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Pocos Vnllny to tho Front, Croakors to tho Roar.
NO. 42.
Impressive Ceremonies Characterize the Lit'
tie Republic's Formal Transfer of Alle
giance to Uncle Sam.
Hnwnlt Anaeifit.
Han Francisco, Cal., Aug. 23. The
steamer Bclglo yesterday sterling
brought tho folowlng:
Honolulu, Aug. 12. Preclsoly nt
eight minutes to 12 o'clock to-day tho
Hawaiian flag deicendod from tho flag
staff on all the government buildings,
nnd at flvo minutes to the sntno hour
the itarn and stripe floated on tho
tropical braoxo from ovory ofllclul flag
staff. The ccrmony of to-day was a most
ltnprcslvo on. To henr tho sVralns of
"Hawaii I'onol" for tho Inst tlmo an
a. national authom; to hoar tho buglo
blow tap as tha Hawaiian ensign snnk
from Iti position, and to notloe tho
emotion of the mnny who had boon
born under it and had lived tholr lives
under It, was solemn. Hut thon enmo
tho bright pall for tho raising of Old
Glory, and the strains of "Tho Star
Spangled llannor" broko forth as that
banner was unfurled to tho broozo.
Thon the cheers lirok. forth and eyos
that had boon dim for a few minute
became bright nnd lighted up whou tho
"tars and stripes floated out.
Tho ceromony began with tho do
Jwture of tho first roglmont of tho
'optional cuard of llii.rall from tholr
drill shed. Tho parndo was bonded by
a detachment of twenty-six pollco un
der command of Cupt. Kuuo nnd Lieut.
Warreu, Thon catnc thu Hawaiian
band and drum corps.
The roclinent marched to tho boat
Inndlug to escort tho troops from tho
Philadelphia and Mohican, which woro
already drawn up on shore. The Uni
ted Statos forces worn commanded by
Lieut. Commander Htovens nnd con
sisted of ono company of marlnos and
two of bluo Jackets from Uio Philadel
phia, a company of bluo Jackets from
Uie Mohican and an artillery detach
mont of two guns and forty-two men.
The naval detachment was hooded by
the flagship's baud. Revoral hundred
of the Citizens' guard preceded the
troops up the main avenuo and took a
station on the left of tho stand.
The coromonles opened with prayer
by Ttev. a, L. Peterson, pastor of tho
First Methodist church of this city.
United States Minister Sewnll thon
nroso, nnd addressing Prosldont Dole,
who had arisen, presented him with n
certified copy of tho Joint resolution of
congress annexing tho Ilnwallun Isl
ands to tho United Statos.
President Dole unswored, acknowl
edging the making of n treaty of polit
ical union, and formally yielded to
Minister Sewnll as tho representative
of tho government of the United SUlos
tho sovereignty nnd public property of
Uie Islands. Mr. Bewail ropllod:
"Mr. President, In tho lift mo of the
United States I accept the transfer of
tha sovereignty and property of the
Hawaiian government. The admiral
commanding tha United Stated naval
forces In these waters will proceed lo
I'ritiidcnl and gntupion t'nnter.
Washington, Aug, 23, Admiral
Sampson called on President MoICIn
loy yesterday nnd spent thirty-five
minutes with him In discussion of tho
Cuban commission plans nnd other
mnttors. He spent some minute ex
changing courtesies with the naval of
flolnls nt tho navy dopartmont, when
ActlnK Secretary of tho Navy Allon
drove with him to the white houso, tho
two Joining tho prosldcnt at 4:16. The
presldont shook tho admiral's hand
cordlnlly and Inquired about his oxpe
rlonco In commanding tho licet In Cu
ban waters. Admiral Sampson refer
red very briefly to a number of Import
ant Incidents In tho war, nnd In re-
sponso to an Inquiry from tho presi
dent oxprossed gratification at tho
achievement of July 3, when Admiral
Corvorn's fleet was annihilated.
The dotnlls of tho groat battle wero
gono over qulto thoroughly. Tho pros
ldo:,t at the outset took occasion to
express his thanks to the ndmlral for
tho success of tho battle nnd showed
dcop Intorost In tho story of tho on
gngoment as told by him. Tho talk
also bore on tho roasons for not enter
Ing t.lo hnrbur at Santiago nnd tho
placing of tho mines nnd torpedoes In
Cuban ports. The pluus of the com
mission to arrnngo for the ovncuntlou
of Cuba wero talked over and tho prus
Ident vns asked as to whether formal
Instructions would bo glvon tho com
mission. Mr. MoKlnley told tho ad
mlral that written Instructions would
bo given tho commission u a fow
Kinlu' I'omiiilMlun.rs.
