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(Nttit (BniTcnt.
Wit II MtfU.AKB, I'uUUbar.
N. M.
Dolkii I Infected with burglars.
A prrHrsete! meeting la In prograM
at llano.
The WMihw bureau at Fort Worth
llM IWf M HHtMJ.
Henrietta I to have an Irt plant and
electric light syatem.
John llper. who resliled er 1'Slr-
II. Hunt county, dropowl dead.
Pat O'Connors Howe at Terrell
Imrnwl, with contents. tofa, $M0; nu
Insurant i.
The atate comptroller haa registered
lt.46) or llrasorla county bridge
The depot of the St. Inut South
western railway at (tllmer was de
stroyed by Are.
The killed achool house near Ster
IIiir City, w. net on flrc by lightning
and totnllv destroyed.
Dor Winn, a familiar figure about
IVnUoii. wiin found dead In the Katy
tbop vHrdw at that city.
HiirRinm I. Ited Jefferson recently.
W. Mo"den, one of Troy'a moat
prominent rltlscn. la dead.
UvUov. l.tiblxMk ami the Omaha
part) report having hud one of the
moat i-lmwint trip In their IIvch.
The (icnraitown oil mill. upltal
ftock. to.iMto. ha tiled It charter at
Austin. Purpose, the operating of a
cotton seed oil mill.
Th. state health oiSrer la In re Ipt
nf wws Iron Tamplco, Mex.. t the
effect that the yellow ferer scare titer
lis Mown over.
V. Kimlndo's produce Itouae at Wa
co was htirnad. The loaa la about MS.
000 Uctnando'a candy factory ws
alao ilcHtroyad and the Mnccabee's
The (ireen Fox lumber company of
(lollad died an a m and men t to Ita
charter at Austin, changing Ita place
of business from CtoMad to Uauudo,
Jackson county.
Jack utility will have Ita tenth an-
mini fair at Jarksboro, beginning
Hpt. IT. nml (ontlnuing lire daya,
Many of Ita exhibits will be sent to
Dallas to the slate fair.
ltral estate mm report that there arc
more prospectors In the Abilene coun
try at title time than ever before.
Ivmil sales are becoming more fro
nu tint and the proapecta are In every
way of n moat niieornnlNg character,
At Thrifty, thirteen mllea from
llrownwood. Dr. Lewis Wright waa
shot and Instantly killed by Chart '
lledgw In a atore. Tlila tragedy U the
rcault of trouble of two or three years
standing. Doth men atood well In the
It. It. Liggett of Abilene ha been
appointed refereo In baukruKi-y for
the Abilene illrlalon Of the rutted
SUM dlatrlct court. Judge Meek ap
pointed Mr. Liggett to the poalllon
n few daya ago. anil at mine entered
un order to that effect.
CniHimH' I, thirtieth Toxne cavalry,
(iHiioe, hrlHflde of ex-Confederates, wtll
hold a reunion on Kept. 3 at the Texas
State Pair grounds, Dallas. (ln. It.
M. (lano, their old commander, oiiwln
to lie present and greet hie men. some
of whom he haa not aeen sluco ISflf..
The steamship Oylln arrived off Hal-
veeton mill waa held nt iiuarnntltie.
Hhe had rtaitod the purte ik" Santiago
de Cubs. tOHoe and Mayannec. She
held a certlneute from the ItoeptUl
surgeon at Santiago de Cuba, aaylng It
waa not an Infected port.
HldT Jum ph C'oiilaHi, one of the pi
oneer Mormon elder In Testae, al
though only 2 yeara old, HU been no
tltied to reimrt at Salt Uke City. Bl
der iilum baa been In Tesaa over
too i-tir. and la prealdent of the
Korth T xaa conference.
Taylor lounty'a tax rolla ahow an In
ereMe on the taxable value of inn
count v over laet year of $l1t.
1n4 are aaaeeaed on Ute earn baairi
aa met year, eaoept where Impwe
ineeta have beaei ma4e. The lacreaic,
therefcre, la due to new Iwtproveaaanta
aad lacreaeed peraMHil pronertr.
Mr. J. C. (toriuim, wife of Oapt
U or bam of Dallaa, died In that city u
few tlaya ao. Mr. OorkaNt waa a
n lee of (1m. Sterling I'rk-e, the Ohh
federate nttleer. On her motker'a alda
ahe waa a deeeendaat of ei -Chief Jus.
tics Marekall of the UalUd State bm
praeM eourt.
