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Ctiltiete at the llanV.
An Interesting spr-ctaele ti presented
dolly nt ops or tho big Philadelphia
banks, which handles, entirely the
banking buslne of the Chlnoeo Inhnb.
Itnntn of the city nnd surrounding
towns. A special deek U maintained
for them, nnd every dny they eongre.
Sfito there nnd nfter murh discussion
nmnng themselves preeent their order
for draft. On several orrnslons tho
drafts taken out In n single day hnvo
nmoutitoit to SI 0,000. They nre prln
clpnlly upon well known banking on
tnbllshmnntfl Inentcd In Hons Kong.
Uteil Ileer" rrnl.iililr.
A correspondent of tho Now York
Times, In referring to the grcnt num
bor of typoRrnphlmtt errors thnt occur
red In the r-arltest editions of Sen It's
novels, nnd mnny of which have on
oaped tho oyo of tho numherloe proof
roudora elnco thnt time, eltos several
that liavo run through overy edition
down to tho preont dny, one of which
is qulto singular. In "Wnvorly," In
enumerating tho dolloaclM which load
ed tho bronkfnit table of tho Union of
llrndnrwlno, tho nuthor mentions
"reindeer ham." As thoro lmvo been
no rrlndccr In Scotland for 700 yoars,
It Is evldont that this Is a misprint for
"red door."
Tramp'. Iliiliemin.
Tho tramps' Hohomln In Now York
Is now In tho basement of n lodging
bouse noar Chnthnm square. There Is
eerved a table d'hote dinner for 1 cent,
nnd the wonry wrnggloa and tho tired
tatters, who ont It. nssumo nil tho nlrs
which tlioy think nppcrtaln to urlntoc
rncy. Tho menu, translated Into Kng
lUli, means n pint of pon soup, a glass
of water, broad, n cup of coffee, n match
nnd a toothpick. Tho proprietor de
clares that tho wholo schomo of soci
ety Is based on n bluff, nnd that's why
bio sign rends "Tnblo d'hote, 1 cent,"
instead of "squnra monl, 1 cent." The
placo sont forty, and he could fill it
If ho had 400.
Tho woman who doos not nrowl
about the hent Is tho ono whoso hair
curlew naturally.
If n woman Is n Rood cook nnd man
ager her husband is lucky.
Most of us talk entirely too much
to talk well.
A fool rognrds a smart man as "pe
culiar." Nii.Tii linn fr 1'lflj Ontt.
Guaranteed lolwceo bablicurt, make weak
mtntliuni;, blomlpure. 60c. II. All druggitu.
Property Is Improved when the tltlo
is cleared up,
I Youth
If you sre young you nst
urslly appear so.
If you aro old, why ap
pear so?
Keep young Inwardly; we
will look slier the out
wardly. You need not worry longer
about thoso little streaks of
gray; advance agents of sge.
will surely restore color to
r,ray hair: and It will also
ghe your nalr all the wealth
and gloss of early life.
Do not allow the falling of
your hair to threaten you
longerwlth baldness. Do not
be annoyed with dandruff.
We will send you our book
on the Hair and Scalp, free
upon request.
WrKo to Ihm floorer.
r II 4u act tli. all Ik Mil.
MA 1' l.t ifM'txl I row the mi. f
B ft to. Itar, rU. ilia deetoraUul It.
I f rtebeMr lli.la ii mm. dlBlrullr
Sd Willi r" aenetal iiittu bUb
H J AaMrul, Jjft. j I ATEft,
WW Lowell, Km,
iDt). 'It ('I.,' 4""l- . 1 2yS3
jirji 'f i it"1 i nut If i i i gMKf
hKHi'i I .i 1 k. p n4 dry r Ir?
. HrM -urn lu IS I n I'..BJ i.tr.
; lVf itnoiiu uu i' .ur .jLlV
cl fcwvwfti ! ciuiagii it. Jmwf
iKltUWV-.l, B.tKm. Man "TO?
