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The Eddy current. [volume] (Eddy [Carlsbad], N.M.) 189?-1899, June 18, 1898, Image 4

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rue curksht.
WM. II. M I I. . A N I.
Official Papor of Eddy County.
OBlclil Organ o( Town M Btoj.
1'uMHhrt rrr Mlunlnf
i lto . i
r.tlMMIn Ht-N M.eMl
ultMM in .Or
SatUSDIT. JtlMK tit, IB08.
WKKKI.Y-H; msll ter hmw....
Br mill (f tli mot(H
H w.
I bojvby asmnea jnysvlU cenutiuie lor
titoMcot cuMNiy Trturr a
elu Collector, MHaci 10 im
tuner 1 no am
mocmflc convatitloiior mm
et to in arcinon 1
J. I). WAI.HIlll.
Democratic Principle.
Frank Statement of the tnd Taken
by th DemoorRia of ??w Mexteo.
'I'o the votera of K MitcH:
I he Territorial ttiHHMMlle eoMiielUe
of Dim territory 11 f ftaw Mexico, tltMlHlm
lug Hlljr IftlMHiatl to nervn III Rlijr
mniittar upon 'BHeliH of Mw re
iriMuliititM ut Km dstnoerntie pnilt
liii MMmbliMl in roiivtiitlon to nomi
nal a rsniMai lor defcigal 10 aungr
niitl Ui ilMMto tii irlitflplM ut the purl
in neeorOanr Hli llmi honor ti naagM
uhi it mm-utile hi tbi Umv tw aHi
ilia uimmuI t (tamwarntte orgMHtsa
tluii within thix urrl'Of) to endeavor hjr
nil hono.nbia invnRN tu tu iliti seeom
plll.niiii uf in following result!
f !t - We desire le unite In hum Imr
tnotiitie orgnetssttftii nit voters nt ink
mrlltory ut .Sw Matleo who aUfiHMt
Hid (r ami unlimited colnex ut Mf
Hint gold nt th rnitu uf IS tu I.
rleeoiid- -We tWr nl.o to Hlitte III the
tti Hllm orKlilatloii nil volWH who
lur letfLbUluti mi ttrnnnd n tu main
tmu tlMHifittio principle uf taxation
mil hi th nim Um give Ui inr wool
gowlntf Inteiest eeli infture uf pro
per tariff lux tw loteltfii wool. Wt aa.
nut t onr lilif thai lirto wool 14 n
proper tiwpet of tnrilt limitluii, anil
ho lulwrprel lli tetlunliig liingliK ill th
Chisago phil form: "We hold lhs infill"
Julio liiHihl Ii Uvteil lor ill pnrHi
of reveller, unli iliillm In Im Ml HitjMlMl
nt tooperu Hinitljr t'lmuguai ! eon 11
trjr Hint nut dicrliiiiiHi littwn oIhm or
ol Ion mitt tlint tiUBtlciu hfinlil Im llm
llinl tu III iimU ui 1 lie tfiirrlilinl, lioi.
Mtly mill awjiiiiinlealijr niimlattrit.''
We iitwlnrK iIihi itir prtntiii tnrilt In
known n Hie iJInl. y U, dl.eriinlimif
unjuatlf imiiti Ui.. wool Kruwtrn uf N.
llrxiro III lint' It provide n Ullff III of
IS 1'i'iilH tr pound oil tu(tfH himiU
vtlileh romppti. ulih Hit. wool i(ruwti In
lliu .H-ifiii tnUo, uoinbljf lli Hint of
OM'p, wtill H.i- tnilir 011 torlfn wwul
auiupttlUH Willi iH. rown In N Mel
leu i Iml 4 stiitii it poiieil,
'limit -SW iltwirt- iiImi Ut iiitlt In Hi
mm orgonu iiiuii nil vutr uf thin Ivril
lory nim fnr Ifijluliitiiiii lijr uunKtHM
libollctiliiK the tlon mi ut iiiilillalillllj' of
viiiulujrer for Injiirlm In iipliijriH oc
uaMttiiiHl lit iivkIIquiio uf (llow ui
Tnnu niiM((i'ii 111 llm HHinti oumnuu iiu
iiloymnui, iiml w- nri uur lirllef Hint
It U liopilfM to t ijiret lu our uch
lrUlniluii fliiui llitt Irrillorliil rfllHllir
no liuiy im vfo Iikt it rfpuliliuaii gavartiur.