Tke rftabilabmeNt ei IM KImm In
the bualnrt center of lionet on caught
Hre, and hut for the energeile and
pruaapt work of tbe ft re tienjHKeMnt
the damage would aouhtleee hare beex
KraaJ Ianm la nearly fSIW. Pnlly In
My the expiohiou of a boiler aenr
lllnggidd two a were Injnretl. Tbe
boiler wan attai ned to a threahlitg wa
ebinr A hay ataek and SM hmlula
of wkent were aeotrfad. Tbe thtejgktr
e aeajB) eeeBjejeja; flFBjeaBjeBff
In Epitome of Recent
Doings in Texas.
(Junranlln Itnlfrit.
llmaten, Tex., AtiR. 30. Tho quar-
intlnn HRalnat (lnlventon hna been
raised. Health ofTleers of other cities
rowramomled this eaume.
Dr. Hlnnt, atate henllli oITIeer. In
tpanklng of the little qiinrnntluc epi
sode jHt cIimkhI said:
Tbe rase waa somewhat iiecullar
throughout. When I wm flmt notified
that there waa a ease In (lalveaton I
hastened there to InrestlKsie It. After
looking at tbe caee, finding there was
communication netween Port I'nlnl
and (mlveeton. It wa. my plain duty
In defenee of the rest of the atate to
quarantine lualnat both. I did so. I
kept It on aa yon know a few daya to
development. I to-day. with other
physician, made an Investigation
which with aiMuraiice by the physi
cians there that there were nn auspi
cious cases and that the health of
Oalveaton was good, convinced in that
further nuaratitlne wns inneeeesary.
'The doctors of both cities agreed
will me In this. Now. there Is a rloso
quarantine una Inst Port Point nud It
will be kept on fnr some time. The
case there Is paurulescent mid there Is
nn further danaer."
snlillT t'Hiienil.
an Antonio. Tex.. Aug. M. Private.
A. It. WnrrlttRtou nf troop I., 11 rat Tex
as cavalry, died at the hospital at Port
Sam Houston Sunday night of typhoid
fever. The deceased was 38 years old,
anil was n native of Mlaaourl. He waa
hurled with military honors In the na
tional cemeteiy yesterday nflernnnn.
Tne casket In which tho dead soldier
lay waa carried to the cemetery on n
onlssnii, with troop 4 of the Stnnlny
raiiKer hHIiik aa n nuard of honor mid
nil of the Might tniopa atattontNl here
following The ii'Klini'iital hand pro
reded the iirocesslon, plnyliiB n funer
al mnrrh. All olllFcre of the roglmout
atinnilsd In a body. At the gmvo the
funeral rerutnunlra were perforniud by
ChaplBln II. II. Carroll. Jr.. after which
n volley was flrod over the biuvo anil
taps was blown.
Mriinec I'ek.
Kaufman. Tex.. ug .10.- -nev. Jnko
Flbiilry. a Methodist dh iu i of this rliy,
hi s it stratiMu pheniiuu non, oi ktIiii
pick properly spca'iluK. a strange
ftink of nature In th. almtie ot nn rgg,
Itev. Mr. Stanley found an rt In his
lot that measured sereu and a half
Inches around one way nnd olalit nnd
n hnlf tbe other. The egg was hrolteu
by Mr. Stanley, from v, hlch he took u
sniicer lull of a white substance ami In
addition to that there was on the In
side of the large egg aunt her hkk of or
dinary sire and shape, which he also
lirolin open and Its contents were tho
sum e us other en. The shells on both
eggs wore hard Hits tho usual oku-hIioII
SM Inn llnml KIIUil,
Terrell, Tox.. Auk. JO. John Me.
I-ntiKhlln, a section hand, wns run over
by n fntlKlit train about twenty mltos
bolow hero flunilay night. Ills body
was fearfully iiikiikIihI and from hid
ronmltiH It was hard to determine
whothsr ho had been first killed and
placed on the track or hud fallen iwleop
ami was hilled by the train. Tho nu
thorltlea are litvostlKatJnK the case utu
making every snort to learn the fueu
luu In llHtniiH.
