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Doings in' Texas,
lilcrlml OnirrM.
(lalvfrston, Tox., Auk. S. At the tut
day's noMlon at ttio United Canfodcr
ntc Veterans of Texas tho ponding
nmondmont to tho stnto constitution
rolntlvo to Confederate soldiers nnd
widows wa Indorsed.
April JO wm selected as Decoration
day tor tun entire stnto.
Tho second Friday of noxt May nnd
tlm Saturday following wero solooted an
the dn to for next yonr'i meeting nnd
Auatln tho place.
A comniltleo wan appointed to draft
n sultnblo burial ritual.
The following ofTicern wore oleatodi
J. It. Policy, n survivor of Hood's bri
gade, major general; brlgndler goner
nln, northwest division, Major K. M.
.if Van Zandt: central division, W. It.
niehnrdion; southeast division, C. U.
Ucvlni; northenst division, K. 0.
Dower, nnd southwest division, Sau.
Miss Winifred Adnmson, a beantltul
young Kugllsh woman, suicided at Fort
Worth, Tex.
Mnrtnr Unitary I'nr OnlrMlnn,
GnlvcstoiTox., Aim. 8. MnJ. Qulnn,
yti charge of tho government work at
this port, was ailcod about tho mortar
battery which Is to be built on tho is
land, In tho vicinity of tho fort at
Hoover resurvey. Tho major replied
that $360,000 had been appropriated
for tho battery, nnd that work would
bogln nt once. When nsked what "at
onco" moans, ho said Just as soon as
contractu could bo loft and the ma
terial placed on the ground. I'lnus nnd
Hfyyflcatlotis liavo already boon agreed
tiptU nnd all that remain Is for deaU
y to be closed with contractors. Tho lo
cation agreed upon Is on tho bcuoh a
short dlstanco west of tho fort being
constructed In tho Denver rosurvoy.
Actual work on tho battery will IiorIu
ydthln ten days, and tho major Inti
mated It would bo completed fu three
or four mouths.
llnngctV .lllljr llrroril.
Austin, Tex., Aug. 8. Tho following
is a summnry of tho work done by tint
Toxas raiiRers, na roportcd to tho nd
i.jutnnt goncra!' department by tho dif
ferent company captains for tho month
of July:
Arrests For murdor, 1; swindling
1: assault to murdor, 4; attempting to
hold up a train. 2; theft of horses, 6;
theft of cnttle, 3; burclary, 3; theft, 3;
thoft of wagon, tonm, tent and pistol,
3: for minor offenses, 17: attempts to
nrrcnt where they failed to llnd tho
fugitives, 10.
The rangers assisted tho sheriffs of
different counties In cnforclnR tho law
soveral times during tho month. They
mudo during tho month olghty-ono
tcouts. They recovered a wagon, tent
nnd pistol and returned them to the
ownor. They nlso recovorcd flfty-ono
head of stolen cattlr and returned
them over to their owmrs. They trnv.
led 4473 miles during tho month.
Dr. Hmrlnsn Dcitit.
Austin. Tex.. Aug. 8. Dr. It. M.
Swonrlngen. stnto health officer, died
at his homo hero yesterday afternoon
pfter a lingering illness. He had been
n sufferer from Hrlght's dlsoaso for
several months nnd the disease took
An accuto form a few days ago. He
st consciousness Saturday and grnd-
finlly sank until doath oame.
Hr. Swenrlngon was almost 60 years
bf ngo. Ilo leaves a widow and n mar
ried daughter. Ho had served twelvo
Wears as state health ollleer.
Onw Culltail II,
Caldwell. Tex., Aug. 8. Saturday
ornlng Mr. Joe. Stahlniaoh was frying
take a piece of rope from around the
hid leg of n kicking oow. He took n
ileee of pole about ten feet long and
raa trvlng to purh the rope oft and tho
ow kicked, hitting one end of the polo
nd the other end struck Mr. Stahl
iiarh In the stomach, from tlu afreet
whlrlt he died yesterday morning.
A , m about tA year old and an ox-
lient citizen.
(Inlng In OnmlM.