VlIHrt llmluli IvgUUtluii Ik lit'
uiHiidtil !) t..rj. iNiiulildriilluu uf Im
iimnll)' nuil Jikiiu.
Dcinocrallc Convention Cull.
I'urituiuit U) un order of tint ilmno
cnille uxi-otitiro cofliiiilttnu uf tin
ooiinty of Uddy mnilu at n uiuntliiK
Imlil lu tlu town mill county of Kdtly
on lliu 1 1 tit ilny or .linn- IStH, I hereby
unll m county convmitloii nt tin ilmno
c,rnt of alil iiounty to onn voim in IM
dy un Mm InnL Snlurilny Ihiiiik thu HOtli
day ol .Inly im.
The imiireiiUon will niwinlilo far
til purpuM of i-liK'tliiK deltftite to
Uw roiuicll mid rpratnt(iltvti conveu
Uon to Im- hmfafUr callml mid for tli
jmrpow ut that time uml plaou of
iininiimtltig oamllilutei for coiiuly of.
flem utileaa ih Mid coiivtintlou alioiilil
tlicii dfrlile to nominate liy primnry
iili-ctlmi, In wlitoh ovunt tlw coiivimi
tlnn will than Ml tli day for tlio hold
lutf of auuli prlinarlot and for the
tmnanetion uf audi utlior bualiiMM nt
may mwio Mot the cniiretitlon.
Utioh votiliK prtwiticl will lie Hittlllud
to 0110 rots 111 aald oonTonllon for
uvory tti votea anil nil frnuttaiia ovur
tlw, cut for thi Hon. II. II. rprtriiiaon
ut lit laat naiiaml olcctlon mid no
cording to that (Mala, tli ilulna pro
olnct will bo entitled to it Tutea Main
KH 8 rutM Kddy 30 rott Sovi'ii
Iltrera4 votea and llnpun vuIm.
The deinortnlle ulialrmeu of tlio
rnrloua nreelneU are hereby rjutwl
to cull and li d ineetlufa In tbeir rea
jiiwIIth prnclncta mid ohooae delegatoa
to attend nld cciiirniitlon and atwonl
itK tu a reaohitloii oaaaed by the ex
raiitlve eoiHinitlee at lla aahl ineellnK
It ia MHUtttiNl tlwt Mid cblriiii hold
tbelr preeinet oonrentioiM on the Ith
Saturday being the ttrd day or .July
nt a aulUble hour and plwoe dealKtiated
by them reaneettTely In h will rur that
S. T. JtiTTiNii, Chm.
Tlie Cure for Involuntary I'Hverty.
Jjan4 4IIH1 labor are the two fmrtora
In the tiroduaUou of wealth. There
ll plenty of bind awl labor. Idle
iNUMa ba othera for eMnlttyment.
Then why to there powtyr It
qhhm our law allowing private up
trdiriiUoi) of ground rem i iu ..ur4f
utti) auaUtu apeeulathin in the very
iwita 01 iNorui exieiaiM awl tuaee
, the natural tu til over or all
1 of the reaeh of the worker.
tux brinita laiid nud utbor
by deatroylnr the vacant html
1 mi mile owMfe ruin era either
t hm or give un meir ni iuiiie .v
iMMUlhe iMirUi noire the protiliui
or lnounUfT ftovertf , ami (A vtee
Intempentoee and nifatery eauaed
iMireity. 1 ou Will aee the single
wtli do It.
