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' (From tb Frt-i I'rta, Detroit. Mleh.)
A prominent business man recently
petted tbe opinion that there l one thing
Unt will prevent women from completely
filing man' plare In tha business, world -Uay
can't be depended i ixm Iwntti they
f e sick too of fen Thla U refuted by Mra
C VV. Mansfield, n builuct vrotnnn of M
Farrar Ht , Detroit, Mleb., who tayei
"A complication of female ailments kept
me awako nlgbte end wnre mo nit. 1 could
Bet no relief from medicine end hopo wrh
slipping away irom me. A young lady In
my employ euro me n ox of Dr. Williams'
rink 1111 for Tale People. I took thtm
and km utile to reit at night for the Hint
time In months. 1 bought moro and took
them end they cured me a they alto cured
Mitral other people to tuy knowledge. I
think thnt If you ehould aik any of the
ilrugiUti 6f Detroit vhoare the best buycrt
of Dr. Williams' l'lnk Plllt they would mfv
the young women. Theie pill, turtnlnlr
liulld tin the nervous tvetatn and mauv a
young woman owe her life to lliem.
"At ft Imtlneta woman I niu pleated to
did more for
methan nny
and 1 nan
1'eople cred
U for niy
eood health
No d facer-
err of moil Sh.hIhiId Prntitnlut
ern time hat dona o much to enable
women to take their proper places In lltelir
infe-a-iiardliir their health neUr. William'
PinkTilla for I'nte 1'eople. Acting directly
on the Iduod ami nerve. Invigorating the
body, regaintlug the function, they retore
the MrruKth nud health to the exhausted
woman when eery effort of the physician
prcm unnvAllliiir.
Tor the growing girl they are of tho
greatest lienrflt. for the mother Indispensa
ble, for every woman invaluable,
lor parnlyfcl. locomotor ataxia, nml
other diseases long autijxitcit Inrtirnhle,
lhca pill linvn proved their efliraey In
thousand of case.
The Water tlrnr.
One of thu commonest curiosities re
vealed by the microscope In wator Is a
little animal thnt looks like a bear.
An extraordinary thin about this
tiny ireuturo li that ho Is found In tho
Tho water boar hns tho sclontldc
namo of turdlgrndu, beeauao he tnkea
life so easily. He Is always fat and
plump, nnd spends his wnltlng period a
In constantly grubbing with hl four
, pairs of legs among whatever rubbish
'comes In his way. Having eyes, brain
and n nervous system, he la much ahead
of in cm t of his tribe, nud he Is altogether
one o( the mort Interesting nnd amus
ing little animals known to science.
Ituniity l llluud i
Clean blood im-ann acioan tin. No beauty ;
without li. t.H-nreii, randy fathiiftlc
clMM yHr.ul"u1 !,.'."!-, 5. '
Vtlrriug up the laty liter ml drtvlog all Ini-
puniliM iroui l no ikmit. inifin ohj
to I
imiilth nlmnlei. lxll. fitoteliei. blaekbeads.
u(l tint ilokly Wlloui comidextou by lakmit
Uiorcu,-hf.iiiy for tcncenU. All Urut
Cltlfs mtUfai'llon tun rant red, lUo, c, toe.
No wis i-eta for gosslpers havo; thoy
may cense to bo secrets.
Ilutl'a Catarrh Cure
Is a contltuUonal cure. Price, T.'c.
rortunnto Is ho who docs not lose tho
love of his child.
oeth't Srup$ end other like remedies
ylu' loulalnod sleep, but Sir. JloffrlP.
TrtTii.A (Tftttiliiir rowdvra) Aids Woeft
len. Ilcwulfttes Uu llnweU, cure the Ulitd
and nikkM teeibfsr eo-v and (or the chtW'a
utile uo kIto them at ot .
Nature's nobloiuen la ho who bears
burdens cheerfully.
