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piled; nnd then their tete-n-tet was
Interrupted. L.ird Darners wanted the
hong after ha hnil left tho room she
hIihhI wondering If John Illatityre
would keep hit oath nmt, It he did,
what manner of vengeance hn would
lake. Not rven n gleam of the ter
ribly allty cam to her.
Pj HI visitors nt Ha-
dimly nwnre that
omo more Impor
tnnt business than
usual wan on hand.
The earl wnii iieer.
with a preoccupied
face. Ho had been
heard to rofuso
Lord Darner's chat
IciiRO to a billiard
match. Ho had dlitlnctly stated that
ho should not Join In tho hunt that
Colonel Hungorford had arranged.
What wan tho matter? Udy Caraven
wan, an usual, bright, beautiful nnd
graceful; but those who know hor best
saw that aho waa engrossed by aomo
Tho carl rang for lila footman.
"When Mr. Illnntyro cornea, ahow
him Into my atudy," ho irnldj nnd then
ho wont over to his wlfo. "You do not
fool nervoua nt tho task you have un
dertaken?" ho Questioned.
"No." she ropllcd, oalmly. "hut I
fancy that Mr. Illnntyro will fool ner
vous beforo wo havo dono with him."
Tho earl smiled. If this trusted sor
vnnt of his had deceived him, tho
sooner ho was unmasked nnd punished
the hotter.
"I think," said Lady Caraven, "It
would be (julto as well If wo looked
over that balance sheet beforo Mr.
Hlantyro comes It will ahorton tho In
terview." Ha ncqulesced at oneo, and followed
his wlfo to tho study.
Sho went to tho tnblo, nnd took her
noat. Hor husband stood nt some dls
tauco from her. Silently alio hont hor
head over Iho papers,
"You havo seldom, I suppose looked
over one of thoso balance sheots," she
wild to tho onrl
"No," ho ropllod, "I do not rcmombor
that I havo ovnr examined ono."
"Then I will look ovor thorn," alio
vi.o''r. .lolly. Hsforo long sho added,
w "Wli. you look nt tUs. lord Cnravon?
All this Is qullo wrong sovornl on
trios are Inaorroct, and tho reckoning
Is falsified."
Tho onrl was slightly embarrassed
"I do not think, to toll you tho truth,
Hlldred, that I nm very clover at .)
counts," ho stammered.
"Hut aiiroly you can aeo whether this
la correct? llollovo mo, a child could
sco It."
"Thon I nm not so wlso even ns n
child," ho said, ruefully; but, leaning
over hor ahouldor, ho tried to under-
stand what sho said.
It was Indoed easy onottgh tho
whole sheet, as sho points out, had
been got up to mcot tho oyr.
"And you hnvo novor noticed this?"
mid the young countess.
"No, Indeed," ho rcpllod, "I havo
nevor ovon thought of It."
"Thon you hnvo been a vory oosy
mnstor to pleaso," she remarked. "I
need hnrdly any. Lord Onrnvnn. that
tho man who fnlslfiri his accounts Is a
roguo. You know H."
"f know that WJeh. I am afraid to
think whether nil the balance sheets
he has propnrrd rlneo ho has boon my
agent havo been like this."
"You havo n?or looked Into one, I
"No, noor."
Thoy were Interrupted by the on
tranee of tpo ngont hlmsolf the man
whom from his fneo l.ndy Carmen sus
peeled (torn tho first of being dishon
est. John Illnntyro was a tall, gentleman
ly louUIng man of apoolous manner nnd
good address. A roguo from liking aa
much aa anything else, he would not
hnvu cared to bo linntrmt If he could.
He had contrived to Ingrntlato himself
Into the favor of Lord Caravon from
the conviction that ho eould do aa hn
liked with the easy, Indolent, ploasuro
loving nobleman, lie had dono so.
The result was Irretrievable confusion.