A i. son who tieter U - mv Uiiiik
wroiif, searn-ly ever !. uiijihunf.
tltf MttUt
Tu single
llHtHaUT I
dm the remark of tut id
I iinediianlori imn, but It Urn Nil
1 "iitlnilnl u Ireucea t.i aectloimllam
iirpcda itlaronl nul d"' ii" i-p trial
K"'d. 'Dtepeiipit- i.f this county tire
ill New Mexican n matter of what
state tlioy may have formerly boon
resident. N innrt coiiioMillUn it
IKtpulRtton ever setll(d a new district
oflhew'twl. tlmii is tiw ffetliered In
ltdily (Jfiiinty Nonrly every southern
slate ll represonted and kIm'uI alt
the northern mid uastern sln'et mid j
there nre nil kinds of ponple from'
oeery sUitej nonu having h monoMiy
of nil tlif Hood or all the bad elumetit.
ll la theruforu very npmront that!
referenocw to slutos In anmiiiliig up
the good or tlio had In unreaeaiinblo. I
Within h fBw yonrs a new Ronnrsilon
will have (trowii up, whluh will know
no other In ml but the homitlful 1'euos !
Vulley nnd the urrnl stote of
Mexico with hor bntiiidloaa
ol ngrletiltiire, lire stock, tlmbor '
mid mineral wealth. 'I'lien we will
hear iiotliln lHiiit;',soiitlittrii people, j
or northern ieopiit, or Texas pnoplu, 1
or New York people, but all will be
New Mexicans. Until nature, shall
luivo done Its work lot nil iiestit it
mid Islmr In unlnsoii far the new nnd
KniwniK oouiitry. In which the fortunes
ami Hvua uf ui man umill iiftritil hnvn I
been oaal. Let nil soutlaimtlain
agitation be thrown to tlio winds.
Though manners and oiiitoini of
of those who oumo htire inny differ
us remembor that It hi not for any
to say what the nentlineiitH of future
generations wl.l be; when tlio pooplo
at the North, South, Itnit mid Woet
shall hitre buei. related by bloml mid
Tom L. .InluiMon uf Uhiols 11 million-
aire mid ho to frank uiiough to toll how
ho enmo to be so rich. Ho nays: "What
the world needs In not oherlty, but Jus
tice. I shall refiixe the same us 1 never
issue cheek for ('heritable Institutions,
anil 1 shall not beiiiienth mousy for
building churchcM uml libraries. My ;
family shull be well provided for, but
tin balance of my m-ultli shall nerve to
teach the people how to prevent me mill '
others of my kind from robbing them. I
As long us any person Is permitted by
the monopollxatlou of natural resources
uml private ownership of public utilltos s
to iiuuiimulnte wealth thai dues not bo-:
long to him, JuM ho lung will ienple nf ;
my kind lie willing to contlt such theft.
It is my task U open the eyes ol tlio
people to the process whereby they fool.
Ishly permit themselves to bo robbed
uml point out to thorn the way to
ntrollih n system which onrlnhea mo ;
mid tmproverlshee them,"
Delegate I'lirgusson Is to bo aniupll
ineiiled 011 his success In Dually 0011
vlrielng uoiigri'MK that this territory;
should ul leasl own Its' school lauds
oven if not admitted its n state, hut
It Is u most lliigraut Injustice that this
territory with n groulor population
than Wyoming, Nevada mid Arizona,
frtiilifit1 utmtilil 1 tu iiiitilitii Miliiiiuilnii t
OWMMMMfll 'III MV VlllllS Htllllll"ll
us it slate.
Tl. University of New Moxloo has
Issued its seventh annual ontalogiio
which Is most complete mid well got
ten up, containing the courses of
study unnoiincemiint for IHU8 and the
student register. The I nlreralty is'
11 lorritorial Institution located at Al
biuiiieriiie and bus a iiormnl literary
ooiniiierclul, first and second Milliliter
The call lor democratic prlinarlos ,
im 1.U1.I.1I I.. I 1.1. All ilniiimail. I
Hhotitd Ukeuit Interest mid uttond tlio
preoiiiot prlinarlos so that good repres
entail vo men will be sent to the 0011 11
ty ooiivoulioii.
Dolegute I'ergusson's bill grautliigi
the territory certain public hinds In ud I
houses mid is now m tho Imuds of the
president; lliore Is ever reason to De
llovu thai tho president will sign it uml
that it will become law very shortly.