Shaba Into Vocir SIhim,
Allen's Foot-lSase, a powder for the
feet. It cures calnful. swollen, smart
ing feet nnd Instantly takes tho sting
UUl Ml VUI Uil UUW Mumvitoi tfrav
greatest comfort discovery at tho age. ,
Allen's Foot-Knno makes tlght-flttlng I
or now shoos feel easy. It Is n certain
cure for sweating, callou and hot,
iird. nervous, ochlnx toet. Try It to-.
day. Sold by all ilruggUts and shoo'
uy man ior sac in siampn.
Trial package FHKH. Addrtw. Allen
a nlmitnit l.a Itor. N'. Y. I
- -- I
mr.,v,.rrV .l.nr nnbn nnd Ibn Snnn. i
lull aro tho chief topics.
For n iiorfei't complozlon and a clear,
hrultky Jlcln. too CU.S.MU llU'lTHItMIl.K
POaP. Bold everywhere.
Uiok out lor the person who prnlsoa
you to your face, but "roasts ' you in
your back.
ltducals Vour IliiwtU 7llh CMionrnli.
Ctady Cathartic, en re eoaUipaUoa forerer.
lOc.JtK'. If C'.r.C. fall, druegktti lefuiid inonwy
Malleo nnd hatred hnvo uo place In
any mortal's mind.
mil Lira of llOUSCS. Wtiero lln a nt nnn , - . ,
r.m drv a. dust and scorched l,v . panted nt this time re.a o to ue o- , ..
b axing sun. at another uctlvo and f. I ' ? Th"? n" ?r'Z, wheel n,,T
of life under a refreshing shower of IV. m.and' ?
' The struggle with Heredity.
The Right Side
limllr gray btlr btiedltary. tth.
"Oitr hair It htredilary la our family.
Atlaagatlcan f..olle.l.iay motbef. btlr
bis been gray About twelve yejrt ago.
Birb.lr kegaii to tliow ilint of turnlag.
I resolved fo try Ayer t Ifalr Vigor, and
alur aslog Jl oily a lew tlm.s my hair
wat leil.i.d to Hi natural color. 1 still
tie thlt dieulag occ.iiooil W, a b.tll.
t.tiog me quli. a while, and iboygh over
oiiyjears ol age. ny btlr retains lit
y.illhffcl ealar and fulfaeei. To ail who
bava ftitd and gray hair. I w.uld bttillly
iietoniBi- Dr. Ayer't Hair Vlgor."-Mri.
iliauia ricasTt. Caatoa, Oa.
Tktre U no tttm. la gityfcolr, but thus
MiTcdlly, la taa traaimt.iloB ol maybe lome ladnm. nccaaia i on-
.If ; U taa, w. o. wt .1 h. timet, aad owl ol ....... tr MJ
ItTi. ol arowlh aeddcvilapwi"! a cioVhoI boaar to lh .scd. li the
If iih u.wly butu b.lnc .tirt4 et aacw. .bb they aft a Mlina. Tbai. It n(4
wllhSSt lit fori of h.ndlly IS. I. lo kt sray n yith. Oiayutit .aiatl iton
of life MltM IV calircttd l! bt -that ol the drfelcacy 61 tat caletiM WilUr whlsb
2 I itrTaJraiior ui."m?n. HMuiallv bad I aUft lb. hilr II. a.laisl flal. f Wt Jflft-
tiafll dtictad likctheaaed. I'.cull.jltic. W mailer P Pi 1 -V J'V 1 1 U r
I fctluit. s:alilc tlti of ik.Mfa aa4 noj I. t .Hi.alUd by Or. J C. Aytr li air
MsipVr, luih w?rk.. tl... ale baaScd v r. 1 (a H ttAWiBft. ?'viJr Ktl
down luit .1 lut.ly ruauual dtittrft), igMat that fir Ay? r lw VlMf U-
phi.tcsl beauty. laalh.matUal .ability. to.i. t.y or UAtf W'Lit Ji'ih.'hstr
iu& the mtntal aad ruui.l uilltl.. fu color. Beyond litis. It 5 P'!
teatial. X cuilou. eiainpt. ol this de- arow. lvfa it gleet and Afi, 'PJ
Scat el family Iralle la fBittlib.4 by firs, ft from falling, removes d.aaruff. tod
i iitii. cenioa. us. iu wuoic t cieen.e. inc .ceiii.
