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WM. If. MUU.ANh! 1'ublltbtr.
N. M.
Ta boast hX sinleasae In to tin.
that your heart It In It; but rank and
position have duties that we oannat Ig
nore. hon h lady like Udy Hamll
Ion rolunteer a 'lilt, ll In neaeitary
to resolve her wltu all eotirtcay. Ynu
will lie able m ile something, but not
R we people are always up ami doing
Hirer peOpie.
Toe inanr aim at righteousness with
a -H-Proplc sight.
I'sople alwaya notice the snots on
tbe raiment of prltft.
Tho bell nf tht fashionable church
awaken many sluggard
Man are not necessarily big guns We
cause tlirjr happen to iw IiIr bores.
HeWe marriage a man wears to
love, sfter marring he love to awear.
Uterr.al lit In the only thins worth
striving for In which therp In no com-
A wrong la not right because It It
gray-headed, nor ilea hpiause It hat
been bo pi lard.
A mi " Ky If It In true ihr.t man
propiifph .mil (IihI ..(tinmen, noma men
fall to tli their kli.iri'.
The truth u rondpinnid more than
la thr fnlw. People will condemn that
about whlih ihey know the least.
It ditrun t alwayii make n man happy
when n girl returns hi love cepaclal
ly when it'a returned beisme ahe hat
no up for It.
Only the love of truth la? make a
1 lupine profliable. The man who en
ters Inio nu argument solely In get
the better of hla opponent l In no con
dltlon cither to profit or to be profited,
I Ik la neither a teacher nor a pupil, but
an artilleryman bombarding hit neigh
Imr'a castle put to aee him run up tho
white tlag. No man In fit to enter Into
n debate who would not rather gel nt
Hie until than win a victory.
Home very good men are addicted to
profanity, but there lan't one of them
who la not aahnmed of every oath he
niter. The utterance la Involuntary,
without preface, uncontemplated, spon
taneous, Midden, anil In moat enact the
reault of oxtrome vexation. When It It
over the decent mini chldoa hlintelf
nud deelnro ho will never dn It again;
hut ho ndilt, with n auiiproatoil chue
hie, "Nothing olio under nonvon would
have untied that knot or buttoned that
CHAPTER XXXV.-(Ceiitlnued)
TJiejr tinil neon nothing of John
Hlnntyre id nee hla abrupt dlmlal.
The sari bad been tnld that ho had
toft More Cottnge, but that he wna llv
Ink at Caitrt Haven. That piece of In
telllgenos did not trouble him; tho tin
jttat steward wna part and tmrcsl of the
pant a past he waa beginning to think
of with regret. Nevertheless, John
ftlantyre lived only for hla revenge.
Atllnmu came with Ita golden wheat,
Itt ripe fruit. Itt Korgeeua beauty of
coloring. The tplrlt of Imprnvemnnt
waa nt work at Itavenamere; al
ready the obnoxloua cottage bad
disappeared, and In their place
clean, healthy, well-dratned dwelling
hoiiiaa were springing up. Udy Cars
von worked hard, allowing herself lit
tle reat, and tho earl waa filled with
wander nt her gyeteintllc method.
They worked together. Hue made
their dutlea ao pleaaant to him that he
wculd not for the wor' have renounc
pi? them. Iluaband and wire became,
nn 'he earl aald. good companion, good
frUnd. They had many Intertati now
In common the Improvement of the
cat itc. the building of model cottagee.
tit" education of the young, the relief
of the aged nnd distressed. With n
t Knight fttt look In hie blue rye.i the
i tr would sometimes eay to hla wife:
"t cannot Imagine why I thought all
Thnt our people have nn epoclal
hatred of our recent eneinlea In Spain
la abundantly ihowu by the onthusliu
tlc welcome which Admiral Cervorn
has met with whenever he line been lu
any place that khvc the public a chnnco
lo come In contact with him. It It
doubtful, however, whether the extra
ordinary ma ii I feat a Hone of frteudahlp
and admiration which Admiral Car
era has received from the handa and
tnoiitlie of the American people are
likely, to add materially to hla preatlga
In bit own country.
Oreat llrltaln la not n military na
tion, yet her army coat. In 1107, tl
270,000, and her navy M.170.000. n to
tal for both arm of the torvlce of
$Xx.!OO.0O0. The expenditure of France
In the aame yenr for theae two pur
IHiaea waa Il75.00o.ooo. and of (lermany
$ I ft" ,000.000. Their armlea are much
greater than that of Oreat llrltaln, but
their unvlee nrc smaller than hem.
