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I ha I'laiflie. Allll Sprraillnir, lint Ifyi llnnlll
lint I Nmnll.
Nsw Orleans. La., Oet. 13. TJis
t'wr situation grew no worse litre
yesterday, but u ttio same time there
l no rift jet Knowing thrauglt tho
Hands, and tho promise Ik not bright
(or tho Immediate reopening of tho
avenues of Industry. Three or tour
rasm of fovor wore reported to the
Imartl of hrnltli Monday night Just af
ter (ho omolal bulletin wns Issued, and
were Included In tho report yesterday.
Dsyllght had hardly conn yesterday
nmmlfig before two deaths had been
Htinoitneed, but no othor fatalities had
gone down on tho books whu nlglft
fell. The enaes wsro, ns usual, widely
sr-altered, and havo Increased some
what the total number of case under
tieatmont, but at tho same Unto there
have born n largo number of ease din
charged, and tho death iereeiiljage 1ms
miltered n fall. Tho ofllal&l bulletin
Issued by tho board of health wan b
rases of yellow fever 33, deaths 9:
total taiica of yollqw'faver to date 631.
rase absolutely rconvorml t77, total
rsscs under treatment 3l)0.
Yesterday's donthRi Joseph Collstte.
II OS Cnnsthneo; tlen (Hies, Ton to In
firmary: J. Htrtim, 362 Clnlbornr
Mobile. Ala.. Oct. 13. Three new
ensrs In tho twonty-four hour endliiK
Inst night; no deaths ttt the forty
fight hours ondlng Inst night. New
nsos: 0. N. Hnnnoau, Augusta, near
Marine; John Koofo. 208 South Law
rence; Alphonso (Joubll. SIS South
Dlaehhrged: Mra. W. P. White. Hu
Reno nnd Ilurd; T. P. Wngnner. Joseph
Pierre nnd Charles A. Olrod. Total
ranee to date ISO, deaths 30, discharged
71, under treatmont 37. There nre
three more canoe reported on tho
steamer Knte, lying nt Mngazlne PolnJ
inrco mure noove mo ciiy. a nun
Vital will bo ostnbll'hcd there by tho
quurniiilno board of Mobile bay and
the hlp disinfected. The crew will
bn loolntrd and detained tho usual ton
days beforo being allowed to board tho
atenmer again. Yesterday brought tha
second month at tho visitation. Tho
first week there wcro 30 casus nnd 3
deaths, second week 24 cases and 5
deaths, third week 33 cuses and 0
deaths, fourth week 33 cases and 0
drutliK. Tho cases nro not multiply
ing In tho orlglnnl Infected district,
nnd whero thero woro 30 yellow (lags
nut In that district two weoks ago
thore nro now but four, and thesu will
bo removed y tho end of tho week.
l'h6fBr Is miKIng greatest progress
along tho center of tho resident- por
tion of tho city, In tho Ilroad street
nnd the Spring Hill nvouuo districts,
but It Is still not nt tho ratio noted at
the boglnnlng of tho outbreak, while
tha vlrtilonnn of tho disease has not
notably Increased.
Jnrkson, Miss,, Oct. 13. The state
board of health last night issued the
fpjlowlng statement:
Tho followlr In tho report from
Clinton: Two cases under treatment,
Miss Miller, formerly reported, nnd
I.uther Motger, attacked Monday;
both 'doing fairly woll. .
Tho report from Nlttn Yuma Is to
the effect that thoro nro six eases on
hand: Miss Thompson, who hud sup
pression, Is now convalescing.
The following official report was Is
sued from Edwards nt 0 o'clock last
night: The tompornluro stood Mon
day night at 09, nnd Tuesday was
quite warm. Thoro have been ten
new roses reported, eight white nnd
two colored: flvo onsoa sorlously III,
two black vomit. Fnfher Preudergast
renewed his visits to tho slok yoster
day. l'oitinmtrr Applntil.
Washington, Oot. 13. Tho following
Texas postmasters wero appointed yes
terday : Copovllle, Collin county, Sam
uel A. Hlgdon; Dial, Fannin oounty,
U D. Bhlflletti Hastland, Haitland
rounty, C. M. 8parri rjoforth, Hays
founty. Jdhn W. Ailed; Handley,
Tarrant county, Joseph W. Smith;
Haymond, nuchel county. Nels O.
