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"Folk think yo o'er-gentK'"slie con
tinued, "but I've nyo liked you because
I wns suro ye had stubborn will when
.your conscience told you that tho right
fro on your side. If thnt, man ha
wronged MnrJorlo Anpan, would you he
fenrcil to faro Mini nnd avenue hr-r
"If be'hae played the vllllan," nn
swefed Sutherland, deadly fmle, hut de
termined. "I would hunt him down nnd
punish him. though I hndJo follow him
n mrt uid round the world."
As the young man spoke, tls face
wore nit expression which few hail ev-
flashing and sJlng before her. like
colors over changing In a kaleidoscope,
MtM Hotherlngton felt again that wild,
murdorous thrill which hunted crsttl
arcs, animal hnd human, often fool.
and which totnpta thim despairing
dnllrloimlyto destroy their young.
Bho ihuddered and enwerMl. remem-
boring liar first Impulse. Hut the child
had lived) nnd one night, hoIdtnR It to
nor" heart, the tnothar had disappeared
from tho strange town as mysteriously
on she had oome. leaving no traeo or
rnsoinaieti erni arrant, sue had ro
er noticed there bafnre: all the softness turned to Annandale. hiding horsolt by
and iwectnoM disappeared, the lines
docprned. tho eyes hardened, and tho
entire aspect grew hard as granite, ami
ns unrelenting
"I was right." said tho old lady, no
ticing the change. "Yo havq Uie Ileth-
day, travel i it k in tlio darkness only.
How dark It hnd been, how the wind
had roared, that night when Kho flitted
llko n ghost round the manse, and
saw the gentle old pastor counting his
souvenirs within! Her Intention had
crlngton temper, Johnnie Sutherland, been, to go right on to the Onstlo with
Oh, that I wore n man to gang In your
nlaco! nut rou shall follow them witli
tho swiftness o youth nnd tho keerfhess
o' lnjuroddovo."
- A few minutes Inter, Sutherland left
the Castle, fully authorized to bring
Marjorlo back If possible, and nrmeu
with ample moans, In tho shape of n
largo sum of money, which Miss uetn
crlngton thrust upon him.
Loft to herself In tho lonoly Castlo.
tho lady retired to hor private stilto of
hor bunion; hut the night of tho good
man decided her. nnd sh noted ns the
reader knows leaving the Infant on
the doorstep, nnd flitting silently nway,
That night the brother nnd. sister
stood face to face. What wns said nnd
done no one kna,w; but nftor n stormy
seeno tho Indy remnlnod nt tho Cnstlo.
No ono drenmod of connecting hor with
tho wnlf Just dlsoovored at tho manse
door, for no ono hut her brother know
tho secret of hor fall: nnd ns If by a
npnrtments, and' there gavo way to tho special provldonco tho corpso of a worn
wild tompost of hor sorrow nnd do
snalr. I'rldo and self-ropronch con
tended together for tho mastory of hor
heart; but lovo was thcro, too tho In
tonso lovo of maternity, whleh for near
ly olghteen years had boon flickering
Hrrretly Ilka a feohlo fire.
Sitting In Tier arm-chair, her head ly
Ing back and her eyos fixed wildly on
tljo window's glimmering, squnre and
iiv dreary prospect beypnd. sno leu in
to a troubled uroam of the past
Again she was n proud, passlonato
girl, reckless In hor comings and go
an wn washed up somo dayalatcr on
the Bolwny sands, nnd suspicion point'
oil to this woman as tho mother of tho
llttlo onstaway. .
From that time forth, till tho day
(wliloh came so soon) whon her broth
or died, Miss Hcthorlngton hnd llttlo or
no communion with him; nnd when ho
passed awny. as wildly nnd darkly ns
no nail lived, sho shed no tears. Blio
had novor forglvon him. would nover
forglvo him this sldo tho grave, for
slaying tho only man sho had over
loved, and who, perhaps, might havo
1ngs', cnrlng for nothing In tho world mndo amends. 8ho brooded nvor hor
but tho smllos of ono man, an'd fearing wrongs till she grow prematurely old.
nothing but tho anger of hor savag and dwelt In tho lonely house, of which
brother, In whom tho tigerish blood of sho wns now solo mistress, llko n ghost
. A j.i r I f . . I 1 .1 1 t I .
tno maio iiotuoringions ran iwieo nory
through lust and wine.
