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I J. O. Wheat Is putting In a bowling
nllojr next door to tho Oumibnt qIIIco.
1'rof. Henry IHsRer left Wednesday
for Hope to tako chargo of tho tohnol
ut that point.
John McRwnn returned Saturday
frofn a month's business and pleasure
trip through tho east.
Dr. Forgusson, of Itoswell, well
known to many I'.ddy people, died lust
Saturday of hemorrhage of tho lungs.
Tho Hank of Itddy Is prospering be
yond the expectation of Its promoters,
having nearly 896,000 Individual de
posits. Mrs. Harry Davidson came up from
I'ccos, Saturday, und visited a week
with her sister, Mrs. Hlgglns, who has
t been very ill.
J. F. Dutler, tho photo man, is home
from his Texas trip and will bo pre
pared to tonka plcturos for u short
time ut his old stund.
N. V. linker, tho butcher, Is orvetltijr
a small Iron Imd Inline struoUiro ner
the corner of Cunonlund Fox, south of
tho bakery, for a market.
Win. II. (Jawden jr., of
passed through town Thursday for
Itoswell with his sou Jack, who will
.attend the Military Institute.
(leorge Curry, A. K. Williams and
John I'ollook of tho ''Hough Itlders"
1 are expected hotto In ft few days, hav
ing been mustered out of tho army.
(1. V. A. Hobortsoil und family re
turned Saturday night from ii trip by
wagon to Uugcrmun, Itoswell and
other-points of Interest In the upper
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Harbor returned
last weok, Wednesday, from Uhcroknti
Texas, whore they spent their honey
moon visiting Todd's parents and
A heavy rain fell Monday nftenumn
south of 1'henlx ox tending to tho
vineyard, though Kddy und Otis did
not receive enough to luy the dust for
more than a day or two.
Jvlllott Hendricks returned from
Virginia Thursday of lust week. Jvl
llott will tuke u courso in a short hund,
typo writing and telegruphy school to
(it hlmsslf for a position he bus In
Mr. John liyrno and Ml s Ann Mi"
ban vwo united In inarriugu Sunday
by Jii6tlco Itoberts, Mr. Jiyinu Is 0140
is one of tho heavy sheep men of Kddy
county, and Iiuh reelded hero llfteen
llie peoplo of Jllack river near Ed
JJass place havo erected a One frame
school house and uro now enquiring
for a teacher. Propositions will b
received by I2d Uassor J. T. I'lowmau,
Eddjr.N. M.
Al. Freeman, for a short time u bar
bir in Kddy, but who escaped from
tho Albuquerque jail where he was
confined awaiting a charge of forging
a 8100 druft, bus been ugulu captured,
this time in Alamota, Colo,
J. It, Wllburn, of Odessa, who ur
rested one Wiley Williams on a dis
patch from Coiitituble Hurkey, como
in with Mr, Hurkey from Odessu,
Wednesday, with Williams, who Was
lodged In jail on the charge of stealing
a calf out east of Kddy near Itcd Lake,
Dr. Hearup returned Monday from
Silver City whero he attended u meet
ing of the territorial board of dental
examiners. While In Sliver City Dr.
Uenrup met Mr. llartlctt, for severul
years tho engineer in churge of the
1 I.& I, Co., uico Dr. Van Clove, Hill
Johnson, tho pulntcr, Jun, Wlnslow
and several other formor Kddy pooplc.
Tho I. I, & I. company is discussing
the advisability of removing all dams
und cheeks from tho big canal in order
to give tho canal an opportunity to
curry the amount of water It was
originally calculated to convey. This
Will make it possible to Irrigate about
twice as much land, though a few of
the highest tracts will bo deprived of
water right
The exhibit of fruits Ind vegetables
for the jwet seven yours held in the
JJouk building lias been moved to tho
storo room formerly occupied by the
Kddy Drug C . and post ollloe. The
general ollloea of the V. I. & 1. Co.
from the sewmd story of Hank build
ing to tho leonud Hour of the Taustll
bloek. Tho general muuuger'tf olllcts
are looaUd In the south-east rooms up
Hon. Antonio Joseph, for four terms
delegate to oongreoa from New Mex
ico, passed through town yesterday ac
compunted by Hon. (J. A. Illchardsou,
of Itoswell. Mr. Joseph was returning
from Itoswell, which place he visited
to accompany bis son to the Military
Academy, und Mr. Illchardsou was
eu-roiite to Las Crimes Id attend a
meeting of thr regents of the Agricul
tural und Mechumoul college.