Plerson: Lilly. Hunt oounty, J. It.
Johnston; Lost Prong, "Wharton"
county, S. V. Wilson; Oionn, Crockett
oounty. Powell Horndan; Proloeh,
Sterling edlinty, Lou V. ColbatiKh;
fleadrlft, Calhoun .oounty, Mrs. Minnie
Miinrtiiry UuIiiiiiImIuii.
Washington, Oot 13. The monetary
mmmlwlon at Its session yesterday
discussed the preliminary reports sub
mitted by the committee on metallic
currency, and alto n partial report on
demand obligations. Partial Teports
oil all ot tho subjects under efltiildera
tlon will be submitted and ulseussed
from time to time, ns the work" of the
commission progresses, with a view to
keeping all ot the branches under dis
cussion well In hand. ,
Maimu Convene.
ltairimere, Md., Oet. 13. The open
ing exerelses ot tho thlrteeth triennjet
and also the centennial eonelave ot the
general grand thaptetfWlyal Arch Ma
sous ot the United, Blare was held
yesterday morning at" the temple on
North Charles street. Tha morning
session was taken up with addresses
ot welrome. responses and the reports
ot officers. Grand High Priest Win
II. Shryroek, of the Maryland chapter
Itrrlilim Ben Ciiiifrritiirp.
Washlnglon, Ort. 13.8ecretry
Knhnnan has wrtttten n reply to tho
note ot I,ortl Salisbury, expressing re
gret at Great Hrltnln's declination to
tnko part In n listing sen ronferonce
In whleh HuiMln nnd Japan are to
participate. The eefontlal fenturcs of
Mr. Sherman's reply hava been sent by
rnblo to the llrltlsh government and
tho reply In full Is now on Its way to
the llrltlsh authorities. Iord flails
bury'A note ot declination, It ean now
bo stated, iioro tho dnto ot Oetober it,
mi that the response Is made Willi
The nnswer states that the United
Rtatos government views with nston-
talflrtAnf Ifui itiitnvMlHntlitn M.miI
Hiiiitvii. ft, uui vi (link fi uit
Urltaln not to participate m n confer-.
Mice Inrliidlilg Hussla and Japan, and
the statement Is made that up to the
23d of last month tho United States
authorities had fully expected that the
conferenece would proceed with Hus
sla and Japan na well as Urcnt Urltaln
present. It Is pointed out that aside
from tho written oorrerspondonco to
which Lord Salisbury had called at
tention thoro were verbal negotiations
between Atribnssador Hay and his lord
ship. In which speclllc reference was
made to tho participation ot Hussla
and Jupun.
At one of these verbal exchanges, It
Is staled Lord Salisbury said ho would
ndvlso with tho odlclals ot tho for
eign oHloo concerning the subjeets ills
cussod, whleh Included the participa
tion ot Kussln and Jnpnn. Subsequently
on July 29, Ambassador Hay wroto to
Lord Salisbury saying the president
hoped to havo Itussln nnd Japan par
ticipate In the conference. In view of
these rlrcumstnncos the United States
had confidently expected that Orent
Urltaln would take part in tho confer
enro nnd that Hussla and Japan would
be represented with tho npprovnl of
Orent Urltaln. Ilesldes the foregoing
reply nnd In view of tho difference
which have arisen tho stnto depart
ment suggests n conference In accord
ance with tho terms ot !ord Salis
bury's, ngrcemcnt ns ho construes It,
namely, botween experts of Oreat Url
taln. tho United Stntos and Canada.
This last feature Is now under consid
eration by tho Hrltlsh government, Its
substnnco hnvlng been transmitted by
cable, but It Is not expected an answer
will be mndo until Mr. Sherman's an
swer In dotnllreachca Indon. In tho
mcantlmo preparations for tho confer
enro between tho United States, Hussla
and Japan nro proceeding. Tho Jap
anese delegates who nro now en route
from San Francisco, will not reach
hero until next Sunday night. Two
of tho Husslsn dolegatea nro hero nnd
tho remaining dolegnle Is expected
soon. While no oxnet dato has been
flxod for tho conforenco tho expecta
tion Is that nil tho dolcgntos will bo
bore In tlmo to bring thorn togbthor
on Wednesday, October 20.