I'arlfylnt flplrlt of lrayer.
All sort of life-experiences are only
halt eomplele, unlets they so nut into 1
prayer. Our troubles and disappoint
ments, the great saoraments, m they 1
havo been called, of raarrlago, birth, !
and death, our delight In nature and 1
music, the Impulses of popular and pa- ,
trlollo feeling sweeping over us, tho '
stories of heroism, the sudden dan
gcrs which bring us tip with a start
oil such experiences move us tr
prayer, and are never so rich as when i
they most completely merge them
selves In the purifying spirit of prayer. ,
Then our burdens seom shared, man's
toll and pain seom Interpreted, an In
definite access of vigor, courage, and ,
thought seem to flow In, as though In- I
(Urd Clod were speaking to his chll-!
urrti, and actual connection were
made between our finite spirits and '
the universal life. Prayer thus seems,
at least In those moments when we
most truly pray, like the sweetest
symphony, to soothe and to Inspire,
lUv. Charles 1 Dole.
A llartanl Lottery,
As late m 1800 Harvard College was i
raising money by n lottery. 11 offored I
0.000 tickets for sale at $6 each, with
prlstcs ranging from $16,000 down to $7.
"In the above scheme," sold the pros. '
pectus, "tho Juat expectations 0f the ,
publlck and the Interest of the Unlvcr'i
slty Imvo been consulted. It Is worthy
the nttenllon of adventurers that tho j
highest prize Is nearly doublo In valuo j
to nny that has brn drawn In thl i
commonwealth for ninny years pssl,
though tho usual price of tickets Is pre ;
served. The mnnagers solicit tho put-
ronngo of the publlck In general, and of j
tho friends of Literature and tho Uni
versity In particular, nnd, considering ,
thj object of tho Iittery, they will j
combine tho prospect of gain with tho '
certainty of benefitting tho University,
and by lending their aid to the meant'
of education will promote tho best In
terests of their country." New York
tho wheels are used for so many put
lumps that tiatents concerning the va
rlom parts aro very numerous. Al
most every urc to which a wheel Is put
will point the way to a patent to Im
provo the service. Then there aro con
stant experiments In chains, handlo
bars, spokos, tiros, frames, pedals, and.
In fsct, every port of tho machine. It
would seem thnt with fo many patents
Issued every week tho bicycle would
soon becomo period.
llalefiil Old Sinn.
"And when your wheel broko down
ieY()n mliM from )iamc Bnlil tho "old
...nn.'' "inu renalred It all by VOUWelf.
- - - -
did you?"
"I did," answered the typewriter,
"It seems mighty funny to mo, then,"
he continued, "thnt when tho ribbon on
your machlno needs shifting you have
to call on that dude ot n book-kecpor
to fix It for you ovory time." Indian
opolls Journal.
HobHon's cholco could havo been n
Csrvcrn one.
Drinking sasH-ntrna tot (loan not nS
wnya make a child tmpudorit.
Dsnd nun's shoos nro not always n
good lit.
Wo I'My Mprne
ind liberal eoHimlwloan. rofua4 tile, etwh fer I
all eosds not KWlag ike eoninmer
eeeu noi kivibk tae c ott m iu r t ii u no h.
ii terois of o.sdlt. I'lmfolaM isheme
MiiK terois ot o.sdli. nntt-eiass ishen
mlsamim wniL No bend retiulred. Sat
niada frotn nliolnL-r.inhi. va BtftrHM.cc IMi
i Am
nttr li
UJ requireu. aim
' moath oh mall ettlara. AtlilreM wlin ilamp,
Llfiiiurd Mfit. Co., Iewit Ctty, lewa.