Washington, Aug. 23. Tho stato de
partment received n call from M. Thle
baut, secretary of tho French embassy
nnd In chnrgo during tho nhsonco of
Ambassador Cnrubon, who bore a noti
fication from tho Spanish government
of Uio military commlslsonors for Cuba
nnd Porto Klco. Under tho psaco pro
tocol each government was to name
Its military commlslsoners within ten
dnys, tholr meetings to begin within
thirty dnys. Tho ten days woro up
yesterday and accord n I Spnlu gavo
the ortlolal notlco of tho appointments
They nro ns follows:
For CubaMajor Con. (Joazalos Par
rado. Hoar Admiral Pastor y Laudero
and Marquis Montoro.
For Porto Woo Major den. Ortega
(1. Diaz, Commodore Vnllarluo y Car
raseo, of first rank, and Judge Advo
cate Sanchez del Agullu y Loon,
a Uviitiivkr limine.
Plnovlllo. Ky., Aug. S3.Frlrtny
Drntnher Williams and lohit Head with
two young women of lmd repute went
to a peaeh orchard on u mountain farm
near the hoad of Poplar creek. Later
Marsbul Malone and Isaae Lunsford
approached them and demnnded that
the women leave the company of tha
perforia tho duties entrusted to him." yong mon ami K wlu, them. The
"Hawaii Ponol" was played und then women j,ad not time to answer bsforo
the Hawaiian flag was lowered. ( ttielr companions entered n strenuous
"Old Olory" was then run up to tho ,)rotest nnd basked It up by plaslng In
strains uy uie nagsnip uanu oi
(Irnml Iturepllan.
New York. Aug. 22. Hundreds of
thousands of enthusloMlc people wel
comed tho Texas. New York. Iowa. In
diana, llroolilyn, Massachusetts, and
Oregon home from their successful
campaign In the West Indies. Thcso
battleships lay in New York harbor Jut
off Tompkltisvllle Saturday morning
surrounded by vessels of nil descrip
tions, from the smallest steam launch
to tho great ocean liner. Cheers and
shouts of welcome rose from ovory dick
and tho boats' whistles made the wel
kin ring.
Suddenly thero was a movomont on
tho flagship New York ns the big ship
started forward with a slow, steady
glide. Sho waa Immediately followed
by the othor six vessels In tho follow
ing order: Iowa, Indlnnit, llrooklyn,
Masmchuiotls, Oregon nnd Texas,
It was some tlmo before tho ships
could got Into rovlew formation, but by
the time tho New York's prow enmo In
lino with Governor's Islnnd tho other
ships bad formed n regular line.
The start was made acocmpnnlcd by
tremendous chcoriug, screeching voices
and booming cannon. From Cnstln
William oarae the first salute. It was
merely n flash of bright red, which was
I'rulmbla I'rncti Term..
Now York, A. 22. A special from
Washington says- President MoKln
ley has decided upon his policy re
garding the Philippines. A cnblnet
minister who saw tho president yester
day said that the basis of tho Instruc
tions to our pence commissioners will
be substantially ns follows:
1. The detention by tho United Statw
of the Island of Luzon, on which tho
elty of Manila Is located.
2. Kqual trade facilities with Spain
In the remainder of tho Philippine
3. None of tho Islands to be disposed
of to nny foreign nnllon.
4. The sovcrnneo of all existing re
lations between church and stnto In tho
; entlro Phllllpplno group.
While the commissioners will be
allowed n curtain degree of Intltmlo In
other matters, tho foregoing points
will not be departed from or altered.
Although tho president tins taken
great pains to obtain tho opinion of
tho people regnrdlng the dlsporftlnn
of the Philippines, ho has not, In
reaching his decision, boon guided
wholly by populnr sentiment. He be
lieves that tho people favor tho re
tention of nil the Islands nnd It ho bad
Immediately smothered In a sheet of I nbsoluto power It Is probable he would
smoke before the detonaMiin was heard. ! Instruct his commissioners to demand
Then cumo a roar across the waters (the entire group. Hut ho realizes thai
and tho ships headed right In the rlvor I"1 cennto, which must ratify the peaco
on tho wny to Oen. Grant's tomb. "raty, is not likely . favor the acqtil-
AU nlong tho lino of piers on sheds, lon of all the Islnnds nnd has for this
houses nnd ovory poislble point of van- reason, to uso tho words of n cabinet
tngc pcoplo were packed. Tho river jomciai, asmmed n "mlddlo ground."