John Hlantyro had laid aside a fair for
tune for himself.
"Let the worst came," ho said to
himself; "If I nm caught there will b
only a tow years' Imprisonment; then
1 can go abroad and enjoy my aav
Yet he relied Implicitly ukon kla
good fortune that he should not be
He entered the room trolling, with
Ula usual bland, obsequious manner,
Ills faee changed when he saw the
Countess of Caraven looking over his
balance sheets. The earl pointed to
a rbalr: the detected thief sat down.
The young eountess' eyas were rata
ed to the blund faee of tho agent; they
seemed to burn him. The rarl left
the discussion to hor, ns he had said
he would. Words eould not have ex
pressed the proud, sold contempt of her
faee aa alio spake to hlra
"You are well aware, Mr. Hlantyro,
thai this balance sheet Is worth noth
Ing? The accounts are all falsified.'
"I am not aware of anything of tho
kind, your ladyship. There may be a
few mistakes H was hurriedly made
out. May 1 aak permission to "
"You may ask nothing, air," she re
piled, eurtly. "Tell Lord Caraven It It
be correct that you havo taken a bribe
from seme one who wants Ilromhlll
farm a bribe to turn out the old ten
ants nnd bring In a new one."
"Iord Cnravcn knowa thnt he"
Hut tho countess Interrupted him.
"Did you take tho bribe? 'Yes' or
No'?" a , ,
"Yes," ho replied, sullenly.
"Mr. Ulantyre," said the young
counlfss, "you nro a dotceted thief.
lou havo robbed your employer, you
ha. falsified your accounts, you have
ground down the poor, you havo op
pressed tho holplcss, you havo mado
my husband's nnmo hated and loathed,
you have betrayed your trust, you have
drnwn down upon your own head the
curres of (hose people whom lll-luok
has brought Into contact with vnu."
"Slay, my lady. You accitso me.
and give mo no chnnco to defend my-solf."
Tho onrl was watching his wlfo In
tently. Ho saw tho color rising In her
faco, ho saw tho light In her cyos, ho
hoard tho passion, tho scorn of
wrong-dolng thnt tromtdod In her
"Bho la equal to 11," he thought;
"thero Is no need for me to Intorforo."
"You cannot ilefond yoursolf," sho
replied. "I hold Innumornblo proofs
of whnt I assort."
John Hlantyro cowered beforo the
bright Indignation of tho fearless cyos.
and, turning to tho carl, said:
"My lord, I havo been a faithful ser
vant of youra; havo you nothing to say
for mo?"
"Upon my word, Illnntyro, I bollovo
you hnvo bcon a most eonsummatn
roguo," nnswercd tho earl. "I hnvo
placed all my authority In tho hands
of Lady Caraven. Rho Is to do ns sho
Tho bland smile on the ngonCa face
.r?ryM uuiy uaraven, ana
o3Sriv telling her whal a
Ng- noble work she
changed to nn ugly sneer. The young
countess roso from hor sent, nnd, ex
tending hor nrm, pointed with her fin
nor to tho door.
"I shnll wnsto no words with you.
air," alio said, "do! Wo might pros
eeuto you, wo might forco you to give
up your Ill-gotten gains, we might ex
pose you to tho contempt of the world
hut you nre not worth It. I hid you
go, nnd the punishment of your con
duct will ho thnt overyono will know
thnt you hnvo been dismissed cliarno
terloss. Not one word!"
Ho mado aa though he would aponk.
She still kopt her hand outstretched to
the door; hor oyea overmastered him
He turned to quit the room.
When ho reached the door rage over
ennio prudence. Ho looked hack at the
noble figure of the young wife. .
I thank you, tady Cnruvon," ho
sbld. "I owe this to you.'
She made no sign that she heard
'To you," ho continued, with
auoor: "and wo all know thnt you are
here only nn sufferance. Take ear
thnt your own turn does not come."