Tho following contingent of bojrs
from the furtns und ranches of Kddy
county left Monday fur Itoswell to en
ter the New Mexico Military Institute :
Walter Duugherty. Hob. son of Dau
Luoas, Clurenee, son of V. W. Cowden.
Willie, sou nf Sam Smith. Marvin and
Carl, sous of Morgan Livingston, Tom.
son of Morgan Davis of Hope. Will
Owens. Frank Lavertv and Julian
Smith's boy
Tho Stake.
The famous old Irish drama, Kath
lleen Mavourneen, was played to i
crowded home at the Kddy Opera
house Thursday night with Miss .len-
nlo James as Kuthleon and Mr. Will
II. Locke as Torrance The part of
Kathleen could not bo improved by an
amateur and in fact by few proft'selnn
all. MIm James has n talent as nn
emotlonul actress, Her wrrk In tho
second uct, whon the least error would
cause tho whole to fall flat, was ex
ceptlanully good, as was also tho acting
In tho Uluck Crag sccno. Miss James
is especially favored In being able to
assume the natural Irish character on
account of a very good Irish dluiect
seemingly more natural than acquired.
Mr. Locke also used a good brnud
broguo evidently only acquired by
ycursumang the Irish people. His
acting all through sustained his well
earned reputation, especially in his
Hinging nnd hvy work while In Irom.
In the prison or farewell sceno. As
Hilly Huttoncap, Arthur Draper
brought down tho hnuso in every up
pearance, His mako up and acting
wiih Impossible to excel. Ho has a
tulont which Is dllllcult to find an
equal. The deep bass volco of Hugh
Freeman was admirably adapted to
tho purt of David O'Connor and tho
make up whs superb. Mr. Clyde
Kmerson made an excellent priest In
Father O'Cnssldy and a good Hlaok
Ithody, especially In tho Hlack frag
scene when the struggle for tho knlfo
occurs Tho loast said about the
dialect nf the actors In-these parts tho
better, especially lied Harney and
Darby Doylo by Una Slogmun and Joe
La Mee, both of whom were good with
that) exception. Miss A rim Allison
and Mr. Will N'lsbet as Kitty and
dipt. Clearfield were well adapted to
their puftM and did tho work with
credit. Mr. John Kmerson made an
excellent Hernard Cavanagh,
nblo to look tho vllllan without an ap
parent effort. Mrs. McCormlok lis
Dorothy Cavunagh was highly np
plauded In tho first uct, Her appear
ance anu manner wiih exceptionally
good as tho typical Irish ludy of quail
ty. Taken all together tho play gav
good satisfaction, all departing with
tho feeling they had been highly en
tertulntd The ncenory was all
placo and proved to tha public that
Kddy has as lino an opera houso as any
In the U'rltory. Tho next pluy to be
put on by the Dramatic Club will be
"Mixed I'lckles." a roaring farce
comedy which Is guaranteed to keo
the house in side splitting condition
for two. hours, The date for same will
be announced later.
Political Notes.
J. D, Walker candidate for treasurer
Is In the, ruco to stuy, und wishes his
friends to bo Informed that no mat
ter what reports como out to tho con
trory he will not pull down.
Mr T. J, Welch candidate for sup
crlntondent went toSevon Illvers and
Hopu this week to attend his political
fences. Mr. Welch is very popular
umoiuttho farmers und stock men.
Onfy ono more commissioner pre
cluct to unnounue. Who will It bey
The rulos for conducting the dem
ocratlu primaries ure publishod In
this issue. To those IntarMtud us vol
era or candidate it will pay to read
them closely.
Tho town schools opened Monday.
C. V. McCarthy and wife leuve Mon
day next for Sail Francisco.
Kd King returned from Abilene,
Tex. Monday, where he visited his
The town board should make vaccln
nation compulsory. Anouuceof pre
ventlou Is worth a pound of cure,
Itev. Juo. L. Kell returned Monday
from Howell and will conduct servl
ces as iihiiuI In tho I'rMbyterian chinch
next Sunday.