craft, crowding the warships olose,
woro Jammed with pnsseuiisrs, sinking ' "I'Hu. n.i..,u.t.
the sides of the vessels almost to tholr . i springs. Ark., Aug. 22. A fire
guard rails on one side, giving tho lm-j WI"" resulted In the loss of two ho
prosslon thnt oven tho ships thomselvefi ,0,H' a livery stnblo and sovornl prl-
bowed In unconscious saluto to tho re
turning heme. The width of the Hud
sou was n struggling, fluttering, glar
ing muss nt color, confusion and
As the vessels moved further up tho
river tho wntor which had been culm
at tho buttery was churned by tho ae
vatn residences and cost at loast three
humnn lives started In tho National
hotol at .1 o'clock Saturday morning.
The Identllled dead are:
Abo Matthuws, (Ireonvllle, Miss.
W. II. Wills, Randolph county, Ark.
Mr. Hushes, Tulsn, I. T.
Among the n.st seriously burned
inn nt ii iiiimlnd of steiimci"M and : nr Mrs. K'lla Jeffreys, a visitor from
wnvoa dosliod over the small boats nnd H Indian Territory, nnd Patrolman
Klinnta nf Eiirnv dmr-yenr d the passon- wloy of tho local pollco department.
geis on tho lowor decks of tho larger A ,lozen r mora wore moro or less
stenmers. As the grim looking battlo- Injured, nnd It Is bolleved by somo of
ships moved up tho river tho crowds " Ruosts and employes of tho hotels
become denser and tho enthusiasm wo ' mora lives wero lost and that
moro marked.
At ltlvorslde drive, with Us deep
grassy slope, tho seeno was like nn am
phitheater. Tens of thoiisnuds of per
when search Is mudo In the ruins sev
eral bodies will bo found.
i no property destroyed was tha Na
tional kotel. a throe-story struoturo,
. .. . ... .i... 1 nild two rril(ni?M Inimaill II t stl V nil lulu
sons covered uie grson siope iiuu it. mo - "-
battloshlps npproached a mighty ohaer """ry nvery stable nnd the
i .M.urun,iui iinnk und forth " ldsor hotel. Tho lire originated In
the National hotel and Iwfore It was
discovered ono entire side and tho top
or tno building was In flames and the
roor ronuy to collapse. The guosU
wero aroused by the Intense beat to
find the building fullli-n In upon thorn
and tho stairway leading to tho flrst
nroso and roverlieralwl back and forth
ncross tho Hudson.
At tho bottom of the slope nn obser
vation train crnwled lazily nloiirf. keep
ing even with the ships, above this the
vast sea of humanity and crowning
this dsn. Ornnt's tomb, whleh wns to
inrk the beginning of tho return of the
Star-Spangled Uannor," and a salute of
twenty-one guns fired.
Minister Sewnll read President Me
Klnley's preolimntlon directing mili
tary and eivll r. ft sirs of Hawaii to con
tinue cxerolstng Uiolr functions,
A ball wound up the festivities.
I, w, ..h ... liill,!., hnnin
evldeneo two 45 Colt revolvers. Malone i"- " 1(T"' " "
.. , ,.. . .. ed a salute to the nation, as the war-
mm jtYisiatuiu rdvdpicu um uiiHiiniiiiD,
rqimdron. where n national salute of ,,0r' w,,'e'' W"H tholr only means of
twenty-onn guns wns ilred. The tomb, '"' ""ru sio
... .,l, nn.i ...l..nii. far rlwl ''rBly.
uWne the waters of Ilia river, looked
to be built upon a foundation of face.
For the Slrst time In the parnilii tho
battleships drew together. Just at the
point of tho turn there was it momaii
tnrv lull, ns If expectant of the climax,
suddenly from tho side and turret of
the luttloshlin thero m a vivid lUuh a ,un( lran rrnHw nu, Ul8 ftnit
following tuts a trenwnuutm roar, an- Uoll .jo,,,,! of 0,., eart
nouaotitg the nrsi gun ot mo ironon. A rsHlU -(x mmmt WPr(, MM
. Sift.- I. ... aHialia msihIouI 01 till
Mime, uie utnTjr ni.BW ,! tweuly-Hlx sorlously Injured. Tho
tumbled down townnl tne water ami up lurii werc B0(ir, rH111,lVtt(I
into tlie air until the ships bad ben ,lwlUm H HVfM iraUi wheh Wfl
nlinnst liliuien, nut tne nwr, coming met by tho ambulances and minnum
ngulu and again, n-emed to roelt the T,8 rettr ear f the ,(MM1, lrat) WflH
wnter then.selvea. it was an iwimhuub completely demolished anil a jMirtlon
of the second ear, while the engine of
l KIIIimI.