Clin TT n Itit Tliiltnn.
lfdwurd 11 Drew, who npRotlnted the
rhltiMo loan and drnttml reRiilatlons
nponlnR Chlnofo rivers to forolRn com
merce ,1m n nntlvo of MnwmehUMtt,
Tor tho scrvlcos rendoreil China Mr,
Drow has Imon rnlscd to tho dlRtilty
of a mandarin of the second oIam, civil
rank, nnd li now entitled to woar n
red button.
M llftl ll CTnilM llrt Tlimii,
A Ilitlo hoy went Into n lmrdw-nro
store the othor day nnd wild:
"l'lense, sir, n man told me to como
and Ret 6 oontsi worth of rev'noo tnx."
"Just out of 'oni," ropllMl tho cltrki
"yow'U find cm nt n not'- i atom where
tlioy enrry croMyo! neodlos, plnld
sewltiR silk nnd strap oil."
From tht CfcfMpe Tlmn-llnvUl.
Tho feelhiR of ndmlrntlan for heroes of
wnr seetiu to bo innnte In tho tiumnii licnrt,
mid la LroiiRlit to tlio surfnrona tho oppor-tunitj-
nnd object, for aueh hero werlblp
ireipiit lUflr.
Anions; tlioe who prornl their liortm
durlnir oar Civil War wa A. Sehlffcuedar,
in mi nriic
wlrk Street,
I'lilrngo, lis la
mi Auatrnllnn
by birth, vnme
tu Amorlcn nt
thn nrfi nf
twenty, nnd -Z" vKflX
muu liooAino
nn Ainoriomi
eltlaen. iloWBa.Vr
imti nt illl
wntikeo when
ai us
w.urniuorTOl i lis
unteem enme, y I I v-Trt
mm 1-1 is In iuOu 1 I J
&mj:iuvA.o" Wrte,,ied.
tboTweiitvaUth Wlawnnln Volunteers.
In the Army of iho l'otomno our boro snw
iniieli llRlitrnR, cnmimlGiiiiiR In the Bheu
nmloati Ynlloy.
In the tlmt dnr'a flphtlnR nt tho Imttlo of
nottyatitirR, HoliliTmiiHlerrrfelVMl n wound
In tho rlffht ildo. wlilrh nftcrirnrd cmned
him miioh trouble IVIili n ortlou of Ills
reejiiietit lie wnx rnptured mul ImprlHinod
nt Hall Inlnnd mid Ainlenonvllle, nnd nflcr
wnrd oiolinngnl. llo returned to Ida reg
iment, which hiii trnmferred to the nrmy
of tlenornl Hliermnn, nnd tunrched with
him throuRh tleorRln to tho aes.
In thU rmupnlRii Mr. HoliUTeneilsr'a otd
wound tagmi to trouble Mm nnd ho wsa
yent to the lupltnl mid then home, lln
hft'l nlo puntrni'teil rntnrrh of tlientotuRuh
mid found im inllef for yrnr.
. " laiiiosiwl to reml mi nceoiint of Dr.
U'llllmii'a Pink nils for l'nlo 1'oopln n ho lit
n year neo," ho rnlil. "and thmiRht thnt
tliay tnlRlit bo pood fonny trutihlo. I cou
clililed to try tlirm. 1 Ixmirht one Ikjx nnd
lirRiin to triko them npcordliiK toillrrrtlont.
ueycnvo mo jrront rotlef. After IIuUIiIiie
tlint lor I hoiiffht Another, nnd when I hnii
tnkon thi pIPul folt that I una cured. I
rei'ovnred my n'.etllo mid nlo henrtllr, I
can testify to the (jooil the pill did me."
Mr. Hohirreneilor Ian promlnont tlrnnd
Army man In I'IiIi-aro, whither ho moved
souio yanra bro wllh hi fmnlly,
I.iiiibIi nml (Irmr l.cnrlr,
Ono's conernl physlcnl condition Is
so clnsoly nllled to tho mentul tha,
InURhliiR Is n Rood, liivlgnnitiiiK tonic
fur tho entlro systom.