Mr. Jos. Haymunhds just returned
from New York with the iluest stock
ever brought to Now Mexico, couslst
Ingof gents und boys clothing, coats,
shoes, hats, etc. Also the llnest stock
nf line ladles shoes, purchased at a
great bargain and warranted the best
goods. If ymi want the best and finest
ladies and missiw and ohlldrens shoes
gall on Mr. Ilayttian. No such line
stoek ever known in New Mexico
Come und see for yourself. All shoes
soldat&OoenU on the dollar. Any
judge of shoes who will not admit this
can have a pair free
Notlco of tho Annual Meeting of the
stockholders of tho Pecos
Valloy & Northeastern.
Railway Co.
Kddy, N. M. Sept. 2, 1MB.
Notlco is hereby given that the on
liuul meeting of Hie stockholders of
the l'uoos Valley & Northeastern Hall
way Company will be heldutthetruen
erulolllBo ut Kddy Now Mexico, on Wad
neduy the filth day of October, 1809, ut
the hour of 12 o'clock noon, for the
purpose of selecting' a board of direc
tors for the ensuing year and for
such other business as may come be
fure Shld meeting
W. A. Otis.
Estray Notice.
Taken up on the first day of August
1808 one horse described as follows:
Resolution of Tribute.
Tho following resolutions were pass
ed at tliti last meeting of the Woman
Christian Teiuicranou Union of
Wjikkfah; Our honored president,
Miss Syivlu Hettlur bus removed to
another Held of lubor.
Hiwulvhii: Thut we dtwply ruejiut
her departure from among us mid UwL
wo iroogtilxe her fulthfiiliiew and per
severance under great Uiltlmtltles In
the temporoiioe work here. 'Mint we
shall miss her counsel mid ndvlw, and
tho cheerful courage and uuldiug faith
which sustulned her
Himolvhd: That wo pray God's
choicest blessings may follow her to
her new homo And we send tho Union
benediction after her, "Tho Lord wntoh
between mo und tlieo when wo uie
absent ono from another."
T. L. LAI.I.A.N0J1,
Mils. NANN'III Itoini,
II. K. Dlt.U'Hlt,
Lost Don On Sept. ilth I lent my
small spaniel "Dan", on the plains IB
miles N.K. of Kddy. -Dan" Is of the
Hlaokmorcstraln of watorntmnlcln und
Is a solid brown color without n white
mark ufuitiy kind. Information its to
his whorenbotits, or his return to me,
will be liberally und uratefullv nm-urd
etl. Kindly oommuntoato with Doctor
Whlcher or myself, ut Kddy.
K. A. Horspurgor.
From ttio Chief. ,
Fred Nymeyer hits been on the sick
list but Is fast improving undor tho
care of Dr. llrondfoot.
s. is. rcjpnrcy lias secured tho con
troct for tho big frauiH hotel that Is to
no cnnsiructeu ui me comer or Tontn
ond Delegare.
According to the census report just
completed there aro nearly one bun
belmr-ftlred children of school ago In Alamo
It. K. Woldon has his now store room
about completed and expects his (roods
J. A. Kddy Is out at the front. Track
laying hat been slow for the past (few
days because of tho uncompleted
brldgo across tho Frcsual.
Prof. Creighton, Into publisher nf tho
Itoswell Register, spent Inst Saturday
In Alnmogordo.
Hlshop Hourgade, of Tucson, Ariz.
arrived hero Tuesday nnd will visit
Father Mlgcon for a fows day, Tho
Reverend Hlshop spent Tuesday und
Wednesdu, In La Luz and yesterday
and today in Tuurosa.
mo wiusiio on mo Ainmogoruo
Lumber Company a big saw mill .will
be blowing by Oct, 1st, next,
When siok rend and Kiit a bottle of I D
Albert L. Dunn's Monogram whisky 1 1
the m the wrat for wile ut Keti.pl
n omein.
nan Valley Railway Co.
Marlon cmp it Troop tt Rnuiah
ftldern pHMK'd thmujrh town Tnetdny
en-route from Rntim to Roawoll to
visit iim sinter. Cunri wub In tho
. l in Juan.
Rot Vullpy
Ihlek r Cm
wfilerij ut
hranrtrd J i
HtM fur i. i' - i
oovery. , . F. Dougherty on Whlttol.-
ic-y piae nuar Iillltw A Jtmy form
four link's soiiui otist of Kddv. Ad.
drew W. F. Dauglmrty Kddy N. m,
Pecos River llnilnal Go,
Time TaUt Xn, Is.
hi effwl WhUhiwUv, Ditfiutwr Ui.