Probably four-fifth of thnae unormoua
nggregnte might ho taved, wcro It not
for the noroatlty to protect colonies, to
Kimrd frontlore. and to be propnnd for
the niimluirloee dniiKcre to which In
ternational ambltlnut. jenlouHlea nnd
rompllentlona miiy glvu rlite. It la a
nroat prlee to wy for IioIiik claaead
iimunK the "gront pnwera."
ronrernlug the auppoead friction be
tween aerinany and the United Ktalet,
Mr. Andrew White, ttia Amtrlean am
ba tender to that eoutitry, aayt: "Tho
relnllona between the Herman and
American governmenta have 1mmii and
atlll are excellent. At a almple matter
of fait, no pereon ariiualntial with the
matter will deny that the Herman ov
ernment baa treated oura with falrneaa,
or claim that It haa been wanting In
eourteay to our government or to Ita
representative In Ilerlln. Thar It no
exception to tttto etatament. At to tho
tier wan people at large, I am tMlltflad
that the eubataatlal. thinking Prt ot
them art now oh tbe whole friendly
to A Morten. I am receiving letter
very day which Indicate tale. Ot
courao there haa been on the port ot a
poaaiderabla number a natural sympa
thy with fpaln as a weaker power
IlKhtlBB a atronger one; quite likely,
too, a cowaldernble portion of Uinded
proprtotort and ot loading maaufaetur
era have had prejadlcea against the
United Statoa, caused by what they
bare eonaWered Interference with thtti
OoWJwIh imlth muat not mourn over
tbe ranlahment of the Monroe doctrine.
It It not dead, but merely aleepotk,
owing to emergencies temporarily be
yond our control. Itt author would
not hare been strenuous for Ita entire
preservation over too fact that half a
mllllw mob. women and rhlldien wore
starred to death by a foreign toe In
Cuba; aad If a rertlAeattoe) to aotao ei
teut of that Mtolortuao make it nee
toeary lo go abroad, that la a meet
ally wtttoN the Monroe doctrine de
mand for Ht own protection, mill,
the sleep may be a long one.
this so tlroaoinc before, or what Hives
me so much plcururc to do It now."
No one wnn more KratlDed tliiui Air
Hnoul. He exulted In the furt mm hla
predictions were fultllled.
"I alws)4 thotiitlit a good womnn'a
Influence uoundleaa," lie said: "and
now I am sine of h."
Hut he was nut misled: he raw ex
actly how thliiKB werethat tho oar!
had started with the com in Ion that
hla wife was an unformed school-gli'i,
and that, though believing her now to
be it very clever woman, he still re
tained much of his early Impression.
Iord Caraven had accepted the fact
that he did not love her with a lever's
, love, and that their marriage wnt n
fatal mistake Into which nit own folly
bad led him and he had not changed
hla opinion; he absolutely never
thought of lore with reference lo her.
They were good friends, with ono com
mon Interest that was nil.
Hut with lllldred It was not quite
tho annic thing. Blie hml mire lovad
him; nnd now. as hit better nature ap
peared, she begun lo care .for him
nnnln. Not that liu ever betrayed
such a feeling to tilm. Hlie was kind,
nffratlondto', piitlcnt': sho dovriled her
self to hi servlre; but no word In
dicating ii warmer feeling thun friend
ship over escaped her Hp. Hlio did not
even own to herself or know that alio
was beginning to love him.
One day, after luncheon, whon lomo
visitor were Maying with thorn, tho
oonversatlon turned on n certain Indy
Hamilton, who had Juwt returned, u
widow, from Indlu.
"Udy Hamilton was one of your
early loves, I'lrlr, wa ahe not?" said
Hlr Itaoul, laughingly,
"I suppose so," replied tho earl,
rarnlsiHil). "I had n great many early
loves, It one may believe all the stories
told. Do you know wliat my opinion
"Ko," anawtrod ilr Itaonl, "1 do
"1 do not believe that I have ever
loved at all-that It, using the word
Move' In It beat nnd highest sense."
"Then It I for want ot appreciation,"
said Hlr Itaoul, curtly.
Neither of them knew that Mildred
had overheard the few chance word,
but they had pierced her heart aa with
a two-edged sword.