Himron. Mass.. Aug, M. A frightful
rear-end collision occurred lu the 8hn
nm station of the New York, Now Hn
ven nnd Hartford railroad nt 7:30 Inst
night, when un ox press train whleh
was running ns tho second soctlon of
Tnl SULii.
Santiago da Cuba. Ang. 24. On tho
breaking up ot (len. Wheeler's oamp
pulled their revolvers and opened fire.
After tho firing oeosed and tho smoke
cleared' away It was found that Wil
liams, Hood and Luleturd were dead
and Malone was dangerously wounded,
I'liml I)lru.il.
Potwlnm, N. Y., Aug. W.-Tho plant
nt the High Fulls Sulphate Pulp and
Mining company, loeated at Pyrites,
Ln tho Canoy road on Friday tho tents lias been destroyed by fire. The oausa
and general equipment ot the division Is unknown. The loss Is tikteed at
headquarters were left In eharge ot 300.000 and there was an Insurance of
the quartermaster's department. Dur- 1200,000. The capital stook of the earn
ing tbo night the Cubans stealthily wny Is $110,000, mostly held lu Pets
confiscated all the tents, stores, arms dam.
aud porsonal effeeU of the soldiers. "
Thero Is no olue to the robbers. ! 'riiai.ii.
Oen. Kent's brigade, stationed threa Washington. Aug. 2. The president
miles from Santiago, also lest their has promoted Captain Charia D. Sis
tents and the soldiers marohed Into bee, of the United rfUMes savy. new
town barefooted, their shoes and , commanding tho St. Paul, udvaiirlng
everything portable having been him three numbers In tho list nf cap
stolsa, Tho Cubans equipped them-1 tains ot the navy, for "extraordinary
solves with the arms, tents and previa- heroism."
Ions of the Americans. They are ton. m
tlnually stalking about tha camp, and association will be
constant tlgllaneo Is necessary. , hM Rt New noegy. Tex.
shllts Mlutwl tie llnal rwtlng plue of
Oen. (Irant and the guns that sounded
the knell of Admiral Certera'a ship at
Santiago boomed a reverential obei
sance to the dead president.
Tin salute ended, the return of tho
the express train was crippled.
Falmouth, ling., Aug. 32. The Ilrlt
Uh steamer Toledo. Cart. Wlebart
which sailed from (lalveeton on July
20 for Ilotterdam. strtiek on Crlm
squadron along the line of review was ( r(K!k, .jy Clauds, Saturday night lu
begun. It was a repetition or tne w , a aense fog and foundered almost lm
thuslastlc scenes on tho way up the
rlvor. Bvery whistle that could be
brought Into use. played Its port, w
every bell, every band Joined In honor
ing the fleet, and above all the resound
Ing echoes ot the ihouts from on water
oud from land.
mediately In twenty-five fathoms of
water. There was sufficient, time to
launch a large boat and alt were saved
same slsd In their night-clothes only.
Six hundred flags are to be sent to
Porto Rico.
CIbi llUnilitad.
Charleston. W. Va., Aug. 23. The In-
falsi HiiUisn.
Chattanooga, Twin.. Aug. 24. A tre
dlctment against Mrs. Myra Atkinson. mniaw 0X,lloion at the plant ot tho
wiie ot uov. Aiainson. tor torgery. uas uhaltanooaa Powdor company of Ool
been quashed and tho ease aglnst her lth station, eighteen miles from thlt
dismissed oy juuge iinzzara in ouam- eUy kllK, lwo wh,tD ,nen( Lu8lUB H
tiers on tne ground mat uio inuietmeni mMn nnd Unnm Mr,ehke, and
failed to allege guilty Intent and that -oun,id .erlouslv If not fatally six
Uie dismissal of J. P. Owens, principal. olliew. Another portion of tho plant
wouia neceisaruy acquit Mrs. aikwsoh , wa ,Mtrnyed by fire.
who was only charged ns aooossory.
Capt. Dob Kvans Is 111 at the noose
This Is believed to bo tho end ot tho velt hogpiui. New York, with typhoid
proisouuon or Mrs. Atkinson. . malarial fsvsr.