Austin, Tex., Aug. K. Joeenh Heha
dre, a, produee dealer of this city, bus
left for Havana, Culm, via rialveefuh
He takee with him KMX) dosetw of eggs
and 1M0 tHXinds of butter, which h
bopea to eell In tbe Cuban capital for
a Handsome little sum. The newspaper
reports saying eggs were selling for
SI eenU each aad butter at an equally
high price, prompted tbe Auetlu uer
ebant to make tbe trip.
I HiHMFiirut Atlanpt.
lllltabwo. Tex., Aug. . A sensa-
Uonnl story reached tbe sheriff's office
to the street that an attempt had been
MUMie to chloroform Mrs. It. T. Maiaon
and children at their borne, three mile
west of here. Sunday night. Sheriff Hell
went out to Investigate the matter. No
clew waa obialnet as to tbe perpetrat
or. The failure of the chalroform to
work Is ascribed to tbe fart tlutt all
the doors and windows were open
The supposition Is that some one want
ed t commit a rookery.
llHMjr Ulre't VlutU.
MsttlMM. Tec. Auk. M.Ust weak
a son of llobert Jomimon, living stt
tnlkss smiUi of here, stuck a utoee of
maty wire In bis foot. It wm tMSMght
to ho gotttns wen. but gaHKrewe ant In
and Us tat her 1. 1 ought hlM to tbe rily
risHerisj gnd it was (esu4 ussssanry
U sjneMtato bis log just afcrre Ute
Mmterlne ' . nteta,
Austin, Tex., Auk. 39. The adjutant
general yesterday morning receive!
from the war department the general
orders govern I the mtMlerlng out of
volunteer trooiw." The order cover all
the minute details of the dtttlos ot ran-terlng-aiit
ufllcers. Section SO reads an
As n rtile tho niustorlng out of or
ganisations and their final payment
will take place at tho stato regimental
rendezvous, except when otherwise or
dered by tho war dopartmont. Tho
prrtmrntlons and completion ot tho
muster-out rolls, roturnn and papers,
and the Inspootlou and trnnsfor of pub-
lie property to the officers of tho sup
ply dujiaruicnts of tho army, except its
hereinafter provided, will tnko place
before the organization Is ordered to
its stato. Tho only property that wilt
be allowod to ha retained until mttstsr
out, unless otherwise ordered by tho
mustering officer. Is tho rifles, cart
ridge belts, cups, onntcous, meat vans,
knlvoe, forks and spoons, nocoeenry
modlcal supplies and tont equipage the
colors and the reglmeiitHl and com
pany records.
"In cases of enlisted msu absent,
who on account of slekuesu are un
able to Join their couimnuitH, the dls
ahatite certificates, with carefully pre
pared descriptive lists of account of
pay and clothing, giving thu uililrees of
the sohllor, will bo given to the inus-
tcrltti: olllcer for trausinlsslon with the
muster-out rolls to tho adjutant gen
eral of tho army, and the soldier will
be olllclnlly notified to apply by letter
to tho jmynmstar gouurul of thu army
for final jiaymeut."
Tho order contains very minute de
tails of physical examinations, and the
first paragraph reads us follows: "To
facilitate the settlement of pension
claims that may be made on account of
disability Incurred In the United States
sorvlro, nnd to protect tho rights ot
persons who may be entitled to the
benefits of the pension laws, us well us
to guard tho Interests ot thu BO'"ro
mant, It Is ordered that a thorough
physical examination bo tnudo of all
ollicers nnd unlisted mutt of volunteers,
except general olllcers nud ofllours ot
the uuncrnl stuff Immedlatuly prior to
thulr muster out of norvlcu or tils-
clinrce. Por this purposo u blank form
will ho supplied by thu udjutuut goner-
el of thu ti my."
The orders do not statu tho (Into of
inusturliig out.
.tnrhtbnrn'i lint Trnln.
Jarksboro, Tex.. Aug. 36. Fully HMO
people met here yesterday and cele
brated the completion of tho Hock Isl
and road into Jarksboro.
Tho occasion was tho event In tho
history of the plaeo. Visitors were
present from Denton, Clay, Mentaguo,
Wilbarger. WIo, Parker, 1'alo Pinto,
Young, Archer and Throckmorton
counties. Some of them began to resell
hero In wagons, etc., Tuesday, and tho
string of vehicles continued until yes
terday, At 11 o'clock yesterday tho Itoek Isl
and excursion with eight coaches load
ed to the guards arrived from Port
Worth. The I'anthor Cty had a repre
sentative ilalagatlon aboard, Including
Cut. John I'ctcr Smth. H. II. Car tor.