Bo haughty and unlovnblo had sho
seemed, so stubborn and capricious,
that only ono man had dnrcd to woo
hor thnt man hor father's nnd her
brother's onomy, tho enemy of all her
houso. They hnd met In secret, and
abo, with chnractotlstlo stubbornness,
hod loved him better for tho fnud that
might havo kopt them asunder. And
nt last, In n wltd moment of Impulse,
alio had placed horsclt nt his mercy.
nnd hnd loved him without (loirs bless
ing or tho sanction of clergyman or
Then, to tho terror and amazo of
both, onmo the knowlodgo that sho was
about to bocotno n mother.
Not till sho confessed hor situation
to him did she dlsoovor that the hato
of hor family was Justified, and that
sho hall loved a villain; for almost
simultaneously onmo tho news that ho
was about to marry tho daughter of
EtiBllfth oorl. She taxed hlin with
nnd ho acnrcoly took tho troublo to do
ny It. lie could novor, ho said, unlto
hlmsolf with ono at hor house
How It came nbottt sho scarcely
In n sopulohor, from dismal day to day.
John Sutherland lost no tlmo In tho
Ho hastened to Diunfrlos nt onco,
nnd, by questioning tho railway offi
cials, soon discovered that tho fugi
tives had gono southward by tho mall
tho previous night Further Inquiry
lod him to Carlisle, and tho vory Inn
they hnd stopped at. Hero ho loarned
from tho Inndlady that tho young
couplo had boon married nnd hnd tak
en tho one o'clock train for London.
It wns nil over, then; ho had lost Mnr
Jorlo forever. Of what avail was It now
to follow nnd attempt to save hor?
Dazed and despairing, ho found his
wny back to tho railway station. Ho
found tho telegraph ofllco still open,
nnd nt once dlspiitohcd a telegram to
Dumfries, paying for a special messen
ger to take It on to Annandalo Castlo,
Tho moMngo was as follows:
"Thoy were married horo this morn
ing, nnd nre gono south together. What
urn I to Ho?"
To this came the answor;
"Do not como Imok. Follow hen
hear tho truth feom hor own tins.
Presently nt a house In (lower str
Sutherland, nftor noting the number 0
tie lionee In, passing, pulled tip hlc
lianwm at the corner of tho text
Street nad walked quietly baek again.
lly this time both CatiMldlere nnd his
Untieum had disappeared, but SUtiier-
rhntl recognized the place. He wanted
up and down on the opposite aide at
tho wny, examining the lfousc, stArlttK
nt It aa If he would fain pnotrato
thoso darlt walls and sea the fair fseo
,wltleh he suspected to 1m within.
Then Tie ealmly walked over.knocked
nt tho door nnd Inquired for "Madame
Tho servant admlttod hlin, nnd he
wns nt onco shown upstairs. In one
thing Sutherland wns fortunnte Gnus
sldlero wns not nt homo.
Ho hnd entered the houso only fer n
moment to glvo his hurried. Instruc
tions to MnrJorlo.
"Pack up your things nt onao," ho
had said; "prepare ytirlt by ttahour
of my return. Wo leave for raris to.
night." '
Thou ho had hastened down again,
entered tho hansom, and driven nway,
Just an hour Inter tho hansom con
taining Caussldlere stopped again be
fore tho house. This tlmo the matt re
ceived his faro, and tho eab drove
away empty, while OniiMldlere entered
tho houso ami wont up ro his rooms.
Ho found MnrJorlo In tears, nnd John
Siithorlnnd by her ride.
At eight of tho latter he started, look
ing the reverso of pleised: the presence
of tho young painter, by no means de
sirable nt nny tlmo. wns at that mo
ment particularly embarrassing. Hut
Caussldlere was not oaslly abashed;
Ills presence of mind only deserted him
for a moment; then ho name forward
with n sinister smile. 1
"80 It Is yon. monsieur," ho said. "I
nm nmnzed, but I cannot say that I am
altogothor pleased, since through find
ing MnrJorlo In your proeenco, I boo
her .with a sorrowful faoe, and with
tears In hor eyos."
Ho camo forward ns he spoko, and
hold forth bin hnnd. but Sutherland did
not tnko It. Ho roso from his seat, and
stood awkwardly looking nt tho two.
MnrJorlo rushed forward and took
hor husband's arm.