A lone, hearty laugh expands tho
ItiiiRs, mnkliiR tho blood courso
throiiRh tho volnH quickly, and this
slmplo process rIvoh n peaoh-llko com
plexion to tho woman who laiiRhs. And
when alio laughs her eyos twinkle nnd
thii hrlshtnoHa llnRcrs thcro after tho
IniiKhter has dleil nwuy.
InURhliiR, too, stratiRtheus tho mus
rlog of tho face nnd ImulshoH that
drawn look so familiar to tho twd
fared woman.
Tho women who lmvo adopted tho
InitRhliiR cure clulm that tlioy lmvo
never folt so cheerful nnd thoroughly
good imtursil before In tholr Uvea, nnd
their friends tell them they are posi
tively growing beautiful.
Is duo not only to tho orlglnclity nnd
simplicity of tho combination, butnto
to tho core nnd Ull! with which it Is
Hnnvcttirxt ly hclentlOe proeessen
known V the iWuroiiMU Fio Sviiup
Co. only, and wi- IhIi to Impro upon
nil tho ttrortniieo of puruiiaslnp; tho
trim nnd original remedy. Aa tho
Konulno Syrup of Fin a li manufactured
by tho Cai.ikoii.ma Pot Hvnot Co.
only, n IiiiowIoiIrp of that foot will
nsrist win In avoiding tho ;.rthlo
ImlUtlAiis iiianufaoturi'd by uthorpar
tltm. Thj high Ktnndliifr of tho CAU
ronviA Pin Hviiui' Co. wllh tho modi
oli pmfeantiin, nml the witlifuetlon
whleh tho genuine Kyrup of PIK-a lina
,;lven to millions of fnmlllos, makes
tho nnmo of tho Compnny n stinrnnty
of the oxoelleuue Ita romwiy. It U
fur in udvnnco of Kit other laxatives,
a it noU on tho kidneys, liver nnd
bowels without irritating or wenkon
Itiff thorn, nnd It does not gripe, nor
nniistwtc. In order to got its bonoflolnl
offeots, plenso romcmbor tho nnmo of
the Compnny
sax ritANCisco, nu
tonsviu.r, Kr. nr.w tohk, k.t.
Vitt'X lllfji'lUK.
It Is said that thcro nro more blcy
rllsts In Toronto In proportlontnpopu
Intion than In nny other city In tho
world. In fact, so many aro there who
ro nwhool thnt the pedestrians have
been rcRnrdcd nn hnvlng no rights. It
luu con foun uecesnary to make somo
Mtrlupeut rules. AecordlnR to theso, it
Is nn longer permlasahlo to rldo with
foot off the pedals or with hands off
the handlebars; nn ono is allowed to
carry a child or children upon n bloyclo
or trloyclu. and wnen n pnrty of cy
t'llste nro rldliiK :oisther not more than
two of them nri allowed to rldo
Iltlilriil'y llrmelilitil,
"Ixik here. OnldslmrouKh." sold Tcn
aput, "you novor tell us nny of tho
miiHit snyliiRS of your little boy. He
Is t'llklng now. Isn't he?"
"Ytw," added Keexilek, "why la that,
"Ve, RentlemHU, he Is tnlklng nil
right. " repllwt OnlilshorouBh, nddreaw
liiK himself to iHrtli iiiieetlonera at
once, "but he never says anything
worth repealing."
At this Tenapiit nnd Kecdlek looked
IgilieHHtlr at eck other. tmA Ten
snot gmvely tnpiMatl his forehand with
the lip of his foraflnRer.
Ulml thn Onllnnlnl 111(1.
It Is n curious fact which statisti
cians have discovered that 1870, our
contminlal year, scorns to have been
n turning paint In our commercial re
lations with foreign nations. Prom
1701 to 1870 there wero but sixteen fis
cal yenrs In which our oxporta oxceed
ed our imports. Hut since 1870 the
tmlnnoo of trade, with tho oxoeptlon
of threp years, has been In favor of tho
United Slate, nnd has risen to suah
nn extent Hint during tho past fiscal
year the oxi-psh In our favor reached
thn unpnrnilelml figure of OtS,000,000.