Sutiula'i Vl.wi,
Madrid, Aug. 20. El Liberal pub-
llsben remarks made by Sanor Sagas la
on tho diplomatic and political situa
tion, quoting tho premier as follows:
From n legal point of view, Uie pres.
cnt stnto of things Is neither penco or
war, but merely a suspcnsluu ot hostil
ities. An nrmlsUco would havo allow
ed us to dispel better the obscurity ot
the situation, but tho United Stncs (In
clined to agree to our making a step
further In advance.
Tha questions to bo solved are nu
merous anil complex. Wlml we hure
done first Is to lay down certain basea
on which ench minister ;nny make any
observation which study uf the sub
ject suggests. These will rontlnuo to
be treated In dally cabinet councils, It
being hold that tho bases lu quostlou
are Im fundamental Instructions for
the guidance ot the various commis
sions In the forthcoming negotiations,
to bo supplemented nnTl fcctlllod sub
sequently by telegraph.
In Culm, besides evacuation, there
are ninny other problems. Spain may
abandon her sovereignty over tho
arontor Antilles,, but thero will remuln
the question of edifices nnd nil othor
propei ties. There are lawsuits before
the tribunals affecting the Inter
ests of the Spaniards. Whore und
when will these bo ildded? In Ha
vana, whore n large number of crim
inals have been condemned by the
Spanish tilbunnls, whnt Is to be donu
with thorn? Then there nrn other
questions for which we havo to fix u
basis of discussion und agreement re
garding the Philippines, llesldos theso
ami othor problems of greater Import-
mice, there Is n preliminary question tti
bo discussed.
According to International law, n sus
pension of hostilities bus been sinned
und tho sin render of Manila ought to
havo no legal cilUiiey, How will that
prlnclplo be understood by tho United
States? This cnusos us much anxiety
ami wo give It great attention, but wo
mo still awaiting tho Information de
manded from (len. Jnuduncu, which
has not yet reached us on account of
the dlflloultliM of communication bo
hi eon Manila nnd Hong Kong.
Thcso remarks have nil tho appear-
knee ot being authentic, as thny urn In
accord with Information from other
sources mid In harmony with Suior
Sagnsta's usual stylo.
The public Is still anxious for nn
explanation of Gov. (len. Aiigustl's
mysterious dopurturo from Manila,
but Its curiosity Is not likely to bo
sntlslled for some time, tho govern
ment declining to say anything.
IlMk Jtnm I'arlu UUo,
New Tcrk, Auir. 30 Tho hospital
ship rtellef arrived yesterday, Tht
Hello: left Penco on tho 14th and
Mayaguoz on the 16th Instant. Sho
carried 218 sick and wounded soldlors
from Qen. Miles' nrmy. Ten deaths
from typhoid fovor occurred on tho
voyage. Nine oi tho victims vers bur
led at ssa. The body ot Major Law
renco Smith ot Philadelphia, surgeon
United States voluntosrs, who died at
sea on Aug. IS, was enclosed In n
metallic coffin nn.' brought here. Four
deaths from typhoid fever ooourred on
tho Ttellef while sho was lying In
Ponrn harbor. The bodies of tho four
wore tnkon nshnro and burled. They
wero Philip Koph, corporal company
K. sixteenth Pennsylvania; Aaron
Sullivan, private Hoop A, fifth United
States onvnlry; Theodore Ilronnon,
private company A. second Wisconsin,
nnd Chns. A. Currier, prlvnto United
States hospital corps.
Ilolow nro tho nine burled at son:
lllclmrd M. Stevens of Toxns, packers
Charles M. Ward, private company C,
sixteenth Infantry. Holland Thomp
son, private hospital corps; Itoyal
Young, prlvuto company F, nineteenth
Infantry; Leslie 11. Drown, prlvnto
company D, sixth Illinois;' John T.
Ilnriioy, prlvnto company A. slxtconth
Pennsylvania, Oeorge Wenden, quar
termaster sergeant company A, Birth
Massachusetts; W. Ilcod. prlvato com
pany K. fourth Ohio; Irving Camp
bell, corporal company C, third Illi
nois. The total number of ensofl of ty
phoid on Uio llollef, Including thoio
who have died, was 1C7, and tho num
bor aboard ot her when shs arrived
yostorday wns 158. Tho nollof also
brought twonty wounded men, Includ
ing three olllcers. the moit of whom
woro shot In tin, bnttls near Mnyngtiaa
on Aug. 10.