''Ah, Loon." she said, "do not bo an
gry beenuso I cried n little nt seeing an
old friend. Though I love tho past, my
love for you Is not less; and he has
told mo sueh strango news."
Caussldlcro smiled down upon hor
nnd patted her chook. It wns wonder
ful how self-possessed ho roll now 110
know that no ono could stop between
him nnd his prlzo.
"Well, ray child." ho said, "nnd what
Is thin groat news which ho has told
'Ho has told mo or my momor, i.con
of my dear mother."
"PnaltlvnlV "
"Do you underBtnnd, Loon, that Miss
Hothorlngtoit is my"
"Assuredly I understand, llttlo ono.
If I -remember rightly, It foil to my
shnro to tax tho lady witn tno inci
somo tlmo ngo. nnd she could not ueny
A ComUliln Mrrtt Ilrnlli lijr .na In
furlnlMl Mbl..
tForl Smith. Ark.. Doo. 0. The. dead
body of James Murray, oonutahle at
Jmny Llnd, sr immll roai mining lawn
In the southern portion of iebaetlan
county, 'vns found Irimlay morning
lying by the roadside, a ohort dtetanre
from Honanza, n milling towrf a ItUlo
Mty from Jonny Una. It was At first
supposed that MurVay liatl been the
vletlm o A common murder, but It hu
YrmMnslon Hf.
Washington, De. 0. In his Invoca
tion at tho 'opening of the senate yes
terday, ltev. V. H. Mllburn. the ehap.
lain, dalltered n brief but lemehlng
eulogy on the lato Senator Oeorge of
Mr. Davis of Minnesota reported
from the oemmtlttee on foreign rela
tions a bill prohibiting the killing of
fur Bears In tho north Tarlflc ocean.
He asked Immediate eone' leratlon for
tho bill, but Mr. Hale of Amine object
ed on the ground of the Importance
slneo developed that the officer was of tho measure, and nuked that the
tyitohed by n mob of coal rnlnere. "Ill lie printed.
Constnblo Murray left his home at Mr. Allen of Nebraska presented n
Jonny Llnd late Sunday afternoon to resolution declaring It to bo the sense
'know; but ono night, whon alio mot lior Spare no exponse, but' find hor. I leave
lover and faced him with wild up- It nil to you."
braidings a band llko Iron was laid It seemed n useless errand, but ho
tiBbn Tier arm, nnd turning,, sho saw was In no mood to nrguo or dlsoboy.
JtOI uuiklivi ,. .Mt.fi. " ---- .m,. .iimv nun IJIJ-
each other: thero woro n few words,
then a blow, nnd sho saw hor lover's
face livid end blooding us sho swooned
away, .
Later that night, whon high Hoth
orlngtoit sougni nor in inai vory ennm
bar wheru sho was now sitting, ho hnd
wrung, the w'holo truth from hor, and,
hearing It, had struck her, too, with
bis cuncnea nsi 111 1110 men
As she thought of that time, sho roso
fe.byaud looked Into tho glass. os,
tho mnrx was more yoi; ano wouiu
Carry It to her grave. Hor worn faeo
went ghastlier yet aa alio remembered
what And followed. How her wild
"1 brother led the place and was absent ground; he
' far many days; nnd how. Just after ho neighborhood
, returned nnd drovo her forth, she road
in a newspaper that Lord Loehmabon,
ol the great Loohtnabena of the Dorder,
had Just died suddenly In his 31th year,
somewhere 'abroad. Thero was nb
afindal: the world did nut even know
hew Jxiehmaben perished, but sho
knew that he had fallen by tho hnrid of
flugh lleOi wing ton. In a duel fought
with awards en foreign soil
Ah, the darkuese, the horror, the dee
olatlon of the next few months! No
Ing southward, and before mid-day was
rs.r on ma way to London.
no but her Brother knew her secret,
til he kept It well, so thnt nil the
world heard was that the brother and
alster had nuarreled. and'that she had
lett the Castle to dwell, .temporarily at
least, apart. No one wondered. The
IleUierlngton temner waa well known,
' by-word; It was aa natural that sueh
nbrother and lister 'should hhte each
.oilier ns thnt swords should clash, or
' Cro nnd torrent disagree.
..Orecplng In secret to n town upon the
Hngllsh border, she had hidden her
sliamo among pie poorest of the poor.
tio one knew her; no otfe suspected but
that she waa somo lowly woman who
hud gone astray In the manner only
too common among her clas. Then at
last her little one was born.