It In notlrenhlo that of Into thn peroent
iirc of exportation! of agricultural pro
ducts has been growing lens, nnd tho
percontuRe of manufactured products
larger, mi thnt during tho p.ist fiscal
your only eevoii-teiiths of thn exports
were products of agriculture, as
ugnlnst S3 per cent In 1S80.
A reformatory Is whero many a Iwy
should he sent.
A foul tlii lulling where a well
filled chicken Iiouho Is.
Oon't Tobiceo Spit and Smola Your tlta
To quit luburrn enntlr nml ferofer. bo mjje
nf lie, (nil ill Hie. iirrtii ami vUwr. tuuo Kc-lib.
Ilae, the xefHter-norker, lluil inaku rak men
Mron. Allilniall. nv. ur II. Oiiro no urn ti
ll ol. UiMiUlf t nml wnnpla Iriw. Aitdreaa
htvrlluc ItemiMly t'o.. ilileaitoor Now Yortt.
tliinpowdcr may dlmippoar, but face
powder never.
UAOlCItMAN I'AR. 11,880 feet high,
Is the route used h the Colnrndo Mid
laud sml the highest point ronrhrd by
n standard gauge railway. The scen
ery on the Colorado Midland through
the mountains Is Incomparable, train
service the best and rates always as
low as the lowejt. If you have n trip
in view tbioitgli the Rocky Mountains
write to the OpiipisI Passenger Agent,
Colorado Midland Hallway. Douvor, for
Information an to rates, train sorvloc.
ete. Printed matter, lucludlug hand
same Illustrated pamplilots, furnished
upon appllrntlen.
Homo never tiro of talking nbout
love and lucre.
In Cure iiilliiillii Kurerer.
Tnkel'uwnmii jii'lrDuihiirtle. 10c or'Joc
If I C. 1. full lo eiir. ilrMirUUrafuud nmnef
A dog's mouth may be muzzled, but
not hlii bark.
Illluil l'rmllur.
Kokomn, Iml., has it bllHtl prmllgy
who look his eotUge organ to the
court linuae aiiara, lore It down and
put It t another in three hour. The or
gan contain Ml piece, Including keys
and reei la. After ha reconstructed the
organ he playwl upon It. Knt long ago
the town oloek In the ell- hall tower
got wit of order. d the blind man
climbed to the eloek, ft. nnd re
paired It His name Is William Drink-man.
Cnllri'iliiH Ih.IviuI of IHrelluii,
"Von told me." mid the c nnldAte
who bad put up and lost, "that a nom
ination wa Miuhalent lo Rtt eieetiiHi "
fclr why yes," answered the polltl
tal lanagar. "l ggeea you meant
ji.lralegt to a eolleotlon."
Catarrh is
N ot Incurable
Dut It can not bo cured by sprnys,
washes nml Inhnllng mixtures which
reach only tin surfneo. Tho dlaenao la
in tho IiIihmI. mid oan only Ikj roaolied
tlirouuli tho blood. 8. H. a. Is tho only
remedy which ran has o nny offoot upon
Catarrh i It cures tho dlaenao ninna
nently nnd forever rids tho system of
overy tme of tho rllo oomplnlnt.
JJIM Jiwle Owen, of M.ntMllar. Ohio,
write i "I was sf
Dleivil from isfatie
wllh Uaurth, and nn
one cm knew tha
sulfrrlng It pPMlueei
U-ller Ihan I. Thi
Mja sad waihei
imeMbrU bjr Um de
tnra relieved m ealy
temporarily, end
ttwgk I uaeil then
eo n i Ha U for leii rears, the iIUmm bad a
Qrwer l.nhl than ever. I tried s number el
bloaMl irLiedlw. Uil tbelr Mineral lagiedleNU
aellUd lnr bones u, are mar Imiwalltm.
I M la s ! table eoiKtltton, and after x
Uautllng all trentmeat, wsa ileelareil iMuraUe.