Always tell the truth, und keep out ot
I'Imi'i Cure for I'onuitiintlou l tbe lft of .
nil eotigh riirea. -Ilwrg W. Ijj1, Fabucher,
l.a.. Ausutt 'JO. lt-W.
Afttnft.lllata ttmt fttA rvwutBA flCD I
wonmn'tf main urrars.
ut u. l Or. KH i Oitt Mm lllrr.
Drown bread Ice crenm Is a delightful
doSStrt for HUllliner duys.
1 A bath with COHMO 11UTTKHMII.K
, 80AP, oxqultltely M-cuted, Is toothing und
Loucllolnl. Hold everywhere
i Kternlly may bo full ot surprises to
each and all ot us.
Otn'l Utiiccs I pit tut Sm.ki Your III. wij.
Toquii tebaeto coi.Ur sad lor.ver. be mis
i nt tic lull of life, neiva hwI lor, wk Ke-To-
itrosK All drtiirlu. Wc. or ! Cur. uran-
, u
,nd isniDla fraa.
lorllng nrni(4r
Ou. . Odae or New York.
All thnt wo nro responsible for Is
doing our duty.
, ., . i
of the Color Line.
Mount Ally, Oa . write
"About three yean ago. my beta btctrai
full ol dandruff,
anrup, wmcu sam
alter a Hut, the
c.unil creat an.
lining out. The uie ol I
Hair V gr tttpptd the bt
out. and uiidt the Kiln clti
-Mil. C. M. et.s, Mount
liair pegau
ol P,r. I. Q
m half Tiom
rom miioc
Dr. Ayet't Hair Vigor It noted at a
dreulng. It li uied every ay by than,
tsadt wbo.i chief cl.lm to b.auly rest,
on bcauillal half. SeBd lor Vt. Ayer't
Curebook, a story ol cures lold by Iho
cured. Vi f Aduriutb J.CAyerCH
Lowell, Mtia. .
lllcjrrle Talent,
. I ...... ln.i.M. ry t ilia rmlAntu
ru maul - l muni
"fitrawberrloat Strawberries 1 Very
Ono and fresh -lady, plmtio buy."
Hut Madeline Joyce shook liar head.
"No, 1 do not want nny, child."
And the strawberry girl passed on,
Mmlollne gazed after her with sad,
vlolot-gray eyes.
"Poor nnd proud! Proud and poor!"
sho murmured to herself. "Oh, my
Ood! why was 1 not yonder ragged
strawberry girl, or even the child who
sweeps tho crowing, nnd corns on
honest penny now nnd then? Hut now
now my hands arc lied hy mnmma'a
absurd prejudice! Well, Hoatrlee,
what Is It?"
For her younger slslcr had como
nolicloMly in.
"The bill from tho bnkor's, Made
"Another bill! Did you tell tho mnn
wo hnd no money, Iiontrlcol"
"What would Imvo been Iho use,
MnddyT Of course. I did not tell him."
"And mnmmn?"
"fiho does not know, sho Is rending
,n tnc iwrlorj she will not lot mo mom!
the tnblccloth: she says It Is not work
for Indies. Oh, Mmldy, what shall we
Madeline arose and began pn'lng
imtlently up nnd down the room.
'Hush!" she triad: "there Is n ring
at the boll. It is Mrs. nenjamln again.
Go tell her I nm engngod busy gono
out anything you please. No stay!
Perhaps I had better sec her, after
And Madeline went downstairs to
where Mrs. Joyce sat In faded silk and
darned Inee, with white, wnsted hnnd
folded In her lap and nn embroidered
cttoman under her feet.