I8!7. nf nVlork i. n
Standard Central Tims
t T'i.
i Will
lOdfltllg to
r or u acr itiver. u. w o-t
Cowden, Dan LuNs, Sam Smith nd di,i hmnded o on lft thlob A on lift
1 1 unRAmnmiUfl rim Iiavs Inl i . .
Julian Smith uccompauled the boys to Ighoulder.
HUincw. ' sepa-0
V. It.
Kddy, N. M.
Second hand lumber wanted suit.
able for cow sheds and chicken bousex.
Also box house. III remove sheds
and house Immediately, llox !U City.
Town Stock Owners.
iVIl who havo stock In tho Hlankcn-
ship pant nru ure requested to notify
Mr. Swunsou, th'e present tenant, us
Mr. Duller did not leave n list of names
of owners, Guam. Swanson,
Send your orders to Crotlur A Mur
ray for fruit cutis und self melting
wax strings
Notlco of Mortgage Sale.
ttw Jltlnluy ut Jun A. I). II
Nolle l hvruby ulvun, that, wiwrwis
Ul ni iuuy OIJU l A. II. INR. i.
on ninl cirHru V, lirunwjii, ln w
oxooutMl niiu iiuiivwi tu yiiu f. Domimm,
llisir corinui .nuriKnvu utwo, uani k uoiu
ul mild lt itiHiitlutitHJ tiny, winvoyllm In
li roii-
ntortuuu lliv liureliiiKlor (itMcrllwu
rtv. io neouro llio imyniuiit ul a oarin
iiruiiilwiory nolo mauauy tlivm In favtir of
alii I . UuiuliiU-v, fur tb urlnclml num of
l.uuu.w, tojioiimr wiiti iniurvni tiiirHni at
rntu ul tun pur uvutum mr milium from the
dale ul uof nutv, thn Vll iluv ul Kljruurj
A. U. until jiulU, winch Hutu In iluv anu
imynhlu throu yvun from It Uat, wiilsh
niU murttfui-e i reoordoU In book A of tho
iiiuiiuuku ruuuiu oi mm uuuuir, lumiory
ii .cw jiuxivoni iioku i iu dis niciuaivui
And wlmrvni It ui nrovlUml by uiid
inoriKuuu Uuwi that ihould default In tti
oayiuunt ul nuch Hutu, oruny ixirt thurvof,
liriiioliiui urintorMt, iioumUo unit tiiun it
huuld twihtt duty u Mild I'. Dumliiioii, or
hli tuavor or nutwtltuto la tuch tuort-
ti(KdeU. nflvr mlvvrlUliig thu tiiiix, iilnrn
unu twriiu uf the IwrvfiiKfter uM.-rlb-
mi prupvrty in a iiwpipr pubiuiiud In
KUUy . M. lor hi jaiiiAijr uuym unur 10 .
thu day ot uli Ml, (or at lama tlirwi tiimn i
durtiiKuvii tliiiu. to wit lliu ii.-r.timtlt.-r
uuMiriot-u nruiwriy in utxorUuuoc wan uui i
udvertlMiinviit it iiublk auvtiuu in
ironlol tun cou. . iioumi ui i.uuy t'uunty,
Turriturv ul NuW MuXluu to tlm lllulleat hlil-
dr for vuiti, mIIIiik all of ucli irupriy
an uullruty und tu niHke dun oonveynnw la
tn purclMMtr ur purolmr, witn kcuartil
warranty biudliiK thold v.. Ii. Uruiuou
and urate uroiioii nnu iiivir wm mid
umiuiu. And wlimi Mid niurinu dbd
uooiuiiuMl lurtliur provUimi tliHl. in i-vnt
of ilia auMiiva otMiid I-', lxiiulnico, n uc
oeHor or ulntltuto might tm BpiMiimiKi oy
tnu holdtr oi wild note, upon wnuin niiould
dMiid all tint powsri, IiioIuUIiik the pow
er to Mil tuch property utiilur ttw trtM of
tuch iiiortsH, eonfrra by tuuli uutrtgaiM
uuniiaici aau vimu
,ow tti I tun I owiHtr oi
tald uot uuu tn inaeuiMiiwM wmn ft
Try Koto Vnlluy whisky for sulo
Kemp & Woeruer.
Pluc Alfalfa Honey.
At tills nil co only 'JfiutB per. quart
SI 00 per. gallon, oomb honoy lOota
ivr ncuuuii, in nny illllllllliy.
