneeel to Mngland on business. On
his return he found tlmt she had sold
2S.000 worth of bonds, payable to
luearor. and had lost them at t rente el
quarsutt. Her Jewelry was pawned at
i- bric-a-brnc shop. She had Just pur
hssed some poison at a chemist's
when her husband -returned unexpsei-
ieiy. Tim registration of denUis, ae
e ordloK to the Mnnegnsque law is a
aim in. for the books rarely it ever men-
Hem suicide. An erid resident at Mon
aco declares that he has re peat eel ly
luonel corpses -tlong the Inwor espla
nade, ami that he has glvan up surly
morning walks for this reason. Poo
rio supposod to be missing from Paris
art very ofiwi tree id to the Hlrtira.
SlHce the bsflinnlng of this season
there have been sixty-five aunes of suicide.
tho basement with flames and noth
ing could bo done in stop It. Tho Im
insnsu night-story building, 170x70
feet was n mass of llamos In Ilvo min
utes nnd was completely destroyed,
tho walls soon falling In.
Tho dry storage-house and ware
housu noross the railroad tracks wero
tavod or tho loss would lmvo bosti
several hundred thousand dollars
grontcr. Tho works employed 100 mon
and tisod 15.000 bushols of oorn n day.
Thoy will bo robullt ns soon as possible.
How u Hhi the Bye.
A medleal Journal says that In ths
eontlnued use of the eyes, la such work)
aa aewlng. typesetting, bookkesplng.
nuilng or studying, the saving point
Is In breaking off at short Interval
ami looking round ths roam. This may
be prwctleod every tan or flfteejit min
utes. Ily doing this Uia muscular Uh
ston Is rellevoel. Uie eyes are NSted,
and the blood supply hecontM better.
Npark from a I'lpn.
Mr. and Mrs. Thoinas Htaser of Ash
land. Ohio, wsre going hums In a bug
gy. when he kuoelteel the allies tram
tits pipe. Tbsiy notlosd nothing until
ftw travsllng a mils furUier. wkeu
llamas suddstily onrolopsd airs. Hnaa
er. She wns so badly Iwrn! thut aft
er enduring terrible ngaay fir II hours
death csms. She was over 10 yesrs
Jlany Pertnnt tVere InJiirnl ami Ilia P-u-pla
Ware I'anle Ntrli-ken.
Padueth, Ky.. July 21. Tho Citilno
summor theater nt Homona iwrk wns
burned last night at 10 o'clock. Tho
audlonoo was panlo-strlokon. Probably
over 100 persons wero Injured by be
ing burnod or trampled upon. Same of
the actors were painfully burned. It
Is reported that threo or four children
nsrlihed In the (lames.
Colonel lleuben Rowland ami kls
wife woro seriously Injured In the
stamped o.
At 2 a. m. It was Impossible to as
certain tho truth ot the stnry that
several children have psrlshed. Mana
ger Iloarne at the llieatriswi eampsny
Is seriously burned.
XaTa'i Home,
Quest Ah) then you are a muiltlnn.
What Instrument do you playt Mu
sician The first fiddle. Ills Wlfo (em
phaHeolly) Hut only In tho orchestra,
-Snphlrs Wltxblatt.
Jammed on vtry uldo.
When refotoo Hlssuiu Conk ontored
tho ring he was grontoel with a storm
at mingled hisses uud chcars. Tho
Hawkins men huvo no lovo for Cook,
nnd Spider Kolly, Huwklus' scoond.
protested against him.
Thoro wus a long wrangle, and fi
nally Cook enturod tho ring and or
dered tho mon to tholr turners.
Hawkins refused to go and Kolly
"Anybody In the hotiso will do but
Tog O'llourka tried tJ talk, but tho
big crowd would not listen. Jim Nelll,
nuothor of Hawkins adherents, shout
ed that whon tho betting began It
was 100 to 75 In favor ot Dixon, but It
wns now 100 tn 40. Something wast
wrong, ho asserted.
The announcement wns finally
made that tho management of ths
club had selected Cook, and tho men
must light under him. Finally, after
an hour's wrangling, Cook withdrew
In faror ot Jaek Welch as referee.
lloth tnsn prepared tor the fight
Time was oalleel nt 9: 50 and the men
sprang to Uie center uf the room and
shook hands.
Up to the seventeenth round honors
even, but tho two sueeoedlng rounds
woro In Hawkins' favor. The twentieth
round was a lively one, both men soar
ing at will. Dal stopped DlxonW
rushes with lefts on the nose, wlilsi
brought blood.
The light was deolarotl a draw.
Jim drey" colored, was ly noli eel near
(luldvllls, 8. 0., recently.
A Ileeepll-e llnvrrace.
lleorge you tedd me that stuff nt
in it Mask was furniture palish W-ii
i it is. when I take a dose ot It I f-et
able ia polish ie furniture
Utth, as4 the whole bead the perfect ! -Tee Press.
t'HUiril a Kenaallun,
Proscott. Ark., July .-A sensation
has been croated at Ilroiiphtou by a
dying mrvn's confession. Two weeks
ago a resident ot that locality named
Fuller was assasslnateel and no clew
to the inurdsrer could be found.
Thursday u man named Oralis in died
from congestion, superinduced by heat.
On his deathbed he confessed to the as-
saislnatlon ot Fuller, and explained
thai lie became prostrated with heat
Detroit I wh,, running from the su no of the
I trime.
A Kaartul Nmrm.
Pittsburg. Pa., July 21. All the rail
ways centering in Pittsburg suffered.;
tram the great storm which swept wlth
such terrlllc force thruugh the Ma
honing and Shenandoah valley yester
day. The rain resembled a cloud burst
In many places, landslld' and wash
outs were fii-.uent, and many bridges
nnd trestles were rendered unsafe
Small creeks were transformed Into
swiftly running creeks, endangering
tho trestles over them It was tbv
most remarkable rnln that ever roll ia
the valley.

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