, llrpiirt Itri'fhr.l nt lb liilnrlor Ilrpnrt
lilriit lUsurilltiB tha Unlit llmtm.
Washington. Oct. 13. Sheldon Jack
son, United States gonornl agent ot ed
ucation tor Alnska, writing from St,
Michaels under dato of September 13
hns sent a report to tho Interior de
partment regarding tho gold boom.
Ho says:
"I am still detained nt this placo
waiting upon tho movemonts of the
Hon. Since reaching hero August 21
sovernl expeditions of minors havo ar-
rlvoA on steamers and Bulling vessels
from Pugct Sound, Seattlo and San
"Thov brine with thorn lumber and
mechanics, oxpoctlng at this point to
build small river steamers and barges
In which to proceed up tho Yukon to
tho mines. Thero uro olght or ton ot
ihBo vessels now In tho harbor nnd
thlrtccen more aro oxpeoted from the
"Tho season is now closed tor going
up tho river this year. Tho most that
tho miners now hero can do wilt bo to
get perhaps 100 miles up tho river to
the timber, then go Into winter quar
ters, cresting log huts for shelter.
Those that come up later will bo coin-
pellled to winter at this place. As
all the people were pledged to be taken
to the mines this fall, you ean Imagine
that there Is not only much disappoint-
. . ... ..... . , .. . i , . i .i
mem. mil aim union jrmukiuu uuu
sneer that Is liable at any moment
to break out Into open violence.
Among tho hundreds now oamped up
on the beach In tents are all classes
from the beat to the low. professional
men ot ability and s tan J Ing. gamblers
und desperodoM, the wealthy and the
poor, nnd the presence ot the Hear Is
the only restraint on lawlessness. We
are hourly expecting the arrival ot an
other cuttter qnd when she eomee the
Hear will at onoo sail for the Reindeer
station, Herla and 8U Lawrence Island.
"Home of the tents nave ueon uoou
ed far three days past and alt are un
comfortable, it has been snowing for
two days and the whole landscape Is
Mlnvr Klrlkn. .
Chattanooga. Tonn., Oet. 13. The
miners employed at the coal mines ot
the New Roddy Coal eompany, near
this city, about &O0 In number, went
out on a strike yesterday for an In
ere.ua In wages. The Soddy mines
usually set the pare for the miners In
this region, and during the trouble at
the Jelllio mines they remained at
work. Since the strike ot the Jeclco
mines the noddy mines have been do
AHLY In tho morn
ing after Miss
Hctherlngton's vis'
It. Mariorle pre
pared to net out for
the Catle. She
would glndly have
made some exetlM
to Stay at lionlfl,
but Mr. Lorrathl
would not hear Of
It, nnd m his onrrt
oat request sho consented.
"flho la your boat friend." said tltfi
mlnlstor. "nnd you must not ofteiiu
"Vory woll, I will go."- nnsworod
Marjorlo; "but I shall come home oary
In tho afternoon. She'll never ask nto
to stay all night? It sho doss, I oan't
do 111"
"Why not, Mnrjorlo?"
"Tho Cnstlo's oorlo onnugh at day
tlmo, but nt night It's droadful, and
Miss Hethcrlngton creeps about Ilka
n ghost. I'd sooner sleep out In tho
At a quarter before hlno alio started,
for sho had three in 1 1 en to wnlk, and
alio wished to linger on tho road,
which lay through pleasant country
pastures nnd among green lanes. Tho
morning was bright and clear, though
thoro were clouds to seaward wliloh
spoko of coming rain. I'nssing up
through tho village, tho way she hud
como tho provlotia day, she saw young
Sutherland standing nt the gate ot tho
wenvor'a cottage.
"Oood-mornlng, Mnrjorlo. Wuoro
nrn villi frnltiir in an nnrtvl"
"Up to Miss Huthorlugton's at tfle
Custlo," shn rcplltxl.
"Aro you going to walk?"
"Thon may 1 como with you u pleoo
ot tho road?"
"Not today, Johnnlo," she sold,
nervously. "I'm Into, nnd must hurry
Tho young man sighed, but did not
press his request Troubled and vexed
nt tho meeting, Mnrjorlo walked quick
ly away.
Sho followed tho townwnrd highway
till sho camo to tho cross-roads whoro
sho had alluhtcd from the wasonotlo.