Martin Casoy.Charlos Hwascy.Porsythe
W. (I. Tumor. William Montgomery,
Dlngc. Dr. Hurrlnger, Alliums. J. C.
Loving. Iirlmer, Jerre Hoehc, Spen
cer, llollnway, W. It. liklnnor, Jnko
Washer. James It. Itobtuson, several
Hock Island olllclats nnd a host of oth
ers. Along the route good-slxed crowds
got on at lloyd. Paradise, Ilrldgepnrt
and Vlnevnrd and from Decatur, Howie
nnd other points north ot llridKeport u
number came over, Including Congress
man Stephens, Ktate Henntor 0. V. Tor
rell. Itepresentatlvo Ilarrott, Judge J.
W. Paterroii and Hon. T. J. McMurray.
A lnrge crowd was present with brass
ImiiiI whtut tho first imsesuger trnln
which has ever run Into Jaeksboro and
Jack county arrived.
The Hags wore waved, the band play
ed "A Hot Time In the Old Town To
N'lght" and thousands ot throats sent
up three cheers for the Itoclc Island.
In n beautiful grove about a mils out
a barbecue and picnic was ojoyod.
Twenty beeves nud sixty sheep wore
slaughtered and 1000 loaves ot bread
cut for the occasion.
Speeches were made by Hon. N. II.
Lasalstnr, John It. ltoblnsou, 11. C.
Hollnwny, Col. John Peter Smith of
Port Worth. Hon. W. II. Atwoll of Dal
las, J. IC. McComb of Houston, Con
Kressmnn Btephons and Itopresentutlvo
J. P. llarrct of Henrietta.
The ox-lContucklans throughout tho
Mate aro organizing clubs with a vtow
to effecting a permanent nrgnulzatlon.
The Texas Slate I'alr nnd Dullus lx
ptwlllou has ileelgnutitd Oet. 14 us Ken
tucky day at the fair grounds, and
Henry Wntterson of Kentucky has
been Invited by the ex-Keutucklnus,
and also by the State fair manage
ment and the fcx-rnnfederatea. to bo
present and deliver an address on that
day. The committee on arrangements
has been promised unusual coucea
ions In the way of passenger rates,
tnd the day will douhtloss te one long
:o lie rememb. red. It li suggested that
.he ex-ICeutucklans In each county go
to work and get the names of all per
sons living In their respective ro ini
tios and forward tho same to Mr. II.
C. Weaver, tho corresponding secre
tary of the central committee of ox
Ksntttuklaus. at Dallas, who will fur
nish any details desired. They should
also orgaulzo local alubs.
foundry llurm.
Toxnrkano, Tex.. Aug. SC. Tho Kol
ly foundry, sltuatcil on Front street
In this city, was totally destroyed by
tiro Tuesday night. Tho blook In
which tho building was located con
sisted of two hotcla, the Ico factory
mil n lot of residences, all being of
tvood work except the Ico houses.
for n while that entire srotlon ot tho
tlty was Imperiled. The foundry was
i total loss, tho value being about
3C00. The stable of tho Ire company
Ignited and was damaged to tho ox
cut of SROO. Mrs. nilohrcoet's hotel
aas also severely Injured. An empty
frame building was entirely desroyed.
l'he losses were fully covered by Insurance.
Ordinance Oppmril,
Cleburne, Tox., Aug. 3D. A fow
months ago the county oommlsslnuars
purchased a murkct square and tho
lly paused an nrdlimiiee requiring
parties having produce, fnr sale to go
Ihsre for that purpose Inetuud of using
the public square. There waa consid
erable opposition to this. Yesterday
P. M. Itnst began the circulation of n
paper among tbe farmers, which after
the preamble says:
"We whc names are hereto at
tached resolve hereby that we will of
fer no cotton for sale In the city of
Cleburne until aald obnoxious ordi
nance Is repealed nud until we ean
have free use of the imblle square In
said city nf Cleburne on which to dls
poee of all our farm products."
Tn lteenlet.
Austin, Tex.. Aug. . The tax rolls
af tke following counties ware received
by the comptroller Saturday:
Jackson, total values IWM.ITI; In
crease S14U1I.