.ustln. Tex., Aug. 8- A parly of
iUatui will be present at the Omaha
oiltlon on Texas day, the 18th In-
nt. The governor nnd his staff, Con-
essman Bayers, ex-Oov. It. II. Hub
ird. who will deliver tho principal
Idress qu Texas day, and some prom-
ent cttltens from over tho state, will
ve here on tho 18th In a special
Ait for their exclusive use. IdeuL
Jester will 'preside during the
veruor's absence ftom the state.
Labor day Is to be celebrated on a
ge scale at Dallas, Tex.
ft W Franks was killed In a dlffleul-
Ldoula, Tex.
Almw It mjirii
Cleburne, Tex., Aug. 10. This ttly
ad county were exr-Ited yesterday a
they hare not bean slnee away Irsek In
the days when murder weto frequent
and justice swlfe.
It wns caused by the enenne from
jail Inst of John II. (Stokee) Wmw.
who was condemned to be hanged tnrl
Friday and wns respited for n week by
Oov. Culberson.
Ills oseapo was not discovered U"
nbout aunrlse and the new spread Ilka
wildfire. On nil lips wns the exclama
tion, "Shaw hns escaped."
Tho murder for which ho wna tr.
have been hanged wns one of the most
ntrotloit ever committed It. this sec
tion nnd public feeling ran very high
last Friday, whou the crowd on me In
in see the hanging nnd learned that a
respite of one wenk had been granted,
nnd when It wns learned that ho had
escaped muoh excitement nad dlsap
polntmut wns felt.
Nnlilkr ll.l.
Dallas, Tex., Aug. 10 A telgmm re
ceived yesterday afternoon by his
mother announced tho doath at Veno
P. Hlddull or this olty at .Miami, Fin.,
yosterdny morning. Thla was tho first
Intimation revolved by nny one In Dal
las that Blddell wns oven III. His
mother Is prostrated from tho orfeeU
of tha shock.
Tho (Iccenscd was one of tho bwt
known young men In Dallas, He wnu a
member of the Troxovnut rlflo. now
compmiy 13, of the second Toxas regi
ment of volunteers. Ho was a nnph'iw
nlso, of Mrs. V. 1'. Armstrong, nnd for
n long time was Dr. Armstrong's iih
slstont nt Parkland hospital when tho
latter wan city health ollleer. He was
last In tha city about n month ago,
when he roturncd from Mobile with
Cnpt. (liinn on n recruiting tour.
The body has been forwarded to Dal
Ins and tho Interment will be here.
I'M. ill Slulitii,
Dallas, Tex., Aug. to. Thieves Mon
day nlnht broke Into Allen & lilonn'rt
establishment on Kim street nnd stole
between $280 nnd $800 worth of revolv
ers. Nothing but tho best brnmla of
Smith & Wesson nnd Colt revolver
were taken mid nothing oIm In the on
tabllkhmont was touched. Hnlranee
wns effected by prlxlng open the lmek
door with apparently u chlfol. The
house noxt door to Allen ft Oloun's Ih
In tho hands of thi papcrers and paint
ore. .Monday It wns loft tin
looked and through this building tho
thlovos went to tho lmek oud of the
Ktitmtore. prized open the door nud
tooted tho ostnl'llslinient its nbovo de-scilhcd.
Cotton plsklng Is In full blast In Nil
eew etui nly.
Utf Is Mid to be mm on the Pa-
j clflo eaiwL
I.ongvlew rtrelvml Its flrtt INS oot-
ton bale on the Ith.
I I'nrmeni around Oranlitiry are hnld
j Ins wheat for better prlaet.
J Many fnrmoni nre aetlvely at work
j picking cotton Around Knnm
I W. A twin of Coleman Iwujht of 1).
! 0. Ithfime of llhome, lex., latt bend of
I high-bred Hereford.