Close to tho cross-road thero wns d
stllo, nnd alio mH about to stop over,
when alio hoard n volco bohltul hor.
Turning quickly alio saw to hor as-
tonlshmont tho French teacher from
Ha was clad In n dark walking-suit,
with broad-brlmmod, wide-awake hat,
and wns smoking n cigar. He looked
at hor smilingly, and raised his hat.
Sho thought ho had nover looked so
hnndsomo, as ho stdod there In the
sunshine, with his palo faoe jmlllng
nnd his bright blaok oyes llxsd eagsrly
upon hor.
"Monsieur Caussldloro!" sho cried In
"Yes, It Is I!" ho replied In his sad,
musical voico. "'. havo walkad from
tho town, and was going down to see
"To sco mo!" sho cohocd
"Yes, mademoiselle, nnd tho good
mnn your guardian, You havo'spoken
ot him so often that 1 longed to make
his acquaintance, and, having two Idle
days boforo inc. I camo hore, as you
Mnrjorlo did not know what to say
or do, tho encounter wns so unoxpeotod.
Hli atond trombllne and blushlni: In
such obvious embarrassment that the
Frenchman enmo to her relief. m
"Do not lot mo detain you, If you
have an appointment. Or stay! per
haps you will permit me to walk a
llttlo way In your company?
And boforo sho quite understood
what was taking placo, ho had lightly
looped the stll6 and wns luitidlug hfr
over with great polltonsss. They
strolled along tho foot-path ildo by
side. Suddenly Marjorlo paused
"I nm going up to tho Castle," she
said, "and I shall not be back tilt the
afternoon. Do not let me take you out
ot your way."
The Prgnehman smiled and shrugged
Ills shoulders.
"Oh! one way. Is tu me as gowt as
another, m exeiaimeu.
"Jlut you said you wtshtti to set Mr
"Preelsely: but I prefer our osjhi-
pany. my child."
"He Is at home now, and will be so
glad ot some one to talk to.'
"I see you want to get rid ot ins
little oneAsald Cuussldlsre, paternally
"If I go will you promise to return
noon? lUmember. I shall not depart
until you no return."
"Yes. I will promise." answered Mar
forte. "I I would rather you did not
come any further."
"And wherefore, my elilld? Is ray
eompany so disagreeable?"
"No, monsieur; but the folk In this
place are ayo talking, and it they saw
me walking with a strange gentleman
It would bo all over the parish before
night, and then Miss Hetherlngton
would "ear ot It, and I should get n
And as she spoke she looked round
nerv"Uiy, as If dieadlng nn ce-vvr
Mi s Hetherlngtou! Pray, who Is
"lho lady I am going to see. Pa
has eyes everywhere nothing happens
but sho Kens.
eenl." permuted tho Frenchman. "It
Is very natural that, having met you,
I should offer to escort.you."
In France, mnybo.'nut not here In
Annandaie. Down hsro, monslour,
when two folk are scan out walking In
tho fields together, all tho world be
lieves them to bo courting."
She hail spoken without reflection,
nnd her face now grow crimson as she
met her companion's oyos nnd realized
the slgiilneauee ot hor own words.
"I see." cried tho Freshman, laugh
Ing. "They would tnkp ma for your
Marjerle did net reply, bnt turned
hor frtre away and began to walk on
rapidly. Hut tho Frenchman kept by
hor side.
"Ah. my child," ho continued. "I am
more fit to be your father than your
lovor. I am not so frivolous nnd vain
ax to preeumo to think of one so young
nnd pretty. You must not mind mo!
I nm your teacher, your frlood that Is
She was touched by tho tone In
which ho spoke, but nftor n moment's
hosltnrion alio pnuscd again, and looked
him full In the face
"What you say Is quite true, mon
sieur." sho said; "but, oh! do not fol
low me any 'urthor. Sen, that Is the
Castle, and who knows hut Miss Heth
erlngton horxelt Is watching us from
tho tower?"
She pointed nerosii tho fields toward
n (lark bell of woodland, over which
two old-fashioned towers wert Indeed
visible, about n mllo nnd a hnlf nwny.