Thar was no anawer. Not even a
quiver of the while eyelids showed that
sho heard. Ilia rage Increased.
"(lood-bye. Countess of Caravon," he
said. "You have called mo a thief; you
havo. after n fashion, ruined me. I
wll; be revengod I swear It! Ifveti
should years pass before I ran enry
out my purpose, I will be rovenged."
And with those words he quitted tho
Lord Caraven made a hasty step
acme the room to punish John Hlan
tyro a Insolenee, hut his wife touched
him gently.
"You would not surely." she said,
"all your band with him?"
"I'll kill him If he Insults your he
"He will not hare the etiaitee of In
stilling me again, Lord Oa raven; now
we will forget htm. The unjust man
shall pee away, and hla plaee shall
know htm no more; we have finished
with John Hlautyre now for happier
times. It the poor steeple on the liar
enstnere estates knew what has hap
pened, they would set the hells ringing
for Joy."
Ho watched her as she went with her
free, graeeful, proud step, and Hung
the window wide open.
"Wo will have some fresh air," she
aald. "I (n never bear the atmos
phere In whleb a had man has breath
ed." "You would not he a good prison
matron," he remarked, laughingly.
"No, I hate wlekedneee. I hnvo a
constitutional dislike to It; and I lore
goodness with all my heart"
"Then to win the love of your heart
ono must be good?" questioned the
"No only gc-4 but noble." she re-
KfOItU many days
had elapsed It be
came apparent that
a new reign had bo
gun nt Havens
mere. Sir Ha out
was charmed nnd
delighted; ho never
wearied ot praising
Lady Caraven, and
was doing; ho did his host to help her,
A wonderful change was coming over
the carl. Not that he waa beginning
even In tho lenst to love his wlfs that
Idea had not yet occurred to him; but
ho was beginning to treat her with
great respect, to reeognlzo tho fact that
sho was a hlgh-souled woman.
Hut, although tho Iden of lovo had
not oeourred to him, their relations to
ward caoh other wcro fast changing.
Tho beautiful, gifted wife was fast tak
ing her plnce In every respect nnd In
evory way, except In hor husband's
Lady Caraven lost no tlmo whon her
hushnnd had oneo given her permis
sion to act. Ho affected to laugh nnd
feel nmuscd nt hor zeal nnd her en
thusiasm In reality It shamed him.
Ho asked hor what hor first reform was
to bo; and sho told him nit the labor
ers' cottages wcro to be pulled down,
and fresh houses built for thorn
houses where the first laws ot health
could bo regarded. Sho wanted good
fresh nlr, dry walls, pure wntcr, plonty
ot room. Sho did not rost until tLe
workmou wero busy In removing whnt
sho called tho "for-acros."
Sho was to havo her own way, yet
alio showed tho sweetest submission to
her husband. When the architect nnd
builder wwlted upon hor with plans for
tho model cottages, aha took them at
oneo to him. He looked up laughing
"You pay mo n compliment. Hll
dred," he said, "but It Is your affair
ontlroly, not mine."
'1 shall find no ploasuro In It untoss
I hnvo your approvnl," she replied. "I
am your head stownrd, not your guide.
Look over thoso with mo."
Thoy discussed them In full dotal),
and thnt conversation had something
so Interesting, so piquant In It, that tho
earl was deeply Interested.
"Thank you," said Hltdrod, looking
up with a charming smite "1 am
grateful to you for relieving me In my
"Tho ploasure has boon all on my
sldo," ho answered; nnd that vs the
most gallant sp-ecli thnt tho onrl Lad
yet mado to his wife.
So tlmo passed on, nnd tho beautiful
summor days wore filled with aohemea
and plans for tho benefit of others.
It scorned to tho earl that ho was
really waking up from n long sleep.