A kind ot jealousy that she eould not
understand took poeiOH of bar. If,
on looking nt picture or photographs,
Uird Caraven praised one or thought
is pretty, the would examine It In de
tail to rind out If poMlkle what he ud
mlred In It. If. In speaking ot any
lady friend or visitor, the earl express
ed hit admiration of her, a vague un
reel would come over hit wife; she
would try to underetnnd what attract
ed him. Ile had a frank, careleet, easy
way ot expressing himself. Often,
when the heard tilm, her faee would
suddenly grow pale even to her Hp.
If he iored at all, he must love her.
Iird Oaraven discerned nothing of
this, but ilr Itaoul was more deeply
vorsed In human nature, and he saw
tkt the young eountsst waa beginning
to lovo her husband with a paastenate
love. He did not know whether to be
ideated or Korry whether her love
would ever be returned. Yet he eould
not fid turrlted.
lunin, nnd iwople
were saying to
each other amlllng
ly Hint a ti m m c r
.Si- J&UU) o ni e d unwilling
c'-tt WM "Ending now
':a.. 5agr In arft it o I il e n
eheavon, the fruit
hung rl upon the
One morning n letter enmo to Itnv
enamere. It was from Udy Hamilton,
to say that ahe waa returning from
Oowea, where ahe had been staying
tome ilmo, tnd would be glad to pay
hor promliod visit.
Lord Carnven'e Rest aensntlaii on
rending tbe coquettish little note was
not one of uiimltlgntod pleasure. They
had been spending a very happy week
alone, the earl, the countsea and Hlr
Itaoul a week that he had thoroughly
onjoyed because the greater part of It
had been spent in the open air with hU
wife and Ilr flaoul. They had been
watching the butldere' progress, watch
ing the Improvements; and the earl
wna more pleased than he would have
cared lo tay at seeing once more u
smile on the farea around him. He
did not feel quite sure at llrst that he
carsd for the coming Interruption, lie
gave tbe letter to Lady Caravan.
"If she cornea." be aald, "It la pret
ty certain, we must Invite a party to
most her."
The young countexa looked up.
"We are a party," she tnld him "we
are three."
lrd Caraven Intighed.
"Three Is a tery small number, Mil
dred. What would Udy Hamilton sty
If the came here and round mnt we had
not Invlied any one to meet hr? Itaoul
and 1 would bo oxhnuaud by the
amount of homage we should have to
pay. Udy Hamilton la the very queen
of ciiiUottee."
"I do not lll,c eoquetton," sold Udy
Cnnivon, curtly.
"It would be wonderful If you did,"
laughed her husband. 'Durfc-eyod mid
dnrk-hnlrtd women lllio you, lllldred,
nro generally tevi re; golden hair nnd
blue eyes take naturally to nirtatlnn.
Hut that la no nettlcment ot our dim
culty. There I but one course open
to ua to write nud any that wo tlmll
be delighted. You will write, of
"II you wish It," mid Mll(..ed, quiet
ly. "Then we will draw lip a Hat of peo
ple to Invito white the la here. We
mutt have same eligible men."
"What does she want eligible men
for?" asked lllldred; and the two gen
tlemen laughed at tho qtieatlon.
"Is she a widow?" continued tbe
young countess.
"One of the youngest, prettiest,
wealthiest widows lu England. " said
the carl.
Udy Caraven felt a vsy no dawning
of Jealous dislike.
"1 am almost sorry thnt the Is com
ing now," put In Sir Itaoul; "we are go
very happy-all our quietness will lie
brokou up and destroyed.
lu hit heart Lord Car von almost
re-echoed the wMi.
Perhaps tho Countess of Cannon
had nevor undertaken u lr.uk more un
pleasant to her than tbe writing of this
letter, yet It had to bo duno with all
the graceful courtoey Imaginable. Then
tho earl mado out a Hit at people
whom ho thought tho brilliant young
widow would like to meet.
"There." he nld--"we have an elig
ible mnrqulH, n court favorite, a mil
lionaire, a philosopher, and a soldier.
Surely botweon them her ladyship will
receive homage enough."
Ill wife noted with Infinite sa tit f fic
tion thut he had not mentioned him
self, livldently he had no Idea ot pay
ing homage to her; but the words,
"one of the youngest, prettiest widows
In Mnglnnd," had made a disagreeable
Impression on her. alio eould not tell
why, but she had nn unpleasant fore
boding thnt evil would eotne from the
widow's visit, evil both bitter and sore.