"Well. I will do as you desire, my
child," answered Cnusildloro, nftcr n
moment's hoaltntlon; "I will go nml
make tho acqualntnnco ot your guard
ian. An revolrl"
Ho took hor hnnd, lifted It to his lips,
nnd kissed II; thon, with an nlr of re
spectful gallantry, ho swept oft his hat
and Imwcd. Bho could not help smil
ing; bo looked so fantastic to her sim
ple sight, and yot so hnndsomo!
Sho walked on thoughtfully. At tho
noxt stllo sho turned mid looked back.
Ho wns ntlll stationary In tho pathway,
gazing nftor her; but tho moment sho
lookot. ;k he kissed his hand.
Marjorlo turned again nnd walked
on, with no llttlo fluttering of the
When alio readied the Castle, an
olddrly mnn-servant led hor Into tho
lobby, n dark and dreary passngo hung
with oil paintings nnd nntlquo maps
and prints; thonco Into a Inrgo apart
ment, divided by. an open folding-dour
Intri two portions.
lloro ho left her to announce hor ar
rival to his mistress.
Presently the room door opened, nnd
tho mistress of tho house appeared.
She wns dressed In nn old-fashioned
robe ot stiff black silk, nnd woro n cap,
like that ot n widow, over hor snow
whlto hair. Sho oamo in leaning on
hor crutch, nnd nodded grimly to hor
"Sit yo doon," sho said, painting to a
seat, and herself dropping into an arm
chair beforo tho nro. Thon. drawing
out a ronn's gold huntlng-wntch anil
opening It, sho continued: "Twonty
flvo mlnutos after ton. You're Into In
coming, Mnrjorlo Annan. I doubt you
woro lingering on tho way."
S sho spoko, and
closed her walch
shnrply, Mis Iloth
Ington fixed her
black eyes keenly
'rt, cijon Marjorlo, who.
romemborlng her
recent encounter
with Cnussldlrro,
flushod nnd trem
bled. A curious
smile grew upon
tho s,t om woman's bloodless face as
sho oontlnued:
"Ay ay. you were lingering, and may
bo you had pleasant company. Who
wss you you parted with out thero
among tho green fluids?"
Marjorlo started in consternation.
Her fears, then, were right, and It was
useless to conceal anything from Miss
Hetherlngton, who was like i wltsJi.
and, had eyes and ears everywhere.
"Oh, Miss Hethsiington." she ex
elnlmed, "did you see us together?"
Ml was up on the tower with my spy
lngglass, and I saw far awe,' a lassie,
tUftt leaked like Marjfrle Annan, nnd
a lad 1 look at drat for Johnnie Suther
land, till he began booing and kissing
his band, and than I saw it could na be
Marjorlo now perceived that all eon
owtlment was useless, and at one told
her hostess of the meeting wtth her
Frehou teacher. She did not think It
expedient, however, to describe with
exacliiess the Frenchman's convfirtn
Moth but even as It was. Miss Hetlior
Itigton's brow darkened, and hor oyes
flashed with a light like that of anger.
"Draw doings!" she muttered. "Jlmw
doings for young growing lassie o' sev
enteen! Your French teacher, ay you?
What's his name, Mlrjorle?"
"Monsieur Caussldlere."
"And what's the man doing down
here Instead ot teaching his classes In
the town?"
indeed, I ran t tell." rehirne t Mar
jorle. "I met him quite by accident on
my way to see you
"Humph! What like Is he? Is he
-w4i tan JV
"Wrcl favored ?' , ,t
"Yoe. and very elovrr.'
"Worse and worRo," snld MIaHeth
orlngtoti. "Now, Mnrjorlo, listen to
"Yes, Miss Hetherlngton."
"Look me In the fnco while you an
swer. Do you think this Frensh scoun
drel he Is n scoundrel, tnk' It tar
granted linn come down hero In pur
suit o' his pupil? Dlnnn bo feared to
nnswer, la ho fond o' you, Mnrjorlo?"
"I-I think he likes me."
"Hns ho said as muoklo?"
"Yes, Miss Hcthorlngton," answered
Marjorle, who was Incapable of n false
hood. "And you? What think ye of him?"
"I like hi m vory much, Miss Hethor
Ington. Ho has been very hind and pa
tient with me,"
"Hut do you love him? toll me thai :
or Is It Johnnlo Suthorlnnd that has
won your silly heart? Out with it,
Mnrjorlo Annan. Frank confession's
good for the soul, and I'm your friend."