I'rubntiL (Ju.itlua.
navnnn, Aug. 20. Tho government
has appointed n Spanish commission
to consider n definite basis for a treaty
of pence. It is reported that tho ques
tions to bo discussed lire as follows:
1. Cosslon of territory nnd the de
termination of the conditions and In
demnifications by tho United States
against the damage to public buildings,
courts aud tho state's lands. 1
2. Indemnity for war and navy mn
terlnt, mutually agreed on to oome In
to possession ot tho United States.
3. Conditions of nnd tlmo for the
evacuation by troops and volunteers !
with tho war material to bo conceded.
5. Tho recognition ot property ot
all kinds of all Spanish citizens and
guarantees to bo offered thorn during
thtlr stay In tho Island.
6. Tho form of govornmout to bo
established In Cuba.
Npnnl.ti (.'niiitnlxlniirri.
Madrid. Aug. 20. The cabinet has
ilecldod to appoint (ion. (lonznlos
Parrado. second In command In Cuba;
Hour Admiral Luis Pastor Undoro,
who succeeded Admiral Navarro, tho
Spanish commander lu Cuban waters,
and Marquis do Montoro, minister of
flnnnco In the Insular cabinet, ns tho
commission of evacuation for Cuba.
Tho Porto Itlcau commission hns not
vol boon appointed, tbo government
awaiting nn expression ot tho views
nf Ron. Maclns. but It has boon decided
that Admiral Vnllorlno shall ho ono of
the commissioners.
Tho psaco commissioners havo not
been named, but It Is hollovod tha rom
position of the commission has been
decided upon, though the nnmes of ltd
members will not be published yot, as
tho government Is resolved to take aii
vantago of tho dolay granted by imj
protocol In order to avoid n oablnot
I.tirff rniiiim,
IlHiimct Ulnliuorf.
Ban Franolseo, Cal Aug. 80. Zero
L. Thomas, whose homo near theJ'res
Idto was so badly wreaked by a mob
of soldiers lost Monday, has fllsrf a
claim for 15000 with Drlg. Geo. Miller,
whleh lie claims to be due as compen
sation for tbo damago done his prop
erty and for tho Injuries Inflicted on
his wife and children by the Infuriated
soldiers, who wero trying to gain pos
session of his son to lynoh him for
striking a soldier In a barroom brawl.
Drlg. Uen. Miller wll consider tha
Klnuglit.r I'ontluuM.
London, Aug. SO. Tho Hong Kong
(orrecpondent ot the Tlmo says:.
The slaughter In southern China
continues. Corpses float past Wu Chau
dally. Two hundred rebels who had
nlered Tal Wong Hong were defeat
ed by (len. Mawbo, who killed 100 ot
the rebels aud took CO ot them prison
ers. The gentry In the districts ot
I'nklan and Wu Qua dally send to tho
magistrates between ten and twenty
rebels tor execution.
Knoxvlllo. Tenn.. Aug. 20. Ono of
tho largest failures In oast Tonnesoi
In sovornl mouths wns recorded yestor-
uny. Tho lllnok Diamond Coal com-
pnny. operating ml no. in tho Jollloo
conl district, whs thrown In tbo handa
of n receiver upon application of loool
crodltors Tho liabilities of tho com.
Pny nro plnced at $105,000, of which
amount 118.000 Is due Uio Coal Creek
Mining nnd Manufacturing company,
ownors of the coal lands leased to tho
Dlnek Diamond. Tho assets, aside from
thnso lands, are plaeod at $2l',00d,
Tha lands nro mortgaged to soouro a
bond Issue, but the company olalms
this will be set aside sufllolont to pay
Indebtedness. T. H. Heuld Is tempor
ary resolver.
(Ittulil Arr.pl,
Washington. Aug. .-Charles W.
Could ot New York has aeoepted tha
appointment ot special representative
et the dep.rtment of Justlse on the
Cuban military commission. Mr.
Gould Is a lawyer of prominence and
Is said to havo special qualifications
for this Important servlse.
Col. Stncy. of the first voluntary lm
tantry, stationed at Jacksonville, Fla.,
has resigned.
K.ihll.r KIII..I,
ClmttflniKHw, Tenn., Aug. 20. D, M.
Fontaine, company A. first Mississippi,
was aandbaggwl and robbed In tbo
Southern railroad yard Thursday
night. His skull was crushed aud ho
died from the wound last night. Ho
was the son of tha famous Coafeder
uio scout.
W. J. Doyer, a newsboy at Dehlson,
Tex., was severely 1'uJurKl liy I horio
falling on him,

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