Leave order at Tmoy & MoKwnn'g
inr cmory jhuiiui in tu uuy quantity.
S. A. NEtso.s.
Atigoll MoHIIm will do houso mov
Inp and tlrnying promptly.
Cow Wonted.
Parties wishing to dispose of Cows
for feeders can find u buyer by apply
Dig to .1. i). walker.
For llent: Five room cottogo
ten dollars a month.
To Tratli'i Forty itcri of lino loud,
deeded mid without itiuumbrunco; un
dor ennui, twelve mlies south of Kddy
for n good cow. Knqulrout this ofll-l
0,(1 L?Ji,: STATIONS W I S I
re- .mtt'. zs. h i.ue rw Oir- . OZ
I li mt. ! fciLY
t j Ip II and the GA.OT. j
.Int. lavs-ii. T ... I
it It! wmZ ul "' sicttr.. , f, ;
if li -f II Mwc"c.- vi
S i S$b IS . 0IV l-l... f . n l.r-5, I
Jg Arrlit I1....U uTtJ m, m C,- . . i . .1 ; n - . 4
1 ' yr.fc .m u.fK U.p,- ...
MNRXIHAIUV, "rU V-'.-iu-.r. I
ISDDV. ... MHWMMXIBt) : ili , .
IllltllllUI ll (ill . T
QIIA!tl.K l. Wllll'IIIlt
OlSft tttmt.
land .lllstel rl nil tor
OOH lltart, l It 10 11 m, n4S M 4 w
Ml, N Jl
Kddy Lodge No. 81, 1C of P. C. "' W,"fl,,r' 'j
ovenlrw nt 7aM vAetk.
Alt vitTtarinra vreleemo
A. It. vgui.v.v,
c. c.
John iiolto:
MASON IC.-lJjIily LodffflKo. 11.
11. ,. r. tv .. .m. Ji"u 111
iiulnr oominunlontlon nt Ti
jn Sfltuninv or ewcJi
VUlttini hfetliron In- i
i iinutnu. n. 1. iioiiimw,
Om til fUthftMt. IkmM II n.lT.Hill i.i.l
CVH n.rl rpi tly toy ot Might
Ipl i Biiss
City Livery
A. N. IIiatt, Stay,
MiimiiiIc hull. Ulna brothers In Kooil
tiniuiiniccorainii wmooiue.
n. v MelllLlM. s. u
C. II. Wnioiit, flpcy.
Eddy Oaibp V. odmon of he World.
MmId In me t .iv Unit the teoond nnd
fouHli TuaMlnv nlC'ilt or-ertoli inontli.
iidht nonnnnoN, uik.
1 " ' . tlSrjwf
I. U. 0. F. CAg? Nobby Hips on
..o 11 iv u lonuri, lMjcit't'
rrlday fcvcnlnu Inl
TnAot Maiiko
CopvniaHTB Ac.
Anrnna ntfn a krtrh iiwt diirrtptinn mr
qulfklr iimuiri Mir i'im. n irvo "lirthur ill
lnitlnii probthlr itintkhlii I'ommuiilr.
llonulrtlr(yini)i1i.ii(l. llatiittMKikon I'tlmta
iiMMi innrr fur iwiinnit itint.
mi thn.uyli Jtunil A Co. rtcclrt
lint f rea
Scientific fltiicricatn
A htndiotnelf llintrl1 wrklr.
cultllmi uf anr irlmlioe J.xirnal,
Trt k.ur nmutlii, II. HuViball
f JirnMt rlr
Termi, II m
nawnl pilar.
Pn 30iDfod Nnuf Vnrlr
uu, - nun luin
Offlco.a r HU WHtilnsloii, ft. U '
THIs ( JKKuNT T,1P:.. i ' e ,1
xiowprioo .wo"u lu unn ciio puuiic tlint 1 Imvo nuuned nn in
. . Ifhn Ui.il.I.'.. . il -
ffl:: lAn," r,,u "u,u""f nuy jenown ns lion Ton iMni-ket. I
x!WrXMa oonarniuiy rocoiving now and frosli
mil fi -lm tLUlrt... nil .1 111
5L" . n llllllf (1 IIWln nl T.. . 1 T 1
"fi. &0u -uV2kTv 0 ulw"ieu"ons, cigars anil tohaouos.