Tho world was wearing a dlfforent as
pect for him. Ho had novor ovon glvn
n thought to politics. With tho arbi
trary Insolence of youth ho had pro
nounced them nonsonso and Hut was
one of tho things that Sir Itnaul most
denlored. Hlldred. too. was sorry for
It, She had been so successful In other
matters that she ventured nt last upon
this. It was by n serloa of well-directed
quostlons thnt sho first aroused his
attention. In trying to nnswer them
ho grew Interested himself. "If 1 could
vote," Mildred had n fashion of any Ing,
"1 should try to urge that inonsure."
At last Lord Cnrnven awoke to the
consciousness that In tho government
of Hrltaln'a mighty empire ho, too
Afnlo Mlltiniinn.
tandem. Aug. Jr. A l'efcln corre
spondent says:
The situation haa atiddendly become
acute. The relatione between the Uung
II rumen and Plr Claude MaoDonnld.
the Hrltlsh minister, nre atrnlned to
the point of rupture. Sir Claude Mne
Donald has Intimated that any failure
by China to obeerre (Ireat Hrltaln'a
wishes Mill be accepted aa n caetts belli.
In support of Sir Claude MncDonald
tho fleet has been concentrated at Wet
lla I Wei and linn Kow and nil tho
warships under B00O tons hnvo bcon
mobilized In tho Yang Tso rlvor. Tho
naval damonstratlon Is solely directed
nenlnst China, aa It Is seral-omioally
atnted that tho existing relations with
Hussla ero cordial.
Lord Salisbury has abandoned tho
policy of the onon door, substituting
for it a policy ot spheres and Influ
ence. Diplomatic conferences havo been
of constant occurrence within tho last
few days. Iird Salisbury Insists upon
the recognition by the othor powers
Interested In China ot tho boundaries
ot Croat Ilrltnln's sphere of Influence.
In the same Instrument whereby (Ircat
Britain recognlr.es Husaln's position In
Mnnchurln Husaln la required to ac
knowledge the paramountry of I5ng
land In Urn Yang Tse valley nnd guar
nntco (lint our territorial requirements
shall he permanently tMpcctcd.
0 rent Hrltaln Is willing to drop her
protest In respect to tho now Cltwang
rnllwuy, but Huseln Is required to can-
col her ngrcemont with China thnt tho
country having tho Inrgost flnnuolnl In
tcrest should arbitrate In disputes con
ncctcd with tho I'okln-Hankow rnll-
The negotiations are confined to I'o-
kln. Tho Hrltlsh nmbnseadnrs at St.
Petersburg and I'ekln nro In olose com-
ought to have voice.
(To bo Continued.)
l'ntnl I tin.
Manila. Aug. 27. On Wedneedny n
corporal and two nrtlllerlsta of bnt
tory H of tho Utah artillery, nftor dls
embarking nt Cnvlto, wero sont on nn
errand .
While passing through tho stroeta
Artlllerlat Hudson discharged his re
volver. It wna nil more fun, but tho
natives In tho Immediate locality were
much nlnrmod for n time.
The "tlvoe Immediately hogan fir
ing. Ulamountod cnvnlry worn sent to
quell tho disturbance, but tho native
misunderstood tho movement nnd tho
firing heenmo gonernl. Artlllorlst Hud
son waa killed nnd Corpornl Anderson
wju mortnlly wounded.
Troopora I, ay don. NnchlKir. Connolly
nnd IJoylo of the fourth artillery wore
wounded. Knur imtlvoa wero killed nnd
sevornl wounded.
don. Agulnnldo litis expressed his re
gret at the oncountor and promises to
punish tho offenders. No further
trouble Is oxpected.
Vtl Wrrrkeil.
8nn Krancleco. Cal.. Aug. a?. News
has been received here confirming the
reported I nee of the stern whoeler
Rtlekeen Chief. A latter from Juuoau,
dated Aug. 10. says that the disaster
was doubtless caused hy an explosion
nnd that, the crew and paeeongora
uiimherlnf forty-three persons, wero
lost. Tho Porn saved n dog whleli wna
floating on n piece of wreckage. That
It wna an explosion that caused tho
osh waa Inferred by the Dom'a erew
from tho fact that most of the wreak-
age wna broken Into small bits.