The wheat average of Knox county
ItMrniin I'mm Tnliiwiii,
Waco. Tex.. Aug. 10. Tho ensh re
eelpts on manufactured tolweeo, nufr,
clgnrs nnd cigarette reported by Dep
uty Collector A. Itlchnnls of the Waco
division of tho third Interne! revenue
district nro large nnd onocurnRlng and
fully dwiionstrnto the alacrity with
which tho doalor aro paying tho tax
for the support of the war. One dealer
handed Collector ltlchards n ohcok for
ftJUl.OI. tho tax In 3 cents 'ostm on
mnniifacturod tobneco nud snuff. This
Is the lurct sum paid by one dealor
at the Waco olllce since collections began.
llnltrimJ Jlttn ini.
Fort Worth, Tex., Aug. 10. Col.
James A. Wilson, general agent, with
hcadrpiortors hero, for the Chicago and
Alton railroad, has received a tolctrram
from St. IxhiIs announcing tho death
yesterduy morning of Jonathan Nes
belt, general live stook acont ol the
Chicago and Alton rullroad.
Mr. Nosbett was well known here, he
having lulled Krt Worth on a num.
her of occasions. He was a Confeilernta
soldier, and hud been In tho service of
tho Chicago and Alton road for yoaiK.
I.rg llrnbrii.
Van Horn. Tet.. Aug. 10. J. W. Mer
ihon aecldciitally got his log brukan
ytsrtenlay while riding on a liauil our
l his tiwt striking a roak In tha track,
bending hi lag under the oar and
breaking it btwu the kuae and
(Illn lhliril,
Hlco. Tov.. Vug. in.-4liarlff Itamwy
Moore arreatail King DniiMgaH awl
Walter TtuiiHa here yaaiardar for
theft of rattle. DtiHuegan afterward
made a run for the timber ami aacaiwl.
Thawiw wn carrtwl over to Jail at
dor. Rrigas of Korth Dakota la
Hie MoHtaray hat arrived at Manila.
" i
llhdnr AiltUniianl,
Sbarmait. Tax., Alig. Ip.-Veatertlay
afternoon Jwigo I). li Urynnt uotltlad
all parllea that he wotild neither wt
aalda nor court rm the Mia of the Ijx
Porta railroad, Imt would bold the
matter under consideration until Sep
tombar s, when we would call it aualn
bfore the court at Sherman. He stated
i un i ii in 10 give an tne pirtlen In
Intercut a rhiilir In ir ih,.u
can. n butter bid tiiau tbAt mado by Mr.
wns about eight bushels to the tiers
j and tho groin poor In quantity.
I Cnttle dealers my tlmt It reads llko
an Item from a paper printed In 1808 to
see quoted n wile of gmm ted steors nt
$M nnd $10 a head in the great beef
The Kemp paoturo of flCOO acrwi In
Matagorda county Is being cut up to
bo sold In small parcels to farmers. A
town site of 100 nares will bo laid oft
on tho land.
Tho Southwestern Texas Utrtltoap
era' association Is to meet at Ploros
vlllc, Toxae. August 17 and 18. Thoro
will bo n large attendance nnd visitor
aro cxpeo'd from other state.
Hollar J, Iloll county, received it
first br.le of cotton on the 3d. It wns
taken there by Virgo Willis, wns sold
at ti C-S cents per pound, nnd a prelum
of $20 added by tho morolmnta o( Hint
11. C, Ithomc, the well known Hero
ford breeder of Fort Worth, roeontly
sold llvo registered Hereford holler
oolvos to ChnrloA A. Payno of San An
gclo, wlioro ho has other registered
Hereford cnttle.
Farmer around Mnaaoy nnd Abbott
In Hill county complain that tho boll
worniB nro doing considerable damngo
to tho cotton and they nro fearful that
tho damngo will bo so great ok to se
riously curtail tho production.
Mr. 13. Dudley took to Onnxnte a to
bacco stalk nh'jut three and Jtie-hnlf
feet tall that was a haiidsotno aupecl
men of tho weed. Mr. Dudloy snys tin
has nbout 100 plnnU like It and that
his patch Is as linn tobacco a can be
grown any plaoo. Ho Is raising It for
IiIh own use, and ha been doing so
for yearn. Ho says there Is no doubt
but that tobacco can bo prolltubly
grown In Texns. Tho samplo shown
bear him out In tho assertion.