Belng 8.H.B. alrMlil it a euro for blow)
diseases, 1 derided to try It. AIMSM mj
tretesa wm un r tbn effect et Ida medleie.
1 Ugaa to Improve, sml nfter taking It fm
two months 1 was cured euMpleUly, tbt
dreadful iliaeee wa eiadtMlml tram my aj.
tem. aad I have bad no return ef ll."
Many have lieen tAklng IooaI tront
iiient for your, and find thamselvM
werso now than over. A trial ot
will nrovo It to U tli rlalit remedy
for Ckturrh. It will euro una most ob-
fi S fi
ltooka Hwlleil free to any addreu by
Swfft apeeine Co , Xtlanto, Oa.
A hod onrrlor has
and downs.
A rw or Thine Tliet llMte lleen Made
Ilenders of Maenulny will remember
tho famous hlnrk Aiistet. the horte ot
llermlliliia. nnd the dark nrnv ehnreer
of Marolllas. whote sudden niinenranee ! Ibitnmntlon
lu tho city of Tnseiiliim without bis
master brought tho news of the dofent
of tho allies at Lake Heglllus. Con
nected with thnt buttle, too, were the
horrn of the grant "iwln brethren."
Castor and Pollux, coal black, with
white legs and tails. lint those are
legendary Not so, however, the well
known horse of Caligula. Ineltatus
This) milmal hnd n atnblo of marble,
his sUll wna of Ivory, his elothliiR !
purple, and his hnltors stiff w'th Rome.
He had a set ot golden plntes, nnd was
presented with a imlaee, furniture nnd
slavea complete. In onler that guests
Invited in his name should bo pior
ly entertnlned. Ilia diet was the most
costly that could bo imagined, the
flnost grapes that Asia could provide
belnR reserved fot hlni.
Verne, another Iloman emperor
nbout a century later, treated his horse
almost aa extravagantly. He fed him
with rsUin, ( niutntids with his own
hands, nnd when ho died, erected a
etpttie of gold to hint, while all the dig
nltarles of the empire attended the fun
eral. As' we come to Inter limes, mi
we get more examples of favorite bor-1
ea. William th Conqueror had one
that he rode at the battle of Hastings
nbout which almost everything seems j
lo bo known except his name. He
was of huge Mxe and was a present
from King Alfonso of Spain "uth i
gift as prince might give and a prince '
receive." This gallant horse, however, j
did not survive the hattle, for Oyrth I
llnrold'a butcher "clove him with n
bill, and he died." Illehard l.'s !ior
was called Mnlcrk, and was Jet bmd
Ho bore his master through the hm
wnr and arrived In Kugland hefoie
him; In fnei, he survlveil the kfng
several yers. Tho seeoml Ulelmrd
too. hnd a favorite horse, called llo i
llarbnry, which waa euptoaed to Ik
the finest horse In Kurojie ot th.it tlm
nnd It was on Iloan llarbnry that ih
young king was mounted when the in
eldent wherein Wot Tyler was staM : '
by the mayor of Walworth took phi. -About
n century later wo Ret to the
Wars of tho Itoeos. and In the mnn
bnttle of thai elvll disturbance two
horses played Important parts. Theso,
bolnnged lo the groat Hnrl of Warwick !
the kingmaker. Ills flrot wns Maleek. '
a heautlfiil gray, which ho rode at the
Imttlo of Towton. It was thin hnrse
whose death turned tho fortunes of the
hattle, for Warwick, soolng thnt hla
men wero giving ground deliberately
sprung from nls favorite horse and
killed him. Then his men know thnt
Iho kingmaker was prepared to con
quer, but not to lly. They rallied and
finally won tho battle. IOtidon Hlnn-dord.
It seems a nicer task to pfty the lee
mnn than put out good money for
next winter's coal.