Mnrjorlo blushed, but kept her frank
bltio eyes fixed on her questioner's face.
"I don't love anybody, Miss Hether
lngton not In the way you mean."
"Are you sure o' that?"
"tjulto auro."
"Thon yoil'ro n wise lassie." cried the
iady, rising to her feet. "Men are kittle
cattle, and snfer at n dlstanco. Uiok
nt that plrturo," she continued, sud
denly painting to n portrait ovor tho
mantolpleer. "You kmi who Is It?"
"Yes; your brothor, Mr. Hugh.'.'
"Hugh Hetherlngton, Hod rest his
soul! mid tho best brothor woman ovor
had. Folk thought that he was bad,
and ho had my fnther's temper; but he
guarded Ills ststor like n watch-dog;
nnd I wish you had n brother to gunrd
you half as weol. I.ook undernoath my
con, on my right cheek! You sco that
mark? I shall carry It to my grave.
Hugh gave It to mo when 1 wns n young
lass. Ho struck me In the face wl his
fist, beeauso he thought I wns hiding
something fiom him. and roortlng wl'
oao I ueodiia name."
The lady's face grow full ot n wild,
II or co light ns nlio spoke, and she
laughed stranguty to herself. Marjorlo
gazed nt her In dread.
"It was n lie, but Hugh was right,
ho loved his stster. Ho kennod what
man wero, ho know their black heart.
They're n' bad, or mostly n'. ' Tak'
warning, Mnrjorlo Annan, nnd hearken
to mo! Let uno man como to you in
secret wl' words o' lovo; lildo nncthlng
from thorn that caro for you from Mr.
Iorrnlno or from me. Trust tho nuld
bonds, Mnrjorlo; they ken whnt Is right,
(lod has made you bonny: may Ho keep
y.o',1 puro und happy till tho end!"
Hor tono wns changed to ono ot deep
earnestuoHs, oven ot pathos. Sho
wnlkcd up nnd down tho room In limi
tation, pnunlng now nnd ngnln. und
leaning upon hor crutch.
"No that I would lino you load a lone
ly life!" sho exclaimed nftcr n pnuse.
"Iook at mo! I'm no that old In years,
but I'm gray, gray w' lonollnos.i and
troublo. 1 might lino hnd one to enro
for mo; I might lino had bairns; but
It was nn to bo. I'm a rich woman, but
I lino neither kith nor kin. Lord for
bid you should ovor be tho snmo! Hut
whoa you marry and marry you will
some day you must chooso n trim
mnn ny, truo nnd honest, whether ho
bo rich or poor: mid If you eanna
chooso, let the nuld folk that caro for
you, and that ken tho world choose for
you. Trust their con, uo your nln!
Never deceive thorn; kcop naq secrets
from thorn. Mind that, Marjorle An
. t.
The Mod llrntitlfiil Foul.
Tho most beautiful foct Is tho slender
ono. Tho stylish girl recognizes this
foot. Hor bIiocb nro nlwnyn large
enough to nvold cramping tho foot, nnd
yot thoy nro snug nnd wonderfully noat
nnd delicate. That Is tho reason why
somo girls can dance all night without
rest, whllo others havo to retire early
from a brilliant ball, leaving their
hearts behind In case they do not
daneo and suffer so much with their
feet nl to preclude the possibility of
real enjoyment. If a girl wear a
proptr shoe, when the foot Is burn, and
alio stands uikjii It In tho privacy ot
her bedroom, It will lie as pretty and
del Ion to as n baby's. Tho Instep would
bo high, tho heel delicately formed, tha
ski" &B whlto as alabaster, with pos
Hluly blue veins showing through. The
general form of tho foot will lie slen
der, the toes tailoring parallel, nnd
separated by about tho thickness ot a
sheet ot paper, and ndornsd with pink
tinted nails. A girl who has sueli feet
as these and there are many who
hve them well may take pride and
pleasure it. rt,iplating them.
Tim llffttU nt tttlntlcnilnpr Matin Tli
Trnnlile with Iloitmi Martyr ta
Mrton I'liitiam ami Jtltim from
the Tlit.
A "llrap ! tn."
If AK nfi-n tuard it
(Hot inv wnrllna;
may be urn i
Ilka tiny tlaJo v
Ileta It- nln pure
drap o' dew.