Sitting nnd reviewing It all darkly,
seeing memory's phantom Images
OH days Suthor
land searched Lon
don, In vuln for
trnco of tho fugltlvo
couple; then nccl
dent revealed tb
him what a search
of months might
nover have done.
Ho was walking
along moodily, with
his eyes on the
had pnsien into th
of Leicester Square
when suddenly ho started and trembled
from head to foot. A voice, It seemed
to him a familiar volee, struok upon
his ear. It was speaking volubly In the
French tongue. .
Hurriedly he drew Aside to allow the
person to pase him by; then, looking
up, he reoogniiod the Freneh teacher
Tea, It certainly was he, beyond all
manner of dotibt! He waa carrylsg en
sueh an excited conversation with his
companion that he not even noticed
Sutherland, whoee sleeve ho had nl
moat brvshed.
Sutherland's first Impulse was to
rush forward and confront the I'rendh
man, his next Op drop baok, to remain
unobserved behind and follow him.
The latter course he followed.
Where he went ho could not tell, be
ing unversed In tho ways and tho by
ways of tho great olty. but he was tak
en In and out of by-streets and slums
mostly Inhabited by Freneh refugees
preseutly the two men entered a homo
from which, after n lapse of an hour
wjiloh to Sutherland seemed an eternt
ty, the Frenchman emerged alone. H
called up a hatisom; Sutherland called
up one also, and they rattled away aft
er eafch other
Tlio Frenchman's hansom stopped
go to Ilonanin, to tirreat a man itemed
Oram Mcllrooai, for whom ho had n
warrant. Mel) room was a miner at
llonHntn... Ho formerly worked In the
mlnca ntTonny I.lnd. nnd during thnt
tlmo Constable Murray and n compan
ion were held up and robbed by high
wnymon ono night. Murray recognized
Mollrooni aa one of the robbers, and
sworo out a warrant for his arrest, but
tho latter disappeared. Tho constable
finally located his man at Dotmnzn, and
went there Sunday night to arrest him.
He.eaptured Mcllroom without trouble,
and etartcd 'with his prisoner for Jenny
Llnd about midnight. That waa the
last seen of Murray alive. The con
stable's body was found lying by the
roedsttlo next morning, about thirty
yards from tho shaft at tho Bonanza
mine. Ills minds wer,e tied eeeuroly
behind his body, and .his neck wnS
black and blue, ehowlng plainly tho
Imprint of u rope, whleh had choked
tho life out of tho body. The eyobntls
had buret from thlr sockets and hung
upon tho ofJleer'B brown cheeks. Mood
oozed from a dozon bullet wounds in
tho ofllcor's iKxly, and his clothing was
torn Into shreds. Thero was no ropo
around the dead man's neck, but tho
imprints ami laceration or tno ouuoio
showed unmistakably how ho had mot
his death. Yet tlioro Weto no Indica
tions nnywfiere around of a death
struggle having talton place. Tho
ground upon whleh the body In was
roveretl with fnllon leaves, and tli8fl
was not oven nny footprints to be seen
anywhere around.
Fifty feet away lay the apparently
unconscious form of Orsnt Mcllroom.
Tho ghastly discovery had been made
by two casual passers-by, nnd when
they saw that Murray was doail be
yond n doubt, they turned their niton-
lion to Mcllroom Ho was breathing
hea.lly, and was to nil appoaranees to
taJlyunconsclnus. Thoy mndo n hasty
examination of the body, but oould dis
cover no wounds. An nlarm was
quickly given, and frlonds of Mcllroom
placed him In n wagon and drovo away.
Tho body of Murray was loft for tho
coroner. Tho report was sprond that
ollleor and prisoner liad been Tvitylnld
of thn senate that eongrces should
with all due and convenient speed ac
knowledge by appropriate net the In
dependence of Oulw. Mr. Allen said
that ho had long urged the United
Btnjee to roeognlze tho Independence
of tbe Cuban Insurgents. He would
not be content with tho recognition of
belligerency, but would Insist on the
acknowledgement of absolute politi
cal liberty. Ho was satisfied that tho
people fould not bo content with the
pcourso ndvltted by the administration.