Homo young corn stalks Just begin
ning to tnasol olghtcon feet high nnd
two nud one-half luchs thick at the
fourth Joint from tho root hnvo been
gout from Navarro county to the
Omnhii exposition. They ware raised
nettr Hlco on the farm of W. D. Hay
nlo. Under favorable conditions It Is
thought that tho Held will produce SO
to 90 bushels to the acre.
In wet Texan there has been some
prejudice against tho plnntlug of rape
seed, na It has been thought this crop
has a deleterious effect on the soil. The
fallowing from the "American Hheep
Hroodora" would appear to place this
question at roat. "Hope doe not ex
haust land, but on tho contrary en
riches It as few other fertilising crops
eon. Sow It In oats or wheal stubble
nnd tho result will be plenty of fall
feed and a decided aaelHtunce to Im
poverished soil."
The crusade against unsound moat
still continues In Hnglaud. and some of
tho punishments Imposed for soiling it
have been of the most severe chnraotor
both In the Miapo of flue and Im
prisonment. One finally In Dinning
ham wns poisoned by the use of tainted
beef recently, one of tho number dying.
The butcher selling the meat wo
1 arrested, his shop closed and matters
looked very bad for him, a he will
bo charged on a criminal charge.
' Frltx Arnold, who for the past quar
I ter of a century ha been ono of the
leading grain ami (lour Importer of
1 (lernwny, state that the feeding of the
cattle of (lormnny will require 1M.O0O,
000 bushel of forlegn corn, most of
which, ho belle vo. CJwmany mint look
to America for.
Hoavy shower tell during last week
adjaeent to Abilene. Thla will V- "
the greatest benetM to the aottun erop
In that sratlou, n the fleecy staple
had been suffering fer tavernl days
from he dry, hot winds.
Tho first western ranee graa fed
oattle of tho aaason were marketed In
Ohlengo on the 1st. There were about'
iSOO head In the shipment and their
condition approached eloeely to that of
fed stock and was better tlian tha first
I shipment of last year.
1 Stockmen nil through Texas are
watching report of the corn crop, for
they understand that on it magnitude
largely deiwnda tho demand for oattle
for the fed lot the coming season. The
larter the erop the cheaper corn and
tho better for cattlemen.
Dr. Victor A. Nnrgarrd, the govern
ment expert, who has been oonduotlng
the oattle dipping at Fort Worth,
has gone to Hoekford, 111., to observe
the condition of tha cattle recently
dipped here and shipped to that point
He will probably be gone two weeks.
. ..... -.
!.',"l'' It'1 "W
The Usurers Daughter.
OHAPTHIt XXXI.-trnntlnued.i
Ho ootild not bedlovo the evidence of
Ills serines: It was Incredible Hint the
laughing Yoke belonged to hi cold,
proud wife the girl who had swept
Imperiously from the room when ha
hw her laat. He looked at her In
amniotnent. She would not see the
surprise on ills face or make the least
difference beaaiifte of It.
"You have the very plek of the gar
den horo," she wild; "every spray tut
Its own sppclnl henuty."
Ho roused himself, nnd tried to re
cover from Hie wondering stupor that
had overcome him..
"You really remembered. Hlldred.
whnt I saldT" he began, with a pleased
"Yob, nnd I think you showed good
tnste," sho replied. "I know un flow
er lovoltor than fragrant mignonette."
"And you ronlly think that I have
good tustoT" ho said.
"Yes. Why should that surprlso
youT" she asked, with n smile.
HI fnoo flushed, and his eyes droop
ed. "I fancied." ho said, hurriedly, "that
you coiiHldored me altogether gram
loss, and without one redeeming qual
ity." "Indeed, I do not," sho replied, earn
estly, thinking of nil that Hlr Itaotil
had said In his favor. "That Is n
great mistake of yours."
"Thoro Is une thing," ho onnfeMod,
In a low voice "I hnvo shovn the
worst sldo of my chnraotor to you."
Sho fait frightened nnd Inclined to
run nwny.