Howard, total values IIJlM.rW; in.
create SHtMSS.
lfastland. total values t3.IOT.Stt. In.
create f 01.440.
nillegple. total values IWIl.lMj de.
trease iHJti.
I.ilnniii I'tilil,
III Paso. Tex., Aug. SiTwo Msxl-
anns settled a difference here with
knives. Tbey were rivals for tbe fa.
vara of the same woman. One wui
walking with Iter and ehaueed to meet
tbe oeher. Itotb drew knlve and
Tbe woman's escort was stabbed
five times and full mortally woundatl.
(bj asjHlhiHt etsstperi with only a
IIkIiI wound ami evgdud arrest ty
crowing tbe ltlo Qraude Into Mexlto.
ltntnnt Khldevl.
Atistln, Tex., Aug. 37. A disagree
ment In the awarding of tho Shaw cap
ture reward money occurred hero be
tween Hhorlff Tom Doll of Hill county,
Deputy Sheriffs D. A. DeWIlt of Na
varro county nnd Waller Anthony of
Henderson county. The slate offered
n rownrd of $100 nnd theso three ponco
ofTleers could not agreo as to how It
should bo divided. Sheriff Tom Hell
claims he went out Into tho field nnd
was clcwo on Bhnw' troll whon ho was
captured by Deputy Sheriff Anthony.
Deputy ShorlfT DoWitt contended that
he was nloso onto Hhaw with his blood
hounds when tho enpturo was mado
and had been on his trnlt for some
time. Deputy Sheriff Anthony captured
fllinw nnd received tho $100 rownrd of
fered by tho sheriff of Johnson county
and yesterday tho warrant for $100 wns
drawn In his name, but by agreement
ho paid Doll $19C nnd DoWitt $?S tor
their assistance In the capture.
Ilenvy Itutiliery,
lown Park. Tox., Aug. 37. The oafs
of J. P. (Ircenloe fe Co., druggists of
this place was burglarized Thursday
night of about $100 In money, of which
about $13 was the property of the
firm, tho Imlanco being deposits for
safe keeping by loon I societies and ono
or two prlvnto imrtlee. No clew. Tho
loeK was either worked by skilled
hands or was Inadvertantly toft with
the combination Insufficiently turned
on, as the safo Is unbroken. A heavy
trap door opens from tho sidewalk In
to the collar nud Is unprovided with
fastenings. Through this door Into the
collar nnd up a stairway through n
partition dour, width was unlocked,
tho burglars ovldontly ontered, as the
looks of the building were unbroken.
(Ililteatnn Uiinrniitlne.l.
Oalvoston, Tox., Aug. 37. (lalvoston
Is completely bottled up. Dr. W. P.
Illunt, state health olllcer, has a strict
quarantine on and no passengers or
londod freight trains nrn pormlttod to
leave tho city. Freight Is again mov
ing Into tho city, tho train crows bo
Ing changed without contact at Vir
ginia Point, across tho bay, and ar
rangements hnvo lieon mado for fumt
Ruling tho ompty cars and sending
thorn out nf tho city.
Dr. Illunt stronglv '('. ,tc 10 the
opinion that the enso at Fort Point Is
typhoid fever, hut ho deems It best ta
kcop (lalvoston quarantined until that
question enn bo definitely determined.
tfnva Compiled,
Austin, Tex., Aug. 3C TUIlroad Com.
mltlftonor Allison Mnyfleld has been
advised by (Superintendent O. W. Csro
ot tho Pacific lixproea company nt Fort
Worth that that oominny would com
ply with tho commission's ruling nnd
follow In tho footsteiM of tho Wells
Fargo itnd pay the revenue stamp tux
at once, which Is llio samo
ngreomont as tho Wolls-Pargo made.
All tho agents ot those express com
panies doing buslnoss In tho stato will
ho accordingly ttotllled ot tho tunttor.
It Is said that tho attorney gener
al's department had prspare.1 to take
tho necessary stnp to ontorue tho com
pllnnco ot tho expriWM companies with
the commlslson's ruling on the Mihjtrt,
but now thnt tin aforesaid rompnnloa
hnvo slgnlllcd thnlr intention to bow
to tho ruling nt the commission tho
notion agnlnst tlistu will be abandoned.
Ilumlnr. nt Work.