Inasmuch as thd Cubans for more
than two years on many battlefields
had demonstrated their valor nnd love
.for liberty, he felt thnt they had
earned recognition of their political
liberty and Hiat It ought to be accord
ed to them without further tempor
izing. If necessary this recognition
should be booked by a lleet of Ameri
can vessels In Cuban waters. Ho ex
pressed n bollof that oAiicrs of Spanish
bonds In this country. Amerlenn citi
zens' holding property In Culm which
had boon Injured or' destroyed by the
country whleh might bo- nffecteil by
such a stan, hn.il Joined to prevent tho
recognition, of Cuba's poiitieni inuc
Mr. Allen oxprbeeed tho bollof that
Mr. McKlnloy's stntemont In his tues
sago thntereoognltlon of thn bollger
nney of tho Cuban Insurgents Is now
tiuwlso nnd theroforo Inndmlssnblo
would be n great disappointment to
the members of tho Homthllenn party
throughout thn United States. The
national convention of thnt party had
declared In favor of the Independence
of Culm going farther than tho simple
recognition of belligerency. Ho thought
that thn president was under obllga
lions to parry out tho plcdgo which
his party had made a. plcdgo whleh
hnd been made to 73.000.000 of peo
(tie. Tho president. Mr. Allen thought
had boon lulled to sleep by tho leclnr
ntlon of Snaln that nho would g' Ouba
a seml-polltlcat 'existence Ho ox
pressed tho bollof that tho president'!
neglect to tnko such action ns would
Insuro tho political Independence of
Cuba was an exhibition of "rank by
nocrlsv" and "a ilagrant neglect of
by highwaymen, tho oirtcor robbed and, p'ubllc ifuty" which would bo corrected
murdorod and
tho prisoner left for
ariinn vmi illil not know of It. and
you novor utlorcd a word; you novor I
told mo, Leon!" f
Told yout certainly not; mon amlol
It was not my provlnco to reveal tho
dark spots on tho fomo of tho proud
old Indy of tho Castle."
It was not your provlnco to tempt
an Innocent girl away from hor homo
nnd hef-frlonds," erled Suthorland hot
ly; "yt you havo dono It."
Tho Frenenman nusncu nngniy.
I'liuloeraiilir I'rofctiton Nlioaltt Ap- , time.
nt tu. the rir si. Tho Mobllo hnd flvo platos damaged
Miss Frances Donjamln Johnston, 1 en her port bow, but fortunately
tho photographic artist, writes, In tho alKvo tho water lino. Xlio groatost ox-
Ladles' Home Journal, on "What a rltoment prevailed on board - tho
Woman Can Do With a Camora," toll-! atcamer Immediately after the collts.
Ing tho requisites for artistic and tlnan- ion, Mnny of thn saloon passengers
elul success In tho pursuit of photog-, ran wildly abouUtho ship, thinking sho
rnphy ns a profosolon. "It Is a profes- wn nt,out to sink. Ssvernl of tho
filrtiinrri Colllile,
Now York. Dec. O.-Tho Atlnntlo
Transport lino steamer Mobllo, Cnpt.
Lsyland, which nrrlvcd yoslorday from
IiOtidon, had n collision wftli an un
known Btonmnr on tho banks of New
foundland n S o'clock Sunday morn
ing during n thick fog. Thero Is no
doubt that the other stoamer was the
Allan liner Corunn, which put Into
linllfax bound from Now York to Olns
gow. with hor Imw damageil above tho
water line nnd which roported having
boon In a collision with an unknown
steamer In about tho same locality and
by tho all-ruling power In his own
good time. At tho conclusion of Mr.
Allen's rcmnrkB, Mr. Hoar of Massa
chusetts proscntod n resolutljn expres
sing tho rcgrot of tho sonata nt tho
uows of tho denth of Iteprosontnllve
As!!oy II. Wright of Massachusetts,
nnd providing for an adjournment ns
a further mark of rospcoL At 12:C5
tho sennte was adjourned.