Department Arouit,
Washington, Aug. 17. On. CorMn.
adjutant general of the nrmy, miyn no
complaint has ranched tho war depart
ment from any major generul, briga
dier general, colonel or men of the
army regarding want or destitution or
lark ot supplies for tho cars ot the
troop. No demand lias lieen made
for supplies other than those which
como In the ordinary routine way. Can.
Cor bin declined to bo Interviewed on
the subject ot the many storlos
afloat regarding destitution and
mismanagement ot the war, saying
that the facts will eomo out In duo
tlmo and the peoplo will see for them
selves whnt was dono.
Tho wbolo department is greatly
stirred up over tho many newspaper
accounts of what has bean going on
nnd It was tho Mibjcat ot discussion
overywhero nbout tho war department,
but npparcntly each head of n bureau
belloves that nn investigation ot tho
subject will vindicate him and his de
partment. The oablnot was In session two hours
yesterdny and devoted n large share of
tho tlmo to matters which will como
beforo tho pence commission.
One ot the complaints which had
bcon made was In regard to tho eighth
Now York nt Chlcknmauga Parle. It Is
stat ml at tho nar department that
Den. Itoynton, In command nt Chleka- j
tnnuga, had been ordered to mako n j
thorough nnd complcto Investigation i
of tho hospitals nt that placo to aa-1
certain how the men havo fared nnd I
report all tho facta to tho department.
If there ban been any Hhortcomlhgs ho
Is Instructed to nscortaln who Is re
sponsible nnd Includo tho names of
thoso found guilty In his report.
Thoro scorns to hnvo bcon neglect In
carrying out tho ordor of tho depart
ment, No. 11C, which allowed CO cents
n day to nil soldlora In hospitals, tho
amount to ho a gonornt fund from
which could ho drawn monoy to pur
chase delicacies nnd neceeltlm for tho
slok soldlora. Tho ordor la dated Aug.
rftm Sli Ttnuw rrlilnjt.
Utile E-rear-old Klnssle had oh
ervml thnt flsh was always served for
dinner each Krldar at her home In the
city, Init she had missed It during n
two works' sojourn In the country.
"(lrandms," she queried "don't you
never have Fridays In the country?"
"Of course we do," was the reply,
but why do you aak?"
'"Cause." answered Klasste, "they
don't smell like the Fridays we havo
In town."
up i
Are the dsngor signals of Impure blood.
Thoy show thit the stream of life it In
bid condition, that health U in dsn jr of
wreck. Clrsr the trsok by liking Hood's
Hirtspsrllls snd the blood will be made
pure, complexion fair snd hoslthy, and
life's Journey ptrsisnt snd succcsttul.
It Amr rles'i (irfstoit Mnltolne. ll;Hs fur IB.
Hood's Pills curs iihIUmIKhi, bttisuiueit.
The laziest mnn will respond readily
to a Trco-ltmoli Invitation.
Iced watermelon is In great demand
nt tills time ot year.
The green apple fiend usually gives
the phyilclan nnd druggist work.
A Imth with UOHMO limTKIl JI ILK
HO A i, eipiUltly scouted. Is soothing and
bund elnl Hold everywhere.
"Your presnco Is desired" Is some
times translated "your presents."
UiUblUhcd 1780.
dixie nomas.
Kluln In (Irml IIhIIIm.