The bill gives to the territory suctions
HI and Ml In every township for the snp-
Hirt of c iMimoii schools; AO sections of
the unappropriated uon mineral hinds
far the erect Inn of public buildings nt
the state capital; two townships mid
M,00u additional aero for university
purHjes; 100,1 XX) acres for an ngrlcul -tural
college; VtyUOO acres for perma
nent water reservoirs for Irrigating pur
poses; Ksiotai acre for the iiiiprorment
or the Ki t (Irmide in New Mexico; 50..
001) ut-rt-s each for is rt insune luyliiiii, a
W)h'o ol mlnex, an institution for the
deaf and dumb, au iustllutiou for the
blind, a miners' hospital, a military in
stitute and a territorial penitentiary;
IU0,0U)arrei. ure hIvi ii for the maintain,
aure uf noriuul ;.cIi.m,; uA tha palace
In Santa Fe Is hImi grantml to the terri
tory The land i which New Mei
Ico will he 1 nllili-d ..i :i uilmitedtottie
Union, and which . re tint granted by
this hill will lie be to wed Upon it ut
that time. N'. u .Mixlcan.
Kohhery uf I'rlvnte Aaroprletlon of !
tlround Kant.
Ihu ribM i uik like the ributr) .
of a ln're or u i-um nt money
tlm' i.'Ufs Mm, i,4 set. t in i
f r.f ii ui.. i e.tii'ii.ii .us robbery. Hi. it
it" "o 'I i) and eery Ir m
It I ii.-t from t'.i produce of tie.
1 pest tint rent to drawn; it Is from
: the pn duee of the piueent. It Is a
loll h viiil iiHfi Ubflr eunstnutly
, unit ci'iiMiiioiisry. Kvery bmw of
ithe liuiiiiier. i very strof of the
pick, i viiy thriisl of Ihu shut le,
every il.roli of till) steam etifii ie
pays ll tribute. It levies upon 1 ie
warning of mutt who dtvp iindr
the ground, rtok tlinlr lives and ol
those who over while surnos huti
to reeling mails; It claims the Just
reward of (he onpltalUt and tlio
rrulU of the . Inveiitor'a patlunt
olfurl; II tuktw Utile ohlldreu from
piny mid irahuol and ouinpollH them
to work beroru their boiioa me hunt
or their muioles aru llnnj It robs
the shlvurlnif from warmth; tlio
hungry of Toodi tho slok of medl
oilioi ihu anxloiiH of ponco. H
detmses, and vmbriilos. mid embit
ters. It urowds families of ulitht
1.1 1 tun in 11 rliuri Kiiiialld room:
11 'imnlii llkn hwIiii. narioilltliral
i ,. ,.r i,,ir, n,i Riria. it. nils tho
ulti iKiluce mid uroifRory with thoto
1 who have no oomfort In their
! homes; It makes ludB who might bo
j useful men oaiidldntos for prisons
land penitentlarlesi It Alls brothels
'with girls who might have known
1 ihu pure Joy or mnthorhoodj It
semis creed nnd all evil patelotiii
1 mnwlHiK through society as u hurd
winter drivoa tho wolves to tho
Hbodosar 1110111 It darkens faith In
the htimun soul, mid across tho
lefh'otlou of a Just mid muialfiil
Creator draws tho veil of aliutd.mid
blind, and oruol fatol-lloiiry (JoorBC.
Cnptlvllrt Vet It 1mt TiaB Only
un Uuiiil I'rltlnr nnd Cnatar
Hero tiro two occurrences far re
moved from the ordinary. Tlio truth Is
vouched far by local papers In tlio
neighborhood whero thoy nro said to
have iaki-n plnoo:
In Irunton, 0 Mr. W. H. Ilorton, a
wrlbkiiiiwn altlsen, Is the proud poi
rnnor of n Mrrat that lays eggs In cap
tivity. This of Itself Is said to be ro
in 11 Unlilr, ss these tropical brsutlesget
mil of ilit- rirg-lnylnghiibllwhencnged.