Washington, Dec. 9. Tho session of
the house yestorduy lasted only fifteen
minutes. Mr. W. A. Stono (rop.) of
I'ennsylvnnln reported tho pension ap
propriation bill, tho first of tho appro
priation bills, nnd gavo notice thnt ho
should call It UP Immediately after tho
reading of tho Journal to-day. Tho
committee on olectlon and tho com-
mlttuo on banking and ourronoy were
glvon leave to sit during tho sessions
of the I1011K0. Then at 13:15 tho houst
hnrntng ship Croumlrd In Tlmo o Nta lit
ChlTOgo. Dee. 8.-WIII1 dwk, oiiglno
nHiin ami nilsaeii umst In Haines, Iter
screw revolving furiously anil tlw
crmv of ten hinltllwl forward. tlw m
poller tleorge W. Morley was run
flumiiiut off Dvniistnii nt H o'cbu-k Inst
night. The suitors with taken from
tho burning viiwl by tht Kvnustoit
lire-MivliiK vrvw, tho Hly lire iloMirt
iiiciit was untitled, mill tho Iwttlo be
gun to mhvi the rroft finm total di
struetloii. Despite nil the ilrt'inc-n
eouhl do the Mnrley ImriiiHl to !1k wit
mrM eilce. t'blef IBiikIuht John t'linii-
itinu wns severely burned nlmut the
nrins, but no one else wns Injured.
The proiieiier tiwireii rroiu me
Northwestern iloeka in Mllwauktv yes
terday iiiiirnlng. lHitiuil for Chicago,
nnd towing tin' Hchoonor Mornvla of
Milwaukee. Win 1. bet ween iiiKiimmi
Park nuil Wlllmette. nnd five inllim
from shore a kerosene lamp In the
runic tdt exidodetl. Ill nit liisinui n.
Ninnll iMirrel of oil In the eiiglno room
Ignited, the tinmen enught tlte wikmi
work. niul Chief Knglneer tHiapiima
wns forecnl to IkmU a hasty retreat.
Knrliiglug to the Hock lie gave 1110
nlnrin, nuil the erew wns plpeii on
deck to extinguish the llnmos. A bur-
rlwl Investlgnlliiii sboweii inni 11 wn
InUMissIble to rencli tho inimps, loealeil
tu tho oiiplne room, nnd nfter n bnsty
fonsullntlon betwwn the pnitnln nml
engineer, the Moravia was cut loose
ami overy effort mndo to bench the
. . . . ..... 1 ... v.... .
StoniUiT iMTore sue imriu-u iu uw
ter's edge.
nrilers were given to nniii ine conri
for tho Kvnnsioii light, unit Chnpmmi
Hindu another attempt to reach his en
jjlue mom. rolling open the door
whleli 110 nan Biammca wiien uw nm
first forenl him on dwk. ho wns met
by a rush of Hume which caused him
to siuugnr unci:, ins 101 1 nnu iimj
buriKMl, his clothing singed nnd his
lungs nihil with the hot blast from the
bbtxliig engine room, ror n munii-m
I.., imuiiiiinit. Hum coverlni! Ills nice
with a dampened bumlkerchlef. reucli
ed for a lever. His rigiu iinnii won
liiirniHl ami he steppeil imcu. Again
he hesllaleii. mid then n quick run took
him to the slenm controller.
A turn of tho smnil wncei mm uie
Morlcy quivered ns the screw iH'gaii to
revolve-wllh a rapiilllj' which sent the
burning propeller nbend with n speed
never before nllnliteil. Tho lire hnd not
yet reached the boiler room mill tin
llremeli were sent to the stoke hole
wllh ordem to shovel the furnace full.
(juniitltlcH of kindling wood snaked
with oil were thrown Into the furnace
with the (onl. Oil saturated waste
helped the coiillngratloii under the 1mH
ers. The gnuge Hidlcnteil the mnxl
mum pressure nnd tlie screw wn
churning the water with u vigor that
carried the boat toward Hie light with
11 terrlllc rush nml sent her deep Into
the snnil :uxi ynnls off Kbore.
Fourteen miles In forty-live minutes
wns thn record when the Morley'H
screw begun to dig up (be wind from
the bottom. All this time thn lire hnd
been stcnilllv gaining heiidwny. It nle
throuuh tlie Heavy limners or me en
gine room nnd miide lis wny Into the
hold. Arniiuil tlie smoKCSiacK wns n
mlnbittire volcano, the burning wood
work aft lelng reinforced by tlie tor
rr.niH lit iliiine Hint were Dourtas out
of the stuck ns It told the effort of tlio
firemen -ut the furnace, wigineer
nml crew hnd cmwdiil forward anil
were groiipcrio olwiitt tho pilot house.