Mount Vernon, Tot.. Aug. 3d. J. 8.
Rmlth's drug storo. P. M. Prltle's dry
Ooods storo nnd llnnlster ft Holland's
grocory storo wore burglarised Wed
nesday night. The thieves obtained
$B0 worth of Jowelry from Smith. $100
worth of clothing and furnishing goods
from Prltlo nnd quite nu amount of
grocorlos from Hmilstnr A Holland.
Thlu Is the third llmo those three
storos hnvo boon burglarized In eigh
teen months. Tho sheriff and posse
aro hunting the thieves with bloodhounds.
I'riilirp lliem,
Abilene, Tox., Aug. 2(1. Major Allen
Iluoll ot tho fourth Texas was hero
from HoiiNton on account of the sick
noes of his llttlo daughter, Oonovlove,
but rolurnod to Houston. Ho praises
tho fourth regiment very highly, and
says thoy aro ready for effective car
vlco. He says they aro not exporting
to bo mustered out, but look for orders
to go either to Culm or the Philippines
within tho next sixty days.
llnrlml In I'litter'n I'm lit.
Sherman, Tex., Aug. SC. Tho body
it n stranger who unve tho name nf
Fred Haynes and who died without
means at a I-ninur street hotel after
remaining at the morguu for twenty
four hours, was yesterday Interred In
the pottur's Held, io answers hnvlng
been received from telcgrnme sent to
several parties, whoso names wore
found In letters taken from the pockets
of tho deceased. Ho was about 40 years
ot ago and thought to bo unmarried,
Valuables SloUu.
Dallas, Tex., Aug. Sfi. Al noon yes
terday a sneak thief entered tho homo
of Mr Louis It. Torroy, 47C .luekson
Htreet, nud stole n gold wutab, several
diamond rings uud pins, u pearl neck-
tare and other nrtlolos ot vuluo, all
umiiulitlng to about $1000.
Mrs. Torrey waa on thu promlsos at
the time of the rubbery.
The lHillce were notified and given a
description of the property, nnd thoy
are quietly at work on tho ease.
Clojfl ( nil.
Sherman. Teg., Aug. II. Thursday
ulgbt a shut wantonly ftred entered the
residence ot II. U Klbler. 11 M North
Itnst street, and barely mlaeed Mrs.
Klbber. Iteckleaa shooting Is getting
to be a very commun ooeurreuro In
that section and the police are en
deavoring to loeate the guilt) parties.
Unglneer Williams, shut In the at
tempted Santa Pe hold-up near Port
Worth several days ago, Is dead.
TrOHbls U feared with the Philippine
UlghUilug killed a girl at Carbon,
Kuurk.it Many Kant.
Dallas. Tax.. Aug. M. Officer Wil
liam Wilson was sitting cm his horse
in ilrvay street yesterday talking
o a matt en the sidewalk when an
sjeetrle ear eome along, struck tb
ur of the hene. knocked It about IS
set. dumping William In a mud hols.
ft&MPt fur the Injury ta his elotke
jid his horse's Iruliu bo damage was
Ilrimnuniiil llnrlinrun,
llrownwood, Tox., Aug, 27. A bar
Imk'uh glvon by tho tnsrohnnts of
llrownwood to tho citizens of tho ad
jacent territory was attended Thursday
by nbout 0.000 people Thousu
nl specahos, races and nnmoa wore
the principal fonturoa of tho day's en
joyment. Tho llrownwood Imnd fur
nished music for tho occasion nnd
when tho bnnd played tho crowd cheer
ed. Dvory one seemed to hnvo plenty
to oat, and tho red lemoumlo men did
a rushing business. Tho festivities
wore oxtended wall Into tho night.
H.iihmI llnjr nf .lulillnti.
Sherman, Tox., Aug. 27. It Ib ostl-
mated that 80,000 people wcro at Col
logo park yesterday, tho second day
of tho jubllco. Congressman Bayers,
Col. U J, Polk nnd others mado
speeches. Tho parade was a mammoth
affair, and tho streets wero thronged
to view It. Hundreds of wngoua wore
on hand, and Shormnu entertained
tho many thousands In grand stylo.
A barbecue was glvon.