"There It another thing, lllldred,"
aald Urd Caraven - "luly Hamilton
must hare amusement. You will have
to lay aside your work for a time and
attend to It. Wo must have n ballis
grand ball, not a mero danalng party
we must have dinner tartlet and
plenht. a regular round of entertain
oienti." "And my wprk roust stand ttlllt"
she Interrupted, regretfully.
"I am sorry for It, becauie I know
T was the even'r.t
o f t h e d a y o i
which Udy Ham
ilton wna expected
Several rf I h
Riisets Invited tc
meet her had si-,
ready arrived, nnd
tho young Countesi
ot C h r a v e u
anxiously expected
her visitor. She
had n trange kind or forohodlnr; noon:
"I wonder," ehc said to Hlr Knout
"ir some iH-ople do bring mlifortun
with them. I have an Idea tint Udy
Hamilton will bring evil lo me."
Mir Ranul laughed, and told her In
hla simple chivalrous faahlon that a
beautiful wri-ian could bring only sun
shine and happiness; but the ycung
countess sighed.
"Helen of Troy did not bring muli
sunshine," she said, "and she wee
beautiful enough."
"But." objected Hlr Ttaoul. "there la
n dlffer-ncc; Udy Hamilton has
her fatal loveliness. Times have s
teri.l; no woman's fare. I think, will
ever rnute another thirty years' war '
The young counteti resolved n;o.i
being armed at all point Her maid
felt thnt at length her r.ilstrcra wn
doing Jurtlre to herself, r.he was thnt
evening very difficult to please no
dross wa pretty enough; she (hose one
at length of purple velvet, long, grace
ful, and mado after n picturesque fash
ion that lllldred particularly affected -cut
square so a to show the benutlful
neck and shoulders, with wide hang
ing aleeres, fastened with a diamond
knot on the nhoutder n drees that was
the triumph of good tantc; no ribbon,
no flowers, no ornament nor trim
ming marred It grand simplicity. 8b
wore nothing hut diamond with H
a amall tlnra that crowned the quesnty
head, a necklace round tho white
throat, n amall cross on the white
breast, and u bracelet on one of her
beautifully molded arms. Noihlirg
could have been more magnificent, la
bettor or simpler taato.
Sir Hnoul looked delighted when he
taw her. "Udy Hamilton may bo very
fair," bo thought, "but alio will not
look like lllldred."
Tho carl did not notice either hor
fare or her . .cn; he admired her nklll.
hor Renins, but bo wiih certainly nut lu
lovo with hi young wHv.
It wn with tome little curiosity that
tho young counts wont to inrot hor
r,uoat. Udy Hamilton had been shown
Into n pretty little boudoir, whrro alio
it wn I tod her bottom; nnd theeo two
women v,.o were so strangely to croir
each other llvot looked almost canor
ly at each olhor.
Udy Caravou saw beforo her n tail,
graceful, lovely blonde, whose sunny
eyea and golden hair wore bright and
beautiful, whose roil Hps smiling show
ed teeth Hlie pearl. After returning
In the most musical of voices the greet
ing of her hostess, ahe requested thut
r.hc might be rhi.wn to her room.
Kbe xtat !n route measure Just what
Lady Caraven hud expected tu see. 8ho
appeared In the drawing-room two
mlnutoa before the announcement of
dinner waa made, and then Mildred ex
amined her mors critically. Her en
trance made a sensation amongst the
gentlemen. lllldred stood watching
the scene, watching the pretty maneu
ver of the rrnlly beautiful ooquotto,
and how noon they took offect.
Hltdrod rIrIiciI iik she turned away.
This wa tho kind of beauty that hoi
husband loved blonde, tall and grace
ful. (To be continued.)
Hh lutlili Upuu IWliig llrr Own Way
III Itrcrj-tliliig-.