The run was one of life nnd denth. 11 in I
nil niixloiiHly watched ror tlie hviiiis
ion light-
When the steamer struck the screw
kept revolving with no limul iienr tlie
engine to slop It. The iinme hnd been
seen from Kvanstoii. mid the llfc-sav
tug crew put out In time to rescue the
sailor before the lire reached them.
slon," sho contends, "that should
strongly appeal particularly to womeu,
ami In It thcro aro great opportunities
for a good-paying business but only
under very well-defined conumons.
Tho primo requisites aa summed up In
my mind after long oxporlonco and
thought 'aro theso: Tho woman who
makes photography profitablo must
havo, as to personal qualities, good
common sense, unlimited patience to
cattlomcn woro thrown from their
bunks by tho force of the collision,
but as far ns can bo learned no ono
was Injured. Tho passengers wero
promptly roassurod of tho vessel's
safety and quiet wns restored. Tho
other steamer backed away after the
collision, and waa heard repeatedly
blowing J10V whlstlo during tho pre
vailing fog. The Mobile bad on bonrd
her through endless failures, Mfty-nlnc saloon passentxr( Bnl nine-
equally unlimited tact, good taste, a
quick oyc, a talent for detail, and a
genius for hard work. In addition, sho
needs training oxpcrlence, soma capi
tal, and a field to oxplolt. This may
seem, at first glance, an appallng list,
but It Is Incomplete rather than exag
gerated; although to an energetic, am
bitious woman, with even ordinary op-
porttinltles,,sueeesa Is always possible,
teen returning cattlemen besides a ear-
go of merchandise
Nntlntml tlunrit .tunelntlmi.,
St. Louis. Mo., IKic 0. Yesterday's
session of the Interstate National
Ouard association. (Jen. Dell president,
announced the following executive
committee: -Men. Ileese of Illinois;
Can. Uond of Minnesota.' (len. Snowden
I'VJ lllltltll'B.l"lvVUH IP Mill MSI IIinviUIV , , . , 4 -
and hard. Intelligent and conscientious ' Pennsylvania and Col. Curtis of In
work seldom falls to develop small be- dlana. This committee will go to
ginning into large results. Washington to urge upon martim 1 the
"Ooed work shodld command good necessity of appropriating ll.OO0.OW
nrieM anil tho wlxn woman, vlll olaAc aaRHftlly for the national guard. A
a pavlnis value unon her best eVorts. number of resolutions were passed.
It Is a mistaken business nelley fe try .mwng thorn being one asking the see
and build up trade by doing something istary of war to detail oae officer from
badly cheaper than some body eke. . ath braneh of the regular servlee to
As to your personal attitude, be biisl- attend future meetings of the aseecia
nees-llke In all your methods; cultlvaie tlesi.
tact, an affable manner, and an unfafl-! .
Intr onnrlniv. It nnita nnlhlnip liut n 1 AV.inlrtl MIIU llurnisl.
IUHa aolNenntral ami ilBlrmlnnHii n KnOXVllle. Tenn.. 0. The
be patient and good-natured uHder .IQttxvllle woolen mills, largest manu-
most eiroumstaneea. A pleasant. oUllg- failure rs or jeans aiui owier wouieu
..... ....I ill.. 1. . ...ill 3i ..9SfE ... . ,. .. ......il, -i.Mura.1 (10 0011
UK aiu uuiiiim-iiHii uraruin win y' M
ten prove Uio most Important part of a j!
clever woman a capital."
Tlio Hillirrnih Coiif I .tnlrniril lb llrrliluu
nt llir l.nwnr INnirln.
San Francisco, Cnl., Doc. 0. Late
yostordoy afternoon the supreme court
dispelled tho Inst hope of W. II. T. Dur
runt, tho murderer of lllanoho Uitnunt
and Mliiulo Williams, by disposing In n
summary mannor of his two appeals
In a written opinion from tho pon oi
Chief Justice Deatty, which Is con
curred In by all but one of his asso
ciates, the eourt affirms tho Judgment
of Judge Ushers In remanding tho pris
oner to St. Quentln until tho dnto set
for his execution, but reverses the sen
fencing -of Durrani to bo hanged on
Nov, 11, and remands the case to Uio
supreme court with Instructions to
proceed according to law- As the re
mittitur wns ordered Issued forthwith
and the court holds that execution can
only be stayed now by tlio Issuance of
a certificate of probable cause, It only
remains to resentence tho condemned
murderer, which will probably be done
to-day. Justice narroute dlssusntssl
froai this opinion, maintaining that
Durrani's appeals should have been
dismissed, as the lime required by law
for their perfeetlen had been allowed
to lapse.