During the slego or Troy 1,140,000
men were killed nml tTO.000 men, wrni
en and children wore massacred after
the oil was taken. At tho elegit of Je
rusalem 1.100.000 persons died by the
sword and by famine. At the battle
of Austerlltx, which by many la con-al'.-ered
Napoleon's moat brilliant vie
t-jry, the Krench and Austro llusslau
armloa numbered 110,000, and the loss
wna 40,000, or about 18 per cent. At
Jena Aueratndt there wore 338,000 men
engaged, and the loss was 40,000, or
nbo.it IS per cent. At Horodlno there
were 170,000 men In battle, and 80.000
were killed and wounded, amounting to
more than 47 per cent. At Mlle
there were 100,000 men In tho battle,
which lasted three daya, and the loss
waa 110,000. or W per eenl. At Water
loo, 1 10,000 men were engaged, nnd the
low was 40,000, or 34 per cent. In the
Crimean war there were 1JI.0OO men
at the battle of Inkerwan, and the ca
sualties amounted to M.00O, or 90 per
cent. At Magenta there were llS.OCO
men. and the toss was II tier cent, or
about M.000. At Solferlno there were
MO.0M, and the lose waa 40.000, or 1
per cent. At Sadowa the hostile fores
numbered 4IT.0OO, and 70,00. or 1C ier
eent, were killed and wounded. At
Gravelott there were 4M.0M tnon In
the encounter, of whom U,0M, or about
8 per eent, were killed and wounded
At Rhlloh the armies numbered 90,000.
and tho lues was 30,000, or une-thlrd.
At Kredorleksburg there were 180.000
men, and the lose was 30,000, or 11 ier
eent. At Antietam thero were 150,000
and the lues was 30,000. or about 13 per
eent. At Chlrkamauga there were 101,
000, nnd the lues was 30.009, or 39 per
sent. At Chaneellorsvllle there were
m.m. and the lose was 30,000. or 30
per eent. At (lettyeburg Uaero were
100,000, and the leas amounted to 17,000
or 39 per eent.
Does a man without arms And a siro
pie question beyond bis grasp?
Jinny Niunr.
Cnlro. III.. Aug. -Chflrles M. Whit.
aker. of Pulaski, was grunted a license
hre to marry Miss Ida M. Matilda
Mnrtlm Melissa l.iiclnda Catherine
Jane Atlnms. of Olive Hranclt. this
ounly. The young lady with Hie ost-
tranrdluary name la only U and the
groom but 10, hence the father of the
latter, who Is also the girl's guardian,
had to give u double consent to the
Mies Winnie Davis la surinttsly III at
NurrHgansett. Plsr, It. I.
Tho snfo In tho treasurer's office ot
Amlto county, Miss., nt Liberty, was
burglarized nnd SI 1.000 ot county
bonds taken.
Moll llnll, nn old mnn, was found
dond in Coosa rlvor, near Hoko'i
Hluff, Ala. Ills boat was found near
htm turned bottom up nnd ovldoncer
of n atrugglo woro discovered on tho
river bank.
An electric car with a trailer at
tached mid 1R0 passengers became tnv
manageable nt Morldlnn, Miss., nut.
ran nwny on n down grnrto. The ea
finally loft the track and bounded Into
tho nlr, landing 100 foot nwny. No.
one hilled, but several were badly In
Tho formal transfer of the Knor
vllle, Cumberland (lap and Umlsvllle
railway has been made to the Southern
railway at KnoxvUle, Tonn.. the con
sideration being $001,710.
Several days ago Mam Hubbard was
found dead near Decatur. Ala. by the
l.oulavlllo and Nashville railway
track. A I ramp named Horace Chap
pell haa lieen nrrested on the charge
nt having murdered him. He was (ho
last man seen with Hubbard nnd
claimed tho tatter's trunk at Montgomery.
celebrated for more
than a century as a
dellcloui, nulillloui,
and fleh-fnrniing
beverage, has our
Yellow Label
on the front of erety
package, and our
Dorchester, Mass.
Secretary Algor
InipMied Camp
Mnnllii l'rlmiir.