A. Ik A O. a. TV. rromotUsu
Cincinnati, Hcpt. S, HOR.-C. C. fll
ley, at preeent Rnperlnlendent of Car
Service of tht llalttmorc & Ohio Sontb
4if..s..u f S is l. .Ii.atakas
A , rat! a a. a . , ,. ,, . 1 OPIPTII Isflll WHJT , Willi 1 1 Unit ) II I! I ici m
teeiiTsi llWIHBIItlHIJ KTfnilTMlCII Ik Ml ftneel iiiiaili
.... w . a t- itjieifi siiiieis
Hnnllinreil n Neeilln nml tlleil,
needlo and died ns n remilt nf the iu-
Mttie tlilmrs fretiMentlv
nave greni (tower, ns is soeii in it
few done of the fntnous I loti tier's
Slomneh Httlars, wltleh. however, hne
nn ontlrely dlllerent effool. Tho Hit
ters make nervous, weak nml rtekly
persona strong ami woll ngwln.
Tho meok nnd lowly oyster Is wllh
us aRAin.
Ililnrnle Yinir llunela Willi (JiMenreli.
Soft snaHi, like soft soap, nro hard
(o hold.
VVe will forfeit ll.nn) t nny ef our phw
llaned tMrno)Wil are prorea to be not
gennlne. Thr Pho Co.. Warren. I'a.
Cnudr UsllMrUe, esre eenftliHiUon foferer.
si.lar. Ifl.C t. fall, dreggleis refead iimmhit
numorous up
tl. will lie promoted to the
newly created position of Biiperinieno
enl of Transportation an August Wth.
and the position he formerly held will
be skHillahed. Mr. Riley enme to the
Italtlmore ft Ohio Xouth Western Itntl.
way from the C. C. C. A St. U HH
wny almni a year ago. anl boo earned
his promotion by merllorious service.
Would we be nny hanplor If nentloa
lime were to be unllmitetlT
Is alee eel or ten reeea of (Iwleni lafaater
Ikixel maonlerm thai prove rulal treia
Yon cannot always toll a horse by
hla looks.
. Mr. WinOnw'eHiMittilnBBiriip.
Tin fLiiarMi leeiliiH. Hifli im irefai, mlut lik
HtMUIMi,tllarrli erelMrll. SlaaMttl
Making of pajnnas Is u popular font
at fancy work tit summer rosorts.
flM? neplert and kaeqeat tfwiMes
l IMelr ki of Hr. .iliiilettU TnaTniM
eHhliig Piiwileiii newld lwa eared Its
lUll a Ualarrh Cure
la a conatltutiennl onre. Prtee, 75o.
Laugh and grow fat: lgh nnd be
come slim.
FITS t'emftli VtrA. nsu r iwifmmu IM
Alii oar e ml Dr. Kha e lli4l iiie KmUi ii
bHMi far I'll 111? S.oii m1 unit d imI
I'mll.Tl. Kuci.Lw.MI Ah SU mflffcu, I,
dome declare n busluose boom fol-
i lowe cntitions' boom.
lint the (lniisrriiiii IUiI in llrmr Hie
l.lun Hnmewliere.
A eortnln soiilhern congressman wi.
heard ontertalnliig n eomimny of hU
rolloagties Inst week In the democratic
clonk room of the homo with an ac
count of nu unusual experience. "Our-1
lug the woman suffrage convention.' '
said he-, "several Indies from my ills-1
irlet wore present. Itarly In the con
vention one of them enmo to the rap-;
Itnl, culled at my rommltteo room and
teiiuested an tiitervlow, which war !
readily granted. She stated that Hi.
woman suffrage delegate were to Ihm i ,
aime sort of rt public meeting, In wbl. h
alio was to participate, and reipieati"!
Hint I should provide n floral trlhuu
to lie presented to bur on that occaspin
I was naturally somewhat taken nlm. It
at tho suggestion. I stipposod In the
course of my twelve yenrs In congress
that I had exhausted about over) va
riety of duties that a member of the
house Is called upon to perform. 1
have nlwayn been willing nnd ready to
rim errands for my constituents, for
which .it homo my olllco boy would
hnvo sufficed. I have colored to the
whims of olllco-seekors. When my
constituents hnvo como lo mo hungry,
I lmvo fed them, and when they hove
como shelterless I havo Riven them
lodging. I have taken my political
supporter to tho theaters by hun
dreds, but 1 wns forced to Inform my;
lady visitor tlmt I must draw the Una '
at bouquets." Washington Post.