Hut 1 hi hlril 1II1I more. A year ngo sho
laid an
(rg nn lloml I'rlilny nml nnotlior
on l.nM'T Sunday. Tlmtwasall. Hits
year, irmninueritig the day and date,
she did the same thing, .lull how she
kr-pt track without an almrtnnc Is the
wonder. She will be winched ncxtycar,
nnd If the ssm thing hnppens she will
tie looked upon as a marvel, I nil red.
Down near Kvantvlllc they had a
thunderstorm a wooh or two ngo, A
lightning stroke shivered a tree near
the house of Dr. HotitlcrMiu, who lives
iiimr the village of St, l'hllip. It not
only flllattcrcd the tree, but It broke
every iianc of gins In the house. Some
thing like 120 new lights of glass will
lie needed to innko tint home Just ns It
wan before the lightning played Its
prank. So severe was the shock that
tlio worshipers In a church hard by
thought an earthquake had added Its
terrors to tho thunderstorm then rag
Tliclr IIiiIIpa Are Nnnietlinn Verj- .tr
itium, unit Co 11 1 1 11 11 11 im Work I
Nust to ImtKimllile,
The average sum paid to pupil nurses
is ten dollars a month for the first year
aod III a month during the second
year, wrlu-s Kllsabrth lioblnsun ricovll
In the Indies' Home Journal. The re
muneration varies In different Institu
tions. In a few training schools the
nurses are iald nothing. After gradua
tion head nurses lu hospital wards m-
oolve from $80 to $30 per month; sti
1 vmtr4nt . t' n.l',"LtaJ'
Dlitrlot nitrsos, who are employed by
ttrloiu churches, societies, and some
times by private bcncvolenae to work
among the slak poor, receive about tlio
same salary as a head nuno In n hospi
tal, exclusive of board,
I'rlvnte nurses receive from $13 to $84
a week. They have to jmy the rent of
a room to use as a headquarter, and
their earning arc more or less pre
carious. It s rare for a nurse to bo em
ployed nil the time, and her work Is so
arduous that it would be litiposslblo for
her to stand the strain of oaittlituous
j work.
Mrs. Digger ia now ready to dp re
pairing miil cleanlug of genu clothing
of all kinds, at her home opposite this
othee. 1
Angell A Molllles will do house mov
ing und draying promptly.
I'okSalk: MO.UUO oi-lery plants in
season ul SfJcU par 10U aU.lfo per 1000
lo.ou pi t- ,i,vsai aim fiu per i.uuu ror
HU.ujuaud up Will deliver iduiiU at
ICddy or on board onr at Molllllmi.
"U!juf"j.-ii"'" fr ii
SS6.00 Per Aero
Old Cultivated Land.
HO tipres, all tVnoed and mill houw, fullv paid
n'Ktcr rirfht, nt'-fourth milu t"on Mtutioii. IVrinn:
i. I. ilunct!
with int'Tf.-i
it (J por cent.
On. Hotel Winder.
Lumber Yard.
A. N. I'll ATT, I'ropr.
lisli, Jiito.
nam, - - kkw mk.
IIAIIMI8 M. WitfOlInK, tl I)
omm llssnrt,
seet, a il
t ond a lintel Windier
om lit, 1 1 10 m, sad 3 1 4 m.
11. witimiT, 11. 11
onto ss4 Ilni4ne IIsmhs St net) II Tsmlll Mark
OilU tHwrtl ptswtitlr ot Hlskl.
t:w. M. tlUKIIOll,
lciA.v 4tiii'itHHe.v,
Oritw is (Meosos Ihms.
lliMiif, rtMlli Cibmi Slrwil mil Ow t 11.
14 Mitrioi imy r ins'.
City Livery
Nobby Kif?s on
Short Notice
a. w. m 111:11 an. Ai.mc. iionmi.
Meehan 8c Roger,
House, Sicn and
Carriage Painters.
draining, (Hazing, Calclinlnlng
mid l'apor Hanging.
Picture and Room Moulding.
:i)v. nkw iiKXit-o
"j. D.WALKER, "
Live Stock Gommission
2-raot Trains-2
For St, Lculs, GHiGayo
and the EAST.