"It Is liken dream," Madeline said to
heriolf. "And to think there Is noth
ing In tho house far dinner! Perhaps
Mrs, Benjamin will usk inntnmn to
dine, and lico and I can send out for
hnlf a pound ol crnekers. Wc can cat
And through lior disjointed mvdlta-
I Hons her mother's oft, sweet volco
To tho Whlto mountnlnsT With
My dear Mrs. Ilonjnmln, you
ery kind, I nm sure, nnd Mnddy
use her own discretion nhout ac
cepting. Do you hoar. darllngT Mrs
Ilonjnmln wnnta yo ,o accompany her
to tho mountain; i soon as sho has
secured a nursery governess for her
dear little boys. I am sure It would
be a charming opportunity for you to
see a little of llfo, far elrcumstnneM,
you know, preclude mw from giving
you much vnrloty."
Madeline looked up with n sudden
glitter In her eyes
"A nursery governess? I think I
know ot same ono, Mrs. Ilonjnmln,
who will suit you, If If your terms nro
nt nil liberal."
"Three hundred a yenr nnd nil cx
ptuioH paid," wild Mrs. Ilonjnmln. "I
think It Im't nt nil stingy. Who Is It.
"A young lady a frlond of nilno.
When do you wnnt hor?"
"At once; nnd then wo can bo off
boforo tho wilting wenthor conic In
You will nctumpany us, Madeline?"
"Oli, of course of course That Is,
If mamma approves." And Mrs, Juyco
smiled faintly.
"Haw ready tho young birds nro to
fly nwny nnd Iravo tho parent nest.
sho sighed. "Well, It Is but natural.
I ran hardly blame Mnddy for being
nnxlous to leave so dull n placo as
"Mamma," cried Mndellno, passion
atcly, "It Is not that. Oh, mamma, If
I could only tell you."
And sho hurried out or the room
with a choking gasp In her throat.
Mrs. nenjamln did not like scenoa;
sho looked on with civil wondcrmont.
Hut aho understood It all after a llttlo
"The landlord again!" cried Mrs
Joyce, In her soft, well-modulated
"Mamma," said Heatrleo, hurriedly.
"It's three months since ho was here
last, and and don't you remember we
didn't pay him then?"
Mr. Athellng himself followed an
her footatops. Mrs. Joyee drew hor-
1 self dlgnlfledly up.
i "This Intrusion Is seareely called
I for, Mr. Athellng." said she, "My
daughter transacts my business affairs
' for mo my daughter, who Is now at
I the White mountains, or going there
1 immediately."
I "Can I He her?" Mr. Atheltng aikad
' quietly.
i "I preMime so. If yett go ta Mrs.
, Ilruco Ilenjamln'f. No. . Fifth ava-
I nue."
1 "Thanks, madam. Pray exvttte me
: for disturbing you."
I Mrs. Joyee bowed, with tho air of
an ox-empress, and Mr. Athellng with
"That's over, thank goodness," said
she, nnd burled her noso once more In
tho pages ot a hook. Hut lies waa by
no means certain that It waa over.
' "Mamma might bear some ot her
, own burdens," sho murmured, "it
Isn't fair upon Maddy to send people
Mr. Athelfng himself walked along
tho street, with something of Indian
tlon rising tin within his breast I
"Madeline Joyce Is a good and bean
tlful girl." he raid to himself, "and fot
her sake I have borno with these pco
pie longer than I otherwise should
lint dress and gayety and endless
xponsc at the Whlto mountains, with
a year's rent due that I altogether n
different matter. I have been mis
taken In Madeline Joyco. an ''-e soon.
or sho underatnnds It. the k..ter. A
more society butterfly too proud tc
work, too frivolous to stop nnd thlnkl
And I had fanciest her so different,"
Mrs. Ilenjnmln's tall fontmnn put on
n supercilious grin, ns Mr. Atholmg
naked for Mlm Joyce.
The new n Misery nnv'ncss." said he.
"Upstairs second story. back.