M Hurrah I Battle Ax hax come
Everybody who reads the newspapers knows what priva
tion and suffering; were caused In Cuba by the failure
of the supply of tobacco provided by the Government to
reach the camps of the U. S. Soldiers,
When marchingfighting tramping; wheeling
Instantly relieves that dry taste In the mouth.
Remember the name
when you buy again.
I.lbcrul Terms to Aseate.
(Ireiiut Kick Yoke fr InnntiJ romtilntns
irrncm. ai
ealnux!. Wi
liine Inni. Ke rtUle, 1'f leeil
etrnKih. dar4til!llr And itfitr.
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AUTOMATIC GRIP NEOK YOKE CO., 01 Hordlns St., Indlonnpolla, Intf
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AarlrulturNt I'limnre.
llrlttsh Columbia has adopted the
system or mutual credit nesoclatloiu
among farmers, long lu vogue In run
tlnentnl luroie. Tho stnte gimntn
tees the bonds of these aaaorlatlnus
and exerclew stiiervlsloii through nu
dttors itnil frequent reports. The m
granted by them Is eon lined to ih im-
liMt'ariiiinl tit 1 B.t.i ...! .1 .
.. u...vtlb v. ,wn v Hllll lllir IIUI
extend to Its mirrliaee. PundM an
obUlned bf the teaue of debeniuri
bonds bearing 3 per rent Intereet. the !
nrlnelpal and Intereet be I ne guaranteed lexmrrcd tier
by the government. Intereet on liana I ft".,' ! JWXSV,,1.?Ml2 ffft,S3V;
iw ' "I have beiTi trouMad a erent rteul
wi,l. S 5'0U. "ulrACAItn,lobeoueiim
u I"J lai forjbam.aijiaKur4auh relief tlia irattrlal.
Hi ."m,,ieie' ,b,t 1 P"1"' saotofrautiply ami waa mbv
D elaleeursd 1 ihall an ii flirt i.. t.
I.1..1. .eran.i Pmeiend (Warela wtaneTer Hie opportunity
i.n.t tspreaantea J. A. uuiili.
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r rrrihi
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ini'iii i n
. mi t.rtlrr D!
l Irak
ni'.Ki'i lie.
ti" w i alr .
mane ' n a
txt lairiD
liad rufruia
We mate itiiieffer at an amar- I
sua suaqoetanna Arc , I'blUdelphla, r.
raaor uxaa ataisrisio
to inemoers is not to exeeeii 6 per
cent nnd loans may be repaid in in
stallments. A very Important feature
Is that not only nseeu, hut Industry,
personal worth ami reputation are to
be regarded as security. Character and
standing nre thus made a baea of
credit Tho number of members in an
association Is unlimited, though no
member may held more than n certain
number of shares. The plan Is too
paternalistic for the United i tales, but
this will not prevent l'omillsts from
Bdvoenllug it. It la better than the
forgotten nub-treasury sehswe. Chi
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Manufacturer, of t'ltterna. Dealtre la f n.
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t llllllio nllliuut 4lu. lluuk
ii f parilculara free.
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I" B " l iainlBailuunBaanlnloe
eartumaktiiio i il i Huak riaa. ejjii. tia,
nPlTlPQV HEW biscovcrtYi ii.
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ee.lfie. Ba.tia
Sliiltoj tmtt ttrnfat. Itlr.., Mwlml. a. Tari; OS
H040-B40 Jf.r.T.rlWeX.TVa'liS?
i if iii u im uiuial.ral
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num hf iirureiau.
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WANTBtl-Caaa at ka4 h..lln lb it Hip A K SJ
III Ml iMtlL ari d a raal. y fflM.. Vtawkal
Wbco Aosucrlag Advcrtlttmtsts Kindly
Heatlos This Paper.
W. N. U. DALLAS.- NO. 97-1808

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