Superb Hew Pullman Vestlbttled
Uuflet Metpers. Itamtseme
New Chair Car, iteets Pres.)
Only Line rtunninn Thrsuch
Oesch es siifi i-tsepcrs te Hew
Orleans w:titeui Clitngs, ,
New MeKico
. Li S, THCffNB, E. P. TURNER,
I Sir v.. r.s'i Osawti I'ttir
-Hiw.1,!. SM Til. Ait..
, UAI.I.AS, TH.V.1H.
niortsfiiffo for tliivt votirs
e a
Is the Pecos Valley of New Mexico,
Homes are Cheap,
TlIK SHVHKTII llcot Sugar factory In tho United States was
urcctcd nt Hddy, Now Mexico, In 161HI,;nnd made its first "campaign"
beginning Novombor 15th ISM, and olosthg Febrtmry 15th, 1807.
Tho content of "Sugar In tho boot" of tho crop grown In tho Eddy
nnd Itoswcll sootlong of tho Vnllov litis proven to bo more uniformly
high thnn nny other part or tho United Stntes. Fortunately tho
land is bloesod with Just tho fertility to produce high grade boots,
mid more fortunntolh tho Pecos Irrigation nml Improvomont Co.
nnd tho Iloswoll Lnnd nnd W'ntor Co. have nn Irrigation system of
groat magnitude, covering n vast body of tho best sugar boot lands
on earth. The wntor Is uppllod to tho crop when needed.
Tho nun Rhinos more hours In tho day mid mora days lu tho year
In Hddy uml Cliuvus counties, Now Moxloo, thitii In miy other section
of tho West.
121 soparnto minlysto, ehlelly carload lota, showod mi average of
17.01 per cent sugnr In beet; 81.1 per cent purity. This romtirknblo
result was acoumpllihbd by raw farmers, iiiinoiiialtitwl with tho
culture of beot root, on now land nml under very trying olroutn
Btancos, us tho factory wns not uMiiml until Mny, mid u mnjorlty of
tho acreage was planted between Juno 1st mill August 10th.
Tho only thing loft to bo dtwlrod that thi l'soofl Valley has not on
hand In nbiitidanco Is people. Wo need 500 thrifty farmers
No fnlror terms or conditions of onto of boot mill fruit hinds woro
over made. Write for particular.
Pecos Irrigation and Improve
ment Company,
Eddy, - Now Mexico
033C3NTEIlVtXJjai cfc XSLXJK 02HEE3 EFL,
Blacksmiths, Wheelwrights and Piactical Horseshoers.
Virttl CIiihh Work at ImumI Vrlee.
MtHiurnoturlng Ileot Cultivators nnd l'lows nndllepairin
Same a Specialty. jg-j
General Repair Work
Shop Two Doors South of Current Office. . 4
Pronriotnrs TT C!
r U. 0.
Fresh Meats, Sausage,
Froo Poll-vroacy to ctxxy ipq.xt ol City.
f A. KERR,
Fancy C3-roceries
mission fy
v3 And ( iMnm-iil
Hay, Grain, Seed, Feed, Blacksmith Ooa
and Ice delivered in tho City.
HB airfield
Ws6ies? Liquors, Cigars.
Next door to Hotel WimW, KDDY, NKW MEX.
rown & Hobcrton-
All kliitl of orw work n flpselst'r 'Uf
Ksrinlnu Imiilamsiits or at
11 M
a Imta repaired, nu skin t noltee. J
t 7
thbi) at aba mm
roM f
Canon 8fc. Op. CuiTent f
Ohicago, St. Louis
n i
JL. f3 ip olcilty.
liVn-tvn iwl in . o
Sc Ca.i-xtrell.
K I i
yyagon maKerpr
Feed and Li very Corral
in fonnectiun. Aei'iimiundn-
tionund nti' lU'lnll. irinifilJi.
. , ' "
and Kansas Oity
I W I.I vi K,
I'llM. I t
iflpaka, Kauaus.
111 J'dOU, tests.

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