Madrid. Aug. 27. The cabinet was
In session again yesterday Hener m-
gasta said the government waa prin
cipally oer i pled with the position of
the troop that had capitulated at Ma-
tilla. It would lie better, lie tiinugnt,
Ktililajr' Wclnumn.
"Washington, Aug. ST. Hear Admiral
Wlutleld H. Sehlsy reached Washington
nt 4:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon and
wna greotod throughout tho trip with
cheering crowds. When tho train pull
oil Into the depot hero he found n com
pact mass of spectator which filled tho
depot and overflowed out into the train
sheds. The admiral nnd Mra. Schley,
when they nppenrcd, wero greeted with
cheers nnd shouts ot "Hurrah for
ThKU tit war sil itrugxKU sell tj!t"VI' H
TAHTKI.K- i Hit. I, TNI' fr Malaria,
tliltU Miul 1 tci J 1 n mt'ir iron nml qui
nm In a laalrlitsa fi.rill t'DUdrrn l"VB It
AduIN prrtrr it to kilter. nuuvuu 1'uulss,
At Bll UruKjUH.
Itrpatrlnted Mpanlsh
bantuctird at Corunnn.
o Ulcers wcro
den, Wheeler wants the president
to visit Montnuk.
irrteitii N. .il.il.
Indoa, Aug. 27. A corespondent
at Hong Kong telegraphs?
The Hrltlsh eonsul at Kiting Chau
II el ii oil has asked the American consul
at Canton to urge tlie viceroy to send
to tranaport them to the Vlaeayas 111-1 soldlsra to Nodea, near Hoi How, to
anils than to bring them here, but the , proleet tne lives anil property of Amer.
question must be decided uy agree
mmeut with the Ameriean govern
ment. It devends upon whether or
not the troops were considered prison
ers of war.
tilaliii Hnil Trslinnl.
Undon. Aug. 27. A Madrid corre
spandant says the oflleers and soldiers
who havo returned from Santiago ue
lean mlalnuarlee there, who have been
obliged to gee for their lives for Ddea
ami seek the protection of tho Urltlsh
eonsul at Hoi How.
doing la Vil mlmi.
Merldn, Mex., Aug. 27. Many Span
Utrds, rosldent now In Havana nnd
other Cuban ports, nro preparing to
Tht tUll
Kr tfih riur m. nJii r'
twi'y iiy t I'rr-ta-1. -, t
Sbt.i:: ,ni 1ltiFp(l Akl"f
iKi I un llripj 'tiiMi. irr
li utM k , rtw llr itlirunn
yowl I . ii uMl'J I'iloru.td
A J ToWl H Ii -'. Matt
11 m kk&a as
Cuba bitterly aoeuso tho Americana of go to YMeatnn and settle, believing Ihey
unfulfilled promises made at the time
ot the capitulation of Santiago. The
Americans, they sey. forecd the Span
ish troops to eneamp on a spot where
hundreds of corpses of the Spanish de
fenders ot Rl Caney were burM. 1he
rains almost unearthed the bodies, the
stench from whlcb produced an epl-dfrala.
la lbs World W Mnd Ut m O.
ii l ub in. prifiltf e o( ta
.r. tins ..iMlvr.parlnf
(uraui hni l fur frf cllog.
The J, H, Wilton Saddlery CoH Dtnvtr.Colc,
enu Improve their fortunes.
On the other hand Cuban landed pro
prletors among the refugees there are
refusing to aell their lands and will
aoon return.
Willi CAI'T O JMP.RP.I.I., PtntUn Age nt,
142SNw Verk Awiiut. WASIIINUION, U.C.
The Sob Pedro (Cal.) harbor eontnul
has boon signed.
tt'AMMi M 1 .1 1.. h I V K N S
, nm n .i i.r .. ... i i.4 i ii. m.1.
l iw i i, I i 1 ..it. Ktiai
U3 BiTuu(ta sjiut. tmnM I'mB
ui n tiwo. SuU bj dumiuu. sfl

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