In 8t. Nicholas there Is an account of
an Angora cat named "I'tuilnolla,"
who belong to a llttlo Italian girl, the
daughter of ono of Ktng Humbert's
aides. The cat was born In tho Qulr
Inn!, nnd waa a gift to tho llttlo girl
rrom Qucon Marguerite. Tho writer
eay: I'umIiioIU's overv whim and
humor are considered, nu ho haa
many, especially about her eating; no
princes wn evor half so faitldlou or
exaaUng, or gave so much trouble by
bar capricious appetite. One day ahe
will have only cooked meat, another
only raw, atlll another none nt all, but
only fowl or bird. In (lenoa, alio had
her own particular corner In the dining-room,
with a llttlo carpet on which
her plate wa set; but she did not al
ways eat there no, Indeed! If the
day wjl. blight nnd sunny, she prefer
red the terrace, or the drawing-room,
us her mood might be. fiho wonld
walk ahead, looking back to tee If she
were being followed, until she got to
the spot where she wished her meal,
and there ahe would atop. Sho was nl
way obeyed na respectfully as any
royal queen, for her commands woro
usually enforced by eueh frantic cries
or omlnoua growls, that nil feared to
gainsay her, or preferred to keep tho
peaee. The kitchen was In the uppor
story ot tho house, and when Tustlnel
la wlthcd anything oxtra to eat, ahe
would go upstairs to tho door, put hor
head In and mew, and then turn nnd
walk down, while the cook followed
with tho food. The kitchen waa no
place for to noble a lady to tako her
meals! I have teen five plates ot' dif
ferent meets brought one after another
before she eould find what suited her
taste. I often wondered that tho cook
waa so good and atlent, but ho ad
mired her beauty and he feared her
slaws, to the reault was eouipleto oUe
dlente to her evtry whim.
tlsnlth Ilslry Meltindi,
Ptofeisor Wing of Cornell Univer
sity, In hit obicrvallon on dnlrylng
In forolgn countries, says, with regard
to Denmark: "Denmark It tho tno
Important country to nn Amorloan
tram the butter standpoint. Tho Dan
ish hvtter, Judged from the market
ttandpolnt, reaches tho highest quality
In the world. This hat been brought
about largely by ofrtelnt and (oml-olll-olal
government aid. The develop
ment has been rapid, and It, proba
bly, now near to tho maximum. Tho
dairies are largely co-operutlvo, what
wo sail creameries. Thoto creameries
tako tho whole milk, the cream I ex
tracted In separators, then paitcurUed,
nnd afterward ripened by pure culture
starters, A vory large proportion of
tho crcflmcrle voluntarily place them
selves under government Inspection in
this way: Thoy agree to ond nt any
tlmo, twloo n year, to government sta
tion, whenever required, n tub of but
ter, which, nftor It I rocclvod nt tho
station, It examined a to water, and
then Judged by n commltteo ot nine
Judges selected by tbe station. This
commltteo It made up of two repre
sentative from tho dealer' standpoint
to one from the manufacturers'. Tho
nvorago Judgment of the nlno it trans
mitted, with suggestion, to tho mak
er, for tho past evcn or olght year
bi-monthly show hnvo boon hold In
Copenhagen, which hnvo resulted In
markedly Improving tho butter. When
tho butter from n creamery doot not.
upon Ita second appearance, camo up
to tho roqulrcd atnndnrd. tlio croamcry
It obliged to employ a govornmont ox
port. The show nro held under the
atuploes ot tho Itoynl Agricultural So
cloty. from fnotorlot ot ottnbllshed
reputation no enmploa nro require J;
but from tho poorer factories several
nro roqulrcd."
1'iinll ry nml llm 1'iiriii lliy.
How to kvop tho boy on tho farm.
Wo will venture to nstort that ir oacti
hoy I given a flock or fowl, It only
Hnntams, and ho alono hnvo the man
agement, nnd tho receipts a very Im
portant adjunct tho flock ot fowl
will caiiso the boy to tako nn Intoreit
In farming from tho start. Lot him
becomo nccustomod to tho breed and
ho will soon loarn tho points ot all
breed. And ho will not stop there.
Ho will aim to know tho breeds ot cat
tlo, sheep, horse nnd hog. Ho wilt
look forward to the exhibitions of tho
couutry fain, and strive to win prizes.
Ho will hnvo a lovo for tho farm bred
In him from tho start, and when ho Is
a mnn he will yearn for tho happy days
spent on tho farm, and will got back
lo It It ho can, should ho bo Induced
away. When ono becomos Interested
In poultry on tho farm ho become ed
ucated to an Interest In everything
olio. A soon as your boy can manage
them, glvo thorn a few llantams, and
after ho I older itnrt him with soma
pure breed ot ttnndnrd size. It U tho
best plan for teaching tho boy to ro
main on tho farm. Malno Farmer,
Fixed tho Klckor. Tho stanchion
should bo so mado that tho cow can
tco tho milker, and ho should always
opcak to hor when npproachlng beforo
olttlng down to milk. Wo pot and
handle our hclfor and hnvo thorn tamo
and gontlo beforo thoy hnvo their lint
cnlt and scarcely ever have any trouble
with them. Wo had a largo and utrong
cow which when fresh objected to u
subttltuto for her calf and kicked the
nillkor away and kept on doing to.