"You will not lose my flower or
throw them nwny?" she said. And
then sho was startled, for his hand
eomo Indoloiit eyes wore looking Into
her with n new oxprcmelon In tholr,
uitio ooptii.
"Am I so wanting In chivalry and
gnllautry. Mildred?" ho nskod nor. "I
bellovo this Is tho first thing that yon
hnvo over given mo of your own true
will, I It not?"
"No," alio n-plled, quietly, "It Is
"Ah, pardon mo," ho nnld, with n
quick clinngo of fnuo and vole "you
gavo mo your fortune!"
Thoro was hot rebellion for one mo
Jnonr hot. blttor rebellion. Thtm
sho remembered Hlr HouhI'm words.
It wns for her husbaiid's good.
Alio trampled down tho hot Impulse
of nngry pride she stilled tho blttor
anger and contempt. Her victory over
herself was no great that she wns oven
surprised at It. 81m laid hsr hand on
his arm.
"Nay. Um Cam von," sho said, gent
ly, "you aro quite wrong. I was not
thinking of money. Cold Is drow I
dosplso It I could iilmoet hate It for
tho mischief that It make. 1 was
thinking of something very different
from money something that money
could not buy."
Ho was looking nt her with keen
"Something that money could not
buy," ho repented. "I declare that you
piufle me. I thought gold was omni
potent." "I do not think so-I do not llko It.
Omnipotent? Why, Ird Cnrtven, nil
tha wealth In tho world could not buy
happiness or love."
"No," he said, quietly, "It could
not; yet, Hlldred, money has done
something for mo."
"I do not Intend to depreciate It,"
sho romnrkod; "but It la not omni
potent; and there nro many things In
this world ( far higher valno than
"It Is true," ho said. thnughUully.
Rho laughed again, and. If ho had
known her better, he would have de
tected tear In the sound of that laugh.
"Wo aro positively agreeing, Lord
Caravon," sho said.
He was looking at her with Intana
curiosity In his fnee.
"Hlldred, what have you given ma
that money could not buy?"
The dark eyes glanniMl softly.
"I will nut tell you, I-ord On raven."
she answered.
"Hut I must know. You have excited
tny curiosity you must gratify It. You
have enumerated three thing that
money cannot buy -happiness, virtue,
lave. It was no He of the. Then
what could it bar
"I intwt go, lAml Caravan," she said,
her face growing hot ami liar heart
beating quickly. "I if yiw weigh ev
ery word that I my, 1 shall Imve to
be very careful."
"Hlldred. tall me what you mannf"
he requested. "What have you glvwi
"I will tell you." the replied, laugh.
Ingly. "when ymi have counted all
those tiny loava on the mignonette."
She turned to no, but lie put out his
hand to detain her. She eluded him.
and, with n light laugh, disappeared,
leaving him by tho veranda alone.
"You look astonished nt something."
Mid I-ord Carnven't friend to him
when he returned to reauoie their game
at billiards.
"Ye." replied the erl-"I have been
wijoylng a novel sensation."
"What la that?" asked his friend.
"I am not quite sure." wa the
laughing reply "I should not like to
bo too certain of It but 1 believe that
I have bten flirting with ray own
The young countess Jja4 hotinid
smilingly away Bfter praamtlHg him
with the fcprny of mlnnoiiatte. If tlmt
was the result of a few kind won!,
she Mid to herself that he would
often say them. Mir Itnoul saw her
smiling and blushing, with n glad light
In her eyes.
"Woll," he said, "what iieee. till
drad?" "The bent In tha world." sho roplled;
nnd her pleasure wns Increased at
dinner time when she saw that Ixinl
Caravon wore some of the mlgnonotts
in hi buttonhole.
Uml Cnrnven was fond of music; he
had a rich, ringing tenor volee which,
as n rule, ho wa too Indolent to use.
Ho would troll out it verse of a lovo
aitty, or tlm chorus of a drinking-song
In n fnshlon that mado one long to
hear the rest. In tho evening Sir
Itnoul nsked hint to sing.
"It Is too much trouble," snld tho
hnndsome earl. "Why should I oxnrt
myself to sing when other people can
do y so much bettor for me?"