Thin null! saying t
ull'l pfli.
Asking Jpfttil. It
he knew
I wan Ilka a Msd4
o' gran.
Wad iho be my drap o' dew '
Yester-a'en tier answer ram .
nweri aim uey. like my laai:
f ..... ...... ... t ......
. .iw m y o uvioi. Jim,,
Yo aro like a liludo o' iim-n,
"An ye're growing In my har,
if , into (ijv vniiiu vrinii never uisiri
DlHtln alitor lanir wl' tlilral:
9flJM "'il1 'Ufc" J'Pl'r drap 6' dew "
-Ilrtttle a. CantTMd In I.adlea Moma
A Marl.rr In Mtim.
TIlO llioloil uro tl wn aluirl litis ver.
and n southwest (loorgln farmer who
nan practically "oornored" It In Ills
neighborhood had suffered sorlously
from tho doprcdatloiiH ot some ot tho
nungry colored brethren. So ho gnvo
It Ollt that hn liml nnlnnnml hi tiwl
ons. nnd after tho news wont forth ha
ceased to miss thoin.
Nlnllt nftcr liluht nn nld nesrn nlm
lived near the linnet melon pntrh had
gazed nt their green allien with hungry
eyes, but tho thought of the poison kept
him hungry still.
Ono moonlight night, however his
appetite got the beet of him. Hp look
ml In the direction ot tho nielxns long
nnd earnestly; then, Hhoulderlug a
saok, ho Btnrtcd off.
"In do nnmo or goodnpss. Hufus,
whnr you gwlno?" asked his wife
Tho old man turned, pointed to tho
melon patch and said, slowly and sol
emnly: "I'm n-gwlno whnr dom molons Is"
"Hut dey's poisoned!"
"I know doy Is! Hut I'm gwlno tor
tnko my denth. Pray for me!"--At
In u tu Constitution.
Mlneit a Trral.
I'ruialtr llplaeil at Hea,
While iii Uie mldAtIantle on n re
cent trip the steamship Victoria of Hun
derland lost the tall ot her shaft nnd
with It the propeller. Her engines
were thus, ot course, rendered useless.
Hut those on board were equal to the
emergency. They dsprsesed Hi low
and elevated the stern by shifting
weights so as to enable n spare shaft
and serew to be fitted at si, and aft
er the delay necessary for so heavy a
job to bo accomplished under such dif
ficult conditions, she resumed her voy
age and made her port In safety.
Hungry Hlgglna "An' t' t'lnk dat wc?
skipped dat freo concert las' night'
Kmpty Kdwln "W'y?"
Hungry Illgglns "DIs hero paper
says do rutislo was Intoxlcatln'.
lUplalned, i
Tho stranger looked after the nan;
who hnd been pointed out to him anil
then shook his head.
"Ho doesn't look like a spendthrift,
or a high roller," he said, at last.
"Nevertheless, what I toll you Irj
true," replied the native. "Ho spend
not less than $30,000 for wines and lit
quors In a slnglo year."
"A rcgulnr prodigal, I suppose lit
spite ot his looks?"
"No; a saloonkeeper."
It was a tortunato thing for ti e nan
ttvo that ho could outrun the stranger,
or bo would have had to engago n room
nt a hospital for at least a montu -Chicago
A UainfurUlilo Companion.
"Doosn't your wlfo annoy you bjt
asking questions nt the baso ball
"Never; she is ono of those women
who always like to let on tlut they
know all about everything."- Detroit
Free Press.
Wlilikjr or Nnake.
A man who was bitten by n rattle
snake drank a quart ot whisky as a
remedy. He died soon afterwards, and
the coroner's Jury brought in this ver
dict: "The d e eased came to his death
either from the snake or the whisky,
the .ury being unrertaln which, and
the local physician being absent at the
funeral ot ono ot his patients."
When tea was first Introduced In
Bngland, In the seventeenth aentury,
Frlnk "Well, how ore things In Hos-t
ion? Have they named any new pie
after Aristotle yet?"
Jinks "No-o. But I heard s man;
there ask for a Plato soup."
Weary Wntklns Ain't It funny nomn
men can't work till they are full ot)
IdMHW a It nil I I. lM( l a
ihhhj nwiiuv 1 1. mat t fa amu aril r i

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