I finally remembered that Manner, In
hi homo book, recommended tho war
brldlo for kicking cows. Wo used U
and It wa n ruocoss, Tbo war bridle
Is mado In this way: Tako n small
rope or cord hnlf an Inch thick or loss,
and tlo ono end around hor horns, !n
tho nbtonco of horn around hor nock;
tho tako n halt hitch over tho undot
Jaw Just back of tho front tooth. Tako
tbo other end of cord In ono band and
milk with tbo other hand. Every time
sho kicks glvo a sharp Jerk on tho cord.
Sho will toon glvo up kicking.
Material for Farm Dulldlngt. There
was good reason when the country wat
now for making all buildings ot wood.
Forests had to be cleared away, and
beforo saw mills could bo put up tht
houso mado ot hewn logs, tightly
framed together, mado a warm and
cheap house for tho settler and hit
family. Log houses wero ofton made
for stock. Tho framo bujldlng after a
whllo supenedod logs, as being more
economical. Nowadays, In mott ccr
tlona whoro tbcro Is otther ttono or
clay RUltablo for making brlok, homo
ot ttono or brlok nro tuponodlng thoto
ot wood. In ono reipoct noarly all
farmer are agreed. A good basement
under a barn built with wall of itone
make a much warmer and eheaper
room for stock than oan be prepared
In tho frame building nbovo the base
ment. Hx.
Vacant Lot Farming. Typography
cal Union No. 0 or New York, one ot
the ttrongeat organization of printers
In this country, hat gono Into the va
oant let farming work for some of Its
unemployed members. About seventy
five ot them have been started In the
work near Tellium, being given on
halt aero eaob. It It said that all are
very enthusiastic, some so mueh to
that they want an acre each, and they
will probably receive It It thoy provo
deserving of it. That It the best pos
sible form ot charity that puts an un
fortunate In tho way of helping him
elf. It helps without pauperizing.
Hural Now Yorker.
Advantage of Milk Inspection. Tht
rigid Inspection of the milk brought
Into thl elty, by the itato Inipesior.
forced the milkmen to test their sows,
get better sows, take better eare o!
their sows, stables and utentlls. It
has led them to a study and consider
ation of the question of individual mop
It in their cows, and today tho milk
men aro making mero monty per cor
than tbty am 41s.
worms or Arm
Haw IlailnpM Horn tint Ited IS
reitlble for KftryOne to l'snrtt
rrobably at no tlmo in tho world's
history bat to much attention been
paid to tho Interior deeorntlon ot
homes a at prcicnt. No home, no
matter how humble, It without Its
handiwork that holps to beautify tho
apartments and msko tho surround
ings moro cheerful. The tatte ot tbo
American pcoplo hat kept pace with
the age, and almost ovory day brings
form something new In tbo wsy ot a
picture, a draping, a piece of furniture
or omo form'ot mural decoration.
One of tho latest of thoto nns been
given to the world by tho celebrated
artist, Muvlllo, in a scries ot four
baudtomo porcelain game plaques.
Not for years has anything ns hand
some In this line been tctn. Tho sub
Jectt represented by tbote plaques aro
American Wll Duckt, Amorloan
l'heoeant. American Uuall and Hngllth
Bnlpe. They are bntidtume paintings
nud aro especially designed for hang
ing on dining-room walls, though
their rlchnees and beauty entitles them
to a place In tho parlor or any home.
Theie original plaque have been pur
chased at a cost ot ftu.ooo by J. 0.
llubliiger lire. Co., manufacturer of
tho celebrated Hlastlc Starch, and In
order to cnablo tbelr numerous cus
tomer to become possessors ot these
bandsomo works ot nn they have had
them reproduced by a special process
In all tbe rich colors and beauty .it
the original. Thoy nro flnlshod aa
heavy cardboard, pressed and em
bossed In tho kbnpo ot a plaquo nnd
trimmed with n heavy band ot gold.