'gFhat Is an Idle excuse." returned
Blr Itnoul. "Iidy Caravon, persuade
your husband to slug; ho has a voice
alirotit ns rich and clear as Mario's,
but ho will novor uso It."
.Sim come over to him. Ho looked nt
his boaiitlti.: young wife In all the
shimmer of satin nud gleam of pearls;
ho gaxed earnestly Into tho beautiful
"Do slug. Lord Caravon," she mild.
"You owe mo wimethlng for my flow
era this morning."
"Do you really wish mo. to slug, llll
tired?" ho asked.
"I do, Indeed," she answered.
"Then you shall b obeyed, will
you have an old-fashioned Kngllsh Iwl
lad, or u Scotch one? No French or
Italian fur mo. I like good hearty
lie sang ono of the prettiest of Kng
llsh songs "(lood-by, Sweetheart.
Oood-by" sung It with snob sweetness,
such puthos, that his listener were al
most moved to tears,
"I oould not leave theo though I
'llood-byo, sweetheart, good-byo.'"
A tho last wordB passed his lips ho
caught a glimpse of his wlfp' fnco.
What did it express? Ho slopped sud
denly. Hlr Itnoul rallied him, begging
him to finish.
"Let us have tho Inst verse," said
he; but tha curl turm'l qulokly to
"Not another word. llnoM." he an
swerod: "I can sing no mora. I have
seen n ghost."
"A uhostr crlod Hlr Itnoul. "Tho
glioat of what?"
"I am not quite suro." rcpllod the
oarl; "bill I think It wn the ghost of
whnt might have boon." Ami Sir IIhihiI
aald no more.
N old mail with
hair a while as
now. a worn, trou
bled face. and
hands that trem
bled a t'jey rested
on hi stlek, wa
standing before
Ijdy Cararaa.bow
dig a though sh
were the arbltre
of his destiny.
"I am Parmer Moore, my iady
Pariaer Moore--and 1 want to speak to
Udy Car ven stood quite still; he
was a man so old ami vonerablo that
hi npiHMranee alone eoinnmnded re
spect. "Farmer Moore," she repeated, "and
you want me. I it in very pleased to
see you. Wtll you coma Into tha
"No, my lady: I cannot enter your
door with my present trouble on me.
Your husband la a young man. but he
I dilvlng my white head to the
"My husband I" exelolmed Lady Car
avan. "You must not speak 111 of
"Ho must not net III to me." he
said: "an old man. mv isilv m ni.i
that my grandsons say a good wish !
from me Is a blessing, an evil wtilit
a eurse an old. old man. my lady,"
She san how he trsmbled, and swenUj
est romiMMlun tilled her heart. Wbnti
could he want from her, this old'
"I have stood here, my lady," ha
aald. "every day for tan long day,
waiting to see yon. They told me that
you were yoMtig and bonny that ym
had kind eye nnd a kind heart. Yur
biiRlHMiil want to drive me to death,
my ladyw you save mo?"
She thought he must bo raring; but
his manner wns ralm and eollected.
Tliev were standing together Just at
the end of the coppice, and tdy Car
avan pointed to one or the fallen
"Hit down there Farmer Moore."
she sold, "If you will not mine into
the house, ami tell me whnt is wrong.';
"1 am mi old ninn, my Inily; 1 tmvn
lived many yonrs. nud I Imve never
seen an Injustice prosper yeL Tlm
earl Is going to do nn Injustice to mo
and mine. Yon will keep him from
"I will If I can." she replied. "What
I It?"
"Tho Moore have lived at Uromhlil
Farm, my lady, more yawn tlmn I an
count. I hnvo heard It road how, cen
turlo ago, when tho lords of Onravrti
went to war. the Moore follnwod
them. They have always boon tan.
nut on tho Itnvensmern estates. Tho
farm, my lady Ilromhlll Farm Is lot
to them on lease; when ono Icasa ex
pire another Is signed. My Indy, when
1 was a boy. my father signed it lsnse
for seventy years, and tho seventy
yenra will bo at an oud next mouth,
I hnvo sons and grandsons waiting to
succeed mo, and the homo Is my homo
I love It. My father lived and died
there, my sons wero born thoro. Tho
old homestead Is part of my life, of
my roul. my Indy; standing outnlilo
of It, I seem to have no life."