A I'Un to I'rcrr nt Vogns ffomni Marrying
(Mil Vrlrran fur a I'rmlon,
Washington. Dec- It. -The House com-,
inltlee on Invalid pension met tonlay
mid took action Hint I Intended to cor
rect the alleged rapidly growing abuse
of young women marrying old nolmer
nnd siillnr for the nirMise of becom
lug their widows mid drawing a pen
sion from the government. This suit
In.I bns been lllllch discussed III view
of the comparatively large tiiniiler of
I.I- I.. I.. ........ .. A A ...I .. II.'
W1UIIW rillllllllllin nil iii-1-iiiiiiv iii lllli
Itevelulloiuiry war of 1K11! nml Mexi
can wnr service of IiiihIi.hiiIs. The com
uiltlce ntithnruu'd t'hnlriumi liny to oil
lulu from the coiuinliiee on rule alt
order or rule permitting mi amendment
to the pcmdiiii npproprlat Inn bill pro
rhlliig thnt tin pension shall hereafter
be grunted lo the widow of n soldier
or other person who I married to sueii
soldier or person after the passage of
this nH. excepting, however, nil mil
diet, sailors, oilicers, etc., now In or
who limy thereafter cuter tlie mili
tary or naval service of tho United
Many of the convicts In French pris
ons are paid for their labor, nnd earn
about 3S cents a day. Half of this they
are allowed to spend for extra food,
postage, etc., and the rest Is saved, to
be glrcn to tfaem on Uieir dUotuvrgs.
I In the south, suffered a f 10.000
(ire last night The blaze was
ered In the stock room mid
Mtt rapidly- The comiwuy'a own
eftartment attenipteu to oxun-
lulsh the flames, but the entire olty
dtparttaent was requireu anu u was uy
load, work that the entire mill waa
prevented from burning. The loss Is
htibr Mvered by loturaaca.
tJollnit Mill Hlrlk.
Atlanta, On., Dec 9. The strike at
the PiiHbh bag and cotton mills of this
olty assumetl what seems to be a se
rious aspect last night when the execu
tive ooramlttee of the Atlanta Federa
tion of Trades, after a meeting of four
hours. Issued a notice to all members
of organized labor affiliated with the
Federation of Trades to eeaao and dis
continue labor at the Fulton bag and
cotton mills until tb present trouble
It settled.
Tli Amrrlinii f iihcnlly.
Washington, Dee. 1). At the seiiil-ail
Html iiH'olliig of the trustee of (!.
American University, hold to-iliiy tlte
llov. Dr. ('buries II. Payno of New
York, sourotiiry of tho Hoard of Hdtl
estliiu, prenlrtiil. Tlie reimrts t)f the
chancellor, HUhop John F. Hurst, ami
tlio vice chancellor, Dr. Samuel Heller,
judicata a growing public Interest Hi
Hie progrmt of the uiilventlty, wliu ll
has now nsset iiKgregutliig on n '-on
servntlvn IiiihIh st.iMXi.tXH). The college
of history will he i-ompletcd f is iilHut
ten days. Among the first article of
furniture to be placed In the new strm
turn will be a table anil set of i-IiuIih.
once the proiwrty of Chart luini,. i
n wanlmW that Iwlongpd to iicorg
Ilaneroft mid fho wnr desk of Kdwiti
M. SlaHtmi. all of which have Ikh-ii re
coutly iniUlrtHl by the university.
.1 llrUk Iruit Trln.
(Milcwgo, Dee. 0. The Iiulusrlal
World stye:
DmuiilMir gives early promise of u
reeonl lireaker In Iron ami siwl in iin
Worn. The umnil' usually quiet am
(inn. 'litis year i. siifpasses me i
miaiuiiniia tir 1111, im in iih um ,,tta...
wanting maierlal for liiitneilliiie coti-l
kiiiiipllou. There nre nlso Urn In'giiV
liltigs ef irmle for 180H.
Prices are getierally steady. Vijt
Iron Is firm on Hie Imxl of i-nll for
No. 2 fuiiiidry. Ktriipiural material
tends immewlint luwnnU mM quo a
Uous, though prices aro utwhanged.

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