Hurled lit Cletinriie,
Clohn-no. Tox., Aug. 20. Knglneor
Joo Williams, who died nt Port Worth,
as burled hero yesterday at 10
clock. It will ho remembered thnt
ho was tho onglnoer who was shot by
tho partlos who attempted to rob tho
Bnntn Fe trnln Just beyond Port WorJh
wnicn unto Fireman Whlttaltcr wVL
killed and Knglneor WIlllamB wns shoT
In tho log. Ho wns a Knight Templar
Mason nnd n member of tho Hrother-
hood ot locomotive Knglnosrs.
Hiinsrr xinh,
McKlnncy, Tox.. Aug. 2C Yotor(lay
whllo a crowd was In front of a gro
cory store n mink enmo from uudor the
storo nnd attacked a chicken on tho
sldownlk and killed It. Though the lit. '
tie murderer was attsx-ked with sticks
and boot hools It heroically tried to
kill another chicken, but wns killed
before It suecoedoil. This makes the
fourth mink killed at said store.
Will Nut It Sold,
Cleburne, Tox., Aug. 27. John 11.
Hhaw was qulto restless this after
noon and Is getting anxious to hnv
his execution over. The strain Is tell
Ing on his nerves. His mother very
emphatically refuses to allow him to
sell his body, and says she would
rather lire on In poverty than have
htm do so.
Musi Tiller.
Uolveetcn. Tex., Aug. 27. The state
single tax convention met yesterday
for Its final executive session. After
ndoptlng a declaration ot prlnelnlw
Prof. J. a. 11. Ilttak ot Palestine wns
re-elected president and Mr. A. I'reo-
land of Waeo as seretsry et Ue or-
Mrs. Carrie Hell llrann, widow of
the late w. c. Hrann, has bronglttsult
sguluit the Aatna Ltfelnsurunoeeom.
(mnynt Waeo for 16.000 with twelve
tier sent for Interest and attorney's fee,
whteh she alleges suttl oowpuny owns
un a ollay on Iter late husoumPs life.
It Is learned that the president ami
the member of the oabliwt fully ox
iieot to attend thu 'IVans-Miestaeluiil
exjwsltion some time lata lnStMber
or early hi Oetobw.
A scheme hat mn uxixhwI at tan
aon fur ertlHK jwupor labor to
A I Her leu as stowuwuys.
Hx-dov. Ourrler of Kw Ilaiupihhe
lied at Coneord, that sute-
A mil her Cilp,
Austin. Tex.. Aug. 21. Stnte Health
Ollloor W. P. Illunt received Informa
tion to-dny that another caso of yellow
fever tins developed ot Franklin. .
lo slated that the strict quarantine
against Franklin Is still In effect nnd
ho npprohonds no spread ot tho dis
ease. Ho left for Houitou.
I'lril IIiij'. I'eatlrllle.
Hhcrman, Tox., Aug. 21. Tho first
day of tho Slioiiiian Miiul-reiucnnlal
wns attended hy thousamlH of pejplc.
The old settler In particular, uud their
descendants, nod n glnrltmi time -a
regular love fen at. (juke u number of
vpuoehoa were mado at the park.
New llullillnit..
He Paso, Tex., Aug. 20. Ust night
the city council appropriated $20,000
to build a city hall and $10,000 for n
Intl nud fire department quarters. The
muuev wns acquired hy the sale of a
recent bund Issue to Chicago bankers.
The Cnrbett-MeCoy tight comes off
Oot. 1 at Chuktowngn, N. Y. The ICrle-
Oel 1 at Ohciklowaga, N. Y. The ICrle-
tavlgne bout Is scheduled for same
place Sept. 12.
Twelve uersons were Injured In a
railroad wreck near Port Huron, Mich.
All are ladles.
A girl was burned to death at Paris
by a eoal all explosion.
All troops In Porto Itleo not needed
are to oonie horns.
Tho Knights ef Khornsean parade
at Indianapolis, Ind wns a grand l
affair. M
Sister lleuedletu In aharge ot S(.
JotHYe ordiuHiig, Oak Cliff has gone
toChlokumsugu Park ta Join the Slster
ot Charity thetv nursing the sick sol
diers the having rcjoel red a dlspatoh
from fie mother swjmrtor of the order
at Mwm-lUburg, Md . a few hour pre
vious, dlrssrtlng Iter to leave for that
joint Immedlutel.
Five hundrMl and flfty-lx Chinese
women bare arrived at flaa Franclico.

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