Mr. Athellng. somewhat surprised
nnd n little annoyed, ascended tho
stnlrcnio by himself.
Tho door was half-open and ho coulti
sco Madeline .Inyco. a book In her lap
nnd two or three chubby little boys
swarming around her. ovldontly Intent
on anything nnd everything but their
Hho started tin. crimson nnd con
futed nt the sight ot tho dark, hand
some face sho knew to well.
"It Is about Die rent," she gasped.
'Yes, yes I knew. Wo cannot pay It
Just yet. but hut "
Ho smiled ns ho took hor hand.
"You nro not going to tho White
mountains, then?"
"Yes. 1 nm as Mri. UeuJnmln'B
nursery governoss. Only mnmmn
doos not know. It would brenk hor
heart, Mr. Athellng. And tho very
first quarter's snlnry I recolvo shall be
forwarded Immediately to you.
For "
"Madeline!" ho hurst forth. Im
pulsively. "I have mistaken ynu I
hnvo misjudged ynu altogether. Will
you pardon mo?"
"I don't understand you, Mr. Athel
And then ho explained. Mndcllno's
scarlet upper Hp curved.
"And you believed I could go fash
ion-hunting, plonsurc-scoklng, while
while wo owed moony that wo could
not pay? Oh. Mr. Athellng I"
Flvo minutes Inter Master Clarence
Ilonjnmln rushed down to his mother's
"Mammal mamma!" ho howled,
'come quick. There's n strnngn mnn
whispering to Miss Joyce, and who's
Hut when Mrs. Ilenjamtn reached
tho scone of action tho tears were all
drlod up. nud Mndollno was smiling
und coloring radiantly.
"Oh. Mr. Atholug. It Is ynu!" cried
tho lady, recognlxlng thu wealthy land'-1
noiuor. "Ann jinuiiy
"I may as well toll you," wild Made
line, softly; "Mr. Athellng has naked
mo to marry him, nnd "
"And you will loso your nursery
governess." snld Athollng, smiling.
Mndollno Joyce never gnvo up hur
honest pride And sho went to tho
Whlto mountains, after all, but It was
aa a bride. New York News.
Afrutil That Die NimiilnnU Would Cap-
lure 1 1 lin.
Now York llorald: Mrs. Joaalo Mur
phy, 39 years old, of llrooklyn, hanged
horself with a tablo cloth In tho dining
room ot her apartment Inst night be
cause sho feared her htiHbanil, Thomas
Murphy, who Is a sen captain, would
be taken hy the Spaniards, She wan
n widow when Hh married ('apt. Mur-
phy about a year ago. He sailed on
April 13 with his schooner for Han
Domingo. She was worried by the
prospect of war at the time ot his de
parture and begged him not to go, say
ing aho was sure he would fall into
tho hands of tho Spaniards and bo
kilted. He laughed at hor fears, telling
her ho did not believe thero was any
thing In tho war talk, nnd that thore
would bo no hostilities. Kven If thero
should be war ho promised ho would
mako the voyngo In safely and return
sound. Bhe waa tint convinced, but he
was obliged to sail In splto or her en
treatlra. When he was gone she read
eagerly all the war nows, capeclally all
that related to the probability that
Rpaln would prey on Amuih-nu com
merce. Aa tho reports breumo more
and moro alarming and war seomed
nearer, sho grow moro tmlflcd. Ilor
daughter. Maude. 10 ycara old, said hor
mother wag unable to sleep, and had
recently been lu the habit of lying
nwnke all night weeping. Sho expected
news uvery day Hint her husband's ve
set had been raptured, and that he had
been put ta death with torture. Hhe
Imagined that tho Spaniards would fin
ally end his life hy cutting off his head.
Those thoughts so worked upon her
mind that when the news on me thnt
eongretts had passed the losolutlons d
olnrlng for Cuban Independence, and
that their iHiasflge meant that war waa
certain, she could bear the strain no
longer, and decided to end her life.