"I understand." sho said, gently,
"There has novor been any dlllliulty
about the renewal of the leu, my
lady. Th" lords of Carnven knew how
to value good tenant; nnd when n
fresh loose was slgnod the earl would
any. 'Moore, you will take n gtnts of
wlno with me.' nnd tho best wins In
his lordship's cellar would bo put be
fore him. There might hnvo been ten
ants who would hnvo offered morn
money; but the lords of llnvonsnicrn
would have Inughed at tlmt- Wo
wore tholr htimldo frlMids and true
servitors, my lady. You do not meet
with such every day."
"I understand," sho repeated, not
knowing what to say.
"Now, my Indy. tlm seventy ymrs'
lease, signed when I wns u curty-hcid-ed
boy playing at my father's knee, hm
expired. Wo thought, my son John
and I, that wo had nothing to do ex
cept call an tho onrl nud ronow It,
Wo never dreamed of anything elge, my
son John and I. Ho we oh Hod, my
lady, nud a fnotmnii brought us Hord
tlmt his lordship loft all ! tiuslnesn
conuocted with the estate to Mr. D'an
tyre. As we were leaving home I
aald to my son John; 'John, wo etiall
tnste the earl's famous wine to-duy:'
and he, In Ills cheery way, snld; 'It
will do you good, father.' Hut thoro
wns no wine, my Indy, no kindly groat
lug from the lord of tho eaatie, no
moorage to the old retainers of tlio
house, except that we were to (;o to
Illnntyro. My lady." said the eld
man solemnly, as ho struck hiti slick
upon tho ground, "I hate lllantyrel'
She oould hnvo added, "Ho do I."
Dili It wa wiser to bo Hllont.
(To be Continued,)
tlnrorluiiHte l.lvrtl Tint llnor In Doc
tor with Nlslit (UIU.
"Why, man." said the landlord to a
trunnt whom ho had recently secured
for a bonno Hint had been unoomipled
for several months, "you're not going
to vacate so soon? You'vo only been
there a month." "1 know It, nnd a
month more would bo tho end nt me. I
mil going to got a house way ut n
the suburbs nnd In the center of a big
lot. You'll never get me Into n datilllo
bouse again ns long as I live. I'll tathor
take the family and rnmp out." "Tlm
place Is all I told you It wai, sir; good
house, ood neigiitiorhood and vry
thing good repair. I'll losk U J'OU
for the rout until the end of the term."
"That' all right, and I'll pay It. ffju
net mean enough to try to suit 1st It.
eltherj Ono thing you didn't tall me,
that the man In the other and of tho
house Is a doctor and that he seem
to have trained his iwtlents to rail on
him at night. I haven't had any
steep worth speaking at In the wholo
three week. Cemlng up on lbs porch
they reach my door first. Tluy ring
the bell as though It were lira utnrin
and than begin pounding on th door.
wm I'm to reed to go to th door to
prevent it's being broken In nd to
give the rest of the folk a lltiu akuw
to sleep. It's 'Oct Into your riot be,
dor, and roma right ovar to the house,'
or Jiinmis his tlie croup.' or 'liativ
twrlng an awful time with hi laelb.'
er -wny umti you can thla availing ni
you agreed tor If I put my head out
of the window and try to expialn they
gi hot, tall me I bad baiter take In
mv alen. batter retire (rain hualuu
or semethliiK worse. I'll bring you the
Mstya un evening."
Anelmt Kralri.
A pair of scales, much like those of
tho modern pharmacist, Is among the
multitude of objects discovered thla
year In ex en vn liens about thirty miles
from Thefcud and recently exhibited in
Undan. The aeulea are flaely flntshsd.
having a beam about four and a half
Inches long.
gome husbands and wive are dl
voiced on account of a misunderstand
ing and others because iay 'uueuuad
ca.h oibtr too wtll.

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