lal la iiubllahao
I!aoIi I tail a vnnalata
Bra tpocUl druartiu'
lad lea and thu bo
rn orlil ot unnnral n
artleliw, olb. W
nnu ino ui win
r Tha
hhhi . for IS i
ow oiuootni pne? oi t.n coi
- it
ou thrao naix-ra H w t x or 1M nn
or rldlruleiiHlv lov .irlea. Ilhnd
uruoripiiou -ii nnno.
th for tho
Tli l KlVM
paran jreor I
in your 1
I'itai-rlaM lil ii-kaiitltlilUK, Onrrhmo mlnt
nut ninl wihnI work of nil kltiilx.
fuScaj.O."it'" titnohlnea nnd
JpM 3 Mil kimU of rnpnlr.
X. ii. H "
$25.00 Per Aero
Old Cultivated Lund.
80 noros, all foilood and small hoiwe, fuJly mii
iSHLli?JU,,B,lt ""o-foiipfcii niilo from Ration. Tonns:
cow.w wish, Daianoo inoittfago for fchrop
wifcb mtorost at 0 pur oont.
arldanow and whwaat Mid F. tlomluloti b-
UK (Mailt irwm IM LHiiaa niaiaaoi AflMNf
ea sua UHatile to net uiidar tuch moriiMM
dd ald I. I). T. Uinlth list, in wrfttffg
tha HMO
n turn nil ths
lit) ulVvn to r Ifumla-
Irtuota tu iiionay rMlliaa Iroui mioIi
I proviusu in miu iiiuritfuuu uaiHii
a ail wluireui Mild uota la now uua
tmld. aim tliarv la now uuu on tlta ui
nnviHii mm ui iiwv.w, tuKvtiivr wiih
annainiuU ttio undaralutiad In
ii.a ulii t. ixiiululce ivcttlim In
pwwara by wild iuortKKo ivn to f' th
rldiul lor by it. Ilia ooiivaiauoe tu la i
to the Curtnukar or puroimMM-a, and to djs
iritHita tua iiionav raHltiad Iroui tuflti aala
t provldad In Mtld mortKu dauli
iui oi ui.Jiu Doriioii oi iiuuriMi uua uu
tald nolo up to and luciudfnji tho 3ttt of
imtubcr A. I). l-. tliu day on
irell tar nmulloiibd tula la to lx
ba hud
baUuctt ol auid luturaat having twou pal
Now thraiur, tun uudortluuad. liwoOy
losk lu
udi tint
,-tva uotlee thnl on the jlttt day
tw ui iuu uour ui aiuvwu
tha inornlliir. lu Iroui of til
door ot thu cuurt houtu ol
toutll fruut
A Tlireo dltfw-
cnt grndna, nonr
ttiawall. talloddr
y II. MlLLMtt,
Hoawell, N. M
A. N. li:ATT. rrep'r.
H ISto.
J. D. WALKEft,
thu town nnd ooutity ul liddy, Twirl lory of
Hew Mexieu. i win ii ai puuuo nuaumi to
I HQ III gum I uiuuwr lur eatu,
ttveyuu oy aam
tliiastiou ui
tho uroiMMly
murtKi) ded. tor ilia
he Mlonwald indabtvdntM
iiu oi auau uia. in
and uota, and thatwiU of tuth Ml.
cordtuco witnaiid in purtuauou of tush
inorigiKo deed, tuau property ao to bo told
y ma being dvaeriiwu nti
Lot uuinbar one1, Ihree and rive, la
i In tho Town of
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Live Stock Gommlssion
Opp. Hotel Windsor.
McLcnathcn & Ti'aoy,
Real Estate and Jnsuranae.
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oornmission WatQ
And Gonorol ITonvai'diiip
Hay, Grain, Seed, Feed, Blucksmith Coal
and Ice delivered in tho City.
This l the beet offer eer ihhiIo Ur nny
iiewtisier, We will utvp tfi li ustiMtlb
f f THH TWIcn-A-WimR RHI.
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radlu( that ihoiioj onn buy.
TtiR Regular Price of This one Paper is SI.25 aYeaf.
::only $1.50
We offer both publiealloos
whloh alone It 81.00 a vrsr and
wbUb alone ti 8U8 a ear, for
When ou renew yonr sabiajlptlon
not lose slKht of this spltadld offer.
Aedrw. .11 order, to rjljjjj REPUBLIC Jlj. L0U,8

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