Her body was found by her dnughters
at 9 o'clock. Pnlleemnn Medlnnte cut
It down. The family are In oomfurt
ablc Irttimstnnces, anil Mro. Murphy
kad Htklng to worry liar ao far aa la
known, except the fanelMl danger to
hor huilwnd.
Where llic Air le Ture.
Ail aeronaut says (hat thore Is '.he
same dlliorenee in lbs air at the
earth's surfaco and nt an altitude ot
halt a mile that there Is between
water In a muddy puddle and the pur
est spring water. He stntos that for
n lima one feels, after rnmlnir ilown
tram an ascent, as If one were breath
ing "solid dust."
Ju.t IU. In lielleve IU
"Do you believe all those horrible
scandals you hear nhout poor (ieral
diner "I am afraid I must. Hut, by-the-way,
what aro you saying about
Avoid a man who seeks to pry Into
hi" neighbors affairs, for ho boa an
evil heart: shun him ever.
t'nn Our I'omI In ItlurmlritT
It conlldoiico onn l felt In tho opin
ion of military ami naval oMaefs nt
the noat ot government, such Is tho
oxten'. of our son oonit thnt to biomlt
It effectually seems Imponslblo, Whtin
it blookndeof tho bowels wxlsts, rolloro
It with liostottor's Su.mneh Mitt em,
which alio ouro Indignation, malaria,
-heumatlsm nnd kldimy trouble
Will womankind ever tire of those
lallsmnnlc words of man. "1 love you?" ;
We are sMi-rtlna tn the cetm our rlsbt to the
I, Dr. Hutnuel Pitcher, of ltyannlsMatta
Ihuielti, was the orU-lnalor of "IMTCIIUH'S
OASTOItlA," the tame that ba beret anddors
now brar the far-ilmlle ilr nature ot CIIAS. II.
rt.HTCIIMt on firry wrunwr. Thli In thi
erltlnal 'l'lTCllllIt s CABTOItlA" which bas
been uitd In the bum of ib muhm cl
Amrrtea for orrr thirty years. Look t artfully
at the wrapper and ae that It Is "iht kind you
hare always boiiclit," and baa the ilsnature ol
CIIAS. II. rf.BTCIIKIl on the Wrapncr No
one ha authority f rem me to iic mr natne ex
cfpt The t'cnlaur roinpany, of whicl. Chai 11.
KletehcrU Prswldsni.
Harch 8. IW7. BAMUBt, I'lTCIIUH, M. D.
A pipe of pence and a piece of a pipe ,
nro different things.
makes tho akin soft, white nud brnltby
Hold everywhere.
Too much "pruellto" of a br.tsa band ,
la a bad "practice.
No.Tii.lUn fitr l lflf Oiilt.
(liitrmlreJ lobaeeo hiWteure, makn weak
tncnilroHif, Uo4wie. 59c. It. All drugi-ltU.
Uneasy consciences, rather than bad
cooking, oft keep us nwako.
Urlght fyra and n loving heart have
contentment as a counterpart.
Mro. Roan Onum Wrlton to Mm.
Plnkhum About it Bho 8nya :
DnAn Mas. Pixkiiam: I take picas
tiro In writing you a few lines to In
form you ot tho good your Vuctnlno
Compound hns dono me. 1 cannot
thank you enough for what your medi
cine 1ms dono for me: It has. Indeed,
helped me wonderfully
For years I was
bled with an
ovarian tumor,
ouoh year grow
Intf worse, un
til nt last I
h'iim niimrwOlnil
to connut wlh
I a physician.
Ha snld
bo dono for
mo but to go under nn operation
lu spunking with a (rfcnil ot mine
about It, hhc reooiumundcil Lydla 13 '
Plnkhnin'a Vegetable Compound, Mty-'
Inp; kIio knew It would ouro me, 1 then '
hent for your ineillulnu, nud nftcrtnU
hi(f thrco IxittlcHot It, tho tumor ills-j
appeared. Oh! you do not know how
uiui'li food your medlctno m done
mo. 1 ahull recommend It to all MifTer
Inu; woineti. Mrs. ltosi Uaiu, 7i'0
Wall SU, Los Angeles, Cnl.