They measure forty Inchon In tlrcim
fcrenco and contain no rondlng matter
or advertisement whatever.
Until October 1 Mossr. J. C. Mubln
gor Itros. Co. propose to distribute
tl.cio plaques frco to tholr customer.
Every purchaser of thrco ton -cent
packages of Elastic Starch, flat-iron
brand, manufactured by J. C. Htibln
gcr llros. Co., Is entitled to rccclvo
ono or theso hnndsomo plaque free
from tholr grocer. Old nnd new cus
tomers ollko nro entitled to tho bene
fits of this offer. Theso plaques will
not be sent through tho mall, tho only
way to obtain them being from your
grocer. Every grocery ntoro Id tho
country has Elastic Slnrch for ssle. It
I the oldest nnd best laundry starch
on tbe market, and Is the most pcrttct
cold process starch over Invented. It
Is the only stnrch mado by men who
thoroughly undrntand tho laundry
business, nnd tbo only starch that will
not Injure tho finest fabric. It ha been
tho itandard for n quartor ot it cen
tury, nnd a an evldcnco ot how good
II I twenty-two million packages wcro
sold latt year. Ask your dealer to
show you tho plaquo nnd toll you
about Elastic Starch. Accept no ub
ttltutc. Hear In mind that this offer
hold good n short tlmo only, and
should be taken advantngo ot without
l.nrc'l In Hi" Witrlil,
Tho Inrgcst kitchen In tho world It
tnld to bo In tbo Parisian More, tho
Hon Mnrchc, which hat 4000 employes.
Tho emnlloHt kettle contains 100 quarts
and tho Inrgcst COO. Each of the fifty
roaming pnn I big enough for i00
cutlet. Whon omelette arc on tho
bill of faro 7800 egg nro rooked nt
oner. For cooking nlnnn, sixty cooks
nnd 100 ntelstnutt nro always at tho
ran go.
Winter ringnmkar llrnd,
The ninator flngmiikcr ot tho Hrook
lyu nnvy yard I (load. The Itumodlnto
rnue of death wna peritonitis, but his
Hlnoe wna brought on by overwork,
incrce, I n nutlvo ot Massachusetts,
flag nnd anslgns ho had been turning
out for tho government for wnr pur
poses. Ho was horn lu Ireland sixty
four years ngo, nnd had been In Undo
Sam s employ for nearly thirty years.
Art nf ltcnmimr.
Mr. Youngwon Ofjorgo, you know
that 1 110 you gnvo mo to buy a hat?
Mr. Youngwon Yos, dear.
Mrs, Y. Well, 1'vo saved tho monoy.
Mr. Y. How? I see you'ro wearing
a now lint.
Mr. Y. In ordor to bo economical,
Ocorgc. I kopt the $20 for pin money
nnd had the hat oharged.
Tun I'ii ml ot llm I'oor.
Ileggar Sir, I nm Rtnrvlug.
CrooKim Hero tako this penny and
tall mo how you became so miserably
llcggnr Ah, sir, I was like youi I
wa too fond pf giving largo sum or
money to tho pour.
I.nrc" "'"I1 !t
A Mingle lump ot eiwl weighing ex
actly -l,U0 pound was reosntly
shipped tram the United Mates to
Munchoster. A tpsetal derrick hud tu
he rigged to get It from tho railroad
car into tho steamer's, hold.
Ilaaulr ll lllnml llevp.
(lass blood assent else kk. No total?
Uetek ptmptot. tx.llt, Uatcea, blMkaeadt,
nUbottt It. CMeaetu. taadr Cstaar
cleta yourWeod aad ketut It eieaa. kr
wlrriag nu tin Issy liver tad drlvtsg ttt Htt
imrllte frwn lb faudr. Hegia to-day b)
tad Ikit ttrkly ullloui nmiplesloa be Uklat
I'tMtreU, keeutr fur tea eeau. AU drag
irUU, MUUUetloe guanalaed. let, 90c, AO.
The amateur llsherman l In his
glory these days.
Tslntt tbe blood of militant, and teener
or later may break out lu hip dUeiie,
running cores or cemo inert com pi lotted
form. To oure torotuU or pro out it,
thoroughly purify your blood with
Hood' Htriiparlll, whleh bat seentln
ntlly growlug record of wetidet lul euret.
It Amtrtes't Uiratett MuMelBt. li ttx ler t
Hood's Pills ledlgMtwa. Wae-i.

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