Thoifrcatund niivaryluo; miccom of
Lydla H. Pluliham'H Vcgutublo Com-
pound In rellevluir every dcritiigrmcnt
of tho foinulu orgnita, demouhtrntes
It to bo tho inwli-rn .afegua-d of wo
, maii'a hnpplm-ks nud bodily atrength.
Moro tlinn a million women havo been
j benefited by It.
Uvery wornnn who need ndvleo
about her health la Invited to wrlto to
Mrs, PlnUham. nt Lynn, Muwi.
trou- T7"v
ValiiurtnlifrtiMluatcuei)i'. i.m i. 1. 1 u
liaeria(. II rtlwrcium ua.l ini .unm.. r
liituvflslah. It i. the unt nurk uiiburi. i irnl
i aiuiaeranj oiBeriHwiiaceiBiurtuui ioiiutuki)4iQifeui4o.Bfurabiir-drr.
For Solo by All Wholesale and Retail Grocers.
Is duo not only to the orlif lunllty anA
simplicity of tho combination, but also
to the enro ami skill with which It is
manufactured by Kclcntlllo pnwMcm
known to tho C'Ai.iroiiNU Fio Hvnor
Co. only, and tvv wish to Impress upt
all tho Importance of purchnklnp; tho
truo and original remedy. Aa tbo
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by tho CAMroiiNiA Fin Brnur Co,
only, a knowledge of thnt fact tvlti'
nohUt one In avoiding tho worthless
Imitations manufactured by other par
ties. Tho high atnndlnp; of tho Oaxi
ron.iiA Via Hvhvv Co. with tho medl
cnl profession, and the sntlsfaotlos
which tho frcnuluo syrup of Figs hut
given to million of families, make
the name of the Company n guaranty
of tho excellence of It remedy. It is.
far In nitvanco of nil other laxative,
an It acta ou tho kidneys, liver Am!
bowels without irritating or weakr
Ititr them, nud It iloi-a not gripe cor
nnusmtto. In order to get IU bcncflolal
effects, pleuo remember tho imiuo at
tho Company
SAM rilANClkCO, '!.
LonxTiu.c cr. .ictr voim. jt.t.
Chain Whteli, 76
ilarllordt, - . GO
Vedellci. $40 A 35
Pope Mfg. Co.
D c is s ft is Q m yur Pent,K'
Write CAPT. O'PARRni.L, P.mlon Ae.
HIS Hw York Arnuc. WA.1IIINOTON. U.C.
lln' i Cnlf (tiiranltrd fktUtM
liuno c ue No loicrlvrrac iu
wmk I'ibllili)' Hkupl tr
Dr Vwr Jv. D i V . Mou.tcn. Ttm.
Vrn I klV 1 1 luanui.itiuoutKlcliJce
tmpOtnUW :irnilliii4 It .ikriia. tn.u
nml WIIIHKKY llatilla rurM
ut lioiun ultlioiil pnln, IttU
of particular, free
it fi w... .1 1 1 v n. l . Aiunu, O.
U riSJ t &t 1 vrimB.lrtiji
i. krB'l r r Nmk of lrlllli.vol.il u4 JO JTB"
tniciit I'rrc. Pt. ll.lUatkt'tlOlt. 1Uum,W
when AtiMictinij Advcrtlsemtats Kind!.
Mention This I'aptr.
V. N. U. DALLAS NO. -26. 18BB
m vbubitt bia reiriuf iim ii. ( eiaeiUeft
..i imir niiurii pnntM ua ikiuii. i
if.it (I r.rfr.ttr h.ru.1... .ibt.lolox o
Itb.r at

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